Proceedings of the Internation Conference on "Humanities and Social Sciences: Novations, Problems, Prospects" (HSSNPP 2019)

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Education System Improvements as One of the Factors of Innovative Development of Russia

O.D. Repinskiy
The relevance of this study is due to the fact that currently Russian educational system is ineffective and can't be an element in the innovative development of the country. According to the statistics of influential international rankings of competitiveness of the best universities in the world, higher...
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Modern Education in the Context of Innovative Development: New Trends in Personality Development

S.A. Ilynykh, A.I. Kreyk, O.A. Zakharova, T.A. Ryazanova
This article is devoted to research into how the education system is involved in the formation of innovation component of a person involved in social and economic relations. Education is an important factor in social change and innovative development of Russia. The main task of contemporary education...
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Proliferation of Neuroscientific Knowledge in Pedagogy and Education

L. B. Sandakova, L. I. Tolstobrova
The article deals with the process of proliferation of ideas and technologies related to the development of neuroscience in pedagogy and education. The levels and directions of this process are determined as well as the risks associated with the vulnerability of human nature in the spheres of socio-cultural...
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Monitoring the Formation of Business Analytical Competences among Students of Economic Specialties

N.I. Sannikova, A.V. Kutyshkin
The article addresses the problem of the necessity and relevance of the formation of business and analytical competences among students of economy majors within disciplines connected with information technologies. The paper provides with the characteristic of the problem-oriented module on the basis...
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Axiologization of Intercultural Training Process of Future Specialists of Economics

N. Savelyeva, S. Sannikova, N. Nevrayeva, O. Pavlova, N. Sorokina, E. Alekseeva, A. Shilovtsev, E. Evsina
The article deals with the professional-axiological paradigm of pedagogy as a strategic guideline for the development of higher education in economics. Axiology of education is a promising scientific direction, which helps to identify both external circumstances and parameters of the educational process,...
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Genesis of the Problem of Preparing Students for Intercultural Interaction in the Context of Subject-Language Integrated Environment

N. Nevrayeva, N. Savelyeva, Ye. Bystray, S. Sannikova, R. Stepanov, N. Sorokina, A. Shilovtsev
The article deals with the genesis of the issues of theory of intercultural communication as a strategic guideline for development of higher education. The "portrait" of a graduate of a higher educational institution today is presented as a person not only having specific knowledge, but also able to...
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Psychological Research on Personal Innovativeness: Typological Approach

E.S. Bykova, O.S. Shemelina
A holistic view of the innovation personality will allow a deeper understanding of the nature of innovativeness as a personal characteristic, which is reflected in the readiness for intensive activity in the uncertain future due to the ability to create new products and the desire for their practical...
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Promotion of a New Model of Learning of Second Language Intonation

O.G. Shevchenko
The article is aimed at identifying the efficiency of a new strategy of learning English intonation. The authors show how learners employed the aspects of intonation with regular guidance and feedback through multi staged process. The authors present a model where students learn to work autonomously...
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Case Method as a Pedagogical Education Method for Creative Problem Solution

A.V. Shutaleva, M.A. Dyachkova, O.N. Tomyuk, E.V. Ivanova, E.V. Melnikova
Modern people are constantly confronted with a rapidly increasing amount of information and non-standard situations that require decision-making under uncertain problem-setting conditions. This article identifies the role of the case method in the process of pedagogical training for creative problem-solving....
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Analysis of the System-Network Approach for Research of Value-Semantic Orientation and Creativity

L.V. Kavun, A.V. Tarakanov
The article is devoted to the analysis of possibilities of a system-network approach for studying of value-semantic orientations and creativity. The authors claim that using of system-network approach principles allows solving the problem of interdisciplinarity and multi-paradigm in a research of value-semantic...
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Problem Analysis of Using Information Technologies for Effective Foreign Language Teaching at a Technical University

A. Telengator
The article describes the problem of using information technology by teachers to train students a foreign language at a technical university and argues that information technology is promising and modern, so it can be an active means of motivation and involve in learning. The article concludes that the...
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Concept of the Master's Program "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in Education and Science"

