Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Art Studies: Science, Experience, Education (ICASSEE 2020)

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Sound Image of Indian Civilization

Tatyana Kartashova
The Indian civilization created its own unique sound image, which significantly distinguishes it from other regions of the world. In Sanskrit treatises, the material world was considered as a sounding entity, had a sound nature. Sound was perceived as a specific self-sufficient phenomenon, as a matter...
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Conservation of Historical and Cultural Identity of Small Towns in Russia: The Role of Brands

Nina Konovalova
Nowadays, the development of small towns of Russia is implemented in a large part thanks to the touristic industry. In the most ancient Russia towns they try to protect the existing historical and architectural environment, to organize the quality restoration of the monuments of architecture. But often...
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Primary Text Distortions in Modern Archeographic Publications in Art History: Evidence From Articles by Mikhail Gnesin

Sergey Anikienko
Numerous recent publications of materials from Mikhail Gnesin’s journalistic legacy that date back to the 1910s reveal a new page in creative activities by this outstanding musician. At the same time, annoying errors and misprints in archeographic publications (note that it applies to materials published...
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The Play of Daniel in the National Musical Culture

Oksana Evgenevna Sheludyakova
The article is devoted to the consideration of the processes of biblical story implementation (“Play of Daniel”) in the Old Russian culture and domestic works of the new time. The process of secularization was analyzed: from the church ceremony the Play moved first to the theater stage, and then to the...
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Russian Provincial Musical Theatre in the First Quarter of the 20th Century in Saratov: Main Trends and Phenomena

Irina Viktorovna Polozova, Arina Sergeyevna Chirila
Based on the archive materials, the article looks more closely at the development of musical theatre in Russian provinces in the first quarter of the 20th century in Saratov. The study is centred around the main trends in the development of the theatrical life of the city, the projects realized, as well...
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Meyerhold’s Experiments and Beijing Opera: Blok’s Play, 1914

Nanjia Yang
The process of interaction and mutual influence of the cultures of the West and the East, including the sphere of theatrical art, acquired a qualitatively new meaning in the Silver Age in connection with the emergence and formation of the art of directing, especially the part oriented towards theatrical...
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Postwar Cinema in Search of a New Artistic Imagery (1950-1980s)

Olga Andreeva
The article discusses the problems of post-war cinema. The objective of the cinema material is to identify new trends in the spiritual processes of the post-war world and to trace their reflection in the world cinema. In the article special attention is given to creative transformation of artistic imagery.
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The Wartime Art in the Krasnoyarsk Territory as a Basis for Forming the Civic Identity Among the Population of the Region

Svetlana A. Mitasova, Maria V. Voronova, Yulia A. Kolpakova, Elena A. Romanova, Nina P. Shutova, Svetlana A. Iakovleva
The paper is devoted to an unexplored topic in domestic art history. The art of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 1941-1945 is investigated in the interdisciplinary discourse. It is studied as a unique socio-cultural practice that forms cognitive, value, emotional and regulatory components in the civic identity....
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Serpentinisme in French Art of the Second Half of the XIXth Century

Daria Martynova
This article is devoted to the study of the medical institutions’ influence on the modification of the plot about the Eve’s sin in the second half of the XIXth century. In 1896, the inventor of the graphic pun, Henri Avelot, created the caricature “Four arts”, singling out “serpentinisme” among artistic...
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Chinese Visual Language in European Chinoiserie Porcelain: Lost Meanings and New Ways of Artistic Expression

Ekaterina V. Lyakhovich
European potters, having become acquainted with Chinese porcelain, in the 18th century launched an investigation of the methods and ways of reading structural and semantic formations characteristic of the language of foreign art. Chinese artists painting porcelain items sought not only the beauty of...
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Musical Instruments of “Mongolian Music” and the Reflections

Tegusi Zhou
“Mongolian Music” refers to a part of the Mongolian court music and instrumental music preserved in the Qing Dynasty. It consists of two parts: “Jia Chui Yue Jiang” and “Fan Bu He Zou”. Also, it is an important historical material mainly recorded in Mongolian, Chinese, Manchu and traditional Chinese...
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Types of Transsemantic Constructions in the Russian Director’s Theatre of the 21st Century

Victoria Alesenkova
The article deals with the study of cognitive models that in the context of dramatic art take the form of transsemantic constructions and connect visual and mental spaces of the performance. As follows from the analysis of the performances by famous Russian directors such as Yu. Butusov, A. Moguchiy,...
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“Evaluating Painters All Over the Country”: Guo Xi and His Landscape Painting

