Proceedings of the First International Conference on Health, Social Sciences and Technology (ICoHSST 2020)

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Snack Bar Catfish Bone Meal and Red Bean Flour For Malnourished Children: Nutritional Content and Sensory Properties

Yuli Hartati, M. Ridhoi
Lack of Protein Energy is a nutritional problem that occurs throughout the world, especially in developing countries including Indonesia. One of strategy to overcome the problem of Lack of Protein Energy is to provide foods that are high in energy and high in protein such as snack bars. Food ingredients...
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The Effectiveness of Iron Tablets Consumption in Pregnant Women to Ferritin Levels in Ilir Timur I Palembang

Romlah, Anjelina Puspita Sari
Since pregnant women who lack iron can cause iron deficiency anemia, this incidence must be prevented seriously. Based on the WHO data, the total population of anemia worldwide was 83.2% of 114 countries, while for Southeast Asia, it was 97.8%. Anemia in pregnant women in Indonesia ranked fourth with...
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The Effectivity of Making Ethanol By Cassava Skin Waste Using Bread and Tapai Yeast as Activator

Khairil Anwar, Sukarjo
Waste is an unused material by the previous owner, anyway the waste can reused by managing it properly. The Problem In big cities commonly waste that comes from settlements and traditional markets. Most of the waste produced by traditional markets (95%) is organic waste. The way to overcome the problem...
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The Effect of Apples as Self-Cleansing to Reduce Plaque Scores on Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Tarbiyah Islamiyah Students Palembang

Listrianah, R.A Zainur, Andre Trawijaya, Septi Alifa Cahyati
Plaque is a soft deposit that is tightly attached to the surface of a tooth consisting of microorganisms that multiply in an intercellular matrix when someone neglects the cleanliness of their teeth and mouth. Plaque can be cleaned mechanically or chemically. One of the ways to clean plaque is by consuming...
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Effectiveness of Football Hold Position Breastfeeding Techniques and Upright Position on Decreasing Regurgitation Frequency Newborn

Vera Iriani Abdullah, Hajrah Azizah
Regurgitation experienced by babies more than 4 times a day has a 2 times greater likelihood of experiencing malnutrition compared to infants who have regimens less than 4 times a day. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of football hold position breastfeeding techniques and...
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The Risk of Lymphatic Filariasis Transmission in Belitung Regency After Elimination Program

Yahya, Tanwirotun Nimah, Reni Oktarina, Santoso
Belitung Regency has passsed Transmission Assessment Survey (TAS) in 2012, 2014, and 2016 respectively, which means that the Mass Drug Administration (MDA) in Belitung is being considered successful. This research has been conducted in February-November 2017, which aimed to analyze the program of filariasis...
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The Role of Midwives in Overcoming Labor Pain

Rina Nursanti, Eprila
Almost all women who gave birth, had experienced severe pain during labor and this is a normal thing to happen. The pain experienced during childbirth is different for each mother. Therefore, in dealing with labor pain between one mother to another, will experience differently. By the concept of Women...
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The Effect of the Addition of Noni Juice to Seluang Fish Kerupuk on Characteristics and Acceptability

Ahmad Sadiq, Messy Novita Utami, Bina Farihani, Siti Ainun Karmilah Putri, Tiara Serlyta
Kerupuk is one of the typical Palembang foods in the form of snacks as a variation in side dishes or as a complement to the main meal. This research is expected to be able to make a new output on the typical Palembang Kerupuk by using seluang fish as a base material and adding nutrient-rich noni fruit....
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The Substitution of Avocado Seed Flour to Rice Flour in the Manufacture of Traditional Palembang Food Gandus Cake

Terati, M. Zikrullah L., Marlisa Puspitasari, R Nurul Hasri, Tri Wahyuni
Avocados (Perseaamericana mill) are plants that thrive in tropical regions like Indonesia and have high antioxidant content. Avocados are usually consumed directly or can be made into juice, with the advancement of science now many avocados are modified into cakes, salads and other processed foods. Some...
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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Antihypertensive Drug Use in Hypertension-Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension-Heart Failure Inpatients at a Government Hospital in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Faridah Baroroh, Andriana Sari, Khansa Zakiyatul Laili, Dina Putri Permatasari
Hypertension and diabetes mellitus are the leading risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, which are increasing rapidly throughout the world. Hypertension is a non-communicable disease that remains a health problem in Indonesia, with a prevalence of up to 34.11% in 2018. This research was intended...
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Original Patterns, Macro Nutrition and Vitamin-A Intake in Wasting Toddlers in Sukarami Health Center Palembang City

