Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities

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Sergey Hessen's Philosophy of Education

Igor Grebeshev, Sergey Nizhnikov
The Article considers the project of Sergey Hessen's Philosophy of education, addressed in the context of the thinker's general philosophical views, which had been influenced by the European neo-Kantianism tradition. However, Hessen argued (in line with the Russian personalist metaphysics) that "identity...
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Teaching Ethics Courses in the System of Higher Education in Russia: Problems and Prospects

Vladimir Tsvyk, Irina Tsvyk
The article discusses the ethical and moral education of students in modern Russian high schools. The necessity of strengthening the educational component of the higher education system is noted. To solve the problem, we propose a more active incorporation of the ethical component into training which...
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Research on Practical Teaching Reform of Tourism Management Major on the Basis of Promotion of Vocational Ability

Chunli Lv, Xinqi Ding
Vocational ability is the practical requirement of tourism industry for tourism talents. The purpose of practical teaching reform of tourism management major is to promote vocational ability. On the basis of analyzing vocational ability that university graduates of applied tourism management should have,...
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Study on the Strategy of Logistics Management Talent Development in Shandong Province

Jinhua Li, Ping Wang, Xiuli Tan
High-quality logistics management personnel is an important factor in the development of modern logistics. In recent years, as the rapid development of the economy and the logistics industry in Shandong Province, the provincial government attaches great importance to development of the logistics management...
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How to Improve the Passing Rate of English for Self-taught Examination

Caiyan Jiang
In the process of continuous development and improvement of economic globalization and informatization in social life, English, as an international language, increasingly shows a pivotal position in various countries and national information, culture, science and technology exchanges. Learning English...
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Research of College English Writing Teaching Mode Based on Inquiry-based Learning

Xiaoxia Chen
As a new pedagogical method, inquiry-based learning (IBL) has changed students' learning style and teachers' teaching ideas, which places the student, the subject, and their interaction at the center of the learning experience. It emphasizes the diversity and scientificalness of the way of learning and...
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Some Strategies for Dealing with English Vocabulary in Reading

Yanhong Zhang
English is one of the most important languages in the world. It is important because of its worldwide use. More and more people in the world choose English as a foreign language for the purpose of profession, science and international communication. For English learners, Reading is one of the basic techniques...
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Research on Digital Course Construction Based on Curriculum Standard

Hong Zhang
The digital course construction in university campus has different characteristics. Some "pay attention to video and attach less importance to research", the other "pay attention to instruction and attach less importance to design". They neglect an important basis at the same time: curriculum standard....
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The Current Employment Situation of Private College Graduates under Economic Downward Pressure and Its Countermeasures

Bayi Guan, Zhanli Shang, Hongwei Zhao
The impact of the economic downward pressure renders private college students three big pressures in terms of employment, first is the pressure of large scale layoffs from enterprises, the second is the pressure of poor cultivation quality of graduates, and the third is the pressure of graduates' low...
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Research on Blending Teaching and Learning Model of Applied Undergraduate under MOOC Horizon

Lijuan Feng
With the application of internet plus in college teaching, MOOC teaching mode has profound effect on college teaching. In college teaching, blending teaching and learning model based on MOOC receives more and more attention, combine MOOC teaching model and traditional teaching model, realize online and...
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Application of Cognitive Linguistics in English Vocabulary Teaching

Yan Zhao
Vocabulary is very important to language, just like bricks to buildings. Without words, language has no meaning at all. The research on vocabulary acquisition and teaching has a history of thousands of years, however, teachers are still facing a huge challenge now, that is how to help students acquire...
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On the Causes of Mathematics Learning Anxiety and Countermeasures from Students' Perspectives

Angyang Liu
Students tend to develop anxiety when studying. The mathematics learning anxiety is a special subject anxiety, which will Interfere with students' academic performance, damage students' mental health and hinder students' social developments.This article has analyzed the subjective and objective factors...
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Analysis on College English Teaching Pattern under Intercultural Perspective

Han Gao
At present, domestic English teachers have set some intercultural teaching strategies to improve students' enthusiasm. This article mainly bases on students' positive emotion or attitude in learning English to explore intercultural English teaching pattern, in order to set teaching pattern by taking...
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Empirical Analysis on the Scientific Research Ability of Physical Education Teachers in Research Universities

Yuemin Zhang, Wanbing Shi
Scientific research ability is an essential quality of university teachers, but also an important index to evaluate research universities. Unfortunately, because of the particularity of the pre-service education, the physical education teachers have a weak foundation in doing scientific research. This...
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The Application of Multimedia and Network Technologies in College Piano Teaching

Zhihua Zhang
Based on the continuous development of science and technology, the disadvantages of traditional piano teaching mode can be overcome by other types of teaching modes. Furthermore, the application of multimedia and network technologies also contributes to the development of college piano teaching mode....
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Application of Multicultural Music in Music Education in Colleges and Universities

Yi Ji
With prosperity and development of social economy and education, the exchanges between nationalities and countries are more and more frequent. Cultural industry swarms into our country in succession. Music of different elements gathers and produces new sparks of art. It makes traditional, single and...
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How to Carry out Teaching Evaluation in Music Education in Regular Institutions of Higher Learning

Yi Ji
Nowadays, the teaching quality of teachers is mainly measured by teaching quality evaluation. Therefore, teachers' teaching quality evaluation has become priority among priorities in teaching management of colleges. This article mainly discusses relevant contents of teaching evaluation in colleges from...
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The Effective Application of Digital Piano in Piano Teaching

Yi Ji
With the development of piano group teaching model, the emergence of this new digital piano class teaching mode, both as a kind of piano class is different from different from the traditional class. This new teaching mode is developed on the basis of the traditional piano teaching mode, it is a derivative...
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Analysis on Folk Music Teaching Problem and Its Solutions

Yi Ji
As China's economy continues to develop, it has formed a long-term conflict between the people's cultural requirements and cultural productivity. Development of folk music culture of our country needs to reform and innovation to another level. There are still many problems in Folk Music Teaching in our...
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Analysis on Problems and Measures in Music Education of Normal Universities under New Situation

Xiulei Ren
Since ancient times, Confucian school has emphasized "using rites and music to govern the country". It shows that music has extremely high status in politics of Confucianism. It seems as though it has been beyond the imagination of people. In recent years, the economic and cultural construction of our...
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Integration of Music Teaching and Native Ethnic Music in Yunnan's Institutions of Higher Learning

Xiulei Ren
Ethnic music is an important part of Chinese music treasure. It reflects minority's love and passion for life, expectation for happy life and positive spirituality during their laboring. Yunnan is a province that is inhabited by the most minorities and different minorities have diversified musical culture...
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An Empirical Study of International Quality Model for Education

XinXing Wu
The purpose of this study is to identify the factors influencing educational quality and students' satisfaction of adult and continuing education, to examine the relationship between educational quality and students' satisfaction, and to investigate the impact of each element on students' satisfaction....
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Research on New College Reading Promotion Practice based on the Popular Variety Mode

Junbo Dai, Ji Qi, Hongming Liu
In the background of building a nationwide reading atmosphere, the reading promotion work has gradually become the focus of the work of university library. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of readers to walk into the library and approach read, Tonghua Normal University Library has carried out a new...
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Research on Joint Construction of Art Practice Teaching System by Sino-Russian Colleges

Zhongfeng Fu
Along with the deepening of reform and opening up, China's education has also entered into the era of globalization. China and Russia main a friendly relationship, and joint school-running between China and Russia has become a popular trend, moreover, the joint construction of art practice teaching system...
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Research on Development of College Physical Education under the Perspective of Sino-Russian Joint School-running

Changzhu Li
With the development of China's education modernization, the internationalization level of China's college-running is improved constantly. Under this background, Sino-Russian joint school-running has developed rapidly. The Sino-Russian joint school-running is conducive to the introduction of the high...
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Modernistic Characteristics in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Dongxiao Peng
As a great precursor of modernistic poetry, Emily Dickinson influences the latecomers a lot from the content to the form in perspective of poem creation. This paper mainly discusses the modernistic features of her poetry. From titles to endings of her poetry, modernistic tendencies can be discovered....
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Reading Strategies Training for College English Learners

Xinli Zhang
Learning strategies is the most decisive factor in learners' studying performance. Reading strategy is one of these learning strategies in studying process which has attracted more attention these years. Teachers need to change minds to involve students into new reading strategies training to improve...
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Construction of Teaching Management Model of Majors in Arts Department Take Arts Department of Zhuhai College of Jilin University as an Example

Yifeng Du
Teaching management is an important guarantee for smooth implementation of teaching in universities. Teaching management plays an extremely important role in promoting school running quality and level of universities. Because of particularity of disciplines in major of art design, it has practical significance...
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Exploration of Animation Teaching in Colleges under the Mode of "Industry and Education and Research" Take Film-Video-Animation School of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute as an Example

Chunji Zhang
Sichuan Fine Arts Institute takes the construction of Shimei Animation Experimental Teaching Base as an opportunity, to introduce the enterprise resources into the campus; introduce the production project into teaching; incorporate the enterprise management mechanism, production process and industrial...
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Analysis on Examination Form and Strategies of New HSK

Yuwei Qiao, Chunxue Jiang, Zhichun Zhu
The article fully analyzes characteristics, structure and form of New HSK and emphasizes teachers and students shall pay high attention to New HSK Outline. Under this premise, it discusses strategies to tutor grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing respectively.
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Difficulties and Countermeasures in Oral Chinese Teaching for Foreigners

Lili Fan, Zhichun Zhu
The paper analyzes the tasks undertaken by oral class of Chinese as a foreign language and problems existing in it. Some oral classes still focus on teaching language points instead of training of language skills. The teaching progress conflicts with practice time. In teaching practice, course teachers...
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Discussion on Importance of Local Operas in Vocal Music Teaching

Xuemei Chen
As a fundamental link in music education, vocal music teaching plays an important and positive role in students' moral education and aesthetic education. Naturally, how to improve and perfect teaching content and teaching method of vocal music teaching becomes a major subject of music education. As treasure...
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Exploration on Interaction Design Curriculum System and Talents Training Mode

Jian Zhang
Introduce development background and present situation of interaction design education; discuss objective of talents training, curriculum provision, teaching method and teaching practice system of UI design in art major and put forward some ideas of talents training mode according to requirements of...
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The Factors Influencing the Educational System of Maturity between Taiwan Straits

Meichiao Lai, Wuder Tsay, Ling Qiu
This technical report address two cases study the organizational capability maturity based on the principles of ISO 9004:2009. The object is relating two universities of the Taiwan straits respectively located between Taiwan and Fujian. It used the qualitative approach of self-assessment the actual facts....
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Research on Mobile Phone Dependence of College Students in Information Age and Its Countermeasures

Zhenpeng Zhao
With popularization of mobile phones, the problem of mobile phone dependence among college students is increasingly serious. Mobile phone dependence influences physical and psychological health of college students, increases the family financial burden of college students and causes adverse effects on...
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Discussion on Teaching Model of English Translation in Universities under Functional Translation Theory

Li Shao
As a symbol, language plays the role of medium in the process of communication. On connotation and value of language, it carries regional and national thinking habit and values. After translation theory changes from text to function, it pays attention to function application of language after translation....
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Application of Layered Teaching Method in Basketball Teaching in Universities

Jiafang Zhang
With the attention of society and input in teaching, basketball is getting more and more popular among students. As far as sport itself is concerned, basketball has its own particularity. Sports need a certain support of physical power, when the physical ability can't reach the standard, a universal...
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Application of Group Psychological Counseling in Mental Health Education of College Freshmen

