Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Simulation and Modelling

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Modelling for Forecasting of Pattern Recognition - Based on comparison and analysis be-tween U.S. stock Market and Chinese stock Markets

Hong Zhou, Yu He, Yuxiang Jin
An essential aspect of stock trading is the accurate forecast of stock price. This enables buy and sell points to be determined, which facilities profitability whilst reducing potential loses. This paper proposes a "Two-stage pattern Strategy (TSPS)" as an effective and intuitive mechanism to identify...
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Research on the Problem of Maximum-Minimum Related to Probability of n Events

Cui Meng, Peiqun Wu
The problem of maximum and minimum on the difference between the product of two events' probability and the probability of product of two events has been discussed, in this paper, two events are generalized to n events and the problem is solved by using the method of induction and construction.
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The Estimation of Open Boundary Conditions in the Bohai Sea with POD 4D VAR Data Assimilation

Shouguo Qian, Xianqing Lv, Rencheng Sun, Fengjing Shao
Proper orthogonal decomposition four-dimensional Variational (POD 4D VAR) data assimilation method is used to estimate the open boundary conditions (OBCs) with a two-dimensional (2D) M2 tide in the Bohai Sea by assimilating the TOPEX/Poseidon (T/P) altimeter data. Qian et al. [14] assume that the OBCs...
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A Novel Multiple Watermark With ROI Recovery

Dan Wu, Ruxing Xu, Jiao Wu
A novel multiple watermarking scheme was proposed, which could embed the reversible watermark in ROI (region of interest) by improving the Ni's algorithm, and the robust watermark in non-ROI by quantizing the low frequency coefficients. The watermarks can simultaneously achieve copyright protection and...
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Distributed Control for Circumnavigating Multi-Target by a Group of Agents

Lingxia Cui, Shihua Chen, Lei Wan
In this study, a distributed cooperative control law is proposed to attain multi-agent uniform circumnavigation around moving targets. First, we construct a decentralized estimator for each agent to estimate the geometric center of the targets. Then, we develop the distributed control strategy by means...
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Time-Consistent Distribution Mechanism in the Game of Environmental Management

Shuqing Liu, Hongwei Gao, Lei Wang, Mengke Zhen, Haiqiang Ji
For the differential game about the pollution emissions control problem among countries, we apply Shapley value to allocate the total payoff of all countries. The important contribution of this paper is the establishment of a time-consistent imputation distribution procedure so that the initial agreement...
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A Probability Model Based on Frequency Quadrilaterals for Travelling Salesman Problem

Peter Yong Wang
The research aims to generate a sparse graph for travelling salesman problem so as to reduce its complexity. A probability model based on frequency quadrilaterals is given to show that the average frequency of an edge is 3N if its total frequency is computed with N random frequency quadrilaterals in...
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Algorithm for Computing Backbones of Propositional Formulae Based on Solved Backbone Information

Zipeng Wang, Yiping Bao, Junhao Xing, Xinyu Chen, Sihan Liu
The problem of propositional satisfiability (SAT) has found a number of applications in both theoretical and practical computer science. However, in many applications, knowing a formulae's satisfiability alone is not enough to solve problems. Often, some other characteristics of formulae need to be known....
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Verification of Contact Stress with Surrogate Duality

Zhaocheng Xuan
We present a method for verifying the contact stress of elastic bodies. An explicit formulation of the total contact force, a fraction function with the numerator as a linear function and the denominator as a quadratic convex function, is derived by using the surrogate model of quadratic optimization...
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Research on Particle Penetrate through Single Crack Based on CFD

Hui Xie, Yirong Yuan, Shan He
Particle pollutant is the prime pollutant of most cities in china, the tiny particle accumulated lots of harmful substance, and it is the carrier of bacteria, revealing the Mechanism of particle transport has an important meaning on controlling the indoor particle pollutant and disease prevention. This...
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A Novel Algorithm for Important Email Network Nodes Mining

Junkai Yi, Zhirong Li, Xianghui Zhao
Mining important persons is significant to network security, especially researches on email network centralization nowadays. To solve the problem that traditional PageRank algorithm is sensitive to the network disturbance, this paper proposes a method which decomposes email network into different layers...
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Analysis of a Stochastic Lotka-Volterra Competitive System with Distributed Delays

Xiangjun Dai, Xiaojun Li
In this paper, we consider a n-species stochastic Lotka-Volterra competitive system with distributed delays. Sufficient conditions for stability in the mean and extinction of each population are established.
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Algorithm Development for Film Rating using Human Bio-Feedback Data toward Content-Exploratory study of EEG and eye-tracking data equation

