Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Humanities Science, Management and Education Technology (HSMET 2019)

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Research on the Development of NVIDIA

Yuhang Jiang
Established in 1993, the NVIDIA corporation has been committed to developing the most advanced GPU in the world in order to provide the best image processing technology to its clients. The GPUs designed by NVIDIA have been widely used in a many kinds of computer systems, such as laptops, military navigation...
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Research on Big Data Application in the field of shipping operation and management

Zhu Liu, Jiu-wu Yao
In order to comprehensively master big data application in the field of operation and management of marine transportation in China and promote much deeper integration between technology and industry, this paper conducts an analysis on big data application types, generation, collection, method exploration...
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Applying Data Mining in order to Motivate Inclusive Finance

Che-Chang Chang, Fang-Tzu Chen
Without doubt, administering inclusive financial assistance to relieve the poor of poverty has been put under spot light recently. This present study itry to apply data mining, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and financial technologies to promote the project of inclusive finance in rural areas...
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Identification and Evaluation of Mortgage Financing Risk of Agricultural Land Management Right

Liuqing Liu, Yixuan Liu
In view of the various drawbacks of the current agricultural land system, China began to explore the collective ownership of farmland, the contracting rights of farmers and the management rights of the three powers, and achieved remarkable results, including the financing of farmland management rights....
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An Analysis Of The Path Of Inclusive Financial Development—Based On The Perspective Of Internet Finance

Yuran Chen, Deping Xiong, Fan Bai
The development of inclusive finance is one of the main directions of China's financial system reform.However,its development has always been limited by China's original financial industry pattern.Its broad coverage,low cost,sustainable goals and real life practice results are still big gaps.The characteristics...
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The Stability and Promotion Strategy of Virtual Logistics Alliance in Xi 'an International Trade and Logistics Park Based on Computer Application

Chunxiao Mu
With the development of e-commerce, online trading market has been growing rapidly. So the virtual market, virtual transactions, virtual logistics and other emerging industries have also developed rapidly. Virtual logistics alliance starts from the supplier's value chain, which is directly distributed...
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Media Coverage, Environmental Investment and Market Value

Yun Wang, Zhuang Ma, Jinbo Song, Ruohan Zhong
This study provides evidence regarding the importance that media coverage places on corporate environmental protection by examining whether the negative reports on pollution are related to corporate environmental investments and its market value. We empirically analyze the data of Chinese companies listed...
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Comparative study on spatial structure changes of regional economy and finance in Shaanxi Province

Qi-qing Zhou, Yi-fei Yang, Jue-yu Chen
based on theil index and GIS map analysis technology, the spatial structure changes of regional economy and regional finance in shaanxi province were compared and analyzed. The results show that the promotion effect of financial development on economic growth in shaanxi province is still at a low level...
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Discussion on internal control of account receivable of small and medium-sized enterprises

Aiqin Li
There are a large number of the SME in China,which occupy the majority of the enterprise.The SME are usually composed of individuals, a few people or families. The number of employee is small. Most of the production and operation of enterprises are directly managed by the owners and are less affected...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Financial Efficiency of Listed Companies in Retail Industry in Six Provinces of East China

Lu Yang, Wei Liu
This paper takes 20 listed companies in the retail industry of six provinces in China from 2013 to 2017 as samples, uses DEA method to calculate the financial efficiency value of each listed company, and uses Tobit regression method to empirically analyze the factors affecting the company's financial...
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Rural public goods supply system reform-- Analysis from the perspective of "anti-common tragedy" theory and multi-task moral hazard model

Junqi Liang
There is always a problem of insufficient quantity and uneven quality in the supply of rural public goods in China. Most of the existing literatures are explained from the perspective of administrative management and public organization. This paper introduces institutional, property rights and contractual...
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Animation Creation of Preschool Children Based on Cognitive Development

Zang Na, Xinyuan Huang, Dayan Shangguan
Animation is one of the important ways for preschool children to understand the outside world. It is great value to study the rules and methods of animation creation from the perspective of preschool children's cognitive development. By studying the relationship between the cognitive characteristics...
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Back to China, Seek Truth from Facts——Cong Xiaoping's Academic Achievements and Characteristics of Chinese Women's Liberation Studies

