Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Conference of Psychology, Health, and Social Science (ICPHS 2021)

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Analysis of Academic Stress Levels Among Migrant Students

Nirwana Permatasari, Dewi Retno Suminar
Adaptation to new environments is critical to the successful engagement of overseas students with their studies at university. Leaving and studying in places of different societies socially and culturally can have certain social and psychological impacts. Overseas students’ failure to adjust to college...
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Are Boys More Verbally Creative?

Gender-Based Difference in Verbal Creativity in Adolescents

Susi Susanti, Zulmi Ramdani
As one of the important competencies in the 21st century, creativity becomes an asset for a teenager to grow and compete to become a superior generation. Gender differences are often seen as an important indicator in determining what interventions are appropriate to improve these competencies. This study...
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Being Compassionate in Early Adulthood

The Correlation Between Self-Compassion and Physical Appearance Comparison

Umniyah Saleh, Rahti Dwi Kusuma, Mayenrisari Arifin
In early adulthood, college students have dynamics in developmental aspects that help them not to make a physical appearance as their focus. However, many students prioritize their appearance and feel dissatisfied, more sensitive about their physical appearance, and associated with negative feelings...
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Contribution of Peer Conformity to Student’s Academic Procrastination

Triani Arfah, Muhammad Tamar, Norhafizah
Procrastination is the tendency to delay tasks. From starting to finishing a job only to do useless activities, eventually leading to regret (Solomon and Rothblum, 1984). There are two consequences of procrastination; these include the emergence of negative emotions, regret, self-blame, and hopelessness....
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Contribution of Social Support to Work-life Balance on Working Women During Work From Home

Rezky Ariany Aras, Sri Wahyuni, Annisa Halawatus Salwa Thalib
The switch to work from home during the covid-19 pandemic has affected people’s work-life balance, even more so for working women. This study aims to determine the contribution of social support to work-life balance on working women during work from home. This research uses a quantitative method with...
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Disability Play Therapy: Implementation of Traditional Japanese Game to Improve Creativity and Education in Public Special Needs Inclusive School (SLB) 1 Makassar

Ria Rosdiana Jubhari, Teguh Daniel Bandaso, Nurul Hidayah, Zilzi Zabila, Mochammad Afiq Gizly, Andi Juwita Amal
People with disabilities generally experience physical, mental, and sensory limitations—this limitation results in barriers and difficulties in interacting with their environment. Education offered at the special needs school (SLB) only provides reading and writing skills. Despite these, it is necessary...
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Does Work-Life Balance Predict the Nurses’ Organizational Commitment?

Rezky Ariany Aras, Sri Wahyuni, Yuli Wardani, Syurawasti Muhiddin
Nurses play a significant role among all health workers in the hospital because they directly interact with patients; thus, their organizational commitment is essential for ensuring their professionality in delivering service. This study aimed to examine the contribution of work-life balance of nurses’...
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Empathic Communication Skill Optimization for Minimizing Children’s Excessive Use of Gadgets

Andi Tenri Pada Rustham, Muhammad Imran Rusadi, Salsa Sakinah, Ailani Kristanti, Fidya Ainun Cholisha
Excessive use of gadgets can have physiological and psychological impacts on children. Physiologically, it can cause obesity due to lack of movement and radiation exposure. Meanwhile, psychologically, it can cause speech delay and ADHD symptoms. Children also become aggressive and throw a tantrum when...
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Employee Job Satisfaction

The Effect of Transformational E-Leadership

Muhammad Tamar, Nur Fajar Alfitra, Febryana Utami Aras, Muh. Ikhsan Rahmat, Fitriani, Rezky, Nurul Fatihah, Muh. Albar, Ainun Saadah, Taha Shabbit, Duratul Ain Tholibon, Denok Sunarsi
This study aimed to determine the contribution of perceptions of transformational leadership applied by E-leadership to employee job satisfaction while working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study used a quantitative approach with purposive sampling. Data were collected from 152 respondents...
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Family and Community as Protective Factors for Psychological Well-Being of Adolescents Survivors of Dating Violence

A Literature Review

Annisa Zaenab Nur Fitria, Marselius Sampe Tondok
Accumulated research has shown that family and community play an essential role in maintaining the survivors’ psychological well-being of any kind of violence. However, previous research has not systematized how the family and community can play a protective role for psychological well-being among adolescent...
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Female Employees’ Work-Family Balance

The Role of Authentic Leadership During Work from Home (WFH)

Muhammad Tamar, Nur Fajar Alfitra, Aulia Rezky Rahmadani, Felicia Leonardi, Firman Syah, Indri Alviolita Halim, Jihan Chairunnisa, Mutmainnah, Wijdan Rajh Hamza Al-Kraity, Samuel Akpan Bassey
This research aims to determine whether perceived authentic leadership affects work-family balance for female employees while working from home. This study was a quantitative research with an online survey method. A total of 89 married women participants filled out the Authentic Leadership Questionnaire...
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Goal Setting for Students Participating in Student Exchange Programs Between Universities in Indonesia

Aniq Hudiyah Bil Haq, Gema Lara Fahmi, Puspa Ghandi, Khusnul Khatimah, Dewi Puri Astiti, Jusuf Blegur
Proper and precise goal setting will encourage an individual to achieve objectives. Besides, the current online lecture model directs students to have good self-regulation so that the learning process can be maintained optimally and results in the expected performance. Goal setting stimulates students...
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Millennial’s Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)

A Literature Review

Diah Sofiah, Markus Hartono, Frikson Sinambela
Research on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) was carried out more than three decades ago. In 2025, the millennial generation will dominate the workforce, which has different characteristics from the previous generation. This literature review aims to map out research on OCB in the millennial...
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Optimization of Learning During Pandemic: The Correlation Analysis of Character Strengths and Self-regulated Learning

Umniyah Saleh, Nur Fajar Al-Fitra, S. Nurul Azizah, Miskah Ramdhani M, Nurfida, Haiqal Aliftiansyah Ma’rufi, Andi Ariqah Hanafiah Farid
As the Covid-19 pandemic changes student methods in the learning process, students are asked to help themselves to regulate their studying process. One of the internal factors that could influence the positive experience in independent learning (self-regulated learning) is character strengths. This research...
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Overview of College Adjustment on Migrant Students

Nirwana Permatasari, Tenriwali Rida Rahmah, Suryadi Tandiayuk
As their age development demands, immigrant students already have the resources, namely adequate cognitive abilities. This refers to the ability to have a mature mindset and adequate ability to explore the environment so that it is expected to be able to adapt to academic challenges during the lecture...
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Overview of Self-Regulated Learning in College Students Participating in Online Learning

Tenriwali Ridha Rahmah, Nirwana Permatasari
The online learning process brings new changes and dynamics for students, one of which is the demand for independent study. These demands make students need self-regulated learning abilities that can help students set goals to be achieved in the learning process by determining the strategies to be used....
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Perceived Safety and Driving Confidence on UK Motorways

Willy Hanugrah Gusti, Nicola Christie
UK motorways are well known for their safety to the motorists, but data showed that they are not on track for Global Vision Zero on road safety. This discrepancy calls for further investigation on the safety perception that motorists have towards UK motorways. This research study seeks to find the main...
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Psychological Well-Being of Contract Employees at PT. Bank X: The Roles of Job Insecurity

Sri Wahyuni, Rezky Ariany Aras, Dayana Melati Mokoginta, Syurawasti Muhiddin
Contract and outsourcing employees are the types of employees widely employed in companies today due to flexibility in terms of length of service agreement and other efficiency reasons. However, a position as a contract employee can create job insecurity. This research aimed to examine the role of job...
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Readiness for Change: The Influence of MIL on Hospital Workers During Pandemic

Sri Wahyuni, Nurmuliasneny Musa, Suryadi Tandiayuk
This study aims to determine the influence of margin in life (MIL) on readiness for change in hospital workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has significant impacts on all aspects of human life, which produce a process of changes in the organization. Each individual has a different experience,...
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Relationship Between Mindfulness and Grit Among Final Year Students in Makassar City

Stenly Christopher, Umniyah Saleh, Andi Tenri Pada Rustham
College students, who are working on their final assignments, need the grit to complete their studies well. However, there are still students who have low grit levels, so that not just a few students experience delays in completing their studies, even until they are dropped out of college. Mindfulness,...
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Relationship Between Perception of Father Involvement and the Tendency to Become Victims of Dating Violence Among Adolescent Girls

Gina Khalizah Ismail, Umniyah Saleh, Juwita Amal
This study aims to determine the relationship between perceptions of father involvement with the tendency to become victims of dating violence in an adolescent girl. This research is quantitative research with a correlational research design. The number of respondents in this study is 131 people with...
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Relativism and Rationality in The Social Sciences

Samuel Akpan Bassey, Ibiang O. Okoi, Ekomobong I Bassey, Hillman Wirawan
This paper aims to discuss the role of relativism of rationality in the social sciences. The upshot of this work is that there is no paradigmatic rationality operating in the realm of natural sciences. Scientific rationality is not an ultimate, absolute and all-pervading criterion so that we can try...
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Role Conflict on Working Students

Self-Regulated Learning as a Predictor

Ichlas Nanang Afandi, Nur Syamsu Ismail, Asdalifa
According to the KBBI, students are people who study in universities. According to the definition, work is not a student’s job. However, not a few students are studying and working simultaneously. Various reasons underlie it, especially economic factors. Of course, the situation of studying and working...
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Role of Family on Work-Life Balance of Active Workers

A Meta-Synthesis Systematic Literature Review

Nurmuliasneny Musa, Achmad Chusairi
Job is one of the most fundamental things for a human being, but currently, the job has complexity and a significant impact on the worker’s life. In addition, the family is one of the stakeholders who have a huge impact on encouraging workers to achieve a work-life balance. The issue of work-life balance...
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Students Diversity and the Implementation of Adaptive Learning and Assessment

A Systematic Literature Review

Zulmi Ramdani, Andi Amri, Deni Hadiana, Jaka Warsihna, Zulfikri Anas, Susi Susanti
Identification of the diversity of students is often an important point that teachers rarely consider before the learning is carried out. In fact, by understanding this diversity, teachers can undoubtedly carry out adaptive learning and assessments that are suitable for the conditions of students. This...
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Subjective Well-Being of Employees During COVID-19 Pandemic in Terms of Self-Leadership

Nurul Amaliah Jasmal, Rezky Ariany Aras, Elvita Bellani
During the COVID-19 pandemic, some changes made employees feel dissatisfied, afraid, and worried at work. This study aims to examine the contribution of self-leadership to employees’ subjective well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research uses a quantitative method with a causality correlational...
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Teacher Resilience Facing Technostress in the Implementation of Synchronous Hybrid Learning in Elementary School

Yunita Sri Handayani, Augustina Sulastri
Pertemuan Tatap Muka (PTM) Terbatas or limited face-to-face learning, which has been implemented in several regions of Indonesia, has brought new challenges to the world of education in Indonesia. Limited face-to-face learning requires certain schools to start face-to-face learning in schools with a...
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Teacher’s Job Crafting During Work From Home

The Role of Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Muhammad Tamar, Nur Fajar Alfitra, Nurul Utami, Mario Fernando, Nova Amalia, Ayu Anggraeni, Birgita Yoretha, Afzal Sayed Munna, Rudi Salam
High school teachers who have been teaching from home (WFH) experience their challenges to teaching online. This condition causes high school teachers to adapt to the changing demands of their work. During this online learning process, high school teachers are also required to do extra-role behavior...
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The Contributing Role of Organizational-Based Self-Esteem to Organizational Commitment

Muh. Riefqy Faraelly Sam, Elvita Bellani, Sri Wahyuni
Organizational commitment has been linked to numerous desirable outcomes for the organization, including those in the public sector. During the covid-19 pandemic, where uncertainty increases and work changes are inevitable, organizational commitment becomes more significant. Thus, understanding the contributing...
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The Contribution of Fear of Missing Out to Self-Regulation Among K-Pop Fans in Makassar

Esther Ananta Gracella, Mayenrisari Arifin, Susi Susanti
This study examines the contribution of fear of missing out on self-regulation among K-pop fans in Makassar. This study uses the quantitative correlational method. Data were analyzed using Pearson’s correlation coefficient. The result of this study found that there is a significant negative correlation...
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The Contribution of Peer Social Support to Academic Resilience among Adolescents in Online Learning

Study on Senior High School Students in Makassar

Andi Tenri Pada Rustham, Rezky Ariany Aras, Yulfita Munsi
The current pandemic requires everyone to keep their distance and avoid crowds. Schools and universities with large student capacities can create masses, so those institutions must be closed during this pandemic. The most effective solution to keep education running during this pandemic is to conduct...
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The Description of Illness Representation Occurred in Hypertension and Diabetes Patients in Makassar City

Annisa Yurna Megarezky, Grestin Sandy, Mayenrisari Arifin
Non-infectious diseases (i.e., stroke, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, tumor, and cardiovascular disease) are Indonesia’s main causes of death. Diabetes and hypertension are diseases that could be treated quickly. However, many patients choose to delay the treatment, and some decide not to treat their...
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The Effect of Illness Representations on Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) in Obesity: The Role of Coping Strategies as Mediator

Marfu’ah, Grestin Sandy, Mayenrisari Arifin
Obesity is a health problem with characteristics and symptoms that can be easily recognized. Nevertheless, awareness of obesity as a threat is far less, even if the risk factors can lead to more chronic diseases. This shows the importance of how people perceive obesity to minimize the impact of obesity...
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The Effects of Leadership Style on Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Across Hierarchical Levels

Rezky Ariany Aras, Muhammad Jufri
Research has shown that leaders play a crucial role in driving a team’s performance. In performing this role, leaders use different styles of leadership. Some leaders combine different leadership styles, such as directive and participative, and adjust them according to their situation. Leaders exist...
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The Effects of Work-Life Balance Towards Work Stress Among Nurses

Andi Rezka Fadillah, Rezky Ariany Aras, Sri Wahyuni
The study aims to explain the effect of work-life balance on work stress among nurses. The respondents in this study consist of 123 nurses. The measuring instruments used to collect data in this research were the work-life balance scale and the work stress scale. Simple linear regression analysis was...
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The Extent of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress on Undergraduate Students

The Effect of Adaptation During Pandemic Covid-19

Honey Wahyuni Sugiharto Elgeka, Jatie K. Pudjibudojo, Aurelia Theodosia, Natalia Poernomo
For more than one year, Covid-19 has been attacking Indonesia; online learning has been used to solve the problem in the academic system. Online learning was not easy to adapt to; some students got depression, stress, and anxiety during their studies. However, students have expected to be able to adapt...
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The Mediating Role of Internet Addiction Tendencies on the Relationship Between Loneliness and Emergence of Insomnia Tendencies Among Adolescents in Makassar During the Pandemic Period

Grestin Sandy, Andi Alya, Mayenrisari Arifin
Teenagers are limited in interacting directly with their peers during the pandemic. This situation makes teenagers become lonely and use the internet more. Insomnia has also increased during the pandemic. This study aims to: (1) determine the direct influence of loneliness on the emergence of insomnia...
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The Relationship Between Married Couple’s Emotional Expressivity and Marital Satisfaction During COVID-19 Pandemic in Makassar

St Aisyah Nurdin, Umniyah Saleh, Yassir Arafat Usman
Married couple have their respective duties and roles in living household life. The married couple also strives to achieve happiness and satisfaction in their marital relationship. Marital satisfaction is an evaluation of a married couple related to their happiness and satisfaction with their marital...
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The Relationship Between the Intensity of Using Tik Tok Social Media and Stress Level Among Teenagers in Makassar City During the Pandemic

Nur Syamsu Ismail, Andi Tenri Pada Rustham, Arny Ibrahim
The current COVID-19 pandemic requires individuals to keep their distance and maintain their health by doing activities from home, to stay connected to each other, teenagers use various kinds of social media, one of which is tik tok social media. There has been an increase in social media users, especially...
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The Relationship of Sleep Deprivation with the Poor Academic Performance and Adolescents’ Mental Health

A Review of Neuroscience Perspective

Ahmad Fachrurrozi
Adolescent mental health problems have a proportion of up to 16% of the total burden of disease for people aged 10-19 years in the world. Various studies suggest that lack of sleep in adolescents can affect poor academic performance and the emergence of mental health problems such as depression. This...
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The Role of Psychological Capital on Employee’s Readiness for Change in Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Diah Sastaviana
This research aims to find the role of psychological capital on employees’ readiness for changes during this pandemic era. The methods used in this research are quantitative correlational with measurement instrument using psychological capital and readiness for changes scale. The sampling techniques...
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Understanding the Link Between Self-Esteem and Work-Family Enrichment

Herdiana, Elvita Bellani, Sri Wahyuni
Work-family enrichment has been linked with a myriad of positive outcomes. Understanding factors related to work-family enrichment is important to enhance employees’ productivity and quality of life, including health workers. This present study investigates the relationship between self-esteem and work-family...
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What Basic Human Values Contribute to Attitude Toward Gratification

Jelita Azzura Rizqullah, