Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Social and Political Sciences (ICoSaPS 2022)

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Leni Winarni, Takuo Sasaki, Suyatno Suyatno, Aulia Suminar Ayu
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the [The 7th International Conference on Social and Political Sciences (ICoSaPS) 2022] during [3-4 August 2022”] in [Surakarta, Indonesia - Online]. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Leni Winarni, Takuo...
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Analysis of Conflict Interpersonal Communication of The State Court and Land Owner in The Process of Rail Way Land Compensation in Pangkep Regency

Angel Aprilia Yomir, Tuti Bahfiarti, Muhammad Farid
The central government with its national project, carried out the construction of the Trans Sulawesi railway. The Trans Sulawesi railway project connects the city of Makassar and the city of Parepare. Pangkep, one of the regencies through which the trans Sulawesi railway development project has passed....
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Brand Strategy “Simpul Talenta” Surakarta in Improving: Marketing in The Youth Environment

Ridha Maharani, Andre N. Rahmanto, M. I. Naini Albert
Knowledge and technology that are developing rapidly have become the government’s attention in all aspects, one of which is overcoming the unemployment problem. The Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) launched the Talent Hub program for young people. Simpul Talenta has been present in several cities in Indonesia,...
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Creative Economy Product Brand Registration for Economic Improvement in West Java

Josefhin Mareta
The development of the creative economy has not in line with public awareness to protect the work that has been produced by registering the rights to a trademark. The commercialization of brand-certified creativeness economy products expects to boost the added value and income of product owners. Protect...
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Cultivating Waste Bank Digital Applications in Pucangan, Kartasura, Sukoharjo

Addin Kurnia Putri, Yuyun Sunesti, Endar Suprih Wihidayat
A community-initiated waste bank has emerged in Pucangan Village, Kartasura, Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia. It has become a significant contribution to the problem of waste management and a form of environmental concern. However, waste bank management still uses conventional methods. They have recorded,...
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Cultural Discourse on Mount Mutis Area in West Timor Indonesia: The Idea of a National Park and Environmental Desacralization

E. Suminar, Pawito, P. Utari, D. T. Kartono
This study discusses changing the nature reserve status of the Mount Mutis area into a national park and ecotourism park in West Timor. The Atoni Pah Meto tribe considers changing status a desacralization of the environment. This environmental communication study uses CuDA communication ethnography and...
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Democracy and Local Wisdom in Village Community Development: Crisis Transformation

Heti Marini, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Didik Gunawan Suharto
The democracy that occurs today is considered by the community as a procedural democracy which is seen in fact as the meaning of democracy is often only a tool for the interests of certain groups which are far from the rules of local wisdom which are full of life philosophy in building an ideal village...
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Digital Literacy and The Prevention of Stunting from Suburban Perspective: Case in Sepat Village, Sragen

Kristina Setyowati, Septyanto G. Prakoso, Is Hadri Utomo, Herwan Parwiyanto, Retno Suryawati, Rino A. Nugroho, Priyanto Susiloadi, S. A. Santoso
There is still a lot of confusion in information about stunting, such as the difference between stunting and malnutrition, the diet to prevent stunting, and so on. Valid information related to stunting is already available in digital form, but there is still a lot of misinformation and disinformation...
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Inclusive Learning from Home Model: Inclusive School Teacher’s Assistance Strategy During The Covid-19 Crisis

Drajat Tri Kartono, Rezza Dian Akbar, Theofilius Apolinaris Suryadinata, Rb Soemanto, Ahmad Zuber
This article results from public service activities in inclusive schools. Public service activities are carried out with partners of the Yayasan Lembaga Pendidikan Al Firdaus (YLPAF) of Surakarta to carry out inclusive education, including children with special needs in a climate and learning process....
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Makassar Citizens’ Attitude Towards the Pandemic COVID-19 and Health Workers

Eka Damayanti, Ilhamsyah, Jamilah, Taufiq Mathar
The COVID-19 pandemic has shacked every aspect of life in every country. The increased number of deaths, rapid mass tests, and national/regional quarantine, also accompanied by misinformation, have worried everyone. This study surveyed the Makassar citizen’s attitude towards the COVID-19 information...
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Public Perception of ITB STIKOM Bali Kampus Jimbaran’s Brand Image

A. A. Raka Jayaningsih, I. Putu Gede Abdi Sudiatmika, Riza Wulandari
ITB Stikom Bali is considered a product that can be branded through the image of a company (company branding). This is increasingly realized, seeing the development of the campus not only from a physical perspective but also from a non-physical perspective. ITB Stikom Bali has 2 faculties and 5 departments....
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Receiving Messages of Technological Determinism in the Documentary Film “The Social Dilemma”: Analysis of Receptions in Teenagers

Tia Hanna Diniasti, Rizca Haqqu
Technological developments have shifted several cultures, like the high rates of spreading fake news, crime, mental disorders, and suicide experienced by many productive age social media users. This study aims to determine the audience’s position and describe the meaning of technological determinism...
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Survival Strategies in Crisis for Micro-enterprises in Cibaduyut Shoes Center, Bandung

Ellen Rusliati, Mulyaningrum, Yusuf Reynaldi
Cibaduyut leather shoe center is the idol of domestic tourists when visiting Bandung. The influx of shoes made in China and the Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years have resulted in the shoe industry experiencing a significant decline in sales. Sales of shoes were almost zero because shoes were...
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The Challenging of Women-headed Family during the Pandemic of Covid-19 in West Nusa Tenggara, Survive or Give up?

Leni Winarni, Yuyun Sunesti, Addin Kurnia Putri
Drawing on the governmental policies, lack of health facilities and infrastructure, the threat of economic crisis, increasing poverty rate, high inflation, and several issues in Indonesia, we investigate the role of women-headed families during the pandemic of Covid-19. Since Covid-19 entered Indonesia...
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The Motives of Teenage Marriage During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tita Melia Milyane, Guntur Dharmawan Sukmawanto
This study examines one phenomenon in Indonesian society, especially in Bandung Regency, West Java Province, during the Covid 19 Pandemic. This phenomenon still occurs in marriages in adolescents aged 16 to 18. It is known that the COVID-19 pandemic had multiple impacts on people’s lives, including economic...
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The Role of Public Relations Practitioners in Improving the Service Quality of Universitas Sebelas Maret

Marieti Debyora Gardiana, Andre Noevi Rahmanto, Ign. Agung Satyawan
Public relations officers are functional officials given full duties, responsibilities, authorities, and rights to carry out information service and public relations activities—planning, information services, implementation of internal and external relations, public relations communication audits, and...
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Transformation of Women’s Leadership Styles in Post-Pandemic Crisis Recovery

Septi Wulandari, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Didik Gunawan Suharto
As we enter 2020, all countries in the world are being hit by a health threat crisis caused by the coronavirus. The virus has a major impact on various sectors of life. Therefore, responsive and fast leadership is needed to overcome the crisis that occurs. From the point of view of feminism and female...
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Transformation of Work Spirituality and Workforce Agility of Millennials in Crisis Time

Linda Widowati, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Kristina Setyowati, Didik Gunawan Suharto
Spirituality and shrewdness in working in times of crisis are very important advantages for workers. In this case, Generation Z has characteristics that fit this category. Generation Z has been considered a generation without boundaries, which is above average in many ways. Generation Z has expectations,...
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Digitalization and Poverty Reduction: Case in Indonesia

Dewi Regina, Febrina Elia Nababan
The Indonesian government has set a target of 0 extreme poverty by 2024. Pandemic covid-19 make this target become more challenges. Various strategies have been designed by the government to achieve the poverty target, such as digitalization. The purpose of this article is to estimate the impact of digitalization...
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Grey Communication: CSR Communication of Oil Company Based on Sustainable Development Goals

Ahmad Taufiq, Pawito, Andre N. Rahmanto, Drajat Tri Kartono
Oil companies distributed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to avoid social inequality. The problem was that the implementation of CSR programs was not running smoothly. One of the problems was the lack of precise communication of CSR programs. The research aimed to understand, analyze,...
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How The Feminist Sweden Respond to COVID-19: Feminist Foreign Policy Analysis on Sweden’s Development Aid to Uganda

Sherley Adalia, Muhammad Rizki Akbar, Eryan Dwiki Effendi
As an initiator of Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP), Sweden has become an example of a country’s political transformation to Feminism Sweden has repeatedly emphasized their identity as a feminist country through FFP in five focuses: development, defense, aid, trade and diplomacy Their eccentric identity...
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Human Resources Management Transformation for Supporting the Framework of Courts Excellence the VUCA Era

Linda Widowati, Kristina Setyowati, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Didik Gunawan Suharto
The Framework of Court Excellent (TFCE) requires the support of superior human resources so that judicial services are fast, easy, and transparent. The Industrial Revolution 4.0, Society 5.0, and the VUCA era encouraged the Supreme Court (in Indonesia/MA) to innovate in providing digital-based judicial...
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Mental Health Workforce in Developing Countries: A Bibliometric Study

