Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing (AMITP 2016)

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Numerical study on deflagration and combustion effect of aircraft impact

Junwei Zhang, Wenxiang Cai, Ling Yu
In the survey stage of nuclear power plant site, it is necessary to consider the impact on nuclear power station brought by the aircraft. The most serious consequence is the fuel leak. The fuel combustion process is divided into two stages of deflagration and pool fire. This paper is mainly focus on...
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Structure of iron nitrides under different nitridation temperatures

Shuai Ye, Yujie Cao
Using the method of sol-gel and high-temperature nitridation, we prepared iron nitride compounds. Recently, iron nitrides have been achieving more attention due to their excellent magnetic properties. Using X-ray diffraction technique, the crystal structure has been investigated. It is found that, when...
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Study on Construction of a Virtualization based Software Defined Network

Wen-Xin Qiao, Yu Lu, Chang-Sheng Wang
Information network technologies have been rapidly developing with the rapid growth of demand for information-based society. However, the traditional TCP/IP network architecture could not satisfy the demand of network development, so as to military network. A virtualization based SDN network for military...
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User-defined Business Process Based On Web Modeler

Yuanchun Xu, Lin Mei, Zhengying Li
A novel approach to achieving user-defined business process based on web modeler is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The modeler which is based on AngularJS providing MVC design pattern and mainly composed by stencil set, canvas, gives us an opportunity to encapsulate the common elements of...
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Overpressure test and analysis of muzzle blast wave

Hong Liu, Tianshu Jin, Yongzhen Xing
One of the main evaluation methods of damage effectiveness for weapon system is gathering muzzle shock wave signals through an overpressure test system of shock waves at first, then processing and analyzing acquired data. The evaluation performance depends on the appropriateness of signal processing....
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Test System of Electric Vehicle Charging Interface Based on Standard Command for Programmable Instruments

Guang Chen, Liang Xu, Jing Zhang, Chang Liu
this paper shows the method of using a measuring instrument based on SCPI protocol for acquisition of electric signal of electric vehicle charging interface with high accuracy, high speed and automation, analyzes current difficulty in conformance test of electric vehicle charging interface, designs a...
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PMU data-Based analysis of power system stability

Xiamei Li, Huibin Sui
With the development of PMU(phasor measurement units) further study of the relationship between power system stability and the state variables provides the reference for the monitoring the stability of the system. This paper presents a consistent of phase angle difference change at nodes and the change...
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The analysis of the power factor of the capacitive pulse load in the aviation variable frequency power supply system

Mengyu He, Yuanjun Zhou
"More electric/all electrical aircraft" become the development trend in modern aviation, which leads a large increase of nonlinear devices. A capacitive load is formed when uses a capacitor filter to improve the quality of DC power supply. Coupled with the using of 360~800Hz power supply system, the...
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Characterization and Technology of Nanomaterials

Ke Han
In order to let more people understand nanomaterials, the common analysis methods and characterization technologies of nanomaterials were summarized. Especially the composition, morphology, particle size, structure, surface and interface analysis of nanomaterials were briefly introduced.
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Prediction of the Number of the Infective People By Using SIR Method

Jianrui Xing
We establish the SIR model, in which we define three groups i.e. the Susceptive, the Infective and the Remove. The sum of the proportion of the three groups is 1. The three groups' rate of change can be obtained. We can get the phase path, with the initial rate of the Susceptive—S(t) and the rate of...
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Experimental Study On Digital Design Of Doppler Ultrasound With Coded Excitation

Shaoxing Li, Tianjiong Zhang, Jie Li, Ming Dai, Xin Chen, Zhengdi Qin
Full digital design with coded excitation for Doppler ultrasound system is proposed to offer full-depth examination, and to improve system SNR and penetration. The experimental platform is developed based on a Doppler phantom and a transcranial Doppler system. Raw radiofrequency signals are collected...
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Design of Standardized Breeding System for Rabbits Based on Internet of Things

Hong-Jun Gu, Ji Li, Zhi Gu, Dong-Bo Ren, He Gong, Jian Li, Shi-Jun Li
There exist issues of fast environmental degradation, poor intelligence, and low management efficiency with the improvement of breeding rabbit scale. This paper presents the standardization breeding system of rabbit based on internet of things (IOT). This project realizes automatic precise feeding, growth...
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Short Term Load Forecasting Research Based on Electricity Big Data

Wei Hu, Qian Ma, Chao Fang, Zheng Xiong, Cong Ji, Chunlin Zhong
With global information technology development, the era of big data is in the offing. Power industry is closely related with people's livelihood and it is necessary to introduce big data technology to improve its economy and reliability. The completion of Jiangsu Electricity Information Acquisition System...
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The study of PSO-RBF neural network generalized predictive control strategy in unit plant

Hui Wang, Hujun Ling, Lei Pan
Unit coordinated control in thermal power plants is a system which is complex,nonlinear and is difficulty to establish accurate model, So it is hard to make system gain optimum running effect with conventional control strategy. PSO-RBF neural network is used to identify the mathematical model of coordinated...
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Discussion on the Basic Idea of Informatization Construction on Equipment Support in PAP

Zhe Xin Han, Chao Zu Ma
In order to realize the synchronization of informatization construction on equipment support in PAP, it's necessary to achieve the goal of "Quick Response". This paper analyzes the possibility, reality and necessity of the application on information technology in the equipment support in PAP based on...
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Dual-Cluster Heads Clustering Routing Algorithm Based On Particle Swarm Optimization

Changjiang Jiang, Hancheng Zhang, Yuwei Zhou, Lie Lei, Yun Ren
In order to solve the problem of the cluster head heavy energy consumption and energy utilization rate are insufficient in the clustering of wireless sensor network, proposed a dual cluster selecting based on particle swarm algorithm. Adopted the LEACH algorithm to cluster the area. Introduced PSO algorithm...
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Analysis of the Developmental Trend of Data Mining and the Applications on Precision Marketing

Yuanning Shi
In this paper, we propose our research on the developmental trend of data mining and the applications on precision marketing. Internet community's greatest value lies in its unique interactive, also in the online community, share experience, Internet users to communicate with each other here, between...
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Design and Practice of Multi-level Project Driven Teaching Mode in Database Application

Jing Lin
This paper presents a multi-level project driven teaching mode in the "database application" course. The new teaching mode is based on the development and implementation of multiple projects. The projects involve the virtual management information system, real application system and business projects...
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Chinese-English-Yi Public Opinion Information Database Construction and Implementation

Y.Y. Yang, B.Z. Li, J.M. Wang, C.S. Yuan, R Lin, G.M. Lu, J.L. Wang
Language is an intangible cultural heritage of the human, it is more precious and longer than the tangible herit-age history. Language resources preservation, research, development and utilization has become an important part of national resources. Through the research study of existing technologies...
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Analysis of coastal protection forest research content based on bibliometrics in China

Yu-Dan Sun, Jin-Xiang Liu, Ping-Hui Huo
Coastal protection forest were selected from China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), including scientific research papers, dissertations, conference papers et al, to conduct bibliometric statistics of literature number, level and highly cited frequency literatures distribution. The results indicated...
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A Novel Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Small Wind Power Generator

Yepeng Liu, Weiliang Liu, Yongjie Zhai
This paper introduces the composition of small wind power generation system and the principle of maximum power tracking at first. In order to improve the maximum power point tracking performance of the small-scale permanent magnet synchronous wind power system (WPS), a variable step hill-climbing method...
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A Similarity-Based Method for Entity Coreference Resolution in Big Data Environment

Yushui Geng, Peng Li, Jing Zhao
Processing and analyzing large scale data is needed in the big data environment, however, a large number of duplicate data refer to the same entity in the data set have brought great difficulties to analyze and process the acquired data. The method based on cluster analysis is one of the main methods...
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Study on the Effect of Raindrop Spectrum on Laser Transmission

Yuewei Wei, Jun Xu, Bin Xu
The energy of the laser can be greatly reduced, the transmission distance and transmission quality would be affected due to the absorption and scattering of raindrops when transmitting in the rain. Based on Beer-Lambert Law and Mie scattering theory, the impact of raindrop spectrum on 1.06um laser transmission...
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Manufacturing supply chain operation process modeling based on cloud

Liguo Yao, Haisong Huang
In order to solve the problems existing in the existing manufacturing supply chain operational efficiency is low, the difficulty of coordination management and maintenance difficulties, analyzes the operating status of manufacturing supply chain, the cloud technology used in traditional manufacturing...
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Effect of curing condition on mechanical property of cold recycling mixture with foamed asphalt

Tian-shui Ouyang, Xiu-neng Fang, Wan-ping Wang
Curing condition is one of the most important parts in the mix design of cold recycling mixture with foamed asphalt. A reasonable choice of curing condition can improve the consistency between the indoor mixture proportion design and the construction. The effects of different curing conditions on mechanical...
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Retardation Mechanism Analysis of Core Layer Material of Engineered Material Arresting System