Mahnwoo Kwon, Hongin Cheng, Jae Woong Shim, Hajin Im
Most countries adopt film rating system for protect their children from bad content. But there are often disagree with the rating results because of subjective judging system. This study tried to develop evaluation algorithm for film rating using human response data like EEG and eye movement. Eye-tracking...
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Empirical Analysis of Establishing an Intrinsic Value Evaluation Model of Listed Companies Based on Multivariate Linear Regression Method

Jiaxin Wang, Yanxia Wang, Donglin Wang
Enterprise value assessment is a hotspot of research on modern financial problems; profound changes have taken place in China's stock market system and investment environment, in the direction of more fair, effective and standardized development, Chinese stock market is more and more showing the intrinsic...
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Mathematical Solution and Simulation for Detection Location of Bus Signal Priority

Jaeseok Kwon, Youngje Jeong, Hyerim Cho, Youngchan Kim
This study suggests new mathematical solution and simulation results for detection location of bus signal priority. This mathematical model can determine the detector location for the minimum bus delay. With the application of the bus speed and detector location, this study analyzed the change of bus...
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Implementation of Mathematical Equation for Calculating Alumina Extraction from Bauxite Tailing Digestion

Saini Hu
Research on bauxite digesting using pressurized reactor at a capacity of 86,66 kg of feed/batch had been conducted. Bauxite with -150 mesh of particle size is reacted with 42,15 kg of caustic soda with concentration of 433,49 g/l at the temperature of 140oC for 1.0 to 2.5 hours using steam as heating...
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The Research on ARP Protocol Based Authentication Mechanism

Yongzhen Li, Jing Li
ARP protocol is one of the basic agreement in TCP/IP network protocol, but ARP protocol is not safe, because it does not verify the source of the ARP packet is legal or not, in this case lead to variety ARP attack in the local area network (LAN) with the lack of authentication mechanism in ARP protocol,...
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The Multiplicity of Solutions for a Certain Class of Fractional Elliptic Equation

Shifeng Zhang, Zhiyang Jia, Jihe Wang
This paper explores the multiplicity of solutions for a Certain class of fractional elliptic equation under the Dirichlet boundary conditions. By using the asymptotic property of the nonlinear term f(x,u) at zero and at infinite point, the mountain pass theorem and proper truncation methods can be applied...
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A Study on Classification of Sustainable and Unsustainable Countries

Xinglong Ren, Hong Fang
We construct an evaluation system of sustainable development countries using the method of Bayes, k-means. Based on the classification, the developing model can be categorized into self-sufficient, technology-dependent and fund-dependent countries. We also explores the sustainable development of Equatorial...
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The Double-Source Purchase Decisions with Substitution Under Cap and Trade Policy

Yi Zheng, Xianli Zhao
Under carbon cap-and-trade policies, double-source purchase policy of two substitutable products by a monopoly retailer is studied, obtaining optimal purchase decision and optimal pricing decision of retailers. Firstly, optimal decisions of retailers under carbon-free constraints and carbon cap-and-trade...
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Euler-Maruyama Approximation for Mean-Reverting Regime Switching CEV Process

Ruxing Xu, Dan Wu
The mean-reverting constant elasticity of variance (CEV) process with regime switching is one of the most successful continuous-time models of the short term rate, volatility, and other financial quantities. However, most SDEs with Markovian switching do not have explicit solutions. This paper obtains...
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Entropy-Monotone Scheme for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws

Li Xiao, Rongsan Chen, Miao Wang, Xia Zhang
The Entropy-TVD scheme was developed for the non-linear scalar conservation laws in [1].The scheme with step reconstruction simultaneously compute the two numerical entities, the numerical solution and the numerical entropy, and numerical examples show that the scheme provides a super-convergence rate....
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Oscillation of Solutions to Fractional Partial Differential Equations with Several Delays

Yongfu Xiong, Li Xiao, Anping Liu
In this paper, we study a class of nonlinear fractional partial differential equations with several delays to the second boundary condition. Based on properties of the Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative, we establish a sufficient oscillatory condition of all solutions. The result is illustrated...
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The Optimization Model of Searching the Wreckage

Xinglong Ren, Hong Fang
In order to search the wreckage, this paper establish the particle network model, in terms of Monte Carlo simulation method and the Bayesian theory. Based on analytic inverse extrapolation, we use Monte Carlo simulation method to simulate thousands of particles and the distribution of the aircraft crash...
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The Maximal 2-independent Sets in Trees

Min-Jen Jou, Jenq-Jong Lin
A 2-independent set in a graph G is a subset I of the vertices such that the distance between any two vertices of I in G is at least three. We say that I is a maximal 2-independent set in G if it is not a proper subset of any other 2-independent set. In this paper, we study the problem of determining...
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New Remarks on Oscillation of Second-Order Linear Difference Equation

Ku Gu, Desheng Li
In this paper, we first point out in the literature [6] the symbol definition of the theorem B is wrong .Secondly, I want to say in the literature [7] the proof process of lemma 1 is wrong. Thirdly, we point out the proof process of lemma 2.2 in the literature [8] is incorrect. Finally, given the correct...
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Video Location Positioning Study Based on Two Steps Greedy Algorithm

Zelin Zang, Lingyun Xu, Jiahui Li, Huijie Wang, Xusheng Kang
Determining the location and date of photos and videos is needed in some fields, such as production, public security, public opinions and information. But most photos and videos coming from networks or unclear anonymous sources have no clear information about the photographers and no signs of the location...
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Co-evolutionary Algorithm for Analyzing Gene Expression Data

Jimbo H. Claver, Isidore. S. Ngongo
We investigate the employment of the co-evolutionary genetic algorithm (CoGA) as a search mechanism in a support system for designing the prediction, functionality and interaction of expression level in population of gene expressions. To correctly identify interactions between various experimental conditions...
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The Algorithm of the Clutter and Interference Deletion Based on the Image Technique of the Group Segmentation

Haipeng Wang, Shuyi Jia, Tiantian Tang
To resolve the multi-sensor tracking problem of the targets in a non-maneuvering formation with the complicated background, based on the image technique of the group segmentation, the deletion models of the cloud-rain clutter and the banded interference were established, and the validity was analyzed...
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A Graph Clustering Algorithm Based on the Intra Vertex Adjacent Ratio

Haili Guo, Deqiang Wang
This paper proposes a new clustering coefficient based on the number of connecting vertices within a cluster (called inter vertex adjacent ratio, IVAR) and proposes a new clustering algorithm based on IVAR. Finally, the analysis of algorithm applicability shows that the algorithm is more applicative...
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The Elite Optimality Procedure for Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Truong Hong Trinh
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEAs) are likely used to identify non-dominated solutions or Pareto front (the known Pareto front) in multi-objective optimization problems. The quality of Pareto front depends on evolution strategies that are evaluated under performance metrics of generational...
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A New Algorithm Research of License Plate Tilt Correction

Zhoujuan Guan, Limin Song, Xiaorui Song
In the parking system, the inclination of the plate image is relatively large, which creates the recognition rate of license plate is lower than the positive imaging, based on the color information and the corner feature, this paper presents a fast correction algorithm , The license plate area separated...
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Novel Stability Criterion for Neutral Systems with Mixed Time-Delay

Lianglin Xiong, Rong Li, Tao Wu, Chen Peng
The aim of this paper is to improve stability condition for neutral systems with mixed time-delay. By introducing a novel integral inequality based on the optimization theory, and constructing the novel Lyapunov functionals, an improved delay-dependent stability criterion is established. It is shown...
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Combination Forecasting Model Using Grey Verhulst Models Coupling to Regression Analysis

Qing Shu, Xinping Xiao
Firstly, grey verhulst model based on fractional order accumulate is deduced. Then, take advantage of differential and difference to find the corresponding relationship between the grey verhulst model of each order and the regression equation. Giving the level of significance , carry out the significance...
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A New and Fast Optimization Algorithm: Fox Hunting Algorithm (FHA)

Murat Onay
A new population-based search algorithm called the Fox Hunting Algorithm (FHA) is presented here. FHA is a general-purpose algorithm that can be applied to solve almost any optimization problem. The algorithm mimics the fox hunting activity which is formed and improved since 16th century. The algorithm...
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A Priori Bounds for Periodic Solutions to Nonlinear Differential Equation with Delay

Xinyi Chen
A priori bounds are established for periodic solutions of a nonlinear differential equation with delay. By means of these bounds, an existence theorem for periodic solutions can be obtained by means of Mawhin's continuation theorem. Our work generalizes the known result.
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A Linear Time Algorithm for the Line Subgraph Problem in Halin Graphs

Dingjun Lou, Jun Liang, Guanpu Han
Given a graph G= (V,E ) and a positive integer p" "|E|. The Line Subgraph Problem is: Is there a subset E'" "E such that |E'|" "p and H= (V,E ) is a line graph. In this paper, we design a linear time algorithm to solve the line subgraph problem for Halin graphs. The algorithm is optimal.
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Multi-Objective Calibration of Nonlinear Muskingum Model Using Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II

Jungang Luo, Xiao Zhang, Xuan Zhang
Parameter calibration of hydrological model is one of the most important issues in the field of hydrology. Practice experience suggests that the traditional calibration of hydrological model with single objective cannot properly measure all of the behaviors of hydrological system. In order to successfully...
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Interval-valued Fuzzy Ideal of N(2,2,0) Algebra

Fengxiao Wang
The purpose of this paper is to define the notion of an interval-valued fuzzy ideal of N (2, 2,0) algebra. Necessary and sufficient conditions for an i-v fuzzy set to be i-v fuzzy ideals are stated. It is proved that the intersection and direct product in N (2, 2,0) algebra of i-v fuzzy ideal are also...
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Variable Selection for Partial Linear Single-Index Model with M-Estimation

Yafeng Xia, Erzhong Chang
In this paper, a method of variable selection for partial linear single-index model is proposed, which is based on the M-estimation and the adaptive LASSO. And its oracle property is established and proved. Unlike the existing M-estimator of the partial linear single-index model, the unknown link function...
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Property of Solutions to a Biological Population Model with Nonlocal Source and Nonlinear Boundary Condition

Angyang Liu
This paper investigates the property of positive solution to a biological population model with nonlinear boundary condition. Firstly the author gets the local existence result by a regularization method. Then under appropriate hypotheses, the author establishes that positive weak solution either exists...
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Theoretical Predication of the Synthesis of ReNCl

Xiuxiu Fu, Ning Chen, Xiuxia Liu, Yang Li
Using the idea of Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) for reference, by means of the First-principle calculation method, according to the known MNCl (M = Zr, Hf) structure to build model, we systematically calculated and analysised the binding energy and reaction energy of two phases of lanthanon replaced...
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Risks Prediction and Processes Optimization for Complex Systems on the Base of Probabilistic Modeling

A. Kostogryzov, P. Stepanov, A. Nistratov, G. Nistratov, O. Atakishchev, V. Kiselev
The probabilistic models and methods for risk prediction and processes optimization, considering characteristics of threats, the measures of control, monitoring and recovery for complex system are proposed. The way of generating new models to increase an accuracy of probabilistic modeling is described....
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Modeling and Simulation of Compressed Air System Based on Frequency Conversion

Dahan Zhou, Aipeng Jiang, Changxin Xing, Junjie Hu
Compressed air is considered to be the second electric power energy in the industrial applications, the energy consumption accounted for about 9% of the national industrial power consumption, study the compressed air system is of great significance. This paper studies the frequency conversion constant...
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Design of Multi-rotor Control System Basing on Coaxial Propellers

Yunqi Zhang, Yong Xu, Hangzhou Zhao
A kind of UAV with coaxial propellers and multi-rotor is presented and the dynamics model of this UAV is established in this paper, then the control system of the UAV is designed on the basis of PID control algorithm, which includes altitude and atti-tude control module. Simulation results show that...
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An Optimization Model and Simulation of a Wrecked Plane to Seek for in the Sea

Hong Fang, Xinglong Ren
It is of great necessity to explore a method to seek for a wrecked plane in the sea. In this paper we think of a static situation and establish a model that can be applied to quickly search the plane fallen into different oceans. Firstly, we develop a parabola model to simulate the process of plane falling....
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Research on Seismic Damage Model of CFST Arch-Column Structure Considering of Single Aftershock

Yong Xu, Cuiying Zhou, Airong Liu
To study epicenter intensity model of aftershock, regression analysis on 68 sets data of main shocks and their aftershocks have done, epicenter intensity linear model has researched. According to analysis of earthquake parameters such as peak ground acceleration (PGA), ground motion duration, spectrum...
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Scenario Automation Machine Based Multi-agent System Evolution

Maoguang Wang, Jiangping Zhao, Leilei Ge
The complex adaptive multi-agent system evolution requires the system is capable of evolving dynamically according to the application requirements and run-time environment changes. The scenario concept in the requirements phase of software engineering domain is introduced to the dynamic evolution. Different...
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Prediction to Industrial Added Value Based on Holt-Winters Model and ARIMA Model

Lei Kuang, Chengyu Lin, Wenwen Wang, Xi Fang
Industrial added value (IAV) is an important indicator to measure a country's industrial development level, at the same time, is also a core indicator of national economy accounting system. The paper respectively using ARIMA and Holt - Winters, the two time series forecasting model, to fit the monthly...
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Application of GIS and 3D Visualization Simulation in Irrigation Management System-An effective solution of visualization and dynamic for water resourses management

Bo Yang, Dandan Chen, Bo Ren, Yonggang Wu
In order to provide scientific and effective analysis tools and decision support platform for the irrigation district management, this paper provides a way using GIS spatial database, visualization simulation(VS) to research on a new way for irrigation management system. During the system, interface...
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A Remote Automatic Test System with High Precision for AIS Performance

Qing Hu, Xiao Zhang, Shufang Zhang
Performance of Automatic Identification System (AIS) transmitter is very important for AIS network reliability and marine safety. In order to ensure the performance, a high precision AIS transmitter automatic test system based on Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA) and the Standard Commands...
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Fuzzy Logic-Based Models of Transport Aircraft in Avoidance of Runway Excursion

Ray chung Chang
The flight dynamic equations in mathematics for aircraft response to the crosswind effects during the landing are highly non-linear partial differential equations. The main objective of this paper is to present fuzzy-logic modeling (FLM) technique to establish flight control models with the function...
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Mathematical Modeling of Heat Transfer in Counter-Current Fluid Flow in Well-Drilling Systems

Liqun Shan, Boyun Guo
The performance of gas-drilling (drilling oil and gas wells with air, nitrogen, or natural gas) is very unpredictable in many areas due to lacking of proper design of drilling parameters because of limited understanding of gas-rock interaction which requires knowledge of heat transfer in the well system....
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The Effect of the Crucible Rotation on the Eutectic Ceramics Preparation with Zone Melting Process

Zidu Li, Juncheng Liu, Jiahao Yuan, Weinan Wang
The alumina-based eutectic ceramic is considered as a most promising candidate materials of aviation engines due to its excellent mechanical property and high temperature oxidation resistance. Effect of the crucible rotation on the zone melting process of the eutectic ceramic is analyzed by finite element...
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Hybrid Intelligent Control of Ceramic Shuttle Kiln Firing Temperature

Yonghong Zhu, Yifeng Zhao
For unstability and backward control method of ceramic shuttle kiln control system, a kind of hybrid intelligent control method of ceramic shuttle kiln is proposed in the paper. According to firing process of ceramic shuttle kiln, intelligent hybrid model of firing process for ceramic shuttle kiln was...
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Feature Extraction of Single Face Image Based Active Appearance Model

Zhiqiang Cao
Face as the most direct and important carrier of human's daily emotional expression and information exchange, with its peculiar to different from other organs and parts of the universality and ease of use as mathematical modeling of the object of study, and many research algorithm has been applied to...
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Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Nuclear Reactor Cores Adopting T-S Fuzzy Modeling and Lyapunov Theory

Gang Li, Bin Liang, Xueqian Wang, Xiu Li, Kang Wang
This research is to solve the stability analysis issue of nonlinear pressurized water reactor cores. On the basis of modeling a nonlinear pressurized water reactor core using the lumped parameter method, its linearized model is achieved via the small perturbation linearization way. Linearized models...
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Optimum Strategy for Siting of New Tidal Stations in the Bohai Sea

Song Gao, Jiangling Xu, Lingjuan Wu, Dongling Guo
A two-dimensional tidal model with the adjoint method is used to investigate the optimum strategy for siting of new tidal stations in the Bohai Sea. Open boundary conditions of the model are estimated and the M2 constituent in the Bohai Sea is simulated by assimilating observations from tidal stations...
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An Adaptive UKF Method for Geomagnetic/Celestial Autonomous Navigation

Chang Su, Baohua Li, Qiang Zhang, Qi Sun
An adaptive unscented Kalman filtering(UKF) method for geomagnetic/celestial autonomous navigation is presented to solve the problem that the conventional UKF is sensitive to the initial value and declines in accuracy and further diverges due to the system model inaccuracy. Firstly, the residual sum...
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Numerical Studies of Interface Debonding Damage Detection in FRP Strengthened Steel Beam Using Rayleigh Waves

Ying Xu, Bingcheng Li, Xiaojie Gong
This paper studied how to use the variation of the dispersion curves of Rayleigh wave group velocity to detect interfacial debonding damage between FRP plate and steel beam. Since FRP strengthened steel beam is two layers medium, Rayleigh wave velocity dispersion phenomenon will happen. The interface...
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Solution Generating Theorems and Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkov Equation for Perfect Fluid Spheres in Isotropic Coordinates

Apisit Kinreewong, Petarpa Boonserm, Tritos Ngampitipan
Despite the possibility of finding exact solutions to the Einstein field equations, there is another way to obtain new exact solutions without having to directly solve the Einstein field equations. This method is the so called "solution generating theorems". In the descriptive approximation of stars,...
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Stability and Oscillatory Behavior in Active Control System with Delays

