Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering (AMCCE 2017)

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Design and Realization of City Tourism Interest Geographic Information Data Collection System

Xiao Zhou, SHuai Zhu, Lan Yao, Xu Li, Haoyi Zhang, Wei He
City tourism contains plentiful data information, but not all the information is interested by tourists. Relying on tourists' interests, this paper designs and develops city tourism interest geographic information data collection system. Take Zhengzhou urban sight spots as an example to collection data...
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Large Time Stability Control for a Class of Quasilinear Parabolic and Hyperbolic Equations

Hongen Li, SHuxian Deng
In this paper, we concerned with the stability control of solutions for a class of quasi-linear wave equations with weak attenuation. We use a so-called energy perturbation method to establish weak controllability of solutions in terms of energy norm for a class of nonlinear functions. We show the weak...
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Visualization Analysis on Collaborative Network and Research Hot-Spot for Aerospace Engineering Subject

Xiuxiu Mei, Ping Qin, Xiaotao Li
Based on SCIE and DII documents (2006-2015) and social network analysis, this paper analyzes one-mode network structural characteristics of co-authoring, institutional cooperation and patent owner cooperation, then constructs two-mode network by the N-Cliques factions division and author keyword coupling...
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Research on Domain Ontology Construction Based on Thesaurus of Geographical Science

Linbo Duan, Ping Qin, Lingfei Qian, Ting Xie
Compared with the traditional domain ontology construction method and the lifecycle thinking of software engineering, the main steps of constructing the domain ontology are to construct purpose, overall design, detailed design, ontology consistency test and ontology evaluation. Using "Thesaurus for Geographic...
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On Component-Based Industrialization Construction Costs Valuation

Ling Fu, Jun Yong, Xiaojuan Wang
Focus on the problems of a higher industrialization construction cost that hinders its promotion, this paper set industrialization construction installation cost as the object, firstly, it studied the composition of industrialization construction cost from the perspective of theory, then it combined...
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Ultraviolet Aging Properties of Bitumen in Ultra-thin Asphalt Pavement

Xingye Zhou, Bo Su, Xudong Wang
Ultra-thin asphalt pavement is a material commonly used in the preventive maintenance engineering. Despite rather mature technologies at present, the ultraviolet aging problem of bitumen material during usage is often overlooked. To study the changes in the properties of bitumen materials in the ultra-thin...
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Integral Separation PID Control of Certain Electro-hydraulic Servo System based on RBF Neural Network Supervision

RongLin Wang, BaocHun Lu, Wenbin Ni
Electro-hydraulic servo control system is a nonlinear and uncertain system with time-variation parameters and external disturbance. The traditional Proportion Integration Differentiation(PID) controller can hardly control the nonlinear and time-variant systems, whereas the Radial Basis Function (RBF)...
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A Novel of Improved algorithm adaptive of NURBS curve

Wan-Jun Zhang, Shan-Ping Gao, Su-Jia Zhang, Feng Zhang
In order to solve the problems of a improved algorithm adaptive of NURBS curve,Such as interpolation time bigger, calculation more complicated, and NURBS curve step error are not easy changed and so on. This paper proposed a study on the algorithm for improved algorithm adaptive of NURBS curve and simulation...
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NURBS curve method Taylor's launch type of interpolation arithmetic

Wan-Jun Zhang, Shan-Ping Gao, Xi-Yan Cheng, Feng Zhang
The algorithm of NURBS interpolation was introduced,it is the key for NURBS curve interpolation that formula of Taylor development of first-order, derivation of two order in the interpolation cycle under the condition of certain interpolation increment only and interpolation speed, by changing the interpolation...
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Healthcare Information System Architecture Design Based on Big Data

Zifan Zhang
The rapid development of medical information leads to the exponential increase of medical data. Medical big data has brought huge pressure to the existing hospital information systems. With the emerging of various kinds of unstructured data, the existing medical information system fails to meet the requirements...
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A combined feature selection method based on clustering in intrusion detection

Ting Huang, Wenbo Chen, RuisHeng Zhang
The rapid development of information technology generates high dimension and large scale data, which puts severer challenges to network security. Feature selection is proposed for the reduction of data dimension so that features of original data are utmostly retained and improving the effectiveness of...
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Research on the location by the use of shadow

Qian Wen
Determining the location of videos is an important research direction of video data analysis. Sun shadow positioning technology(SSPT) is a method which was used to fixed position based on analyzing the changes of the sun shadow . Through the analysis of the shadow length data, the relationship between...
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A High Precision Electronic Scale Based on STM32