Ning Liu
Cong Xiaoping is a professor of history at the University of Houston, USA and she is a member of the famous overseas Chinese research scholar- Elman. In nearly three decades of research, rigorous study and continuous exploration,She has made important achievements in Chinese society, the history of modern...
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Research on the Innovation of the Supply Mode of National Fitness Service in China—— Analysis Based on the Data of "Investigation Bulletin on the Present Situation of Chinese Urban and Rural Residents Participating in Physical Exercise in 2014"

Jianxin Gao
The innovation of the supply mode of national fitness service plays a vital role in promoting the coordinated development of competitive sports and mass sports and realizing China's progress from a big sports country to a sports power country. Based on the innovation of the supply mode of the national...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Precise Funding of National Grants

Gang Liu, A-lian Zhou, Jun-wei Shi, Yu Dong, Li-feng Li
The national grants work is related to education fairness and is one of the important contents of the comprehensive victory period of building a well-off society. It is the core content of college student financial aid management work, and it is also an important issue for college students. This paper...
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An NLP-PCA Based Trading Strategy On Chinese Stock Market

Zhao Liu, Huiying Zhu, Tham Yew Chong
The stock market is a barometer of a country's economy. However, the stock market is significantly affected by policies, news, and public opinion, and it is prone to volatility. Compared with the already mature financial securities market in foreign countries, China's stock market is still in the exploratory...
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Exploration on Teaching Reform and Practice of Mechanics of Material in the Era of MOOCs

Shanqin Hou
This paper has discussed the teaching reform and practice of “mechanics of material” under the background of Massive open online courses (MOOCs). Comparison with traditional teaching model, “blended teaching” model has its advantages. The reform of teaching content, teaching methods and means, and evaluation...
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Research on the Core of Ecological Teaching in Public English Classroom

Fajia Lin
The teaching of public English in colleges and universities in China needs to break through its spatial restrictions, emphasize adaptability, and better prevent the flower pot effect under the ecology. Actively adhere to the student-centered classroom teaching thinking, it is necessary to combine the...
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Study on Engineering Professional English Teaching Based on “Hidden Curriculum”

Xi-qiu Zhang, Chang-li Yu, Shou-wen Pang
Engineering professional English is characterized by professionalism and practicality, and it is of great significance to develop the foreign language quality by studying the construction method of “hidden curriculum” for professional English. In the present study, the basic theories of “hidden curriculum”...
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Analysis of the Influence Factors of China's per-capita Food Expenditure

Ruili Shi, Yun Liu
This paper analyzes the relationship between food expenditure, income and grain price, which is the basic demand of daily food. With the help of SAS 9.2. Statistical software, we constructed the regression model based on analyzing 31 provinces sample via the descriptive analysis, regression model selection...
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Value Investment Based on Data Analysis with Comparison of Three Food Corporations in the US

Jing Qin
Analysis on value investment is always necessary to all kinds of companies, especially for those that have a close relationship with people’s daily life. Analysis plays a significant role in the development of corporations, even if they are in different stages. Because this not only helps a corporation...
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“Yellow-White Sex and Love” Writing of Chinese Female Writers in the Late 20th Century ——Taking The Lost Daughter of Happiness and K: The Art of Love as examples

Yangjing Wang
Chinese female writers who wrote in Chinese in the late 20th century have a similar theme, that is, for the writing of “Yellow-White Sex and Love” across ethnic groups. This paper takes Yan Geling’s The Lost Daughter of Happiness and Hong Ying’s K: The Art of Love as examples to analyze narrative pattern...
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The Significance and Teaching Method of Introducing Western Opera Art into College Aesthetic Education Classroom

Shanshan Wang
With the development of domestic economy and the increasing of cultural exchange, it appears an upward trend of the quality requirements in terms of students in application-oriented universities. Consequently, it possesses a great significance to study on cultivating modes of English-major learners....
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Research on Automobile Advertising Translation from the Perspective of Skopos Theory and Reception Aesthetics Theory

Chen Zhang
Reception aesthetics theory believes readers should be highlighted, that is to clear the dominant position of advertising audiences, and the realization of advertising functions depends on reader’s understanding and acceptance. Based on the theory of reception aesthetics, this paper summarizes the characteristics...
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Marketing Strategy in Post-E-commerce era-Hailan House's New Retail Road