Chunhua Feng, Yuming Wei
In this paper, a model of active control system with delays is studied. Some sufficient conditions to guarantee the stability and oscillations for the system are established. Computer simulation is given to support our result.
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The Effect of Fiber Preform on the Mold Filling Stage of Resin Transfer Molding

Changchun Dong, Jianxin Zhou
Fiber orientation is an important factor affecting the filling process of resin transfer molding process. In this paper, a 2-D geometry model was designed for the purpose of finding the flow behavior of the resin in the mold filling stage. The case of constant injection rate was studied in the designed...
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Land Use Patterns under Ecological and Intensive Constraints--Scenario Simulation Based on SLEUTH

Jie Jin, Yue Zhou, Hong Zhang
For urbanization in plateau lake basins, city planning needs to balance the tradeoff between urban growth and preservation of ecological environment by adopting intensive land use and maintaining sufficient open space. This research designs and evaluates four land use types in Dianchi Lake basin, Yunnan...
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An Analysis of the Two-Dimensional Heat Transfer Model of the PCR Instrument Pedestal

Aiguo Zhou, Bei Liu, Xiufeng Xu, Wanli Li
By analyzing the heat transfer situation of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) instrument pedestal, a mathematical model to reflect the temperature field function of the pedestal is proposed, and then this model is simplified to obtain a simple two-dimensional heat transfer model. According to the results...
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A Generic Particle Modeling Library for Fluid Simulation-An Object Oriented Approach Based on the Physolator Framework

Dirk Eisenbiegler
Particle Modeling is a frequently used technique for fluid simulation. Different kinds of implementations of such simulations have been presented in the last decades. In order to achieve good results as to accuracy and computing performance, one has to find appropriate formulas and parameters for the...
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Application of Dynamic Allocation Task in Multi Processor Platform

Zhiwen Yang, Pingzhen Zhou
Traditional multi GPU processor cluster task scheduling and allocation method uses the time gap allocation method does not consider each task execution requirements and each computer node of actual operation ability, the overall efficiency of the implementation. Proposed a hybrid scheduling multi GPU...
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The Relation of Solutions Between Different Models of Support Vector Regression

Meiqin Pan
The relations of solutions between different models of Support Vector Regression are proposed in this paper. Usually, Support Vector Regression (SVR) is formulated as a convex quadratic programming with bound constrains. With different improvements, different improved regression models and their strong...
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Well-Balanced WENO Scheme for Tidal Wave Equations

Qiangqiang Zhu, Wei Sun, Jicai Zhang, Xianqing Lv
In this paper, we investigate the high order well-balanced essentially non-oscillatory (WENO) finite difference scheme for simulations of tidal wave equations. The third order WENO scheme is employed to capture high gradients in an essentially non-oscillatory manner with a discretization by the third...
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Space Junk Cleaning Strategy and Portfolio Optimization Modeling

Yanlin Ma, Wuyue Yang
This essay firstly analyzed the development trend of space debris, and the establishment of a development model of low-orbit space debris size. On this basis, this essay in-depth analysis of the efficiency of different methods to eliminate debris. The relational model is built for the elimination of...
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Numerical Simulation of Fluid Structure Interaction Between Wave and Steel Pipe Pile Platform in Deep Water

Wenyue Yan, Fengwu Lv
The " "-" " turbulence model and the VOF method of moving interface tracking have been used to generate the wave. By two-way iterative method, the fluid structure interaction between wave and steel pipe pile platform has also been simulated numerically by using ANSYS Workbench. Taking the construction...
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Spam Detection Utilizing Statistical-Based Bayesian Classification

Xianghui Zhao, Yangping Zhang, Junkai Yi
Spam is one of the major problem of today's life because it causes a lot of extra expense both in network infrastructure and our individual life. Among those approaches developed to detect spam, the content-based detection technique, especially statistical-based Bayesian algorithm is important and popular....
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A New Lifetime Prediction Method Based on Particulate Contaminants for Coaxial Connectors

Yuqi Zhou, Yanshen Su, Qingya Li, Qiuyan Jin, Jinchun Gao
The high concentration of dust particles in the environment is one of the main causes resulting for electrical contact failure of coaxial connectors. Therefore, it is important to carry out proper methods to predict life time of coaxial connectors. In the life time investigation of coaxial connectors,...
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A Six Sigma Approach to Internal ALM Models for Solvency II

Vojo Bubevski
A Six Sigma method is proposed to improve the investment management process. In addition to conventional stochastic optimisation, simulation and risk management, as a new concept, Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) is applied by merging DMAIC into portfolio management. The...
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Reliability Performance of Machine Repair Problem with Balking, Reneging, Warm spares and Synchronous Multiple Vacation

