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Study on Application-oriented Talent Training Model of Public Security Colleges in Transition Period

Gao Na
The ministry of education vice-minister Lu Xin said in the end of March 2014, how to solve the structural contradiction of employment in China is the core of education reform. The breach of the education reform is the modern vocational education system, and training of talents is technical skilled talents....

Implicit Ideological and Political Education Pattern of Higher Learning Institution Analysis

HE Yixia
Implicit ideological and political education refers conscious use of the hidden curriculum theory in the process, focusing on the development and utilization of resources implicit ideological and political education, through more subtle forms, making the educator unconsciously get some kind of thoughts...

The Carrier Study of College Students’ Ideological and Political Education in 4G Context

Wang Zhanxia
Under mobile media environment, college students’ ideological and political education is currently facing the opportunities and challenges. The use of 4G technologies has been popular among college students, and 4G technologies have begun promoted. With a wireless network escalating the university campus,...

Students' Mental Health Education Situation and Ways of implementation

Liu Xiuyan
The University should establish a mental health curriculum guide as the main channel for the school-based counseling center positions. Moreover, students are work force for the main routine psychological education and college students' psychological community mental health education is to supplement...

Technical Characteristics and Strength Training of Sports Dancing

Zhang Qin
The thesis analyzed the internal mechanism of technique formation of all kinds of dance action in sports dance, and its movement technical features mainly presented in five aspects: First, the control technology to maintain the correct posture; Second, fast and rhythmic bouncing technique of the body...

Analysis of Business English Professional with the Combination of Training Mode

Li Xuejing, Liu Yunman
The Business English majors are starting to exist as an independent discipline, it develops business English training model to meet the requirements of social development that is very important. Based on the needs, the analysis of business English talent Xingtai research and training objectives for the...

Research on the Main Research Topic Teaching Model for Environment Art Design Major

Ding Liwei
The cultivating objectives of the Environment Art Design Major are the application competence of social practice and designing ability for environment design. The expert teaching models are confronting with the new challenges for many years and the original teaching model cannot suit for the requirements...
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Research on of Logistics Technological Innovation and Logistics Information System Collaborative Linkage System based on RFID

Qingjun Wang, Yaofei Li
Since China's reform and opening up, China's emerging third-party logistics providers investment main body presents a trend of diversification, management mechanism and market idea is market-oriented But the logistics enterprises of production operations are not familiar with or ability is limited, more...
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The Digital Tumor Images System Design and its Contour Detection Using an Improved Level Set Algorithm

Na Ying, Jianwei Liu, Xuzhen Wang, Qingbiao Yang, Giakos George, Qinfang Wang
Because digital diagnostic pathology allows people to acquire, store and analyze pathological information from the images of immunohistochemical glass slides which are scanned to create digital slides, this paper introduced a system design to convert the slides to digital images And it has become one...
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Emergency Materials Distribution Risk Control

Xiaobin Wang, Yaofei Li
In recent years, all kinds of frequent occurrence of unexpected events, damage is very serious, affect the range is very wide. These sudden public events not only cause great loss of life and property, but also affects the social stability, and even endanger the national security, the economic society...
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Sensitivity Analysis on Stress of the Oxygen Decompressor Shell and Optimization of the Structural Physical Parameters

Penghao Ren, Fengzhi Li, Weihua Liu, Zhisheng Luo, Peng Chen, Rongying Xing
In order to investigate the structural stress dependence on the load conditions and material parameters, reduce and optimize the design variables, an orthogonal numerical test method is presented. First of all, the oxygen decompressor stress sensitivities to pressure, inertia force, elastic modulus and...
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Research on IOT Based Special Supply Mode of Agricultural Products

Qingjun Wang, Xiaoxue Yang
IOT applications in the field of agriculture is an important part of modern agricultural development, it brings agriculture to digital and information era, and it is an important direction of agricultural development in the 21st century. With the advent of the cloud era, big data has attracted more and...
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Determination of Network Topology by Matrix Partial Multiplication

Yubin Yao, Dan Wang, Zhiliang Wu
Slowness is a crucial factor to prevent matrix method from its practical use in network topology. The matrix method which gets full connectivity matrix by multiplying the adjacency matrix repeatedly and determines connective sets by comparing or scanning rows of the full connectivity matrix is very time-consuming....
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Research on weighted naive Bayesian classifier in discriminative tracking

Yan Wang, Dawei Yang, Guangsan Li
Aiming at the question that each positive sample in trained sample set has the same weight when training the naive Bayesian classifier in discriminative tracking algorithm, an algorithm is proposed to put different weight on different positive sample according to the distances between the positive samples...
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Modal Analysis of Frame Structure Teaching Building

Dongyu Ji, Lamei Li
In order to have a clear understanding for frame structure’s vibration modal, and improving the structure’s dynamic characteristics. This paper adopts finite element method to simulate and calculate frame structure teaching building, and gets natural frequency and vibration mode of frame structure teaching...
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Application of Semi-analytical Finite Plate Strip Method in the Stability Analysis of Rectangular Aqueduct

Zhichao Yang, Xiaorui Zhang, Jinjin Xu, Jianzhao Liu
The key issue of structural design are three aspects of strength, stiffness and stability. Prestressed rectangular aqueduct that is one of the important hydraulic conveyance also has the same, and it has the "thin" characteristics, and belongs to a slender member, then the stability problem should be...
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Studies About How E-Commerce Logistics Can Reduce Operational Costs

Jianmei Bao, Chang Liu
This paper is the analysis of electronic commerce development process, the logistics cost composition and characteristics, and the content of our country sheds cost and how characteristic. To our country electronic commerce development environment, the factors which influence the logistics cost. Through...
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The Research on Customer Satisfaction of Express Service

Xiaobin Wang, Chang Liu
With the continuous development of China's market economy, courier services, the rapid rise of one of the services has become indispensable in our lives. Courier service for its speed, time-consuming short, convenient features popular with users. Courier service companies on China's market is mainly...
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Human Library and Its Application in college students' Ideological and Political Education Innovation Mode

Tian Liu
The goal of Human Library lies in disapproval of violence encouragement of communication and elimination of prejudice The paper tries to study the application of Human Library to the university students’ideological and political education based on the theoretical framework of the connotations and development...
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Emergency Materials Distribution Risk Control

Qingjun Wang, Chang Liu
In recent years, all kinds of frequent occurrence of unexpected events, damage is very serious, affect the range is very wide. These sudden public events not only cause great loss of life and property, but also affects the social stability, and even endanger the national security, the economic society...
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Aviation Logistics Development Research

Xiaobin Wang, Chang Liu
China's trade policy and China logistics policy changes, the rapid development of aviation logistics in china. Aviation logistics developing in a high speed, China's domestic aviation logistics enterprise has brought new market development opportunity while, also brought from the market environment changing,...
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The Express Corporate Timeliness Control and Optimization Strategy

Jianmei Bao, Chang Liu
In the 1980s, the speed to run industry to enter China, China Express enterprises increased rapidly expanding business scope. But in the course of the rapid development of a number of courier companies, small scale of operation of enterprises Express business qualification, the poor level of service...
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Current Development of Jumei and Analysis of Its Business Mode

Xueping Liu
In the 21st Century, as women’s pursuit for beauty is constantly increasing accompanied by the rise of e-commerce, Jumei quickly stands out and presents itself in front of women after it was founded in 2010. Jumei, the first time-limited cosmetic sales website in China, has had over 80% shares of the...
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Investigation of College English Teaching and Teaching Reform in University

Xuejing Wu
Along with our country education reform, University Chinese College English teachinghas also undergone changes and the corresponding development, and achieved certain results.University English teaching to cultivate students' comprehensive ability of using English and the ability of autonomous learning, challenges to...
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Location Arrangement Study of Logistics Distribution Center on basis of Customer Satisfaction

Xueping Liu
Since the reform and opening up, especially the 21st century, with China's rapid economic development, the logistics industry has become a sunrise industry in national economy, but also a new economic growth point. At present, Chinese governments at all levels and many companies regard the logistics...
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Research on Distribution Mode of Agricultural Products Cold Chain Logistics