Yumei Sun, Hongbin Yu
According to the statistical of aviation safety, arresting system must be installed on the runway with effective way, in order to maximize reduce the risk of overshot the runway and the damage to plane carrying personnel loss rate. ESCO companies began to study Engineered Material Arresting System(EMAS)...
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Experimental research on alkali activated slag cement materials

Shenbo Zhou, Shengjie Liu
There are many factors effecting the property of alkali-activated slag cementitious material. The setting time test, flexural strength test and compressive strength test were carried in the laboratory. The test results show that following the glass modulus increased, both setting times showed a trend...
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Prediction of velocity distribution of laminar circular jet with an EMMS model

Kezhi Yu, Zhaoyang Cao, Yanling Liu
The energy minimization multi-scale model is applied to the laminar circular jet. The shear dissipation tends to minimum, which can be used as the stability condition of laminar circular jet. The stability condition is adopted to predict the velocity distribution of laminar circular jet. Studies showed...
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The effect in the crystal phase and luminescence property of Zn3V2O8 with calcinations temperature

Jiaolian Luo, Weifu Cen, Xiaoming Zhang, Zhiyong Xu
In this experiment, ammonium metavanadate (NH4VO3) and zinc nitrate Zn (NO3) 2 as raw materials, combustion Zn3V2O8 yellow phosphor prepared by using X-ray diffraction pattern (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and emission spectrum Study on the crystal structure of the test Zn3V2O8 phosphor morphology...
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Survey on the Mechanisms of Organic Solar Cell

Yiyang Li
With the rapid development of conductive polymers, the study of low cost solar cells becomes possible. Because of huge potential application value of conducting polymers, organic solar cell research is the hotspot of applied research in this field. This paper studied the mechanism of the organic polymer...
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Corrosion evaluation of machined surface in aviation aluminum alloy under simulated service environment

Xiuli Fu, Ying Meng, Wentao Liu
Based on evaluation method of corrosion damage, the processing surface corrosion resistance test has completed under different cutting parameters with the salt spray corrosion test machine. The corrosion damage of machined surface was detected by means of microcosmic-test. The effect of cutting parameters...
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An image dehazing method based on scene segmentation

Ebtesam Mohameed Alharbi, Yilin Shan, Peng Ge, Hong Wang
We propose an image dehazing method based on scene segmentation. We divide the hazy image into different parts depending on the scene depth. Then we dehaze the scenes in the same depth .Experimental results show that our method can achieve high color fidelity results. What's more, our results take advantage...
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Thermal annealing effects on structural and magnetic properties of Fe46Mn26Ga28 ferromagnetic shape memory alloys

Hui Yang, Yandong Wang, Ke An
Annealing plays an important role to adjust structures and properties of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys. Thermal annealing effects on structural and magnetic properties of Fe46Mn26Ga28 FSMA have been investigated at different temperatures. Rietveld refinements of neutron diffraction patterns display...
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Empirical Study on Interaction Evaluation Model of Informatization and Greenization Based on Coupling Theory

Liangwen Yue, Menggang Li
This paper contructed an interaction evaluation model of informatization and greenization based on the coupling theory in physics;and gave an empirical test and analysis on the support of Chinese provincial regional data for the year 2014.Study results confirms:the interaction evaluation model of informatization...
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Analysis on Green Airport Pollution Rating Model based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Neural Network

Xin Liu
In this paper, we conduct research on the green airport pollution rating model based on analytic hierarchy process and neural network. Environmental protection departments should summarize main airport, regional airport as soon as possible the noise characteristics and scope of reference foreign noise...
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Research on Computer Simulation Modeling Based on Human Movement Mechanics

Feng Zhou
In the paper, a form editing and movement simulation control method based on human movement mechanics is presented. DirectX SDK function library is adopted in the method. Reading of human body 3d models stored in .X document is realized. Models with hierarchy structure in the standardized part are edited...
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Research on Bending Bearing Capacity of Simply Supported Reactive Powder Concrete Beams

Kai Yan, Chunnuan Luo, YaoYao Niu, Cheng Xu
Super-high compressive strength, high tensile strength (12~25MPa) and excellent ductility of steel fiber-reinforced reactive powder concrete (SRPC) cause significant difference on structural failure between SRPC structures and ordinary concrete structures. The behavior of SRPC continuous beams is investigated...
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Minimum cover set coverage algorithm for achieving low energy in wireless sensor networks

