Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Applied Science and Engineering Innovation

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Pumping and injection well spacing of Water Heat Pump on the influence of the groundwater flow field and temperature field analysis

Yueren Wang, Wen Lou, Chenfei Bi
As the distance between production well and injection well, distribution of wells and operation model of water resource heat-pump system play a significant impact on system efficiency. The paper makes a research on changes in water flow field and temperature field around production and injection wells....
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PV Module Modeling and Maximum Power Point Tracking Based on Asymmetric Fuzzy Control

Hongjun Xiao, Xianxiang Li, Jun Wu, Zhongliang Luo
In this paper, a parameter estimation method for the single diode model of photovoltaic (PV) module is proposed, and the simulation model of PV module is established. Based on the analysis of the PV module output characteristics under different temperature and irradiance, the monotonic decreasing characteristics...
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Strategies for rechargeable lithium-ion battery management system

Yong Wang
This paper mainly research the relationship between the lithium-ion battery management systems and charging policies and temperature. In the introduction of lithium-ion battery characteristics of the premise, the lithium-ion battery protection methods are described, based on a lithium-ion battery protection...
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Optimization of Response Characteristics for Direct Feed Drive System with Partial Least Square model

Xiankun Lin, Peixiang Li, Tiantian Li
There are lots of advantages using linear motor in high speed direct feed drive system. Nevertheless the control system of linear motor is easily being disturbed because of the distinctive structure. To improve the response characteristics of linear motor feed drive system, this paper proposes a regression...
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Development of Non-contact Prediction System of Surface Roughness with Medium

Zi Li Xu, Long Chen, Song Lu
To satisfy the requirement of surface roughness with medium measurement in the machining process, a surface roughness prediction system is developed in this paper. A process classification algorithm and a texture feature difference compensation method are proposed. Four kinds of texture feature including...
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Research on WVD of PCM/FM demodulation method

Binwen Yuan, Yu Wang, Jian Chen, Gang Fu
PCM/FM signal model, this paper presents for the PCM/FM demodulation analysis presented PCM/FM signal characteristics of a new method -WVD law, and PCM/FM signal to be analyzed under different noise simulation, the results show , PCM/FM is a very effective method WVD analysis.
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Design of the acquisition system of Spread-spectrum TT&C signal

Gang Fu, Shuzhao Li, Min Tao, Yunxiang Jia, Guiping Zhang
An acquisition algorithm of Spread-spectrum TT&C signal is studied in this paper. The theory and key technology is analyzed. The block of design and the scheme of program are presented. The processing system of Spread-spectrum TT&C signal is actualized by the FPGA, and the function of the fast acquisition...
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Research on the real-time business intelligence framework of ROA mobile

Zebo Zhu, Jian Chen
The emergence of enterprise business intelligence system can not solve the traditional database massive data intelligent analysis and forecasting problems. With intelligent, enterprises and organizations popularity and mobile communications equipment worldwide mobile communications needs of mobile business...
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Detection and demodulation of non-cooperative burst signal

Yue Feng, Guangzhi Wu, Min Tao
According to the typical three generations of maritime satellite communications frame format, the first use of effective detection of the burst signal energy detection algorithm combined with matched filter, then the frequency of the burst signal detection based on the results of estimation and phase...
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Design of antenna control system P-Fuzzy-PI controller

Min Tao, Shuzhao Li, Yunxiang Jia, Guiping Zhang
The antenna control system for the problem encountered in the application, starting from the control algorithm to analyze the composition of the antenna control systems, introduces the antenna control system design, and antenna control unit, an antenna drive unit, shaft encoder unit and security unit...
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Research on Data Synchronization Mechanism for Distributed System

Le Ge, Yixin Su, Shijia Cheng
In the field of data sync technology, compared with other protocols, because of high efficiency and speed UDP transmission has been widely applied, but it can’t provide a reliable data transmission service which is connection-oriented, as a result of which decreases the utilization of data transmission....
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Research on British and American Culture Introduction in College English Teaching

Yi Fan
Language is a part of culture, which acts as carrier of culture. It not only reflects culture, but also is influenced by culture. Human culture is diversified and varied, which is the same as human language. If learners learn a language only without comprehension on culture as basis of its survival,...
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The effect of the roadway excavation disturbance by spacing between deep adjacent tunnels