Min Ma
Styled Chunfu, Guo Xi was a native of Wenxian County. In the beginning, he learned from the methods of Li Cheng, yet he was rather good at expressing his own feelings, thus becoming adept at surpassing his master and creating a main school of the royal court landscape painting in the Northern Song Dynasty...
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“Aurora Festival” Water Fairy Play (1967): Structure and System of Images

Evgeniy Slesar
This paper is focused on the analysis of the system of images and structure of the major “Aurora Festival” water performance timed to the fiftieth anniversary of the October Revolution and shown in the Neva waters in November 1967 in Leningrad. The artistic concept of the festival was prepared and introduced...
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Transfer from the Church to the Street: Discussion on the Secularization of European Medieval Religious Dramas

Shuping Wang
In the Middle Ages of Europe, a new kind of drama, the religious drama, was developed. It evolved from the Redundancy of Words of church worship, and then evolved into mystery, miracle and moral drama. In the late Middle Ages, secular factors continued to permeate the performances of religious dramas,...
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Xilankapu Art in the Context of Modern Markets

Shuang Fan, Yunxiu Wu
Among the ethnic minorities in China, most Chinese Tujia people live in the Wuling Mountain area adjacent to Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing and Guizhou, and claim to be “Bizka”. In the Bachu civilization, Tujia culture emerged at the right moment, forming a unique Tujia civilization and Tujia craftsmanship....
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Study on the Cultural Connotation of Tibetan Music

Shuyue Ding
Amid the traditional Chinese culture, a major component is the music culture, which occupies a very important position. And amid the Chinese music culture, Tibetan music culture forms a main composition. This paper summarizes the classification of Tibetan music, makes an analysis and expounds on the...
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Installation as a “Featured” Form of Art

Alexandra Orlova
Pieces created in the installation form of art demonstrate us the necessity of an immediate contact with works like these. That is why we need to have detailed descriptions of such pieces made by the eye-witness viewers. These descriptions help us to trace the installation’s “life” because some of them...
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The Peculiarities of Frigyes Hidas’s Style of Wind Music

Josef Csikota, Galima Lukina
The article focuses on the style of the creative work of Frigyes Hidas (1928–2007), a Hungarian composer, who had significant influence on the development of orchestral wind music in Hungary. His artistic legacy has not been yet thoroughly studied by musicologists, which determines the relevance and...
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Classicism in Russian Interiors of Historicism Period

Natalia V. Sipovskaya
The article deals with the Neoclassicist line in Russian interior design of the second third of the 19th century. Classicism that formed part of the polyphony of the revival décor in the historical vein, such as Gothic, rocaille, Moorish, Turkish, etc., was often viewed as a fading extension of the traditions...
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The Silent and Looming — The Visual Schema and Metaphorical Construction of Contemporary Abstract Painting

Zhijun Wang
The language of abstract painting presents a relationship between silence and loom as well as different narrative methods of abstract painting artists. It corresponds and observes with the artist’s own inner world through visual means to achieve the agreement between the meaning and content of the visual...
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The Rondo-Thinking in the Symphonic Poem “Festival of Rome”

Chenghong Wang
As one of the outstanding composers of the 20th century, Respighi is famous for his three symphonic poems “Fountain of Rome” (“Fontane di Roma”), “Pine of Rome” (“Pini di Roma”) and “Festival of Rome” (“Feste Romane”). Through the study and analysis of the “Festival of Rome”, this paper finds that Respighi...
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Main Themes and Characters of the 1990s in the Cover Versions of Soviet Songs

Zhurkova Daria
The article investigates the aspects of recycling of the Soviet culture drawing on the example of a music TV show “Stariye pesni o glavnom” (“Old Songs About the Most Important Things”). It is traceable that there are main themes that are peculiar to the Russian reality of the 1990s and that are used...
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“Zakopianski” Style: History of Creating

Olga Sobakina
The subject of the study is dominant feature of the 20th-century Polish culture: the “Zakopiański” style (also Zakopane style) and the main range of phenomena related to it. The idea of creating the style belonged to Stanislaw Witkiewicz, who saw in the culture of Podhale (its historical name is the...
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Joan Miro. 1960s: In Search of a New Artistic Language, Close Contacts With the Cultures of the USA and Japan

Ksenia Orlova
For the already famous Catalan artist Joan Miro, the 1960s have been marked by success in the East and his most active work in America. Japan and the United States had a tremendous impact on Miro’s creativity and a world-view. On the one hand, Miro has always been a man who looked for solitude and peace,...
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Research on the Premiere of Chinese Drama “Peony Pavilion”

Fen Liu, Ping Zhou
The Chinese drama “Peony Pavilion”, created more than 400 years ago, is the representative work of Tang Xianzu, the great dramatist of the Ming Dynasty. “Peony Pavilion” describes the touching story of the spoony Du Liniang and the intellectual Liu Mengmei, who knows each other and die because of being...
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Civilization and City Images in the Films of Georges Méliès

Ekaterina Salnikova
The very first images of civilization and city in Georges Méliès fiction films are described in the article. His vision of “islands” of a civilization in the middle of a stony landscape and active aircraft traffic were adopted by science-fiction cinema later. In his travel films, the director creates...
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The Religious Consciousness in “Povest vremennykh let” (Tale of Bygone Years)

Ya’nan Wang
“Povest vremennykh let”, known as “Tale of Bygone Years” in English, is the first historical work independently completed by the East Slavs. The history of East Slavs and the ancient Ross has been handed down to the world thanks to “Povest vremennykh let”. “Povest vremennykh let” not only recorded the...
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The Minaret of Bukhara (Kalan) and the Minaret of Vabkent: New Knowledge About Their Stucco Décor

Guzel Zagirova
The Manar-i Kalan of Bukhara (1127) and the Minaret of Vabkent (1198–9) are well known in research literature, primarily for their brickwork décor. However, the stucco ornamentation that fills the stalactite cornice of their lanterns has not yet been studied seriously until now. This paper attempts to...
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Research on Design Aesthetics and Cultural Connotation of Gold and Silver Interlocking Buckle in the Ming Dynasty

Xiao’ang Hao, Zhihong Yin
The gold and silver interlocking buckle is a unique accessory commonly seen in women’s clothing in Ming Dynasty. It is composed of a button loop with a bayonet, a flat spherical button and two keepers. This article organizes and summarizes the types of gold and silver interlocking buckles in the Ming...
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Exploration and Reflection on the Research Method of Oral History of Tibetan Dance

Qiongqiong Lai
Currently, the research on Chinese ethnic and folk dance has achieved fruitful results, but some fields still need to be further explored. The research method of oral history is feasible and irreplaceable in practice, which makes up for textual research. The study on the oral history of Tibetan dance...
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A Review of the Basic Teaching Thoughts of Legal School in Sculpture Teaching in Chinese Academy

Bo Qin
In the last century, sculptors returning from studying France combined the French academic sculpture teaching mode with their respective artistic ideas, and gradually formed the French teaching tradition in the sculpture teaching of the Chinese Academy in teaching practice. French sculpture teaching...
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The Color Features of Chu Teh-chun’s Abstract Paintings

Feng Liu
This article studies the unique color style characteristics of Chu Teh-chun’s abstract paintings and summarizes them into three points: the delicate feeling after the assimilation of ink of oil painting, the gorgeous feeling produced by the contrast and expression of light sensation, and the poetic rhythm...
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Study on the Stylization of Color Language in Landscape Oil Painting

Lihong Zhang
As an independent genre in painting, landscape oil painting has undergone the process of breaking away from Western oil painting and forming a complete landscape color system, which is accompanied by the style evolution of color language. Taking the French Impressionism and Russian Itinerants as research...
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The Metropolitan Life in German Artists’ Legacy of the Pre-war and Interwar Period

Maria Belikova
Urban life became one of the dominant themes in Weimar art, as a city had been the main living space for a human of the XX century. Being one of the main centres of political and cultural life in Germany, Berlin cannot but attracted artists from all over the country. The article compares the peculiarities...
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Avant-garde and Deconstruction: An Analysis of Andy Warhol’s Dionysian Spirit Dimension

Yan Wang
Andy Warhol, the artist known as the “king of consumption”, has reached his peak in popularity and influence in the second half of the 20th century. Through a series of artistic expressions of anti-connotation, breaking away meaning and removing value, his works have caused deep impact and subversion...
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A Probe into the Successful Factors of the Chinese National Opera “Struggles in an Ancient City”

Xiaozhou Lu
The Chinese national opera “Struggles in an Ancient City” is one of the most successful national operas since the new century. The reason for its success is demonstrated in three aspects: mass foundation, choice of subject matter, and musical characteristics. The dissemination of novels, films and TV...
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Entertainment and Reflect: Mark Twain’s Humor in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Ning Li
As a famous American realistic novelist, Mark Twain’s masterpiece The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn presents the vivid picture of American society in the 19th century. The novel takes it as a clue to describe the adventures along Mississippi of Huck and Jim. In this study, it has analyzed different...
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Analytical Philosophy to Philosophical Analysis: Arthur C. Danto’s Analytical Approach to the Formation of Aesthetic Thought

Pengju Zhang, Hai Liang
Arthur C. Danto’s analytical aesthetics occupies an important theoretical position in the history of analytical aesthetics. If the “Artworld” theory is a useful attempt by Danto to use analytical philosophical methods to analyze works of art; then “The Transfiguration of the Commonplace” can be said...
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British Book Illustration of the 1900–1910s: Sources of Inspiration

Dmitry Lebedev
A huge number of illustrators appeared in the beginning of XX century in Great Britain, first of all in London, who worked on the design of wonderful gift-books. The most outstanding of them were Arthur Rackham (1867–1939), Edmund Dulac (1882–1953), brothers Charles Robinson (1870–1937) and William Heath...
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An Analysis of the Mysticism Behind Gauguin’s Paintings

Xiaonan Zhang, Bingying Wang
Paul Gauguin is often regarded as the representative painter of post-impressionist paintings, but in fact Gauguin was also one of the top ten artists under the influence of symbolism in the ninth century and was also regarded as the leader of symbolism. Impressionist and neo-impressionist painters tried...
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Activities of Musicians of Kazakhstan in the Years of the Great Patriotic War: On the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary

Dana Zh. Zhumabekova
The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was the liberation war of the Soviet people against Nazi Germany and its allies, the most important and decisive part of the Second World War (1939-1945). The article is devoted to the activities of visiting musicians in Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War...
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The Artistic Features of “Zhuo”, a Type of Tibetan Dance

Bing Liu
The Tibetan “Zhuo” has an ancient history and culture, and its development in Tibetan areas has a long history. It has the reputation of “Chinese living dance fossil”. “Zhuo” has a unique ethnic style in the process of development, and policy measures provide Tibetan people with their unique performing...
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Study on Aristotle’s Dramatic Epic View and Its Influence

Guode Li
While the dramatic theories of Aristotle’s “Poetics” have been researched deeply and systematically in the academic circle, the study of his epic theory is obviously insufficient. After reviewing the academic background of Greece at that time and combing and comparing the critical theories of epic in...
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Bunin’s Motives in Prose by L. D. Rzhevsky

Andrey Konovalov, Liudmila Mikheeva, Magda Dzhichonaya
The article deals with the issues related to the artistic style of two outstanding Russian writers: I. A. Bunin and L. D. Rzhevsky, their deep creative connections. They are shown in the plot formation, plot structure of stories, novels and novels of both artists, which allows us to conclude about their...
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Study on the Value Identity of Chinese and Vietnamese Culture of Song Genius

Xi Chen
The geographical proximity and cultural homology make the cross-border peoples of China and Vietnam have common ground in many areas such as religion, beliefs, and living customs. A comparative study is made of the culture of Song Genius derived from the legend of Third sister liu, which is widely circulated...
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Study on the Importance of Protecting the Original Artistic Value of the Cultural Heritage of the Mogao Grottoes

Shuyan Pei, Yuxin He
The mural paintings in Mogao Grottoes have high historical, artistic and cultural values. In the course of thousands of years, they have been affected by various natural and human factors, resulting in the emergence of different kinds of diseases. It is very important to carry out the work of disease...
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Treatment of Sound in Contemporary Art Music: At the Examples of Works by Ukrainian Composers

Iryna Tukova
This article reviews the approaches to work with sound in contemporary art music. These approaches are studied from the point of view of the most widespread conceptions of sound treatment. From many existing ones at our time the attention in the article is paid to two. The first conception is defined...
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Expounding on Liu Xizai’s Theory of “Zao Kong Luan Dao”

Hong Qiu
The “General Survey of Arts” by Liu Xizai is an important work of literary and art criticism in the late Qing Dynasty, which discusses the issues related to prose, poetry, fu (descriptive prose interspersed with verse), ci (a type of classical Chinese poetry, originating in the Tang Dynasty and fully...
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A Reflection on the Relationship Between Individuals and Institution in the Novel of “Lord of the Flies”

