Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Language, Art and Cultural Exchange (ICLACE 2021)

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Aristotle’s Golden Mean: Vague and Inapplicable?

Yuetong Zhou
The principle of the Golden Mean, according to which “every virtue of character lies between two correlative faults of vices”[1], presented in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, is one of the most controversial concepts among philosophers. Some appreciate it to be a substantive theory on virtue, while others...
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Crosby’s Nwantinti:

Intimacy Under the Negotiation of Cultural Identities

Jingyi Li
The American modern history does great help in getting Igbo culture involved. As an Igbo descent, Njideka Akunyili Crosby explores different cultural identifications which define her both as a Nigerian and a modern artist. Her work Nwantinti is one of the most representative works of her efforts to negotiate...
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An analysis of Disney’s Cross-Cultural Communication

Taking Mulan Live-Action Film and Disney Theme Park in Hong Kong and Shanghai as Examples

Jiarong zhang
In the globalized and Internet era, the outstanding performance of entertainment giant Disney in the global market cannot be separated from its successful concept of cross-cultural communication. China has gradually become the largest overseas market for Disney. Based on cross-cultural communication...
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A Study of British Political Identity in “A Tale of Two Cities”

Liu Yuan
Dickens’s “A Tale of Two Cities” was written in Britain, where the labor movement was fierce in the 1850s. The novel depicts the violence and inhumanity in Paris during the French Revolution, while London is portrayed as a savior. Through the comparison of killing and redemption, the novel actually constructs...
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Differences Between Chinese and English Thinking from the Use of Nouns in Chinese and English

Jingqi Tang
Nouns play an essential role in the daily use of language, primarily identifying and naming people and things. Different language users have distinct rules and habitual methods to form words, as well as to pronounce and define grammars. These fixed and conventional language rules are influenced by speakers’...
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Introduction to The Idea and Practice of Reading

Liguo Lou
The book The Idea and Practice of Reading, edited by Joseph Ponniah and Sathyaraj Venkatesan, published in 2018 by Springer Nature Singapore Ltd., investigates from the perspective of cognitive science many important aspects in EFL/ESL reading, which includes 1) the challenges facing literacy education...
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Discussion on the Importance of Design Literacy to the Development of Fine Arts Education in Middle Schools

Qiduan Chen, Shichen Lin
As the reform on art curriculum standard for compulsory education continues in China, the proportion of such curriculum in elementary and secondary schools comprised of design education increases rapidly. As the key to design education, the concept of design literacy has attracted experts’ and scholars’...
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“Soundless Monster” Monster Children Images in Jin Fa Ying Er (Blonde Baby) and Ba Ba Ba (Dad Dad Dad) from the Perspective of New Cultural History

Qian Shanshan
The literary works since the Chinese economic reform, such as Mo Yan’s Jin Fa Ying Er (Blonde Baby) and Han Shaogong’s Ba Ba Ba (Dad Dad Dad), have constructed new monster children images with commonalities. Monster children images have four characteristics. The first is the product of the combination...
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Differences Between Chinese and Western Thinking from the Use of Kinship Terms in Chinese and English

Chen Xin
An important manifestation of the differences between Chinese and Western thinking is the difference between Chinese and English. Based on Wilhelm von Humboldt and other scholars’ linguistic views, this paper summarizes the relationship between language and thinking, compares the differences between...
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From “Kao Gong Ji” to “Tian Gong Kai Wu” Look at the Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Creation Ideas

Wang Xueyang
As the first person to communicate between China and the West, Xu Guangqi pointed out that “the study of the history of technology in our country should focus on “Kaogongji” and “Heavenly Creations” underneath. This shows that “Kaogongji” and “Heavenly Creations” “Both take “sage creation” as the logical...
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On the Sources of Saul Bellow’s Sentiments for Jewish Intellectuals

Zhe Wang
This paper explores the sources of Saul Bellow’s sentiments for Jewish intellectuals. The author holds that Saul Bellow is not simply an American writer, but is also significantly a Jewish writer, a Jew by birth, Jewish culture, Jewish beliefs, especially high Jewish anxiety and trepidation, which are...
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The Keyboard Music of Heitor Villa-Lobos

Piano Suite “Prole do Bebe”

MingChih Hsieh
The Brazilaizn Composer Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959) is an influential composer and ethnomusicologist in the early twentith century. As a prolific composer, he has composed vocal works, symphonies, operas, chamber and instrumental works. He has also devoted himself in music education by developing...
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Dreams in Art History

Daisy Yangyang Xu
This paper analyses and investigates oneiric art throughout the history by studying five iconic artists—Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450-1516), William Blake (1757-1827), Francisco de Goya (1746-1828), Odilon Redon (1840-1916) and Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) —and their works in depth, discovering the evolution...
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Simple and Unadorned: Appreciation of Lepage’s Haystack

Yangyu Yu
In France in the middle and late 19th century, Romanticism, realism, Impressionism and other art styles were surging, and the painting world was noisy. In this era of various styles, Lepage kept a clear mind and insisted on the pursuit of realism. He insisted on the principle of “art for life” and reappeared...
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Isabel’s Tragic Marriage in The Portrait of A Lady

Lei Zhang
In The Portrait of A lady Henry James presents the character conflicts in three levels: the double-folded characters of the heroine Isabel Archer, her idea of ideal marriage and the cultural conflicts between Europe and America to provide the reasonableness and necessity for her marital tragedy. He highly...
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The Development and Change of Chinese Sitcoms- Styles of Representative Directors

Gao Yiping
After the American sitcom was introduced to China, it went through three periods of change. Known as “the father of Chinese sitcoms”, Ying Da introduced American sitcoms, mainly relying on “verbal jokes” to establish the “Ying’s sitcom” model; the era of “Shang’s sitcom”, represented by Shang Jing, achieved...
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Educational Scientific Research is the Core Power of Teachers’ Professional Development

Qiduan Chen, Qingqing Zhang
Scientific research is one of the meaning of specialized occupation, is the lifeline for the development of specialized occupation, is one of the sustained and healthy development of the special features, marks an important and irreplaceable to maintain professional activities. Therefore, the structure...
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A Study on the Planning and Design for the Image of Jimei School Village Entrance

Qiduan Chen, Jielin Wang
This paper aims to explore the correlation between the planning and design of entrance image of Jimei School Village (Ji Mei Xue Cun) and landscape planning for urban development. Access to the concept of sustainable development, Jimei School Village sites new challenges: the spatial order has long been...
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Visual Communication Design Based on the Context of “New Liberal Arts”

Breaking the “Traditional” Thinking and Promoting the Interdisciplinary Integration

Chang Jingjing
Visual communication design based on the context of new arts a series of problems in the discipline construction in China, we should make efforts to search for new knowledge and its development of fusion, rather than the other disciplines knowledge used directly, therefore, we need to have the courage...
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Poetic Justice and Its Inconsistencies Poetry As Tool for Moral Education in Ancient Greece

Shiyi Zhu
By examining Hesiod’s didactic poem, Works And Days and Homer’s epic, the Iliad and the Odyssey, this essay argues that although poets in ancient Greece encourage people to live a just life, this moral education has its limitations because of its inconsistency of its attitude towards gods’ judgments....
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Analysis on the Diversified Aesthetic Value of Contemporary Neo-realistic Ink Painting

An Mingming
Paying attention to reality and reflecting life is the fundamental feature of realistic ink painting, while the connotation of neo-realistic ink painting reflects the spirit of keeping pace with The Times. In recent years, Professor Zhangwang, a painter from Shandong Province, has exerted a great influence...
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The Technological Revolution of the Coloured Organ in Alexander Scriabin’s Fifth Symphony, Prometheus, Poem of Fire

Kuo-Ying Lee
The Russian Composer Alexander Scriabin (1871-1915) is considered as one of the most exceptional composers because of his innovations in musical works that possess synesthetic aesthetics and modernist techniques. Particularly, in the score of his fifth symphony, Prometheus, Poem of Fire, Op.60 (1910),...
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An Empirical Study of Foreign Language Reading Based on Formative Assessment Teaching Model

Mai Tong, Zhao xinxia
This paper explores the influence of formative assessment based teaching mode on the improvement of students’ foreign language reading ability. Through 36-week classroom experiments, it is shown that students’ learning motivation and self-reflection consciousness are strengthened. The frequency of students...
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The Influence of Cross Cultural Communication on Chinese, Japanese and Korean Fashion Design

Yuan Ling
As an important way of input and output between different cultures, cross-cultural communication is an important driving force for cultural integration. In the field of fashion design, cross-cultural communication enables countries and nations to learn from each other about design concepts, crafts, styles,...
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Research on Fan Culture and Identity in New Media Environment

Xu Jingke, Wang Jiayi
In the new media environment, “fan” culture has become an important part of the subculture system. This study analyzes the background and essence of the culture of “fans”, discusses the multiple identities and psychological identities of “fans” from the perspective of identity, and puts forward that...
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Analysis on the Scenes of Water Lilies and Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Jiayi Shi
Céline Scimma, the French independent filmmaker, is a highly acclaimed and renowned director. The sexual fluidity of females is a typical motif of her films. However, when most of the discussions about Sciamma’s movies focus on the theme, her felicitous application of settings is simply neglected. Setting...
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An Archetypal Interpretation of Irish Murdoch’s The Black Prince

Lei Zhang
After Europe experienced the horrors of Hitler and the conclusive loss of belief in God, long gloried as a writer of mythical, religious even grotesque novels, Murdoch adds in her major fiction The Black Prince many mythical factors. Adopting myth and archetypal criticism as the theoretical basis for...
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The Development of Cultural Creation in Museums: A Case Study of Beijing Palace Museum

Li Ren, Lingling Xu
In recent years, China’s major museums have broken the traditional management thinking and mode, actively integrated with creative design, tourism and other industries to create cultural and creative products and research experience projects, relying on performing arts, film and television resources...
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A Contrastive Study on Chinese and English Idioms and the Teaching Methods of Their Translation

You Wang
One of the major application of language contrast is translation. Two methods of translation are literal translation and free translation, and two strategies of it are foreignization and domestication. However, the translation of Chinese and English idioms cannot only be focused on the above methods...
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From The Painted Veil to Its Screen Version: The Changing Journey of Salvation and the Unchanging Spiritual Destination

Yitong Pan
In the film adaptation of Maugham’s novel The Painted Veil, the film and television presentation of the protagonist’s psychological activities and the change of the protagonist’s image are two issues worth exploring. Based on the theory of haptic visuality and narratology, this paper focuses on the redemption...
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Research on the Status Quo of English Majors’ Group Presentation in Private Colleges

Zhou Wei
This study aims to explore the status quo of group presentations for English majors in private colleges. An online questionnaire was conducted on 294 college English majors and 12 of them took part in semi-structured interviews. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses were conducted and revealed that...
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Investigation and Study on the Ecological Environment of Dragon Lantern Colorful Paper Binding Craft in Tongliang, Chongqing

Hui Fu, Can Zhou
Tongliang District of Chongqing is regarded as the hometown of “dragon” art. From the soaring paper dragon to the exquisite dragon wood carving lying on the desk, the image of Chinese Dragon Art in this treasure land of Bashu(Chongqing and Sichuan areas) has infected countless Chinese people. “Tongliang...
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Distorted Time and Chaotic Narrative in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled

Shu-Yuan Chang, Hsu-Hui Cheng
A feeling of surreality is what readers experience in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled. Ishiguro does noticeable experiments with time, space, and perception related to postmodernism. By Kafkaesque experiment, Ishiguro unfolds Ryder’s narrative about his four-day tour in an unspecified time and space....
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Take Madame Butterfly’s Heroine as an Example to Discuss Puccini’s Characterization Characteristics and Causes

Yu Liu
Madama Butterfly, one of the ten most famous operas in the world, is one of Puccini’s great realistic operas, and its cultural and artistic values are outstanding. This paper takes the tragic heroine in Puccini’s Madama Butterfly as the starting point and tries to summarize the characteristics of Puccini’s...
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Thoughts on the “Exhibition Hall Effect” of Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition

Zhengyao Long
The Creation of contemporary calligraphy began to transform from the traditional study-style model to the modern exhibition-style model. During the upsurge of calligraphy phenomenon, the “exhibition hall effect” is increasingly manifested, thus stimulating an “exhibition body” which is oriented by aesthetic....
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Research on Guangxi Gaoshan Han Folk Songs from the Perspective of Ethnic Identity

Zhang Chengjia
Han folk songs in Gaoshan in northwestern Guangxi are mainly popular among the Han people in Leye County, Tianlin County, Longlin County and Lingyun County under the jurisdiction of Baise City, Guangxi. It also attracts the love of many other ethnic minorities. The Han people of Gaoshan come from different...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Regular Script in the Study of Calligraphy

Take Yan Zhenqing’s Regular Script as an Example

Wei Zhang
In order to explore the advantages and disadvantages of regular script in calligraphy learning, this paper analyzes their advantages and disadvantages from the positive and negative sides, starting from the definition of regular script, briefly introduces the scope of regular script, and eventually focuses...
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A Study on the Spread of Ethnic Minority Traditional Legends in the New Era: Taking the Video Game “Nishan Shaman” as an Example

Currently, “Nishan Shaman” is one of the few music video games based on ethnic minority folklore in China. The game is based on the Manchu shaman legend Nishan Shaman and put Nishan in the underworld looking for the soul of a child as the main line of the story. The Manchu legend and Manchu culture are...
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Hypnerotomachia Poliphili and Its Afterlife

Guo Quanzhao
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili has been applauded as the most beautifully printed book in the Western Renaissance and the most difficult one to understand. It was once cloaked in mysteries and enigmas, and its influence rippled through literature, art and architecture. It is a love romance of the Italian...
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Influence of Vlogs on Young People Between 16 to 18

Jintian Yan
In the past, there were many different ways for young people to get know the outside world such as newspaper, television, social media and so on. In recent years, a new way coming out on the internet take place of social media gradually—Vlog, also known as video blog. The initial purpose of Vlog is for...
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Review of the Impact of Cultural Imperialism in the Context of Globalization to the Film Industry

Xinyi Chen, Siwen Shen
Since the 1970s, though, cultural imperialism has been put forward and sparked a series of discussions, yet under the background of globalization, cultural imperialism has exerted more and more significant influence on the film industry of various countries. The impact of Western media flow on the film...
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Lilac Tree and Edam in Berthe Morisot’s 1874 Plein Air Paintings: The Feminine Figure and Its Expressions

Zuyan Zhang
The exploration of Hunting Butterflies reveals the formation of artistic awareness of Morisot and the value judgment of modern females. Similar debatable perspectives (e.g., feminism, modernity, and maternity) have been remarkable focusing for art historians, feminists as well as Marxists. Women’s power...
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Emotional Impact of Marketing Account on Public

Taking the BTS Insulted China Incident as an Example

Yilan Liu
With the development of social networks, the way people obtain and disseminate information has undergone tremendous changes. On social platforms, information has been spread faster and more widely. Under such circumstances, a marketing account came into being. They mainly rely on widespread attention...
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A Study on the Educational and Artistic Functions of Museums Based on Film and Television Works

Xintian Liu
With the development of society and economy, people have higher pursuit of spiritual life, and museums as a service-oriented public cultural activities are gradually accepted and recognized by the public. This paper relies on the narrative structure of the film, and takes Barnes Foundation as the background...
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Research on the Export Porcelain Pattern of Changsha Kiln in the Belitung Shipwreck

Chao Yue
Taking the Belitung shipwreck in the Tang Dynasty as a starting point, this article classifies the patterns of Changsha kiln porcelain in the Belitung shipwreck and analyzes the causes of different patterns. As a medium for carrying cultural symbols, Changsha kiln porcelain reflects the diversity of...
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform and Innovation Based on “Internet plus” Thinking

Wu Zhiwen, Chen Chuanchao
“Internet plus” is not only the subversion and transformation of Internet technology and mode, but also the breakthrough and innovation of thinking and concept. This paper discusses the significance of the Internet plus innovation and entrepreneurship education, and analyzes some problems in the innovation...
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Application of Space Consciousness in Craft Carving - Taking Huian Stone Carving as an Example

Lin Zibo, Hu Jiawei
Craft carving is an art with a long history. From carving hunting tools in the stone age to daily utensils in Yangshao culture, to exquisite decorations in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, craft carving is closely related to the daily life of the broad masses of the people; Huian, China, is the capital of...
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The Buddhist Narration in Chen Ruoxi’s “The Lotus of Wisdom”

Ting Ye
Chen Ruoxi’s “The Lotus of Wisdom” embodies the distinctive characteristics of Buddhist narration. The novel is based on a Buddhist temple, showing the emptiness and impermanence of life, the suffering of life, and the Buddhist thought of seeking liberation, depicting the main characters who converted...
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Discussion on the Possibility of Metal Foil in Chinese Green Painting

Exploring the likelihood of metal foil in the blue-green mountain water painting, verifying its use by actual examples. The likelihood of metal foil is used in Qingli Mountain Water Paintings, which has great significance for the innovation of green mountain water, and has a driving effect on traditional...
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A Study on the Individual Factors Affecting the Performance of the Subjects in the Man-Machine Foreign Language Oral Test

Yong Fang
Preference for oral test mode, test anxiety, self cognition of foreign language ability and foreign language acquisition background are several important factors affecting the performance of the subjects in an oral test. In this study, ten undergraduates and six teachers were recruited as subjects and...
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A Social Semiotic Analysis of Covid-19 Public Service Advertisements in China

Ruinan Zhao
Covid-PSA (Covid Public Service Advertisement) is considered as a crucial medium for crisis communication between governments and the public. This study aims to contribute to communication and media studies by introducing a social semiotic analysis of the emotions expressed in Chinese Covid-PSAs. Our...
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On the Artistic Expression of Children’s Picture Books

Yu Lei, Gang Hong, Lu Liu
Based on the meaning of Children’s picture books and combined with children’s aesthetic psychology, this paper summarizes the main forms of artistic expression, that is, form abstraction, role animalization, scene planarization and good use of strong contrast color. Combined with the development of children’s...
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On the Improvement of College English Teachers’ Quality from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Education

Zhao Li
College English course shoulders the major responsibility of ideological and political education. College English teachers should improve their ideological quality, political awareness, moral characteristics and humanistic quality. They should explore effective ways to integrate the ideological and political...
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Research on Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Feng Doudou
Talents majoring in Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) bear the responsibility of spreading Chinese culture and telling Chinese stories. However, there are many problems in the process of spreading Chinese culture, such as political position, cultural confidence and cultural ideology....
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Cognitive Processing Level and Communication Strategy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Keywords

Take “Preventive Treatment of Disease” as an Example

Xue Jingying, Li Yajun
Since the 18th CPC National Congress, with the development of TCM becoming a national strategy, how to take effective measures to spread TCM culture has become the primary issue. Based on the clear status quo, on the basis of TCM culture propagating definition and in-depth analysis of traditional Chinese...
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A Brief Analysis of Honeysuckle Patterns in Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties

Xirui Peng
Honeysuckle pattern is the theme of decorative patterns introduced into my country along with Buddhism and Buddhist art. Its appearance means that the central theme decorated with animal patterns in the Han Dynasty and before the Han Dynasty began to be broken. This article mainly studies the social...
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The Process of the Introduction of Western Punctuation System Into China and Its Influence

Xinxin Zhang
The punctuation system existed both in ancient China and ancient Europe, but compared with the relatively complete and unified European punctuation system, the system of punctuation in ancient Chinese was not uniform, and there is not a national standard generally agreed way of use. In the West, to be...
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Wang Zengqi’s View on Literary Language

Liu Xiaojing
Systematic arrangement and brief discussion of Wang Zengqi’s literary language view. On the basis of constantly summing up his creative experience, Wang Zengqi formed a relatively complete view of literary language. He established the ontology of the language of the novel, the language is the noumenon...
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Life Aesthetics in Japanese Civil Lacquerware and Its Enlightenment to Chinese Traditional Handicrafts

Dong Wenying, Geng Yien
As an ancient traditional handicraft, lacquerware not only reflects our country’s historical development, but also carries our country’s excellent traditional culture. Through analyzing the beauty of health, beauty of simplicity, beauty of ordinaryness and beauty of simplicity embodied in the craftsmanship,...
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Micro-linguistic Features in the Narratives of English SLI Teenagers

Xiangyu Jiang, Yunyun Xia, Xin Wang, Xianwei Li
This study investigated the language sample of adolescent narrative language, focusing on the analysis of the differences in the use of micro-linguistic feature between adolescents with specific language impairment (SLI) and typical language development (TLD) adolescents. The corpus is collected by storytelling,...
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Comparison of the Development of the Rhotic in Children Acquiring British and American English

Jia Shi
This paper reports on a study into the acquisition of rhotic phonemes by children acquiring British and American English, and compares the results with those obtained earlier for bilingual children acquiring Welsh and English. It concentrates on the acquisition of the rhotic consonants, that is, the...
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Tempera Teaching Method and the Cultivation of Middle School Students Multiple Literacy Ability

Chen qiduan, Xu wanhua
Teaching art and design in middle school in the modern era fails to cultivate students’ creative thinking ability and aesthetic ability and deviates from the law of students’ psychological development. This article aims to sort out the historical reasons and evolution of art education literacy and introduces...
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The Goal of College Entrance Examinations and Its Implications for School Music Education: A Bourdieusian Perspective

Xiaoyu Xiong
Previous researches have emphasized the importance of the application of Pierre Bourdieu’s theories in the field of education. However, research on how Bourdieu’s theories- habitus, have influenced secondary school music education in China has not been discussed. This article analyses how the habitus...
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The Syntactic Typology of The Ningbo Dialect

Hanbo Yang
The study investigates into the syntactic properties of the Ningbo dialect. The paper gives an overview of the typical word orders of the Ningbo dialect including categories like basic word order in the clause, word order in a nominal domain, and positions of an adposition and the nominal phrase. The...
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Research on the Phenomenon of Internet Celebrity Design

Jida Li
To study the characteristics and causes of Internet celebrity design and probes into the design meanings behind it. Starting from the definition of Internet celebrity design itself, this paper points out the relationship between Internet celebrity and design, analyzes the phenomenon of Internet celebrity...
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Taoism in Eugene O’Neill’s Plays

Wei Dong, Xincun Huo
Eugene O’Neill, father of American play, is a world-renowned playwright. In the 20th century, with the rapid development of capitalist industrialization, the westerners were reduced to the spiritual wasteland. Writers, including O’Neill, threw their eyes to the mystic Eastern world and tried to find...
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Assessment with Orff-Schulwerk Pedagogy in the Chinese Junior High School Music Classroom

Xiaoyu Xiong
This article examines the necessity and applicability of the Orff-schulwerk approach as an assessment principle to Chinese music classroom assessment. Previous research has focused on discussing how Schulwerk-based instruction appropriate for formative and summative assessments. However, the combining...
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Analysis of Romantic Factors in Classical Music

Jiayuan Liu
Classicism is popular in the 17th and 18th centuries of western society, when the European society underwent changes and wars, and the bourgeois regime was overthrown. Due to the outbreak of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the society was influenced by the upsurge of cultural thoughts, so...
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Formative E-Assessment in PAD College English Class

Yang Yanping, Cui Zhenhua
This article reports on the implementation of formative e-assessments in a Presentation-Assimilation-Discussion (PAD) College English class taken by second-year students after 3 terms. The aim is to measure the effectiveness of the formative e-assessments with reference to the student voice. Students...
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A Study on the Cross-Cultural Communication Security from Perspective of “Belt and Road”

Leiming Wang
With the furthering of the “Belt and Road” initiative, security risk has topped the agenda for the Chinese enterprises, and the trans-cultural security has become one of the most apparent part of the whole security chains. As one of the five “Bonds”, the “people-to-people bond”calls for not only the...
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The Application of Transitional Devices in English Writing Teaching

Tong Lili
Writing a logical article is influenced by many factors, among which transitional devices play a vital role. As modern English grammar expands the grammar research field from lexical and syntactic study to the study of article structure, it requires the development of paragraph and articles be logical...
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The Influence of the Body Image Presented Through TikTok Trend-Videos and Its Possible Reasons

Jiayan Liu
There are papers criticizing the impact of negative body imaging caused by social media. TikTok is an extraordinary Internet platform where everyone can upload videos to provide the public with the easiest way to get a sense of presence. TikTok makes the images under the beautiful filter tend to be standardized....
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The Comparative Study on the Cavalry of the Liao Dynasty and the Song Dynasty

Cheng XING
The war between the Liao Dynasty and the Song Dynasty symbolized a peak of the history of the Chinese heavy cavalry. At this time, because of the development of the foundry technique, both the weapons and the armors of the cavalry were of better quality than any other Chinese dynasties before. In order...
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Piano Music of Claude Debussy

Piano Suite “Images II”

MingChih Hsieh
Claude Debussy (1862-1918) is one of the most prominent French Impressionistic composers in the music history. His musical style is innovative and revolutionary and many think that his concept of music writing has been inspired by some of the significant French impressionistic painters of the late nineteenth...
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Research on the Integrated Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

A Case Study of Design Teaching in Guangdong Nanhua College of Business and Industry

Ji Shanshan, Li Weicong, Zhu Xianbing
It has become a trend for universities to pay attention to and strengthen the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and ideological and political education. This article through to the guangdong south China industrial and commercial vocational college of innovative entrepreneurial...
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On the Implementation Path of Integration of Chinese Traditional Culture into College English Teaching from the Perspective of “Ideological and Political Education”

Zhang Mo
College English, one of the most popular public basic courses in Chinese colleges and universities, is a general course for learning English language and its culture with long class periods. Hence, it is also an important front of “Ideological and Political Education”. College English teachers have the...
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Research on the Spatial Deconstruction of the Authentic Spaces in Historical and Cultural Blocks Based on Place Perception

A Case Study of Xi’an Sanxue Street

Beibei Wang, Xiaoxia Liu, Ya Hu, Nan Kang, Wannan Lu
Historical and cultural blocks are important for inheriting urban culture. They are of great significance for relieving th presesure of urban people’s lives and enhancing local identity. Therefore, this article adopts in-depth interviews, grounded theories and other qualitative research methods to deconstruct...
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Cultural Difference: Ancient China in Western Film Mulan (1998)

Qifan Jia
Mulan’s story is originally a Chinese ancient poetry The Ballad of Mulan.From ancient times to the present, this poetry has been adapted into countless traditional opera, television series, plays and films in China. The showing of Disney cartoon film Mulan in 1998 brought this Chinese old story to countless...
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The Influence of Chengdu Universiade on Tianfu Culture

Enming Zhou
This paper analyzes the influence of Chengdu Universiade on the spread of Tianfu culture through the methods of literature, field investigation and logical analysis. It includes the following four aspects: sports events, food, ancient Shu civilization and panda. The research found that there are the...
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A Study on the Early Acquisition of Causative Expression in Mandarin-Speaking Children

Li Jiantao
The word causative is the most basic cognitive category in the conceptualization of human beings, and the causative expression in the early stage is the implicit expression in the interactive context. Limited by language ability, although the verb, subject-predicate or predicate-object structures produced...
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Analysis of Architectural Art of Traditional Ancestral Hall in Ji’ an Meibei Village, Jiangxi Province

Li Yanjun, Sun Xingzhi
Ji ‘an area in jiangxi province of traditional architecture with its style of primitive simplicity, elegant atmosphere, distinct, strewn at random have send, structure compact, dao and is well known, and has a long history, make the region’s traditional architectural form and style formed with strong...
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Community Order and Spontaneous Economic Behavior: Fan Community, Fan Economy and Psychology of Cai Xukun

Zixuan ZHOU
This article focuses on the fan community and fan economy in the era of idols. Taking Cai Xukun’s fans as a case, the research information is obtained through methods of interview and observation. The article finds that the fan community is a strict structure with clear division of labor, and fans involved...
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The Rewriting of Native American Myth under Western Context in House Made of Dawn

Ren Jiuju
The publishing of House Made of Dawn by contemporary Native American writer Scott Momaday has aroused wide attention on Native American literature from American society. Momaday for the first time revealed the down-to-earth life of Native Americans to the American mainstream world. In House Made of Dawn...
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Calligraphy Education in Academies

A Case Study of Yuelu Academy

Le Hu
Academy education as an important part of Chinese traditional education, it has a very far-reaching impact on Chinese traditional culture. With the development and spread of academy education, academy education has exerted a great influence on the style of Chinese calligraphy. Therefore, the study of...
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The Influence of Cross Culture on Drama Adaptation

Take Throne of Blood and Ran as Examples

Xinlei Fan
Shakespeare’s four tragedies as the original script, are shown in the film lens of different directors in different ways. Akira Kurosawa, as one of the best film adaptations of Shakespeare’s dramas, who makes the film more in line with the Japanese nation’s reading psychology and embodies the style of...
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Analysis on the Self-Identification in Lesbian Relationships and Potential Stereotypes Portrayed in Films

Xinwei Zheng
The six films to be analyzed in the paper all portray the relationships of lesbian people, and can be briefly categorized into two types, which are respectively masculinized lesbian characters, also known as “butch” in lesbian self-identification, as well as feminine characters, known as “femme”. This...
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A Discourse Construction Grammar Analysis of Economic Legal Policy and News Texts in China since the COVID-19 Outbreak

Liu Jiaqi
This study constructs a research on the relevant discourses of COVID-19 of two self-build corpora (China’s economic Legal Policy Corpus and English News Corpus during the COVID-19 pandemic); the framework of legal and news discourse construction are constructed based on the text type, communicative purpose...
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Interpersonal Meaning of Chinese Original Picture Books: A Multimodal Analysis Based on New Visual Grammar

Chen Chunlei
Based on the concept of interpersonal meaning in systemic functional linguistics, this paper analyzes the images in Chinese original picture books using visual analysis as the theoretical framework. It is found that through the rational use of angles, story characters and colors, the picture book author...
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A Brief Analysis of the Dual Influences of Speech Recognition Assistance on Simultaneous Interpretation

Xiaolin Wang
In the era of artificial intelligence, big data, speech recognition, machine translation and other technologies have brought an increasing impact on the field of manual translation. On the one hand, it challenges manual translation, and on the other hand, it assists and improves manual translation. The...
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The Research and Application of Modern Brand Image Design

Li Yuting, Zhou Quan, Li Haiyu, Xin Haiming
In current era, the brand image design has become an integral part for enterprises to enhance their market competitiveness and to build unified systems. This paper takes modern leisure catering industry as an example to analyze the path and application strategy of brand image design. Based on the comprehensive...
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Research and Analysis on the Value of Customer Satisfaction in the Environmental Space of the Museums

The case of the Xiamen Museum

Qiduan Chen, Ying Liu
With the development of economy, modern museums are facing competition from many different leisure activities and entertainment venues. For sustainable operation, museums, which are nonprofit organizations, also must think about how to provide quality service and satisfy visitors. However, there is relatively...
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Insurmountable Gap-- The Embodiment of Confucian Morality in Landscape Painting

Jiang Runyu
The creation of Chinese landscape painting is described through the content and form of its picture, which often contains the values and spirit of the author and his contemporaries, as well as the moral concept of the era in which the author lives. It is through its unique form of expression and carefully...
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An Analysis of the Mental Factors of Mobile Foreign Language Learning Based on UTAUT Model

Gan Jingfeng
With the popularity of smart phones, mobile foreign language learning will become the future development trend, but at present, whether the mobile foreign language learning is accepted by students or not will become the key factor in the implementation of mobile language learning project. Therefore,...
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The Spiritual Habitat of Chopin’s Piano Works -- Explaining the Spiritual World of the Character Related to Ballade

Jiaxin Li
In this article, we will in the time background of the middle of the 19th century, Chopin’s first piano ballade genre, for example, narrative, further interpretation from home with their parents, teachers of Elsner and Zywny, lover George sang and communicative relationship with several close friends...
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A Study on the Rhetorical Features of Proverbs in Jiaojiang Dialect

Ye Jingyi
This paper takes the proverbs of Jiaojiang dialect as the research object, through the analysis of the proverbs of Jiaojiang dialect. This paper elaborates the rhetorical features of Jiaojiang dialect proverbs from two aspects of phonetic rhetoric and word rhetoric.In the aspect of phonetic rhetoric,...
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Reflection on Professional Qualification and Training for Talents of Internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yang Xia, Wang Haidong, Chen Ji
In order to better adapt to the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the cultivation of internationalized talents of TCM needs to be strengthened. Internationalized talents of TCM should possess profound cultural foundation of TCM, exquisite professional skills of TCM, fluent foreign...
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A Study of Brewitt-Taylor’s Translation of San Guo Yan Yi from the Perspective of Polysystem Theory

Liu Silang, Li Xiangmin
San Guo Yan Yi is the first Chinese historical novel divided into chapters. Its English translation primarily includes two editions translated by two foreign scholars, Moss Roberts, and C.H. Brewitt-Taylor, and one edition translated by Chinese scholar, Yu Sumei. For the time being, the research among...
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The Water Pattern of Ceramic Ware Was Analyzed from the Perspective of Semiotics

Zhou Yuan
China’s extensive and profound civilization has produced a wealth of decorative art treasure house, water decorative art is one of the representatives. Using the art methodology of semiotics to interpret the water ornamentation on pottery and porcelain, this paper makes a scientific study on the shape...
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Reflections on the Integration of Short Videos Into High School Art Appreciation Teaching Under the Background of Covid-19 Epidemic

Qiduan Chen, Xueying Yu
Under the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020, the Ministry of Education has called for the adoption of an “Internet + Education Model” to achieve the goal of “keeping educating and learning during class suspension”. In this context, to better cultivate students’ ability to appreciate art, a short...
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A Female Politician or the Empress Dowager?

A Study of Cixi’s Image from Le Rire, 1900

Yu Qin
Empress Dowager Cixi had never walked out of the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, but her policy of supporting the Boxers during the Box movement irritated foreign powers in 1900. In response, artist Charles Lucien Léandre defamed Cixi’s image with the background of Box movement on French Newspaper...