Huaiyong Li
In recent years, with the adjustment of agricultural structure and improvement of resident consumption level, quantity and circulation of fresh agricultural products have been increased year by year, which results in higher demand for safety and quality of fresh agricultural products by the whole society....
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The Research on Mobile Payments in the Theory of Electronic Commerce

Hao Yang, Siyu Gao
China has entered the 21st century of economic globalization. As the market economy grow rapidly and the opening up further deepens, huge changes have taken place in China’s electronic commerce market and the main payment form. In the era of 3G, based on the application of computer network and electronic...
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The Research on Joint Distribution Mode of the Chain Retail Enterprises

Hao Yang, Yingying Su
In the development of modern logistics, joint distribution is one of the most important fruits of logistics distribution technology innovation and has become an important means for chain enterprises to adopt unified procurement and distribution. Joint distribution system is the “nerve” of chain management,...
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Prediction and Analysis of Fresh Food Cold Chain Logistics Demand

Hang Yin, Mengyao Wang
In the 21st century of economic globalization development, with the rapid increase in economic level and deepening of open-door to the outside world, China's cold chain logistics level is gradually geared to international standard and has undergone tremendous change. On the one hand, after our academic...
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Research on the Route Optimization of Express Companies in Shenbei Area

Zhao Jun, Qiqi Li
Along with China’s economic globalization, the promotion of enterprises informatization and e-commerce are rapidly emerging. As a result the express industry shines out in the logistics industry and development of social economy. The soc-called accelerator for economic development is infiltrated into...
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Investigation and Analysis of the Shenyang local O2O business model

Zhao Jun, Mengyao Wang
O2O e-commerce model is a promising young e-commerce model derived from the traditional e-commerce model, it especially solves the store sales problem in service industry and commodity backlog problem of traditional business. After the rise of e-commerce in China, e-commerce got wide response of merchants...
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The Analysis of Mobile Games Profit Model

Hang Yin, Chang Liu
Nowadays, mobile games have already become one of the indispensable entertainments in people’s spare time, especially as smart phones gradually become popular, mobile Internet technology becomes mature, mobile game industry is in rapid development and the industry scale is also expanding. Therefore,...
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Research on the Network Marketing of Agricultural Products

Jianmei Bao, Chen Liu
Along with the application and development of E-commerce in all sectors of the society, the agricultural development in China has entered into a new era. The appearance of network marketing of agricultural products will inevitably bring along with a glittering array of opportunities, which has a significant...
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Study on the Development of Agricultural Products Cold Chain Logistics

Jianmei Bao, Chen Liu
Since China is a vast agricultural country, effective circulation of agricultural products is closely related to national economy development, agriculture modernization as well as fundamental interest of farmers. With the rapid development of agricultural economy, people’s life quality has been constantly...
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Investigation and Analysis of the Shenyang local O2O Business Model

Sun Cui, Linlin Zhu
O2O e-commerce model is a promising young e-commerce model derived from the traditional e-commerce model, it especially solves the store sales problem in service industry and commodity backlog problem of traditional business. After the rise of e-commerce in China, e-commerce got wide response of merchants...
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Liaoning province rural electronic commerce application research

Qingjun Wang
Since the 1990s, with the rapid development of Internet technology, network has gradually walked into our life. At the same time, the information construction in China has been vigorously developed. In China, rural population takes up a large part of the population. It has always been an important issue...
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Research on the Development of Agricultural Logistics Based on Internet of Things (IOT)

Xiaobin Wang, Yingtao Peng
For the past few years, the study on the technology of internet of things (IOT) has become a hot topic of the field of science at home and abroad. In the filed of farm products logistics, the technology of internet of things can effectively track, trace and manage the farm products in the supply chain...
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Logistics Distribution Model and Optimization of Home Appliance Retail Chain Enterprise

Qingjun Wang, Jian Wei
A perfect logistics distribution system is not only the guarantee of high-quality service of retail enterprises but also the most important factor influencing the costs and profits of retail enterprises. However, the development of China’s logistics industry is not mature and most retail enterprises...
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Study on Transportation Problem in Green Logistics

