Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

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Research and Implementation of the UDS Diagnostic System

Lingfeng Xie, Feng Luo
As an automotive diagnostic technology, the UDS (unified diagnostic services) protocol has been more and more widely applied. In this paper, a diagnosis system based on UDS is developed and tested. According to the UDS protocol, the software is designed and groups of diagnostic services are implemented....
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Model of Grey Mean Generating Function and Its Application Pesticide Quantity Prediction

Xiuhong Zhang, Yong Lin
Now pesticide spray is an effective means to ensure and eliminate crop pests and diseases increased yield, but also impact on the ecological environment, food security, and so prediction of the amount of application of pesticide is an important topic in the current research. Therefore, this paper puts...
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The Research of Advanced Evasion Attack Method Based On Metasploit And Fragroute

Hong Xia, Yajuan Xi, Qianqian Pei
With the upgrading of network defense technology, network attacks are constantly refurbished. This paper studies the vulnerabilities and advanced evasion attack, using open source Metasploit and fragroute proposed and constructed a new model with evasion attack technology, at the same time,ÿand gives...
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The Analysis and Research of Freak Attack Based on OpenSSL

Hong Xia, Qianqian Pei, Yajuan Xi
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is widely used to provide a safe and secure environment for network communications. But the Secure sockets layer cryptographic library OpenSSL-which includes cryptographic algorithm, cipher code, certificate encapsulation, SSL protocol implementation-is not absolutely...
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DHT-based IM/DD optical OFDM system for power data transmission

Honghao Zhao, Jun Liu, Kai Liang, Yanping Zhang, Dan Yi, Changqing Zhong, Shuang Liu
For achieve fast and reliable power data transmission, we propose a novel Intensity Modulation and Direct Detection (IM/DD) optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system. In this system, we utilize Discrete Hartley Transform (DHT) instead of Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) which is...
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A novel access integrated system for electric power telecommunication

Kai Liang, Fanbo Meng, Yanping Zhang, Jun Liu, Dan Yi, Xuexu You, Yu Zou
With the development of diversified communication services in smart grid, user demand and communication capacity have increased constantly, which imposes severe challenges on electric power telecommunication. Especially, the Metro Access Network (MAN) needs to aggregate and exchange a wider variety of...
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Wireless LED Dimming Control Based on WiFi

Jianyu Bao, Shan Zhang
To fit for the development of the personal needs for light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, a wireless LED dimming controller based on WiFi module is presented in this paper. Low-cost 8-bit STC MCU is applied as the main controller,WiFi is used as the wireless communication module, which receives the control...
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A FP-Tree Based Algorithm for mining knowledge point association

Bingtao Hu, Xiaoming Ju
In online educational courses, knowledge point is the basic unit used for the organization and dissemination of information. Mining the association of knowledge points can help to improve the navigation of course learning. However, it is difficult for the existing mining algorithms to balance the performance...
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The Structural Design and Relevant Calculations of 4000 Asphalt Recycler

Feng Gao, Na Wang
With the development of economy in China, highways construction and maintenance are also in the rapid development. Infantile highways are entering the large-scale maintenance phase, which would leave a great deal of wasted asphalt mixture. They not only occupy land, pollute environment and cause resource...
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Numerical analysis of Separate Vortex in the Diffuser

Yong-rui Sun, Chuan-lei Yang, He-chun Wang, Xiang-huan Zu
In order to simulate the flow structure accurately and find out the inducement of unstability in a centrifugal compressor with casing structure, three different cases of models were established. By contrasting the simulation result of Case1 and Case2 with experiment data, the accuracy of grids model...
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Negative shear lag effect of simply supported curved box girder

Hai Lin Lu, Zheng Tang, Heng Cai, Xiao Long Zhou
In order to study the negative shear lag effect of simply supported curved box girder, spatial shell finite element models under different web width, box girder height and curvature radius are founded based on finite element principle, and parametric sensitivity analysis is carried out so as to reveal...
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A fast Geometry Test for machine tool based on laser

Yun Zhang, Gang Liao
This text introduced a kind of Geometry Test for machine tool, mainly make use of the stick and laser to measure the tool system, pass plait distance to complete machine tool automatically part several accuracy measure, and the automatic record is bad value. Pass the engineering application, can attain...
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Target Tracking Control of Mobile Robot Based on Ultrasonic Sensor

Zhenwen Tan, Shusheng Bi, Hao Wang, Zhibiao Wang
Design and realize an intelligent mobile robot system applied to track the target using ultrasonic sensor. Wheeled mobile robot senses the orientation between robot and target through the radio device and ultrasonic sensor, and then combines with target-tracking algorithm track following algorithm and...
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Study at non-destructive testing technology based on vibration characteristics of the steel rod with crack

Hongchun Sun, Lina Wang, Yize Liu
Non-destructive testing technology of a steel bar with crack are analyzed and discussed based on vibration characteristics method. The natural frequencies, mode shapes and modal curvature modal for crack of steel bar were analyzed using the method of finite element analysis. Thus it is concluded that...
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Application of the storage system on variable rate fertilizer applicator

Zhan Yang
The important problem of the research on the technology of fertilization is how to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, and the variable rate fertilizer applicator will be the future development direction. This paper studies how to use SD card to store the data of variable rate fertilization applicator...
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A Design of Direct Current Supply System for X-ray Flaw Detector Controller

Yuguo Yue
Based on the existing X-ray flaw detector, the writer tried to design a direct current supply system for X-ray flaw detector controller so that a portable DC X-ray flaw detector can be made in China to fit the need of the professional market.
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The Feasible Research of Electric Vehicle by Using Two-gear Transmission

Guanlong Yang, Ling Su, ZhongHua Li, Jie Liu, Xueyong Tian
In this paper, the two-gear transmission electric vehicle was studied. First, the transmission ratio was optimized by use of genetic arithmetic, which can increase the drive mileage. Second, the dynamic performance of electric vehicle was analyzed, including maximum velocity, acceleration time and maximum...
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Chaos Synchronization and Parameter Identification of a New Fractional System

Hong-gang Dang
This paper propose a novel fractional-order hyperchaotic system, the hyper-chaotic system is investigated numerically by using linear transfer function approximation. In addition, based on the stability theorem of fractional systems, adaptive feedback control method is used for synchronization of fractional-order...
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Research on acquisition and feature analysis of GMA status signal based on grating sensors

Ping Han, Kaichong Ma
The new GMA experimental platform based on grating sensors and modeling method with BP neural network are proposed. The various parameters of GMA in the working process, such as driving voltage, prestress, displacement, are gathered and the effects are analyzed, then BP neural network is used to build...
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Anti-bias Passive Localization for Fixed Target Using Bearings-only

Shun Sun, Chen Guo
An anti-bias passive localization algorithm is proposed to solve the problem of single motion platform passive localization based on bearing-only for fixed emitter target when system bias exists. Bearing difference measurements are constructed through analysis of bearings-only measurements. After linear...
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Design of Maintenance Training of some Equipment Hydraulic System in Semi-physical Simulation

Weian Gao, Xiaohu Chen, Chunjiang Yao
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready paper for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins:...
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Design of Intelligent Flame Detection System

Hongjun Gu, Ji Li, Shijun Li, He Gong, Jian Li, Li-Xin Hou
This paper uses SCM as the control core to design an intelligent flame detection system based on flame sensor R2868. This system consists of 100 flame detection nodes and one hand-held terminal. Each flame detection node includes flame sensor and its driver module, step motor and its driver module, clock...
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Low-power Design of Digital Integrated Circuit Based on UPF Standard

Yuncheng Lu
At present, power consumption has become a factor in design of integrated circuit with growing concern in addition to timing and area. Currently, there are many methods to reduce power consumption. In the paper, standard complete technique of Unified Power Format (UPF) based on IEEE1801 standard is used...
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Research on the digital sensor based on STM32 for leakage current

Kai-hong Yuan
n this paper, a new type of digital leakage current sensor based on STM32 platform is developed. It is in a high precision simulation based on leakage current sensor by digitization and improvement, using CAN bus for data communication, real-time display clear, has the ability to meet the independent...
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Research on the charging system of electric vehicle photovoltaic cells

Jun Huang
Electric vehicle power battery charging can reach 100% full, which greatly affected the battery service life. A photovoltaic battery of electric vehicle charging device are studied in this paper. The device can for battery leader time trickle current charging, through part of battery energy, can make...
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Combined Integrating Control for High Order System with Time-delay

Angang Chen, Zhengyun Ren
For complex, high-order processes with time-delay, this paper proposes a model reduction method based on a numerical optimization algorithm, and design combined integrating controller based on the reduced model, the controller is applied to the original model can get a good control effect. Model reduction...
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Research of Deformation Law by Speed in Temperature Field of Carding Machine Cylinder

Yongyan Wang, Lei Yang, Chunle Zeng
The relationship between rotation velocity and displacements of cylinder is researched. Based on the heat-structure coupling method of AWE software, the cylinder is simulated. The original temperature field under certain velocities is obtained, and the correction depends on experiments is made. In accordance...
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Theoretical and experimental study on cavitation bubble dynamics induced by underwater shock wave focusing

Zhenfu Zhang, Xiaopeng Kong
Shock wave focusing can produce higher pressure and induce cavitation behaviour in the focal region. Experimental study was carried out based on an underwater shock wave focusing system and an optical arrangement for taking high-speed photographs. The physical process of the cavitation behaviour and...
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The Design and Analysis on intensity of Anti-roll Bar on 100% Low-floor Light Rail Vehicle

Kuangyan Zhang, Zhenggang Lu
Anti-roll bar is mounted enhance the stiffness of rolling stock. According to the standard of flexibility coefficient, this paper introduces a method to design the Anti-roll bar of 100% low-floor light rail vehicles. After finishing the designed model, use the finite element analysis to analyze the strength...
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A Method of Speed Estimation with Stator Resistance Online Identification Based on MRAS

Jun Tong, Lei Sun, Haoxiang Cao
It is important to accurately estimate the speed for induction motor speed sensor-less control technology. According to the drawbacks of traditional model reference adaptive system (MRAS), this paper presents an improved estimation model, which can effectively eliminate the DC drift and the initial value...
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Research and Design of High Torque Soft Starter Based on Discrete Frequency

Jun Tong, Yao Lu, Xiahui Wang
By deeply analyzing discrete frequency theory, this thesis put forward rational theory basis about choosing discrete frequency spectrum and phase position. On the basis of traditional discrete frequency soft starter, this thesis utilize control strategy based on equivalent sine wave principle to promote...
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Research on access control model based on user action in cloud computing

Huanbin Wang, Ma Tao, Xiaobin Hui
This paper firstly analyzes the current situation of the security of cloud computing, and analyzes several problems about the security of the cloud, and studies the existing access control model. Combining the characteristics of cloud computing security and the development trend of access control, the...
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Research on face recognition method based on PCA

Tingting Chen, Riuan Liu, Lirong Diao
Principal component analysis (PCA) is one of the most widely used face feature extraction methods, and has evolved a lot of new algorithms, which has become a hot research topic. It[1] is a multivariate statistical method, can effectively reduce the dimension of the face image, and can keep the original...
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Semi-Hertzian Theory and its Application in Wheel Wear Calculation

Qiyue Yin, Zhenggang Lu
With the rapid development of the railway industry, the speed and load of the railway vehicle has been significantly increasing but operation environment of the railway vehicle becomes worse. All these will cause problems for the wheel-rail wear. And all the problems will cause potential risk to the...
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A Framework of Graduate Employment Recommendation System and Key Technologies

Shengbo Shi, Hexin Lv
More and more websites have realized the importance of providing personalized recommendation by Recommendation System. As a supplement and improvement of Search Engine System, Recommendation System can be applied in the graduate employment websites to supply personalized employment guidance and recommendation...
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Research on the Preparation and Characterization of Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNPs) By Chemical Co-precipitation

Guizhong Zhou, Shuo Xu, Wenqian Li, Qian Yao, Dayi Zhang
The synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) are attracting more and more attention in recent years. By chemical co-precipitation, NH3-H2O as precipitant, reaction with the mixed solution of Fe2+ and Fe3+, then obtain the nanometer magnetite. The sizesof the products are affected...
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Structure Design and Movement Simulation Research of Bionic Artificial Leg

Hualong Xie, Zheng Jia, Deming Zhao
Bionic artificial leg is used to simulate the disabled health leg and provided ideal following gait for intelligent prosthesis test, so it raises a high demand about humanoid character and intelligent control. Referring to the parameters of human leg and the movement mechanism, the bionic artificial...
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EV Charging Station Placement Considering Traffic Flow

Tianqi Lu, Qiang Ma, Zheng Gu
The flow refueling location model is adopted to describe the traffic network considering the shortest and the second shortest paths. Three objective functions of the electric vehicle charging sta-tion placement optimal model are defined to maximize the captured traffic flow, to minimize the in-vestment...
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Automatic Detection of Reference Region in Label Images

Yuheng Wang, Chune Zhang
In regard to automatic quality inspection for label printings, a reference region is necessary for finding the region of interest. With such a reference region, the defects of the region of interest can be analysed. The reference region should be unique, stable and have a high contrast against the background....
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A Pilot Protection Scheme for Active Distribution Networks Considering

Hongwei Li, Zhiyuan Pan, Jing Wang, Xiao Liu, Xinyue Si
The structure of conventional distribution system is radial, and overcurrent relays are widely used as primary protection. When a large number of distributed generations (DGs) are introduced, the system becomes an active distribution network. It is necessary to study new protection schemes applicable...
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Investigation on the Embedded Training of Submarine Emergency Manipulation

Ying Zhou, Dabin Hu, Xiangyang Zhou, Jianbo Xiao
The embedded training of submarine emergency manipulation is one of new maneuver control training method, which enhances submariners' operational capacity and improves the navigation security of submarine. The development survey of submarine emergency motion model, training of emergency manipulation...
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Comparative analysis of KTA19-C525 and QSX15-C525 engine

JianChun Gong, XiYue Wang, JianHong Tang
TR50 mine truck , a new type of mine transporter produced by CHINANHL BUCYRUS, It configure QSX15-C525 engine,produced by Cummins Engine Inc. We compared and analyzed QSX15-C525engine of TR50 mine truck and decided to replace it with KTA19-C525 engine of 3307 mine truck.
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Adaptive Adjustment of Feature Weight Coefficients Based on Genetic Algorithm in Image Retrieval

Zhihui Wang, Xiaoli Ge, Jinlin Li, Qila Sa, Wenbo Xu, Yuejiao Fan, Yiqun Zhao
It is worth studying that how to utilize image features so as to achieve the satisfied result of CBIR (content-based image retrieval). To solve this problem, this paper proposes an adaptive image retrieval algorithm based on color feature and texture feature, in which the two kinds of features are combined...
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Design and Application of Cloud-based Operation and Maintenance Platform for Industry 4.0

Jiqing Cao, Shuhai Zhang
Industry 4.0 has high demands on the system performance, capacity, continuity and security and the traditional IT operations cannot meet the requirements any more. In order to adapt to the new requirements of Industry 4.0, this paper designs the cloud platform architecture for the IT operation and maintenance...
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Research on the Gait Planning of Artificial Leg Based on Central Pattern Generator

Hualong Xie, Deming Zhao, Zheng Jia, Yuying Yang
To achieve the artificial leg of biped robot with heterogeneous legs (BRHL) humanoid walking, the gait planning of artificial leg was researched in this paper based on central pattern generator (CPG). Firstly, the hopf oscillator was analyzed and applied to build the CPG network. Then, the parameters...
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Kinematics Analysis and Simulation of KUKA KR5-arc Welding Robot based on MATLAB

Sailong Wu, Qiang Lin, Peng Wang
Introduce the application situation and development trend of welding robot, selecting the KUKA KR5-arc as the research object, simplifying its mechanical system and using the Denavit-Hartenberg (D-H matrix) representation and homogenous matrix to build the kinematic transformation of 6-DOF articulated...
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PLC control system study of coaxial self-vibration and variable-frequency centrifuge of tube&mould for new type well pipe

Jiangtao Liu, Jinggang Yi, Shanshan Li, Yazhou Xing, Haiyong Jiang
To the problem of the unchanged rotating speed of the old well pipe centrifuge, the paper firstly introduces the composing and characteristic of coaxial self-vibration and variable-frequency centrifuge of tube&mould for new type well pipe and educes the corresponding speed and time of the centrifugal...
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Review on simulation methods of Cyber-physical Complicated Distribution System

He Li, Hong Zhang, Dapeng Li, Gang Huang
Cyber-physical complicated distribution system is heterogeneous and has special space-time characteristics. Communication system is event-driven discrete and distribution network is time continuous, which brings difficulties to the hybrid system simulation. Based on characteristics of complicated distribution...
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A Lucid and fast Algorithm for N-k Contingencies Based on Low-Rank Update

Aihua Jiang, Hua Wei
In this paper, the low rank update mathematics was employed to N-k contingencies computation. In the method, the two low-rank matrixes correspond respectively location and modification values were constructed. The amount of calculation was decreased greatly due to the node admittance matrix was revised...
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Research on Key Technologies of communication and computing in Smart Grid

Qinghai Ou, Qingsu He, Shiliang Xu, Lingkang Zeng, Xiao Liao
Research on the data model of intelligent power distribution system and study the typical characteristics. Proposed the communication scheduling model of smart distribution network communication system, and find the node model to enhance the capabilities of data synchronization processing in the case...
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The Influence of Solution Treatment on Structure and Performance of AZ91 Magnesium Alloy

Zhijun Pu, Hening Liu, Kui Zhang, Xinggang Li
By means of XRD analysis, metallographic structure observation, mechanics performance testing and corrosion experiment, this paper studied the influence of solution treatment on structure and performance of AZ91 magnesium alloy. Results indicated that a large quantity of eutectic structures existed in...
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Improved SLIC Superpixel Segmentation Based on HSV Non-uniform Quantization

Dongping Li, Changliang Liu
Simple linear iterative clustering (SLIC) method needs to artificially set the number of superpixel required for segmentation, which will easily lead to over-segmentation or under-segmentation, and that results can not meet the visual requirements. To improve the SLIC superpixel segmentation method,...
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Experimental study on the influences of fly-ash and slag on the plastic shrinkage of concrete

Xiaoxia Wu, Hongying Li, Qingfu Li, Zhen Wan
Fly-ash and slag are the commonly used concrete admixtures, and can improve the durability of concrete. In this paper, the influence rules of different contents of fly-ash and slag on the workability and the capacity of resisting plastic shrinkage of concrete were investigated through a series of experiments....
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PID Neural Network Decoupling Control of Multi-variable System and its Application

DongJiang Yu, WeiZhi Long, JiaBing He
In this thesis, multi-output PID neural network (MPIDNN) is proposed based on the research on single-output PID and it is simulated. MPIDNN is also proposed for the characteristics of coupling system which is difficult to control in industrial process. The results of the simulation show that the control...
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Modeling and Simulation of 1000MW Double Reheat Ultra-supercritical Unit based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Lixin Chen, Xueping Zhou, Hao Zhao
The steam temperature dynamics was researched under the simulation system of 1000MW double reheat ultra-supercritical unit, the steam temperature response curves under various disturbances were obtained. The transfer function model of the main steam temperature, the first reheat steam temperature and...
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The Design of a Novel Measurement System for the Characterization of Gas Sensing Materials

Xijin Leng, Bangning Sun, Guolong Liu, Hui Suo
A novel measurement system for gas sensing materials is designed, and is suitable for sheet shaped or unpacked materials. Except for protecting powder materials during test procedures, this system complements the protection of brittle materials which is increasingly popular. The system has two working...
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Live Migration of Virtual Machines in Multiple Datacenters

Luyang Tang, Dongcheng Zhao, Zhi Tan, Gang Sun, Dan Liao
Most research on virtual machine (VM) migration focus on the issue of single VM migration by using the post-copy or pre-copy migration strategy. In this paper we focus on multiple VM migration, which becomes important when we have several cooperating VMs providing services, and propose an improved serial...
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Adaptive Beamforming Algorithms for Smart Antenna System

Shun Na, Mengdi Guo, Yang Liu, Yinghui Zhang
Adaptive beamforming based on specific needs to select the appropriate criteria or algorithms by changing the weight vector of antenna elements, so the signal through the right to receive the value of accumulated output signal corresponding to the optimum. We study the classical adaptive beamforming...
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An Improved Spectral Subtraction Algorithm for Speech Enhancement System

Shun Na, Weixing Li, Yang Liu
In this paper, we present an application of spectral subtraction (SS) algorithm in speech enhancement system to extract the pure speech signal as far as possible. In contrast to the existing research, the proposed algorithm improves the voice quality, which reduces speech distortion, eliminates background...
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Multi-label Image Ranking based on Deep Convolutional Features

Guanghui Song, Xiaogang Jin, Genlang Chen, Yan Nie
Multi-label image ranking has many important applications in the real world, and it includes two core issues: image feature extraction approach and multi-label ranking algorithm. The existing works are mainly focused on the improvement of multi-label ranking algorithm based on the conventional visual...
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Investigation on the nonlinear effect of a Gb/s visible light communication system utilizing DFT-S OFDM modulation

Can Wang, Meng Shi, Yiguang Wang, Nan Chi
Visible light communication is a hot topic of wireless communication area which has drawn more attention to be researched. Dft-s ofdm is a main modulation method used in long term evolution (lte) in wireless communication, which is able to reduce the nonlinear limitation in client amplifier. Modulating...
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Diving video-assisted analysis research

Mingquan Long
According to the characteristics of the diving sports, a video analysis system is developed for diving sports in the paper. This system is mainly used in assisting coach to instruct athletes more effectively, and it can help the judgers give the correct judgments. Three components are composed in the...
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SDN-enabled Platform for Energy-efficient Relay Protection Optical Port in Internet of Energy

Yanping Zhang, Honghao Zhao, Dan Yi, Kai Liang, Jun Liu, Xiumin Leng, Ying Cao, Xu Zhang
To improve the energy conversion ability and well utilize renewable resources via achieving a Peer-to-Peer (PtP) sharing mechanism in the form of bi-directional energy transportation, the concept of "Internet of Energy (IoE)" was put forward. Thus, in this paper, by virtue of Software-Defined Networking...
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The Design of 2DOF Enhance Coordination Unit of Ammunition

Guobao Ding, He Cui, Xiuwen Hu
Modern tanks is the development direction of automation and information technology, in order to achieve this goal, reduce the number of crew tanks, protect the life safety of the soldiers, tanks adopts automatic loading system is inevitable trend of ammunition. Automatic ammunition loading system is...
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Research on the Agro-technique Information Service Cloud Platform of Orchard Based on the Internet of Things(IOT)

Xiang Sun, Huarui Wu, Qingxue Li, Peng Hao
Aiming at the problems of high cost of orchard agro-technique information service, and service channel is not smooth, a "IOT and cloud services" mode platform architecture of orchard information service was established, which is including networking aware transport layer, storage layer, service layer...
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Partial Parameters of Random Network Models for Internet of Things

Jing Su, Fei Ma, Bing Yao, Hui Sun, Xiaohui Zhang, Ming Yao
A logistical network is related with traffic networks, information networks, multiple goods networks in general. In the view of mathematics, a logistics is the compound result of three or more other networks. We design random multiple models by network operations based on stable transport networks, and...
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Design and Implementation of the Thesis Evaluation System Based on Web Technology

Bo Li
This paper introduces the research of Thesis Evaluation System Based on Web technology, the system makes Web page by HTML/CSS/JS, AJAX/JQuery, applying Struts2 framework to build the system framework, using Java language to make Oracle database as data storage and achieves the process of upload - Delivery...
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A Newly Improved Canny Algorithm of Image Edge Detection

Xiang Wu, Weibo Yu, Xiaotong Liu, Keping Liu
A new adaptive Canny operator is proposed which aims at the effect of image edge areas when traditional Canny operator under Gaussian smooth and the shortcomings of threshold level need to be pre-set. Firstly, the adaptive median filtering is adopted to process image; Secondly, this paper adds the gradient...
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A New Mathematical Model and its Solvability Test on Computer

Sheng Zhang, Chi Tian
It is interesting to test the solvability of nonlinear differential equations. In this paper, a new mathematical model passes through the test of solvability on computer. To test the solvability of the mathematical model, Mathematica 4.0 software system combined with a subsidiary equation method is utilized....
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Exp-Function Method with Computerized Symbolic Computation for New Exact Solution of Burger's Equation

Sheng Zhang, Qun Gao
It is well known that computer applications are ubiquitous. In this paper, the exp-function method with computerized symbolic computation is improved to exactly solve a (2+1)-dimensional Burger's equation. As a result, a new and more general exact solution is obtained. It is shown that the improved exp-function...
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A Study on the Evaluation of ICT development level in University Administrative Departments in China

Min Chen, Chao Fan, Di Wu
The development of ICT in administrative department is an important part of ICT application in higher education. The evaluation of ICT development level in each administrative department of university is an effective way to understand and promote the development of ICT in education, which has great significance...
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Study on Micromilling Processes for Polymethyl Methacrylate

Fanjie Meng, Xiang Cheng, Qiulian Sun, Rufeng Xu, Xianhai Yang
Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) has been commonly used to manufacture polymer microfludic devices owing to its advantages such as low cost, biocompatibility and optical properties. The forecast regression model of surface roughness is constructed for micromilling of PMMA by the least square method. Surface...
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Study on the Miniaturized Machine Tool for Combined Machining

Xiaoxiao Liu, Xiang Cheng, Fei Wang, Guangming Zheng, Xianhai Yang
In order to achieve both the processes advantages of fused deposition modeling (FDM) and mechanical cutting, a novel miniaturized machine tool with combined processing capabilities is designed and developed. The miniaturized machine tool is designed using the gantry structure and its overall size is...
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An ELM-based traffic flow prediction method adapted to different data types

Xingchao Wang, Jianming Hu, Yi Zhang, Zhenyu Wang
Traffic flow prediction has been the crucial aspect in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and it will help ITS to induce the traffic flow rationally. In this paper, a prediction model based on ELM has been discussed through testing this model with actual data. This model takes advantage of the speed...
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Modeling and Simulation of Parasitic NPN ESD

Haishi Wang, Feiyue Zhou, Hanfei Yang, Huaitian Liang
Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) is critical for the reliability of integrated circuits. Applying ESD model in circuit simulation could help to predict and avoid potential failure caused by ESD. This paper proposes a SPICE macro model for parasitic NPN ESD and related methods for extracting SPICE model...
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Power Loss Analysis of Zigbee Propagation Models on the Landslide of Heifang platform

Mingming Liang, Caihong Li, Juan Wang, Lian Li
Landslide frequently occurred in Heifang platform of Gansu province which have brought great loss to local villagers. Filed monitoring and warning system based on wireless sensor network with Zigbee technology for landslide is a good choice for landslide monitoring. The prediction of energy loss through...
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Communication Network Dynamic Role Analysis Based on Weighted Directed Topological Potential

Wan-Yu Li, Guang-Quan Cheng, Jin-Cai Huang
Role analysis is a very important branch of complex network research, which tries to identify the node types with similar structures or functions. By extending the concept of topological potential, a role identification and analysis method based on weighted directed topological potentials in connection...
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Reliability Analysis on CEDI Water Treatment System based on GO Methodology

Xin Guo, Ning Zhao, Chunyuan Jing, Jin Li, Min Bai
The reliability of CEDI water treatment system was analyzed. The failure rate and mean failure-free operation time of the system were demonstrated, according to the GO diagram of CEDI system and GO methodology calculating formula, and the conclusion was coincident with actual working. Furthermore, the...
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Simulation on the Weak Links of Certain Liquid Chlorine Tank

Xin Guo, Chunyuan Jing, Lizi Chen, Peiliang Gao
Using Soildworks software, this paper constructed the geometry model of liquid chlorine tank, established the liquid chlorine tank model in the normal operation, identified various boundary conditions based on simplified assumptions, made meshing and simulated calculation on the tank and flange by employing...
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Application of hospital information security intrusion detection system based on the new NPRIM algorithm

Xingshan Li, Min Xu
The specific model of intrusion detection based on clustering and boundary points detection was elaborateed in this paper, and the data processing, clustering analysis, intrusion judgment, intrusion response, typical data warehousing the five stages are described in detail; Then the experimental environment...
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Research On Local Mesh Refine Method Based On Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation

Ruifeng Liu, Gang He, Jiawei Xu, Kang Gao, Hong Zhu
In order to reduce the computation time and increase the convergence rate of absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF), this paper gives a new local mesh refine method that can densify the mesh locally according to the degree of stress concentration. The mesh is divided into two kinds after comparing...
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The Design and Implementation for the Embedded Data Terminal of Chemical Defense Equipment

Xuezheng Zhu, Ding Wang, Yuguang Wang, Jin Gu, Zhirong Luo
Based on the embedded system design scheme and pulled by the collection, transmission, processing and application requirements of the equipment information, this paper completed the design and implementation of software and hardware in data terminal of chemical protective equipment, which can collect,...
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A novel analytical solution to the problem of thin-walled hollow pier and water interaction in a three-dimensional flow

Anjie Wu
An analytical algorithm for solving the nonlinear bending deformation of a thin-walled hollow bridge pier under the action of water flow considering the fluid-structure coupling effect, is proposed. Initially, The kinematic equation and the dynamic equation on the wetted surface of the structure are...
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Aroma characterization of two melon cultivars using headspace-solid phase microextraction combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Mi Tang, Jian Ren, Weishun Cheng, Ye Liu, Na Zhang, Hongxia Zeng, Yuhua Li, Yuhong Sun
The aroma compounds of melon fruits play a crucial role in commercial value. Aroma characterization of the 'Flavor No. 4' and 'Xuelihong' melon was detected using headspace-solid phase microextraction (HS-SPME) combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The results suggested that esters...
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Analysis of the Influence of the Beaded Karst on the Pile Additional Settlement

Zhangjun Dai, Shanxiong Chen, Xichang Xu, Fei Yu
Pile foundation settlement evaluation in karst area is a very complicated problem, there are many factors that affect the pile deformation, including the size, number and spacing of the karst. In this paper, through numerical simulation, the influence of the number, spacing, size of the karst caves on...
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Numerical Study on the Stress of Pile Foundation Influenced by the Beaded Karst

Shanxiong Chen, Xichang Xu, Zhangjun Dai, Haibin Xu
Selecting a reasonable pile type and the pile foundation bearing stratum is important to design and construction in the karst area. It is needed to analyze the stress of pile foundation according to different types of karst caves. By numerical simulation, it is found that under the influence of the settlement...
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Fault Location Method Research of Leaky Coaxial Cable Based on the Linear Frequency Modulation Pulse Compression

Jinxi Guo, Yang Liu, Mingxing He
A new fault location method of leaky coaxial communication cable is proposed and demonstrated in the condition of experiment, which is based on linear frequency modulation pulse compression. The principle diagram of leaky cable fault location of linear frequency modulation pulse compression and its system...
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Study of Plastic sand starting velocity

Yanhua Wang, Guosen Li
Plastic sand has more widely used in bed load and suspended load sediment model tests in recent years, But the plastic basic limited to fine sediment simulation test, Size large granular sediments (gravel-shaped plastic sand) less test.This project through the Flume, Set up incipient velocity formula...
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Analysis of Longitudinal Deposition in Reservoir Confluence

Tao Yan, Hui Huang
The erosion basis in reservoir confluence, with the characteristic of dual change, resulted in special longitudinal deposition patterns. Based on field data, longitudinal deposit patterns of mainstream and tributary in reservoir confluence was studied and two special tributary deposition patterns-adverse...
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Research on the Acoustic Insulation Properties of PVC

Liping Zhang
PVC is an acoustic insulation material in the air conditioner with low cost. In order to study its acoustic insulation experiments were done for the white noise and compressor noise. Acoustic insulation and the noise reduction spectrum of PVC were obtained which show that PVC can effectively reduce the...
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Numerical Simulation and Experiment for Thermal-mechanical Coupling of Disc Brake

Jian Zhang, Jiajun Du, Yongmei Zhu, Xuelong Tan
Based on the tensile and compression experiments of the materials of brake disk and friction plate of disk brake, the elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio of brake disk and friction plate were measured respectively. In order to analyze the temperature and stress fields of brake disk and friction plate,...
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Influencing Factors and Evaluation Indexes of the Stress of Bridge Pile Foundation in Karst Area

Jian Xing, Xichang Xu, Lingfa Jiang
It is a very complex problem of pile foundation stability evaluation in karst area, which has been gotten more and more attention in the engineering field. There are many factors that affect the mechanical properties of the pile foundation, including the size, quantity and spacing of the karst. In this...
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Forming property of Magnesium Alloy Sheet in Radial Pressure Deep Drawing

Xianchang Mao, Haiyan Lin
The finite element model was established and the forming process of magnesium alloy sheet in radial pressure deep drawing was simulated by using the commercial FE software Dynaform. The influence of hydraulic pressure and die clearance on forming limit, wrinkle, wall thickness variations and distribution...
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Ecological Technology for Decreasing Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution from Drainage Ditch

Lihuan Liu, Wenping Wang, Juan Liu
Agricultural drainage is accounting for the largest to China's River Basin water pollution and agricultural non-point source pollution. The ecological function of drainage ditches is important for reducing the pollution. Through effective interception and conversion to preventing and controlling agricultural...
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Research on Tourism Information System Based on webGIS Technology -- Taking Hangzhou as an example

Xifeng Li, Xuemei Ma, Qingshuang Zhao
With social progress and economic development, people's living level gradually improve, tourism has become an essential part of modern people's life. At present, many developed countries of the tourism informationization level has reached a higher level, and the informationization development of tourism...
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Research on Denoising Method of Ice Thickness Model of Transmission Line Based on Gauss Distribution Model

Weiwei Yang, Xuemin An, Min Zhang, Huiping Zheng, Qi Yang
In order to predict the ice thickness of transmission line under future's meteorological factors, this paper puts forward a denoising method of ice thickness model of transmission line based on Gauss distribution model, with which an ice thickness model is built, and then the simulation graphics and...
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A Design of SVPWM Algorithm for Inverter Based on Pan-Boolean Algebra

Jin Chen, Xin Zhou, Mengjia Dai
In this paper, Pan-Boolean algebra is designed in SVPWM algorithm for inverter. The switch control of the conventional SVPWM algorithm is expressed by the Pan Boolean algebra, which named the Pan-Boolean control SVPWM algorithm. The results of simulation test in MATLAB Simulink and physical model test...
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Research on the Purchase Model of Equipment Reserves

Shunhua Liu, Xuezheng Zhu, Zhizhen Zhu, Kunlin Nie
In order to optimize the efficiency-cost ratio, a stepwise purchase model that can finish the quota of equipment reserves within a given time is established based on the parameters of equipment life, production capacity and price, and the optimum efficiency-cost ratio of purchasing is achieved through...
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Design and Implementation of Automatic Intelligent Tracking Car Based on CCD

Zhaoran Dong, Mingwei Li, Ying Xiao
A method of design and implementation of automatic intelligent tracking car based on CCD was proposed. The automatic intelligent tracking car takes KL26 of Freescale as the controller. The runway information is detected by CCD and the speed of the car is detected by the auxiliary encoder. During the...
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Data Assignment Method Based on Probability Analysis in Peer-to-Peer Computing System

Ying Yang, Geng Bao
With greatly improved the efficiency of computing performance, Peer-to-Peer systems (P2P) have become hot research in recent years. In this paper, we analyze the probability of a peer to become a seed consisting of all sharing data and resource. Based on the modeled network, a distributed method for...