Proceedings of the Sixth of International Conference on English Language and Teaching (ICOELT 2018)

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The Quality of Students’ Paraphrases of an Expository Text: A Study of 15 English Department Students of State University of Padang

Dinovia Fannil Kher, Yati Aisya Rani
The article was based on a research aimed at obtaining the information related to students‟ quality in paraphrasing an expository text seen from the four dimensions of a paraphrase evaluation. The subjects of the research were 15 students who had passed all reading and writing courses. The instrument...
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Correlation of Lecturers’ personality and Students’ Motivation in Learning Reading Courses at English Language Universitas Negeri Padang

Leni Marlina, Delvi Wahyuni, Fitrawati Fitrawati
This paper discusses the results of research on empirical descriptions related to three points in Reading courses at English Department Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP). The three points studied consist of (1) the personality of the lecturer in the learning process of Reading courses based on the student's...
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Lexical Density V.S. Grammatical Intricacy: How Are They Related?

Hermawati Syarif
Lexical density and grammatical intricacy are the two devices that should be taken into account in academic writing. The paper aims at explaining how lexical density (LD) and grammatical intricacy (GI) shown in students’ academic writing. The data were taken from the introduction section of thesis proposals...
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An Analysis of Language Input in EFL Classrooms at Junior High Schools in Padang

Yetti Zainil
This research-based paper presents the investigation on 1) the realization of verbal classroom interaction, 2) teacher language use and 3) teacher’s perception on their language choice in classroom interaction. Employing a qualitative research design and case study approach, the data for this study were...
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Structure of Classroom Discourse Produced by English Teachers of Different Experience to Different Level of Proficiency Group

Hamzah Hamzah
The study was aimed at exploring how the teaching experience in terms of length of service affects the capability of the English teachers in modifying the structure of classroom discourse at the exchange, transaction and interaction level. Data for this study comprise twenty recording transcripts generated...
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Investigating The Types of Teacher Questions in EFL Secondary Classroom

Noor Rachmawaty, Setya Ariani
This study aimed to find out the types of questions used by the English teachers based on the purposes of questioning as proposed by Scrivener (2012). This study employed descriptive or explorative case study. This design allowed the researcher to investigate phenomena within the participants’ real life...
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Students’ Knowledge of The Rhetorical Structure of Research Articles Published in Reputable Journals

Mukhaiyar Mukhaiyar, Hermawati Syarif, Refnaldi Refnaldi
Good and appropriate teaching materials not only have a significant effect on improving the ability of students to write scientific articles but also can increase their knowledge and understanding of scientific articles required by reputable journals. The purpose of this study was to analyze the level...
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Tense and Aspect In English: How Do EFL Learners Understand Them?

Jufrizal Jufrizal
It has been claimed that most undergraduate students (S1 degree) of English Department of FBS Universitas Negeri Padang were in difficulties and problems in understanding the grammatical features and uses of English tenses and aspects. The students were familiar with the grammatical term tense, but they...
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Specific-Learning Problems Faced by EFL Learners in Understanding Content-Based Learning Materials

Lely Refnita, Jufrizal Jufrizal
This paper discusses how the EFL learners’ problems in understanding content-based learning materials come about. The key questions to answer are: (i) are those problems affected by low reading skill or inappropriate use of learning strategies?; (ii) what are the specific-linguistic features of reading...
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US Hegemony in The Indonesian Subtitle of The Act of Valor? A Critical Discourse Analysis

Havid Ardi, Don Narius, Saunir Saun
Any text, actually, has a hidden intention owned by the author, meanwhile, a translator also has beliefs and values in their mind. This article aims at describing US racism and discrimination in the American movie ‘The Act of Valor’ and its translation into Indonesian. Analysis is focused on the main...
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Discovery Learning in Lesson Study

Muhammad Affandi Arianto, Senorica Yulia Sari
The use of models, approaches, methods, strategies, and techniques in teaching English have been being conducted since the language is claimed to be taught in all of countries. Besides, the ever-changing policy in curriculum in Indonesia makes the educators decides to adopt or adapt some unique ways...
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Enhancing Accounting Students’ Writing Skill through Instagram