Mingjian Ma, Bing Zhao
In this paper, we studied the machine repair model with impatient behaviors-balking and reneging. There are several warm spares and repairmen who take the synchronous multiple vacations in the system. We use the method of blocked matrix to solve the steady-state probability equations. And we acquired...
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Development and Reform of Android Mobile Application Development Curriculum

Xiufeng Shao, Xuemei Liu, Lingling Zhao
This paper focuses on how to train for more fit social development Android mobile application development talents to expand research, elaborate Android curriculum reform and curriculum ideas, explain the teaching contents, teaching ways, teaching means and assessment methods of Android curriculum in...
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Carnation Vacuum Freezing Test

Dayu Zheng, Xiang Li, Haifeng Yu, Li Wang
According to the market of carnation flowers is processed by vacuum drying, focuses on the flower color retention treatment. By the contrast test analysis, factors to influence on the quality of flowers were obtained, and to improve, for flowers on the systematic and reasonable ground treatment.
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The Way to Evenly Maintain Water Temperature

Xu Liu, Siwen Jiang, Chenguang Zhang, Peizhi Wang
In order to determine the best strategy for a person to get venly maintained temperature throughout the bath water in a simple water vessel without wasting too much water, we employ methods in Pyrology to build models and simulate and analyze the water temperature distribution in the bathtub under. By...
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The New Detection Technique of Phase-Shift Keyed Signals

Vladimir P. Litvinenko, Yulia V. Litvinenko, Boris V. Matveev, Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Alexander A. Makarov
We are to introduce the phase-shift keyed signal detector with a relatively simple construction, the one that provides the high-noise immunity. We are demonstrating that the specified detector can extract the phase-shift keyed signals when the signal-to-noise ratio is much less than its working value...
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Selecting the Best Hitter in a Professional Baseball League Using the Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution-Selecting Best Hitter in Pro-Baseball League

Chih-Cheng Chen, Yen-Whea Kuo, Chih-Jen Chuang, Chun-Hsiao Chu, Tian-Shaing Kuo, Kuang-Tsan Hung
Selecting the best hitter in a professional baseball league is considered a multi-attribute decision-making problem. We developed an evaluation model based on literature review and the Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) to select the best hitter in the Chinese...
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Instructing new Online Educators with Effective e-Learning Management Systems (eLMS) Skills and Techniques

Bob Barrett
Creating the good teaching experience for new online educators is important, but many new teachers are limited with technological skills or little (if any) e-learning management systems background. The transition from Face-to-Face (F2F) traditional live classroom to a new virtual one involving online...
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Reform of Digital Signal Processing Course for Postgraduate Education

Zhihong Dong, Liuping Feng, Yang Li, Yingjie Tang
In this paper, reform attempts in the aspects of basic theory, experiment simulation and engineering practice are carried out in order to resolve the practical problems in the course "digital signal processing" teaching process. Reforms are focused ones sential training, and deeply analyze the classic...
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Matlab tool "Optimizer": Construction and Optimization of Multi-Block Mathematical Models-Application to spectroscopy experiments with ultracold gases of alkali metals

Vladimir Sovkov, Jie Ma
The computational tool "Optimizer" written in Matlab is presented. This program is aimed to work with complicated multivariate mathematical models by constructing them from simpler blocks, presented by program routines with predefined interface, and optimizing the resulting multi-block model. The optimization...
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Comparative Study of Optimization Methods in a PM2.5 Transport Adjoint Model

Ning Li, Daosheng Wang, Xianqing Lv
This paper focuses on the practical performances of the limited-memory BFGS (L-BFGS) method and the steepest descent method (GDM-S) by an adjoint data assimilation approach. The optimization procedure of the L-BFGS method in the ideal experiments clearly shows that the parameters should be scaled to...
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Robust Stabilization for Markovian Jump Delta Operator Systems with Time-Varying Delays

Yinyin Chen, Minqing Xiao
The robust stabilization problem is investigated for a class of delta operator formulated Markovian jump systems with time-varying delays. The aim is to design a state feedback controller which can make the closed-loop system stochastic asymptotically stable in delta domain. A sufficient condition of...
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Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Jiancheng Wang
Project scheduling is the significant technique to attain the lean management, and applications can be found in such fields as construction engineering, equipment support, software development, etc. An activity-on-arrow (AOA) version of the resource constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP) with...
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Fuzzy Index and Self-Organizing Feature Map Index for Measuring Functional Diversity Applied to Acanthopanax Senticosus Communities

Naiqi Song, Jintun Zhang, Xin Wang
Methods for measuring functional diversity are the basis of community studies. Two newly functional diversity indices, fuzzy index and SOFM index, were applied and tested in functional diversity analysis in Acanthopanax senticosus communities in the Dongling Mountains in China. Thirty quadrats were established...
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Risk Evaluation in Manufacturing Organization Tasks for Product Technological Projects and Establishment of Project Portfolio for Production Systems

Leonid Mylnikov
This paper broadly outlines the task of evaluating the risks associated with planning when tackling the issues of choice and planning in productive-and-economic systems to implement the projects resulting from the application of criteria-based approaches, as well as the task of evaluating production...
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Radiation Dose Image Quality Optomization in Dental Implantalogy

Ahmed Al-Humairi, Xiaoming Zheng, Ho Leung Ip, Bilal El Masoud
This paper is aimed to investigate the possibility of using a new method of dose and image quality optimization by employing visual grading analysis with a slight modification. Cone beam CT was utilized with different exposure settings to acquisition several images to skull phantom. Three different observers...
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An Age-Structured Epidemic Model for Monitoring and Control of HIV/AIDS

Ping Yan, Teng Lv
In order to interpret the importance of monitoring and control of HIV/AIDS, according to our ideas of monitoring and control of HIV/AIDS, a continuous SUI epidemic model for HIV/AIDS is established in which S denotes susceptible individuals, U denotes individuals infected with HIV but undiscovered and...
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Impact of Satellite on TWSTFT Accuracy

Hongwei Sun, Yuli Li
In this paper, the impact of the satellite on two-way satellite time and frequency transfer (TWSTFT) in Asia links is analyzed. If two distances from two stations to the satellite are different, the non-reciprocal paths are produced, which impact the accuracy of TWSTFT. In addition, due to the Earth's...
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Male Rat's Liver Weight Molding Based on Grey Theory and RBF Neural Network

Jianyang Lin, Jinjie Xu, Zhien Sun
In order to research the relationship between male rat's liver weight and their body weight, Grey theory method and Radial Basis Function neural network method were used to model the liver related data in male rats. First of all, the sample standard deviations of the liver weight mean value were obtained...
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Risk Evaluation of Biomass Power Generation in Different Regions in China

Hong Fang, Xinglong Ren
People have payed more and more attention to biomass energy as the problem of energy is becoming serious. Biomass power generation is an important application of biomass energy. Because the basis and condition of biomass power generation are different in different regions, a reasonable risk evalution...
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Summary of Integrated Design Environment

Chunsheng Hu, Chengdong Xu, Xiaobo Cao
As one solution to complex product design, the integrated design environment has experienced several decades of development with great changes. This paper reviews the emergence, development history and future trend of integrated design environment. Firstly, the concept and connotation of design are analyzed,...
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The Variational Approach for P-Laplace Equation with Lack of Compactness

Dong Zhang
Minimization technique is used on the Nehari manifold for p-Laplace equation with a nonhomogeneous nonlinearity where compactness is not guaranteed. In the space of radial functions, the point overcoming the lack of compactness is to show that the minimizing sequence converges in a strong enough sense...
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Research on Integrated Conflict Management in the Collaborative Design

Zhongxian Bao, Pengshou Xie, Mao Wang
It is limited to resolve conflict with single conflict resolution method in cooperative design. The conflict classification, the conflict detection and conflict resolution technology were discussed and an integrated conflict management model is developed in this paper. In this model, according to the...
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Simple Synthesis of Fluorophore Using Water-Soluble Chitosan Oligomer

Hun Min Lee, Ja Young Cheon, Seoho Lee, Seung Hyun Lee, Su Young Kim, Dong Hoon Kang, Jeong Woo Heo, Won Ho Park
In the past few decades, a great interest has been focused on a naturally occurring class of polymers called chitosan for their large amount in nature, biodegradability and extensive applications. Water-soluble chitosan oligomer is composed of " "-(1,4)-2-amido-2-deoxy-D-glucan and " "-(1,4)-2-acetoamido-2-deoxy-D-glucan(acetylglucosamine),...
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Group Consensus of Second-Order Multi-agent Networks with Multiple Time Delays

Lianghao Ji, Xinyue Zhao
In this paper, the problem of group consensus of second-order multi-agent networks with multiple time delays is investigated. Based on the theory of frequency-domain, some algebraic criteria are proposed analytically which can guarantee the multi-agent networks to achieve group consensus. Results show...
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The Effect of Customer Perceived Service Quality on the Optimal Group-Buying Strategy

Yifan Wu, Ling Zhu
In this paper, we study the popular group-buying model in which theseller offers discount on the group-buying websites to attract new customers coming to experience its service. This paper analyses seller's pricing decision between only running offline business and joining the group-buying business....