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Comparison of Color Quality Measurement Using Chromameter and Image Processing for Dehydrated Strawberry Products

Farisa Adelina Sitanggang, M. Maksum Machfoedz, Mohammad Affan Fajar Falah
Color is one of the important parameters to consider regarding to quality and perception of consumers acceptance in agro-industrial products. However, standard color measurement using colorimeter have an expensive cost and the need for trained individual to operate, then, other measurement can be done...

The Treatments for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Different Age Groups

Mingyue Deng
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a mental disorder, is usually found in children and has the potential to persist throughout their lifespan. It negatively influences many dimensions of patients’ life, including emotions, academics, occupation, and relationships. Today’s medications and...
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Research on Precision Marketing of Tourist Attractions Based on Big Data Technology: E-commerce Perspective

Zhouyin, Huang Mengdie, Wan Yuhang
Big data technology can record and analyze tourists’ personal travel preferences, consumption habits and other data to express individual differences, is an important supporting force for precision marketing of tourist attractions, and network precision marketing from the perspective of e-commerce is...

Analysis of the Current Situation of Cultural Continuity in the Commercialization of Historical and Cultural Blocks

Take Beijing’s Dashilan Commercial and Cultural District as an Example

Bing Tong, Shuo Wang, Yue Zhang
With the rapid development of urbanization in China, there are some problems like cultural continuity, which have emerged in the period of the historical block’s commercial renewal. On the basis of clarifying the concept and main feature of historical and cultural districts, this research did a foreign...

A Conceptual Model of Thematic-Based Syllabus for Equivalent Elementary School Level (Paket A)

Misran Rahman
This study aims to develop a conceptual model of integrated thematic-based syllabus for Paket A, a non-formal education program equivalent to elementary school level in Indonesia. An adjustment from the original subject-based syllabus to thematic-based syllabus in regulation is evident, combined with...
Proceedings Article

CASE REPORT: Paget’s Disease with Secondary Encephalopathy

Alfansuri Kadri, Eko Yandra
Introduction: Paget’s disease is a metabolic disorder of bone in which osteoclasts are more active than osteoblasts, resulting in increased bone resorption and compensated by excessive formation of new bone contributed by osteoblasts. Bones affected with Paget’s Disease stimulate hypervascularization,...

The Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Tourists’ Awe in Tourism Destinations: A Web Text Data Based Exploratory Research

Yong-chang Chen
Raising tourists’ awe is dependent on sustainable development of tourism destinations. This paper conducted exploratory research on the influencing factors of tourists’ awe of tourism destinations. Web text data were used as the data source. The researcher selected web platforms that were highly relevant...

Research on Customer Value Evaluation Index System in the Form of Proxy Purchase Electricity

Xinnan Zhou, Jing Xiang, Shuochen Han, Ying Li
The national development and reform in 2021 issued a notice (the development and reform office price 809), the establishment of the power grid enterprise agent purchasing mechanism, which marks the overall acceleration of the process of electricity market, power grid companies in the market positioning...

The Evolution of the Concept of “The Kingdom of Fans” in the Chinese Context

Meihuan Zhao
The phenomenon of fandom has had a huge impact in China, and it has aroused huge social attention. Fans tearing at each other and scolding each other, stepping on and leading to war, and constantly touching the legal bottom line and other chaos have led to their frequent domination of the hot search...

Quality of Graduates in the Post-covid Era as a Field of Convergence Between Southern Theory and the Idea of Social Justice Higher Education

A. Krishnannair, S. Krishnannair
The idea of ‘quality of graduates’ as understood in the Higher Education (HE) sector is central to this conceptual piece. HE systems across the world have seen unprecedented levels of transformation as part of their effort to adapt to the conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that most...

“All Shall Be Well, Jack Shall Have Jill”—On the Value and Significance of Feelings in The Romance of Western Chamber by Wang Shifu

Jingyi Wu
The Romance of Western Chamber, created by Wang Shifu in the Yuan Dynasty, was adapted on the basis of Tang Yuanzhen’s Biography of YingYing and Dong Jieyuan’s Western Chamber Zhugongdiao, reflecting the influence of social backgrounds and emotional concepts in different times. Wang Shifu’s The Romance...

Application of AR Technology in the Construction of Physical Education Environment in Colleges and Universities

Ye Chen
With the rapid development of augmented reality, many intelligent terminals begin to apply augmented reality technology, mainly in sports, education and teaching fields, etc. This extensive application trend also proves that augmented reality has a good development prospect. In the information age, the...

Regulation of Copyright Law Protection Over Video Work for Creators Based on Law Number 28 of 2014 About Copyright

A. A. Sagung Ngurah Indradewi, I. Gede Surya Adi Pranata
According to the contents of Article 40 verse (1) letter r in Act Number 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright, it is explained various types of works that are protected by copyright, however in the article, it mentions about video games that are defined unclearly, therefore that there is norm vagueness as...

Discuss Starbucks Under the COVID-19 Pandemic from the Finance

Xiaozhen Li
Based on the background of COVID-19, the financial impact of Starbucks was discussed, that is, whether timely measures were taken to restore Starbucks’ financial data to pre-epidemic levels. Through analysis and assumptions, this paper considers that 2020 is the main year affected by the epidemic. Therefore,...

Green Innovation in Marketing Research: A Systematic Literature Review and Bibliometric Analysis

Yunita Budi Rahayu Silintowe, I. Made Sukresna
This study critically reviews the main perspectives and topics in green innovation in marketing research. The purpose of this article is to provide an in-depth understanding of green innovation from a comprehensive overview, analyzing articles and bibliographic information through a systematic literature...

Hotspots and Trends of Higher Education Quality Assurance Research

Qin Qin
Taking the literature on the quality assurance of higher education collected by Web of Science as the research object, CiteSpace is used to carry out visual analysis from the level of countries, keywords and so on. The research shows that the research hotspots mainly focus on quality assurance, sustainable...

The Application of New Energy in Architectural Design Under the Influence of Green Low-carbon Concept

Qiang Chen
In recent years, people’s concept of energy conservation and environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger. Therefore, in the face of the above problems, we should pay more attention to the green and healthy development of the construction industry. In the context of the new era, new materials,...

Analyzing Spatial Distribution Patterns of Tourism and Accessibility Level of Tourism Objects in Karanganyar Regency

Aulia Erni Rohmatika, Choirul Amin, M. Iqbal Taufiqurrahman Sunariya
Karanganyar Regency is one of the regencies in Central Java. Since it is located in a highland area and directly adjacent to East Java Province, it supports expanding tourism-related activities. The tourism industry is the leading sector in Karanganyar Regency, providing the highest regional income....
Proceedings Article

The Effect of Cow Manure and NPK Fertilizer on Soil Chemical Fertility, Soybean Growth, and the Yield on Sandy Soil

Danner Sagala, Eka Putri Lingga Tasti, Sri Rustianti
Research to determine the effect of cow manure and NPK fertilizer on soil chemical fertility, soybean growth, and the yield on sandy soil was conducted in the coastal area of Bengkulu, Indonesia. Doses of cow manure consisting of 0, 30, 50, and 70 t ha−1 and NPK fertilizer composed of 0, 150, 300, and...

Real Earnings Management and Capital Structure Decision: The Role of Minority Interest

Ade Imam Muslim, Doddy Setiawan, Y. Anni Aryani, Evi Gantyowati
The corporate governance literature has widely recognized the role of debt contracts as a mechanism that can minimize agency problems arising from conflicts of interest between managers and capital owners and between minority and majority ownership. Our research seeks to investigate capital structure...

Customer Churn Prediction Based on Big Data and Machine Learning Approaches

Ziyu Zhu
Telecom companies are facing fierce competition in the market. For telecom operators, customers are living. Due to the high upfront investment in acquiring new customers, they prefer to retain existing customers rather than acquire new ones. The loss of old customers means that telecom operators are...

Application of Surface Modeling in Appearance Design of Creative Products

Guiyun Huang, Mingyu Jia, Saikun Zhang, Jian Cui
The article expounds application of curved surface modeling in appearance design of creative products. This paper introduces the connotation and relationship of creative products, appearance design and curved surface modeling. The application of curved surface modeling in product appearance design is...
Proceedings Article

Investment Portfolio Establishment

Based on Mean, Variance and Sharpe Ratio

Han Yang, Jiachen Li, Rong Shi, Mancang Gu
The objective of this article is to reveal the evolution of the investment portfolio establishment approach. The evolution from the diversification effect, whose primary goal is to minimize risk, to the use of the Markowitz model to find the portfolio with the highest return per risk, to finally taking...

Client-Auditor Mismatches, Internal Control and Strategic Deviance

Libing Yang
Uses A-share listed companies from 2015 to 2020 as research samples, this paper explores the impact of client-auditor mismatches on strategic deviance. The empirical results show that the client-auditor upward mismatches will restrain the strategic deviance to some extent, in contrast the client-auditor...

Digital Economy Enabling High-Quality Manufacturing Development: Evidence from Chinese Provincial Data

Rong Xu, Huixian Yao
Shifting growth drivers and optimizing the economic structure is the only way to achieve high-quality development of China’s manufacturing sector. The digital economy can effectively improve the level of innovation and the efficiency of resource allocation, which is theoretically beneficial to enabling...

Research on the Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of National Geographical Indication Products in Beijing

Lei Yu, Boyi Yin
Products with National Geographic Indications (NGI) represent a breakthrough for Beijing in achieving national agricultural regional development, agricultural industrialization, and addressing the problems faced by agriculture, rural areas, and farmers. Against the backdrop of the rural revitalization...
Proceedings Article

An Improved Computer Aided System for Lung Cancer Detection using Image Processing Techniques

Manoj Mhaske, Ramesh Manza, Pallavi Pradhan, Kavita Khobragade
Early detection and prevention is the only way to treat lung cancer to avoid the loss of life. Where Computed Tomography (CT) screening is viewed as perhaps the best technique for discovering the early indications of lung malignant growth. The primary goal of this study is nodule detection and classification...
Proceedings Article

Chronic Kidney Disease Detection

Jaya Jeswani, Mohammed Multazim Ansari, Rushikesh Durgade, Alisha Fatima Ansari
The impact of technological advancement, particularly machine learning, on health can be seen in the efficient analysis of different chronic diseases that allows for more precise diagnosis and effective treatment. People aged 60 and above are most affected by kidney disease, a serious chronic condition...

Research on the Key Mechanism of Promoting the Construction of Southern Regional Power Market

Dunnan Liu, Zhixin Dong, Yaxuan Han, Zhixiang Zhang, Yufang Chen, Long Jiang
In recent years, the construction of a unified power market in the southern region has been accelerating. In the context of the energy transition and dual-carbon goals, China has carried out relevant research work on the key mechanism of the unified power market in the southern region that meets the...
Proceedings Article

Influencing Factors and Improvement Paths for College Students’ Sense of Acquisition of Ideological and Political Theory Courses

Yuanyuan Xu, Li Tao
Taking students from five colleges and universities in the city of Wuhu, Anhui Province China as the research object, 500 participants were selected by stratified random sampling method to obtain relevant data on the sense of obtaining ideological and political theory courses of college students. The...

Analysis of Employee Burnout and Related Countermeasures: Taking College Teachers as Example

Luobu Danzeng
College teachers face the tangible pressure from research and teaching. Based on this, this study explorex the current situation of college teachers' job burnout under the new situation, comprehensively analyze the main causes of college teachers' job burnout from three dimensions of society,...

Pricing Strategy for Fashion Retailers Considering Anticipated Regret

Yongfang Mao
Under the multi-brand and fast-paced marketing, consumers' purchase decision is deeply affected by the regret of high price and shortage of stock, for this reason, many scholars propose to alleviate the impact of high price regret on strategic consumers by reducing the magnitude or possibility of...

Retrospective Method for Analyzing Typographic Design Work in Higher Education

Monica Hartant, Elizabeth Wianto, Jessica Yonatia
They are continuing the previous research about analyzing the perception of the students’ academic workload from online learning in the odd semester of the 2021 Typography course because of a change in the Independent Learning Program – Merdeka Campus (MBKM) curriculum which the Minister of Education...

A Marketing Strategy Model for Pottery Products of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Jetis Dusun, Panjangrejo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Mochamad Achmadi, Sundring Pantja Djati, Nurbaeti
Desa Panjangrejo, especially in Dusun Jetis, has excellent potential in the field of pottery artisans who can produce a wide variety of very varied products, ranging from simple household utensils to modern knick-knacks and various exciting souvenirs. This study aims to determine the effect of training...
Proceedings Article

Research on the design and implementation of a financial data analysis system based on the background of big data

Xinchen Shi
This paper focuses on the system design and research of the financial system based on the new big data context. The system design and implementation research is carried out on the basis of the development of the current situation of the company combined with certain system optimisation exit functions....

Customary Law Government and Voting Rights: Impact on Election Guarantee

Ahmet Tashliyev, Gayatri Dyah Suprobowati, Shafira Maharani Saputra, P. Diwinner Langgeng
This research aims to determine the influence of customary law characteristics on guaranteeing rights in holding elections. This research mainly focuses on traditional government and how the customary legal system influences the implementation of general elections in indigenous communities. This research...
Proceedings Article

Analysis of typical coal tunnel anchor network support accident cases in Huainan mine area and study of preventive measures

Xiaohu Liu, Qun Zheng, Hua Cheng, Guofeng Yu, Yong Luo, Bo Ren, Diancai Xiao, Changrui Duan, Zheng Tong, Dechao Lu
The frequent occurrence of accidents in deep shaft engineering seriously restricts the safe and efficient mining of coal mines. In this paper, 193 cases of coal mine anchor network support accidents have occurred in Huainan mine since 2000, and the accidents are classified into roofing injury, roofing...
Proceedings Article

Research and Analysis of UAV Application Technology in Geological Engineering

Yingxin Cheng, Zhifeng Mao
In recent years, with the rapid development of society, the utilization rate of land and resources has been significantly improved. In order to achieve stable use and reduce loss, relevant personnel need to actively carry out planning and design, and gradually expand the scope of surveying and mapping....

Doing Theology in Digital Society

Towards a Digital, Networked Theology

Heidi A. Campbell
In this short essay I seek to address what doing theology in a digital society could and should look like, and what unique conditions of living in a society that is wrapped in digital technology needs to be considered within theological discourse. I approach this by suggesting an approach that I describe...
Proceedings Article

Study on Non-fired Brick Derived from Waste Mud of Slurry Shield Tunnel: Parameters Effect and Long Term Strength

Heng Liu, Xiaoguang Xi, He Zhang
Waste mud generated during the construction of shield tunnels needs to be treated and cleaned before disposal due to its complex material composition. Various technologies are available for the treatment and disposal of waste mud, including sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation, incineration, and...

Research on the Integration of Scientist Spirit into Ideological and Political Education for Science and Engineering Students

Guolin Zhai, Kecheng Guo, Sai Li
Science and engineering universities are not only the main venues for scientific research activities, but also the main battlefield for cultivating young scientific and technological talents. Integrating the spirit of scientists with ideological and political education in science and engineering universities...
Proceedings Article

A community-based innovative approach of deriving a functional compost for remediation of crude oil contaminated soil

Ismail Baba Ahmed, Eucharia Oluchi Nwaichi, Ejike Ugwoha
Compost is a local product that has proven effective in soil remediation. Its performance is attributed to the diversity of microbes and nutrients that augment indigenous soil microbes and stimulate biodegradation processes respectively. Improving its performance is imperative to reduce the influx of...
Proceedings Article

The Effects of Oleuropein Isolate on Apoptosis Inducing Factor and High Mobility Group Box-1 Levels In Traumatic Brain Injury Model Rats

Abdurrahman Mousa Arsyad
Background Traumatic brain injury is a major public problem with an incidence of 10 million people annually, causing the most significant deaths and disabilities worldwide. Head injuries can be classified into primary and secondary head injuries. Secondary head injuries can be caused by...
Proceedings Article

Statistical Quality Control of NPK Fertilizer Production Process using Mixed Dual Multivariate Cumulative Sum (MDMCUSUM) Chart based on Multioutput Least Square Support Vector Regression (MLS-SVR)

Margaretha Gracia Hotmatua Silalahi, Muhammad Ahsan, Muhammad Hisyam Lee
Each year, the price of non-subsidized fertilizer has increased. The price increases may reduce demand. However, quality also has an impact on demand. To maintain demand, the quality of non-subsidized fertilizer must be monitored. Using the Mixed Dual Multivariate Cumulative Sum (MDMCUSUM) chart, this...

Research on the Quality of University-Enterprise Patent Cooperation

Based on the Analysis of Chinese University Enterprise Patent Cooperation Data

Lingling Liang, Yuying Lu
The rapid increase in the number of university-enterprise patent cooperation shows that the university-enterprise cooperation innovation has achieved certain results. However, the quality of school enterprise cooperation is still worrying. Therefore, based on the total patent data of China’s university-enterprise...
Proceedings Article

Research on the influence of social media interaction on equity financing cost

Tang Zhanghao
This article takes 2011–2018 Chinese A-share listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen as a sample, using multiple regression methods to study whether social media interaction will have an impact on the equity financing costs of listed companies in my country. We use an abnormal earnings growth model...
Proceedings Article

Cutting Process Mechanics Experimental Study of Pick-cutting Coal Seams

Pingmei Ming, Hongqiang Wang, Jiawei Zeng, Chenxu Luo, Li Jin, Jifeng Lu, Junfa Leng
On the base of the theoretical analysis of the rotary cutting of a single picker, a series of experiments were carried out on the cutting test bed of coal and rock to explore different forms of pick-type cutting coal seam. As such the time domain analysis was carried out on the signal of the cutting...

Creating a Mobile E-Wallet for Visual Impairment Using an Inclusive Design Approach: A Case Study in Bandung, Indonesia

Ilham Ilyasa, Rahmat Fauzi, Sinung Suakanto
In Indonesia, the rapid growth of Fintech has brought convenience to the general population, offering access to financial services and seamless fund transfers. However, this progress hasn't been fully inclusive, leaving individuals with visual impairments at a disadvantage. Based on data collected...

IP image design of the time-honored herbal tea "Xinglinchun"

Yutong Chen, Yan Lin, Dilong Yan, Haoxi Yang
Former well-established brands that were once popular are gradually declining in today's technological advancements, require innovative thinking for development. Through the case study of "Xinglinchun" herbal tea, brand elements are extracted, brand personality is imbued, an IP image is...

The Role of Counselor Lecturers in Learning Resilience for Indonesian College Students with Mental Health Problems An Autoethnographic Reflection on Mental Health Advocacy

Fuji Riang Prastowo
Awareness about mental health in Indonesia in the past decade has led to an increased understanding of college students who experience mental health problems getting psychological or psychiatric treatment during the study process at the university. The most significant gap in the education system at...