Nova Yulanda Putri Sipahutar, Metha Claudia Agatha Silitonga, Tyas Wahyu Fadhila, Marisa Yanti Rumondang Sipahutar, Yosefina Itu
Mental health problems are one of the highest causes of disability. Unfortunately, the numbers of the mental health workforce are minimal. Moreover, problems related to mental health in developing countries are complex. This study describes the general trends and analyzes relevant indicators from aspects...
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Moving The Capital of Indonesia in A Decentralization Perspective

Ellyza Octaleny
The disparity in economic growth between the island of Java and the islands outside Java is a factor for the government to issue Law Number 3 of 2022 concerning the State Capital (IKN). However, this law contradicts the Indonesian government system, which adheres to the principle of decentralization....
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Populism and Crisis in Indonesia: Politicization of Economy, Identity, and Personalistic Leadership

Defbry Margiansyah
While the COVID-19 pandemic plunged Indonesia’s economy into its worst recession in the post-1998 Asian financial crisis, the health crisis forced the government to accelerate national economic recovery by initiating contradictory policies and problematic law, the omnibus law on job creation. These efforts...
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The Impact of Marine Pollution Through Marine Shrimp Farming

Sindhu Dinasty Pujayani, Drajat Tri Kartono, Trisni Utami
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact caused by the shrimp farming business on the lives of traditional fishermen on the Konang coast. Data collection was carried out through in-depth interviews and observations. Meanwhile, the sample was taken using the purposive sampling method and...
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Agile Government Action in Health Sector: Implementation and Leadership

Yeni Widyastuti, Susanti
This research aims to analyze the need for agile government action in public health service, the implementation, and the critical role of the leadership. Agile characteristics are needed to eliminate the risk of failure, and satisfactory results are confirmed in the public health sector. The agile approach...
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Analysis of Desertion Crime Policy for Army Personnel in West Aceh

Syabilarrasyad, Jusuf Irianto, Fendy Suhariadi
Every soldier has career development opportunities through regular and non-regular education. It’s just that a number of soldiers do not carry out every post-education assignment, both in the unity of origin and the new. The soldier’s actions constitute a crime of desertion. This research aims to analyze...
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Brin in Synergy and Consolidation of Non-Ministerial Government Agencies: Communication Perspective

Panjianto, Sri Hastjarjo, Ign. Agung Satyawan
The synergy and consolidation of non-ministerial government institutions (LPNK) within the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) was questioned and created a polemic. Many public, internal, and experts argue with clear reasons and the legal basis. The consolidation plan was deemed inappropriate...
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Digital Transformation Of Human Resource Management: Strengthening Government in the Vuca Era

Nur Baity Al Wafiroh, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Rina Herlina Haryanti
Indonesia’s level of competitiveness is still low, as indicated by the ranking of Indonesia’s Competitiveness Index in 2021, which is ranked 37th out of 64 countries, and ranked 11th out of 14 Asia Pacific countries. The massive development of the digital era has exacerbated Indonesia’s low competitiveness...
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Diskominfo Gresik’S Innovation Through Social Media Management Tools

Suryo Khasabu, Andre Rahmanto, Pawito Pawito
Today’s technological developments show tremendous progress. Many from the realm of life have taken advantage of the existence of technology itself. Government agencies are no exception. The government’s work as a public service provider should not be separated from branding. The state of public information...
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Dynamic Governance in Efforts to Increase Tourism Visits During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Duddy Agus Rosadi Sinaga, Roni Ekha Putera, Aidinil Zetra, Ria Ariany
The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted various aspects of human life. The Indonesian government has implemented a policy of social distancing to overcome the spread of Covid-19 that applies to all levels of society. This policy affects almost all community activities, including tourism activities....
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Examining Election Regulations Related to Candidates Ex-Corruptor: Case Study of Agusrin-Imron’s Candidacy in the 2020 Bengkulu Provincial Election

Suci Ramadhani, Roni Ekha Putera, Aidinil Zetra, Khairul Fahmi
Democracy has mandated elections as a way for the people to choose their leaders. Regulations on Elections have allowed ex-corruptors to nominate at election events. The practice of ex-corruptors nominating as Regional Heads occurred in Bengkulu Province, namely the Agusrin-Imron pair. The Bengkulu Provincial...
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Government Communication Using Social Media During Covid-19 in The City of Madiun

Mualima Nuralam, Ign. Agung Satyawan, Ismi Dwi Astuti
The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that Covid-19 is a global pandemic that continues to expand to various parts of the world, including in Madiun. The Government, through its digital communication channels, is the spearhead that the public hopes to be able to minimize the hoax information....
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Implementation of Forest Protection Policies in Riau Province: Case Study on Mangrove Forests in Bengkalis Regency

Afrinaldy Rustam, Asrinaldi, Hendri Koeswara, Kamaruddin
This research is motivated by maintaining and protecting the sustainability of mangrove forests, the community must be directly involved because they better know and understand the condition of mangrove forests in their environment, while the Plantation and Forestry Office of Bengkalis Regency has more...
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Policy Design Analysis of West Sumatra Province Tsunami Contingency Plan

Ory Riandini, Roni Ekha Putera, Hendri Koeswara
This paper describes the results of analyzing the policy design of the tsunami contingency plan in West Sumatra Province based on the concept of public policy and disaster management. The tsunami contingency plan has explained the details of the division of tasks between stakeholders and what facilities...
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Policy Entrepreneurs and Policy Innovation: The Case Of Kampung Akuarium In Jakarta

Ahmad Fauzi, Meidi Kosandi
The problem of informal settlements (kampung) in Jakarta has been handled with the mainstream policy of forced eviction which was harmful to many marginalized communities. The Jakarta administration’s decision to rebuild the evicted informal settlements of Kampung Akuarium in 2018 was recognized by many...
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Risk Identification and Disaster Management at The Village Level: Principal Component Analysis Approach

Muhammad Fazri, A. Risdawati AP, Dian Karinawati Imron, Marthella Rivera Roidatua, Adelia Oktarina, Febrina Elia Nababan, Cita Pertiwi
Indonesia is one of the countries with a fairly high level of disaster proneness. Based on the results of the 2020 Indonesia Disaster Risk Index (IRBI) published by BNPB, out of the number of 514 districts, there are 237 districts with high risk, while 277 districts with moderate risk. The high number...
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The Dynamic Governance in Handling the Earthquake Disaster

Joko Santoso, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Roni Ekha Putera, Aidinil Zetra
Natural disasters often bring many victims due to the failure to implement dynamic governance. This study explains the contribution of management information systems, learning agility and collaboration factors. It creates able people and agile processes that ensure the creation of capabilities to develop...
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The Role of Communication of PPID in the Pandemic Situation

Anasta Novi Hidayati, Andre Rahmanto, Albert Muhammad Isrun Naini
The Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID) is government spokesman that provide public information and function as Government Public Relations. PPID has provided good and correct information to public include providing information about COVID-19. In 2021, the Central Java Provincial...
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The Role of Public Relations at the Sukoharjo Resort Police Institute

Basuki Wahyu Utomo, Sri Hastjarjo, Andre Rahmanto
Public relations has an important and crucial role in representing the communication between the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the community. The role of Police Public Relations is not only to build a positive image. But it also helps in improving performance to achieve the goals of the police...
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Trust and Power-Sharing During Covid-19: Case Study of Collaborative Governance in Trenggalek East Java Indonesia During The Covid-19 Pandemic

D. Kusumawardhani, Amy Y. S. Rahayu, K. P. Rahmayanti, A. Yuka Asmara
Trust is one of the basic principles that ensure the success of collaborative governance, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic periods. However, trust will not address the challenges and negative impact that arise during and post-pandemic because collaborative governance requires...
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Communication Patterns of Wayang Yudhistira Figure to the Principles of Language Politeness

Sugeng Riyanto, Niswi Mukarromah
Wayang (literally translated as puppet) as a world heritage culture is not only a performing art but can be used as a means of symbolic communication about human behaviour. The puppet character Yudhishthira can be used as an example in the application of linguistic politeness in today’s life. The background...
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Content Analysis of Digital Marketing Governor of Central Java’s Instagram: ‘Lapak Ganjar’

Mujawaroh Annafi, Sri Hastjarjo, Ign. Agung Satyawan
Social media is the development of internet-based technology that allows users to interact directly. One type of popular social media is Instagram. Today regional leaders use social media as a means to display their political image, community closeness, and programs as a leader. This research will specifically...
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Crisis Communication Strategy by Public Relations to Customers in the Middle of Covid-19

Hebby Ilma Dini, Sri Hastjarjo, Ign. Agung Satyawan
The Covid-19 pandemic is still in the midst of life, Covid-19 which is spreading globally has an impact on developments in various world sectors, especially in Indonesia. The number of sectors spread across Indonesia has had a large enough influence on the crisis in Indonesia. From the economic crisis,...
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Digital Institutional Branding on The Social Media Accounts of MTA Islamic Boarding School Instagram

Lintang Bayu Aji, Sri Hastjarjo, Yulius Slamet
The application of technology and digital media is growing every year. This can make it easier for an institution to carry out Institutional Branding through social media. An institution needs institutional branding to show its identity to the public. In institutional branding in digital media, an institution...
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Journalistic Code of Ethics: Sexual Violence Against Children in Online Media News

Andrine Prima Afneta Arzil, Latifa Nur Fakhirah
This study aims to explain the implementation of the Journalistic Code of Ethics in the news of sexual violence against children by the Advisor of the Church of Saint Herculanus in the online media This study uses a qualitative descriptive method with data analysis using a filling system...
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Management of Social Media as Public Communication Media for General Election Commission Tuban Regency

Anis Miswoni, Pawito, Ign. Agung Satyawan
The emergence of new media, one of which is social media has a wide and fast reach and involves its users. Social media is used by the Public Relations of the General Election Commission (KPU) of Tuban Regency to carry out public communications. KPU of Tuban Regency social media should offer interaction...
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Media, Influencer, and Buzzer: Psywar in Indonesia Dynamic National Security

Syarifurohmat Pratama Santoso
In the current 21st century, many new actors appear in the digital world. Once dominated by television media, the world is now starting to appear on social media, affecting people’s social life. Actors such as influencers to buzzers currently have strategic roles, so they sometimes have the power to...
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Message Management Directorate General of Immigration on Social Media: @Instagram

Latief Bugi Windarto, Ignatius Agung Satyawan, Albert Muhammad Isrun Naini
This research focuses on managing the social media platform (Instagram) of the Directorate General of Immigration (DGI). Researchers want to learn about the handling of messages on social media Instagram of the DGI and their responses to public comments on the Instagram page of DGI. The theory used in...
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Perceptions of International Students toward Social Media of Universitas Sebelas Maret

Marieti Debyora Gardiana, Andre Noevi Rahmanto, Ign. Agung Satyawan
The results of the Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings 2023, released in June 2022, placed the Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) in 1201-1400 worldwide. UNS cannot join the ranks of the 500 most prominent universities in the world due to the low proportion of international students, below 1%....
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Radio Mediamorphosis in the Digital Age: Case Study on Private Radios in East Java Joined in XSpace Radio

Dinda Nur Ardilla, Andre Noevi Rahmanto, Sudarmo
The massive migration of analog television to digital by 2022 is a threat signal for other broadcast media, namely radio. It is also possible that the audio-based broadcasting media that uses public frequencies will also be injected with death and forced to switch to digital. However, switching from...
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Social Media and Hospital Reputation During Pandemic

Eni Lestari, Andre Noevi Rahmanto, Ignatius Agung Satyawan
The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus that hit the world, including Indonesia, brought significant changes to the hospital sector. Not only changes in service to patients with strict health protocols, but the acceleration of hospital digitization has also increased significantly. Using social media is a...
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Social Media and Product Branding for MSMEs Actors

Ido Prijana Hadi
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia thrive and provide hope for small businesses. They are starting from the culinary business, fashion, education, automotive, agribusiness, tour & travel, innovative products, internet technology, cosmetics/beauty, event-organizer, cleaning...
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Student Communication Difficulties in Online Learning at Mapin Kebak

Sugeng Riyanto, Nopitasari, Luthfa Nugraheni
This study aims to describe the factors that cause students’ communication difficulties and their percentages in the online learning process. This type of research is the qualitative descriptive approach. They were collecting data using interview sheets and questionnaires. The research subjects were...
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The Communication Pattern of Online Prostitution Business that Violates Intellectual Property Rights

Dwi Rini Sovia Firdaus, Jafnatya Regieri
Over the past few decades, sophistication in intellectual property rights (IPR) violations has increasingly exceeded the limit. The offenders are trying to outsmart the development of a legitimate business model to facilitate online trade. The ease with which potential customers search for Commercial...
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The Use of Communication Technologies in Higher Education During the Pandemic: A Systematic Literature Review

Suprapti, Didik Gunawan Suharto, Rino Ardhian Nugroho
The use of Information and Communication Technology or transformation to digitalization has become a must due to the pandemic, universities. During the crisis due to Covid-19, learning activities and services at universities are carried out remotely, increasing the use of Information and Communication...
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Understanding Online Video Platform Content Strategy Using Content Mapping

This research aims to determine how online video media organizations manage their content strategy. The subject of this research is an online video platform based in Indonesia called VIDIO ( Content mapping was performed in this study to identify how the content team on VIDIO manages its...