Xueying Zhang, Xishun Wang, Lian Liu
Mental health education of college students is the important task of strengthening and improving college students' ideological and political education, and an important measure to cultivate qualified talents. Freshmen form a special group, who has experienced a nine-year compulsory education and basic...
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Challenges and Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Education of College Students under "New Normal"

Dafan Shu
Ideological and political education of college students is influenced by "New Normal" such as diversification of social ideological trend, new media application, and integration of ideological and political education system of college students, university education and management reform as well as enhancement...
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Analysis on Influence of Internet Language on College Ideological Political Education

Wenhao Li
With the continuous development of Internet technology, the network has become an indispensable part in our lives. As a kind of external form of Internet culture, Internet language has gradually become colleges' a new name card, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for college ideological and...
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Thinking on Transformation Development of Higher Education in Our Country under New Normal

Dawei Guan
"New Normal" is the keyword of new ruling idea of the central government. The economic development of our country enters the New Normal. The development of higher education shall timely adapt to new changes. The fading of "Demographic Dividend" of our country means that the large-scale expanding stage...
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Discussion on Accounting Practice Teaching Based on Accounting Talent Cultivation Objective

Binbin Zhu
Accounting has been the popular major and direction of colleges of secondary and higher education for many years. But how to stand out from the millions and millions of students specialized in this major has become the problem that every educator and student need to think and reflect. This paper will...
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The Study on Moral Education Infiltration into PE Teaching of Universities

Gaosheng Li
In modern PE teaching, the implementation of moral education has not only become the need of deepening PE reform in universities, and has become the subjective need of renewing today's PE education concept. Since the implementation of curriculum reform, PE teaching has stepped into a new stage. PE education...
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Rational Exploration on the Morning Exercises System in Regular Institutions of Higher Learning in Viewpoint of Humanistic Care

Jing Li, Lifen Hu
The thesis, through such methods as field visiting, searching for documental literature and interviews, etc., makes deep survey on the intractable current situations of launching morning exercises activities in colleges and universities and conducts a specific analysis on the impersonal restricted factors,...
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Research on Cultivation Mode of Application-oriented Innovative Talents Specialized in Engineering

Hansong Yang, Luoming Zhang, Junjie Liang
One key issue of higher education reform is how to cultivate innovative talents. The specification of social demand for talents changes continually, and at the same time, there are many problems in the teaching process of higher education. Therefore, it is particularly important to cultivate application-oriented...
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Research on Professional Curriculum Group Construction for Machinery Manufacturing Automation Cultivated Based on Application Ability

Hansong Yang, Defeng Gao, Xiaodong Wang
The teaching reform conducted around curriculum group in domestic colleges is still at the beginning stage. Colleges mainly create their characteristic specialty and determine profession direction and talents according to enterprises' requirements for talents in terms of their knowledge, ability and...
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Exploration and Research on the Application of Action Learning in the Teaching of Automobile Structure

Xu Yang, Shaoju Hao, Dongsheng Wang, Hao Yang
The action learning method is a new teaching mode which takes the students as the center, meets the needs of the students, and complies with the development of the times. It breaks through the limitation of the traditional teaching mode, and can effectively improve the teaching quality and teaching effect....
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The Economic Impact of Regional Financial Diversity Development in China

Yishen Feng, Xuexin Wang
Based on the 7th, CDI CFCI research report and 2014 China's regional financial operation report, Analysis of the current tend to be more severe domestic and international economic environment, financial resources to national financial center agglomeration "Matthew effect" is more remarkable. China's...
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Research on Survey on Popularizing Martial Arts in Higher Vocational Colleges and Countermeasures

Weina Liu
At present, with the continuous development of economy and the accelerated globalization, more and more foreign sports come into China, causing great impact on traditional Chinese martial arts. As one of Chinese traditional cultures with long history, martial arts are dominated by some foreign emerging...
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Study on Task-based Language Teaching

Lidan Yu
Task-based Language Teaching is an approach to the design of language course in which the point of departure is not an ordered list of linguistic items, but a collection of tasks. From the above definition, we can see that the purpose of TBLT is to make the learners learn some relevant language by implementing...
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Research on Scientific and Technical Achievements Transformation of Colleges Based on the Perspective of Interest