S.I. Osipova, Yu.A. Tereshchenko, T.P. Bugaeva, L.V. Klimovich
The article is devoted to the substantiation of the concept as basic ideas that define the substantive, organizational, technological, criterion-diagnostic aspects of the master's program "Applied Mathematics and Informatics in Education and Science" in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard...
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Theoretical Image of Education: Network Reflection

V.V. Vihman
The author carries out a discourse about the potential application of the concept of network scientific approach, its conceptual and hardware tools in the context of the theorization of the social reality phenomenon - "education". Theoretical understanding of the phenomenon of education in view of its...
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Multiplicity of Interpreting Theoretical Knowledge of the Phenomenon of Education

V.V. Vihman
In the article, the author carries out a discourse concerning a great deal of different-format theoretical information about such a multifaceted phenomenon as education which exists in the scientific sphere. The author makes an attempt to correlate this array of information with the concept of "theoretical...
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Modern Challenges of Inclusive Education in Russian Higher Education

O.V. Zinevich, V.V. Degtyareva, T.N. Degtyareva
The article highlights the most important challenges facing the educational policy of the Russian Federation in the implementation of the principles of inclusive education. In fact, the definition of strategic and operational objectives of the introduction and implementation of inclusion in higher education...
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Social and Pedagogical Assistance to Younger Schoolchildren from Single-Parent Families in the Development of the Emotional Sphere

A.S. Zintcova
This work is focused on the provision of psychological and educational assistance to younger students from single-parent families to develop their emotional sphere. Theoretical studies show that such children have reduced emotional tone, difficulty in communication, feelings of loneliness and rejection....
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Use of Electronic Educational and Methodical Complex in Foreign Language Distance Learning

A.S. Zolotilina
Distance learning is a global phenomenon of educational and information culture, significantly affecting the nature of education. Distance learning has steadily become the form of foreign language teaching in a great number of different educational institutions, as one of its main features is independence...
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Transformation of Consumption of Information Content on Different Media Platforms in the UK in the 19-21th Centuries

A.M. Eshkerat, A.A. Danilov, A.P. Danilov, M.G. Danilova, A.N. Levushin
The paper presents the history of transformation of information consumption by the British audience since the beginning of the 20th century and the changes in the consumption of news transmitted by various media over the past ten years. The authors used the latest reports related to studies of audience...
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Specifics of Interaction between the Media and the Russian Orthodox Church

L. Rudykh, N. Kaygorodova, S. Arshinov
The article discusses the peculiarities of interaction between the mass media and the Russian Orthodox Church. It is noted that there is a certain commonality of approaches and interests in the issues of education and training. Attention is drawn to the problems of modern social consciousness, in which...
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Formal Discourse of the 18th Century and the Internet Discourse of the 21st Century: Similarities and Differences

A.G. Krotova, S.V. Rusanova
The article is devoted to the comparative study of linguistic changes in the critical historical periods when radical political, socio-economic, cultural and ideological reformation causes underlying changes in the public consciousness, language and the conditions of its functioning. One of the historical...
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Positioning University in the Market of Educational Services: Regional Aspect

I.V. Shavyrina, I.A. Demenenko, T.V. Sulima
Authors consider the university position in educational market through the prism of such parameters as the university development strategy, orientation of the university to internal and external consumers, philosophy, ideology, university development mission, traditions and customs, formed values, established...
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University Positioning in Modern World

O. Tomyuk, A. Shutaleva, M. Dyachkova, A. Fayustov, A. Novgorodtseva
The article examines the positioning of the university in modern scientific and educational space. The example of the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin shows ways to solve problems, firstly, increasing of the prestige of Russian higher education, secondly,...
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Changes in the Territorial Clusters of the Russian Timber Industry

A. Plastinin, O. Sushko
The article provides results of the field study undertaken to research the timber industry clustering across Russian regions. The major advantage of the cluster approach is integration of all members, from regional authorities to industry firms and infrastructure facilities. The cluster-based development...
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Native Advertising in Video Blogs: Language and Genre Specificity

M.V. Terskikh
The article studies the formats of advertising integration into video blogs, the advantages of video blogging as a way for promotion of advertising information. Special attention is paid to verbal and non-verbal elements of speech behavior of video bloggers in the process of advertising integration....
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Visual Research and the Problem of the Visual Object

M.R. Vasilyeva
Visual studies and a complex of their special methods are used in many social and human sciences (sociology, anthropology, ethnography, semiotics, media studies, etc.). There are newish research areas: visual studies, visual research, visual culture, which study only visually. These scientific areas...
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Specifics of Compound Company Names Perception on the Materials of Association Experiment

M.V. Zakharova-Sarovskaya, A.V. Zakharova
The article describes the data of an association experiment on the perception of various structural and semantic groups of composites, i.e. typical representatives of the most productive traditional vs creative methods, graphic representation, techniques and models of composition. Differences were found...
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Active Regionalism as a Way to Implement a "Third Mission" of Universities

T. Balmasova, O. Zinevich
Although the problem of integration of a higher education institution and its region is not new for Russia, it is relevant to consider the "new regionalization" associated with the increased engagement of universities in the life of their regions. Participation of universities in regional development...
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Mechanism of Logistics System to Support the Innovative Development of Industry in the Region

T. Bayaskalanova, A. Tazetdinova, A. Chernavina
In the era of intensive scientific and technological development of advanced countries, increasing importance is attached to innovation. Innovation activity is a set of flows of material, informational and financial resources. Therefore, logistics of the innovation process is necessary for effective...
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Impact of Agricultural Climatic Potential on Development of Regional Grain Market

I. Generalov, S. Suslov, R. Bazhenov, S. Zavivaev, O. Dolmatova
The Nizhny Novgorod region is one of the leading economically developed areas of the Russian Federation with high potential for the development of agriculture. The purpose of the study is to assess the impact of agricultural climatic features on the development of grain farming in the region. The article...
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Development of a Mechanism of Projects Implementation for Forest Complex Development in the Irkutsk Region and Northern Territories of Mongolia

A.S. Bovkun, N.V. Gritskikh, I.S. Korodyuk
This article describes the model developed by the authors of introducing innovative projects in the forest complex of the Irkutsk region. The mechanism proposed by the authors for introducing innovative projects includes a sequence of six stages, creating tools to ensure effective management of the continuous...
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Impact of Digital Transformations on the Design Framework of a Modern City

A.N. Gorodishcheva, A.V. Gorodishchev
The article presents the use of sensors and networks, which allows you to predict energy consumption, radio frequency congestion, information transfer rate and power consumption required for data processing, thus predicted the minimum economic benefits based on energy savings. Based on the analysis,...
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Labour Market and Forms of Professional and Personal Socialization Support

O. Istomina, M. Gaidai
The authors of this article by the example of the Irkutsk region analyze the problems of the modern labor market. The situation in regional labor market in many respects reflects the all-Russian trends and is characterized by polar processes: on the one hand, rather a high unemployment rate in different...
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Innovation Growth: Mathematical Modeling and Forecasting

D.V. Ivanov, E.A. Tikhomirov, E.B. Nazarenko, E.A. Andreeva, A.G. Ilmushkin, I.A. Grygoryants
There is a lot of research into innovation modeling. This paper deals with long-memory models for innovation growth that are based on differential equations with fractional-order derivatives. Model parameters are, as a rule, unknown, and they are estimated with experimental data. The solutions to fractional-order...
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Revisiting the Specific Features of Russian Modernisation

E.V. Karmazina
The concept of "modernisation" is one of the most widely represented concepts in modern knowledge about the development of society. This is a new paradigm of social and human sciences which has replaced the Marxist concept. The author substantiates the theoretical standpoint, according to which the key...
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Regional Educational System as an Element of Regional Innovative System

T.Yu. Krasikova, D.V. Ognev
The article deals with the specifics of the interaction of regional education system with the external environment presented by industry of the region, and cooperation within the system (by the example of universities and Academy of Sciences). The paper clarifies the role of regional education system...
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Increasing the Quality of Working Life: Modern Labor Legislation's Strategic Task

S. Yu. Golovina, Yu.A. Kuchina, A.V. Serova
The work is focused on the study of building up the argumentation on the improvement of working life quality, hence it is challenging for the development of the Russian Federation in general and as one of the goals of labor legislation. The survey is based on the economic aspect of the category "quality...
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Application of the Theory of Complex Networks in Analysis of Tourist Infrastructure