Ning Zhang, Ming-zhong Gao, Lai-wang Jing
By using the finite element software ABAQUS, the paper carries out numerical simulation analysis on influence of new coal lane tunneling along the groove disturbing the original high pumping Lane in a deep mine 1112 working face in Huainan. This article analyzes two tunnels in different distance with...
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Numerical Simulation of Biomass Gasification in a Fluidized Bed

Aiping Shi, Yixiang Pang, Guanjie Xu, Cheng Li
In order to study the effects of mass ratio of steam to biomass (mS/mB) and temperature on the gas composition, a model was developed to simulate the biomass-steam gasification process using Fluent in a fluidized bed. The simulated results showed that the volume fraction of H2 increased firstly and then...
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A Regional Smart Grid Pinch Technology

Dong Wang, Shengjun Yan, Li Huang, Yongbiao Yang, Xudong Wang, Shiming Xu, Benren Pan
Based on smart grid area, heat-exchange network is used together with multi-energy analysing method. Also, pinch technology is optimized, considering many kinds of load, such as cold, heat, electric and illumination. What is more, KW is used in heat-exchange network, as a bridge leading to other kinds...
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Unit Commitment Considering flexible charging of PHEVs

Yelei Wang, Xiaming Ye
In this paper, some boundary charging cases under unidirectional and bidirectional mode are considered to set the upper and lower bounds of the cumulative power delivery to PHEVs. A new index, Vflex has been proposed to quantify the flexibility provided by PHEV fleet to the power system. Empirical driving...
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Research on Comprehensive Closing Protection for Capacitor based on ATP/EMTP

He Liu, Hao Zhou
Aiming at solving the problem of dash current and over voltage of parallel reactive compensation capacitor group in power system ,this paper research on the phase control synchronous switch and the current-limiting reactor .With the of Huangti system, which involves both of the protection tools, Simulation...
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A Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Seamless Steel Tube Order-grouping Problem

Zhao Shen, Wenxin Zhang, Jie Liu
The order-grouping problem of Hot Rolling Seamless Steel Tube is studied in this paper. A multi-objective optimization model minimizing overall delivery date and address difference is established, then a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm with elite-strategy and crowding distance computing is designed...
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A Survey of Internet Data Mining Technologies Based on Machine Learning

Lin Du, Yehong Han
As a knowledge discovery in internet, data mining technology is the cross of machine learning and databases technology. Data mining can provide massive amounts of data analysis using machine learning techniques and manage massive amounts of data by the use of database technology. The goal of machine...
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A Survey of the Application of Rough Sets in Intelligent Decision Support System

Yehong Han
Intelligent decision support system which can help to make decision in solving the complex decision problems through logical reasoning is the combination of decision support system and artificial intelligence technology. Rough sets technology is a mathematical tool for data analysis to deal with fuzzy...
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HTML5-based tourism needs of users broadcast audio APP Design and Construction

Yujie Song, Sanxing Cao
As in recent years, rapid development of mobile phone hardware and operating systems such as Android, ios continue to optimize the market potential of the mobile market is gradually excavated, which created hear Lang stretch of mobile terminal APP. How to promote APP and make targeted deployment according...
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Lump Sum Contracting Management Mode of Management Synergy Mechanism Model

Huishan Li, Jie Ma
The management synergy theory in our country had formed a stable theoretical basis after a large number of scholars’ research. Lump-sum contracting management model was most widely used in all the other project management modes. In order to further enhance the management efficiency of this model, this...
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The Intensity of Electromagnetic Wave Detection Robot based on ARM

Bin Huang, Wenbo Zhu, Licheng Liu
Aiming at the increase of electronic products brought about by the hazards of electromagnetic radiation intensity of an electromagnetic wave, designed a time for detection of people within the scope of activities to re-mind people to exceed the standard, in order to prevent the electromagnetic wave radiation...
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The Design and Research of Electric Firebox Reflector Curve Optimization

Yingping Cao
Traditional electric firebox design is unreasonable because the sheeting curve on the grid plate to cause the electric firebox lateral support bars blocking the infrared light almost 1/2, so that the heat pipe heat underutilized. To solve these problems, we use radiotherapy principle theoretical studies...
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The Implication of Forest Protection abroad for Wuling Mountain Area

Weijun He, Yafang Tu
This paper provides an overview of the payment for forest environmental service in Europe, the biodiversity conservation project in Costa Rica, the Maine forest protection project in United States. Moreover, the paper analyzes their successful experiences and characteristics. Combined with the problems...
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The Application of Fuzzy Control in Progress Control of Project

Chao Fan
The traditional method of engineering progress control possess the nature of hysteresis and passivity and lacks of accurate models. Because the controlling of people's subjective experience takes a great proportion. This paper combines with the intelligent fuzzy control technology and makes innovations...
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Research on Calculation Method of Power Supply Radius Based on Voltage Deviation in Rural Power Network

Ning Wang
A mathematical method for working out the power supply radius of rural network is proposed based on voltage deviation. It is a nonlinear constrained optimization model with the objective function to minimize the annual cost per km2 and the constraint to voltage deviation that ‘The rural electric network...
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Study on the Circular Utilization Patterns of City Water Resources

Fang Chen
Chinese freshwater resources are rich, but the average amount of water resources per capita is low and water shortage is serious. At the same time, the water population growth, accelerated urbanization process and the traditional extensive model of economic development have aggravated the shortage of...
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Research on operation of new rural cooperative economic organizations in China

Li Liu
After the reform and opening up, with the development and improvement of Chinese market economic system, the new type of rural cooperative economic organizations emerged which mainly solve the contradictions between farmers and the market and take into account the social and environmental objectives...
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Chang E III Soft Landing Optimal Control Strategy Design

Xinjie Han
In this paper, the mathematical modeling of the country race in 2014 title A - Chang E III aircraft lunar soft landing problem for background, determined the location of nearly Apo lune, and solved various stages of parameters to obtain a series of reasonable conclusions. First, the use of two-point...
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Interesting theoretical mechanics design and production of teaching aids

Cen Sun
Teaching aids plays a very important role in the classroom teaching. Interesting mechanical demonstration combined teaching is designed in this paper is the two Teaching aid to mechanics principle as the foundation and cleverly integrated into the fun. With the boat shaped Teaching aid demonstration...
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Data processing of lie detector based on fuzzy clustering analysis

Zilong Chen, Junru Wang, Zhiwei Gong, Quanbo Liu
In this paper, we analyze the problem of many data processing in psychological-detection, then, we deal with the problem based on Fuzzy Clustering, Fuzzy Clustering can use less variable to replace previous variable while the quantity of information is invariant, so, we can eliminate redundancy of information....
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Structural Design and Modeling Analysis of Carbon-free Car

Yiming Xiao
This paper presented a new carbon-free car design, and analyzed its motion. We established a physical model and established differential equations based on kinematic equations. We used the Mat lab software to depict the trajectory of the car. The results showed that the new structure can better optimize...
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“One Belt One Road”- “Going out” Route Choice of Chinese Enterprises

Yudong Hou
As the development and enhancement of economy and national power, our country has become an important engine of the world economy. “One Belt One Road” is conducive to the sustainable development of China's economy, and also the common needs of the countries along the way. “One Belt One Road” provides...
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Short-term Load Forecasting Based on VPSO-Elman Neural Network

Bo Chen, Xiaozi Cui, Lili Yuan, Xian Chen
Because of the shortcomings which Elman neural network in the short-term load forecasting of power system is easy to fall into local minimum, slow convergence, Use VPSO (Variance Particle Swarm Optimization) to train Elman neural network in order to get optimal weights and thresholds. The optimized Elman...
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Risks Management for Warning of Power Grid

Yanping Chen, Liruo Lu, Mengqing Jia, Yanli Chang
Brought about rapid development of the power grid technical innovation, infrastructure and new equipment put into operation significantly increase the workload, frequent changes in network operation mode, non-normal operation mode, special operation mode is difficult to avoid, to the security and stability...
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Design of UPS Inverter Control System Based on DSP

Qian Yang, Mingming Guo, Jianhua Dou
To obtain high-quality output voltage, a multi-loop control for UPS inverter is proposed. On the basis of double closed-loop control, repetitive control is introduced to improve total harmonic distortion (THD) of the output voltage. Also, RMS control is introduced to increase steady-state accuracy of...
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Communication of double TMS320F28335 DSP Based on McBSP

Qian Yang, Jianhua Dou
A bidirectional real-time data communication without distinction between master and slave is achieved with double TMS320F28335 DSP using its multichannel buffered serial port (McBSP). The shortcoming of the communication on SPI mode that the slave cannot initiate communication is overcame. The hardware...
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Quantitative inversion of sparse vegetation coverage in desertification area

Xuedong Li, Xuya Zhang, HongYan Zhang, Guang bin Yang
Based on unmixing model and using the Thematic Mapper (TM) image as well as obtaining end-members by ground spectral measurements, quantitative retrieval of information on sparse vegetation coverage in oasis-desert transitional area in Minqin, Gansu was done. The results showed that a wide band of TM...
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Environmental Risk Assessment of Enterprises from Key Industries in Tianjin Binhai New District

Long Zhou, Hao Zhou, Liyong Fan
This paper aims to comprehensive research methods both in China and abroad and develop a practical method of environmental risk assessment about enterprises from key industries based on the data of Tianjin Binhai New District. This method consider the following factors: types of industries, the enterprise...
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An optimized dynamic frame slotted ALOHA anti-collision algorithm

Hui Bao, Jing Wang
The dynamic frame slot ALOHA (DFSA) algorithm is a typical anti-collision. For the shortcomings of DFSA algorithm, this paper presents an improved algorithm – IDFSA. On the one hand, IDFSA algorithm to improve the label estimation algorithm, so as to achieve dynamic adjustment. On the other hand, through...
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The impact of distributed photovoltaic on the distributed network

Hui Liu, Changhong Deng, Zhigang Zhang, Feng Zheng, Miao Lie, Jing Meng
With the increasing of photovoltaic (PV) penetration in the distribution network recent year, the impact of PV is more and more obvious. This paper first study the mechanism of PV impact on distribution network through the equivalent circuit of grid-tied PV system. Then we establish a typical distributed...
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Study on Treatment of Anaerobic Fermentation Liquid by A2N Denitrification and Phosphorus Removal System

Andong Ge, Qiong Jin, Lan Ma
A2N (anaerobic / anoxic and nitrification) denitrifying phosphorus and nitrogen removal process is a new process which based on denitrifying PAOs anoxic phosphorus theory. The experiment used the continuous flow A2N system for dealing with the dilution of high concentration of anaerobic fermentation...
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Consideration of Internal Governance Structure of New Rural Cooperative Organization in China

Li Liu
After the 30 years’ reform until now, there are still several defects existing in Chinese most of new rural economic cooperative organizations like the low development degree and incomplete functions especially the apparent defects in the internal governance structure, which influence its development....
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Study on Operating Characteristics of PV Power System Based on PV Power Station Integration Standards

Feng Zheng, Changhong Deng, Hui Liu, Zhigang Zhang, Qijun Yi
Based on the voltage-current characteristic of the photovoltaic (PV) cell and PV’s integration technology standards, the more realistic imitational modeling of PV system for engineering application is presented. Through the operation standards of PV system and control of power electronics, the PV power...
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Biomechanics Effects of Vibration Intervention on Achilles tendon in Rats among Different Frequencies

Fuming Gu
The objective of this objective was to investigate the biomechanical effects of vibration intervention training on tendon in rats. Sixty rats were randomly assigned to four groups: rest control group, 25Hz vibration training group, 35Hz vibration training group, and 45-Hz vibration training group, 15...
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The Research of Comprehensive Evaluation Method in the Application of Professional Courses

Haihong Li
The examination mode of course is determined by the teaching contents, teaching methods and teaching purpose, while it also has an important effect on the teaching. In order to promote the learning of professional courses, this paper explores the evaluation ways of mechanical and electrical professional...
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Research of Embedded Ethernet Technology

Yucheng Shi
With the development of electronic technology, embedded system in domestic and industrial fields has been widely used, such as smart appliances, mobile computing devices, network equipment and industrial control field, which greatly improves the efficiency of production and life of people. On the other...
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Research on Feature Selection Method in Chinese Text Automatic Classification

Ying Hong, Xiwen Shao
This paper introduced the importance and workflow of Chinese web page classification. It studied the defects of chi-square statistic algorithm and improved it. At last, it verified the improved chi-square statistic algorithm combined with Bayes algorithm through a series of experiments. The experimental...
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Mean-risk model for portfolio selection with uncertain returns

Wei Li, Weiyi Qian, Mingqiang Yin
This paper discusses the uncertain portfolio selection problem when security returns are hard to be well reflected by historical data. In portfolio selection, risk analysis is one of the most important topics and research on quantitative definition of risk remains core of the topic. A new risk measure...
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Public Policy Orientation Research of Old City Reconstruction

Yudong Hou
Urban redevelopment is a very controversial topic in China, meanwhile is also the trend that social and economic development continue to promote. Three main bodies are concerned in the reconstruction of old city, including local government, the estate developer and local residents. Because of the phenomenon...
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A Design and Implementation of the Online Curriculum System Based on the Browser/Server Architecture

