Proceedings of the 2023 5th International Conference on Hydraulic, Civil and Construction Engineering (HCCE 2023)

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Ping Xiang, Haifeng Yang, Jianwei Yan, Faxing Ding
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 5th International Conference on Hydraulic, Civil and Construction Engineering (HCCE 2023) during December 15-17, 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committees...
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Research on Maintenance and Management Strategies of Buildings based on Machine Learning

Liangxiong Wang, Lifeng Gao
As architectural theory is advancing by leaps and bound, tremendous and complex buildings has constructed and requires corresponding maintenance and management methods. However, existing management concentrate on property management and the maintenance relies on human detection. Therefore, it is urgent...
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Analysis of Submarine Trench Siltation in Offshore Open Sea

Xiaohua Wang, Ping Zhu, Yonghui Jiang
Based on the offshore submarine pipe project in Zhangpu, the siltation characteristics of submarine trench in the nearshore open sea were studied using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. The results of the study show that the characteristics of water flow above the submarine trench will change...
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Research on Wave Characteristics of Large-scale Lakes Based on the Mild-slope Model

Yanxia Zhang, Kai Wang, Han Sun, Xixi Wang, Junyu Zheng, Yichen Huang
Lakes, as invaluable natural resources, serve multifaceted roles encompassing flood prevention, water supply, and ecological balance. However,Wind-induced waves within lake regions exert a pronounced influence on shoreline development and the proliferation of aquatic vegetation. Wind-induced waves seriously...
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Study on the flow plasticity and permeability of mixed and improved shield residue in water-rich sand layer

Jinlong Wang, Haijun Han, Chaojun Mao, Guobo Liu, Angang Yang
Shield tunneling in water-rich sand layer is prone to problems such as high cutter torque and severe wear, and spiral transporter gushing. Based on this, this paper takes the shield project of Xi’an Metro Line 10 interval as the basis, and carries out the experimental research on the improvement of slag...
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Experimental Study on Sound Absorption Performance of a New Inorganic Sound-absorbing Material

Maowei Chen, Zhiyan Lin, Weigang Bai, Junwu Xia
A new inorganic sound-absorbing material is proposed with the background of the subways reduce the noise pollution by grouting behind the track wall. By using the standing wave tube method, we investigate the sound absorption coefficients of this new inorganic sound-absorbing material with water cement...
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Prediction method of slope construction monitoring indicators based on LMD-SSA-BP

Yanru Jin, Pingjie Li, Mingjie Chen
During the construction process of slope engineering, it is greatly affected by the environment and has many safety risks and hidden dangers. By monitoring data and predicting values based on historical monitoring data, dynamic real-time monitoring of ship lock engineering is carried out to determine...
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Seismic Effect Analysis of High-Filled Cuter Cover Tunnel Considering the Time-dependent Nature of Fill Soil

Xuhong Shi, Sheng Li, Li Ma, Jiangong Zhang, Lei Cai, Xuefeng Ban
In order to investigate the seismic effect analysis of High-Filled Cuter Cover Tunnel based on equal load reduction rate and considering the timeliness of filling, three load-reducing materials, namely, EPS board, low-pressure solid soil and rubber granular improved soil, are selected, and the effects...
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Optimization design of F-type Traffic Signage based on ANSYS Finite Element Analysis

Lixia Yan, Zhiyang Fang
F-type traffic sign structure is a common cantilever traffic sign structure, its structural stability and durability in the life cycle is closely related to traffic safety. For the design and production of F-type traffic sign poles, a fully mature design theory has not been established, and favorable...
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Construction Efficiency Analysis of Ultra-deep Underground Diaphragm Wall in High Altitude Area

Wanting Zhao, Rongsheng Chen, Zhichao Tian
Due to the special geographical location, geological conditions and construction conditions of the project in Tibet, there are often problems in the construction of ultra-deep underground diaphragm wall, which lead to the current preparation regulations, cost standards and supporting quotas can not be...
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Research on Water Environment Improvement in Urban Rivers and Lakes Connected Areas——Taking “Shanghai Fish” Lake as an Example

Hongkuan Liu
In order to clarify the spatiotemporal variation patterns of water quality in urban river lake connected areas and improve the regional water environment, this research takes “Shanghai Fish” Lake and its surrounding backbone river network as the research objects. One-dimensional and two-dimensional hydrodynamic...
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Research on the Influence of Curved Shield Tunneling Construction on the Deformation of Existing Bridge Piles

Qingqu Fu, Xuanrong Zheng, Pengcheng Ding
The ABAQUS software was used to establish a finite element model of the existing bridge piles for curved shield tunneling, and the impact of each stage of curved shield tunneling construction on the upper surface and adjacent pile foundations was analyzed. Research has shown that the main settlement...
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Research on Deformation Control of Power Shield Tunnels Undercrossing Rivers Based on Orthogonal Experimental Method

Qingqu Fu, Xuanrong Zheng, Jiahui Qi
When the shield tunnel is constructed under the river, the shield machine is excavated in the water-rich sand layer with rich water content and strong permeability, and it is difficult to control the stratum disturbance deformation during construction. In this paper, based on the project of Xi’an 330kV...
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Layout Exploration for Subsequent Phases of High-Quality Promotion of South-to-North Water Diversion Project in Jiangsu Province

Chenxia Yang, Dong Chen, Kai Wang, Yichen Huang, Chunhua Yan
The South-to-North Water Diversion Project is a significant strategic initiative aimed at resolving severe water scarcity issues in northern regions of China. Building upon the foundation of the diversion from the Yangtze River to the northern part of Jiangsu Province, the Eastern Route of the South-to-North...
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Analysis of the Impact of Highway Tunnel Blasting Construction on High Voltage Electric Towers

Ying Yang, Chengxing Zheng, Fandi Gao, Lei Chen
The highway is aligned with a 110kV high-voltage power tower. Tunnel excavation and blasting operations may cause certain deformation or affect the use of high-voltage electric towers. Using numerical simulation methods, analyze the possible effects of tunnel excavation on the settlement and tilting...
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A Theoretical Counterexample of Solutions to Unsaturated Infiltration Equations

Yuelu Zhu, Yingxing Chen
A common method for obtaining the analytical solution of the unsaturated infiltration Richards equation under the first type of boundary condition is the Laplace transform. By linearizing the differential equation through the Laplace transform, solving it, and then applying the inverse transform, the...
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Relationship between shear strength and void ratio of red clay using the fractal model

Yanhao Zheng, Kun Shan, Junru Li
The strength characteristics of red clay are more complicated than ordinary clay, which directly affects the stability of infrastructure related to red clay. This paper proposes a novel relationship between the shear strength and void ratio of red clay using the existing fractal model to obtain its shear...
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Optimisation Study of Building Structure Design Scheme based on K-means Clustering Algorithm

Jiabao Zhu
In the construction project, the building structure, as the main part of the building, plays the role of the main load-bearing skeleton, but due to the lack of scientific design scheme, it leads to the problems of high building cost, poor quality, high carbon emission, etc. In this paper, starting from...
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Outlier Detection of Slope Deformation Monitoring Data based on WMA-3σ

Bin Li, Xingping Bai, Huanhuan Gao, Ting Liu
The outliers in slope deformation monitoring data often contain important information. The influence of external environment, the failure of slope structure and the failure of monitoring instrument are the important reasons for the outliers. Rapid and accurate detection of outliers is not only the basic...
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Study on the Impact of Bridge Pile Excavation on the Stability of Deep Loose Deposits Slope

Zelin Zhou, Lei Zhu, Zhibo Li, Maoyi Liu
This paper takes the deep deposit slope of Longwangxi as a case study. Using the method of strength reduction, the stability of pre-disturbance and post-disturbance conditions is calculated separately to investigate the influence of human-induced disturbances during bridge pile construction on slope...
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Study on the Shear Resistance Characteristics of Landslide Deposits in Southwest China

Zelin Zhou, Jiaming Zheng, Kai Wang, Maoyi Liu
This paper compiles and organizes in-situ tests from publicly available literature pertaining to deposit strata in Southwest China. A database was constructed, encompassing shear strength parameters, water content, particle size distribution, and sample size. Based on this database, the overall distribution...
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Research on parametric modeling methods for mechatronics cluster library