Aimin Wang, Yingnan Gao, Wenjuan Jia
A minimum cover set coverage algorithm (MCSCA) for pursuing low energy is presented in this paper to prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor networks. The proposed algorithm improves energy efficiency in three aspects. First, when generating cover sets, the selection strategy of the algorithm considers...
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Reinforcement effect of cement grout on soil based on granular flow theory

Junhua Zhou, Kai Fang, Tongbin Zhao
Reinforcement effect of cement grout injection on soil was studied using PFC2D numerical simulation test. The effect of cement particle size distribution, soil particle size distribution and the parallel bond strength between particles on mechanical properties of cement soil after reinforcement was analyzed....
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A Double Node Upset Tolerant Memory Cell

Xin Liu, Guang Mao, Le Zhong, Lei Xie, Renhua Yang, Gang Dai
As we enter the deep submicron era, the steadily shrinking feature sizes make charge sharing much easier among physically adjacent nodes in integrated circuits, which ultimately results in DNU (Double Nodes Upset). In this paper, we propose a 16-transistor memory cell. Hspice simulation shows this cell...
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Multi-Level Search Algorithm for Spatial Straightness Error Evaluation

Li Huo, Yuan Wang, Yingchao Li, Yun Liu, Chen Dong, Xuefeng Zhao
To rapidly and accurately evaluate spatial straightness error, a multi-level search algorithm (MLSA) was proposed. Firstly, the line of measured points was fitted by the total least squares. Then, the measured points were projected on the vertical plane of the fitting line. Finally, the minimum circumscribed...
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Research Progress of Silicon carbide Powder Shaping Method

Yanxia Li, Zimin Fan
In order to meet the high-end silicon carbon powder materials requirements of its morphology and size, etc, the shaping process of the powder particle is becoming more and more attention. In this paper, the advance in research of silicon carbon powder of plastic methods is briefly reviewed, and a new...
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Analysis of fretting fatigue of late-model flat in the engineering application and research

Yongyan Wang, Chunlei Zeng, Yang Wu
Applying the ANSYS, the three-dimensional finite element analysis is made on the late-model flat plane-to-plane contact. It also verifies the correctness of the flat fretting fatigue of the finite element analysis by comparing with Mindlin theory. It analyzes the factors such as stiffness coefficient...
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Random Vibration Response Analysis and Material Optimization of EMU Equipment Bracket

Yong-Yan Wang, Xiang-Feng Zhang, Lei-Lei Yan, Jian-Guang Li, Nan Qin
Based on the carbon fiber laminates and Aluminum Alloy two materials EMU equipment bracket which is the main bearing structure modal comparative analysis based on ABAQUS. The paper can conclude that there is little difference between the inherent frequency of two material structure. And carbon fiber...
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Research on the Architecture and Storage Optimization Idea and the Applications on the Computer Software Development

Jinyu Wang
This paper conducts research on the architecture and the storage optimization idea and the applications on the computer software development. High energy consumption is not only the increase of the storage system itself consumption cost, also adds to the cost of general additional consumption. For example,...
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An ultra-high sensitivity temperature sensor based on surface-plasmon polariton in metal-insulator-metal waveguide and a dynamic cavity

Zhiliang Chen, Zhengbiao Ouyang, Qiang Liu, Yaoxian Zheng
A temperature sensor based on surface-plasmon polariton in metal-insulator-metal waveguide and a half-open dynamic cavity with a movable silver granule driven by thermal expansion from a small cube of ethanol is proposed. Numerical simulations through finite-element method demonstrated that the temperature...
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Experimental and computational studies of wind loads on the airport complex

Churin Pavel, Poddaeva Olga
The paper considers the questions of computational and experimental modelling of wind loads on unique buildings and structures by the example of the planned airport complex in the city Perm. The basic stages of research are prototyping, computational and experimental simulation of wind load. The results...
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Synthesis and anti-bacteria activity of a Gemini cationic surfactant

Chunyan Ren
As quaternary ammonium cationic surfactants are widely employed in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and in many applications, to develop new functional quaternary ammonium cationic surfactant, a new cationic surfactant was synthesized and characterized. The critical micelle concentration (CMC)...
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Research on Architecture of Military Information Network Based on SDN

Wenxin Qiao, Zhen Han, Liu Bo
A new scheme of military information network architecture was proposed based on the characteristics of SDN technology and military information network aiming at the new requirement of military information network. The management application layer is designed mainly from the security control center and...
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Reflectance Spectroscopy Model for Pollutant Estimation in Lubricant

