Proceedings of the 1st Aceh Global Conference (AGC 2018)

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Analysis of Holistic Approach: Tragedy of Enclosure as Impact of Politicised Environment (Study at Kampung Baru, Sebong Lagoi Village, Bintan Regency)

Dian Prima Safitri, Fitri Kurnianingsih, Edison Edison
This study focussed on actor domination in utilization and management in the coastal area of Bintan. The tragedy of Enclosure occurred to the coastal community. The tragedy of Enclosure caused the coastal community cannot access similar as the big actors can do. A total of 50 heads of household (KK)...
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Moral Values and The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Muhammad AR
This article attempts to discuss the role of moral values in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. The industrial revolution will decrease man’s involvement in workplaces. The production number increased significantly, but job opening dropped that might cause fewer people to work. As we know,...
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“Networking Strategy”, Business and Media Content Strategy of Print Media Industry in Digital Era (Case Study of Kompas Gramedia Media)

Nigar Pandrianto
The widespread use of digital technology has affected the print media business landscape in Indonesia. As a result, newspapers or magazines publishers have to reduce the number of copies of every newspaper or magazine they publish. This condition has reduced the income stream from copies sold and advertising....
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Adaptive Structuration Process In The Education Of Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Children (Case study in 9th Grade of Junior High School in CLC Kundasang, CLC Ribu Bonus, and Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia)

Asrobudi Asrobudi
The lack of education for Indonesian Migrant Workers’ (TKI) children is becoming a concern. There are some barriers which can interfere the children with having higher education, such as the illegal status of their parents and the weak coordination between the agent and the agency. The study aims to...
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Strategy of Forming Banjarmasin City Branding as Clean and Comfortable (Barasih wan Nyaman) River City

Novaria Maulina, Atika Atika
Banjarmasin BAIMAN - Barasih wan nyaman (clean and comfortable) Is City Brand that initiated by Ibnu Sina as the mayor of Banjarmasin. To promote this city brand, the government of Banjarmasin city used a strategy. The aim of this study was to analyze strategy of Banjarmasin BAIMAN city Branding. This...
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Indonesian Migrant Workers: Online Communication on Financial Management

Nani Nurani Muksin, Moh. Amin Tohari, Amin Shabana
Communication is a vital factor in human relationships for Indonesian Migrant Workers aka IMW. The breadwinners primarily communicate with family members, parents and siblings to discuss their domestic issues. Preliminary studies revealed that the use of productive remittance sometimes discussed without...
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Political Kinship Networking in Bantanese Local Election

Suranto Suranto, Tunjung Sulaksono, Awang Darumurti, Titin Purwaningsih
The phenomenon of the proliferation of political practices of kinship networking in Indonesia in the reform era has attracted the authors to conduct the research. It, theoretically, has the potential to endanger democracy due to the different treatment for competing political actors' opportunities, as...
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Paradiplomacy and the Future of Aceh Government

Takdir Ali Mukti
Paradiplomacy as one of the concepts in International Relations acted by regional government plays a strategic role in terms of economic and diplomatic cooperation. Aceh, under the Helsinki Agreement 2005, has the opportunities to play this significant authority to strengthen the economic growth and...
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The Politics of Media, Questioning for Minimum or Maximum Effect?

Fiandy Mauliansyah, Saiful Asra
The mass media with its ability to construct reality, allegedly influence the political situation in society. Various theoretical studies of communication have even formulated several possible effects that the media can contribute to the flow of political activity. Some of the literature reviews in relations...
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Understanding a New Social Movement as a Form of Awareness and Mass Collective Action

Mursyidin Mursyidin
In the context of social movements, new media with all its advantages is not only a means of synchronous and asynchronous communication for a social movement but also for mobilization, and another political practice, particularly collective action on social networking sites has not been aimed at changing...
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The Potential Connection of Retired TKI with the Economic Potential in the Province of East Java

Diana Juni Mulyati, Achluddin Ibnu Rochim
After-work migrants who have returned to their villages do not need to return to work abroad. They can work and manage the potential of superior natural resources in each village that has not been absorbed by local, national, regional or international markets. For this reason, it is necessary to identify...
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Online Shops Integrated Marketing Communication in Indonesia (Comparison Study on Trading Service in Web World)

Saiful Amri, Nurkhalis Nurkhalis
Futuristic scientist, Daniel T Bell, has predicted on his prominent study about world's future that there will be an era where people become dependence on service instead of goods. This statement is proven by the phenomenon of online trading via online shops. Though they offer goods, but the processes...
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Status of Rights on Community Land in The Settlement of Coastal Areas of The Kamboja Village

Agung Ramadhan Saputra, Oksep Adhayanto, Marnia Rani, Irman Irman
Utilization of coastal area as the development program of Tanjungpinang City as the capital city of Riau Islands Province, especially coastal area settlement of Kamboja Subdistrict of West Tanjungpinang, feared effect to the surrounding environment. Gradual changes in the environment will have a direct...
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Phenomenon of Civil Servant Investigator Position (PPNS)

Achmad Sjafii, Ni Made Ida Pratiwi
Regional autonomy is a manifestation of democracy that emerges after the reformation. The regional government affairs has increased with the enactment of Law Number 23 Year 2014 on Regional Government. Many policies change and this must be obeyed by all governmental arrangements, both Central Government...
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Cultural Acculturation of The Villagers in Desa Pegayaman Buleleng Bali

Suzy Azeharie
Bali Islands has long been known as a tourism destination in Indonesia. A unique thing in the island is the majority of its population embraced Hinduism as their main religion. However, in the society whose religion is mostly Hinduism, the residents who live in Desa Pegayaman, Sukasada, Buleleng District...
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Social Media as an Aceh Tourism Promotions Tool by Department of Aceh Culture and Tourism

Ashabul Yamin Asgha, Suwandi Sumartias, Evi Novianti
Today's social media has become an excellent promotional tool for products and services, and, can be used to share stories or experiences about things or places they have visited, also the high level of social media access is one of the reasons why social media has great potential in advertising or promotional...
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Communication Design of Religious Development. An Effort to Develop Religious Tolerance Policy (Case Study in Yogyakarta City)

Hasan Sazali
This study aims to analyze the role of the Government of Yogyakarta city in conducting the development of religious tolerance. This development is analyzed through a structural approach. The structural approach is the bureaucratization approach to the governments from various government institutions...
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Measurable Journalism in Online Travel and News Sites in Indonesia and its Effect on Contents

Farid Rusdi
Online journalism in Indonesia in the past two decades has undergone drastic changes. At first, in the online media routine, the gatekeepers selected the news based solely on the value of the news. But now online media gatekeepers must also consider quantitative audience data. Technological developments...
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Culture of Drinking Coffee as a Brand Culture Communication on Belitung Island

Diah Ayu Candraningrum
Since the Dutch colonial era, coffee drinking in coffee shops is inseparable in the daily lives of the people of Belitung Island. Most of their time every day has spent in the coffee shops that are easily found there. Uniquely, their presence in the shop, sometimes only accompanied by one cup of coffee....
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Women in Anomaly Communication of Religious Development in Indonesia: Study in Yogjakarta

Hasan Sazali, Chuzaimah Batubara, Nurasiah Nurasiah
Religious counselors have an important role in religious development in Indonesia, as well as in Yogyakarta. Religious counselors in Yogyakarta are currently dominated by male. As a result, there are many inappropriate religious counseling materials given on the context of women in the dimensions of...
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The Sarakopat Government System and the Relevance in the Implementation of Regional Autonomy in Central Aceh Indonesia

Syukri Syukri, Muhammad Aswin, Arifinsyah Arifinsyah
The Sarakopat Government System is four pillars in a government that consists of Reje (king), Imem (priest), petue (custom leader), and Rayat (people) constituting a republican government formed by patriarchal society from generation to generation should be applicated in Regional Autonomy. But in reality,...
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The Role of Coastal Women in Coastal Environmental Management

Heni Nopianti, Sri Handayani Hanum
This paper aims to identify and describe the role of coastal women in coastal environmental management. The study was conducted on coastal communities living along the Malabro Beach Area – Tapak Padri in Bengkulu City. Collected based data from some informants selected by snowball sampling techniques...
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The 3rd “Kongres Sungai Indonesia” As Hybrid Social Movements: The New Combination between Classic Social Movements and New Social Movements

Noviana Sari, Pathurrahman Pathurrahman, Siti Mauliana Hairini
Social movements studies has always divided with classic and new social movement concept. In the classic social movement has always affiliated with political and economic issues especially about social class for labor struggle. But in new social has more complex and plural issues which from grass root...
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Cultural Localities and Tourism in Official Website of Disbudpar Aceh

Ghina Novarisa, Rustono Farady Marta, Yuliyanto Budi Setiawan
New media have an important rule to access information that used by society. One of them is a website which officially used by institution or directorate such as Directorate General of Tourism of Aceh (Disbudpar Aceh). They use the official website to inform and persuade society about culture and tourism....
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The Declining Pancasila Industrial Relations and the Increasing Industrial Conflicts: Research Findings from Karawang- Indonesia

Af Sigit Rochadi, Adilita Pramanti, Angga Sulaiman
In Indonesia’s New Order governance, violations occurred, in which Pancasila Industrial Relation (HIP) was employed as an instrument to give pressure and intimidate the labors. Thus, this concept is considered defective among labors. As democratization opens up the room for political opportunity structure,...
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Profession Role as Reporting Parties in Preventing and Eradicating Money Laundering Crimes

Fauziah Lubis, Bismar Nasution, Ediwarman Ediwarman, Zulkarnain Sitompul
Money laundering is one of the crimes of White Collar Crime which attracts the attention and concerns of the international community, including Indonesia. The research aims to examine and analyze the role of the profession as a reporting party in preventing and eradicating money laundering crime using...
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The Rationale for A Proposal for English Language Education: The Experience of Developing A Curriculum to Teach English for Young Learners

Rodrigo Arellano, Tanzir Masykar, Abdullah Almulhim
Research suggests that young learners have remarkable abilities to learn a second language in a natural way, however, educational institutions around the world have not systematized the learning-teaching process of foreign languages for young learners, and this is also the case of bilingual education...
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The Analysis of Village Budgeting by Using Performance-Based Budgeting in Meeting the Basic Service Standard (A Case Study in Aceh Besar District)

Herizal Herizal, Muliawati Muliawati, Efendi Efendi, Bustami Usman, Nofriadi Nofriadi
The village fund program budgeted by the central government annually for villages through State Budget is a synergy in running the government to focus on all public sectors. This will help with the development and welfare, and decrease poverty in a village. The public sectors which can be emphasized...
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How Economic Change Can Empower Local Cultural Values of Coastal Ecological Sustainability: A Research on Coastal Management in Malabro Village

Sri Handayani Hanum, Heni Nopianti
Every society has its own set of values which is expressed in the form of local culture. The culture forms a guideline for its members of society, setting out how to behave in order to fulfill their social and economic needs sustainably. The coastal community of Malabro Village, Teluk Segara, Bengkulu...
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The Concept of Leadership in the Perspective of Islamic Worldview

Zahratul Idami, Andriansyah Andriansyah
By making the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. as a prime example, a study of leadership which is based on the Islamic worldview constructed by the ulama. Worldview as a view or philosophy of life is the hallmark and identity inherent in each individual and civilization. With diversity, worldview...
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Community Responses toward Implementation of Government-Sponsored Community Based Programs in 2017: A Case in Aceh Jaya District

Bukhari Bukhari, Ubaidullah Ubaidullah, Irmanita Irmanita
This study aims to find out the community perceptions, attitudes, and participation in the implementation of the government-sponsored community-based program including health insurance for poor, scholarship, electricity bill and social fund for elderly — the study focus on the programs sponsored by the...
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The Leadership of Head of the Medan City Police Department in Strengthening Community Systems

Dadang Hartanto, Nasrullah Hidayat, Hasan Sazali
Leadership is the art of influencing human behavior toward organizational goals. Leadership is an art, but, like all art, it has its underpinnings in science. Especially, in Police Institution must require leadership art to strengthening the community's security system. This study aims to investigate...
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Planning of Malay Cultural Development Center in Bengkalis Regency

Baskoro Wicaksono, Sukarman Sukarman, Riza Alrakhman, Rury Febrina, Nur Laila Meilani
The development planning of Riau Provincial Government and Regency / City in Riau Province region according to the Law of National Development Planning System is required to refer to Riau Province Long Term Plan (RPJPD) which contains Riau Vision 2020. The vision includes two (2) aspects, the economic...
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Changes of Social Pattern in Dolly Area from Prostitution Localisation to Tourism Village with Copreneurship Approach

Rachmawati Novaria, Awin Mulyati, Agung Pujianto
The closure of the Dolly-prostitution area by the Surabaya city government turned out to have a significant impact on the community and the local community. There are social changes such as the pattern of relations between communities, relations between religions and relations between community groups....
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GAM and Social Transformation, from A Rebellion into A Political Movement

Siti Ikramatoun, Firdaus Mirza Nusuary, Khairul Amin
In 1976 the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) declared as a form of protest against “Indonesia” neo-colonialism which was considered to have exploited Aceh. Since that time then, GAM has become a platform for movement and rebellion for the majority of Acehnese to demand independence. In 2005 after the Tsunami...
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Presidential Threshold (Discourse Review on Strengthening Presidential Systems in Indonesia)

Helmi Helmi, Mukhrijal Mukhrijal, Nyak Fadhlullah
This research aims to provide the answer about how the dynamics of the Presidential Threshold pros cons in Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to examine more deeply the dynamics of Presidential Threshold ratification in Indonesia. The research method used in this research is library research method....
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The Cycle and Risk of Conflict in Aceh Post MoU Helsinki

Iqbal Ahmady, Ubaidullah Ubaidullah, Effendi Hasan
Aceh has gone through two phases of conflict. Started by the DI/TII movement lead by Tgk. Daud Beureueh in 1953 until 1962. Aceh has around 14 years with no conflict after that, soon the occurrence of Acheh-Sumatra National Liberation Front or Aceh Freedom Movement (GAM) was declared by Hasan Tiro in...
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A Political Dynasty in Nagan Raya District

Mahdi Syahbandir, Effendi Hasan, Izwar Izwar
Regional Election has been implemented since 2006 in Aceh. As much as the election has brought positive impact in the implementation of democracy in Aceh for 12 years, it also has disadvantages. One of the phenomena is political dynasties such as in Nagan Raya District under the leadership of Regent...
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The Effects of Assimilation on Ethnic Identity among Malays of Acehnese Descendent in Malaysia

Khairulyadi Khairulyadi, Khairun Nisa
This study empirically assesses the degree of assimilation and its implications on ethnic identification. It also examines the relational interplay of cultural assimilation, structural assimilation and marital assimilation to ethnic identification. The data of this study was derived from a questionnaire...
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Radicalism Phenomenon at Higher Educational Institution in Aceh: Risks and Recommendation

Effendi Hasan, Ubaidullah Ubaidullah, Cut Maya Sari, Ardiansyah Ardiansyah
Radicalism is a phenomenon which becomes a discourse in the community life in Indonesia. The existence of this phenomenon is becoming a threat not only for state stability but also to sustainability for social life of the people. In its development, radicalism spread over higher educational institutions...
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Ethnic and Religious Crime in Australian Media: Sensationalism versus Public Interest

Febri Nurrahmi
Around the world, crime is considered worthy to be reported in terms of news value. However, there is a long debate about the importance of revealing the ethnicity and religion of the accused in the crime reporting. This article discusses the relevance of ethnicity and religion of the perpetrators in...
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Perceived Sustainability and its Influence on Tourist Trust

Humam Santosa Utomo, Andriani Kusumawati, Suharyono Suharyono, Sunarti Sunarti
Tourism sustainability has become the center of international attention, local government, environmentalists, researchers, and practitioners. The aim of this research is to examine the influence of perceived sustainability including perceived environmental sustainability, cultural sustainability, and...
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Consumer Actual Purchase Behavior for Organic Products In Aceh, Indonesia

Nurdasila Darsono, Afrida Yahya, Abdul Muzammil, Said Musnadi, Chairil Anwar, Wirdah Irawati
Organic products are products that are currently the main choice for consumers who care about their health. In addition, organic products also reduce the impact of environmental damage and are healthier than conventional products. However, in some previous studies that examined the model of attitudes...
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Customers Satisfaction and Corporate Image in Government Initiative Influencing Customers Loyalty in Terengganu, Malaysia

Mohd Sadad Mahmud, Muhd Aimin Mohd Tahir, Nik Hazimi Mohammed Foziah, Puspa Liza Ghazali
Various studies have been conducted to evaluate the relationship between customers satisfaction towards big companies in Malaysia. Nevertheless, the study of customer satisfaction on services provided by the government has not been much. Furthermore, study focusing on Terengganu state administration...
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Preliminary Study: Green Practices, Awareness and Knowledge about the Environment among Homestay Operators in Selangor, Malaysia

Y. Yusnita, Zainudin Awang
Homestays are a form of community-based tourism that offers local experiences of village lifestyle to travellers. In addition, it is a human-oriented services industry. Thus, any increase in tourist arrivals will affect this industry and in turn, the environment. In recent years, environmental issues...
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The Coffee Shop Lifestyle in Banda Aceh City, Indonesia: A Study Based on Marketing Approach

Hafasnuddin Hafasnuddin, Ridwan Ridwan, Muslim A. Djalil
The purpose of research is to analyze descriptively the lifestyle of coffee shop of Banda Aceh society. The study was conducted in early 2018 in Banda Aceh municipality, Aceh Province, Indonesia. The sample is set by 200 samples through purposive sampling method, with the main characteristic are those...
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Examining the Economic Benefits of Urban Waste Recycle Based on Zero Waste Concepts

Muhammad Nizar, Erman Munir, Irvan Irvan, Fakhrurrazi Amir
Garbage still has economic value if used correctly. Waste management from waste sources is an effective way to increase the selling value of waste and reduce waste that dumb into landfills. Waste recycling can provide economic benefits for the community. However, the price of waste or used goods is very...
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The Role of Credit, Money, and Exchange Rate Channels on Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Five East Africa Community (EAC) Countries

Cuthberth Mlosa, Lukman Hakim, Siti Aisyah Tri Rahayu
In order to conduct successful monetary policy under monetary union it is important to understand the role of transmission channels in the monetary transmission mechanism. The performance of these channels is influenced by the economic structure prevailing in specific country, therefore differences in...
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The Knowledge Levels of International Business and Economics’ Students on the Conventional and Sharia Cooperatives: The Case of Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia

Nanda Noura Nadhifa, Talbani Farlian, Rudi Fachruddin, Daniel Sulaiman
Many students today do know not much about cooperatives, because they are not familiar to them. As of now, the economics and business faculty has cooperatives as a subject that students can study. However, this is not offered for all majors. Except for the International Business and Economics Program...
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The Quality of Service and Cooperative Benefits to the Member Participation of Koperasi Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan (KBQB), Aceh, Indonesia

Cut Meviantira Nanda, Talbani Farlian, Nur Aidar, Zulkifli Zulkifli, Amri Amri
This study was conducted to analyze the effects of service quality and cooperative benefits on the member participation of a cooperative organization. The case study looks at the Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan Cooperative (KBQB) in Takengon as an example of cooperatives in general. Data taken from this research...