N. Urazova, M. Kuklina, N. Kotelnikov, O. Kaymonova, A. Trufanov
One of the most dynamically developing sectors of the service sector, which has a significant impact on the socio-economic development of a region, is tourism. Its characteristic feature is a significant multiplicative effect that generates incomes in related sectors of the economy and gives impetus...
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Stimulating Enterprises' Innovation Activity: Financial Aspect

A.S. Nechaev, E.A. Ilina
The fast productive forces improvement put innovation to the economic development basis. Innovative economic development is a complex dynamic process causing many problems, and the state gets predominant role to play in the solution of these problems. The advanced foreign countries experience shows that...
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Improving the Methods of Real Estate Operation Based on BIM-Technologies

V.Yu. Konyukhov, E.A. Radionova, R.S. Zott, P.N. Konovalov
The article describes the possibilities of using BIM technologies, and problems that can be solved using this technology. In addition, the authors analyze the effectiveness of this technology through the example of the experience of other countries. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a new approach...
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Approaches to the Far Eastern Paradigm of the Russian Electronic Industry

V.Yu. Rogov, S.G. She, Е.I. Shchadova
The electronic industry of Russia was seriously damaged during economic and political reforms in the country. The main production is focused on defense potential of the country at state-controlled enterprises. The growth of this industry is ensured by the state orders. The share of small and medium business...
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Socio-Psychological Study of Factors Affecting the Success and Reliability of Professional Activities of Oil Industry Workers

O.A. Romanko, T.V. Snegireva, G.N. Volyansky, S.V. Zaitseva
The article presents the results of socio-psychological study of external factors affecting success/failure and reliability / unreliability of professional activities of staff of hazardous production facilities. The psychological substantiation of expediency of research of their individual-personal features...
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Challenges and Prospects of Management of Quality of Educational Services in Russian Technical University

N.N. Sazonova, S.I. Sorokin
The paper provides a detailed analysis of the concept of "quality of educational services", discusses promising methods and techniques used to evaluate educational services, analyzes the impact of social and economic factors on the structure of education. The management of the quality of educational...
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Standardization as the Main Component of Quality Management Principles

O.M. Stefanovskaya, V. Yu. Konyukhov, R.S. Zott
In modern market conditions, the efficiency of enterprises depends largely on their quality policy, on the standards for development and implementation of management decisions. The main element in product quality management systems is standardization, a process of finding the most rational norms, enshrining...
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Implementation of the Total Productive Maintenance System at Russian Enterprises

R.S. Zott, V.Yu. Konyukhov, P.N. Konovalov, E.A. Suvorova
This article examines the significance of the implementation of the system of total productive maintenance (TPM), the concept of the TPM system, tools for lean manufacturing, the history of the concept, the purpose of implementation, the stages of implementation. The work of any industrial enterprise...
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Deployment of Kaizen in the Framework of the Implementation of Lean Production in Passenger Transportation Company

L.I. Tatarnikova
Based on the analysis of the internal environment of the passenger company, factors that hinder the involvement of staff in the process of introducing lean production are highlighted. To neutralize these factors, "Kaizen implementation teams" have been created in accordance with the developed scheme...
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Reorganization of Healthcare Facilities and its Economic and Medical Feasibility

V.E. Vyaznikov
The purpose of healthcare facility reorganization is optimization of the use of financial, human and material resources, improvement of treatment results and health care provision to a larger number of people. Depending on the type of diseases, intensity of diagnostic and treatment processes and a general...
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Improvement of the Personnel Adaptation System of Russian Enterprises

V.V. Smirnov, V.L. Semenov, A.N. Zakharova, A.O. Patianova, M.N. Yaklashkin
The solution to the problem of the adaptation of new employees at the enterprise is associated with the need to increase the competence of personnel. Only by fully utilizing the workers' professional skills, the task of effective applying of the technological structure and creating high-tech production...
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Business Development and its Contradictions

G.P. Zhuravleva, S.V. Mudrova, S.A. Ruzanov, E.A. Samokhina, M.I. Skripnikova
The article considers the evolution of a corporation as the dominant form of organization of material production, the features of modern corporations, which along with the state are responsible for welfare and safety of the society. The relevance of the article is due to the lack of a systematic approach...
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Innovative-Imitative Practice System at an Enterprise

V.Yu. Konyukhov, N. Rodionov, R.S. Zott, P.N. Konovalov
The article discusses the concept of the system of practice by students, the advantages and disadvantages of this concept. It also describes the best methods for forming human capital and working with it in the context of this concept as well as the issues of student practice.
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State and Bank Financing of Innovations: Federal and Regional Aspects

D.A. Antipin, M.L. Bagaynikov
In the era of the knowledge-based economy, countries and regions that provide the fastest innovative development benefit from the global competition. Direct implementation of innovation policy is carried out by specific enterprises, in which innovative development plays the role of a key factor in the...
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Financing Peculiarities of Production Processes in Modern Economic Conditions

A.S. Nechaev, O.V. Antipina, E.A. Ilina
Financing is a type for cash support. Financial resources of the enterprise, which are directed to its development, are formed at the expense of depreciation deductions, profits received from all types of economic and financial activities, additional share contributions of participants in partnerships,...
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Improvement of Methods and Forms of Innovative Activity Investment

Yu.N. Barykina, M.V. Velm
The article analyzes the ways and forms of investing in innovation, taking into account the expansion of opportunities for attracting private and foreign capital, the state of innovation activities of Russian enterprises by studying the dynamics and structure of the volume of innovative goods, works...
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Problems and Prospects of “Green” Energetics Development

N.V. Batciun, A.Ya. Yakobson
In the world, due to the coming out of the recession, increasing the level of well-being of people in developing countries and population growth, there is an increase in energy consumption. According to the International Energy Agency, the power industry is the source of 42% of anthropogenic emissions...
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Monetary History and Money Types in Digital Economy

T. Krasota, R. Bazhenov, I. Mironova, U. Abdyldaeva, N. Bazhenova
The history of monetary supply in a digital economy is a matter of concern in the paper. In fact, the dynamics of all economy fields provoke monetization and development of new types of money. Furthermore, the opposite interdependent process is also possible, i.e. the diversity of money contributes to...
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Using Game Theory in Investing

G.M. Beregova, A.F. Schupletsov, A.O. Klipin
In this paper, we analyzed the developed methodology for the optimal distribution of public and private investment research in order to obtain the maximum economic effect in a particular block of the industrial cluster. By industrial cluster blocks, we define: block 1 - "R & D", block 2 - "Procurement...
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Decent Pension VS Balanced Budget: The Russian Solution to the Dilemma

M.V. Bogatyreva, A.E. Kolmakov, M.A. Balashova
According to the internationally accepted practice, it is impossible to solve two problems simultaneously, i.e. both to balance the long term federal budget and to maintain the level of living standards for people after their retirement. The recent substantiating examples are the failures of the attempt...
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Legal Status of Trustee in Bankruptcy in the Russian Federation

E.V. Bondareva, A.A. Pakharukov
The article provides the analysis on the legal activity regulation of trustees in bankruptcy appointed based on materials of the Russian legislation and practice of its application. The authors have tried to bring general theoretical questions as close as possible to existing problems arising in the...
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Building a Modern Financial Model of Company Management

V.I. Bunkovsky
During some years, many original and interesting papers devoted to the issue of property management were published. However, there is an acute shortage of works devoted to the system of accessing models for cost-effectiveness analysis. The most researchers adapt a certain method to assess the market...
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A Cluster Approach to Implementation of the Regional Innovation Development Strategy

E.L. Dorzhieva, T.K. Kirillova
Currently, innovation development of the Russian economy is one of the crucial issues. Efficient management forms and development strategies play an important role in the regional innovative development. The choice and implementation of the regional innovation development strategy depends on regional...
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Investment Issues of Preventive Health Care of the Population of the Irkutsk Region

Е.V. Gafarova
It is known that the economic well-being of any region depends primarily on the availability of healthy population. Protection of public health is one of the priorities of the state's social policy; and public health is defined as the basis of the state national security. However, the problem of raising...
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International Summer Baikal Law School As a Scientific, Educational and Educative Project

Yu.P. Garmaev, A.V. Chumakov, E.I. Popova
The article analyses the results of the first international Summer Baikal Law School, the topic of which was "Interactive teaching methods in law schools and anti-criminal education of the population". The School held from June 28 to July 3, 2018 at the Buryat State University (Ulan-Ude, Russia) and...
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Investment Attractiveness of the Company: Definition Approaches and Assessment Methods

I.I. Glotova, E.P. Tomilina, B.A. Doronin, Yu.E. Klishina, O.N. Uglitskikh
The problem of assessing the investment attractiveness involves the work of numerous analysts of various companies over a long period. In this regard, there are many approaches to the definition of the term "investment attractiveness". Thus, it is necessary to stick to such definition of investment attractiveness,...
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Improving Financial Planning in the Corporate Governance System

Yu.E. Klishina, I.I. Glotova, O.N. Uglitskikh, E.P. Tomilina, A.A. Smagin
Fundamental changes in the Russian economy, toughening competition and business conditions necessitate the search for qualitatively new, based on scientific concepts, approaches to the management of enterprise finances. In this regard, one of the priority tasks is the improvement of financial management...
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Transformation of Ecological Traditions in the Context of the Evolution of the Traditional Economy System

I.V. Kuryshova, A.M. Kuryshov
Ecological traditions are the most important elements of the traditional economic system. They are features distinguishing the traditional economy from the innovation-based one and characterizing intra-system relations of the traditional economy. Therefore, transformation of ecological traditions to...
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Innovative Development of the Countries of the Asia-Pacific Region

V.Yu. Konyukhov, E.S. Nepomniashchaia, R.S. Zott, P.N. Konovalov
The country's economic growth is largely determined by the development of innovations in the country. The development of an innovative economy is not just the result of the adaptation of the subjects of the economic system, but their radical transformations, and this requires the active participation...
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Time Series Research of Foreign Trade Operations of Post-Soviet Countries

V. Nosov, A. Tcypin, L. Mineeva, A. Pshentsova, I. Mukhina
The paper presents the structure and the dynamics of external trade performance of post-Soviet countries. Historical time series of external trade performance during the period from 1960 to 2016 are used as the empirical basis. The structure of exports and imports of post-Soviet countries has some characteristics,...
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The Role of Local Authorities in Managing Municipal Property

V.L. Prigozhin
Municipal property is one of the components of local administration's economic basis, and is an important factor of the sustainable socio-economic development of the city. The municipal property management activity is characterized by utter social orientation. The issues facing the municipal entity are...
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Role of Innovations in Increase in Efficiency of Bank Activity

N.V. Puchkova
Financial innovations should be considered from the point of view of their financial nature and potential uses: banks and non-bank credit organizations. In our opinion, financial innovations, according to their financial nature, are the result of innovation activity, which is based on money and its movement,...
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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of State Incentives for Innovation Activity in Russia

E.I. Pushkalova, O.L. Kuznetsova
The organizations productivity from innovative activities is increasing. They obtain high rates of their economic development. This issue is quite relevant for today. Innovative activity (IA) requires impressive costs. Therefore, there is a demand for the development of a method, evaluating the IA performance....
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Nonfinancial Disclosures as a Marketing and Governance Instrument for Tourism Organizations

S. Daghman, M. Hamdan, E.D. Shetinina
Nonfinancial disclosures have become a key element in the development of strategic management policies for all types of companies in all sectors. This study focuses on the importance of nonfinancial disclosures in Russia by reviewing their evolution in the 21st century and examining the percentage of...
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Effects of Corruption on the National Economy

V.N. Turkova, A.N. Arkhipova
Today, along with the economic crisis, distrust of administrative bodies of the Russian Federation and social tension, the issue of corruption is of particular significance. The relevance of this issue is due to negative consequences of corruption-related crimes affecting economic processes. The government...
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Illegal Tree Cutting: Economic and Legal Issues

V.N. Turkova, A.N. Arkhipova
Several million hectares of forest are cut down every year. One of the most important ways for preventing deforestation is improvement of forestry and criminal legislation. Not all organizations, enterprises and institutions are ready to comply with contractual agreements. It encourages loggers to commit...
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Russian Enterprises Energy Supply Problem

V.V. Smirnov, V.L. Semenov, G.Z. Agafonova, I.A. Guschin, G.N. Denisov
The article reveals the relevance of the Russian enterprises energy supply problem in the context of significant changes in the relationship between producers, electricity suppliers and consumers, and also revealed a new configuration of relations and tools for their optimization. It is shown that energy...