Yancui Han
As the cradle land of basic research and technological innovation, colleges not only shoulder the responsibility of talent cultivation and knowledge dissemination, but also shoulder the task of scientific knowledge creation. Chinese colleges have nearly half of the total scientific and technological...
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A Study of English Vocabulary Acquisition Strategies for Non-English Majors

Junrui Xu
Vocabulary learning occupies a very important position in college English teaching, and vocabulary acquisition has an important influence on students' language abilities and communication skills as well. Based on the strategies of English vocabulary acquisition put forward by Wen Qiufang and Hong Xianli,...
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Discussion on Experimental Teaching Mode of Costume Design Specialty Based on Innovation Ability Cultivation

Xiaoyan Yang
Experimental teaching plays an important role in the teaching system of costume design specialty, and the key link for cultivating students' innovation ability. However, as an application-oriented discipline with strong characteristics of comprehensiveness and diversification, the practical teaching...
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Discussion on Education Management for College Students under New Situation

Qiuju Zeng
Education management for college students is an important part of the overall work of the school. The enrollment expansion of colleges for years makes students' overall quality uneven. Under the influence by various factors such as overall social environment and the rapid development of higher education,...
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Analysis on Laboratory Training Connotation Construction of Practical Education in University of Applied Sciences

Jianli Tian
In the current historical background of "public entrepreneurship and innovation", colleges shall cultivate the application-oriented undergraduate talents with innovative spirit through modern science education. This paper discusses the laboratory training connotation in university of applied sciences,...
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The Synchronized Relationship between Film Music Course Teaching and the Recognition of National Identity A Case Study in Anshan Normal University

Di Liu
To date studies that refer to music in film tend to be too generalized to offer a firm theoretical paradigm for analysis of how music functions in cinema. In addition to this, studies on the relationship between film music course teaching in University as the recognition and cultivation of national identity...
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On English Vocabulary Learning of Students with Learning Difficulties

Hong Li
Vocabulary learning is one of the most essential and fundamental elements in the study of English. However, there are always many kinds of problems in most students with learning difficulties. And it has caused many problems in English teaching. The present paper investigates the main problems in English...
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International Talent Cultivation and Scientific and Technological Innovation Platform Construction in Universities of China and Russia

Bailing Gu
Since the 21st century, the continuous improvement of political relation between China and Russia has made cooperation and communication in science and technology, culture and education become active gradually and deepen ceaselessly. In order to promote continuous development of diplomatic relations...
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Analysis on Current Situation of Comprehensive Quality of Students in Fine Arts Major of University and Research on Methods of Promotion

Guohua Gao
Since the 21st century, people have higher requirements for higher education. Fine arts professional education meets development opportunities as well as new challenges. In teaching and management, teachers strive to train artistic creation ability and perfect personality of students, strengthen education...
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M-learning in Foreign Language Learning

Bianqi Sun, Hou Shu
Teachers nowadays have much more roles compared to that of prE-internet period. As an English teacher, how to help and support students to achieve the maximum learning result are always his top concerns. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that MobilE-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) in general...
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On College Students' Entrepreneurship Education

Xiao Wang
College students' entrepreneurship education is an important approach to realizing the function of higher education under the circumstances of educational situation in our country. Solution of college students' employment is an important topic of the current higher education. Therefore, through the development...
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Comparative Study of Sino-Russian Modern Wind Music Teaching

Fei Wang
Russian national music and Chinese national music are respective traditional musical culture form, both of which embody the law of music development in common during their development and evolution, meanwhile however, reflect the musical connotation and technique of expression peculiar to the two different...
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Some Features of English Fricatives Spoken by a Chinese Speaker

Shaofan Wang
Variation in interlanguage (IL) phonology is an important field for researching SLA. Generally speaking, the factors constraining the Chinese learners' pronunciation include "L1 transfer, markedness, margin length, sonority and linguistic environment. This paper will focus on the influence of L1 transfer...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Current Higher Vocational Continuing Education Development in China

Yiqiang Liao
Vocational education or adult education is a significant part in lifelong learning system. Higher vocational colleges, as the senior form of vocational education, undertake their responsibilities of conducting pre-vocational education for cultivating technical, skillful and high-quality laborers in production,...
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Research on Method of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language under the Perspective of Chinese Teaching for Overseas Students

Leichao Ji, Zhichun Zhu
The retrospect of researching methods for teaching Chinese as a foreign language and the outlook of Ren Yuan "teaching method" is the subject drawn great attention from the Chinese teachers for foreigners. After the teaching objects, teaching contents, and teaching objectives are determined, people want...
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Research on Solving Skills of the Second Important Limit Questions in Advanced Mathematics

Jingbo Sun
The first section of Advanced Mathematics are Functions and Limits and the limits include two important limit formulas of the first important limit and the second important limit which are still valid. In actual process of solving, questions generally are the deformation of the important limit, especially...
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Study on Nanshan Scenic Spot Tourism Crafts Development Idea

Qing Li
Tourism crafts industry is one of the signs of rapid development in tourism economy. Its prosperous development can not only promote development of economy in tourist attraction, but also bring prosperity to art and culture market and invisibly boost publicity of tourist attraction, having inestimable...
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The Exploration of the Cultural Artistic Features of Folk Embroidery in Lingbao, Henan

Zhang Chuncai
Folk embroidery pattern is the visual element of emotion expression and folk art perception accumulation in people's daily life, folk embroidery in Lingbao, Henan patterns can not only express the art of living and practicability, but also reflects strongly decorative arts features of local embroidery....
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Analysis on the Creative and Artistic Features of Ancient Poetry Art Songs in the First Half of 20th Century

Yu Xiang
Ancient poetry art song is an important category of Chinese art songs. Referring to the Western compositional concepts in techniques and selecting lyrics from Chinese ancient poems, ancient poetry art song is a mixing result of Chinese and Western culture. The first half of 20th century is a period when...
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Analysis on the Creative Features of French Art Song in Impressionist Period

Yu Xiang
The French art song in impressionist period is a vital part of European culture, which has distinctive features in its creation. Lyrics are selected from the contemporary famous poets' poetry; music style is pure French impressionist features. The representatives of its creation are Debussy, Duparc,...
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Design and Realization of Manchu Intangible Cultural Heritage Digital Exhibition Center Based on VR Technology

Junbo Dai, Lishu Zhang
Virtual reality technology provides a new technology for the protection of Manchu intangible cultural heritage. Through material collection, scenario modeling, interactive design, data connectivity, package release to build the three-dimensional digital exhibition center with real user experience and...
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An Exploration on Promoting Collaboration of Cultural Creative Industry between Fujian and Taiwan

Guoli Xu
The purpose of this paper is to explore how to positive culture creative industry between Fujian and Taiwan. The paper is consisted of four sections. Firstly, the approach is to review of the literature at domestic and abroad, in order to understand culture creative industrial policy and the definition...
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The Function of Piano Accompaniment in Chorus Teaching

Zhihua Zhang
Chorus is an omnibus artistic form, containing pure natural human voice, exquisite harmony, consummate conducting and appropriate instruments. It is different from solo that chorus is a vivid and graceful musical works performance that is performed by a group of people who has similar sound ray and timbre,...
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Analytical Research on Basic Skills of Piano Playing

Zhihua Zhang
It is not to excessively enrich tone, increase the volume, nor accelerate pace to play piano successfully. A good piano performance is to express emotion naturally, perform nimbly and control it steadily. It can conquer audiences. Looking back, a good piano performance is performed with skillful application...
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How to Relieve Nervous Emotions in Piano Performance

Rui Gao
Art can be divided into different kinds. Piano art plays a very important role in it. Different art forms have unique characteristics of their own. Compared with art forms such as painting and literature, piano art has more requirements for performance. Besides, different from art of painting, literature...
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On Technical Representation Research Suitable for Fast Design

Haijiao Sun
Fast design generally refers to intensification of design creativity and representation training with high density in a short period of time. It makes for implementation of design creativity and formation of excellent product concept. What's more, it is an important means for modern products to get rid...
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Research on the Music Performance of the Sheep Horn-bell

Zhian Bie
The Sheep Horn-bell is an old musical instrument full of local characteristics in Lingnan culture, also a typical sacrificial vessel in Bronze culture. According to current sound detection and known data report, and features that the cavity is level and there is no sound beam or grinding crack of toning...
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Research on Creative Entry Point of Modern Graphic Design

Huijuan Chang
With reform and development of new material, new thought and new media, the pattern of manifestation and type of modern graphic design become more and more complicated and diversified. But it cannot be denied that in numerous works or cases of graphic design, the phenomenon of plagiarism among them,...
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Study on Communication Advantage and Creation Strategy of Suspense Advertisement

Mi Yang
In the information explosion time, modern people's life is filled with all kinds of advertising information all the time. As a result, modern people have generated disgust and aversion toward advertisement gradually. Enterprises must find a new advertising creative path to smoothly transfer business...
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Discussion on Opera Dance's Function in Opera Performance

Xuemei Chen
Nowadays Chinese economy is developing rapidly, and people's love and attention to traditional culture become increasingly prominent, which is shown in various artistic creation. Taking opera performance as an example, as a kind of comprehensive artistic performance form, its main content is to show...
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Great Waves in Ukiyo-e Analyzing the Artistic Spirits in Katsushika Hokusai's Landscape Paintings

Dongying Dou
This paper has made a systematic research and analysis of Katsushika Hokusai's works, such as Great Waves off Kanagawa and Red Fuji, from the aspects of the origin of Ukiyo-e, its artistic characteristics and cultural connotation. The paper has make an in-depth comparison with the important works of...
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The Evaluation of the Acceptance and Intention of Using the Healthy Travel Mobile Guide System

Meichiao Lai, Dan Liu, Yang Lee
This paper aims to evaluate the acceptance and intention of college students to use the mobile guide system by the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model. Questionnaires were administered to understand the context of use, the factors contributing to the user's willingness to...
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Emotional Connotation Research on College Campus Landscape Sculpture

Xiaoyan Weng
The college campus is the most concentrated area of the urban culture and the elite. As the important material carrier of campus space culture, the sculpture landscape is particularly important. However, some of the current campus sculptures only pay attention to the superficial effect, but lack of the...
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Analysis of Health Care Products' Packaging Design under the Influence of Consumer Psychology

Xiaoli Fan
With the improvement of consumption level, people pay more attention to health with increasing demand for health care products, not only having higher requirements toward the quality of health care products, but also have new requirements for the packaging of health care products, namely the consumers'...
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Art Appreciation of Yuan Blue and White Porcelain Figure Prunus Vase

Chunji Zhang
Fresh and elegant with long implication blue and white porcelain is a bright pearl in China's porcelain history, due to the small number of masterpieces, it has become the collection which many collectors competing to have. This article through the Art Appreciation of the National Heritage Yuan blue...
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Analysis on the Art Style Formation about Huang Binhong's Landscape Painting

Wenxiu Li
Landscape painting master Huang Binhong through intensive study of traditional Chinese landscape painting, first learn from the predecessors, then learn from the nature, and combined the traditional pen and ink techniques with specific artistic themes to create a landscape painting art style with "black"...
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Digital Interpretation of the Zhuxian Town Woodcut New Year Paintings Under the Background of Industrialization

Hui Li
The Zhuxian Town woodcut new year paintings as the originator of Chinese woodblock new year pictures, not only have a long history, but also have a distinctive artistic style which can be described as a treasure of Chinese traditional culture. In the contemporary era, to carry out industry development...
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Study on the Virtual Image Design of "Post-apocalyptic" Style Science Fiction

Yu Guo, Yanzheng Xie
This article focuses on the analysis of "post-apocalyptic" style in science fiction, outlining the evolution of this style and its features which has certain reference for the creation of this type of work.
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Discussion on Conceptual Design in Fantasy Film

Yu Guo
Film is called "dream machine". Fantasy films show magical worlds for us. With development of science and technology, these films attract people's attention through depending on bold imagination and magnificent picture effect. The "conceptual design" at earlier stage of films plays an important role...
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The Implicit Beauty and Open Beauty of Tang Dynasty's Aesthetic Taste from Tang Dynasty Noble Women's Clothing Features

Li Wan
The Tang Dynasty was a period when feudal society prosperous developed. At that time people's material life were very plentiful, thus brought their love for better life into the pursuit and praise of beauty. The women, especially the noble women because their particularity of gender and identity, at...
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Study on Urban Color Perception and Planning Design

Fuyan Yu
After sort through the relevant information and reference documentations, we conduct a market research to analyze the constituent elements of urban color, design principles, and provide the world's leading color design case for reference in order to discuss the urban color planning. Urban color design...
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The Vision of Research on the New Art History Words and Images

Jing Wang, Shuyan Yi
Since the end of last century, the traditional art history research is turning to the multi discipline research angle, We call it the "new art history". One of the representatives of the "new art history" - Norman Bryson is a pioneer in the study of Western art semiotics. He look art as the symbol, look...
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Research on the Protection and Restoration of Historical Blocks Based on Landscape Cultural Ecology

Li Yan
When facing the same fact or event, because of the differences on the standpoint and background of "seeing" and "thinking", there may be conflicts and divergences in "doing". There is no exception for the protection of historical blocks. Because of this, many problems emerge in the protection and restoration...
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Discussion on Development of Lu Zhe Chengni Inkstone

Yongmei Wu
As one of the four famous inkstones of China, Chengni inkstone's popularity is nowhere near Duan inkstone, She inkstone and Tao inkstone. Besides, Chengni inkstone suffers many mishaps, from making a noise to declining, stopping firing, lose of technology and archaeology and after-burning. During the...
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Whom Your Brand Is More Like? Analysis of Brand Image and Brand Personality

Yufei Dong
In the process of brand building, in addition to advance complete, objective, targeted market research, and on this basis to make accurate and effective product brand positioning, the most important thing is build brand image and brand personality based on brand positioning. Brand image is external and...
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Analysis on Development of Folk Culture Industry

Bianling Zhang
Henan has a long history and rich folk culture resources and diversified folk culture forms. At present, Henan does not make enough efforts to produce and develop folk culture resources. The development of folk culture industry is at initial stage. Problems such as not obvious brand advantage of folklore...
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The Intervention and Application of Inquiry Learning in the Design History Teaching of Art Design Specialty

Dapeng Zhou
The teaching of art design history course has confronted with a host of problems and difficulties. Through analyzing problems in teaching process, it is put forward that from upgrading teaching methods, reforming teaching materials, improving examination method and other aspects, use the teaching methods...
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Studies On the Relation between Human Performance and Fashion Show from the Perspective of Commercial Fashion Show

Zhaoqing Li
Through studying the relation between human performance and commercial fashion show as well as their disparities in terms of the development, presentation and function, we can figure out that commercial fashion show belongs to and is covered by human performance. From the perspective of development,...
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Application of Ceramic Sculpture in Public Environment

Lijuan Zhang
With the rapid economic development, people's living standard is also improved gradually. Art gradually takes the important mission to beautify our lives. As an ancient yet new material, ceramics are re-recognized and used by artists, granting it brand new meaning. Its own meaning has been extended infinitely,...
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The Absence of the Rose The Symbolic Meaning of "Rose" in William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily

Fanting Kong
A Rose for Emily is William Faulkner's typical short novel. It is a story without rose. "Rose" has very deep symbolic meanings in the novel. It connects with the theme and characteristics of the heroine closely. This paper tries to analyze the symbolic meanings of the rose and disclose the inevitable...