JiaHui Chen
A kind of high precision electronic scale with STM32F103 as the control core is designed. Mainly by the resistance strain gauge, operational amplifiers, ADC and other functional modules. Strain gages of the bridge circuit will be based on the pressure of different output voltage, through the amplifier...
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Keep A Hot Bath

Wei Li
There are two basic models built in this paper to keep a hot bath when having a shower in the bathtub: fundamental heat-balance model and dynamic heat-balance model. A reasonable strategy to keep water temperature approximately constant and well-distributed is found in the former. The influence on water...
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Research on Ship Power Plant Simulation System Based on LabVIEW and MATLAB Mixed Programming

Jun-rui Jia
Based on the mathematical model of diesel engine, marine generator and load, the simulation operation has been run by MATLAB. The simulation system of ship power station is established by using the mixed programming technology of LabVIEW and MATLAB. The simulation operation results show that the generator...
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An algorithm of grayscale Value compensation based on X-ray

HaiHui Huang, Shoudong Geng
X-rays are widely used for the detection of defects in industry. the grayscale value distribute of the image is uneven, due to scattering and other reasons, which brings inconvenience for threshold segmentation of defect detection. In this paper, a grayscale value compensation algorithm is proposed by...
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Research on the Key Technologies of Transmitter for LED Lighting Communication System

Chao Yang
This paper mainly studies the LED illumination of visible light communication system, the key technology on launch. Through the analysis of the basic characteristics of white LED, it respectively designed for analog and digital modulation communication system to the launch of the LED driver circuit....
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Finite element analysis of double layer metal bellows flexible hose for chemical pipeline

Weijie Du, He-Hui Wang, Shidong Wen
Multi-layer metal bellows flexible hose is a widely used compensating element in the chemical piping system, playing a role in displacement compensation, vibration isolation and noise reduction. The three-dimensional finite element model of double layer metal bellows flexible hose with wire braid was...
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Research on Application of Relay technology in electric power

Jun SHeng Wang, Jiu Xin Cui
Because of the difference of the standard and the band, a new generation of wireless networks compared with the previous network presents "high bandwidth, small coverage characteristics, the single station coverage ability is relatively weak, in the actual network construction in accordance with the...
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Test, simulation and treatment of the large amplitude sloshing of a 300 MW W-shaped boiler wall

Cunpan Yang, HeHui Wang, Changhong Liu, Peng Li
In view of the dangerous condition in which a 300MW "W" type flame boiler has low frequency and large sloshing in its front wall, the peak amplitude and frequency range of vibration are obtained by field vibration test. Based on the finite element ANSYS software, a three-dimensional finite element model...
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Olympic medal prediction

Wei Li
In order to determine the Olympic metal standing, this paper proposes a Verhulst model and a Grey Correlation Calculation model.. First, we select the Chinese perfermance from 1984 to 2016 as the research object. After data preprocessing for eliminating the influence of the host effect,we propose a Verhulst...
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Curl of Vector Field as Pseudovector

Peng Li, Xiao-Ping Qin, Xue-Ping Cheng, SHeng-Wen Qi
In this paper we investigate another type of pseudovectors: the curl of vector field. The definition of curl is introduced and its transformation property under space rotation and inversion is thoroughly investigated.
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Angular Velocity, Magnetic Field, and Gauge Invariance

Peng Li, Xiao-Ping Qin, Xue-Ping Cheng, SHeng-Wen Qi
We investigate two important applications of curl: the angular velocity and the magnetic field. The angular velocity is derived from the curl of the velocity field associated with the object, whereas the magnetic field is defined by the curl of a vector potential essentially determined by the current...
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Study on the Relationship between Meteorological Factors and Power Load

ChenChen Huang
In this paper, a multiple linear regression model was established, and the regression equations were established for daily maximum load, daily minimum load, daily average load and each meteorological factor. Next, the parameters of the model estimation, statistical estimation and hypothesis testing....
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Application of Digital Surgical Technique in Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma

Ping Chen, XueLi Zheng, LingLu Sun, ChengHua Ma, Zhiqiang Wang, YaLi Liu, Lijuan Ma, RuoYu Wang, Lan Yang
As a product of modernization, digital surgical technique integrates modern imaging technique, stereospecific technique, electronic computer technique, artificial intelligence technique and medicine. Hence, this technique has received much attention at home and abroad since it was created. In this paper,...
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Design of GPON network based on FTTH

Qiang Han, XingXing Huan
With the continuous improvement of living standards, the development of broadband network technology. Telephone, TV, network Trinity service way more and more popular. FTTH latest generation GPON passive optical network, to meet the needs of high efficiency broadband utilization, large area coverage,...
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A Distributed Community-based Routing Algorithms for Opportunistic Networks

Zhi Ren, HongWei Cao, Yong Zhang, Yanan Zhao
According to the problem that there are redundant control overheads in community partitioning phase and the large transmission delay and the low success rate in transmission phase in the community-based opportunistic network, we propose EDCRA (Efficient Distributed Community-based Routing Algorithms...
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A Tree-based Concept Drift Detection Method by Three-way Decisions

BaoHe Su
Concept drift detection is an active research area in data stream mining. The existing concept drift detection methods usually determine a concept is drifted or not drifted. In other words, the concepts are assigned into two classes such as drifted and un-drifted, which is typically based on two-way...
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Iterative Learning Control Based on Niche Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm Research

Xiaohong Hao, Dongjiang Wang
Aiming at slow convergence and low precision optimization in iterative learning control, a niche shuffled frog leaping algorithm was proposed in this paper, which combined memes algorithm and particle swarm algorithm, using the niche shuffled frog leaping algorithm based on the restrictive competition,...
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Detection and Identification of Transient Power Quality Disturbance

Xiaohong Hao, Juan Cao, Yufang Han, Qun Gu
Aiming at insufficient classification performance and long classification time in detection and identification of transient power quality disturbance signal, this paper proposed a detection method that uses wavelet transform combined generalized S transform and an identification method named rank wavelet...
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Mathematical Model of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Scheme on Regular Mesh

Shu-qun Liu, Bei Zhang
In order to further simplify the research of limit surface properties and establish a unified mathematical model. According to Catmull-Clark subdivision method in the regular mesh at the subdivision rules, a method of calculating the mathematical expression of limit surface by interpolation was presented...
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Detecting Compromised Sensor Nodes with Group Verification

JinHui Yuan, Hongwei Zhou
To detect compromised sensor node, current solutions fail to resist the collusion attack. To address it, in this paper, we propose a novel solution called group verification. The key idea of group verification is that neighbor nodes and sink node cooperate to detect the compromised node. If one sink...
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Study on Aerospace Range M&S Technology Framework Based on CBD

Lihao Liu, Mengwei Li, Zhenghong Dong
In order to solve the problem of inefficiency and models' lack-of-reusability in traditional M&S (Modeling and Simulation) development of space range. This paper researched on three CBD (Component-based Design) technology and made an overview on their specifications and applications. After that, comprehensive...
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Simulation of Cushion Characteristic of Airbags Based on Corpuscular Particle Method

Mohan Zhou, ChangcHun Di, YuLiang Yang
In this paper, cushion process of the cylinder airbag in airdrop equipment landing system has been simulated. Based on the finite element theory, the finite element model of the airbag cushioning system is modeled by using the dynamic analysis software LS-DYNA in ANSYS, and the air bag cushion process...
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Research Methods and Prospect of Dynamic Coupling Mechanical Properties of Weapons and Soft Ground

LiRong Zhang, Jianxin Zhao, Yongcai Chen
Research on dynamic coupling mechanical properties between weaponry and soft ground is a frontier subject in the field of terramechanics. It mainly deals with the research of infantry weaponry, artillery weaponry, ammunition equipment, military vehicle equipment and ground and their interaction dynamics.By...
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Improved Recommendation Sorting of Collaborative Filtering Algorithm

Kaiji Liao, Nannan Sun, Jiewen OuYang
The traditional collaborative filtering algorithm has no overall quantitative understanding on users' preference. This paper proposes a collaborative filtering algorithm based on improved recommendation sorting. Based on the traditional collaborative filtering rating prediction, three kinds of weighted...
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Measurement and assessment method for ship radiating transient noise

Tong-kui Yu, Wen-sHuai Liu, SHeng-guo Shi, Jun Long
To solve the assessment problem of underwater radiated noise under the typical transient condition for ship, time-frequency analysis, FIR filter and high-order static are combined based on the energy computation method of transient signal, and the advantage of each method are utilized to obtain the total...
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Mathematical model for solving the relationship of shadow length changing over time through solar elevation

Yi-Kai Wang
In reconnaissance work, shadow positioning can often play a breakthrough role. To determine the shadow length of a straight rod at a fixed time and location, taking the solar elevation as the intermediate variable, and a model of the length of the shadow with multiple geometric parameters can be established...
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Application of Greedy Algorithm in Solving Service Prioritization

ChengYu Luo
Nowadays,there is an increasingly hot topic among the academia which concerns the exiquisite place that algorthm produce.A superior algorithm can not only soup up one thing, but also maximize the benefits and generate the smallest overhead.The kinds of algorithms abounds,such as dynamic programming method,greedy...
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Effect of Residential Area Open to the Road Traffic

Yirong Yang
In order to evaluate the effect of residential area open to the road traffic, we select an initial evaluation indexes with domestic and international traffic management standards at first. Then, since the requirements of distinct cities are different, we choosing Shenzhen as the direct study target....
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Analysis of frequency control of multi fans in power station

Zhihang Zhou
In this paper, a method of optimizing frequency conversion of fans in power plants based on multi-fan series-parallel mode is proposed. By introducing the theory of global dynamic optimization, this paper sets up the adjustment scheme of the multi fans and tries to use implicit enumeration to solve the...
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Study on the Influence of Community Opening on Peripheral Road

Zhihang Zhou
In this paper, the influence of residential opening on surrounding road traffic is studied. By using the minimum cost maximum flow problem in graph theory, the traveling vehicle is regarded as continuous flow; the maximum flow is used to characterize the carrying capacity of the traffic flow around the...
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Dynamic Performance Simulation and Analysis of Longmen Frame of Heavy Duty Machine Tool

Tuan Sun, YanHua Wang, Mengmeng Wu
The modal analysis is an important part of the dynamic performance analysis tool. The 3D numerical models of a heavy duty machine tool is established by CAD sofeware. Then, the natural frequency and the modal shape of the machine tool modal analysis is obtained, which can provide the support for the...
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Experimental Study on Noise Test of small Wind Turbine

Daorina Bao, Wei Shang, Ming Yao
According to the wind turbine noise test method based on IEC61400-11 ,a wind turbine noise rated at 60KW were tested at"Small and medium-sized wind turbine field test site"in Dongying City, Shandong Province And the collected data were analyzed, including weighted apparent power level,1/3 frequency doubled...
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The settling volume and distribution of dust on PV module surface

Mingzhi Zhao, Xiaobo Kang, Xu Zhang, LuLu Zou
Dust deposited on photovoltaic (PV) module surface is one of the most important factors that influence the power of PV modules. In this paper, the settling volume and distribution regularities of dust in the gas-solid two phase flow under different conditions of PV component installation angle and wind...
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Research on Solar Resource Evaluation Method Based on Mathematical Statistics

Mingzhi Zhao, Xiaobo Kang, Xu Zhang, LuLu Zou
According to the satellite data provided by the US Renewable Energy Laboratory, the datum of solar resources 25 typical cities in China for 29 years were analysed by method of principal component analysis and the whole evaluation of this kind of energy was summarized. The indicators for evaluation of...
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Variation law of particle size of desert sand in solar power stations

Mingzhi Zhao, Ke Wang
As an important constituent part of the particles in the atmospheric environment of desert, sand affects the solar power by falling on the solar panels nearby by means of suspension and saltation. The present study applied the sieving method to conduct a particle size analysis of the surface sand particles...
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Pipeline Robot Localization Technique Based on Inductive Coupling

ZhiGang Li, Yujia Liu, Qingdong Ding, Wei Xue
The mathematical model of the magnetic field distribution of the magnetic dipole antenna is established. The simulation process is realized by using the Matlab software, which provides a preliminary theoretical basis for the transmitting and receiving positioning of the magnetic antenna. The magnetic...
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Research on Parallel Combinatory Spread Spectrum Communication System with Adaptive Variable-Rate Data Transmission

Beiming Li, HongYang Shi, Yixin Xu, Xue Wei
This paper presents a novel parallel combinatory spread spectrum (PC/SS) communication system which combining with channel estimation technology. It can be used to realize adaptive variable-rate data transmission. When the channel condition changes during the communication process, the number of the...
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Design and Implementation of Underwater Cable Inductive Coupling Communication System

Wei Xue, Qingdong Ding, Yujia Liu
With the development of human society, the importance of the ocean is gradually being excavated. In order to transfer the data of underwater observation instrument to the water surface, the method of inductive coupling data transmission mode can be used. In this paper, the basic principle of the system...
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FPGA Realization of Duffing Chaotic Oscillator Based on Runge-Kutta Algorithm

Beiming Li, Yixin Xu, HongYang Shi, Wei Xue
Duffing chaotic oscillator shows good detection and communication effect since it is sensitive to initial condition and has good resistance to noise. This paper presents an effective method for the digital hardware realization of Duffing chaotic oscillator on FPGA by using the Verilog HDL hardware description...
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Research on Modified SVM for Image classification in Remote Sensing

CHuankai Zhang, Fangji Liang
Image classification is based on the analysis in different time from the same area of two or more images, detect the feature in the region information changes over time. Remote sensing image classification has been widely used in such as the dynamic monitoring of forest resources monitoring, the change...
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An Enhancement Method for Android Permission Mechanism based on Context

Guomin Hou, Yi ZHuang, Jiaye Pan
A context-related permission model is proposed for the few control over the permission use of the Android permission mechanism. Also extend the Android system to implement a context-related permission executing system based on the context-related permission model. By enhancing the Android permission...
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Analysis on Apple Pay transaction

Xiaonan Meng, Tom Chothia, Ye Du
This paper is to illustrate how Apple Pay works and what the protocol follows during the transaction. This process verified EMV Visa payWave protocol, and then, Apple Pay bounded with Visa card was lead to be discovered by NFC Reader and talk to Java Applet via NFC Reader. The results would be analyzed...
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Design and Implementation of Vehicle Electrical Terminals Based on Android

Yang Xu, Heping Gong
In this paper, the terminal for the electric vehicles based on Android system is designed. In the system, PX2 is used as the core processor, together with STM32 and other peripheral control chips. A lot of third-party entertainment applications are integrated into the terminal. At the same time, in order...
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Radar source identification method based on sample reduction and improved support vector machine

Wengao Chen, Xin Jia, Xiaojing Tang
Aiming at the problem of low efficiency of radar emitter identification method, a new method based on sample reduction and improved support vector machine is studied. Firstly, for removed redundant information, at the same time reduce the training data, the algorithm through the local normal vector to...
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Radar emitter recognition method based on AdaBoost and decision tree

Xiaojing Tang, Weigao Chen, WeiGang Zhu
For the poor real-time, robustness and low recognition accuracy of traditional radar emitter recognition algorithm in the current high density signal environment, this paper studied a kind of radar source recognition algorithm based on decision tree and AdaBoost. Firstly, the information gain can be...
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Information Sharing with Data Exchange Package

Zhen Wang, Hong-Xia Zou, Bu-Qing Zheng
Boost expansion of enterprise cooperation require a new method to exchange data among systems and shield systems difference and shield data format difference. TDP (Technical Data Package) is designed for enterprise to manage data with product lifetime, and provide a method to integrate and manage data...
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The Application of 3D Model Retrieval Technique in Pipe Segment Merging Number

Hai-ying Zhao, Jing-Hua Liu
This paper introduces the concept and basic framework of 3D model retrieval technology based on shape distribution, At the same time, according to the shape feature extraction and processing method of the model, the retrieval technique is introduced and applied in detail. This paper focuses on how to...
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Adaptive Threshold Selection for Collaborative Target Tracking

CHunxiang Liu, ZhiGang Liu
A uniform threshold is not reasonable as a faraway sensor can hardly get the same signal strength as that of a near one from the target. To cope with this problem, we give an adaptive threshold selection (ATS) algorithm, in which we construct the minimum error probability cost function based on the probability...
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The Research of Environment Data Monitoring In Smart Home

YuesHeng Wang, Yanfang Gan
As is known to all, home is an important part of the whole social system. With the great changes have taken place in the way of life and life concept, the requirements of the environment in Smart Home are becoming strict increasingly. So I design a system with sensors, the communication module of TD-LTE,...
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Research and application of Outdoor parking detection system based on WSN

Yang Xu, Xiaorong Zhou
In order to solve inefficient management and inaccurate hand-timing issues of outdoor parking system, the thesis designs a outdoor parking detection system based on WSN. The system consists of parking terminal node, relay node and master node, the parking terminal node mainly uses STM8L SCM with the...
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The research of intelligent substation project management mode based on RFID

ChengLei Sun, Ke Zhang, Baojian Zhao, Ting Zhang
Intelligent substation system joint debugging is the key link in the course of the construction of intelligent substation, this paper puts forward the lifecycle management model based on the RFID information integration. Together with the present situation of intelligent substation system joint debugging...
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The Realization of Intelligent Charge Control System Based on The Marketing Service System and The Electricity Collection System

SHeng Zhou, XianHui Li, Gang Zhen, SHengpeng Ji, Wei Li, YongsHeng Wang, Yang, He, Weidong Tang, Jun Chen, Ping Lou
In view of the present situation of the popularization and application of the power supply enterprise smart meter, smart meters, marketing business system and analysis of the electric energy data acquire system, current prepaid business and customer service business model have been unable to adapt to...
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The application of OLAP and Data mining technology in the analysis of book lending

Xiao-Han Zhou, Xiao-Mei Zhang
Book lending data is the core of the library's basic business, Through the use of OLAP and data mining technology, the library can be effectively mine the accumulated library books lending data, provide the basis for the development and daily management of the library. This paper realizes the design...
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On-demand and Greedy Forwarding Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Jinke Huang, Xiaoguang Fan, Xin Xiang, Jian Xiong
The dynamic topology of a mobile ad hoc network poses a real challenge in the design of routing protocol, especially in high-dynamic environments. In this paper, we proposed a new routing protocol which based on on-demand and greedy forwarding. This protocol proposed three opinions to RGR, i.e., through...
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Research of Localization Algorithm Based on Multi-QR Code

Yong-feng Huang, Zhen Xue, Cai-rong Yan
Location - aware Service based on QR code is widely used in the large complex indoor environment because of its strong anti-interference ability, wide coverage and high positioning accuracy.For the situation that the QR code position sensing process may exist multi-QR code, an multi-QR code localization...
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A Novel Image Classification Algorithm Based on Word Bag Model and Feature Extraction

Zikang Tang, Hao Zhang, FanLu Zhang
Image classification is based on the different characteristics of the image information to distinguish the images into different categories. It makes quantitative analysis of the image, interpreting the image or the image of each pixel region into a plurality of categories or in one, to replace the human...
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Device of Remote Centralized Monitoring for Streetlights of Intelligent Community

Fang Zhao, Yongmei Su, Xiaomei Zheng
Intelligent community's streetlight can't achieve remote monitoring, based on this problem, the remote monitoring system is designed for intelligent community of streetlights, the MSP430 micro-controller is as the core controller, the detection circuit can automatically determine that streetlights is...
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Stability Analysis and Verification of self-balancing control system

Rong Qing Zhang, Lei Zhang, SHun Liang Sun
In view of the control method of present self-balancing system stability is so complex, and the controller requires high operation speed of the control system, so this paper presents a control method by using the centre of gravity equations of motion to analyze the system stability and maintain the system...
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Day-ahead Unit Commitment Considering of Wind Power and Bilateral Energy Contract

Fang Liu, Zhiqiang Luo, Zhen Sun, Cong Liu, LiHua Liu, Junfeng Yang
The operation of power system is transforming from traditional dispatching mode to market, and coupled with the uncertainty of intermittent energy, day-ahead electric power and energy balance will be a multi-objective coordination problem of new energy consumption, contract execution, grid security and...
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The experimental study on the electrical characteristics of flame applied to the measurement of rate of heat release in combustion

TianYu Zhang, Ying Feng, ZhenNing Zhao
The stability and efficiency of combustion determine utility of fuel and the rate of heat release, which is used to evaluate the performance of combustion organization. However, the walls of low temperature and fire-retardant material are prone to absorb the activated molecules, leading to break of chain...
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Failure analysis of steam pipe flange gasket

Wei Liu, HeHui Wang
Flange at the end of steam line in the Co coking joint unit became invalid in a normal operation at a petrochemical corporation. The failure mechanism was fatigue fracture failure by means of gasket macro analysis, chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis, fracture analysis and energy spectrum...
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Failure analysis and structure optimization of ABS coat hanger die

Jun Wang, HeHui Wang, Wenmin Zhu, Pangu Lu
In view of the failure of ABS steel extrusion die in a petrochemical enterprise, the finite element software was used to simulate the die runner and the main reason of die failure was that the pressure drop exceeds standard. In this paper, in order to reduce the die pressure drop, improvement schemes...
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Research on analytical model of the process parameters for the high speed hobbing of ball end milling cutter

Kai-Wu Cai
The high speed hobbing of ball end mill is affected by equipment and environmental condition, workpiece materials and heat treatment conditions and other factors, led to workpiece parameters analysis calculation error is large of parameters such as feeding speed, spindle speed etc, it is need for modification...
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Study on AC Impedance Spectra of Ceramic Modified Epoxy Coatings Used for Crude Oil Storage Tank

ZhongZheng Gao, Weimin Zeng, YuLu Ma
The bottom of the crude oil storage tank is eroded by the sedimentary water for a long time, the main source of which is the ballast water in the ship's transportation. In this paper, sedimentary water was simulated with 3.5% NaCl solution.The structure of self-made ceramic particles modified epoxy coating...
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Finite element analysis of the creep crack growth of T-type brazed joints

DongXing Wang, GuoYan Zhou, Baoan Wang, Yucai Zhang
Plate-fin heat exchangers are widely used in the field of nuclear waste heat recovery due to their high heat transfer efficiency and compact structures. The vacuum brazing technology is frequently employed to package these structures. Under high temperature, high pressure and harsh working conditions,...
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Residual Stress Simulation Based on the Effect of Element Diffusion on 316L/BNi-2 Brazed Joint

Baoan Wang, GuoYan Zhou, DongXing Wang, PengYang Duan
Residual stress is one of the important factors in the failure of brazed joints. In order to study accurately the residual stress in the brazed joints, the holding stage of brazing is taken into account. According to the microstructure of the brazed joint, a finite element model was built. The distribution...
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A Supply-Demand Model on Allocation of Water Resources

Tian-hao Wu
Two basic models are constructed in this paper to study water scarcity. The first model demonstrates an intuitive association between water supply and demand. The second model illustrates how to achieve the optimal allocation of water resources through our intervention. Taking Southwest America for example,...
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Preliminary Study of Aesthetics In Electric Circuit Theory

Zhe Zhang
Just like natural science, aesthetics is a discipline that belongs to a branch of philosophy. It contains aesthetic categories and aesthetic consciousness. Since aesthetic feeling is universal, aesthetics can relate to all research areas. And furthermore, aesthetics can guide the researching and teaching...
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A Macro Water Supply System Evaluation Model

Zhe Zhang
In this paper, an evaluation and decision model for the water supply system in a region was built using the method of Grading Evaluation Method (GEM). Four indicators are defined, which are Probability of Water Supply (IS), Reliability of Water Supply (IR), Water Utilization Rate (IW) and Efficiency...
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The evaluation system of the success of a city's smart growth

YiLing Li
With the world rapidly urbanizing, the phenomenon of urban sprawl is prominent, and long - term and sustainable urban planning development is of great importance. Smart growth is an urban planning theory with great superiority. This paper studies the evaluation of smart growth on urban development, in...
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Prediction of Aero-Engine Exhaust Gas Temperature Based on Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Model

Hong Zhang, Keqiang Dong
Forecasting the performance of aero-engine is a crucial problem that facilitates the avoiding unnecessary delays of aircraft. By applying the Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Model to aero-engine gas path system, we find that the ARIMA method is suitable for forecast Exhaust Gas Temperature fluctuation...
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A theoretical and empirical model based RSSI localization algorithm

Pingfang Hu, SuYu Huang
Aiming at the application fields of road monitoring, pipeline transmission and line transmission, a method of one-dimensional continuous positioning based on RSSI value is proposed by combining theoretical model and empirical model. Compared with RADAR and 1-DEMRSSI method, this method improves the positioning...
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Smart growth of Lhasa

YaoYu Zhang
With the popularity of smart growth raising worldwide, the sustainable development of cities has attracted more and more attention. We define Sustainable Development Metric (SDM) as our metric to describe the smart growth in Lhasa. The three-hierarchy structure is built and there are 1 first level index...
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Euler Graph Research Based on Incidence Matrix Main Diagonal Spectrum Theory

Xiao-ping Wang, Kai Zhao
By using the vertex - edge incidence matrix the vertex incidence matrix and edge incidence matrix was established also using the incidence matrix main diagonal spectrum to prove Euler graph problem in the paper .
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A Visual Tracking Deep Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator

Zhiyong Qin, Lixin Yu
Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) has been widely used in computer vision problems including image classification, object detection and tracking and semantic segmentation which has obtained state-of-art results. However, CNN is both computation and bandwidth intensive. At present, we usually train and...
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The Influence of Source Charge collection and Parasitic Bipolar Effect on 65nm Single Event Transient Pulse Width

Jiaqi Liu, YuanFu Zhao, Liang Wang, Hongchao Zheng, Lei SHu, Tongde Li
The parasitic bipolar conduction in CMOS source-well-drain structure triggered under heavy ion irradiation will cause wider pulse width. The source, commonly though the emitter, will inject charge to the well, so that the drain has to collect additional charge and create a wider pulse. However, in our...
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The Application of C4.5 Algorithm in the Analysis of Police Training

Zhe Chen
With the deepening of police training, the traditional training results analysis method can not adapt to the needs of scientific training.In this paper,an example of police shooting performance is introduced, and the C4.5 decision tree learning algorithm of data mining is applied to classify and analyze...
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The comparison of reliability of the hypercube and crossed cube

Dong-xia Wang, Qiong Qin, Hui-min Lu
The crossed cube is a variation of the hypercube. In this paper, we supply the topological property of the two network structures, and compare the all-terminal reliability and node-connected reliability of them. It is obtained that the crossed cube is superior to the hypercube in the lower bound of two...
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Quantization and Analysis of Toll Plaza Based on Probability Distributions and Queuing Theory

Feng Zhang
The toll station, served as the bond to highways, has always been the bottleneck to the capacity of the highway. Based on probability distributions and queuing theory, the thesis builds the quantitative model of capacity and calculates two evaluation indicators to analyze the drawbacks of the traditional...
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The Optimum Programming Model of Toll Plaza Based on Fluid Mechanics

Feng Zhang
This thesis builds the optimum programming model based on fluid mechanics. Under the premise of a fixed number of lanes, L, with the shortest passing time as the optimization target, this thesis determines the best plan for the number of tollbooths, n, which provides the preliminary basis for the design...
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Numerical Study of Impingement Cooling Under Constant Heat Flux

Apeng Gao, Yubing Lei, Yang Jiang
Take the rotating detonation engine combustion chamber wall which under great heat flux as the research background. The characteristics of impingement cooling under different parameters were studied by numerical simulation, then analyzing and getting a better Impingement cooling structure. It is found...
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inite element simulation, safety assessment and countermeasure of the coke drum leaning process during the quenching stage

Zheng-Liang Li, He-Hui Wang, Wei Liu, Jin-sHui Zhou, Guang-quan Zhang
The coke drum with a side channel at the beginning of cooling was simulated numerically using ANYSY, and the time history of the stress and strain fields were also acquired with indirect coupling method. The calculation results indicate that temperature stress and bending stress caused by the cold spots...
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Design and Analysis of Wisdom Wealth Cloud Service System

Gao Wang
The development of cloud computing has brought new vitality to the combination of information technology and traditional financial wealth planning industry. Under this circumstance, this paper studies the wisdom wealth cloud service system based on SOA framework by analyzing and designing the system...
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Application of Mobile Learning Platform in Continuing Medical Education

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
Mobile learning has outstanding characteristics including situational correlation, real-time and interaction, so it is suitable for continuing medical education. On the base of current status of mobile learning and information teaching in medical continuing education, we analyze the necessity of mobile...
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The Construction of Medical Multimedia Database

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
Construction of medical multimedia database is beneficial to realize remote medical education and improve the efficiency of multimedia resources. The construction of the medical multimedia database not only needs modern information technology and network platform, but also needs to carry on the integration...
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Automatic Head MRI segmentation combining FCM and VBM

Nan He, Jun Liu, HeLei Wu
In the diagnosis and operation of the brain, there are five kinds of main tissues, such as gray matter, white matter, cerebrospinal fluid, scalp and skull, those need to be segmented from the MRI to sequel accurate three-dimensional head model. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes a segmentation...
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Optimization of Bandwidth Utilization in Data Center Network with SDN

Yaofang Li, Bin Wu, Jie Xiao, CHunxia Dai
Data-center network (DCN) plays a fundamental role in cloud computing. As applications grow fastly, capacity utilization of data-center network becomes a big challenge to cloud service, especially when user's requests are unbalanced or data-center works at a peak time when there are amount of demands...
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Design of a Sieve Plate Coin Screening Machine

Yan Zhao, Yan Zhou, Can Hong
At present counting and sorting of the coin depends on artificial means commonly, so the sorting and counting process is low efficiency and higher labor intensity, with a high cost of production. To solve this problem, a sieve plate coin screening machine was developed. This machine is mainly composed...