Xuran Sun, Gang Fang
The Chinese clothing retail industry has experienced the traditional retail stage, the big retail stage and the online retail stage, and is in full swing to construct the new retail at present. Since 2018, China's retail industry has begun to face a deeper challenge. Consumers are pursuing high-quality...
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Evaluation of the Development Level of Animal Husbandry in Sichuan Province Based on Factor Analysis

Qing Wan, Qiaoxi Fan, Jinyang Liu
The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” is a crucial period for China to build a modern animal husbandry industry, and it is also an important period for Sichuan Province to leap from a large animal husbandry province to a strong animal husbandry economy. In order to understand the development of animal husbandry...
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What English Writing Teachers in China can draw from an American writing rubric in perspective of process and assessment?

Yinxiu Ji
The well-developed and practiced writing rubrics in the USA benefit both teachers and students. Rubrics, however, are just used to grade assignments by teachers in China and has not drawn enough attention. In order to help construct effective English writing rubrics for teachers and students in China,...
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A review of the application of machine learning in stock investment

Zhen Sun, Shangmei Zhao
Firstly, this paper summarizes the current mainstream machine learning algorithms; secondly, it analyzes the related application research of machine learning algorithms in stock investment; finally, it finds that the current academic research mainly focuses on the following two aspects: the first aspect...
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A Comparative Study of Measurement of Innovation Capability between China and the West

ZhiPing Guo, Lin Cai
This paper introduces 13 measurement of innovation capability in China and in the West according to countries (regions) and field (industries), aiming to sort out their development history, evaluation index systems and the latest researching fruits and to present their subjects, characteristics and achievements...
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Research on Marketing System of Railway Freight Oriented by Customer Value

Fengwei Xua, Zhenfang Zhang
With the increasingly fierce competition in freight market, freight marketing has become an important part of railway transport work, which directly affects the competitive advantages and core capabilities of railway freight enterprises. At the same time, customer value has become an important concept...
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Research on the Decoupling of Economic Development and Energy Consumption in Sichuan Province——Based on Decoupling Elasticity Coefficient and LMDI Model

Qiuzhu Chen, Jinyang Liu, Sheng Zhu
The relationship between economic development and energy consumption has become a hot topic for scholars in recent years. This paper studies the decoupling between economic development and energy consumption in Sichuan Province from 1999 to 2018 by calculating the elastic coefficient of decoupling. At...
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Research on Evaluation of Administrative Licensing Satisfaction

Gang Li, Xikai Ding, Yuanhua Qi
The administrative license evaluation system is a system clearly defined by the Administrative Licensing Law. It comprehensively measures and evaluates the degree of standardization and satisfaction of the implemented administrative licenses to determine the implementation performance of the administrative...
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Research on Human Resource Optimization Configuration of Volunteers in Large-scale Sports Events——Taking Wuhan Tennis Open as an example

Mingyue Yin, Ziqing Li
The human resources management of large-scale sports events in China lacks relevant professional support. It is essential for the effective management of volunteer resources in the operation of large-scale sports events, and is one of the important factors for the success of the event. Through the field...
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Participation Intention and Influencing Factors of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in the Network Training Community: Taking Jinhua City as an Example

Xinke Shi
This paper investigates the participation and willingness of Jinhua primary and secondary school teachers in network training by using the questionnaire interviews. From the perspectives of participation attitude, subjective norm and consciousness behavior, the results show: 1) their participation intention...
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Comparison and Reflection on Barrier-free Design of Urban Streets at Home and Abroad

Jun Shao, Jiali Yao, Xue Luo, Xinyu Huang, Hongbin Zhang
Urban street barrier-free design is the embodiment of modern urban social civilization. The United States, Japan, Germany, Singapore and other countries have carried out systematic urban street barrier-free design in response to the daily travel needs of the elderly and the disabled. In this paper, the...
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Decision-making of X Home Appliance Logistics Service Level

Zhentao Xing, Jie Xu
X company's home appliance logistics is currently facing the problem of service level decision-making. Therefore, this paper firstly constructs the decision-making model of logistics service level based on the composition of the company's logistics service chain, the operation mode of each link, the...
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A Visualized Analysis of all the Doctors’ and Masters’ Dissertations Related to Experimental Phonetics in China from 1998 to 2018

Guiyun Guan, Jing Zhang, Zeguo Liu, Ding Wang, Hongzhi Yu
Experimental phonetics is a brunch of general phonetics, taking experimental methods to analyze sounds. Though the studies related to experimental phonetics in China started very late, under the guidance and leadership of distinguished supervisors, many dissertations have been finished in the area. The...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Liaoning's Economic Development under the Background of Free Trade Zone Construction

Ying Zhang, Yuduo Lu
In 2013, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone was approved and officially opened the prelude to the construction of China's free trade zone. After that, China has successively established the second batch and the third batch of 10 free trade zones with regional development orientation and local characteristics....
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Strategies to Improve Learners' Self-regulated Learning Ability under the Innovative Development of Military Vocational Education

Jing Zhao, Guo Li, XiaoShuang Wang, XinShe Qi, DongQiu Xing
The development of internet technology and the establishment of lifelong learning system require learners to learn and attach importance to the cultivation of learners' autonomous learning ability. On the basis of defining the connotation and composition of self-regulated learning ability, this paper...
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English Translation of Government White Papers Based on Text Typology Theory--Taking The Facts and China’s Position on China-US Trade Friction as an Example

Xiaoying Yan
Based on the text typology theory, this paper takes the English version of The Facts and China’s Position on China-US Trade Friction as an example to analyze the translation strategies of the government white paper to give some inspirations to the translation of government’s external communication material.
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On Translation of Commercial Advertisements from the Perspective of Intertextuality

Haoran Xia
Based on Julia Kristeva’s theory of intertextuality, by adopting Norman Fairclough’s classification of intertextuality, this document explains and demonstrates how to translate commercial advertisement texts(CAT). After a comprehensive analysis, this study puts forward three main leading principles for...
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Thinking of Promoting Military-Civilian Science and Technology Collaborative Innovation in Universities

Fang Zhang
Colleges and universities are the main body of the innovation system of civil-military integration. They have a large number of innovative talents, profound innovative knowledge reserve and the world's leading innovative conditions. They are the research bases for the research and development of common...
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Research on Performance Analysis of Air Traffic Flow Management Combined Strategy Impacted by uncertainty

Ying Zhang, Donghui Xu, Chenfeng Guoye, Tao Wen, Yinge A
Since the implementation performance of the composite air traffic flow management strategy is impacted by the departure time uncertainty and/or the estimated time over the enroute point, it is needed to quantitatively analyze the uncertainty impact on the composite strategy. Focused on the initial composite...
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The Historical Experience and Current Challenges of the Development of Urban Population in Megacities——Based on Shanghai after being opened in mid-19th century

Fangzheng Zhou
Taking Shanghai as an example since its opening-up in the mid-19th century, and comparing the solutions to similar issues carried out by megacities in other parts of the world, this paper makes a systematic and comprehensive analysis on the historical experience and current challenges of the population...
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The Important Part of Error Analysis in Second Language Acquisition

Ming Zhu
Error analysis is one of the important factors in acquiring a second language. It indeed reveals the various causes of error and summarizes the different forms of error. This paper intends to illustrate the close correlation between error analysis and second language acquisition in the classroom setting....
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Research on Multi-dimensional Teaching Evaluation of Teachers in Higher Colleges and Universities

Shuwang Chang, Yan Jing, Xiujuan Ma
Based on the four regressions and new 40 items of higher education proposed by the Ministry of Education in 2018, the teaching evaluation of teachers in higher colleges and universities is taken as the research object, the evaluation concept is updated, and a new type system of teaching evaluation is...
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The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Service-oriented Organizational Citizenship Behavior: the Role of Individual-oriented and Social-oriented Achievement Motivation

Ying Li, Po-Chien Chang
Based on the Path-goal theory, this paper explores the moderating role of achievement motivation on the relationship between transformational leadership and service-oriented organizational citizenship behavior. Empirical research is using paired questionnaire method based on the employees of service...
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The Relationship between Job Stress and Employee Deviant Behaviors: The Moderating Effects of Emotional Stability and Conscientiousness

Keyi Sun, Yanchen Li, Po-Chien Chang
This study reveals the emergence mechanism of employee deviant behaviors from the job stress. In particular, this study investigated the moderating role of emotional stability and conscientiousness. Based on data collected from 318 employees of three enterprises in Guizhou province and Hubei province....
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An Analysis of Relationships among Strengths-Based Psychological Climate, Employee Engagement, and Employee Innovation Performance: The Moderating Role of Extraversion

