Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2018)

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The Srivaisnava Way of Life: The Value of Initiation (Pancasamskara) in the Art of Liberation

Natalia Safina
Indian culture is inseparably linked with philosophy and religion. The art of ritual, no matter how complex and symbolic it may be, is based on the religious and philosophical tradition and strictly consistent with its main goal. In this article we consider the features of initiation of the pancasamskara...
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The Reception of the Indian Thought by the Culture and Art of Europe of the 20th Century

Ludmila Kryshtop, Ruzana Pskhu
The interest to the Indian spiritual heritage has been increasing since Europe has opened India at the Age of Early Enlightenment. In the Indian way of thinking, the thinkers used to see a source for renovation of the European spiritual culture. The ideas of the Indian world view give European culture...
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The Problem of the Origin and Development of Spiritual Verse as a Genre

Aleksandr Trofimov, Andrei Sapsuyev, Svetlana Voitkevich
The article gives consideration to different aspects of the origin and development of spiritual verse genre as one of the earliest samples of traditional song culture. It also depicts such phenomenon as kaliki perekhozhie (travelling singers) in its development and the notion’s evolution. The article...
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The Union of Three Muses: Literature, Сhoreography, Music in Russia's Ballet Productions in the Second Half of the 20th — Early 21st Centuries

Liudmila Mikheeva, Magda Dzhichonaia
The article deals with the issues of deep interrelation of fiction, choreography, music, which is vividly and distinctly embodied in ballet performances of Russia of the 20th – beginning of the 21st centuries. Fidelity to the traditions of classics and the courage of creative searches of artists have...
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Art as a Result of the Highest Achievements of Genius

Maria Matyushova
All art can be considered as a result of higher achievements in the work of geniuses. This paper considers the development of representations about talent and the genius in the history of esthetics. The author shows how the ancient image of the inspired poet anticipates later notions of genius, developed...
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The Modern Scenography in Eastern Siberia — Problems and Perspectives of Development

Maria Voronova
The article includes a survey of scenography in Eastern Siberia, and of Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk theatres in particular. It analyzes historic and modern aspects. The aesthetic particularity is determined on examples of domination of visual and literary bases in different cities of the region. There are...
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Achebe and the Linguistic Political Criticism in the Post-colonial Vision

Pengju Qin
Languages have evolved with the development of the times and with a clear ideological character. Colonial discourse is a kind of "cognitive violence". Achebe's choice of English and African native language is not a kind of racial literature that is “either this or that”, but is a "nationality literature...
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An Analysis of the Artistic Photography of Digital Technology Creation

Bin Luo
The influence of painting on photography has always been accompanied by the development of photography. The digital technology is not only the subversion of traditional technologies and aesthetic concepts but also the inheritance and development of traditional photography. Due to the influence of digital...
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The Rise and Decline of Chinese Opera in Indonesia

Tao Zhang
There are two types of Chinese Opera in Indonesia: the Chinese local opera and Malayu opera. This article attempts to trace the historical process of Chinese Opera in Indonesia, analyzes the concerning questions, supplies some materials for further study on the oversea spreading of Chinese opera and...
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The Phenomenon of Visuality in the Context of Musical Pieces by Siberian Composers

Irina Belonosova
The article considers peculiarities of musical pieces of various genres by Siberian composers, the visual imagery in which functions on equal terms along with the musical expressive means. The audio component combined with the visual one results in the formation of an audiovisual text beyond the cinematographic...
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The Refraction of Musical Ideas by P. Tchaikovsky in the Works of D. Shostakovich

Natalia Naiko
The author of the article traces the influence of music by P.I. Tchaikovsky on the work of D.D. Shostakovich. This happens at different levels. In the works of Shostakovich of various genres there are found allusions to those of Tchaikovsky or the melodic turns typical of this Russian classic. They attach...
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Research on Color Application of Art-Deco Style

Chao Huang, Liyuan Hu
The Art-Deco style is a popular style in the 1930s and 1940s. This style originated in Paris, France. It focuses on expressing the luxury and novelty characteristics of Paris France and it was deeply favored by the people at that time. The color of Art-Deco style has many unique artistic features, it...
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Study on the Reasons of Chinese Painting Art from Realistic Writing to Freehand Brushwork

Chao Chen
Chinese painting is a traditional one with a long history and fine tradition. It embodies the wisdom, character, psychology and temperament of the Chinese nation, and has a unique system in the world painting garden with its distinctive features and style. The Chinese painting has different genres, characters,...
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The Influence of Confucianism on East Asian Countries

Zixuan Liu
Confucianism has not only circulated in China for thousands of years, but also gradually spread to other East Asian countries with the prosperity of China. It has been rooted in people's values, culture and life. With the development of the times, it has been given new connotation and has had a profound...
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The Philosophical Polemics with the Vatsiputriyas About the Self (Pudgala) in "Tattvasamgraha" of Shantarakshita with the Commentary “Panjika” of Kamalashila*

Lev Titlin
The article considers the philosophical polemics about the self (the pudgala) between "orthodox" Buddhism in the person of Shantarakshita and his direct disciple Kamalashila (8th century) with the "heretical" Buddhist school Vatsiputriya on the material of the chapter "The study of Atman by the Teaching...
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The “Micromorphological” Dissemination of Art Works in the Context of New Media

Fang Li
In today's society, the quickening of life and the heavy workload make it impossible for people to take some time to concentrate on a certain matter. The popularity of the Internet, mobile phones and palmtop computers enables people to access information quickly and efficiently through multiple ways....
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The Development of Chamber Music in Baroque Period and Its Style Deduction

Chenyu Wang
As a very important period in the history of European music, Baroque music is famous for its unusual writing and performing methods. This author, taking the chamber music of Baroque period as the research direction, tries to explain the performing methods and processing techniques of the chamber music...
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“Geometric Power” — The Aesthetic Logic of Zellige

Guanghui Chen
Zellige is a specific Moroccan ceramic mosaic, normally in geometric design. It is not only the decorative feature of Islamic Moroccan buildings, but also the peak of the building decoration worldwide. Since almost all the literatures on the world history of arts and craft and of building have overlooked...
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Creative Life of Ye. I. Zverkov: Evolution of Landscape Painting in Russia in the Second Half of the 20th Century

Lyubov Shirshova
This article focuses on the art landscape of Ye.I. Zverkov, a prominent painting master, a People's Artist of the USSR, academician of the Russian Art Academy, State Prizes winner. This review expands the range of interpretations of the artist's creative work and reveals new aspects of his landscape...
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Introspection of Characters in Fiction: Cultural Aspect

Oksana Fedotova
The paper presents introspection as self-examination by a fiction personage of his / her inner emotional, mental or physical state. With the help of introspection the reader can perceive the fictional world through the character’s mind and senses, which helps to better decode the writer’s message. Introspection...
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Study on Painting State Before Sketching

Siying Qin, Jialing Shao
In this paper, the author studies and expounds the state of the writers’ painting in oil painting. It elaborated in detail to first adjust their painting mentality when sketching. Then elaborated the painter before writing how to understand the object, how to adjust the observation method and other specific...
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Research on the Protection and Inheritance of Achang People’s “Deng Wo Luo” Dance

Chenyu Wang, Junyong Chang
Deng Wo Luo dance is a long and easy to learn dance, it has a complete routine and procedure, content form and method have many changes, and gradually spread throughout the country. Based on various materials and researches, this article puts forward some suggestions for the protection of the dance heritage....
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Self-realization of Marginal Survivors Discussion on the Marginalized Figures of “Journey to the West”

Funing Yang
This article takes “Journey to the West” as an example to discuss the selection of characters, the characteristics of the characters, and the causes of the characters. It focuses on the interpretation of how did the marginal survivors such as Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie to achieve self-realization in the...
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The Development of Song-dynasty Guanben Zaju and Chinese Popular Literature and Art

Chenchen Gao
In Song Dynasty, because of its special historical background, all kinds of popular literature have been developed indifferent degrees, and the development of each literature has been perfecting itself on the basis of drawing on the strength of each other. In the process of literature dissemination as...
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The Functions and Expressions of English Euphemism in Business Negotiation

Tingting Xiao
After China joining to WTO, China’s economy is developing rapidly. The connection between China and the world is closer than before. Under the situation of economic globalization, business activities among countries increase frequently and business negotiation plays a very important role. Because negotiators...
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Postmodern Philosophy and Contemporary Art

Olga Chistyakova
The author of the article reviews the major ideas of the postmodern philosophy that have found a visual embodiment in the artistic forms of contemporary art. In this context, the author analyzes the conceptual understanding of modern society, the position and tasks of an individual, included in the postmodern...
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Reflections on Waste Materials in the Creation of Craft Culture

Quanheng Li
Under the current trend of craft culture renaissance, under the situation that revival of traditional technology and the protection of intangible cultural heritage has become a hot topic today, under the emphasis on promoting the formation of green development methods and green life, the paper explores...
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Artistic Characteristics of Foshan Fancy Lantern

Jianfei Li
Foshan fancy lantern has a long history and a profound cultural background, and unique themes, techniques and patterns. This thesis, through the analysis of creative themes, craft characteristics and presentation art of Foshan fancy lantern, shows the magnificent and splendid, dainty and exquisite characteristics...
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Vocal Score and Piano Score The Interaction Between Chamber Music and Vocal Music of Chinese Composers

Kaiyuan Deng
This paper studies the composition of Chinese composers' vocal music from the perspective of music score and piano score. The analysis shows that there are two main interactions in the vocal music works: duet, which combines and develops the reverse images (taking Busuanzi • Ode to Plum Flower as an...
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Characteristics of Chinese Composers’ Art Songs from the Twentieth Century to the Early Twenty-first Century

Yi Liu
This article is an overview of the characteristics of Chinese art songs from the Twentieth Century to the early Twenty-first Century. The article has analyzed the role of art songs in the national music art and culture development and demonstrated the development regularity of Chinese art songs from...
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A Study on the Inheritance of the Miao's Dance in Guizhou

Yanhua Mu
As one of the world-dwelling nationalities in Guizhou, Miao Nationality's unique Miao culture, especially the dance art, brings many tourists to Guizhou. Miao's dance is the crystallization of the Miao People's Wisdom and records the original appearance of the Miao People's production and life. With...
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Research on the Development of Motet and Its Decline after 1750 Taking Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus and Exsultate Jubilate as an Example

Yue Zhao
Motet was an important polyphonic genre which rose in the Thirteenth Century. For hundreds of years, its form has evolved continuously, so there is no clear definition. We should put it in a specific period and understand it with the background of the times, not just giving a general concept. According...
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Analysis on the Costume Art of Xinping Huayao Dai

Danting Sun, Ping Wen, Xiaobo Ren
The Dai nationality is one of the ethnic minorities in China with a large population and deep culture. Huayao Dai which lived in Xinping County, Honghe basin of Yunnan province, is distinguished from other Dai people by its distinctive clothing form. Based on a large number of field surveys, this paper...
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The Interaction Between Artist and Poster Design Taking the Lithograph Poster During Art Nouveau" Movement in France as an Example"

Nan Li
By dint of historical organization and case study of the interaction between poster design and artists during the period of "Art Nouveau", the paper analyzes the historical environment for artists who had participated in poster design, resolves the interaction and explains the value and significance...
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Research on Translation Strategies of Fork Paper-cut Culture in Liupan Mountain Area

Yinping Lv
Liupan Mountain paper-cut, a fork art culture, is popular in northwest China, and owns many special features in locality culture, it is welcomed by foreigners in cultural exchange, but translation on paper cut culture isn’t in a systematic condition, which isn’t good for the spreading of the culture...
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The Macroscopic Analysis of Language Perception

Jiangping Zhou
Language perception is the key step to psychological process in language use and the important topic in psycho-linguistic study; and it is also the major way for human beings to master and understand language. This paper analyzed language perception from the three aspects of definitions, psychological...
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The Changes of Ru Skirt in Tang Dynasty Under the Influence of Buddhist Culture

Ting Zhang
Ru skirt is the basic style of women's dress in Central Plains as well as one of the casual clothes of the Tang Dynasty. Its inheritance of the tradition of native Han Chinese Clothing has not been interrupted, but unprecedented changes have taken place in the process of fusion of foreign cultures carried...
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The Guiding Role of Animation Plots in Cognitive Awareness during Children's Growth

Qingke Liu, Keyu Guo
Animation plays an indelible role in children's growth. This article aims to explore the guiding role of Chinese cartoons in children's growth from the perspective of children and discover the problems of our country's cartoons through the comparison of the domestic animation and The Pig Peggy, and then...
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Aesthetic Features of Chu Teh-chun's Abstract Painting

Feng Liu
This article summarizes the important aesthetic features of Chu Teh-chun's abstract paintings, including harmonious beauty, imaginary and actual beauty, rhythmic beauty, natural beauty, and beauty of artistic conception. By analyzing the development and formation of these aesthetic features, this paper...
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Landscape Language of Modern Swedish Landscape Architects

Tan Wang, Jiajia Li, Yufan Ding, Xiaoyu Ming, Xiaofang Yu
In the early 20th century, Swedish landscape was effected by Arts and Crafts movement, paying attention to concise, and simple style, and promoting the natural combination of landscape and buildings [1]. In 1917, the Swedish architect Aspland and the landscape architect Levilenz designed “the modern...
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The Generation Mechanism for the Long-term Coexistence of China's Sound Film and Silent Film

Yunpeng Feng
The complicated situation of the long-term coexistence between China's sound film and silent film in the 1930s involved many aspects such as technological changes, market patterns, and the context of public opinion. The dominant and common factor of this complex mechanism is that film is regarded as...
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A Study on the Historical Source and Regional Characteristics of Yimeng Yunjian

Lijuan Feng
Yimeng Yunjian is an important part of China's traditional folk costumes. Its tailoring methods, totem implication, color arrangement, and embroidery craftsmanship embody rich connotations and creative ideas. It conveys the unique history and culture, folk customs, and humanistic spirit of the Yimeng...
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Criticism and Reconstruction of Visual Metaphor to Art Ethics from the Perspective of Popular Art

Wei Guo
The structure of visual metaphor is the vane of observing the art ethic problems. Around it, we can observe the basic relationship of art, including the relationships of autonomy and heteronomy, art and reality, sensibility and reason, and how could them keep balance under certain tension, thus construct...
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Study on the Construction Techniques of Virtual Environment in Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting

Bing Hao
The construction of virtual environment is an important technique in Chinese traditional landscape painting. It is a profound embodiment of traditional Chinese literati's philosophy of nature. It developed from analogy of the landscape painting to doctrine in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the virtual environment...
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A Study on the Relationship Between Characters and Words in “Juyan Xin Jian”

Hongli Ge
This paper makes a detailed investigation on the characters used in “Juyan Xin Jian” with the help of database, and finds out that 138 characters in “Juyan Xin Jian” are different from the traditional characters talking involved in the function of the characters’ words-recording. These characters can...
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Exploring the Use of "Chinese Elements" in Dance Sport from the Perspective of Cultural Integration

Jingli Yu, Wen Sun, Li Wang
With the historical background of increasingly close cultural exchange between China and the West, this paper takes the innovative development of "Sinicization" of dance sport as the starting point of research and the evolution of the "Sinicization" of dance sport and the integration of national culture...
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Formation Factors of Modeling Characteristics of Xunxian Clay Coo

Ting Li
Xunxian clay coo is famous for its simple and smart modeling, rich and mysterious patterns and colorful colors. This thesis mainly elaborates the formation factors of the unique modeling characteristics of Xunxian clay coo from geographical conditions, historical culture, folk custom characteristics,...
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A Study on the Inheritance of Twelve Sets Bronze Drum Dance of Zhuang Nationality — A Case Study of Guima Village, Guangnan

Jun Wang, Song Gu, Ni Lu, Yan Zhu
This study used the literature data method, field investigation method and interview method to investigate the inheritance of the Zhuang people's bronze drum dance in Guima Village, Guangnan County. Through a random sample survey of the local Zhuang people on the development, inheritance and protection...
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Preparation of Tang Chang'an Persian Studies

Jumei Li
This electronic document is a “live” template and already defines the components of your paper [title, text, heads, etc.] in its style sheet. The Tang Dynasty was the most prosperous dynasty of foreign exchange in Chinese history. During the Sui and Tang dynasties, China and the Westerners including...
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Transformation and Inheritance of Suzhou Pingtan in the Context of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Mengxing Fu, Zhixiong Huang
Culture is the foundation of a nation depends on for survival and development, and also the long-term historical experience accumulation of the nation. The five thousand years of history of China has left us brilliant cultural heritage. However, with the deepening of globalization and the modernization...