Panjie Lv, Guangjun Tian
Principal Component Analysis combined with Correlation Coefficient is presented to choose dominant wavelengths of lubricants reflectance spectrum in the wide band of 220 nm ~ 780 nm, and the index regression model is established about oil pollution concentration and spectral reflectivity. Tests show...
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Structural Design and Electrical Control of A New Rotary Joint Module

Lina Gu, Guangjun Tian
A new type of rotary joint module is put forward based on the principle of ball screw and the characteristic of three-link mechanism. First, the three-dimensional model of the joint module is built by SolidWorks. Second, the mathematical model of the joint module is established to do parameter design....
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Research on three dimensional visualization technologies

Han Wang
Three dimensional visualization technologies are widely used in the field of medicine and industry. At first, the paper introduces the concept of 3D visualization technology, and analyze the principle and key technology of 3D visualization, that modeling based on surface model, solid model and mixed...
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Research on Image Recognition Based on Deep Learning Technology

Hao Zhai
Nowadays image recognition technology is widely used, and plays a very important in various fields. Deep learning technology uses multilayer structure to analyze and deal with image features, which can improve the performance of image recognition. The popular models of deep learning contain AutoEncoder,...
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Verifiable Multi-Keyword Fuzzy Search over Encrypted Data in the Cloud

Xue Wei, Hua Zhang
Cloud computing has been developing rapidly as an emerging technology, it supports the data owner to outsource the data files to the cloud server, then the user can get the ideal results by searching algorithms. Now, the existing searching algorithms cannot support fuzzy multi-keyword searching and result...
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Design and Research job altitude four-wheeled vehicle control system

Yinbo Du, Li Tan, Xian Meng, Hong Xiang, Dahong Wang
This paper introduces a flexibility and information on ARM + FPGA control platform, modular multi-sensor fusion, servo system as a dynamic system of aerial work four-wheeled vehicle solutions, the design of the control system to solve the possible interaction of control issues.
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The plastic forming technology and die design of electric iron welding nozzle

Wei Chen, Dan Chen
Welding technology is widely used in manufacturing, and welding nozzle directly affects the quality of its service life and the quality of weld. Welding mouth traditional forming process is machining, its material wastage rate is high, low production efficiency. This thesis makes a comparative study...
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An Improved Indoor Positioning Method Based on Affinity Propagation Clustering

Guochuan Deng, Sujuan Qin
The fingerprint-based wireless local area network (WLAN) positioning has gained significant interest in recent years. Indoor localization methods based on WLAN and RSS with advantage of low cost are most widely used. In this paper, we propose an improved indoor positioning method based on Affinity Propagation...
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A Simulation Research on Single Phase Bridge Full Control Resistive Load Rectifying Circuit Based on MATLAB

Han-hong Tan, Xiang Zhao
The controlled rectifier circuit simulation study has been conducted in this paper with the MATLAB7.0 Simulink power system simulation model, the paper provides analysis waveform of a single phrase full control bridge resistive load circuit, provides the circuit's MATLAB simulation model diagram and...
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Research on User Adoption of Information Systems

Xin Zhao
the information system is built up in a modern way, integrated with people, data and information technology. The successful implementation of information systems is very important to the effectively usage of information system. This paper focused on the adoption of information systems, firstly explained...
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Dynamic License Plate Recognition System Based on Virtual Instrument

Yang Xu, Zhen Wang
This paper describes a dynamic license plate recognition system based on virtual instrument. In the process of stopping the vehicle, triggering a geomagnetic sensor, The host computer (PC) receive signal to control the intelligent ball machine acquisition vehicle image. Then the license plate is located...
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Application of Multithreading Technology in Data Acquisition of Cement Enterprises

Wenkang Zuo, Xiaohong Wang, Shaohong Jing
Cement is the basic raw material for China's national economic construction, and cement enterprises are the major energy consumption, but also the focus and difficulty of energy saving and consumption reduction in the process of China's industrial process, So the data acquisition in the cement enterprise...
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Research on dynamic energy saving path planning algorithm based on real-time traffic information

Lin Liu, Yibin Zhang, Huizong Feng
Path planning is an important way to alleviate traffic congestion, but the traditional path planning algorithm can only tell us the shortest distance path. Meanwhile, the traffic information is dynamic and changes over time, so the initial optimal path is likely to be invalid when traffic conditions...
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Porosity Estimation of Composites Using Acoustic Attenuation

Yang Shen, Zhiwen Guo, Yong You, Guocai Zhang
Ultrasonic techniques for measuring void content were discussed and the composites used for the whole fuselage composite aircraft AG300 were chosen as experimental specimens, including 10 unidirectional carbon fiber laminates and 10 textile glass fiber sheets. The ultrasonic RF signals were processed...
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The effect in the production and Luminescence property of Zn3V2O8 with Eu-doping

Jiaolian Luo, Weifu Cen, Xiaoming Zhang, Jifeng Wang, Ruxue Chen, Zhenglin Zhou, Yingfu Zhang, Ting Huang
The Zn3V2O8 and (Zn1-xEux)3V2O8 have been production by Solid phase method. The crystal structure, the crystal morphology and the luminescence property of Zn3V2O8 and (Zn1-xEux)3V2O8 have been studied. The results show that the crystal structure of Zn3V2O8 and (Zn1-xEux)3V2O8 were the same, and the particle...
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The comparative experiment of the speed control circuit that adopts the throttle valve and the flow regulating valve

Lijuan Wang
Through the contrast experiment that in the adjustable speed loop respectively adopt the throttle and one-way flow regulating valve, record the hydraulic cylinder of a full range of motion on a load and no load cases, and opening size different situations. Then analysis and test and verify time of hydraulic...
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A detection method based on Bayesian hierarchical network for abnormal interaction

Ye Su, JianXin Song
Detecting the abnormal human interactions is vital in our daily life, especially when the society pay more attention to public security. But most researches didn't spare enough attention on abnormal interactions. In this paper, salient features are extracted for abnormal interactions, and the amounts...
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Pedestrian Counting via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks In Crowded Scene

Jingwei Li, Jianxin Song
Currently pedestrian counts mainly faces two major problems in the crowd scene: expression of pedestrian's features and perspective shade. To address this problem, we propose a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) and Ensemble Inference Network (EIN) for crowd pedestrian recognizing and counting....
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A Cloud-based Energy-Efficient Service Architecture for Adaptive Multimedia Streaming

Jingjing Wang, Jianxin Song
As the technology of applying a cloud network to cloud multimedia matures, a solution to the present demand for high quality and diversified cloud multimedia can be provided. However, how to meet the users' demand for high quality and diversified cloud multimedia with handheld devices, which have limited...
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A Video Structural Event Description Model for Traffic Surveillance System

Lei Xu, Jianxin Song
The traditional video event detection only identifies a single event for one model and needs to extract features manually to train a mathematical model. In order to automatically extract features of objects and detect various potential accidents in the video surveillance, a structural analysis based...
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Research and implementation of the heterogeneous earliest finish time algorithm based on Pi-Calculus

Hui Kang, Huiping Fei, Fang Mei
Task scheduling algorithm in heterogeneous environment is programmed in a serial manner in the underlying by using traditional programming language. In this paper, we proposed that using the characteristics of parallel computation of Pi-calculus, to parallel analysis and modeling of the heterogeneous...
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From BLAST to PatternHunter: the Development of Alignment Tools and Genomic Research

Wei Wei
Developed in 1990, BLAST remained a most widely used heuristic in homology search. Its concept and algorithm of using seed matches to trigger alignments have been constantly studied, adopted and improved throughout the years. In this paper, we examines the development of BLAST-like tools, focusing on...
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Comparison study of image fusion based on multi-scale transforms and sparse representation

Bin Sun, Qiao Deng, Jiajun Rui, Kai Hu, Qi Yang
Nowadays image fusion becomes very intensive research. Multi-scale transform and sparse representation are typical tools in fusion processing. However, most of efforts are focus on the accurate registration images. A comparative study of MST and SR method over mis-registration are proposed to investigate...
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Study on the Effect of Broadband Gaussian Jamming to FLL of Navigation Receiver

Jun Wang, Yu-Xing Hu
Broadband Gaussian noise is a kind of important jammer to navigation receiver, for be regarded as the increase of the thermal noise of FLL usually, there is short of in-depth analysis to its effect to the performance of FLL. However, the effect of broadband Gaussian noise jammer to FLL is associated...
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Chinese Named Entity Extraction System Based On Word2vec Under Spark Platform

Jialu Yuan, Yongping Xiong
This paper proposes a real-time system that support the Chinese named entity extractions, which through word2vec algorithm training language mode to obtain word vector, and by calculating the Euclidean distance between word vectors to extract Chinese named entity, and transplant algorithm to Spark platform,...
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HECATE: A Full-Text Retrieval System for Short Text

Song Wang, Yongping Xiong
Nowadays, the proportion of Chinese short text gradually increases in the Internet information. Without the division on the length of text, indexing and retrieval of traditional full-text retrieval system result in low efficiency. Oriented to short text application scenarios , we designs overall three...
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A Defense System for DDoS Application Layer Attack Based on User Rating

Gaojun Jiang, Zhengping Jin
Based on the DDoS attack on application layer and the difference of normal users' access habits and the traffic features, we proposed a user rating based defense system for DDoS application layer attack. This system can significantly improve the detection rate through analyzing and scoring the access...
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The Natural Resources Damaged Study of Protection in Changli Gold Coast National Nature Reserve

Yun Zhang, Xiaoqing Han, Yujuan Chu, Jing Li, Weiming Gao, Jie Gao, Min Gao, Yidan Cao, Lei Zhao, Xinyu Duan, Hongwei Bao
In order to study the damaged situation of the objects of protection, this paper analyzed the natural resources of Changli Gold Coast National Nature Reserve, and took the method of both collating data indoors and field investigation to study the objects of protection. The results showed that there were...
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The simulation of design electric vehicle charging circuit

Linming Wang, Xiaorui Wu
This design uses AT89C51 microcontroller as the control core,to control charger into different stages .The charging circuit is mainly composed of rectifier bridge type circuit,singlephase half bridge inverter circuit and highfrequency rectifier circuit composition ,to control circuit are mainly used...
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The Research of Heat change in the process of bath

Wenjun Cao
Based on Newton's law of cooling and convection heat transfer theory, we analyze the temperature change in space, we divide the heat transfer in the process of bathinto four parts and give the expression of each part, then we obtain an ordinary differential equation about the temperature of water. We...
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A water demand prediction

Rui Ma
To figure out water demands of Billings in the future 30 years, some factor which are related to the water demand are selected to predict .Assume there are no extra factors to cause great changes in the predictions, we depict a prediction figure with the data of the GDP, population, and the personal...
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Research on Maintenance Management System of Coal Mine Electromechanical Equipment Based on RCM

Xiaorui Wu, Linming Wang
According to RCM(reliability-centered maintenance) of modern theory,maintenance management system of coal mine electromechanical equipment is mainly designed in this paper.The results showed that reasonable arrangements for equipment maintenance period, will help save maintenance costs, improve the running...
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The choice of the optimal bath strategy based on linear programming

Wenjun Cao
We dividethe motions of people into three groups according to the intensity of the motions. We discuss the motions' influence on the velocity of water flow in the bathtub and the contact area between human body and water. On the basis of this, we put forward three plans for people to add hot water, then...
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Fall point probability density model based on Monte Carlo

Rui Ma
Searching a lost plane in open water is not an easy thing as we thought. To make the searching working more efficient, we build fall point probability density model to find a possible searching area of the lost plane. In our model, we first obtain an equation set about the position coordinate of the...
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Image Saliency Detection Algorithm Based on Super Pixels Partition

Wenwen Pan, Xiaofei Sun, Xia Wang, Tao Xu, Lina Gong
This paper proposes an image saliency detection algorithm based on super pixels partition. The algorithm first uses the simple linear iterative clustering method to divide the image into multiple super pixels, and then according to the rules of global saliency to calculate the saliency level of each...
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Mathematical Model for the Influence of wind load on mooring system

Yikai Wang
Mooring system consists of pipes, steel drum, heavy ball, welding chain and a special anti-drag anchor. Due to its ability to tie up the buoy system, the buoy system can work properly under the influence of wind loads. When the mooring system is working normally, the angel of the sea floor and the tangential...
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AHP evaluation of different debris-removing methods

Jingying Miao
To remove the orbit debris and find out an opportunity for private firms, four debris-removing methods are proposed for comparison to obtain a feasible and reasonable profit strategy. AHP is used to assess the weakness and strength of the four methods in three distinct periods. According to the data...
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Water treatment process costs estimate

Jingying Miao
After finishing the work of searching data, we get the process of the recycled water treatment flow in Billings .By means of understanding the production process, we divide the costs of the recycled water into two parts, which contains pipe-construction costs and water treatment costs. The water treatment...
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Determination of Rod's Position by the Shadow

Saishuo Zheng
To find out the position of the rod with its shadow, a model for determining the position of the straight rod with the objective function of minimizing the error value is established. Some results had been obtained by particle swarm optimization algorithm, and were classified by the system cluster analysis...
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Design of an infrared remote control energy-saving switch

Junli Wang
In order to solve the problems of mechanical switch such as high contact resistance, easy abrasion, low reliability and short service life, a kind of infrared remote control switch was presented. Its design principle was that infrared remote control transmitting circuit sent control signal to the receiving...
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A Method for the Measurement of Temperature Based on Multisensor Data Fusion

Gaoli Chen, Chengfang Ji
The performance of the boiler heat-treatment is restricted by temperature. At present, it is a technical problem that should be solved immediately for accurately and reliably measuring the boiler temperature of heat-treatment. This paper presents a new method of multisensor data fusion for measuring...
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Optimization for cutting force and material removal rate in milling thin-walled parts

Sheng Qu, Mingqin Zhang
Conservative milling parameters are usually adopted in actual milling. This paper presents an optimization procedure to determine the optimum combinations of machining parameters for minimal cutting force and maximal machining efficiency. The regression model for cutting force is developed as objective...
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Realization and Application of a Sub-linear Time Complexity Correlation Algorithm to a Passive Radar System

Kangning Zhao, Peizhong Lu, Yan Zou, Jinsong Wang, Lin Ling, Kai Cao
Correlation calculation plays a very significant role in many scientific fields such as signal processing and string matching. Finding a faster and reliable correlation calculation is very helpful to improve the performance of the system. This paper applies a sub-linear time complexity correlation algorithm...
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Study on the Characteristic of Carrier Frequency- Iron Loss of Induction Motor Fed with Variable Frequency Power

Chengfang Ji, Juanping Zhao
Aiming at the problem of reducing consumption of asynchronous motor caused by carrier frequency in frequency conversion power supply, starting from the perspective of carrier frequency, through the study of the relationship between the iron loss and the carrier frequency,and using the finite element...
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Dynamic analysis of basic tower structure of offshore wind turbine

Dingcheng Ma
As a clean and renewable energy, the offshore wind energy has profound significance for the improvement of energy structure and protection of ecological environment. Now the design technology of the tower and basic structure of offshore wind turbine in China is immature, and the experience of analyzing...
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The direct generalized predictive position control of USM

Juanping Zhao, Gaoli Chen
Ultrasonic motor has obvious nonlinear and time-varying characteristics, because of its special structure and operating mechanism. So that the control strategy of ultrasonic motor cannot be designed according to traditional electromagnetic motor. It spurs people continually to de research for proper...
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Salient Region Detection Based on SLIC and Graph-based Segmentation

Xiaofei Sun, Wenwen Pan, Xia Wang, Xuhong Li, Guan Wang
At present, the most recent saliency detection algorithms are still not satisfactory. A saliency detection algorithm based on SLIC and graph-based segmentation is proposed. Firstly, graph-based segmentation is used to obtain larger image partitions, and the partitions with good contours are acquired....
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Freeway Travel Time Prediction Research Based on A Deep Learning Approach

Junfeng Zhang, Hongxi Chen, Hong Zhou, Zhihai Wu
Accurate prediction of freeway travel time is quite significant for traffic management and travelers' trip decisions. A model of stacked automatic encoders for freeway travel time prediction is proposed. First, obtain the hourly average travel time by processing freeway toll data. Considering data quantity...
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The Analysis of Bamboo Sheet Mechanical Properties in the Process of Shaping and Study on Application

Jian Yang, Sheng Jia, Yixiang Peng, Yanfang Wang
Detailed studies about the deformation principles and processing mechanisms of bamboo sheet cell cube are theoretical foundation to realize mechanization, automation and informatization of bamboo products manufacturing, and also the key to develop different kinds of bamboo knit machine. For internal...
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Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnSe4 Nanoparticles via Solvothermal Route

Lu Wu, Yiling Sun, Yong Xiang
Solvothermal synthesis was investigated as a viable method for the fabrication of quaternary Cu2ZnSnSe4 (CZTSe) semiconductor compound. With metal salts and selenium powder as starting materials, single-phase CZTSe nanoparticles, as determined by X-ray diffraction and Raman analysis, were obtained in...
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Electrochromic Device with Three-state Optical Transformation Achieved by Modifying Electrode via Dip-coating Technique

Lu Wu, Dejiang Yang, Yiling Sun, Yong Xiang
A layer of TiO2 nanoparticles with size of 100 nm was deposited onto a fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) conducting electrode via dip-coating technique, followed by sintering treatment. Multi-state electrodeposition-based electrochromic device was subsequently fabricated by sandwiching gel electrolyte between...