Sun Cui, Ying Xu
By far, logistics has had more than 100-year development history since it was put forward by Johnsy Baker in 1905 in Troops and Transportation of Munitions. Most logistics mentioned by people in daily life are modern logistics which means a new-type integrated management combining all logistics activities...
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The Research on the enterprise production organization structure design based on process optimization

Xiwei Guo, Minghui Quan, Xiaolian Liu, Xue Li
With the development of economy and increasingly fierce market competition, the realization of self-worth for customers themselves is pushed to a new level. With the progress of science and technology and information, the traditional organizational structure design won’t satisfy the need of today’s enterprise,...
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Marketing Strategy Analysis of Xiaomi Phone Based On Social Media

Xiaobin Wang, Yaofei Li
With the development of mobile internet, behavioral style of everyone and all walks of life in the world is constantly changing, especially the development of smart phone. Xiaomi phone creates one after another marketing miracle through social media. This article studies the marketing strategy of Xiaomi...
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The Research on Core Manufacturing Enterprise Delivery Problem on Time

Xinyan Shi, Yingying Su, Lihong She, Shuchang Hu
With economic globalization process accelerating, we select the core manufacturing companies’ delivery on time for the study is because the core manufacturing enterprises have strong generalizability and typicality, and China is a global manufacturing power that the core manufacturing sector having significant...
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Innovative Research of Financial Model Based on Internet

Xiwei Guo, Chang Liu
China's economy has developed for 30 years. The traditional financial market efficiency decreases gradually that makes financial innovation become an inevitable trend, so the internet banking was born. Internet-based finance is an emerging finance, realizing financial accommodation, payment and infomediary...
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Research on Technology Development and Challenges of Chinese Smart Grid

Xinyu Yang, Peng Gao
With the continuous development of society and improvement of people's living standards, people requirements for power system increasing. The smart grid is the inevitable trend of power grid development, at present China's smart grid research and construction, the prospect is optimistic. Compared with...
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Research on the Influence of the Load Peaks and Troughs with New Energy Access

Yang Zhao, Xinyu Yang
The new energy power generation technology in our country has made some progress, some areas have practical applications. Micro grid system is made up of new energy can improve the reliability of power grid in our country, and can improve the quality of electric energy. New energy of micro grid system...
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A domain decomposition method based on the AD algorithm

Ruyun Wang, Yingxian Yu, Zhen-tao Zang, Di Cao, Qing Fang
We first establish the relationship between the grid cell connectivity matrix bandwidth and the efficiency of parallel computing, which shows that parallel efficiency can be improved by reducing the bandwidth so that the external communication is reduced. An algorithm based on the AD algorithm is developed...
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Research on New Energy Establishment of Power Generation and Structure Model

Peng Gao, Yunlin Guan
Traditional power supply system with the method of centralized power generation, and then use electricity transmission network transmit electricity to the user. Research model is the basis of the research on the subsequent issue, how to set up a valid practical problems but not entirely confined to the...
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Research on Operation Control Strategy of DC Micro Grid

Yunlin Guan, Yang Zhao
With the development of society, the energy and environmental problems have emerged, and restricts the development of traditional large power grid. In such a situation, it is particularly important for the rational use of new and renewable energy, so the power supply form of distributed generation has...
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Clustering Analysis of Stock Volume and Price Relationship based on Gaussian Mixture Model

Yaohui Bai, Jianwu Dang
The research of stock price volatility is very important. Traditionally, the stock price is usually processed as a time series, and don't consider the influence of stock trading volume. In this paper, we use Gaussian Mixture Model method to the clustering analysis of stock price volatility based on stock...
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Restoration Technology Research Progress of Mercury Polluted Farmland

Zhijie Liu, Zhe Xu, Ke Li, Jianchao Li, Shaoyong Lu
Soil is an important part of the environment, which is the precious renewable resources. Soil heavy metal pollution is becoming more and more serious, which affects the normal function of soil, causes pollution of food chain, threats to human health and environmental quality. Mercury as one of the persistent...