Shengfeng Feng, Lijuan Zhang, Jingjing Han
For the electromechanical family library in the component less, the degree of parameterization is low and other issues, this paper to fan coil as an example, the use of BIM technology for parametric modeling, through the simplification of the model, nested family, write parameters to create a general...
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Calculation Method for Normal Section Bearing Capacity and Crack width of Unreinforced SFRC Segment

Zhen Xu, Bin Wang, Zhiwen Dong, Yisan Deng, Haojie Liu, Deming Li
In order to facilitate engineering applications, a reliable calculation method for the normal section bearing capacity and crack width of unreinforced SFRC segment is needed. Based on the results of the three-point bending test, a material constitutive model formula is established through elastic residual...
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Experimental study on temperature variations of prefabricated sandwich insulated facade panels using truss-type connectors

Lei Ren, Qiao Feng, Zhigang Li, Quansheng Hou, Kai Shu, Puyan Wang, Jian Zhou, Weijun Zhong, Liying Zhu
Full-scale temperature tests were conducted on inner and outer wythes with single-piece truss connectors, both with and without openings, connected to sandwich insulation wall panels. The purpose of the study was to investigate the deformation and stress performance of these panels under temperature...
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Design and Analysis for Reliability Comparison Test of Bridge Hanging Basket Automatic Monitoring System

Mingjie Chen, Pingjie Li
Aiming at the problems that the manual comparison method corresponding to some monitoring items of the automatic monitoring system in the specification is not perfect and comprehensive, and the range of comparison deviation is not clear, the finite element analysis is used to determine the monitoring...
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Evaluation of National Rainwater Development and Utilization Potential Based on Geoclimatic Zoning

Ying Wang, Junde Wang, Zhenjuan Su, Li Qin
In response to the fact that it is not strong of systematic evaluation of rainwater utilization potential, and lack the results of rainwater utilization potential for the whole country and different levels of climate zones, this paper defines and divides suitable rainwater harvesting and utilization...
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Optimization of green space pattern for alleviating the urban heat island effect in Qiantang District

Gengling Wang, Hao Yang
In the context of rapid urbanization and industrialization, the urban heat island effect has become one of the significant ecological issues affecting modern urban environments. Urban green spaces play a crucial role in mitigating the heat island effect. This study takes Qiantang District in Hangzhou...
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Study on the Mitigation Effect of Urban Landscape in Hangzhou City on the Urban Heat Island Phenomenon

Xiaotong Jiang, Hao Yang
With the continuous renewal and development of cities, the urban heat island effect caused by urbanization has gradually become an undeniable issue. The negative effects of the heat island effect hinder the prosperous prospects of urban development and bring inconvenience to people’s lives. In order...
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2.5D analytical study on ground vibration induced by load moving along a curve

Qincheng Guo, Lintao Xie
In recent years, ground vibration caused by rail transportation has attracted widespread attention, while researches on trains moving along a curve are still limited. To deal with this issue, a curved 2.5D finite element/infinite element approach in the cylindrical coordinate system is proposed to simulate...
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Design and Construction of the Interlocking Steel Pipe Pile Cofferdam for the Main Pier of the Shuidu Second Bridge located in Danjiangkou City

Qing Tian, Tao Zhou, Dengwu Li, Hao Ge
The main bridge of the Danjiangkou Shuidu Second Bridge is a three-span continuous steel box girder arch bridge with a total length of (227.5+225+227.5) meters. The 20th pier of the bridge is located in the main channel of the Han River. During the construction period, the designed water depth is approximately...
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Multi-objective Optimization of Construction Projects Based on Ant Colony Algorithm

Jin Chen
To understand the multi-objective optimization of construction projects, a multi-objective optimization study of construction projects based on ant colony algorithm has been proposed. This paper first proposes a multi colony ant colony particle swarm fusion algorithm, and conducts empirical research...
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BIM Earthwork Calculation of Open Cut Section of Intercity Railway Based on BIM+GIS technology

Mingliang Pan, Hanling Sun
To improve accuracy and efficiency, reduce labor intensity and labor costs, this article proposes a earthwork calculation process and method for the open excavation section of the road, which is used to guide the construction of the open excavation section of the road. Based on the research background...
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Experimental Research on Anti-slip Performance of Cables at the Saddle of Partially Cable-stayed Bridge

Hailin Liu, Peng Wang, Yun Huang, Cheng Huang, Junliang Zhu
To address the issue of cable anti-slip at the saddle of pre-stressed concrete partially cable-stayed bridges, typical cables were selected and a full-scale model of the bridge tower segment and reaction beam combination was designed and constructed to conduct experiments on cable slippage resistance...
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Demonstration of two methods for damming clay slaking test

Zhenyao Wu, Zhaosheng Wang
During the initial impoundment of earth-rock dams, the slaking deformation of dam materials often leads to settlement, thus inducing cracks. The existing slaking tests are mainly applicable to coarse-grained materials, but there are few studies on the slaking tests of clay materials. In order to explore...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors on Internal Forces of Large-diameter Jacking Pipe Structures in Composite Formations

Bin Zhang, Xiaoxiang Chen, Jianwu Gong
The design of the existing top pipe pipeline structure adopts a plane strain model and assumes that the pipe circumference is a homogeneous foundation soil. By selecting typical geological conditions for internal force calculation and reinforcement of the pipeline structure, if the established rock and...
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Study on Mechanical Properties of Transformation Construction Method of Loess Tunnel with Extra-Large Section

Shilei Zhang, Tianli Huang, Wanyun Yin, Lanmin Xie
The Loess Tunnel with extra large section is more and more popular in the construction of expressway in the northwest of our country, therefore, it is necessary to adjust the construction method in time according to the actual geological conditions. In this paper, the settlement deformation, horizontal...
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Analysis of Super-large Deep Foundation Pit Support and Monitoring Results in Sewage Plant

Shiquan Wei, Wenjie Deng, Qianzheng Kai, Huanbao Peng
In order to study the effect of construction sequence of anchor cable on the stability of deep foundation pit, Taking the ultra-large deep foundation pit project of Zhong you-fang Sewage Treatment Plant in Hefei City as the background, based on the geological and surrounding environmental conditions...
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Analytical Study on the Effect of Geometry of Umbrella Anchors in Clays

Shutao Zhang, Jun Peng, Yong Dai, Hongyang Huang, Tingting Li
Umbrella anchor has large anchoring force and high timeliness, which is an effective technical measure for rapid reinforcement of soil engineering. However, the influence of anchor plate geometry on its anchoring characteristics is not clear. Therefore, indoor pull-out model tests of rectangular anchor...
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Study on the Applicability of “Five-Step Single Sidewall Guide Pit Method” for Loess Tunnels with Very Large Cross-Section

Minglei Qiao, Sheng Li, Yanjin Xue, Qicai Wang, Jiangong Zhang, Zhigang Chen
In order to strengthen the control ability of single sidewall guided pit method on surrounding rock deformation, and make it more suitable for the construction of very large section loess tunnel. The five-step single sidewall pit guide method is proposed by reserving core soil on the basis of single...
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Integrating Geotechnical Engineering and Finite Element Analysis in Urban Tunnel Construction: Case Study of Zhongshan Road Station on Hohhot Metro Line 2

Kuan Wang
The expansion of Metro Line 2 with the addition of Zhongshan Road Station in Hohhot presents a paradigm of urban engineering that merges infrastructure growth with the conservation of extant utility systems. This study examines the station’s construction, located at a critical junction, which includes...
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Research status and development of non-destructive testing technology for deformation and damage caused by tunnel construction on adjacent ancient buildings

Jia Wen, Yu Jia, Zhaodong Xu, Bo Zhao, Ke Hua, Junzhe Tan
This review introduces the impact of tunnel construction on adjacent buildings and analyses the potential hazards to adjacent ancient buildings. List the commonly used non-destructive testing methods for deformation and damage in ancient buildings today, including infrared thermal imaging technology,...
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Analysis on Distortion Effect of Single Box Double Cell Box Girders Subjected to Lane Load

Zihao Xin
In view of the particularity that the current analytical theory of box girder distortion is mainly limited to single-cell cross-sections and double-cell cross-sections without cantilever plates, this paper uses the plate element method to establish the distortion control differential equations of single-box...
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The relationship between the seismic bending moment of pier bottom and the initial lifting bending moment of railway self-centering pier

Zhijie Zhu, Xiushen Xia, Haoran Zhu, Xin Qiao, Heng Zhang, Xudong Zhang
In order to explore the relationship between the maximum seismic bending moment at the bottom of a railway self-repositioning pier and its initial lifting moment, a finite element analysis model is established based on OpenSees platform on a 32m railway simple supported beam bridge as the engineering...
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Investigation and Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Fracture Inclination on rock Mass Strength and Failure Pattern

Ziyu Fu, Zhengyuan Zhang, Zixuan Li, Guangyuan Wang, Hongwei Wang
The mechanical properties and failure patterns of rock mass are greatly influenced by the presence of numerous initial cracks. This study aims to investigate the impact of crack inclination angle on the strength of damaged rock mass. To achieve this, rock specimens with cracks inclined at 0°, 30°, 45°,...
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Road and Bridge Expansion Joint Crack Detection and Disease Classification Based on Deep Learning and Morphology

Yanhui Huang, Shengan Lu, Haoxuan Du, Weixian Qiu, Xuyan Cai, Shuai Xue, Jia He
Roads and bridges play a pivotal role in China's land transportation. However, with the increase in operation time, the concrete in the anchorage area of road and bridge expansion joints will be subjected to fatigue loading for a long time cracking will occur, and the expansion joints will be bulging...
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Research on the Influence of Seismic Traveling Wave Effect on Long-span Double-layer Cylindrical Reticulated Shell Structure

Weidong Xie, Xiaojun Hu, Xiangsheng Tao, Zhihao Su, Guangjie Zhang
Based on the requirement of coal production capacity development in China, the design of dry coal sheds for storage is developing towards long spans and increased spatial capacity. The long-span double-layer cylindrical reticulated shell structure has emerged as the most widely adopted structural form...
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Study on smoke exhaust by roof openings in an underground fire lane

Zhenting Zhang, Miaocheng Weng
To discuss the natural ventilation design parameters of underground fire lane for underground metro depot, a series of numerical simulations were conducted in this study to investigate the influence of opening interval on the smoke exhaust based on an underground fire lane of Chongqing Metro. The results...
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Research on the Construction Efficiency Management of Prefabricated Buildings Based on BIM Virtual Modeling

Na Xiong
Across the country, the government actively promotes the construction of such houses and widely uses BIM technology in prefabricated construction. The goal of this project is to use BIM technology to build virtual building models through case study, and to solve the problems of plane layout, quality,...
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Analysis and Calculation of Agricultural Irrigation Water Consumption in Southern Lift Irrigated Area

Rongxiang Hu, Hongwei Jia, Yu Wang, Yujie Wang
The imperative task of calculating agricultural water consumption (AWC) in southern lift irrigated areas relies on pump station machinery, making it a crucial aspect of statistical analysis. Based on pump station calibration data, this study used different statistical methods to calculate the irrigation...
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Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Building Construction Management: Optimizing Cost and Schedule

Shengyu Liu
In the context of industrialization in the construction industry and the growing focus on carbon neutrality, the sector is rapidly shifting towards sustainability, digitalization, and the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This review explores current trends in this transformative landscape,...
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Revitalizing Historical Legacy: The Restoration of Xingguo Hotel’s Building No. 2 and its Integration into Modern Urban Development

Jun Zhou
This study details the conservation and restoration of Building No. 2 at Xingguo Hotel, a significant historical site in Shanghai, with a particular focus on its civil engineering and architectural structural aspects. Employing Evidence-Based Design Methods for evaluation, the restoration project centered...
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Study on influencing factors of hydraulic efficiency of the clearwell

Shuo Zhang, Jiajiong Xu, Min Rui, Jian Wang
The clearwell has the dual function of hydraulic regulation and disinfection contact. Improving hydraulic efficiency is an important measure to reduce the amount of disinfection by-products. The example of the clearwell was modeled as a whole. Then the influence of the main geometric dimensions on the...
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Element, Empirical Rheological Model of Soft Soil

Fei Yang, Shaofeng Wan, Hao Chen, Zhenjian Xiong
Referring to the relevant articles on the rheological model of soft soil, it is learned that the main research on the rheology of soft soil is focused on the nonlinear creep of soft soil in coastal areas, and various rheological models are used for calculation. The component rheological model and empirical...
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Research on factors influencing stability of Subgrade Soil Cave in karst area based on Soil Arching Effect

Di Wu, Haoran Wang, Taiming Liang, Wenwu Chen
In karst areas of China, subgrade cave collapse is a serious threat to traffic safety. In this paper, numerical simulation and experimental validation are used to examine the effects of different collapse widths, fill heights, and cohesive forces on the stability of subgrade soil caves. The results of...
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Study on the Relationship between Siltation Amount and Pre-dam Water Level of Three Gorges Reservoir under New Water and Sand Conditions

Yahan Yang, Sichen Tong, Man Wu
In order to study the comprehensive influence of incoming water and sand level and pre-dam water level on sediment siltation in the Three Gorges Reservoir under the condition of new water and sand, this paper studies the coupling relationship between sediment sediment and pre-dam water level in the Three...
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Research on Passive Ultra Low Energy Residential Building Fresh Air System

Qinghua Liu, Wenhong Yu, Liyan Shi, Kuan Wang
In recent years, outdoor air pollution has become increasingly serious, with frequent haze. The installation of fresh air systems in residential buildings has become a new trend, but the energy consumption issue of fresh air systems needs to be taken seriously. This paper describes the current situation...
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Water Hammer Analysis of Hydropower Station with Multi-level Water Intake

Hongbo Zhu, Jinfeng Wang, Shaojia Yang, Sheng Zhang, Zhixuan Zhang
It’s special and complicated of water hammer analysis of hydropower station with multi-level water intake.In this paper, water hammer analysis is carried out for a hydropower station with stratified intake.The results show that the project layout and power generation water level meet the operation requirements.In...
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Efficient Geotechnical Reliability-based Design Updating Using Direct Monte Carlo Simulation and Sample Reweighting

Xing Peng, Qirui Ma, Congpeng Zhang
This paper proposes an efficient reliability-based design (RBD) updating procedure for geotechnical structures, which integrates the Expanded RBD method based on Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) with a sample reweighting approach. Within the proposed procedure, the Expanded RBD is utilized to perform the...
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Construction of risk assessment system of a typical foundation pit based on monitoring data

Yonghua Sha, Zhen Zhang, Mingli Tang
Taking the foundation pit of a pumping station project in Wenzhou as the object, a risk assessment system was constructed by making full use of routine monitoring items and monitoring data, and the foundation pit construction safety was comprehensively judged by using this system. The research results...
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Grey Correlation Analysis of Factors Influencing the Stability of Loess Strata in Shield Tunneling

Haijun Zhao, Heyi Liu, Jiangrong Pei, Tiannan Chen
In the context of shield tunneling through loess strata, this study utilizes a refined simulation model in FLAC3D to calculate a total of 30 parameters associated with five factors influencing the maximum displacement of the surrounding rock. Through grey correlation analysis, the impact of each factor...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Carbon Emissions from Residential Buildings in Jiangsu Province's Prefectural-level Cities Based on the Entropy Weight-TOPSIS Method

Xilong Li, Xi He, Lin Zhang, Jialin Song, Zhongjiao Ma
This study aims to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of building carbon emissions based on the Entropy Weight-TOPSIS method. The construction industry is one of the primary sources of global greenhouse gas emissions, so evaluating the level of building carbon emissions is crucial for promoting sustainable...
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Isotope Techniques for Identifying Nitrate Pollution Sources in Southern Humid Regions of China: A Case Study in Conghua District

Qunhao Yang, Jinghao Zhao, Yulong Xiong
Nitrates pose a significant threat to groundwater quality, with agricultural activities being the primary source. This study employs environmental isotope techniques, using stable isotopes such as D, 18O, and 15N as tracers, to identify and investigate the sources of nitrate pollution in groundwater...
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A Study on the Diffusion Radius of Sand Layer Grouting Based on Fractal Theory

RongJun Ding, An Chen, Ming Liu
This article focuses on the problem of excessive diffusion range of grouting body encountered in engineering projects, and analyzes in detail the possible influencing factors. Based on fractal theory, the filling coefficient and diffusion mechanism of grouting body in sandy soil layer are analyzed from...
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Significant wave height prediction model based on LSTM cell spatiotemporal network

Qinze Chen, Hanghang Lyu, Jiaming Qu, Yuchi Hao
Marine operations, engineering activities, and transportation are highly influenced by sea waves, and accurately predicting the 2D wave field is crucial for ensuring safe and efficient project execution and avoiding the sea wave disaster. While existing deep learning applications for wave height prediction...
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Land Use Simulation of Shanghai Based on Multi-source Data Integration

Yundan Bai, Fayun Li, Weiyu Yu
With the continuous improvement of big data mining technology, massive and multi-source land use spatio-temporal big data began to emerge. Big data thinking plays an increasingly important role in ecological monitoring, smart city construction, public safety and support for major decisions. Taking Shanghai...
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Simulation of Stochastic Wind Field on Long Span Cable-stayed Bridge

Yongyi Yang, Zizhen Zhang, Jizhong Yang
The quick and efficient simulation of wind speed profiles is a necessary condition for performing time history response analysis of bridges. This paper introduces the harmonic synthesis method for simulating wind fields and applies it to simulate the random wind field at the location of the Hanjia River...
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Effect of Subsoil Replacement in Frost-Sensitive Areas on the Frost Deformation of Channel

Dunzhe Qi, Hairuo Wang, Yan Wang
The water content of the subsoil is one of the main factors affecting the subsidence of the channel bank slopes, the looser the soil quality of the bank slopes, the greater the water content, the greater the deformation of the channel bank slopes, the use of non-freezing and expansion sensitive materials...
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The Adaptability to Fault Slip and Seismic Behavior of Exposed Steel Penstock Crossing Active Fault

Yu Zhou, Changzheng Shi, Wentao Xu, Hegao Wu, Shenghe Yang
By an exposed steel penstock crossing an active fault in high earthquake-intensity areas, the adaptability to fault slip and seismic behavior of the penstock is analyzed by the finite element method in this paper. The results show that it is effective to set several bellow-type expansion joints and arrange...
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Experimental Study on Suppression of NH4H2PO4 on Cassava Starch Dust Explosion

Yue Sun, Shunbing Zhu, Lujia Tao, Xuemei Wu
In order to study the inhibition effect of inert powder NH4H2PO4 on the cassava starch dust explosion. Using the 20L spherical explosion experimental device and the Hartmann tube experimental device to test the effects of NH4H2PO4 on the dust explosion parameters and flame propagation characteristics...
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Block stability analysis considering depth-dependent damage on bedding planes due to blasting

Bo Lu, Dongdong Xu, Jiliang Wang
The study presents a case study on the stability analysis of a rock s lope using block theory. During the early stages of excavation of the intake slope, which is a dip slope with the bench face angle greater than the dip angle of the bedding planes, local failures due to sliding along bedding planes...
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Introduction to BIM technology construction application

Junhong Li, Wei Jiang, Shiqiao Cheng, Qiang Wu, Wenqiang Ma, Tao Wang
With the promotion of the country and the industry, BIM technology ushers in a tide of application, and although the overall effect is not as good as that of European and American countries, it can indeed solve many engineering problems and provide valuable experience for the development of construction...
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Comprehensive Detection Method and Leakage Prevention Measure for Classical Garden Pond

Rongfang Huang, Wenxian Mei
The issue of leakage in classical garden ponds after prolonged use is highly pronounced. The exerting effects are not only detrimental to the overall landscape of the garden but also lead to the wastage of valuable water resources. This paper takes the detection and remediation project of leakage in...
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Study on Anti-explosion Performance of Steel Beam-slab Protective Doors

Ziye Liu, Xianxiang Zhou, Fantong Lin, Xiao Li, Lan Xiao
To investigate the anti-explosion performance of steel beam-slab protective door under underwater explosion impact, a three-dimensional numerical model for the steel beam-slab protective door under underwater impact load was established, and the effects of constraint conditions, height and thickness...
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Research on Vibration Safety Evaluation and Control Standards for Gravity-type quay walls

Mingxing Zhu, Yang Zhou, Kunpeng Wu, Zhijun Liu
Gravity-type quay walls are widely used in port projects around the world because of their advantages of durability and convenience of construction. However, these quay structures are often subject to vibration damage from activities like ground treatment construction, pile driving and traffic vehicle...
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Experimental study on the influence of umbrella anchor on the reinforcement effect of micro pile

Qinwen Liu, Shuxue Song, Yilin He, Yong Xiong, Jialin He
The construction of micro pile is more convenient than that of anti-slide pile, but the anti-slide ability is low and the deformation control ability is insufficient. The combined support of prestressed umbrella anchor and micro pile for channel slope is the solution. The indoor model test was carried...
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Overall Stability Analysis of Enclosed Roadside Noise Barriers

Zhimin Yang, Jinhua Tan, Youwei Jiang
Fully enclosed noise barriers (FENB) have been widely used in urban areas with high-rise buildings, but a new type of enclosed noise barrier with top central opening spaces (TONB) becomes an optimum proposal due to the demand for light transmission and wind resistance. This paper provides a detailed...
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A Brief Analysis of Safety and Health Hazard Awareness in Building Construction in China from 2001 to 2022

Shaojia Fan, Mingwan Zhang
On the basis of summarizing the research results of domestic and foreign scholars on safety awareness, this paper summarizes the influencing factors of safety awareness into three levels: laws and regulations, safety management, and safety protection, and thus constructs a theoretical model of the impact...
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Research on Construction Technology of 30m Precast T-Beam Assembly Line in Smart Girder Fabrication Yard

Senhua Gu, Yiyue Ma, Guotai Xu, Xiaodong Zhou
With the continuous development of bridge construction in the direction of rapid speed, high quality and environmental protection, prefabrication technology has become the mainstream trend of bridge engineering development. Based on the prefabricated T-beam construction of the smart girder fabrication...
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Study on the Evaluation Model of Earth-Rock Dam Failure Consequences Based on Combined Weighting and Extensible Cloud Model

Peijiang Cong, Bo Zhang, Zhigang Yin, Liang Wang, Yanchun Li
The reservoir dam disaster is characterized by its suddenness, and the consequences of dam failure are unbearable for people. In order to accurately understand and determine the severity of the consequences of reservoir dam failure, and to ensure the safety and interests of downstream public, this paper...
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Non-Contact Bolt Detection Based on YOLOv5-Ganomaly Algorithm and UAV

Haibo Xie, Qianyu Liao, ShiXiang Yang, Junwei Zhu
High-strength bolt loosening detection is an important part of steel bridge inspection. The automatic detection methods based on machine vision and UAV have the characteristics of fast speed and high efficiency, and have been widely used to replace manual inspection. However, it is difficult to realize...
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Analysis of the Application of BIM in the Whole Process of Engineering Costing-Taking a Fire Station as an Example

Yuan Lu
In order to increase engineering quality and lower engineering costs, novel scenarios involving the integration of BIM technology and engineering costs can be realized. Examples include sharing engineering cost data and information and managing dynamic controls. As a result, this paper analyzes and summarizes...
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Design and Application of Bridge Operation Monitoring Scheme

Xigen Zhang, Renjun Yan
The frequency and depth of routine inspection of the operation status information of the completed bridge are far from the requirements of grasping the health status of the bridge, so it is necessary to design and establish a modern, automatic and intelligent operation monitoring system. Taking Nanjing...
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Experimental Study on Flow Characteristics of Crisscross Bars in Straight Channel

Xi Wang, Jinyou Lu, Zhongwu Jin, Zhaohui Chai
Flow characteristics are the driving force to the riverbed evolution in straight channel with crisscross bars. The variation laws of longitudinal velocity, transverse velocity and turbulent intensity were studied by flume experiment. The results show that: ① the longitudinal time-average velocity decreases...