Keyi Sun, Po-Chien Chang
This study reveals the emergence mechanism of employee innovation performance from the strengths-based psychological climate. In particular, this study investigated the mediating role of employee engagement drawing on componential model of creativity and the moderating role of extraversion drawing on...
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The impact of the Leader-Member exchange on innovation behavior: psychological empowerment as a mediator and emotional intelligence as a moderator

Guangya Ma, Po-Chien Chang
Based on the theory of Leader-Member exchange, this paper explores the influence of Leader-Member Exchange on innovation behavior, especially the mediating role of psychological empowerment and the moderating role of emotional intelligence. By 247 bank employees of paired questionnaire survey and the...
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Job Crafting, Career Self-efficacy and Calling

Wenchao Liu, Po-Chien Chang
Based on the self-determination theory, this paper analyzes and studies the influence of Job crafting on calling,especially the mediating role of career self-efficacy.By 377 employees of questionnaire survey and the results showed that: Job Crafting positively affected Calling, and Career self-efficacy...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Perceived Overqualification and Work Engagement

Dingming Han, Po-Chien Chang, Sanxing Chang
Based on the Exchange Theory, this paper analyzes the relationship between perceived overqualification and work engagement, and introduces the intermediary variable of affective commitment to explain the mechanism of the influence of perceived overqualification on work engagement. The result shows that...
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Research on Humble Leadership and Employee Voice Behavior

Xiaoxiao Gao, Ting Wu, Po-Chien Chang
Based on the social exchange theory, this study analyzes the impact of humble leadership on employee voice behavior in enterprises, and introduces the mediating variable of relationship closeness to explain the mechanism of the impact of humble leadership on voice behavior. The results show that the...
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The Influence of Humble Leadership on Employee Voice Behavior:Psychological Security as a Mediator

Wanyi Ding, Po-Chien Chang, Sha Mi
The main task of this paper is to explore the influence of humble leadership on employee voice behaviors, and then introduce psychological security as a mediator to explore the effects of variables. Through the issuance of the supervisor-employee matching questionnaire, 301 valid matching questionnaires...
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Analysis on the development of Wuhan tourism

Yulong Zhu, Weichun Zhang
With the continuous development of social economy, people's living standards gradually improve, Tourism has become the demand of more and more people, thus promoting the development of tourism, which also promotes the further developments of the economy. Throughout the whole process of tourism, it mainly...
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Is there any motivation for earnings management in goodwill impairments?——Taking listed companies in the transportation industry as an example

Ping Yi
This paper takes the A-share listed companies in the transportation industry as a sample to empirically study the economic incentives of goodwill impairment of listed companies in the transportation industry. The study finds that the listed companies in the transportation industry have incentives for...
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Risk Identification and Evaluation of International Engineering Contracting

Liying Zhang
On the basis of preliminary exploration of the characteristics of various risks, the risks are classified and summarized. The TOPSIS evaluation method was introduced to comprehensively analyze all risks to ensure the implementation of international engineering contract risk assessment. Finally, corresponding...
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A comparison of the development of realism theory in the United States, Japan and China

Qinggong Zeng
Realism has always been the most powerful school of international relations theory. In addition to its long historical origin, it also shows that the theory of realism can be deepened horizontally and vertically with the development of the times. The main manifestation of horizontal development is that...
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Tax Avoidance Activities and Investment Efficiency

Mengjiao Zheng
Tax avoidance activities tend to aggravate the degree of information asymmetry inside and outside the enterprise, and will distort incentive contracts and cause agency problems. Information asymmetry and agency problems are important reasons for inefficient investment. Therefore, this paper expects that...
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The Practice of CDIO-Based Teaching Reform on Postgraduate Major Course—A Case Study of Course “Reliability Theory and Application”

Min Luo, Zuguo Cheng, Jiaxin Shen
In this paper, course content design and teaching mode exploration based on CDIO concept were discuss on postgraduate major course "Reliability Theory and Application". In order to explore teaching innovation mode with distinctive major characteristics, and to improve students' engineering practice and...
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Education Input, Social Security Expenditure and Urban-rural Income Gap--Based on Empirical Study with Provincial Panel Data