Liping Zhu
“Lord of the Flies” inherits the narrative mode of traditional British desert island literature: the protagonist accidentally lives on the desert island, and the protagonist struggles to survive on the desert island and finds a way to return to society. But its narrative themes and characters’ personalities...
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A Study of Spatial Narrative in the South Korean Movie “Parasite”

Shuquan Zhan, Chao Liang
The South Korean movie “Parasite” won four awards in the 92nd Oscars, including the best film award, creating a miracle in the history of South Korean movies. This paper analyzes three layers of the physical space of three families in the film, revealing its postmodern spacial narrative structure. Through...
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Piano Concerto in G major by Maurice Ravel: Games and Revelations of the Artist of the Twentieth Century

Zharkova Valeriya
This article reviews the Piano Concerto in G major by Maurice Ravel, which is a creative testament of the composer. The Concerto unites the ideas of the game and the beauty, the most important ones according to the composer’s thinking. In the first movement, Ravel invites us to “a game with genre,” in...
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On the Creative Power of Music (Performing Secrets and the State of “Godly Sorrow” of Sergei Rachmaninoff)

Sadakatsu Tsuchida
The article focuses on a topic that researchers usually neglect – the spiritual side of artistic performance: How to imagine, hear or produce the sound? Where from should a musician derive strength and energy for stage performance? Where is the source of creative inspiration? The author suggests analyzing...
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Environments and Media Aspects of Moscow Subway

Violetta Evallyo
The modern Moscow subway is a complex and multi-structural phenomenon. It’s carrying with pride the architectural heritage of the Soviet era, and today subway and its media environment are in constant formation, the current interest and the modern are layered. Of all the aspects of the life and functioning...
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Problems of Performance the O. Messiaen Cycle “Vingt Regards Sur L’Enfant-Jesus” for Piano

Olga Krasnogorova
This article is devoted to a holistic analysis of the piano cycle by O. Messiaen “Vingt regards sur L’Enfant-Jesus” from the point of view of the features of the musical language and the problems that arise in front of the performer of the largest composition in piano literature of the twentieth century....
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Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian Terminology in Cinematography: Origin and Conceptual Structure of Terminological Units

Radostina Stoyanova
This article presents observations on the modern Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian film terminology as an art form. Special attention is paid to the phenomena of migration and borrowing of terms as methods of the discipline-specific vocabulary replenishment. The structural design of terminological units...
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The Last Trouveur of France: Genesis of Francis Poulenc’s Oeuvre

Ganna Rizaieva
This article reviews one of the defining aspects of genesis of the oeuvre of the famous French composer of XX century – Francis Poulenc. It outlines dominant features of the artist’s personality – universality of thinking, paradoxicality, organic coexistence of sacred and secular, feminocentrism, lyricism...
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The Stage Performance Project of B. V. Asafyev’s Orchestral Score for M. P. Mussorgsky’s Opera Khovanshchina

Vasilisa Aleksandrova
This article is devoted to the history of an unrealized stage performance of B. V. Asafyev’s orchestral score for M. P. Mussorgsky’s Khovanshchina, and is based on archival documents, stored in The Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, The Russian National Museum of Music, The St. Petersburg Central...
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Music in the Poetics of the Films Directed by S.M. Eisenstein

Natalya V. Vinokurova
The article discusses the semantic function of music in the poetics of the films directed by S.M. Eisenstein. Not only did S. Eisenstein implement the musical component of films in practice, but he also conceptualized it in numerous theoretical works. This combination of theory and practice has become...
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Lockdown as a Way to Establish New Cultural Traditions in the Context of the Festive and the Routine: Based on the Izoizolyacia Facebook Community

Natalia Mostitskaya
The article addresses the reasons and motives for people to engage into active social communication on the Internet in the conditions of a pandemic, by the example of the high-rated Izoizolyacia community on the Facebook social network, in particular. The phenomenon of cultural tradition is analysed...
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Negative Images in Contemporary Art: Aesthetic Interpretations

Oleg Krivtsun
The article touches upon the forms of implementation of negative images in contemporary art. The increase in the proportion of negative images in painting is associated with artistic reaction to controversial processes in modern culture, with the reflection of existential crisis. According to the author,...
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Research and Application of Color in Hui Style Architecture

Yankao He
Hui style architecture is one of the most important traditional architecture schools in China, which has a long history and unique regional characteristics. Among them, the color of the Hui style architecture has a profound cultural deposits and unique style. The formation of the Hui style architectural...
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Research and Reflection on the Protection of Historical and Cultural Blocks in China and Europe: Taking Jianghan Road in Hankou and Marais District in Paris as Examples

Yinuo Wei
The preservation and reformation of historical and cultural blocks has always been a concern of people in China and foreign countries. It not only bears the richest historical memory in the local area, but also reflects people’s lifestyles and regional cultural characteristics in different periods. Through...
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Artistic Synaesthesia and Cross-Border Theater Design: Taking Cirque du Soleil’s “KA” Show as an Example

Shu Li
Contemporary theater performances put forward complex and strict requirements for theater design. In this article, it is going to take Cirque du Soleil’s “KA” show as an example to analyze the essence of artistic synaesthesia in theater design from the perspective of visual perception psychology, and...
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The Specifics of Functioning of Higher Education System of Culture and Art in Russian Regions

Nataliya Anatolevna Malshina
From our point of view, it seems advisable to introduce a new criterion – an integral potential of socio-cultural sphere that consists of interconnected indicators: economic, social, cultural, technological, resource, innovative. The analysis shows that over the research period the quantitative indicators...
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Excerpts of the History of the Development of the Musical Education in Russia: L.M. Rudolf and His Role in the Establishment of the Saratov Conservatory

Lilia Vishnevskaya, Natalia Ivanova, Elena Ponomareva
One of the first professors of the Saratov Conservatory was L.M. Rudolf, a talented composer and musicologist, a student of S.I. Taneyev. His active pedagogical, researching, musical and social activities laid the groundwork for the development of the professional musical education in Saratov. He taught...
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The Role of Literary Education in Semiotics of Professional Behaviour: A Socio-cultural Study of Russian Students

Natalia A. Vinokurova, Olga Tabachnikova
This paper attempts to trace cultural continuity between generations in the Russian context by studying a correlation between the cultural background of Russian students, acquired especially through their literary education, and their semiotics of behaviour, in particular their ethical choices within...
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Musical and Educational Initiatives in Russia in the 2nd Half of the XIX – Early XX Centuries

Elena Polotskaya, Karina Yegorova
The article examines state, public and private initiatives that stimulated the formation and the development of general and special music education in Russia in the 2nd half of the XIX-early XX centuries. The state initiative provided both tenors of music education with organizational, financial and...
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Conveying the Perspective Reductions in Human Height on a Flat Surface and Platforms of Different Levels on the Flat Picture Plane of a Painting

Sergey Vasilievich Anchukov
Conveying the perspective reductions in human height on a flat surface and platforms of different levels on the flat picture plane of a painting can be carried out by determine the height of the artist’s eye level. The purpose of the study: to develop a set of theoretical and practical materials that...
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Functioning of Children’s Theaters in Russia (Repertoire Problems)

Evgeniia Dudkina
A lot of research, based on the analysis of both statistical and sociological data is devoted to the problems of the functioning of theaters of various genres. The purpose of this study is to analyze the repertoire policy of children’s theaters in Russia in recent years. The work used the statistical...
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Application Research of Regional Architectural Design Based on Chu Culture

Yi Zhang
As a distinctive branch of Chinese culture, Chu culture has a rich connotation and various forms. The colors, lines, images, skills and craftsmanship of Chu culture condense the wisdom and aesthetics of the Chu people. Inheriting traditional cultural characteristics in regional architecture can reshape...
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Application of Rock Color in Modern Public Decorative Art

Zhangmin Yan
This article first traces the widespread use of rock color represented by natural mineral color in the early religious art of human, especially in the art of grotto paintings in the early days of China. The traditional Chinese color system that it symbolizes is also promoted by the art and design world...
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The Status Quo and Outlet of Household Ceramic Art Development in China: Reflection on the Current Situation and Problems of China Through the Development of Korean Household Ceramic Art

Lan Yao
By comparing the background and development of Korean household ceramic art with the background and current environment of Chinese household ceramic art, this paper considers the current situation and existing problems of the development of Chinese household ceramic art. First, at present, each ceramic...
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The Origin and Artistic Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Paper-Cut Art

Yan Guan, Meng Pan
In the era of cultural globalization, countries around the world have begun to pursue the revival of traditional culture. Paper-cut, as a popular and artistic form of traditional culture in China, has been passed on for many years and is very popular. By studying the cultural origin of paper-cut art...
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Research on the Spatial Combination Form in the Interior Design of Office Space: Taking the Phase IV of Alibaba Xixi Park as an Example

Xin Fu, Difan Sun, Jie Qiu
Since ancient times, space has been a formal element that has a direct connection with function. Different space combination forms must correspond to different functional requirements, and the space is divided into several types, such as office space, dining space, residential space and so on. This article...
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The Phenomenon of Chinese Female Print Artists’ Creative Activities in the 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts

Jingkun Qi
The research object in this paper is the selected female print artists of the 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts. This paper analyzes the rules of their participation activities on the basis of data. The study found many characteristics, such as: there is a significant difference in the gender ratio...
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The Feasibility of Applying Qiang Embroidery Pattern Art in Wenchuan to Cultural and Creative Products

Huili Han, Deshu Yu, Xuefeng Liu, Tian Wen
Qiang embroidery is an important part of Qiang culture, and its embroidery pattern is not only a manifestation of the daily life of Qiang people, but also an expression of the spiritual culture of Qiang people, which is integrated with the life of Qiang people. Taking the Wenchuan region as an example,...
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Study on the Inheritance of Traditional Ceramic Culture in the Ceramic Art of Contemporary Life

Lan Yao
As a branch of contemporary ceramics, life ceramics is distinguished from purely expressive, purely artistic expression of ceramic works. It has a certain aesthetic function and expresses the creator’s thoughts, but also has certain practical functions; it is created by ceramic creators by hand, which...
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Research on the Inheritance and Development of Tianjin Traditional Folk Custom Pattern Yangliuqing New Year Paintings in Urban Landscape Design

Shiyun Zheng, Xiaojuan Hui
The urban landscape of each city should serve as the carrier of local culture, publicize and better the essence of local culture, and promote the progress and development of local culture. Only the culture rooted in the local soil can highlight the essential attributes of the city in a region and enable...
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Research on the Influence of Industrial Images on Painting

Renjie Zhang
Contemporary art trends of thought and the pluralistic development of expression have blurred the boundary of art. Painting art is no exception. In terms of presentation mode and evolution process, there are many relations between painting art and industrial image. From the development process of industrial...
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Classic Craft: Fuzhou Bodiless Lacquer Ware

Xin Zheng
Fuzhou lacquer art occupies important position in the field in China. The most representative one is Fuzhou bodiless lacquer ware, which is one of the three treasures of Fuzhou arts and crafts with delicate shape, solid quality, rich color, and long lifetime. The time-honored craft of bodiless lacquer...
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Time and Body in New Media Art

Shu Zhong
This article focuses on the issue of time in new media art. Taking video art as an example, it provides various technical means to break the linear structure of time, thereby generating an internal view of time. This view of time is closely related to the presence of the body. The similarity between...
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Study of Nanfeng Nuo Dance in Jiangxi Province Under the Influence of Farming Culture

Limin Chen
Nanfeng Nuo dance in Jiangxi Province is a historical relic of traditional culture, which embodies the living customs, national characteristics and cultural connotation accumulated through long-term farming. And it is the wisdom crystallization left to Chinese descendants by farming civilization for...
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A Study on the “Entertainment Carnival” Phenomenon From the Perspective of Critical Theory of Cultural Industry: Taking Chinese Variety Show as the Research Object

Bingying Wang, Xiaonan Zhang
The phenomenon of “entertainment carnival” was proposed based on the fact that the contemporary cultural industry has become a social reality, and now it has become one of the most important cultural phenomena in the modern age. The criticism of the cultural industry is an important theoretical part...
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Exploration and Thoughts on the Status Quo of Chinese Opera Stage Art

Ying Zheng
From 2005 to 2020, Chinese opera stage art, based on inheritance and innovation, adopts all kinds of advanced technologies, uses Chinese and foreign aesthetic concepts for reference, attracts audiences in more professional and diverse forms, and brings them excellent visual enjoyment. This article takes...
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Study on the Aesthetic Crisis of Chinese Antique Fantasy Movies Since the New Century

Zhuo Li, Zongsheng Yue
Since the new century, Chinese antique fantasy movies have gradually risen and occupied a prominent position in the film market, relying on myths, legends, mythical stories, etc., taking overhead history or fictional space-time as narrative strategy, to show the strange feelings, wonderful view, and...
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Analysis of Montage Application in Modern Stream of Consciousness Movie Editing

Qianyu Ding
Stream-of-consciousness movies began in the 1950s and 1960s, which advocates the use of irrational flow to constitute the content of the movie. And it presents the internal psychological thoughts of the characters to the audience in a unique way of montage. Stream-of-consciousness movies are a wonderful...
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Reconstruction · Emotion · Narrative: Discussion on the Application of Cinematic Space Language in Interior Design

Wen Lan
The article discusses and experiments on the formal language and design methods of film intervention in interior space design. It explores how emotion and narrative can be organically combined with cinematic techniques, and how to construct the place spirit of interior space based on film montage technique....
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Study on the Role of Scene Perspective in Animation Production

Bingxu Ni
Perspective plays a very important role in animation production. Its combination with photography lens can not only improve the richness of the picture, but also reflect more technical content and aesthetic feeling. The use of perspective in two-dimensional space can enhance the depth and visual strength...
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Research on the Space Narrative Strategy of the Movie “Food, Pray and Love”

Jiajia Xu
The film “Eat, Pray, and Love” is about Elizabeth Gilbert, a famous American female writer, who grew up in a space of decline, conflict, poverty, and exotics by enjoying food in Italy, praying and meditating in India, giving love in Indonesia and finally understanding the true meaning of life after a...
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“Combining Education With Entertainment” and “Truth, Goodness and Beauty” in Animated Films: Enlightenment from Pixar Animated Films

Miaomiao Wang
Although Pixar Animation Studio has not emphasized the creative concept of combining education with entertainment, as an excellent creator of animated films, it must be a pursuer of “truth, goodness and beauty”. Through in-depth analysis of the classic animated films of the Pixar, it is found that the...
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Encyclopedia of Movie Montage: The Movie Orphan Twist Directed by David Lean

Jingfeng Fang
Speaking of David Lean, people will think of his representative works such as Lawrence of Arabia, The Bridge on the River Kwai and Doctor Zhivago, which are well-known in the world film history. However, Oliver Twist is seldom mentioned. As the research object, it is rare. As the most representative...
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Discussion on the Application of Chinese National Cultural Elements in the Design of Animation Original Painting

Bingxu Ni
Chinese national culture has the genetic role in animation creation and design. It is the cultural root of artistic creation. It is because of its existence in many excellent works that it makes the work more alive. This article takes the current situation of animation creation in China as a starting...
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Real Vision Construction and Reading Experience: Visual-Reading Conceptual Photography

Zhijun Wang
This article begins with the construction and meaning of conceptual photography, analyzes its aesthetic attitude, and proposes that the reading experience of conceptual photography works through expression of meaning and how to embody its spiritual connotation in the creative process, and “watch” the...
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Application of 3D Design Software in Graphic Design

Lican Chen
The development of graphic design is inseparable from two important factors: the first is the development of digital technology, resulting in diversified design techniques and communication methods; the second is the changes of aesthetic taste of graphic design viewers. If the development of digital...
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Observation on the Turn of Music Talent TV Show 3.0 in China

Xing Liu
Music talent shows have always been an important type of Chinese TV programs. In the 3.0 era, TV programs are mainly about idol cultivation and subculture music. Hall’s encoding / decoding theory provides theoretical explanations for the new ecology of program makers, players and audiences in the 3.0...
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Expansion of the Research Path of Chinese Film Theory in the Digital Age

Dunmin Shi
In the era of globalization and digital culture marked by the Internet, big data, cloud computing, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc., technological revolution and media innovation have prompted the development of current film theory to turn to the focus on ontology again, and rethink “What...
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Analysis on the New Models of Chinese Cinema Movie Intellectual Property Operation Under the Epidemic Situation

Xiaoyan Yuan
Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020, the Chinese economy has generally suffered setbacks and the cultural industry has been hit hard. As the epidemic continues, the screening and creation of Chinese cinema films has entered a “sleep period”, and industry self-help is extremely urgent. During...
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Evaluation Dimensions of Film Literature Works

Fujiang Sun, Jingling Shu
This article takes the evaluation dimensions of film literature works as the research objects, and uses the method of systematic analysis to explore the basic elements of time and space background, values and politics contained in film literature works. Based on consumers’ pleasure demand for film literature...
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History as a Mirror: Research on the Development of Contemporary Chinese Art Colleges

Yurong Ma
At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, China was in the wave of learning Western thought and technology, and was gradually influenced by the western learning. During a period of time, schools and courses featuring Chinese art education emerged. Under the irreversible trend...