Bing Chen, Junhua Yao, Pin Wang
This paper proposed the design idea and the development of an online curriculum system based on the Browser/Server architecture from the perspectives of system analysis and design. This system can efficiently manage and update the teaching contents. To solve the difficulty traditional online curriculum...
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The Application and Role of Multimedia Technology in Mandarin Teaching

Hanqing Zhou, Ling Huang
Compared with the traditional teaching methods, teaching by using multimedia technology is unable to be replaced by other teaching methods, and it also provides wider scope and prospect for mandarin teaching. Therefore, the paper discusses the application and role of multimedia technology in mandarin...
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The Design Research of Improving Safety Facility Based on User Experience: a Case Study of Fire Extinguisher Box

Yun Dong, Tao Huang, Guona Liu
User experience of safety facility is very important, and good experience helps users save themselves better and faster from dangerous situation. To improve user experience of using safety facilities, potential user needs and their psychological states should be focused in design. In this research, fire...
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Appreciating Wu Wei’s Baqiao Bridge snow Figure

Peng Peng, Jing Pu
Wu Wei was the representative personage of Zhejiang painters. His lightsome ink and wild painting style attracted many people. He then became an unusual talent in painting history of Ming Dynasty. People who read Baqiao Bridge Snow Figure would feel rustle in the air at first, but then would find it...
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Application of SAM for engine cooling system

Bo Gao, Jinmao Chen, Rujuan Yi
A kind of SAM film based on octadecylphosphonic acid was prepared on cast iron and steel substrates by the immersion method. The film was characteristiced by scanning electron microscope (SEM) wettability studies. The result showed that octadecylphosphonic acid formed compact hydrophobe film on the substrates...
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Strategy and temperature affect of the charging of lithium-ion battery management system

Yi Xiong
This paper mainly research the relationship between the lithium-ion battery management systems and charging policies and temperature. In the introduction of lithium-ion battery characteristics of the premise, the lithium-ion battery protection methods are described, based on a lithium-ion battery protection...
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Research on Roller Straightening Process for Stainless Steel Clad Plate

Herong Jin, Xukun Yang, Xueyan Han
In order to achieve the shape finishing and stress reforming of wide stainless steel clad plate after rolling, based on the elasto-plastic straightening theory, combined with the 11-roller straightening scheme, the isothermal residual curvature straightening process is presented. The straightening process...
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Gestures Recognition Method Based on Electromyographic Signal

Yucheng Tian, Mo Wang, Xing Zhang, Xin’an Wang
Different gestures were identified through analyzing and processing the electromyographic signal(EMGs) collected from the forearm. That in turn was used to control the upper limb rehabilitation equipment. The wavelet denoising was used after filtering the power frequency interference and the normalized...
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Application of Microprocessor in the Testing

Tao Qi, Yanbin Zhang, Youcai Jiang
The microprocessor gradually plays a core role in the modern industry and has a wide application field such as remote sensing, data acquisition, temperature control, speech recognition, dynamic detection, real-time monitoring. Application of microprocessor in the industrial test field has three aspects:...
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The Improvement and Implementation of Speech Enhancement Based on Mel frequency Wiener Filtering

Binwen Fan, Yongjun Wang
The main purpose of speech enhancement is to eliminate the noise in noisy speech signal and extract pure speech signal, which has important significance to improve the performance of digital hearing aid. This paper mainly studies the speech enhancement technology in digital hearing aids. Using the improved...
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Machine State Identification based on Information Fusion

Zhiyuan Sun, Jian Zheng, Chao Xiong, Junhui Yin
Aiming at the uncertainty of the results obtained by using single sensor and single algorithm in the process of machine state identification, the DS evidence theory is introduced. Firstly, the basic probability assignment (BPA) is constructed according to the classification results of the support vector...
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Research on the Algorithm of the Measurement Task Scheduling for the Space Launch Offshore Survey

Jinyuan Liu, Liangcai Liao, Jie Zhang, Zhongyi Chen
Space launch offshore measurement is an important part of space launch, in order to overcome the survey ship shortage for space launch tracking tasks , task scheduling method research is most needed. The space launch survey ships at sea measurement task scheduling problem described analysis to establish...
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The Design Of Management System Of Micro Theater Chain

Jingming Liu, Sanxing Cao
Micro film, as a new pattern of artistic dissemination, breaking away from restrictions and fetters during creating, can reflect the epitome of every director's dream within a short period of time. It's becoming more and more necessary to get a micro theater chain to provide offline opportunities to...
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Vehicle Routing Optimization for Logistics Distribution based on Artificial Fish-swarm Algorithms

Li Zhao
In this paper, a method is proposed to design the optimal vehicles routing scheme for the logistics distribution. By taking the distribution cost as the objective, the vehicle routing optimization model at the case of many clients and one distributing center is established with some reasonable assumption....
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Modified Genetic Algorithm Based Method on Low-Power Mapping in Network-on-chip

Qi-hua Dai, Qin-rang Liu, Jian-liang Shen, Miao Sun
Focusing on the power decreasing of large-scale applications in network-on-chip, this paper proposed a modified genetic algorithm based method on low-power mapping. With communication weights of task nodes and structural features of mapping platform, this method acquired better initial mapping solution...
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Experiment Research of UHMWPE Fiber Reinforced Concrete under Triaxial Compression

Lingfeng Li, Luhui Yan, Yuwu Zhang
A triaxial compression test was carried out to investigate the effect of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) on concrete’s behavior, in which four kinds of fiber volume fraction (0%, 0.3%, 0.5%, 1.0%) and five kinds of confining pressure (0MPa, 3MPa, 6MPa, 12MPa, 18MPa) were designed. The...
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Inner Supporting Application Study of Piling Support in Deep Muddy Stratum Pit

Hui Ma
The support scheme of inner supporting of piling support is adopted for the deep pit engineering of the access of an underground garage located in muddy stratum of Xiamen, under the circumstance of the excavation depth, area, soil layer and surrounding environment of the foundation pit. The monitoring...
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Uses of WorldView-2 Multispectral Data in Extracting Potential Iron Mineralization Zones

Min Yang, Jianqiang Li, Ting Gao, Guangli Ren, Haihui Han
A test site in West Kunlun area, China has been established to study the applications of WorldView-2 multispectral data to iron oxide minerals mapping. An iron oxide minerals distribution map was mapped by Spectral Matched Filtering (SMF) technique after the image data had been processed by atmospheric...
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Fragility analysis of existing precast industrial frames using CFRP reinforcement

Jian Zhu, Pin Tan, Jianmin Jin
This study focus on derivation of such fragility curves using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) technologies retrofitted conventional reinfored concrete (RC) factory buildings. A set of random earthquake waves which compatible with the response spectrum of major history earthquake waves in China...
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Research on Mechanical Properties of Cement-gravel Core Material

Zhong Liu, Ruishe Qiao, Na Li, Bojin Hao, Yuqin Gao
Cement-gravel core material with clay cement and gravel as the primary ingredients is a new core material for embankment dam, and it is generally perceived to have broad applications in the field of dam construction since the stress-strain behavior of such core material is between gravelly soil core...
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Finite Element Analysis on Flexible Flange Joint of Steel Tubular Structure

Yangli Wang, Rui Yan
Flange joints are common in electric transmission steel tube tower. Flange with stiffening rib usually used, whose structure is complicated and do not meet the economic requirements, but flexible flanges make up the shortcoming in a certain state. So strength of flexible flanges subjected to axial force...
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Joint Slippage Model in Lattice Transmission Tower

Wenqiang Jiang, Zhangqi Wang, Ziyang Zhang
The bolted connecting is prone to slip results from external load in the transmission tower as the member is thin and the pre-tightening force of bolt is small. The influence of joint slippage is usually considered in the finely analysis of transmission lines tower. In this paper, the joint slippage...
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Nonlinear Static Analysis of UHV Tower with Considering Joint Slippage

Wenqiang Jiang, Ziyang Zhang, Zhangqi Wang
In the traditional lattice tower design process, the effects of bolted joint slippage are not taken into account, which cause great discrepancy between numerical analysis and full tower tests. In this paper, several joint slippage models are presented with considering the joint connection types and number...
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Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Forces of ACSR Conductor

Lizhong Qi, Meng Wang, Gang Xu, Zhangqi Wang
The aerodynamic characteristics of ACSR conductor with the large section were simulated with the fluid dynamics software in this paper. The slightly compressible viscous fluid and the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model were used to modify the wind around the conductor. The numerical simulation results...
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Development of Market-prestige Model for Project Supervision

Zhongshan Lu, Shuping Yang
The paper aims to investigate the incentive mechanism of project supervision organizers by using the market-prestige model. The results of two-stage game analysis indicated that the game process can be maintained at least two stages under asymmetric information. In Stage I, the efforts of project supervisors...
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Detection and Separation of Multi-component Radar Emitter Signal

Xiaofeng Wang, Guoyi Zhang, Lijun Qi
The problem of multi-component radar emitter signal processing is studied, an effective method based on time-varying filtering is proposed to detect and separate the multi-component signal in radar reconnaissance occasion. Each signal component in the time-frequency plane is detected by the region growing...
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Build and implement of Independent college teachers team construction Auxiliary decision system Based on framework of said

Qing-Ru Sui
The independent college wants long-term development will have a reasonable structure of teaching staff, because the independent college teaching situation has its unique characteristics. So in independent college teachers, on the basis of the basic situation of the existing framework is used to describe...
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Private colleges teachers evaluation system based on support vector machine (SVM)

Xiao-Yan Liu
Private college is the important constituent of higher education system ,To improve the quality of teaching, to promote teachers' quality and enhancement the teachers' teaching ability ,it is necessary to evaluate teacher's ability. Paper is on the basis of the existing teachers' assessment, proposed...
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Effects of postcure temperature on mechanical properties of resin mineral composite for precision machine tool

Yi Zhang, Jianhua Zhang, Jicai Yin, Wenqiang Wang, Gang Li
Resin mineral composite has drawn much attention in the field of elementary machine components due to its excellent damping property. The effects of postcure temperature on mechanical properties of resin mineral composite were investigated in this paper. Research results showed that the glass-transition...
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The research of Medical Compression Stockings equipment based on 3D scanner

Zhi Gao, Tingyu Liu, Conghui Shi
The Compression stocking is one of the effective means to protect and cure varix, If people want to gain good effect from the medical compression stockings, they need to be provided with specific type of compression stockings which is designed based on the analysis of their leg shape. However, the domestic...
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An Automatic Method to detect defects for Solid Rocket Motor

Qian Fu, Jiuling Zhao
Since the traditional defects detection methods on the CT image was not highly automated and could not lead to satisfied effects, a new defects detection method of the solid rocket motor was proposed based on the bot-hat transformation and threshold segmentation. Firstly, the bot-hat transformation was...
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K-means Algorithm Based on Fitting Function

SiYong Chu, YanNi Deng, LinLi Tu
The K-means algorithm has the shortcomings of being sensitive to the initial clustering center, and in order to overcome this drawback, in this paper ,on the basis of the combination of data density and the optimal distance , a new definition of fitting function is made and then a kind of K-means algorithm...
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The Research of Vibration Signal De-noising Method Based on LMD and Wavelet De-noise

Gangxiang Guo, Yuanming Ding, Jinwei Chen
This paper puts forward a vibration signal de-noising method based on LMD and Wavelet De-noise. The method de-noises the PFs separated from LMD by wavelet De-noise, and reconstitute the de-noised signal. It’s effective to de-noising diesel engine vibration signal and simulation signal. Compared with...
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Research and design of small and medium power without the impact of the UPS

Yong Wang
The design for the normal operation of load in a period of time when the electricity suddenly interrupted. The whole design used "AC-DC-AC" form. The direct current can be obtained by the electricity after the rectifier or the battery voltage after boosting and then sent out after boosting and inverter....
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A Method of Quantitation Evaluation and Calculation on Stereo Display Visual Comfort Based on Depth Matching Degree

Fan Wu, Xiaoan Tang, Longxing Kong
Stereo display is the important part in realizing the virtual reality. At present, the problem of visual comfort has restricted the development and application of the stereo display. The visual comfort is closely linked to the depth of the stereo images and the viewing conditions. We propose a method...
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Design of Automobile Brake Waste Heat Recovery Device

Jie Zhang
Energy saving, emission reduction and boost energy utilization efficiency have long been the research hotspots of automobile industry[1]. In the thesis the principle of semiconductor thermoelectric power generation is briefly expounded to raise one solution of using thermoelectric power generation material...
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The Research to Service Robot Localization of Inversion GPS in the Spherical Coordinates

Zhibing Deng, Siyong Chu, Linli Tu
This paper announces an algorithm to localize service robot in the spherical coordinates and presents a method to implement ultrasonic localization of IGPS (inversion GPS) in the spherical coordinates. In addition, the algorithm is justified after a simulation.
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Public Flue Smoke Treatment Unit in Residential Building Based on Internet of Things

Hanlei Du
Nowadays the air pollution is increasingly serious. PM10, PM2.5 and other major pollution comes from various sources, in which one of the important sources is the emission of cooking smoke. Therefore, the control of sources is quite important to emission reduction. With the development of cities, more...
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Study on preparing single–component flow–type EP underfill adhesive

Huilu Li, Hongli Wei, Kangchen Shao, Ting Zhang
With EP(epoxy resin) as matrix resin, DCA(dicyandiamide) as curing agent and modified imidazole as curing accelerator, and adding fillers and other additives, a single–component flow–type EP underfill adhesive was prepared. The curing temperature was determined by testing gelation time and characterizing...
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A Novel Approach for a Specific Optimization Problem in Compilers

Hai Lin, Baoliang Mu
In this paper, we consider the problem of constant propagation. If some variable can only take a constant value in a given program, then we can replace all the occurrences of that variable with the constant value. That does not affect the semantics of the program, the program can be accelerated at run...
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Combining Nonmonotonic Inference and Case-Based Reasoning to Solve Practical Problems

Hai Lin, Baoliang Mu
This paper aims to establish the connection between case-based reasoning and nonmonotonic reasoning. In particular, we suggest to make nonmonotonic inference using case-based reasoning. The key idea of this work is that nonmonotonic reasoning should be considered as an inductive process. When provided...
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Calculation and simulation of a Hertzian dipole

Changkai Lu
As being used generally in numerous numerical calculations and models, Hertzian dipole’s calculation show its importance. This paper begin with the very basic level to deduct the equations of a Hertzian dipole fed by a current in time-varying fields in spherical co-ordinates, and then a simulation in...
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Lin Chen, Rong Zhao, Maozhu Jin
By calculating carbon sink of vegetation in a natural scenic area and tourist carbon footprint, carbon distribution load rate, carbon distribution equilibrium degree and carbon distribution order degree were introduced to study the carbon distribution order in a scenic area quantitatively. Then Simulink...
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Motion Analysis and Power Responses of a Single-buoy Wave Energy Converter Consisting of Double Hydraulic Cylinders

Biao Li, Hongtao Gao
A single-buoy wave energy converter (WEC) consisting of double hydraulic cylinders is designed to promote the conversion power of traditional oscillating buoy WEC by absorbing the energy of pitching motion. On the condition of linear, regular waves, the nonlinear coupled equations of the pitching-heaving...
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Bend-Twist Coupling Characteristics Calculations of 5MW Wind Turbine Blades based on 3D Shell Model

Xingyin Zhou, Liqiang An, Zhangqi Wang, Hexiang Zhao
Five 5MW wind turbine blades with different ply orientation are modeled based on 3D shell element. The MPC method and a beam element are used in calculating their section stiffness. Bend-twist coupling parameters of the five models are calculated. Results show that section stiffness of wind turbine blade...
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Synthesis of Pyromellitic Dianhydride (PMDA) and Tetraoctyl Pyromellitate (TOPM) by Alkali Oxygen Oxidation of Anthraeite and Esterification of PMDA with Isooctyl Alcohol

Kun Du, Yu Li, Zhifang Fan, Hong Wu
Pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) was prepared by an alkali oxygen oxidation of anthracite and selectively decarboxylation of pyromellitic acid (PA). Tetraoctyl Pyromellitate (TOPM) was synthesized by the esterification of PMDA with isooctyl alcohol. The influence of temperature and time on the yield of...
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The Design of Automatic Circulating Temperature Control System of SCM-based Greenhouse

Jian Gao, Li Zhao, Yong Sun
With the development of society, science and technology in agriculture has gained more and more attention. The paper aims at sunlight greenhouse to design an automatic circulating temperature control system based on SCM--STC15F2K32S2. The system collects the greenhouse temperature passing to the SCM...
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Analysis on the industrial performance of wind power in China

Lingzhi Ren, Ling Wang, Xin-gang Zhao
In recent years, the growth rate of wind power in China installed capacity has tended to be stable, and the competition among wind power equipment manufacturers has become increasingly fierce. In order to analyze the industrial performance of wind power in China, the paper summarized the status quo of...
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High Precision Servo System reference input learning PMSM

Yong-qiu Liu, Qiu-kui Han
For high-precision position servo system has run repeatedly on the properties of iterative learning control (iterative learning control, ILC), you can get totally theoretical position on track. But in fact, many of the servo drive usually consists of commercial products, and these products can not be...