Yuan Wang, Yingjun Huang
Based on inter-provincial panel data of China from 1999 to 2015, this paper empirically tests the relationship between education input, social security expenditure and urban-rural income gap by using GMM estimation method. The results show that education input and social security expenditure have a significant...
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Reform and Opening under the “Truth Decay”--Against the Japanese Media Distortion of Interpreting China’s Successful Development

Jiao Meng
Since the Reform and Opening started in 40 years ago, China has made great achievements in many fields of society, especially in the economic field. However, Japan's Epoch Times has completely distorted the facts, not only discrediting the great achievements of the Chinese people in the past 40 years...
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Review on Preservation and Renovation Practice of Chinese Historical Blocks

Jun Shao, Binbin Liu, Zewen Lin, Huan Zeng, Mengya Xu
With the rapid development of urbanization in China, more and more attention has been paid to the preservation and renovation of historical blocks. While great progress has been made on the planning theories and practices on historical blocks preservation and renovation, there are still some problems...
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Strategies of Promoting the Internationalization of Chinese Higher Vocational Education under “the Belt and Road” Initiative

Ruihong Dang
Under the background of globalization, education should also follow the trend to achieve international development. Internationalization is the natural choice and new times’ requirement for the development of Chinese vocational education. It is essential for China to strengthen international educational...
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Study on Application of Blended Teaching in College English Writing Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Liyun Wu
It has been a long time that college English writing has been a difficult point in teaching. It is a piece of good news that education informationization has been increasing, which has brought opportunities to it. This paper mainly discusses how to apply the blended teaching model to college English...
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An Analysis of Employment-oriented Practical Teaching of Public English in Higher Vocational Colleges

Li Ping Zhang
The rapid development of the country and society has increased the demand for talents. The community has gradually begun to care about the training of talents in schools. As one of the important contents in the study and training of talents, English is also greatly affected. Concerns, especially in higher...
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Necessity and Practice of Vocational Planning for Higher Vocational Talents in Modern Apprenticeship System

Hua Qing Song
In order to stabilize the cooperative relationships between the related groups of vocational education interests in the operation of the modern apprenticeship system and promote a more developed balance of the interests of all the participated in the Modern Apprenticeship System. Vocational planning...
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On Two Principles and the Activities of CLT

Ting Jiang
CLT is an important language teaching approach in English speaking countries since the 1980s. Our Chinese Education Ministry has in recent years advocated changing teaching method to help students achieve communicative competence through revising textbooks, emphasizing teacher training, introducing original...
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The Goals, Strategies and Insights of C9 Universities' Construction of World-class Universities and Disciplines

Bangquan Wang
In the context of building a strong country of higher education, the “Double-First Class” construction plans of C9 universities are analyzed from the aspects of goals and measures. The research finds that construction goals are ambiguous, that the introduction and training are emphasized in the construction...
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Research on the Practice Orientated Development and Optimization of Geography in University of Jinan, China

Weidong Gao, Wei Jiang, Fuju Xie, Qiang Zhao, Mimi Zhou
Practical teaching is the demand for the cultivation of university education, and it is also the core issue to improve the quality of education and teaching. The practice-oriented talent training mode is the inevitable choice for the reform of the geography education curriculum. First,geography solved...
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A study on Foreign language Teaching Strategies based on the quality of Learners in Private Universities

Chunzi Shao, Tingting Jiang
Foreign language education in private universities focuses on the training goal and curriculum of applied talents. According to the characteristics of students' learning and teaching process in private colleges and universities, a unique method of basic foreign language teaching for private undergraduate...
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The price premium for properties near shopping centers: Evidence from China

Zhaosheng Zhang
Commercial layout and location strategy is one of the key factors affecting the economic development of the city, and it is also an important basis for the citizens to make optimal decisions to purchase houses. Therefore, the main purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between house...
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A CiteSpace Analysis of Research on MOOCs

Yu Li
Under the background of online education, MOOCs have welcomed the widespread attention all over the world. The present study analyzes the literacy and keywords of the published articles during the 10-year period (2009-2018) from the database of Web of Science by employing the visualization software of...
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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Enrollment Rate of American Colleges and Universities