Fenny Thresia, Nedi Hendri, Eko Susanto, Yuni Novitasari
Instagram is one of the social media used to share activity or experience on photo or video with the caption as information. Thisarticlepresentsresults of a study onInstagram photo as the media to improve accounting students motivation in writing. The aim of this study wasto enhance accounting students’...
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The Function of Culture and Literary Works in ELT

Kurnia Ningsih
A great numbers of high school leavers even the university graduates in Indonesia hardly communicate sufficiently in English, In fact they have learned English at least for 6 or 8 years. Even the curriculumn for English Language Teaching ( ELT) in Indonesia had been developed several times. The question...
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Developing Instruments for Evaluating Validity, Practicality, and Effectiveness of The Authentic Assessment for Speaking Skill at Junior High School

Jean Susan Kadir, M. Zaim, Refnaldi Refnaldi
An authentic assessment can provide a real-life experience to the student and accommodate the need of assessing productive skills, particularly for speaking skill. The authentic assessment instrument has to fulfill the requirements of being valid, practical and effective to make it a good device. This...
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Developing Instruments for Evaluating the Authentic Assessment for Speaking Skill at Junior High School

Hidayanti Rohimah Nurdin, M. Zaim, Refnaldi Refnaldi
Authentic assessment which is applied in 2013 curriculum has been used as an assessment method in assessing students’ language competence. It engages the students in a meaningful learning experience for the real world situation. A guidebook to implement authentic assessment for speaking skill for junior...
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The Students’ Ability in Reading Aloud at English Department FBS Universitas Negeri Padang

Jufri Jufri
This research is aimed at identifying the students’ ability in reading aloud at English Department FBS UnivesitasNegeri Padang. The design of the research is descriptive quantitative and the population were the students of English Department FBS UniversitasNegeri Padang registered at academic year 2016....
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Developing Instruments for Evaluating the Implementation of Authentic Assessment for Speaking Skill at Junior High School

Ike Kurnia Putri, M. Zaim, Refnaldi Refnaldi
The current curriculum implemented in Indonesia demands the use of authentic assessment to be used in assessing students’ competence including speaking skill for English subject. The authentic assessment instruments used in the classroom can be designed either by teachers or experts. Such product is...
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English Language Learners’ Translation Practices: Qualities and Hindrances in Translating Indonesian-English Texts

Sitti Hadijah, Shalawati Shalawati
In English language education program, translation is one of the subjects provided to the students in three credits or two and half hour lengths for sixteen meetings, aimed to simply facilitate them in mastering basic concepts, principles, methods of translation, and preparing them to be skillful in...
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Academic Dishonesty: How Students Do the Learning Assessment and Project

Wiwit Sariasih, Christy Tisnawijaya
Academic dishonesty becomes a big concern for the lecturer when it is dealing with the assessment which is done by the students. The suspicious address to students whether they really do their assessment or have practice the act of dishonesty such as cheating or copying from other fellow students or...
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Process Types of Transitivity System in English Department Students’ Narrative Texts

Tengku Thyrhaya Zein, Tengku Silvana Sinar, Nurlela Nurlela, Muhammad Yusuf
The present study is aimed at discovering the process types of transitivity system in English department students’ narrative texts and its pedagogical implementation in teaching writing. Qualitative content analysis was utilized as the design of the research and the instrument used was writing sheet....
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Multi Task of Micro Teaching Skills Performance

Sri Yuliani
The main focus of this research was to find out whether Project Based Learning motivated students in microteaching class. Evaluation for microteaching subject based on Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia (KKNI) curriculum which implemented in university needed more variety in producing qualified...
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Taxonomic Relation in the Quran

Siti Isma Sari Lubis, Rizqy Khairuna
The language that used in Qur’an is different from the arabian speaker used in their daily life. It is called as classical arabic language. Therefore, translate the Qur’an itself is challenging because many people has their own perception and their analysis in the Qur’an. In addition, many muslims in...
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Grammatical Difficulties in Using Simple Present Tense in Presenting Spoken Exposition Text by The Second Year of MAN 2 Padang Students

Ratmanida Ratmanida, An Fauzia Rozani Syafei, Anisa Wahyuni
Simple present tense is one of language features of exposition text studied by senior high school students. However, there are still some difficulties faced by the students in using simple present tense in speaking. The aim of this research is to describe students’ difficulties in using simple present...
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EFL Students’ Learning Styles on English Academic Writing at University Level in Indonesia

Syayid Sandi Sukandi, Yulmiati Yulmiati
This research reports descriptive statistical data on the circumstance in the form of a survey study through questionnaire about EFL students’ preference on learning styles – alone or group. Respondents were students who enrolled in 2017/2018 academic year at Research subject in three class sections:...
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The Relationship of Topic Familiarity and Listening Comprehension

Ririn Ovilia
In listening, topic familiarity – knowledge on particular topics - is considered important to decodeand comprehend the message correctly. This profound role makes listening undergoing influential changes from passive to active process. Due to this fact, great number of researchers and practitioners have...
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Alumni’s Perception on Program Specification of ELT Program at UNP (Based on AUN-QA Criteria)

Refnaldi Refnaldi, Sri Novianti, Aryuliva Adnan
English Language Teaching Program at UNP is trying to improve its curriculum in order to get certification from AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance). One requirement needed is getting feedback from stakeholders on Program Specification as one of the important parts of curriculum. This...
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Task-Based Language Teaching: A Lesson Plan Proposal For Indonesian ELT Context (A Consideration Before Integrating ICT in ELT)

Salam Mairi
This paper discusses a lesson plan proposal for a task based language teaching approach supplemented by its critical rationale and evaluation. It reflects the English Language Teaching (ELT) context in Indonesia based on the personal background knowledge of the author and a long list of relevant references....
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Students’ Need Analysis on E-Book Media Interactive in Advanced Grammar Subject

Fitrawati Fitrawati, Hermawati Syarif
This article presents a part of a study conducted to develop teaching media for Advanced Grammar subject. The results described here are the students’ problems and need for media development by using e-book for Advanced Grammar subject. It was a descriptive study to see students’ needs on e-book used...
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The Effect of Double Entry Journal (DEJ) Strategy and Self-Efficacy on Students’ Reading Comprehension at Grade X IPS Students at SMA Negeri 2 Padang

Putri Yulia Sari, Hermawati Syarif, Sitti Fatimah
Reading teaching strategy - Double Entry Journal (DEJ) and students’ self efficacy are the factors that influence students’ reading comprehension served in the background of this research. In accordance with the background, this research was aimed at testing the effect of DEJ and student’s self efficacy...
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Needs Analysis of Flight Attendant Students in Learning English at LKP Graha Wisata Nusantara School Padang

Lafziatul Hilmi
Developing a suitable specific material of English course is really needed to teach English for Flight Attendant at LKP Graha Wisata Nusantara School. This study aims to figure out the needs of flight Attendant students in learning English. This study is a research and development design which uses Four-D...
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Students’ Problem in Listening Comprehension at University Level

Edi Trisno, Emzir Emzir, Ilza Mayuni
Listening is one of the skills provided for foreign language students that they need to have besides speaking, reading, and writing. However, there are still many students who face difficulties in the learning process of listening. This study aims to identify problems faced by students in listening skill...
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Learning English for Young Learners “The Aspect of Intercultural Dimension, Diversity Arts and Media in the Early Foreign Language Education”

Adhmi Landri Schlueter
In the age of globalisation, the world is drawing closer together and English as the world language to connect the people of this world to be understand each other, is became the most important tool for communication. For a better understanding of cultural diversity and global interrelation in ways of...
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Students’ Linguistic Difficulties in Listening Courses at English as Foreign Language

Eliza Eliza, M Zaim, Refnaldi Refnaldi
This article is part of the writer’s research on students’ problems pertaining to the listening skill. The research was to reveal the problems of students who had attended Listening courses at English Department of IAIN Bukittinggi. Although the students had taken three listening classes: Listening 1,...
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Thematic Progression Shifts in the Translation of Student Translators

Rusdi Noor Rosa
Thematic progressionis one of the tools that can be used to confirm the unity of a text, including a translated text. However, some translated texts do not pay attention to how their clauses related one another as a coherent text. This paper aims at finding out how thematic progression is used in the...