Proceedings of the Internation Conference on "Humanities and Social Sciences: Novations, Problems, Prospects" (HSSNPP 2019)

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Socio-Cultural Value of the Russian Civilization

E.V. Aleksandrova, N.M. Bagnovskaya, Yu.I. Smirnov, L.N. Efimova, N.A. Razina
The article is devoted to consideration of the phenomenon of Russian religious consciousness and the Russian mentality as conciliarity. The actuality of the research stems from the current state of Russian society and the State. Sobornost is interpreted as energy resource of Russian culture, foothold,...
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Necessity of Critical Thinking in Solving Vital Problems

E. Barbashina, M. Mazurova
The ability to think while using critical thinking skills is one of basic requirements imposed on the modern man. Contemporary Russia lacks the sustained tradition of critical thinking, and the understanding of its significance in the professional, educational and personally relevant spheres has not...
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Study of Political Preferences and Type 2 Errors in the Traditional Correlation Approach

M. Basimov
The complex nature of the subject of research was shown using the example of the study political preferences of young people, and the problem of "significant" correlations. An approach to errors that completely change the researcher's worldview was considered. The specific results were shown demonstrating...
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Unity of the Conscious Subject in the Space of Socio-Cultural Experience

I.V. Cherepanov
The article deals with the problem of the unity of the conscious subject in the sphere of socio-cultural experience. The existential nature of human existence is analyzed as the basis of the unity of the conscious subject. There is the revealing of the ontological essence of personal centeredness of...
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Overview of the Study of History of the Medieval University

Ya. V. Chernenko
The world of today is undergoing different transformations. Some scientists believe these processes to be a part of the so-called globalization. While others see it as westernization or regionalization. In accordance to such views, different theories of modernization exist. Hence, they all try to explain...
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Dynamics of Axiological Tendencies in the Era of Global Transformations

M. Danilkova
This article is devoted to one highly relevant problem of social philosophy, the issues of transformation of axiological tendencies emerging at the stage of radical change of the entire social space. Under conditions of dominance of innovative technologies and acceleration of the growth rate of integration...
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Archetypical Bases of the Value of Labor in the Russian Culture

R. Kramarenko, E. Davidson
This paper considers the process of the formation of the archetype of labor in the Russian culture on the basis of adaptation of a community of people to the natural and social living conditions in the course of the formation of the Russian civilization. A conclusion is drawn that in modern conditions...
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Transformation of the Value System and its Impact on Formation of the Tajik Youth Identity

Z. Dinorshoeva, Z. Shoismatulloeva, L. Kholmatova
The article is about the role of values within the framework of existing basic philosophical concepts, the problem solution of the correlation between "eternal" and "relative" values and their role in the functioning and development of society. The authors consider the peculiarities of the value transformation...
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Artificial Intelligence as the Technosubject of Hybrid Society

V.I. Ignatyev, A.V. Privalov
The criteria for identifying technical systems with artificial intelligence (AI) as a specific type of subject are described. The process of making AI machines more complicated is interpreted as the process of making a technosubject. The evolution of AI is considered to be a form of technical evolution...
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Ontobilinguology as Socialization Condition in Modern Multiethnic Region: Social and Philosophical Aspect

O. Istomina, O. Zaytseva
Ontobilinguology questions are analyzed by the authors; the role of ontobilingvology is updated in modern multicultural space. Active migration and transformation of the ethno-national structure in different regions cause distribution of polylingual linguistic situations. Active and widespread manifestation...
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Ritual Exchange and its Economic Aspects in Traditional Culture

Y.S. Ivashchenko, A.A. Ivanov
The article discusses the economic aspects of ritual exchange in cultures with an appropriating type of economy. Traditional culture is considered as a system in which economic exchange is subject to symbolic exchange, this is expressed in the ritualization of the economy and economic relations. We study...
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Moral Development of Personality of Adolescents

O.A. Samylova, E.S. Rakhmetova, E.Yu. Kamysheva
The issue of the personality moral development becomes significant due to disregarding moral norms by adolescents. Therefore, it is important to study the role of emotional and behavioral component in this context. This study is aimed at the identification of the emotional and behavioral components level...
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Concept of Natural Historical Periodization in World-Historical Process

G. Lovetskiy, V. Kosushkin, P. Kosushkina, M. Aleksandrov, P. Samylov
The events of the First World War and revolutionary changes in Russia revealed new features of socio-historical reality: its intensive variability and practical absence of repeatability, a large number of significant variables, the impossibility of experimenting with full control over conditions, increased...
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Theoretical Views and Social Democratic Activities of G.V. Plekhanov

G.P. Zhuravleva, I.M. Kornilova, V.N. Kovnir, E.I. Koroleva, O.V. Cherednichenko
Theoretical views of G.V. Plekhanov on the future of mankind still evokes undoubted interest. As an encyclopedic personality himself, he brought up a large pleiad of brilliant minds who successfully represented Russia in various fields of knowledge - economics, philosophy, literature and art. And now,...
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Social and Political Regional Interactions in the Context of "Reactive Relationships": The Possibilities of Hybrid Methodology

E.A. Kranzeeva, A.V. Orlova, E.V. Golovatsky, A.L. Burmakina
Social and political interactions are in a situation of rapid transformation of social relations, their qualitative and quantitative characteristics. The paper provides insight into stable traditions of civil initiatives from the position of sociocultural foundations of social and political interaction....
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Perception of Disability in the Communicative Practice of Archaic Societies

M. Kuratchenko, K. Lugovoy
The article is devoted to the study of the influence of social norms on the social perception of persons with disabilities. Attitudes toward people who are different from others in traditional culture are closely connected with the notion of the need to maintain stability in society, which is the basis...
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Correlation of Rational and Irrational in Social Communications

S.V. Kushchenko
The author of the article proposes to consider the rational and irrational in social communications in their dialectically contradictory unity on the basis of the methodology of the activity approach. In order to denote this unity the author introduces a new philosophical term "sipol". This term implies...
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Characteristics of the Networking Interaction among the Universities of Germany

L. Luchikhina
The article presents a system of evaluation criteria for university networking activities. The proposed approach to evaluation of the networking interaction among "elite" universities included into the "Excellence Initiative" program is anchored into analysis of official websites of higher education...
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System of Russian Linguocultural Types: Problem Statement

G.M. Mandrikova, E.M. Dubrovskaya
The paper substantiates the necessity to describe / model the linguocultural types of the Russian worldview. The theory of linguocultural types proposed by V.I. Karasik is actively developing in modern linguistics in line with linguopersonology as one of the domains within the theory of linguistic person....
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Philosophical Methodology of Research of the Network Paradigm of Education Management

G.V. Morgunov, N.S. Proner
The article is devoted to the analysis of the features of the philosophical methodology of network paradigm research of education management. In the process of research, the authors come to the conclusion that it is necessary to adapt existing methodologies, such as synergistic, system analysis, activity...
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Network Culture and its Influence on Social Adaptation of Students

G.V. Morgunov, N.S. Proner, I.V. Cherepanov
The article is devoted to the study of the influence of network culture on the social adaptation of students. In the research, the authors come to the conclusion that network culture is a special kind of culture inherent in society, and it has network logic of its basic structure. This allows the author...
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Moral Values of Russian Young Men as an Indicator in Effective Negotiations

O.A. Osipenok, I.M. Karnakova
The article considers moral values of Russian young men. The authors consider moral values as the key features of future specialists. The research conducted by the authors is devoted to the problem discussed in the article. In order to get the answers to research questions, the authors surveyed a sample...
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Didactic Principles Underlying the Course of "Fundamentals of Personal and Communicative Culture"

E. Tum, S. Zaeskova, Yu. Ridnaya
The article is devoted to the description of the following didactic principles: principle of interrelation of various aspects of the Russian language, synchronism and diachrony, context and communicative principles, and their implementation in the course of "Fundamentals of personal and communicative...
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Ideal Female Types in Sociological and Philosophical Understanding

I.A. Savchenko, S.V. Ustinkin, N.A. Ageeva, T.A. Rodzikovskaya
The ideal type, as one of the leading concepts of the Weberian cognitive theory of social phenomena, is a collective construction which reproduces the specifics and cause-effect structure of the formation and internal dynamics of the object of scientific research. The epistemological status of the ideal...
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Mental Inequalities in Russian Provinc

I.V. Shavyrina, A.A. Podvigaylo, E.V. Reutov, M.N. Reutova
Current paper analyzes the role of mental inequalities in the formation of social inequalities in Russian province. Mental inequalities are persistent differences in the cognitive-value patterns of individual and collective consciousness. The authors attempt to identify mental inequalities of the Russian...
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Problem of Human Integrity within the Framework of Technological Society

V.O. Sheleketa, E.N. Chizhova, I.S. Dmitrieva, V.Yu. Ivakhnov
The issue under consideration in this article is the problem of psychological theories and concepts reflecting the human's status within the limits of technogenic informational civilization. The purpose of the work is to demonstrate the "unhealthy" in existential and psychological aspects situation in...
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Legal Culture and Human Rights System in the Era of Globalization

O. Tomyuk, A. Shutaleva, M. Dyachkova, N. Smolina, A. Novgorodtseva
The paper is devoted to examining the impact of globalization processes on the formation and development of legal culture and human rights systems. The global space of modernity is represented by many different legal cultures, the formation of which is determined by national, economic, social, cultural...
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Adaptation of Vainakhs and Well-Being of the Asian Region of Russia

A.N. Starostin, A.P. Jarkov, E.V. Alexeeva, P.B. Chuprikov
The article determines the role of political aspects of the Russian social space, which influences the life of Ingush and Chechens living in the Asian part of the country. Attention is focused on the religious factor as an important part of the life of the Vainakhs in Siberia and the Far East for 150...
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Self-Sufficient Urban Socio-Economic Space

V.V. Smirnov, V.L. Semenov, A.N. Zakharova, E.N. Kadyshev, N.V. Bondarenko
The article defines the self-sufficient urban socio-economic space (SSUSES) and reveals its essence as a succession of phenomena, conditions, package of measures to achieve a certain result. The main target of SSUSES is the citizens' high life quality, achieved by: increasing incomes; improving health;...
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Russian Cultural Code: A Formula of Synergy

T.I. Zaytseva
The article is devoted to the search for the cultural code of Russian civilization relevant to modern Russia. This article disputes the point of view about the exhaustion of the possibilities of Russian culture for the modernization of the country. The research is based on the civilizational approach...
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A Competence-Based Approach to Interpretation of a Language Sign by an Individual: The Search for a Term

O.K. Ansimova
Interpretation of a language sign by an individual in the framework of a competence-based approach is discussed, which is a novelty in the theoretical studies underlying the methodology of teaching a foreign / non-native language. The term 'linguistic capability' (the Russian equivalent for 'linguistic...
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Ethnocultural Collocations in the Context of Combinatorial Linguistics

M.V. Vlavatskaya, E.I. Arkhipova
The article is devoted to ethnocultural collocations - one of the types of collocations considered in combinatorial linguistics, which studies the syntagmatic connections of lexical units and their combinatorial potential. Ethnocultural collocations are combinatorially conditioned combinations of words...
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Definitional Strategy of Medical Term Semantization

A.G. Balobanova
The article is devoted to the definition as the main means of term semantization. The results of the survey of therapeutists and prospective university students of Medical University are considered. The respondents use a definitional strategy when dealing with terms. This language strategy is focused...
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Semantic Sphere of "Identity" in Modern English

R.A. Chesnokova
The article defines the criteria to identify the semantics "identity", describes the semantic sphere of "identity", including the semantic blocks "equality", "similarity" and "likeness". The model of the semantic sphere of "identity" is constructed.
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Pedagogical Potential of Russian Folk Tales in Formation of Cultural Identity of Preschool Children

E.I. Elizova, N.A. Karataeva
This article deals with the problem of pedagogical potential of Russian folk tales and their role in the interaction between preschoolers and educators. The authors have developed the levels of cultural identity of pedagogical potential of Russian folk tales which are characterized by ethnic specific...
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Images of Siberia in the Poems of Amateur Poets

E.V. Gileva
This article is devoted to the study of various images of Siberia in the amateur poetry by authors who were born in Siberia or lived in Siberia. For the purposes of this essay, the term "amateur poetry" is taken to mean poetry without poetic harmony and artistic value. Unlike high-quality fiction, amateur...
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A Review on Echolalia in Childhood Autism

M.D. Golysheva
Childhood autism is the syndrome that is characterized by permanent abnormalities in reciprocal social interaction, communication, and stereotypic behavior expressed by repetitive actions, movements or speech. Repetitive behaviors in language are represented by echolalia, which is divided into two categories,...
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Lexical Cohesion in Official Documents in Naive Metalinguistic Consciousness

M.N. Gordeeva
The article focuses on the peculiarities of lexical cohesion realization in two types of official documents: written by professionals that work in official organizations and by ordinary native speakers. Lexical type of cohesion, which comprises the relations of inclusion, exclusion and identity, is one...
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Teaching Latin in Medical Schools: Methods, Traditions, Innovations

S.F. Galkina, E.V. Grishchenko
This article presents the curriculum of Latin language courses and discusses their variations. We describe and analyze general characteristics and specificities of textbooks published in the discipline within the last five years, as well as their methodological recommendations. We systematically lay...
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Linguistic Means of Expressing Evaluation in German Narrative Discours

E.V. Guzheva
The interaction of reality and man is reflected in the language in various aspects. One of them is an evaluative one. The objective world is divided by speakers from the point of view of its value character - good and evil, good and harm, etc. This secondary division, due to the social and very complex...
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Quantitative Aspect of Communication: Cross-Cultural Varieties

Ye.V. Fedyaeva, M.A. Ivleva
The article is devoted to the quantitative aspect of communication content from the point of view of a national mentality specifics which finds its explicit expression in the ethnic communicative style. Special attention is paid to the quantitative aspect of communication through the prism of cultural...
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Syntactic Phraseology in the Modern Russian Language (Exemplified by Constructions with the Element to the Point)

Ye.V. Karpova, T.N. Permiakova
The article is devoted to the controversial phenomenon of syntactic idiom. The peculiarity of these units is that, on the one hand, they have the main features of the sentence; on the other hand, they are characterized by phraseological nature. In their composition there are components of two types:...
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From Text to Communication Product: Transformation of Genres and Text Forms in Digital Age

A. Goryachev, E. Karmalova, K. Kiuru, A. Krivonosov, E. Peskova
The changes in media environment always lead to changes in media system, which reflects a different quality of communications. Researchers of mass communications start focusing on the nature of actors, channels and effects. This article aims to analyze how the genre structure of texts that function in...
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Visual and Graphic Components of Electronic Literary Polycode Texts

S.A. Kuchina
The paper deals with the key aspects of electronic literary texts visual representation. The polycode components interaction inside the structural and semantic integrity of electronic literary text is analyzed as well as the role of these elements in the thematic complex of the artwork. The comprehension...
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Reflection of the Status and Role of Social Structure in Agentive Impersonal Sentences in German

O.V. Kuzmina, T.M. Pristinskaya, Yu.E. Lomonosova, N.N. Kopytina, E.N. Shirlina
The article is devoted to the implicit representation of status and role groups in society on the material of impersonal sentences in the German language. The focus is set on the types of the implicit semantic subject, characterized by varying degrees of determination in context: indefinite-personal,...
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Linguistic Interference in the Context of Teaching Future Translators

O.B. Poletaeva, N.A. Moroz, O.P. Lazareva, O.V. Shatilovich
The paper deals with the problem of linguistic interference in the field of translation from one language to another. It is generally accepted that, when contacting, two languages affect the norms and standards of each other. People participating in cross-cultural communication, especially those who...
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Christian Calendar and Symbolism of Numbers in the Late Literary Prose of Leo Tolstoy

E.A. Masolova, T.B. Ganicheva
The article touches upon the issue of the role of the Christian calendar and the symbolism of numbers in Tolstoy late literary prose. The authors prove that Leo Tolstoy relates the life of his characters with the dates of the Christian calendar and the Biblical numerical symbolism that perform a prospective...
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Proper Names Derivatives as a Productive Word Formation Type

O.K. Mzhelskaya, O.Yu. Patlasov
The following paper is devoted to the study of semantic word formation problem in the nomination theory. Onomastic derivatives are the empirical material of the study. The research hypothesis questions is whether proper names can transfer to the category of words combining the nominative function with...
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Linguistic and Psychological Aspects of Universal Sound Symbolism Studies

S.V. Nikroshkina
The article deals with the problem of universality of sound symbolism. It aims to give a comprehensive account of theoretical and experimental research of iconicity within separate languages as well as cross-linguistic sound symbolism. The work provides results of psychological and psycholinguistic research...
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Development of Methods of Teaching English in Russia: Chronological Survey and Analysis

S.V. Nikroshkina
The article gives the chronological retrospective into methods of teaching English in Russia. The author dwells on the main principles of various methods under study. Special attention is paid to the communicative method. The advantages and disadvantages of various methods as well as their effectiveness...
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Laughter vs Fear: Conceptual Metaphor in the Literary World of Martin Amis

S.A. Petrenko, A.Ph. Petrenko, T.Ph. Petrenko, N.A. Golik, S.V. Tishchenko
The article deals with the description of cognitive processes that underlie the perception and interpretation of humour embodied in comic situations which form the plot of some literary works. Metaphor in a satirical or humorous text is a way of self-expression of the writer's personality, who feels...
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Intertexuality in Cyberspace Media Discourse: Patching Cultural Gaps in Translation

Yu.V. Plekhanova, M.A. Stepanova
The article analyzes some effective tools to overcome cultural barriers in cyberspace media discourse. The main aim of the analysis is to explain the nature of cyberspace media discourse as a mighty communicative device. The goal is achieved through the study of approaches for translating fragments of...
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Latest Anglicisms Used in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language to Contribute to Motivation and Adaptation of Polylingual Students in Russia

S.L. Savilova, E.G. Smychkova, E.V. Kokhanovskaya, A.A. Kropotkina
Instructors of RFL in their work should take into consideration the discrepancy between the vocabulary of educational texts and vocabulary used actively by students in everyday communication. Particular slang expressions to be learnt by students in class will revive the educational process and make it...
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Comparative Analysis of Chess Terms

M.V. Vlavatskaya, I.N. Sharova
The article is devoted to the consideration of the terms of chess game in a comparative aspect. Particular attention is paid to the concept of "game" in terms of its philosophical, historical, cultural and psychological understanding. Due to the fact that the game concept is inherent in each individual,...
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Upgrading and Downgrading Accounts as Indirect Apology Strategies

E. Skvortsova
The article marks such indirect apology strategies as Upgrading Accounts; Downgrading Accounts; An Offer of Repair; A Promise of Forbearance; swearing; interjections Oops!; oh no!Such strategies as Upgrading (face-threatening for a speaker) and Downgrading (face-saving for a speaker) accounts are analyzed...
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Inner Form and Related Linguistic Concepts

A.A. Sosnina
For a long time, the national specificity of the word meaning, the interdependence of the form and content of language units, the explanation of cases of subjective reasons for the nomination have been attracting the attention of scientists. The inner form of the word is one of the tools that allow considering...
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Actual Problems of Modern Pedagogy of Higher Education

L. Stepanenko
This article discusses the training of future specialists in the higher education. Personality-oriented education is considered as a complex organized process, involving the manifestation of natural and genetic inclinations, the development of creative skills and the creation of freedom for implementation...
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Strategy and Tactics of Communication Arts in the Works of Blanche Staff (1845-1911)

E.N. Mikhailova, E.V. Tolstolutskaya, S.V. Sleptsova, G.V. Svishchev, T.E. Soboleva
The article is devoted to studying the recommendations of the communicative behavior of French high society representatives at the end of the 19th century. The study is relied on the most famous works of Blanche Staff (1845-1911) where the guidance of good manners, applied to different situations of...
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Concept of "Image" in Scientific Cognition: Explicative Analysis

V.V. Vihman, M.V. Romm
The article studies the essence of the concept of "image", especially, in reflections on mechanisms of scientific cognition. The authors conducted the explicative analysis of interdisciplinary scientific works that introduce this concept with a view to developing scientific knowledge. The emphasis was...
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Occasional Collocations in the Artistic Creation of P. B. Shelly (Based on the Poem "Ginevra")

M.V. Vlavatskaya, A.V. Emelyanova
The article focuses on functional-semantic analysis of occasional collocations in the poem "Ginevra" by P. B. Shelly. It is taking place within the framework of combinatorial linguistics which studies the combinatorial and syntagmatic properties of language units. The relevance of the study is related...
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Classifying Combinatorially Conditioned Meanings of Colorative Collocations

M.V. Vlavatskaya, L.V. Tsvenger
The article is devoted to colorative collocation in the Russian and English languages. The research is conducted in the framework of combinatorial linguistics that studies the linear relations of language units and their combinatorial potential. The authors determined and characterized colorative collocations,...
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Combinatorial Mechanisms of New Paroimias

M.V. Vlavatskaya, Z.M. Zaikina
The article considers structural and semantic modifications of the traditional paroimias (sayings, proverbs, aphorisms, etc.) in combinatorial paremiology. In the theory such modifications are called combinatorial mechanisms of new paroimias formation. As a result of the analysis made, it is revealed...
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Mastering the Genre of a Hands-on Training Report in the Professional Competence of Bachelor Students Majoring in Construction Engineering

А.V. Abrosimova, N.I. Kolesnikova
The study is devoted to solution of a relevant issue of formation of a genre of writing competence by bachelors majoring in construction engineering. The authors describe the genre of a hands-on training report and its varieties functioning in tuition, research and professional communication. The reasonability...
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Design of Educational Programs within the Framework of the Competence Approach

Ye. Turlo, A. Alyabieva
The experience of designing the educational process at a technical university based on the competence-based approach is studied. The design principles are highlighted, recommendations on the design of the educational process are summarized, the methodology of the development of the main educational program...
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Innovation Activity Peculiarities for College and University Students

Y.A. Bykova, L.Sh. Atabaeva
The paper provides the analysis of current state of the problem related to the innovation activity in the education sector. The issue of students' innovation activity including the motivation factor is considered. The aim of the article is to identify the innovation activity peculiarities related to...
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Accepted Idea as a Cause for Political and Social Preferences of Students

M. Basimov
The article deals with the dependence of the interval variables-estimates (the respondents' attitudes to political parties, political leaders, satisfaction with the work of state bodies, attitudes to voting results) on the nominal parameter "The accepted idea", which is represented by five meaningful...
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Existential Vacuum of High School Students as a Defect of Socialization in the Context of the War for Consciousness

G.G. Bednarskaya
The article analyzes the victimization rate of NSTU students as possible victims of the war for consciousness. Our investigation is based on Ammon's I-structural test. Taking into account the results of testing students, the rationale for the creation of a psychological university service and practical...
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Concept of Advanced Electrical Engineers Education in the Context of Innovative Development

N. Buryanina, E. Lesnykh, Yu. Korolyuk, V. Vihman, M. Koryakina, R. Gogolev, E. Maleeva
The concept of advanced electrical engineers education is proposed in the context of innovative technologies for training highly qualified personnel for the master's program based on an integrative model of engineers' education. The importance of practical and project-oriented engineers' education is...
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Interconnection of Women's Psychological Well-Being with Their Personal Characteristics

Z.F. Dudchenko, N.A. Petrova, N.O. Dubnova
The article discusses the interconnection of women's psychological well-being with their personal characteristics, namely with self-attitude and life-meaning orientations. In the course of the study, reliable differences in the level of the psychological well-being in the different age groups of women...
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Assessment of the Results from Mastering of Educational Programs in the Context of Reforming the System of Teacher Education in Russia

O. Belokon, M. Edrenkina, D. Efimov, V. Osipov
The article deals with the assessment of educational results during the final state certification in the context of reforming the system of teacher education in Russia. Indicators of universal, general professional and professional competence and their assessment in the process of preparation and defense...
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Instructional Principles and Approaches to English Course Design in Continuing Educatio

I.V. Kulamikhina, Zh.B. Esmurzaeva, S.V. Danilova, O.A. Zhbikovskaya
This study aims to design the program and instruction of an English course that stimulates adult learners' engagement in language learning and English communicative competence development in the continuing education. The authors have discussed the principles and approaches of adult education to the course...
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Role of Social Well-Being Indicators in Preventing Children's Behaviour Deviation

V. Flyagina
The article discusses the indicators of family social well-being and well-being of the child in the family. The aim of the research is to determine the role of these indicators in the prevention of deviant behavior in children. The questionnaire survey was used as the main research method. The article...
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Personality Orientation to Define General Competence. Psychological and Educational Formation Principles

N.P. Gavrilyuk, N.A. Zykova, G.N. Artem'eva
The paper studies challenges of preparing students in higher education for professional life. Educational and psychological principles for the formation of general competence are theoretically introduced. The authors see students' personality orientation as a key characteristic of general competence...
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Teachers' Self-Efficacy as a Factor of Improving University Management

A.I. Grebenyuk, N.I. Altynnik, N.S. Danakin, M.G. Shcherbakova
The article provides theoretical justification for the need of increased attention to the problem of teachers' self-efficacy on the part of university managers. The problems faced by teachers during their professional activities are analyzed and identified using the conducted empirical research. The...
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Reveal of Author's Intention through Evidentials

S.V. Grichin
The article describes an attempt to develop a method to reveal the author's intention in a scientific test based on evidential markers. The method proposed in the article is based on the analysis of the proportion of explicit and implicit evidential markers, correlation of evidential strategy markers...
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Challenges to Leadership Development in Members of Student Communities as a Problem of Social Well-Being and Development of Patriotism in Youth

N. Gritskikh, E. Reshetnikova, N. Zagorodniy, N. Feytkevich, A. Bovkun
The paper presents the results of the study conducted by the scientists of the Laboratory of Psycho-economical and Cross-Cultural Research, Institute of Social Sciences, Irkutsk State University. The paper provides an overview of the top challenges to the development of leadership qualities in members...
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Pedagogical Relevance of Media Culture of SVE Students

L.A. Ibragimova, I.E. Skobeleva
The scientific knowledge of content and need of media culture development of a modern person is not only revealed in the ability to work with a new media form of collective information, but, first of all, in the ability to critically estimate media texts, in developing creative abilities to work with...
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Teaching English Academic Writing in Higher Education Institutions

G.V. Igonina
The article deals with the issues of academic writing teaching and learning in tertiary school in the context of the Russian educational system challenging integration into a global educational environment. On the one hand, a successful inclusion of our professionals into the global scientific and technical...
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Mathematical Modeling in Multilevel Educational Programs

D.V. Ivanov, L.P. Merkulova, E.G. Nelyubina, L.V. Panfilova, E.Yu. Bobkova
The quality of education depends to a large extent on the quality of educational programs. Educational institutions develop educational programs to improve the quality of education. This involves not only monitoring changes that occur in society but also taking forecast-based steps to make educational...
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Optimization of Physical Activities on Physical and Health Classes with Pupils

I. Kalina
The significant deterioration in the physical fitness of modern schoolchildren, and as a result, the decrease in their level of health necessitates the improvement of the basic components of physical education system in educational institutions. One of the promising directions in this term is the use...
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Realization of Personal Values of Students as a Predictor of Patriotism

N.N. Pomuran, E.N. Kirichenko
The article studies the correlation of personal values of students and the possibility of their realization in the modern conditions of the country as a predictor of patriotism formation. The analysis of scientific literature on the problem of patriotism and the analysis of Russian research studies devoted...
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Media Behaviour of Students as the Challenge to Contemporary Higher Education

K. Kiuru, E. Popova, I. Kharina, A. Agapov
The article considers the problem of the search of the response of the contemporary educational process in the higher school to the challenges of student media behavior, revealed through the growing role of social networks and messengers in social reality. The inclusiveness in social networks leads to...
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Development of Linguistic and Regional Learning Competence of Foreign Students

L.V. Koneva
The paper deals with one of the possible solutions to the problem of developing linguistic and regional study competence in teaching a foreign language based on the material of historical cultural area of Western Siberia and its capital, Novosibirsk city. The article describes the methods and techniques...
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Features of Functioning of SOS Children's Villages in Russia

E.G. Kopalkina, N.V. Iltakova, T.I. Erhitueva
The paper emphasizes the relevance of functioning of SOS Children's Villages in terms of reduction in the number of orphans in recent years and deinstitutionalization of traditional forms of their living arrangement, and identifies features of their structure in comparison with other forms. Indicators...
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Analysis of Information Requests of Primary Schoolchildren on the Internet

L.V. Kremleva, O.I. Bederdinova, M.V. Bederdinova
Modern information society is characterized by rapid and wide spread of the Internet in all spheres of human life. Intellectualization of Internet technologies suggest that the children's Internet sector is "younger" and younger schoolchildren are active consumers of media content. The study aims to...
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Implementation of Professional Standards in the System of Higher Education in Russia as a Factor of Innovative Development

G. I. Khokhlova, N. V. Kretova, V. Yu. Burov, E. I. Korshunova
The priority goals of the national development of Russia in modern times are associated with technological innovations and digital technologies. To achieve the goals, it is essential to train highly qualified personnel, to raise the level of the country's personnel potential, to develop the national...
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Educational Challenges of the Economy of Knowledge

N. Urazova, M. Kuklina, R. Starkov, A. Galtaeva
The article is devoted to the formation of an approach to modern education in the conditions of the "new" economy - the "housekeeper of knowledge", which provides the use of "change management" to improve the efficiency of an organization. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of modern education...
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Intercultural Communication and Personality Enculturation in the Context of Humanities

T.M. Kononova, L.N. Zakharova, O.P. Lazareva, O.N. Goreva
The article defines "enculturation" as the process of learning the norms of social life and culture by an individual. General meaning of the term that implies a dialogue of different cultures, i.e. intercultural communication, is used. The authors consider intercultural communication in the form of various...
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Telecollaborative Project as a Method of Intercultural Communicative Competence Development in a Non-Linguistic University

L. Luchikhina, N. Elfimova
The article discusses key elements, typological parameters and didactic functions of telecollaborative projects. Particular attention is paid to implementation stages of this type of project. The paper presents an example of using telecollaborative projects in a non-linguistic high school as a means...
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Retrospective Assessment and Proposals for the Adaptation of the First Year Students

T.I. Monastyrskaya, N.P. Medvedeva, A.V. Katsura
The process of studying at the university requires a freshman to be independent and active, although many freshmen are not prepared for it. We consider several sets of problems associated with the adaptation of the first year students: learning difficulties, difficulties in communication, the starting...
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Training Future Teachers to Develop Conscious Self-Regulation of Voluntary Activities

T.V. Zobnina, L.P. Kislyakova, O.M. Mishagina, S.S. Sedova, A.A. Efremov
One of the most important psychological factors of efficient educational process is the ability of the teacher to consciously regulate their voluntary activities: for instance, their behaviour, their communication etc. In this respect, developing this kind of skill in students (teachers-to-be) during...
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Integrative Approach to Teaching English at University: Sociological Study

T.I. Monastyrskaya, G.Y. Toropchin
Modern information technologies make it possible to intensify English language teaching, making it more attractive for students. However, separating language instruction from the educational process on the whole, let alone from the professional training, does not allow students to solidify the obtained...
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Development of Inclusive Education in Japan Higher Education System

O. Moskvina, S. Kolishkina, T. Savina
The article touches upon the issue of the basic concepts of inclusive education in Japan in relation to people with disabilities, ways to eliminate the "environmental" and "attitudinal" barriers in Japanese universities, the main activities of the University Centers for supporting students with disabilities,...
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Internationalization of Higher Education in Russia: A Case Study of Siberian Transport University

V. Nekhoroshkov, E. Kobeleva, A. Komkova, E. Krutko
Recent trends in society towards global engagement resulted in the significant changes in higher education around the world. Academic and research institutions demonstrate a growing interest in the processes of internationalization of higher education, at the international, regional, national, and institutional...
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Implementation Conditions for Project-Based Training as an Integrated Teaching Strategy in Higher Education

E.V. Nikitenko, T.V. Savina
The article determines the necessary conditions for the implementation of project-based training in the process of modernization of higher education. Today, higher education, as well as science, is socially oriented; therefore, it must meet the needs of the socio-economic development of the state. In...
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Actual Aspects of the Semiotic Approach in Educational Activity

V.G. Novoselov
The article describes the methodological features of the formation of professionally significant semantic spaces of education. First of all, the work should be carried out on the basis of actualization of personal meanings in the semantic sphere of the individual student at the three levels described...
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Aspects of Modern Engineering Education

V.Yu. Konyukhov, T.A. Oparina, R.S. Zott, P.N. Konovalov
This article discusses the problems of globalization, development of countries and their economies which fundamentally change the standards of engineering education. Now engineers need knowledge and possession of a larger number of competences than merely mastering narrowly qualified disciplines. The...
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Foreign Language E-Learning

O.V. Voronina, N.V. Petrova, A.V. Sverdlova, S.R. Udalov
In this article, we have suggested the classification of foreign language e-learning according to the types of speech activities and language aspects - receptive learning (reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, phonetics, linguistic and cultural studies) and interactive learning (writing and speaking)....
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Training Specialists at the Institute of Sorbian Studies of the University of Leipzig

E.L. Plavskaya
The article is devoted to the issues of training specialists at the Institute of Sorbian Studies at the University of Leipzig (Germany). Based on the materials of the documents and interviews with representatives of scientific, educational, cultural and social organizations of the Serbs of Lusatia, as...
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Case Method as an Important Aspect of the Modern Educational Process

I.I. Pomerniuk, M.S. Chernyshenko, E.L. Popova
Case-method is a system that allows describing a specific real situation compiled in a certain format and aimed at teaching students to analyze different types of information and group it, at obtaining skills to pose a problem and develop possible solutions to it in accordance with the conditions. Case...