Yicong Zhang
This paper studies what factors will affect the enrollment rate of American universities. The research data come from IPEDS. The admission rate and graduation rate of schools are selected as independent variables, the teacher-student ratio, the number of members of National Collegiate Athletic Association,...
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Strategies of Higher Vocational Colleges in Response to Enrollment Expansion

Wenqiang Li
Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Modernization of Education (2018-2022)". Introduction of this program has drawn a five-year development blueprint for...
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The capital intensity factor that contributes to the United States Skilled Worker’s Average Wage Stagnation

Wushuo Ding
Over the past 45 years, whereas the GDP has grown, skilled workers in America have experienced trivial increase in real wage. We find the stagnation a result of two periods of increase and one period of decrease in wage. This research aims to analyze this phenomenon and contributes to the study of the...
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Thoughts on the Training Process of Biopharmaceutical Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Guidance of Evidence-based Thinking

Xueli Sun
When combined with the curriculum setting and training objectives of biopharmaceutical specialty in Higher Vocational colleges, we should change teaching methods under the new educational concepts, integrating the cultivation of evidence-based thinking ability into the different stages of professional...
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An Analysis on the Appearance and Influence of Chinese Culture in English Movies

Jianhua Sun
In the past few decades, more and more Chinese culture appears in the English movies, which suggests that Chinese culture plays a more important role in the arena of English movies. It is true that the development of China attributes to the movie industry all over the world, it cannot be neglected that...
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A study on the formation Mechanism of the well-being of the elderly based on Social APP

Jian-bo Li, Rui Zhang
Under the background of population aging and internet, there are increasing numbers of aged people who use social internet platform to express their psychological needs. In this paper, with the research about the status of using social internet platform among aged people, it’s founded that: 1) the main...
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Research on the Dissemination Mode of Chinese Medicine Culture in Omni-media Era

Qian Wu, Yinggui Qiu
Chinese medicine culture is an important part of Chinese civilization and an important pillar of China's cultural soft power. At present, in the process of dissemination of Chinese medicine culture, there are problems such as boring content, solidified transmission ways and inadequate communication mechanisms....
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System Seminar Teaching Research

Jihua Dou, Chuanwei Zhu, Xingbao Yang
In view of the characteristics of system seminar teaching, the system seminar teaching process was proposed, the system seminar teaching method was analyzed, the key links in the implementation of system seminar teaching were proposed, which can effectively support the implementation process of system...
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Analysis on Internal Control Risk Research and Prevention Management of Centralized Accounting in Units

Shuang Li
With the introduction of internal control standards, many units have adopted centralized accounting methods to carry out financial control and set up accounting centers. The establishment of the accounting center has played a good role in the timeliness of enterprise accounting and strengthening supervision....
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The Impact of Political Connections on Corporate Development: A Literature Review

Chenghao Sun, Rui Chen
In recent years, the study of the influence of political associations on the development of enterprises has gradually become a hot issue. By combing the relevant literatures of political connection and enterprise development, this paper summarizes the relationship between political connections and enterprise...
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The Drawbacks and Transcendency of Gender-neutral Education in China

Ziru Liu
International consensus on education issues attaches great importance on gender justice. Gender equality is the core of today’s concept of the pursuit of equality in education and the pursuit of gender equality in China has gone through over half a century. There are three typical types of education...
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The Formation and Development of Chen Tanqiu's Marxist view on the Eve of the Great Revolution

Zheng Li
When it comes to marxist theory of china, from its germination to development, and to maturity, its process had been very tortuous. Under the dual oppression of imperialism and feudalism, the early Chinese advanced intellectuals and democratic revolutionaries launched an anti-imperialist and anti-feudalism...
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Organic renewal of ancient towns based on community reengineering model--Taking the Yangloudong ancient Town in Chibi city, Hubei Province as an Example

Li Dong, Wentao Wang
With the continuous improvement of China's economic and urbanization level, the support of relevant policies for the construction of characteristic towns, and the importance of the protection and utilization of the ancient city, the renewal of the ancient town has become the key task of the current urbanization...
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An Analysis of the Infiltration of Mathematical Culture in Mathematics Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Zhihong Dou
With the rapid development of information technology, the requirements of modern education for knowledge level are getting higher and higher, and people pay more and more attention to education. Nowadays, mathematics education in colleges and universities is not only to teach students to master mathematical...
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Research on the Integration of Modern Educational Information Technology and Mathematics Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Chunxiang Gao
With the development of scientific and technological technology, modern information technology has been popularized and applied in the field of teaching, which has promoted the progress of educational undertakings. In the process of the application of information technology, the teaching concept in traditional...
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A Study on the Application of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in College English Teaching

Chao Li
With the advancement of the times, the application of English has become more and more extensive. The application of teaching methods by English teachers has also changed. Flipped classroom is one of the teaching methods, which makes the classroom teaching rights gradually transfer to the students, maximizes...
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A Brief Analysis of the Application of “Flipped Classroom”Mode in College English Listening Teaching

Xiaoyan Peng
With the reform and promotion of the new curriculum reform, colleges and universities in China have paid more and more attention to improving students’ English listening ability. The “flipped classroom” has gradually been promoted and applied by universities. Because of its innovation and uniqueness,...
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Research and Analysis of Stratified Teaching in Mathematics in Colleges and Universities

Yanlin Ren
Stratified teaching is a relatively novel teaching method, and the rational use of the mode in mathematics teaching in colleges and universities can significantly improve students’ learning effect. The knowledge characteristics of ordinary colleges and universities are slightly more comprehensive, and...
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Discussion on How to Improve the Effectiveness of English Translation Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Suoshuan Wang
Nowadays, under the background of the development of global economic integration, exchanges among countries are becoming more and more important, therefore, for English translation personnel, training requirements are more and more stringent. How to improve the effectiveness of English translation teaching...
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Strategies of Cultivating Students’ Cultural Ability in Colleges and Universities English Teaching

LiJuan Zhang
Language and culture are inseparable, and there is an inextricable relationship between the two. Language is the carrier of culture, culture is the foundation of language, and the two complement each other. English teaching is an important component of colleges and universities teaching, and it plays...
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A Study on English Learning Strategies Used by Mongolian University Students

Xia Zhao
This paper uses the questionnaire designed by Wen qiufang (2001b:384-385) to conduct the investigation and study. Based on a detailed analysis of the use of strategies utilized by Mongolian university students of non-English majors in Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, using the quantitative method,...
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Positive or negative: emoji usage in online social media

Feng Lin
Along with the development of the social media, the communication between people changes a lot. One the most used application in social media is emoji. Emoji can be used to vividly express many linguistic and non-linguistic information, like happy, upset, embarrassing, etc. Sometimes emoji can also express...
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Measurement of Labor Utility Value of Vocational Education and Academic Education from the Perspective of Big Data——1778051 Individual Samples Based on CHARLS Database

Mingjun Wang
Human capital investment is an important research topic in labor economics. Adam Smith first came out with the concept of "human capital investment". He wrote in The Wealth of Nations that the capital spent on learning would be fixed on the learner and became part of his personal property and individuals...
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Contrastive Narration in Korean Family Drama

Yuzhen Guo, Wenwen Bi
Contrast, as a narrative technique or method, exists widely in TV dramas. Contrast can be divided into two kinds: horizontal comparison, that is, the comparison of positive and negative or contradictory things, which illustrates problems and expresses viewpoints through their respective characteristics;...
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Teaching Reform Exploring of Vocational Education Courses with the Guidance of " Military Training and Competition "

Yani Zhang, Lei Qin, Xiaoshuang Wang, Xuejun Rao
Focusing on the instructions “Carry Out the Mass Activities of Military Training and Competition” of President Xi [1], oriented by war preparation and driven by the contemporary spirit of “Military Training and Competition”, this paper explores a comprehensive multi-level teaching reform and innovation...
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How to Guide the Students to the Multi-cultural Environment in the Colleges and Universities English Teaching

Guirong Wang
In addition to the cultivation of the students’ language skills, the colleges and universities English teaching should pay attention to the cultivation of the students’ cultural ability, and the language must be closely related to the culture in the process of formation, and the different languages have...
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A Study on the Health-keeping for Longhu Mountain Taoist Traditional Sports of Jiangxi Province in China

Jianxin Gao, Liya Li, Yuan Shu
Taking the traditional sports health preservation methods and ideas of Longhu mountain Taoism in Jiangxi province as the research object, this paper elaborates on the traditional sports health preservation thoughts, methods and values of Longhu mountain Taoism, the differences between Longhu mountain...