Manuntun Rotua, Terati
Wasting is a condition of the body that is thin and so thin that it exceeds -2 Standard Deviation under the median body weight according to height or length. The objective of this research, therefore, was to analyze the original patterns, macro nutrition and vitamin-A intake with wasting toddlers. The...
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Comparison of Antidiabetes Effects of Single Black and Mixed Black Cumin Products on Reduction of Blood Glucose Male White Mice

Mona Rahmi Rulianti, Vera Astuti
Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) has long been known to be efficacious in curing diseases. Many studies that prove Black Cumin or better known in the community by the name Black Seed can be efficacious as an immunomodulator, antibacterial, anti- inflammatory antioxidant and as an antidiabetic. Black Cumin...
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Cork Fish Bone Residue of Enrichment Wet Noodle: Chemical and Sensory Characteristic

Yuli Hartati, Widya Arum, Fathiyah Rusvizah, Khasanah Putri
Fish bones are a form of waste generated from the fish processing industry. Fish bones still contain nutrients the body needs, especially calcium. One of the fish bones that has the potential to be used in food processing is snakehead fish bones. Red dragon fruit is a fruit that contains high fiber and...
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Formulation of Foot Lotion Containing Papaya Leaf Extract (Carica Papaya L.) With Tri Ethanol Amine Concentration Variation as Emulgator and Its Physical Stability

Dewi Marlina, Rian Trias Widyani, Diah Febrihaq, Tari Janesa Karunia
Foot heel is very susceptible to Xerosis due to lack of moisture due to loss of lipids and natural moisturizing factors in the Stratum Corneum. According to research, Papaya Leaves (Carica papaya L) contain phenol compounds which are secondary metabolites which play an active role as antioxidants and...
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What Are the Facts in Online Nursing Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Devi Mediarti, Ira Kusumawaty, Yunike, Rika Oktarina
During the Covid-19 pandemic, there are a series of direct skills skills for nursing students. Changes in the learning force can have an impact on the faces of students and their learning achievements. However, the question of student olahihan problem in the way of isasi kecenyanyanya is still minimal....
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Overview of the Implementation of Health Care Education in Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Diet Nonconformity

Gunardi Pome, Ira Kusumawaty, Yunike, Lili Resta Septiana
Diabetes mellitus is a disease caused by declining levels of insulin that is characterized by increased blood sugar levels that can cause some chronic diseases in some organs of the body. The problem in this case study is the non-compliance diet in diabetes mellitus type 2 patients. Non-compliance diet...
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The Nursing Implementation of Monitoring Blood Glucose in Increasing the Stability of Blood Glucose Level in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Abdul Gani, Ira Kusumawaty, Sherli Shobur, Marisa Kartika Putri
Diabetes Mellitus is characterized by an increase in blood sugar level and this condition is treated by giving insulin injections. Overdose of insulin will cause hypoglycemia hence it’s important to independently check blood glucose levels. This research aims to obtain an overview of the implementation...
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Comparison of Early Childhood Development Rates in Two Different Types of Kinder Garten

Lisdahayati, Ira Kusumawaty, Yunike, Azwaldi, Sri Astuti, Nathalia Ramadhanti
Development is the increase in the ability and structure/ function of the body. The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in the level of development of children who were educated at the Indonesian natural school in Palembang and at the school of the 01 TK Pembina. This research was...
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Patch Formulation of Celery Leaves Extract (Apium Graveolens L.) As Mosquito Repellent

Ratnaningsih Dewi Astuti, Siti Khotimah
the transdermal patch preparation which contains repellent active substances. The combination of PVA and PVP polymers can produce strong, non- breakable, elastic, and transparent preparations. This study aims to determine the concentration of the right combination of PVA and PVP to produce a safe and...
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Anxiety Stress and Fatigue in Hemodialysis Patient

Rumentalia Sulistni, Hanna DL Damanik, Lukman
Hemodialysis is a kidney function replacement therapy that aims to remove metabolic waste or certain toxins from human blood circulation. Patients with chronic renal failure who undergo hemodialysis therapy will experience various problems such as psychological disorders, including Self-Concept Disorders,...
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Antihyperlipidemia Effects of Jengkol Leaf Extract (Archidendron jiringa)

Ade Arinia Rasyad, Ensiwi Munarsih, Fadilah Safitri
This Jengkol is one of the native plants in Indonesia. Jengkol beans are known as a popular food ingredient, and empirically the leaf is also used by people to treat hyperlipidemia. This study aimed to determine the antihyperlipidemic effect of Jengkol leaf extract (Achidendron jiringa) on male white...
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The Effect of Some Herbal Juice Formula on Serum Total Cholesterol Level of High Lipid Diet-PTU Rats

Sari Meisyayati, Melinda Risa, Hera Juniati, Juli Herpi, Yunita L. Imanda, Rini Isomarina, Reza Agung Sriwijaya
A significant increase in cardiovascular disease prevalence among the Indonesian according to Riskesdas in 2018. Therefore an alternative treatment with minimum side effects to decrease serum total cholesterol is required. Some herbal with anti-hyperlipidemic activity and has a great safety profile can...
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Correlation of Knowledge and Training with the Implementation of Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) of Quality Control for Glucosemeter

Ardiya Garini, Sri Hartini Harianja
Glucosemeter is widely used as a tool for monitoring glucose levels in Diabetes mellitus patients. To ensure the accuracy and precision of the examination results, a Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) of Quality Control (QC) for glucosemeter is required. The implementation of SOP of QC for glucosemeter...
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Comparison of Blood Pressure and Pulse Measurements to Tai Chi Exercise in Hypertensive Patients in East Jakarta

Dheni Koerniawan, Maria Lousiana Suwarno, Irene Adyatmaka
Increasing prevalence of hypertension (HT) risk factors and number of uncontrolled blood pressure in hypertensive patient still being the focus in health care, especially in nursing promotive-preventive and rehabilitative care. Complementary and alternative nursing care aims to enhance patient awareness...
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Nutrition Education of Booklet Media on Knowledge and Nutritional Intake of Obese Adolescents in Palembang

Mardiana, Yulianto
One of the nutritional problems that occur in adolescents is overweight (obesity) caused by high food intake but not balanced by adequate physical activity and high-calorie diets but contain little fiber. The 2013 Basic Health Research Data shows that the prevalence of obesity among adolescents aged...
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Family Support For Members in Taking Care of Mental Disordered Patients

Ira Kusumawaty, Raden Surahmat, Sri Martini, Muliyadi
Problems with the care process of people with mental disorders by family caregivers never lead to concrete solutions. Family support is one of the determinants of the successful recovery of a patient’s condition because it reflects the family’s efforts in accompanying patients undergoing their daily...
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Characteristics, Knowledge, and Perception of Expectant Mothers About Preconception Preparations

Irma Linda, Heru Santosa, M. Fidel Ganis Siregar, Zulhaida Lubis
Health problems that should be observed in women before pregnancy are related to the state of the reproductive system, the status of sexually transmitted diseases, the state of nutritional status, physical and psychological disease problems. The condition should be followed up with the services provided...
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The Impact of Immunization of BCG on Toddler Exposed to Pulmonary TB Patients in Landfill Site of Sukawinatan, Sukajaya Village, Sukarami District Palembang City 2019

A. Kadir, Dahliana
Background Immunization is an effort to prevent disease transmission by administering vaccines. One of the infectious diseases that can be prevented by BCG immunization is pulmonary tuberculosis. Transmission occurs when someone is exposed to pulmonary TB sufferers, especially toddlers. The purpose of...
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Effect of Mother Baby Care (MBC) Package with the Palembang Cultural Approach Adaptation to Physic and Psychological Period Post Partum

Jawiah, Devi Mediarti, Rosnani
Self-reliance can be done by building a empowerment woman and child-directed quality of life and the role of women through the success of post partum mothers in mer awat herself and her baby. Pemulangan early from hospitals require assistance care at home with nursing care method Mother Baby Care (MBC)...
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Table Top Disaster Simulation to Enhance Community Knowledge of Flood Disaster Preparedness in Musi Rawas Regency

Jhon Feri, Susmini, Sapondra WIjaya
As a high risk disasters country, Indonesia should have good strength in dealing with disasters, including community preparedness. The current condition of knowledge responding to disasters is not good. Continuous program are needed to prepare the community, One of the program is education and simulation....
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The Effect of Chewing Sugar Cane on Plaque Formation

Naning Nur Handayatun, David Rudi, Karin Tika Fitria
Plaque is a non-calcified deposit that coating the teeth and consist of 70% microbial with the presence of sugar. Plaque coulddevelop into dental caries. Sugar cane has been used for centuries due to its high content of sucrose and nutrition. People nowadays still consuming it raw by chewing. This study...
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An Analysis of the Risk of Anemia on Female Students of Senior High School Number 6 Palembang

Sartono, Ahmad Sadiq
The result of Baseline Health Research (Riskesdas) 2013 was found out that iron nutritional anemia is still being public health problems with prevalence ≥ 20 percent in adolescents. Anemia iron nutrition is still a public health problem with prevalence in adolescents of 13- 18 years and 22.7 percent...
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The Burden of a Family in Caring For Members Who Suffer From Mental Disorders

Sri Martini, Ira Kusumawaty, Yunike, Detiana
Changes and advancement of people daily living have extremely complex consequences, thereby constructive adaptation processes are necessary in dealing with it. However, not all individuals have the ability to constructively adapt to a change so that it can ultimately cause mental disorders. Exploration...
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Proximate of Pempek Instant Flour and Sensory Evaluation of Pempek from Mackerel Fish (Scomberomorus Commersonii)

Novidiyanto, Ori Pertami Enardi
Fish contains nutrients and functional compounds that are good for human health. Nutritional and chemical compounds that act as functional foods include protein, vitamin E, fats and minerals, which have good effects on health, such as preventing cardiovascular disease. Pempek is a traditional food from...
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Effectiveness of Giving Health Education About Healthy Houses as Effort of Prevention of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Pelabuhan Dalam Village in the Pemulutan Community Health Center of Ogan Iir District 2019

Ebagustian Tamzil, Kamsul
A healthy house is very important in preventing the emergence of various diseases, especially tuberculosis (TB), community knowledge about healthy homes and TB prevention efforts is still low. The purpose of this study was to determine differences in knowledge of port village communities in the Puskesmas...
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Nutrition Education with Counseling and Pocket Book Media to Increase Knowledge of Vegetables and Fruit Consumption in Student of SMPN 2 Pangkalpinang City

Emilia, Ratmawati
Consumption of vegetables and fruit of the Indonesian people on average is still very less, which is 63.3% vegetables and 62.1% fruit of the recommended consumption (Riskesdas, 2013). Especially at the age of ≥ 10 years. Based on the results of Riskesdas in 2013 and 2018, the national average consumption...
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Determinants of Stunting in Children Aged 0-24 Months in Bangka Belitung Province

Ori Pertami Enardi, Ade Devriany, Emmy Kardinasari
Children under five are an age group that susceptible to malnutrition and considered as one of the vulnerable groups in nutrition. Malnutrition in infants may result in disruption of physical growth and intelligence of children. Failure to grow due to malnutrition in infancy (the golden age) will have...
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The Effectiveness of Siwak (Salvadora Persica) Fibrous Chewing Gum Against the Amount of Bacteria in Saliva

Sri Wahyuni, RA Zainur, Tris syahniati
Saliva is a liquid in the oral cavity which is very important, especially related to the formation of caries, because of its role which affects the growth of plaque in the mouth. Benefits of chewing gum is to prevent cavities, to prevent halitosis and to improve brain function by increasing blood flow...
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Study on Community Participation of Kampoong 3-4 Ulu Palembang Revitalization

Tutur Lussetyowati
Kampoong 3-4 Ulu Palembang as an historic urban area are attractive for tourism related of many heritage buildings and unique neighborhood pattern also their traditional activities such as making traditional food, river transportation, making handicraft, etc. The communities who live in 3-4 Ulu are the...
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Effect of Instrumental Music Therapy on Pain Scale of Patient Post Major Surgery

Julianus Yudhsitira Tan, Dheni Koerniawan
Globally two hundred million major surgeries occur each year and forty one percent patients experience postoperative pain. Inadequate postoperative pain management causes many patients to have complications. Music therapy as a non-pharmacological management can help reduce pain by increasing endorphins...
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The Comparison Study of Celery Leaves in Juice and Celery Boiled Water to Reduce of Blood Pressure on Elderly Patients with Hypertension

Simamora Lasria, Br Pinem Srilina, Batu Bara Zulkarnain
Hypertension or high blood pressure is an increase in systolic blood pressure more than 140 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure more than 90 mmHg on two measurements with an interval of five minutes in a state of rest / calm. Basically, hypertension management can be done pharmacologically and non- pharmacologically....
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The Effectiveness of Health Education by Accommodating Seven Monthly Culture to Knowledge, Attitude and Action of Pregnant Woman in Palembang

Maliha Amin, Sherli Shobur, Jusuf Kristianto
The results of a preliminary study in Kelurahan 3-4 Ulu, the community still preserves the customs and culture of the seven monthly monthly for pregnant women. Health workers need to provide assistance for the seven monthly rituals in antenatal care for pregnant women. The purpose of this study was to...
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The Relation Between Labor Pain with Maternal Anxiety

Nurul Komariah, Sari Wahyuni
Anxiety associated with prolonged labor. A woman who was anxious at delivery can threaten her and her baby’s safety. This study was analyzed the relation between labor pain with maternal anxiety. Some studies focus more on primiparas in this study trying to assess without distinguishing parity status....
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Formulation and Receiving Power Cookies Hayakarah as an Effort to Prevent Anemia

Podojoyo Podojoyo, Budi Yulianto, Annisa Silvia Ningsih, Tri Friantini, Yuli Hartati
Iron deficiency anemia is a micronutrition problem in Indonesia, as much as 84.6 % occurs in the group of pregnant women aged 15-24 years. One of the issues of iron deficiency anemia is to provide foods high in protein and iron in the form of cookies. This research aims to obtain a formula of cookies...
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The Effect of Addition of Plastic Waste and Styrofoam Waste Against Powerful Concrete Brick Press

Priyadi, Navianti Diah
Inorganic waste such as plastic and Styrofoam are very difficult to decompose/degrade in nature. This study aims to provide a solution for utilizing plastic and styrofoam waste in brick making and to determine their effect on the compressive strength. This research was an experimental research with independent...
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Characteristics, Nutritional Status, and Sarcopenia in the Elderly in Pangkalpinang City

Ratmawati, S. Fatimah-Muis, Muchlis Achsan Udji Sofro, Ani Margawati, Martha Irena Kartasurya
Sarcopenia is a decrease in muscle mass, muscle strength, and physical performance in the elderly ≥ 60 years. The study in 2016 found out that the prevalence of sarcopenia among the elderly in Indonesia was considerabely high (40.6%). The risk factors for sarcopenia include age, gender, lifestyle, nutritional...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Acceleration of Uterine Involution in the Postpartum

Ratna Ningsih
Uterine revolution was a very important process because the mother needs care, and supervision for the recovery of health as before pregnancy. Cases of bleeding are very common and one of the causes is if involution does not proceed normally. This condition causes the mortality and morbidity of puerperal...
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The Influence of Wait on Physical Chemistry and Microbiology on Melted Foods Hospital Formula and Commercial Formula In RS.RK Charitas Palembang

Khusnul Alifia Arrizki, Yuli Hartati, Sartono
Liquid food is food that has liquid consistency given to critical patients (acute infection, very high fever, very low appetite, stroke, unable to chew and difficult to swallow). Types of liquid foods are clear liquid foods, full liquid foods, and thick liquid foods. The purpose of feeding in liquid...
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The Effectiveness of Cutaneous Stimulation and Cuddling Therapy Combination on Toddler’s Pain Response

Eva Oktaviani, Indah Dewi Ridawati
The high number of morbidity has an effect on the high number of children hospitalization cases, resulting in children vulnerable to stress. Installation of infusion is one of the most invasive measures during child nursing and can cause pain. The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness...
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Analysis of Physical and Chemical Water Quality (Sekanak River in Lowlands Area) to Support the Palembang City Government Revitalization Program

Pra Dian Mariadi, Ian Kurniawan
The revitalization of the Sekanak River is one of the Palembang city government programs. Sekanak River is one of the oldest rivers in the city of Palembang that receives waste, from both industry and domestic so that the quality will experience pollution. The development of activities along the Sekanak...
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The Fruit of Seated (Melastomamalabathricum L.) As Agent for Detecting the Age and Acidity of Dental Plaque

Marlindayanti, Nur Adiba Hanum
Background:Research and Development Agency Ministry of Health, stated that the biggest dental and oral disease in Indonesia is dental caries or dental cavities, with the main cause is dental plaque. Plaque formation begins with the formation of a pellicle immediately after brushing teeth, then experiences...
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How to Extract and to Examination of β-Carotene in Carrot (Daucus carota)

Muhamad Taswin, Sonlimar Mangunsong
Carrots (Daucus carota), is the main sources of beta carotene besides tomatoes and palm oil. At present, β-carotene has been used extensively in food, industry, and medicine, so that beta carotene is of high economic value. The β-carotene in carrot can be obtained by chemical preparation. The researchers,...
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A Stick Formulation of a Mixture of Citronella Oil, Cananga Oil and Patchouli Oil as Aromatherapy

Ratnaningsih Dewi Astuti, Nella Safitri, Risdayanti, Siti Khotimah
Human are expected to be competent especially in industrial development. The effect of this demand is stress. However, stress can be reduce by using essential oil of aromateraphymade from mixture of citronella oil (oleum citronella), cananga oil (oleumcananga), patchouli oil (oleum patchouli). Those...
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Analysis of Micro Nutrition and Amino Essential Acids of Pempek Green Content

Muhammad Yusuf, Rohanta Siregar
The problem of adolescent anemia is a serious problem, the national anemia rate is 21.7%, where 18.4% occur in males and 23.9% occur in females, mostly due to iron deficiency. Anemia in adolescents adversely affects the decline in immunity, concentration, learning achievement, adolescent fitness and...
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Immunization and Nutritional Status Towards Acute Respiratory Infection Among Toddlers

Complete basic immunization status must be obtained by toddlers, as well as good nutritional status that must be fulfilled for the growth and development of toddlers. This can increase the immunity and resilience of children under five against ARI events that are susceptible to infants. The purpose of...
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The Effect of Substitution of Mungabean Flour and Tapioca on the Acceptability of Pie Shells as a Source of Fiber and Potassium

Yuli Hartati, Risma Royanda
Pie is a type of pastry product consisting of pie shells and toppings. Pies are usually consumed as snacks among children, adolescents and adults. Creations in the processing of pie shells is rarely, most of food products, especially snacks have a low fiber and potassium content, but are high in sodium...
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The Effect of Nutrition Food Diversity Assistance on Weight Gain of Undernourished Toddlers at Jambi City

Rusmimpong, Daryono, Erna Heryani
Nutritional problems are still at the center of attention in developing countries. By 2030 the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to end all forms of malnutrition. Risk factors for underweight besides nutrient intake and infectious diseases, maternal factors, environmental factors and diet also...
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Overview of the Characteristics of People with Mental Disorders and Family Caregiver

Eka Haryanti, Ira Kusuumawaty, Yunike, Salsabilla Sheilalia
The stress of life can occur at any time and about anyone, so that possibility of mental disorder can also happen to anyone, not just a certain group of people. Thus, it is necessary to identify patients and their families’ characteristics to plan strategies or approaches to facilitate the care of patients...
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Endemicity of Lymphatic Filariasis in Belitung Regency Post Elimination

Santoso, Yahya, Yanelza Supranelfy, Nungki Hapsari Suryaningtyas
Elimination of filariasis was launched in 2002 in South Sumatra with the target in 2020 elimination has been done in all endemic regencies. This study aims to obtain factors that cause treatment failure in the prevention of filariasis as well as community based filariasis control efforts.This research...
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The Effect of Self Surrender Exercise on Stress in Patients of Diabetes Melitus Type II

Sukma Wicaturatmashudi, Eva Susanti, Ammira Fatima
This study aims to determine the effect of Self Surrender exercise against stress in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus at Muhammadiyah Hospital Palembang. The design used in this research is Pre-experimental using one group pretest-posttest design, sample determination with Simple Random Sampling...
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Comparative Study of Psychosocial Development Between Former Teenagers and Non Drug Users at Yayasan Ar-Rahman

Yunike, Ira Kusumawaty, Yeni Elviani, Rheviani Atrisha, Nadinda Nathania
Psychosocial development is a development which includes emotional, social, cognitive, and moral development. The stages of psychosocial development in adolescents are looking for self-confidence and personal identity. If the stage of identity development is inadequate, psychosocial problems will be...
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Comparison of the Antioxidant Activity of Cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) Leaf Extract with the Soxhletation and Reflux Extraction Methods

Minda Warnis, Tria Yulinda, Lilis Maryanti
Cashew is a plant that has antioxidant benefits. Extraction by hot method is more perfect and the extraction process is faster than cold extraction. This study aims to compare the antioxidant activity of cashew leaf extract obtained by means of soxhletation and reflux. This research is an experimental...
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Calcium Intake And Body Mass Index (BMI) On Bone Density

Yunita Nazarena, Terati
Background: Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by reduced bone mass (density) and changes in the micro-architecture of bone tissue so that bone strength decreases and bone fragility increases (Menkes RI, 2008). Calcium intake is one of the determining factors in bone mass formation and has an effect...