Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities

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A Study of Input in Teaching English for Special Purposes (ESP) Based on Multimodal Discourse

Zhaojun Chen
ESP is an inevitable trend of College English Teaching. Traditional language teaching methods become unsuitable for cultivating students' communicative competence of ESP, while theories about multimodal discourse and language input are in association with ESP teaching so that various modes are cooperated,...
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The Cultural Implications and Differences of Animal Vocabulary in English and Chinese

Siming Li
In the long civilization of human history, animals are closely connected with human beings and have profound effect on survival and development of human beings. The intimate relationship makes people form complex attitudes towards different animals, such as love, sympathy, disgust and fear, etc. People...
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On the Postcolonial Hybridity Theory in Translation Studies

Ying Li
Since the coming of the deconstructionism and the "cultural turn" in translation studies, many approaches of translation studies have mushroomed, the hybridity theory in the light of post-colonialist studies has attracted more and more translation scholars. Hybridity theory, aiming to deconstruct and...
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Paradox of the Ethos and Literary Creation A Comparative Study of Mo Yan and Herta M?Ller under the Vision of Nobel Prize in Literature

Zhichun Zhu, Yanmei Kong
After Herta Muller won the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature and Mo Yan won the 2012 Nobel Prizefor Literature winner, these two writers have attracted a lot of controversy. The controversy focused on narrow nationality on literary content performance and political themes. Nationality is the essence of...
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Study on Postmodernism Nabokov's Literature under Chinese Cross-border Perspective

Yanmei Kong, Zhichun Zhu
Vladimir Nabokov was the greatest bilingual writer of the 20th century. China's Nabokov research has experienced three stages include the germination in 1980s, Translation heat in 1990s and the climax with the "Lolita heat" at the beginning of the 21st century. Compared with abroad Nabokov study, China's...
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Linguistic Hybridity in the Poetry Translation of Hong Lou Meng

Ying Li
Hong Lou Meng is regarded as one of the "Four Great Classical Chinese Novels", and there have been many translated versions of Hong Lou Meng. Hybridity theory claims that all the translated versions are hybrid texts. The paper aims to investigate the linguistic hybridity phenomenon of the poetry translation...
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Pragmatics Function of Euphemism in Communication

Xianhua Meng
Euphemism is a kind of effective language form used in communication, which aimed to produce reasonable communicative effect. In this paper, the culture features of euphemism are explored. The author also used a lot of effective examples to explain the pragmatic functions of euphemism in communication....
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Analysis on Types of New Abbreviations of Russian after Collapse of the Soviet Union

Guojiang Qi
The collapse of the Soviet Union has a history of more than twenty years. The contemporary Russian society is changing dramatically. In scientific language, political comment language and official document communication, new abbreviations are used more widely. Nowadays, abbreviation formed by shortening...
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"Mono-no-aware " in Two Cities A Study of Kawabata Yasunari and Zhu Tianxin's Namesake Novel "The Ancient Capital"

Ning Li
Zhu Tianxin is a famous contemporary female writer in Taiwan. Her novel with the same title as the masterpiece of Kawabata Yasunari's, "The Ancient Capital" which was created at the end of 1990s also made a great flutter in the literary world. For the theme of the novel, it is deeply influenced by the...
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Discussion on Importance and Entry Point of Imitation Writing in Composition Instruction

Jincheng Huang, Shuhong Li
Imitation writing is an important means in composition instruction. One can faster get unique writing techniques of classical works of master through imitation writing. But because some teachers and young students do not fully realize its importance and all kinds of new technology and new trend of thought...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Stamping Process and Die Design

Zengsheng Wang, Hansong Yang, Guohua Mu
With characteristics of the course "Stamping Process and Die Design" and problems existing in teaching using traditional method, reform measures taken by some colleges are discussed in this paper, including teaching content, teaching material, teaching mode, teaching method, teaching resources and information-based...
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A Functionalist Analysis of the Film Subtitle Translation A Case Study of "The Flowers of War"

Yapeng Song
With the rapid development of economy and culture, the cultural communication in the world is increasing. Nowadays film is an important way of cultural communication and entertainment. Plenty of foreign films appear in China, meanwhile a wealth of Chinese films roll in the world film market and gain...
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Research on Mo Yan's Novel under the Perspective of Nobel Prize in literature

Ping Li, Yu Zheng, Zhichun Zhu
Mo Yan, a Chinese writer, won the 2012 Nobel Prize in literature. The committee said, Mo Yan "combined magic realism and folklore, history and contemporary society together", which was good news. Mo Yan built a unique subjective world of feelings. His abstract narrative and unfamiliar process constituted...
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Ezra Pound's Version of Shijing Translation

Hao Zhang
It is a vexed question in translatology field that whether poetry is translatable. People said that translating is pronouncing sentence of death on understanding and some wiseacre has said that translating is just like the back of a Turkey tapestry. This thesis applies the principles of correspondence...
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Comparison of Social Status of British and Chinese Women in the Era of Pride and Prejudice

Lu Chen
Pride and Prejudice is masterpiece of feministic literature as well as representative work that fully reflects awakening of feminist consciousness and social status of women in British society in the 18th and 19th centuries. The reality of marriage and love of ladies in this book can fully show social...
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The Retrospect and the Prospect of a Research on Pronouns in Excavated Materials of the Warring States

Yanmei Zhang, Yujin Zhang, Han Ding
Nowadays, the grammatical study in excavated materials has been attracting more attention of scholars. This article, based on the differences of the corpus of researchers, reviews the studies according to pronouns in Excavated Materials of the Warring States from four aspects: grammar and pronouns study...
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Why the Emperor Qin Shi Huang Took "ZHEN" as the First Exclusive Person Pronoun of the Emperors

Yanmei Zhang, Han Ding, Lingzhi Zhang, Yongping Luo
This article gives a brief introduction to relevant discussions from writings of domestic China of the issue that why the emperor Qin Shi Huang took "ZHEN" as the first exclusive person pronoun of the emperors. Meanwhile, it indicates the most fundamental and essential reason is that, starting from the...
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The Study of Sustainable Logic Running in "Songs of Bu Luo Tuo" of Zhuang Ethnic Minority

Qianwei Jin
Subjects of Zhuang creation show their brilliance in the creation of Songs of Bu Luo Tuo. The text with the properties of nature worship, totem worship, ancestor worship shapes the universal ancestor god Buluotuo becoming the spirit of ethnic members of solidarity and coordination of actions. It reflects...
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Research on Rural Tourism Driving Transfer of Surplus Rural Labor Force in Hainan Province

Mingju Liu, Liguang Zhao, Meijiao Huang
The rapid development of rural tourism can promote economic development. Meanwhile, it also provides more employment post and solves surplus rural labor forces. This article takes Hainan province as an example, analyzes promotion effect of rural tourism on transfer of surplus rural labor force, points...
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Money and Labour as Socio-economic Categories

Andrey Orekhov, Fakhraddin Akhmedov
The article considers the concepts of "money" and "labour" in the light of the categorical analysis in economic science. "Money" and "Labour" are socio-economic categories; consideration of each of them is possible only within the requirements of the interdisciplinary approach connecting an economic...
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Discussion on Rapid Internationalization Growth Model of Chinese Enterprises

Cuiping Hu, Bin Zhang
This article researches the phenomenon that Chinese enterprises rapidly become global industry leader in international competition, summarizes four models of rapid internalization of Chinese enterprises: make use of self-independent innovation to rapidly occupy the market, merger and acquire the world's...
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Research on Rural Favor Consumption Problem in Central China Take Village Lin the North of Anhui Province as an Example

Panpan Dai, Dongmei Sun
"It is impolite not to reciprocate". As a kind of connection link, favor consumption plays an important role in acquaintance society of the countryside. However, in recent years, with deepening of reform and opening-up and appearance of tide of rural workers, favor consumption tends to be more complicated....
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Analysis on Development Status and Countermeasures of Productive Service Industry in Jiangsu under New Normal

Dan Lu
Under New Normal, productive output in Jiangsu increases continuously, but the overall development level is low; the efforts made to create employment is not enough; regional development is unbalanced; the agglomeration degree of productive service industry is not high. It is necessary to rely on the...
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Research on Primitive Business Information Communication

Jing Huang
Based on the "Field Theory", the thesis carries out the argumentation on the formation and communication of business information in the primitive society and agricultural society from the perspective of historical development. The formation and communication of business information are the inevitable...
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Empirical Study on Working Pressure of Civil Servants under New Normal Condition Based on the Investigation of D City of Guangdong Province

Jun Luo, Yulan Yu
In order to study the current working pressure of civil servants under new normal condition, an investigation is conducted in D City of Guangdong Province, taking young civil servants with different working nature as study object through random sampling, with the Working Pressure Questionnaire being...
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Modern View on Operations Management Research

Andrey Blinov
Organizational development presents a continuous process toward a gradual, operating-sequential, ongoing management of changes, the purpose of which is improvement of organization's performance, its adaptation to changing management conditions, process-oriented rather than purpose-oriented. By now a...
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Analysis on Construction and Management of Laboratory in Independent Colleges under the Situation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Kequan Feng, Yaomin Mei, Zhiqiang Wang
Under the situation that colleges vigorously carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education, integrate characteristics of construction and management of laboratory in independent colleges, make use of capital of innovation and entrepreneurship education outside school and requirements of innovation...
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Study on Differences between Chinese and Foreign Vocational Trainings of Aged Care Workers

Dapeng Cong, Shengqun Wang, Yan Gao
Entering the 21st century, worldwide aging tendency becomes increasingly serious and prominent. The needs of the old for old-age care services increase sharply and the demands for higher quality services has been instantly increased. America, as a forerunner of stepping into aging society, has formed...
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Survey and Study on Rural Home-based Aged-care Mode Based on SWOT Analysis

Yan Gao, Shengqun Wang, Dapeng Cong
As the family miniaturization trend become increasingly obvious in our country, empty nest family start to appear in rural areas showing a rising trend. Home-based aged-care mode is thought to be in line with the objective requirement of aging of population through positive investigation and SWOT analysis,...
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Survey on Present Condition of Establishment Funds of Football Team of Henan U-9 Age Group

Guobao Sun
On Sept 16th, 1994, at the national football work closing meeting, it was decided that every provincial first-class football club must have second-tier and third-tier teams; otherwise China Football Association will not allow registration. That is to say, no reserves, no participating in the national...
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Research on Information Literacy Standards of Military Flight

Lishu Zhang, Lili Zhao, Ziran Zhang, Ji Qi
In the age of information warfare, information literacy of military flight will influence the outcome of war directly. Therefore, it is crucial to enhance military flight's information literacy. What are the elements of the military flight's information literacy standards? What is the present situation...
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Discussion on Socialist Core Values in Promoting National Cultural Soft Power

Donghai Jin
The 18th CPC National Congress Report of 2012 put forward to establish socialist core value system from three levels:"the first is prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony at national level; the second is liberty, equality, justice and rule of law at social level; the third is patriotism, devotion,...
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Exploration on Transformation and Innovation of College Library Service in Digital Age

Wei Luo
College library is the center of literature information in colleges and important pillar to colleges to carry out teaching and scientific research. This article starts with challenges faced by college library in digital age, briefly analyzes the existing problems and discusses that readers get information...
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Project Management for Cultural and Creative Goods

Liya Lin, Guochao Lin
This paper aims to use Project Management techniques to explore the feasibility of the marketing of Cultural and Creative Goods. According to the five steps of project management theory, they are start, planning, execution and control to the end. In practice the combination of case execution with the...
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Research on Early Marriage of Rural Female Youth

Panpan Dai, Dongmei Sun
This paper has studied the early marriage of rural female youth and relevant countermeasures, and put forward some reflections in order to attract the attention of the relevant personnel. By referring to related researches of domestic and foreign scholars, the author found that there are a few researches...
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Research on Policy Incentive System to Strengthen the Construction of Professional Aged-car Service Team

Dapeng Cong, Shengqun Wang, Yan Gao
This paper analyzes the local government in researching and developing the policy incentive mechanism of pension services industry to design a suitable one for the local government. It is purposed to coordinate the pension service work and local government economic and social development to adjust with...
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Research on Home-based Aged-care Service System in Collaborative City

Yan Gao, Shengqun Wang, Dapeng Cong
The aging of population is closely involved with the home-based aged-care construction, which extremely needs the joint participation of government, family, committee, enterprises and social non-profit institutions. This article makes analysis on documentary method and questionnaire method to discuss...
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Problems in Experimental Teaching Management of Comprehensive Art Institutions and the Countermeasures

Lei Zhang
This paper mainly probes into the problems in art experimental teaching management. After clearing the problems in experimental teaching management, this paper respectively discusses the problems in art experimental teaching and the solutions from three respects: course scheduling pattern, planning and...
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Analysis on Improving Use Ratio of Foreign Literature in Library of Private Universities Take Huanghe Science and Technology College as Example

Shanling Li
The article takes private university of Huanghe Science and Technology College as example, analyzes current situation and reasons of use ratio of foreign literature widely existing in private universities and brings forward countermeasures implemented for low use ratio of foreign literature in the era...
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Exploration and Thinking on Real Time Reference Service in University Libraries

Xinbing Wang, Xiaoshu Zhang
Under broad environment of Web 2.0, digital reference service in university library gradually grows into a core business and takes booming internet as basic media of information, uses various instant messaging (IM) and its integration software, basically realizes full coverage of wireless network on...
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Analysis on Accountability System of Public Welfare Foundation in Our Country

Donglin Yang
Since the reform and opening up, economy in China flourishes gradually, GDP grows rapidly and social polarization is also expanding sharply. Therefore, the idea of "supporting the poor and relieving vulnerable groups" has sprung up since ancient times. At present, the government has been unable to meet...
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Coordination Structures and Mechanisms for Emergency Decision-making in China

Lei Zhang
From a structural-instrumental perspective, the article analyses organizational structures and coordination mechanisms for China's governmental emergency decision-making system. The features of this system can be described as "unified leadership, classified decision, hierarchical control structure and...
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Analysis on the Management Problems and Development Countermeasures of Farmers' Cooperatives in Dujiangyan City

Xueke Chen, Dongchuan Lin, Xia Chen, Xiang Tan
The farmers' Cooperative, as a new form of production organization, is an important channel to promote the development of the agricultural industry and the increase of farmers' income, it has promoted the development of modern agriculture. Combining with the actual investigation of the farmer specialized...
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Research on Teleworking of Urban Disabled Persons

Ran Yu
Employment of disabled persons concerns whether disabled persons can integrate into society equally, share results of social development and realize their own value and reduce the burden on family. The employment of disabled persons has important significance on themselves, family and society. At present,...
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Research on Administrative Accountability System under the Perspective of Responsible Government

Wenjie Yi, Min Li
Since the 1980s, various countries in the world tend to build responsible government through their administrative reforms. The report of the 18th CPC National Congress has proposed clear goals for government administration system reform under new historical conditions, namely to establish a law-based...
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Study on the Imbalance Reasons and the Equilibrium Strategy of Information Resources of Basic Education in Urban and Rural Areas

Huimin Fan, Lirong Song
Basic education informatization is an important part of education informationization, and it is the inevitable requirement of the development of social information. With the improvement of economic development level and the popularization of compulsory education, basic education conditions and teaching...
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The Influence of Judicial Centralism on the Work of Investigation and Evidence Collection

Ke Wu
The judicial centralism has abandoned the disadvantages of the court trial illusive establishment under the investigative centralism, and the evidentiary adjudication principle has been carried out to the whole process of the criminal procedure, and forced the investigation organ to carry out the investigation...
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Legal Protection of the Rights and Interests of Hong Kong and Macao Residents in Applying to be Civil Servants of Mainland China

Zehua Feng, Yingjie Wu, Wenting Huang, Xiaowei Yuan
With the major changes in the situation of the world and China, the appeals of Hong Kong and Macao residents become more and more increased and diversified, and they gradually desire to participate in the political life of the country. Many Hong Kong and Macao residents are eager to be able to apply...
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Research on Comparisons between Civil Initial Service Procedure of Germany and Japan

Xiaoli Wu, Rong Wang
In Germany and Japan, civil initial service procedure is deployed in indictment accepting phase. Legal and effective initial service is an important standard to judge pending action opening and is an indispensable part to make civil action between two countries render into a judicable case of court from...
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On the Question of Conceptual Apparatus of Latin American Identity Discourse

Olga Bondar
The author seeks to clarify the genesis of the conceptual apparatus of Latin American identity discourse within the "ontological stage" boundaries-i.e. the formation period of national concepts of world and a man. The author argues that the best way to discuss this issue is to investigate the dependence...
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Analysis on the Background and Historical Influence of the Party's Four Guarantees

Zehua Chen, Muyun Su
At the moment of national crisis, the Communist Party of China put forward the "four guarantees" on the premise of "five demands" to the Kuomintang in the early 1937, reflecting the urgency of China's Anti Japanese war. After the Xi'an Incident, Jiang Jieshi and the Kuomintang government were also adjusting...
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Egalitarian Distributive Justice and Reasoning Luck

Alexey Chernyak
Luck Egalitarianism is an intensively developing theory of distributive justice, one of the most intriguing social problems of all times. This theory requires that only those distributive inequalities which result from peoples' wrong choices are allowed; and, in some versions, the account even recognizes...
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Rationality and Belief in Middle Ages

Zouyi Huang
The relationship of rationality and belief, which is the core issue of the Middle Ages, throughout the whole progress of medieval philosophy's formation, prosperity and fading. The Middle Ages of European is known for corruption and cruel carnage of policy, various taxes and unbridled plunder as well...
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Reflections on the Secularization Trend of Chinese Religions

Fujiang Sun
With the method of comparative study, the paper starts from the influence of the changes of social and economic conditions on religions, researches the main causes of the religious changes in contemporary China's society, puts forward that the socialist market economy is the main basis of the secularization...
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Discussion on Longevity Thoughts of Taiping Jing

Yongfeng Huang
"Taiping Jing" is one of the classics of Taoism at early stage, containing a wealth of longevity thoughts, mainly including keeping "One" for longevity, kindness and longevity, medicine nursing and refraining for health and other aspects. These ideas play a positive role in enlightening the Taoists and...
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Comparative Research on Tourism Industry Features of Wuyuan in Jiangxi and Nanshan in Yantai

Qing Li
Known as "The most beautiful village in China", Wuyuan County in Jiangxi Province builds itself as the most powerful county in China's tourism field in just a dozen years by virtue of antique and traditional Hui style architecture with a long history, incomparable historical culture resource of long...
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Nationalism in the Contemporary World: Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Implementations

Denis Chistyakov
The article considers nationalism of various forms as a relevant phenomenon of the modern world. Nationalism is defined as a political ideology coupled with a certain social practice. The author analyzes the theories of nationalism belonging both to Russian and foreign scientists, reviews peculiarities...
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Research on the Current Situation of Traditional Sport "Qiang Huapao" for Han Ethnicity of Nuodong Town of Cenxi City of Guangxi Province of China and Its Development Strategy

Lichun Wei
With the name of orient "football", the Qiang Huapao is one of the excellent ethnic traditional sports and is very popular. According to the research on the development situation and measures to the "Qiang Huapao" of Han ethnicity in Nudong town, Cenxi city, Guangxi province, China, and compare it with...
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Philosophical-Anthropological Meanings of Postmodernism: "Mediatizing" Human

Olga Chistyakova
The author considers philosophical-anthropological images of a human of late modernism and postmodernism in the context of socio-cultural and technological changes of these periods. The authors analyzes principles of media information influence on a postmodern individual; social, personal and anthropological...
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Hani Nationality Culture under the Modern Perspective

Xin Wang
During the process of entering into the modernity process, China society is feeling the "modernity experience", which deep influence and spread into every level of China society, change and reform the features of the traditional culture. As one of the component elements in multi-peoples family of China,...
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Thoughts on Cultural Consciousness, Self-confidence and Ethnomusicology Research Status

Yi Ji
The party's 18th CPC National Congress proposed that we must establish a high degree of cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence, cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence based on the research of music acts and cultural issues are the core of ethnomusicology research. In this article takes...
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Sexuality and Its Preferences: between Binary and Plural Logic

Philipp Tagirov
The article analyzes a possibility of sex-identity built outside binary oppositions that are structural foundation for both our culture and our thinking. It also studies the problematic overcoming of the binarity without forming a new binary opposition. The author questions the limits and possibilities...
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Loss of Life Purpose as a Problem of Modern Society

Irina Ponizovkina, Elena Agibalova
The article is dedicated to the eternal philosophical question of life purpose and its development. Particular attention is paid to the loss of life-purpose guidelines which is a relevant problem in a modern Russian society. The reasons for the loss of life purpose are revealed and solutions to this...
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Public Opinion in Mass Society: Chances to Stir up "Silent Majority"

Liubov Bronzino, Olga Maximova, Sofia Shatalina
This article dispels some of the most popular myths about the "knowledge society" and the delusions they create regarding intellectuals and intellectual activities. The analysis makes use of both research (M. McLuhan, M. Foucault, U. Eco, R. Collins) and literary (M. Bradbury) sources. Ideally, the reader...
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One Philosophical Dialogue: (Mutual) Understanding and the Art of Reticence

Svetlana Rudanovskaya
The idea of philosophical dialogue centers on the idea of a thought-out conversation between interlocutors who are interested in clarifying the concepts and foundations of knowledge. In M. Heidegger's A Dialogue on Language: Between a Japanese and an Inquirer participants are supposed to avoid ready-made...
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Child Soldiers in Myanmar Remaining Challenges and Policy Implications

Kai Chen
This article reviews the current situation of child soldiers in Myanmar, explores the challenges facing the stakeholders' efforts to prevent child soldiering in this country, then analyzes the relevant policy implications in the foreseeable future.
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America's Hong Kong Policies and Recent Political Trends

Xiaowei Yuan, Yujue Peng, Shenglong Jiang, Xiaocong Yuan, Zehua Feng
Since Hong Kong's reunification, America pays strict attraction to the development of Hong Kong and adopts "1992 United States-Hong Kong Act" as the foundation and legislation basis of U.S.-Hong Kong Policy. This Act recognizes "Joint Declaration of the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain...