Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Humanities, Wisdom Education and Service Management (HWESM 2023)

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Intakhab Alam Khan, Ganesan Ramaswamy, Zaharah Binti Hussin
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Positive Effects of Reliable Social Connections and Self-reward in Life on Depression Treatment and Prevention

Haotian Zhu
In previous studies, we can find some simple and effective impetus (such as complete a small goal of even after finish one day, and then taking a small reward) plays a key role in the treatment and prevention of depression. At the same time, reliable social ties can also play a positive role in curing...
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Research on the Improvement of Marketing Strategy of Real Estate Projects Based on the Perspective of Capital Chain

Bohan Fan
The economy has switched from high-speed development to high-quality development in recent years as China’s GDP growth rate has slowed, and businesses have steadily changed from high-speed capital development to structural adjustment. The country has developed more precise and clear strategies for economic...
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The Development of Indo-European Languages in Cultural and Historical Processes: A Case Study of Indo-Iranian Languages

Jiaqi Liu
The linguistic and civilizational processes in Asia were driven more by war, colonization and religion. This paper explains the development process of Indo-Iranian language family from the perspective of cultural and historical development, focuses on the analysis of the role of the progress of ideology...
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Study on Hierarchical Service Management Mode of Students in Student-Centered Higher Vocational Colleges

Yijie Ding
Student affairs management plays an irreplaceable role in guiding, standardizing and guaranteeing the growth and development of students. With the popularity of the concept of “student-centered”, the hierarchical service-oriented work mode has been recognized and accepted by more and more colleges and...
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Discussion on the Teaching Reform of the Bilingual Course “Architectural Performance” Under the Background of “One Belt and One Road” Initiative

Wei Chang, Yifan Gao, Xiaofeng Guo, Kaiwu Jia, Qian Sun, Yingjie Zhu, Feifei Huo, Chen Ma
This paper aims to explore the reforming methods of the bilingual teaching mode in the “Architectural Performance” course of the civil engineering. By discussing the “One Belt and One Road” Initiative (BRI) background and the current status of the “Architectural Performance” course, with combination...
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Critically Evaluate the Advantages and Disadvantages of Bureaucracies, Markets and Networks as Forms of Public Service Delivery

Zixuan Qiao
This essay mainly delivers the concept of Public Service Delivery (PSD) and Joined-up Governments, and combine it with the concept of markets, bureaucracy and networks to analyze the pros and cons of different forms of PSD. Analysed benefits and drawbacks of bureaucracy, markets, and networks. Given...
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A Study of Emotional Optimization Strategies for Young Teachers in Higher Education

Xiaofang Han
Teaching is a special profession, and the multiplicity of its professional roles, as well as the tediousness and diversity of its work, makes teachers under great pressure in their work, especially young teachers who have been teaching for a short time and are not yet experienced enough, and are more...
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Study on the Effect of Poverty Alleviation Through Education in China

Yuting Lu, Tong Chen
Poverty undoubtedly is a global problem, and the fight against poverty and poverty runs through human life. Poverty alleviation through education can be understood as education developed in economically underdeveloped areas. It can improve the overall quality of the individual population in underdeveloped...
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Research on Problems and Improvement Strategies of Bank Customer Management Service

Yufeng Wu
Bank customer management service is very important for banks. It not only reflects the comprehensive level of a bank, but also reflects the importance that banks attach to customers, thus affecting bank efficiency. The customer management service of banks is different from the customer management service...
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On the Genesis of Zhou Huijun’s Calligraphic Style and the Reference to Contemporary Calligraph

Dexiang Kong
From the end of the Qing Dynasty to the present, there have been many famous calligraphers in Shanghai, such as Wu Changshuo, Sha Menghai and Shen Yinmo. However, one of the most important calligraphers of the ‘Shanghai School’ in modern times is Zhou Huijun. She is not only one of the most influential...
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A Case Study of the Verbal Interaction Between Teacher and Students in High-Quality English Reading Class Based on iFIAS

Haoying Wang
Teacher-student interaction is the key factor affecting the effect of real-time teaching in class. However, traditional English reading classes in China can hardly meet this need. To solve existing problems and optimize the teaching process, this study uses the coding framework based on iFIAS to analyze...
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Analysis of the Task-Driven Instruction Method of the Course “Statistics” Based on SPSS

Peiru Dai, Wei Zhang, Qingmei Chen
Based on the concept of competency-based teaching, a task-driven teaching approach is adopted in the realistic teaching of the Statistics course to improve students’ competence. This paper collects data on the evaluation of students’ influence factors on teaching methods and teaching effects, and uses...
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The Influence and Classification of Unsafe Psychology on the Safety Behavior of Miners

Shuicheng Tian, Jiangjiang Zhang
In order to improve the psychological state of miners, improve the safety behavior of miners, and effectively prevent and control coal mine accidents, the questionnaire was used to investigate the unsafe psychology of frontline employees in Shanxi a coal mine and Shaanxi B coal mine. The fluke mentality,...
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Exploration of Backward Instructional Design in Inertial Navigation Algorithm

Shaokun Cai, Ruihang Yu, Yan Guo, Zhiming Xiong
In terms of traditional curriculum design, it usually reaches the final learning goal through scattered knowledge points. The inertial navigation course has so many details, complex theories and formulas, whereas the traditional “teacher-oriented” approach to passing on knowledge points from the conditions...
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Exploration and Practice of Multi-Patterns Comprehensive Pathology Practice Under the Guidance of Early Clinical Experience

Yanjie Liu, Chun Wang, Yuting Wu, Yuanhua Cheng, Zhizhong Guan, Wenxiu Yang, Rong Ai
In modern medical education, the early clinical experience is integrated into pathological practice teaching, and a variety of teaching techniques are applied to pathological experiment teaching to form a comprehensive experimental teaching mode. The purpose is to narrow the gap between pathological...
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The Importance of Family and Kindergarten Cooperation in Infant’s Mental Health Education

Hanqing Wu
The harmonious development of infant’s physical and mental health is the educational goal of the kindergarten stage, which specifically means that the individual’s physical, psychological and social adaptation are in a sound state, not only the absence of disease or weakness. The healthy development...
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Ruminating on the Construction of a Corpus of Talents for Emergency Language Services in China

Yuxin Xiong, Weihan Meng, Hui Li
People are the foundation of a thousand years of work. The outbreak of the new global epidemic and the joint response of countries around the world further illustrate the validity of the concept of a community of human destiny in the context of globalization. In the face of such global public emergencies,...
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Goffman on Professional Self-presentation: The Key Issues of Streamers’ Professional Identity Construction

Yudi Zhang
The live streaming industry has become an emerging global giant, especially in China and North America, bringing in huge profits every year. Live streamer follows this trend into a new and popular profession. However, streamers’ professional identity is underexplored. We fill this gap in the literature...
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Research on Educational Informatization Empowering Home-School Co-Parenting of Left-Behind children

A Study Based on Left-Behind Children in Rural China

Xuhong Wang
Rural left-behind children is a special group derived from the urban–rural dual system in China. As the main position of education, family and school co-education is of great significance to the physical and mental health development of left-behind children. Under the background of the needs of the times,...
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Metaphors of Plant Words in Chinese and Western Culture

Li Zhao
Metaphor is not only a linguistic form, but also a cognitive way in which human think about the world. Plant metaphors map features of plants to human body, character or emotions, enriching human language and cognition. Studying the similarities and differences of plant metaphors in China and western...
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Innovative Research on English Phonetic Education for Township Pupils in Guangxi

A Case Study of Shanglin County, Nanning, Guangxi

Yanyan Lv, Xinxin He, Bowen Lan, Churu Lin, Yuqin Gan, Xinyu Guan, Huiqin Hu, Qianyue Zhang
In recent years, narrowing the gap between urban and rural compulsory education to promote educational equity has become one of the working policies of educators. At present, there are some difficulties for the existing mode of Guangxi township phonetic education to solve the problem of students’ dialect...
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Innovation and Research on “Two-Three-Four” Education Mode in the Perspective of “Emerging Engineering education”

A Case Study of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation in Huzhou University

Yulan Wei, Qingzhu Zhang, Bing Li
In view of the gap between the demand for talents and the fostering of talents for the development of “Emerging Engineering Education”, Based on the current situation of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation specialty (Mechanism for short) in Huzhou University, and the characteristics of local...
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A Preliminary Study on the Docking of Corporate Culture in the Construction of Task-Based Teaching Mode of “Practical English”

Liuzhi Yang
Since the task-based teaching mode emphasizes learning knowledge, cultivating skills and developing quality through the completion of tasks, this article provides a good entry point for the “Practical English” course connected with corporate culture. The docking of corporate culture in the construction...
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Analysis of Innovative Education Resource Optimization Allocation Model Based on Differential Evolutionary Algorithm

Lingling Zhang
In our country to vigorously implement and improve the process of internal control system, because there is no unified evaluation standard, the level of internal control of accounting information system between different levels and different types of enterprises is inconsistent, can not meet the enterprise...
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The Impact of Online Learning During COVID-19 on Chinese Students

Ruixi Piao
The pandemic forced students to switch from in-person to online learning suddenly. After almost three years of online learning, what are students’ experiences about it? This study is designed to investigate how online learning affects Chinese students’ mental/physical health and learning experience....
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Do the Learners like Learning in a Blended Way?

Zhongshan Tian
In college English teaching, Blended Learning has greater advantages and adaptability than traditional teaching modes, thus it has gradually come into people’s view and showed its vitality. Having carried out four turns of the two courses for more than thirteen thousand college students in a blended...
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Research on Performance Management of GFT Company

Xin Li
The research object of this thesis is GFT Company. According to the problems of enterprise performance management and the theories and methods related to enterprise performance management, this study investigates and analyzes the possible problems and difficulties of GFT Company in the performance management...
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Research and Practice of Intelligent Classroom Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Education Informatization

Take the Linear Algebra Course as an Example

Hongyan Su
With the concept of wisdom education, under the background of education informatization discusses university wisdom classroom teaching mode, mainly based on linear algebra course, expounds the wisdom classroom information platform, Internet information technology fusion in the concrete practice of classroom...
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Analysis of College Student’s Health and Common Diseases Based on Differences in Outpatient Medication

Haishi Yu, Juan Yu, Yang Wang
This study aimed to analyze the physical health and common diseases of college students through medication in the outpatient department of the Chenggong Campus of Yunnan Normal University, and support the hospital to better serve both students and teachers. The prescriptions were counted based on the...
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High Level Talent Training Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Yanmei Guo
With the rapid development and application of artificial intelligence technology, in the training of high-level talents, more and more needs to be solved is how to transform it into actual productivity. Therefore, based on the current research situation at home and abroad, this paper proposes a set of...
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Digital Inclusive Finance, Industrial Upgrading and Farmers’ Income Growth

Ping Yu, Yaqin Feng
The interaction mechanism between digital inclusive finance and farmers’ income growth is focused on, and the mediating effect of industrial upgrading in it is analyzed. Using provincial panel data from 2011–2018 in China, a fixed-effects model and a mediating-effects model are developed to empirically...
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Development of Internal Quality Assurance System in Regional Undergraduate Colleges

A Case Study of Xi’an Mingde Institute of Technology

Yu Zhang, Pengfei Wang, Liang Wen
Regional undergraduate colleges are important to China’s higher education, and the caliber of talent development they offer has an impact on how quickly the country’s high-quality higher education system grows. Institutions of higher education must implement an internal quality assurance system to guarantee...
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A Systematic Review of Computational Thinking Assessment in the Context of 21st Century Skills

Jing Han
Computational thinking (CT) is a vital component in the development of STEM and 21st-century skills. In order to integrate CT into the current curriculum, it is crucial to assess CT skills, which can provide valuable insights for teaching practices and future research. The purpose of this review is to...
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Criminalization of Copyright-Infringing Information Distribution Algorithms

Zihang Lan, Shuhan Yang, Xiao Wang, Yanru Yan
With the rapid emergence of user-generated content, Internet service providers have frequently employed information distribution algorithms that recommend information to users based on use statistics. If the information it actively recommends infringes the copyright of others, it is unclear whether and...
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China: Classification, Characteristics, and Development Status of m-Health Management Apps

Xiaochi Su, Xueyi Shen, Ying Su, Jintian Liang
In recent years, China’s economic level is constantly improving, however, the health risks of residents are increasing year by year. This is partly due to the wave of aging, but also linked to a variety of unhealthy lifestyle habits. China’s Internet industry is keenly aware of residents’ health needs...
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Research on the Evaluation Indicator System and Evaluation Method of the Effectiveness of Cased-Based Teaching

Pingfang Yang
Cased-based teaching is a kind of teaching approach with practice and interaction. It plays an important role in grasping knowledge and fostering comprehensive ability for students, and is extensively used in the education of undergraduate and MBA. In this paper, we review present situation of the research...
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One Principle and Two Thoughts for the Construction of Urban Intelligent Education Environment

Yongsheng Zhou, Ning Chen, Yinxue Xu, Zhiqiang Yang
The article elaborates the principle of “Intelligence Integration” and its implementation path for the construction of the environment of smart education, and makes two thoughts based on this principle: First, set up urban education radio stations to ensuring the playback quality of foreign language...
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Examination of Home-Based Preschoolers’ English Education in Practice

Hanyue Shi
Learning English from a young age is becoming more and more popular among parents and kindergartens as a result of the present trend of globalization, which is increasing English's importance as a widely spoken language. However on whether preschool-level English instruction appropriate for young...
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Design and Implementation of Retail Industry Cashier Management System

Hui Liu
This paper provides a convenient and low-cost cash register management system for small and medium-sized stores. Ensure the accuracy of various data while improving efficiency, so as to meet the daily sales and management needs of the store. Combined with the characteristics of retail industry, business...
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A Conceptual Framework of Educational Social Experiment under Artificial Intelligence

Yihui Sun, Shiru Lan, Jin Li, Xianyi Yao
At present, artificial intelligence has attracted the attention of governments and some groups all over the world and has put forward relevant development strategies. This paper introduces the basic situation of educational social experiments under the condition of artificial intelligence in some important...
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Research on the Integration of Labour Education and Practical Teaching in Higher Education

Yannan Xu, Yonghui Deng
Based on the implementation of labor education in colleges and universities, this paper analyzes the relationship between labor education and practical teaching in colleges and universities and the current research situation of the two, finds out the main problems according to the general laws of higher...
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Status, Challenges and Prospects of AI Education in Chinese Primary and Secondary School Classrooms

Yan Liu
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology provided more ideas for industry innovation through its use in various industries. Applying AI education to primary and secondary education is of great significance to the cultivation of innovative talents in China. This paper analyses the concepts related to AI...
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The Application of Automatic Speech Recognition Technology in English as Foreign Language Pronunciation Learning

Yujie Cai
The development of ASR technology has made it a potential solution for EFL Pronunciation learning. This study seeks to answer the following research questions: Q1. Can ASR-based tools provide accurate and individualized automated feedback for mispronunciation? Q2. Is ASR training effective for EFL pronunciation...
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Analysis of the Countermeasures for Improving the Management Level of University Laboratories

Research Based on Externally Provided Products and Services

Aojiang Qi, Hai Huang
Improving laboratory testing ability is the basis for building an innovative country. Standardizing the management of external products and services is an important basis for improving laboratory testing ability. Based on the CNAS criteria and taking Xi’an Shiyou University as an example, this paper...
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An Analysis of Love Between Heathcliff and Catherine in Wuthering Heights from the Perspective of Ethical Literary Criticism

Xiujuan Wang
Wuthering Heights, a novel by Emily Bronte, one of the famous Bronte sisters, tells a tragic story of love and hate between two main characters, Catherine and Heathcliff. In this book, the hero Heathcliff not only has a sincere and passionate love for the heroine Catherine, but also has strong ambition...
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The Influence of Digital Media on Teenager’s Reading Habits

Yirun Guo
Since technology is developing quite fast nowadays, discussions about the effects of digital media on the young generation are getting more and more popular. In this paper, the author studies the influence of digital media on teenagers’ reading habits because reading is quite important as teenagers grow....
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Precision Marketing of Wuhan Pharmacies Based on Big Data Analysis

Hongjiao Xiao, Yixiao Tian, Wenhai Hao
With the development of information technology, big data analysis can help enterprises mine existing data and identify different groups of customers, so that enterprises can formulate different marketing strategies, achieve the purpose of precision marketing in marketing, and reduce marketing costs while...
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Study on Construction Scheme of Smart Library of Independent Colleges in the Informationization Context

Xiaohuan Chen
Smart library is a kind of intelligent building that employs intelligent technologies in the course of construction, and is an inevitable trend of library development in the era of artificial intelligence and informationization. Through analysis of the current development status of smart library, this...
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Research on the Self-improvement Path of Teachers’ Information Literacy from the Perspective of Multimodal Teaching

Rou Lyu, Hong Zhu
Multimodal teaching is one of the ways to accelerate the development of information education and intelligent education. In order to meet the requirements of multimodal teaching on teachers’ own abilities, teachers need to improve their information literacy from both practical and cognitive levels: first,...
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Research on Civic Education for Students Based on the Curriculum Cultivation System of Higher Education Institutions

Feng Ding, Daohai Lei, Jiao Guo
Higher vocational students are a member of the university student group, they are not only the bearers and implementers of socialist construction. They also shoulder the social responsibility and historical mission of building a harmonious society together. The cultivation of social responsibility for...
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Research on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of the Construction of Practical Training Courses in Private Undergraduate Colleges

Mengbo Wang
This study intends to carry out practical analysis and theoretical research on all aspects of the construction of practical training courses in private undergraduate colleges. On the basis of understanding the current situation of the construction of practical training courses, it will deeply explore...
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Opportunities and Challenges of New Media for the Emotional Education of Children Aged 4–6 in Underdeveloped Areas

Xi Sun, Wei Su
The rapid development of new media technology and its wide use in the field of education have greatly changed the traditional teaching methods in China. It also has a profound impact on children’s emotional education. In view of the influence and application of new media on emotional education of children...
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Reform and Exploration of Ideological and Political Education in the Course of Engineering Project Management

Ge Sun
The ideological and political reform of college curriculum is an inevitable choice to implement the Party’s educational policy and the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people. Engineering Project Management is the basic course of civil engineering discipline, with the integration...
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Teaching Reform of Mold Manufacturing Technology 2 Course Based on the Background of New Engineering

Lian-jie LI
The teaching team has carried out reform and innovation on the course content, teaching method, assessment method and other aspects of Mold Manufacturing Technology 2. Based on the new engineering education concept, the training plan and syllabus are revised, the classroom teaching methods are enriched,...
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Passing on Endogeneity: Reflections on Misguided Behavior in the Microscopic Perspective of Faculty Organizational Development in Higher Education Institutions

Take the Example of College A in City Z

Ge Yang, Yiyi Zhong, Fusheng Jie
In the process of individual socialization, teachers in the growth stage play an important endogenous role. Both research to “behavior-policy-psychological” ternary analysis framework as the main breakthrough, around the endogenous relationship of teachers anomie behavior macro level dominant study,...
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The Significance and Realization Path of “Equally Important” Reform of Vocational Education and General Education

Chunlei Ruan
With the rapid development of my country's economy and the overall upgrading of the industrial structure, the demand for talents in various industries in society has undergone tremendous changes. Both general education and vocational education are facing the problem of not adapting to changes in...
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Research on the Application of SCL Teaching Mode in Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Weihong Tian
With the rapid development of society and economy, students are more willing to accept novel teaching methods. In the course of ideological and political teaching, the traditional teaching methods can't fully arouse students’ learning enthusiasm. Based on the above situation, this paper investigates...
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Research on the Quality Evaluation of China's Infrastructure Engineering Cost Consulting Services Based on COWA-FCE Method

Xirong Fan, Wenting Xu, Rongjing Wang, Fengtao Li, Yuan Feng
With the development of the times, cost consultancy has gradually become an equally important professional consulting service as design and supervision, etc. It is of great practical significance to carry out service quality evaluation of infrastructure project cost consultancy for lean cost control...
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Analysis and Optimization Research on the Current Situation of Emergency Logistics Based on the Background of Epidemic

Shuoguang Su, Run Lin, Zhaoxi Chen
The emergency support system is facing significant challenges when dealing with global pandemics. As a critical component of the emergency support system, the emergency logistics system faces severe problems in circulation and supply chain interruption, as exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This article...
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Research on the Influence of Values-Related Brand Crisis on Online Collective Behavior

Lunxiu Lin
The frequent occurrence of values-related brand crises has gradually attracted widespread public attention and triggered public online collection behavior, placing the crisis brand and even the company in the limelight and bringing negative impact on corporate reputation and brand image. 107 participants...
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Adaptation and Validation of the Stanford Acute Stress Reaction Questionnaire to COVID-19 Related Events in China Mainland

Yan-bo Zhu, Jia-ju Ren, Xiao-jing Yu, Li-qun Long, Qian Zhang, Xiao-ying Lv
Objective To develop and validate the COVID-19 Related Event Stress Reaction Questionnaire (CRESRQ) based on the Stanford Acute Stress Reaction Questionnaire (SASRQ), and to make the CRESRQ suitable for evaluating the general population's stress reaction on COVID-19 related events. Methods The items...
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Research on Alibaba’s Industrial Digital Transformation Process Based on “Tri-wei” Thought

Saisai Sun
Digital transformation is accelerating with the rapid development of the Internet. The whole society is moving towards the digital age and commercial development in this digital age gives birth to the new commercial civilization. The new business civilization is based on people-oriented, win-win cooperation,...
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Developing Intelligent Education in China

Jian Wang
Integrating intelligent technologies into education impacts educational practice and research. This article zooms in on the factors driving the development of intelligent education and provides suggestions for improving intelligent education. Multiple factors are mentioned, including the changes in talent...
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The Relationship Between the Degree of Beauty and Interpersonal Attractiveness

Based on a Moderated Chain Mediation Model

Ruijin Li, Xinyue Liang, Minqi Chen, Yuefei Ma
With the popularity of beauty applications, more and more people are trying to beautify their photos to gain more recognition and favor, but the effect of beauty seems unsatisfactory. In order to investigate the effect of face beauty on interpersonal attraction, this study constructs a chain mediator...
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Innovative Exploration of Teaching Mode of Talent Quality Assessment Course Based on 3C Mode

Yingnan Liang, Liqun Gu
Through the reconstruction of the teaching system of the course ‘‘Talent Quality Assessment’’, the function of ‘‘flipped classroom + simulation experiment + scientific research center + student community + social service’’ will be integrated to improve the students' learning initiative and interest,...
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The Application of the BOPPPS Mode in the Teaching of Knitting Technology Under the Mart Classroom Environment

Haiyan Ni, Xiaolei Song, Yonggui Li
The construction and using smart classroom focuses on creating an interactive teaching environment for students, while BOPPPS teaching mode is a student-centered teaching mode. On the basis of expounding the meaning of the BOPPPS mode, this paper focuses on continuing to improve the teaching and learning...
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Digital Transformation: New Development Pattern of Social Security Administration Services

Menglu Li
The digital transformation of social security service is not only an important part of the digital government, but also a necessary measure to promote the high-quality development of social security. The digital transformation in some regions has made rapid progress and achieved remarkable results. However,...
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Development and Application of First-Class Online Courses Based on Job Competencies

Jing Zhao, Wenjing Yang, Xiaoshuang Wang, Maotian Li
In view of the problems of insufficient “job service” and “vocational guidance” in the construction of online courses of military vocational education, this paper proposes a curriculum development method based on job competency. Because of the relevant standards of national and military online course...
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Understanding Modern Art Creation and Cultural Dissemination from Benjamin’s Critical Theory

Xiaojing Sun
By reproducing the rules of past culture and social operation and comparing them with the cultural phenomena in the era of modern mechanical reproduction, Benjamin showed the destruction of human integrity caused by social culture after the development of German industry, which is still enlightening...
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Exploring the Curriculum Ideological and Political Education Teaching Practice of the Course “Application of Excel in Accounting” Under the Concept of Establishing Virtues

Ziping Li
Comprehensively promoting the ideological and political construction of college curricula is the key to improving the quality of talent training. As an important part of the ideological and political construction of curriculum, practical courses play a crucial role in the training of comprehensive and...
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An Improved Educating Mode in Electrical Engineering Based on Washington Accord

Qin Zhang
To achieve the goal of developing new engineering disciplines and cultivating students with high moral standards and innovative skills, an improved educating mode in electrical engineering based on Washington Accord is proposed. Firstly, based on the requirements of the Washington Accord engineering...
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The Study on the Relationship Between Spiritual Leadership and Employees’ Innovative Behavior

A Dual Stage Multilevel Moderated Mediation Model

Qi Tang
In this study, building on job demand resource model, we proposed and tested a theoretical model on spiritual leadership’s effect on employees’ innovative behavior via thriving at work, and how empowering leadership and team fault tolerance could act as moderators. We tested the conceptual model using...
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Research on the Strategy of Sandtable Simulation Management of Xindao ERP Enterprise

Dai Lu
ERP enterprise simulation management sandtable competition integrates the processes of enterprise establishment, enterprise planning, market development, product development, raw material procurement, product production, product sales, capital discount, and is a drill and excavation of the professional...
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Reform and Exploration of Curriculum Ideological and Political Teaching in the Higher Mathematics

Duan Mei
This paper gives a reference reform strategy for the construction of ideology and politics in higher mathematics courses and aims at the problems that exist in ideological and political education, such as some mathematics teachers do not know enough about ideology and politics in courses, the teaching...
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Analysis of Characteristics of Cultivation System of the Major of Logistics in Japan

Lei Gong, Qin Luo, Tian Lei, Jia Wang, Wei Huang
Using Ryutsu Keizai University in Japan as an example, this paper analyzes the characteristics of cultivation system of the major of logistics in Japan. Aspects including cultivation purpose and goals, principles of granting degrees, principles of curriculum, and courses on the list are explained and...
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Does Traffic Distance Affects Shanghai Free Trade Zone’s GTFP Spillover Effects? – Taking the Yangtze River Delta Region as an Example

Zuankuo Liu, Yihan Zhang
Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone is the highland of regional development, which will have spillover effects on the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta region, but the effects may have boundaries. Based on the data of The Yangtze River Delta region from 2003 to 2019, this paper investigates...
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How Do Social Trust and Self-efficacy Drive the Willingness to Continue Using Sharing Economy Platforms?

Chenyu Shi, Shenggui Cai
The rapid development of sharing economy not only promotes economic reform, but also changes people's consumption pattern. In this paper, focused on the areas of second-hand goods trading idle fish as the research object, based on the literature on social capital and social cognitive theory to set...
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Research on the Influence of Incentive Strategy on Active Safety Behavior of Miners Group Based on ERG Theory

Li Wang, Shuting Qin, Chenggang Zhang
In order to improve the safety behavior level of miners, stimulate the enthusiasm of them to work, so as to improve the level of coal mine safety management. The paper is based on the ERG theory, to find the relationship between the incentive strategy and the active safety behavior of the miners, and...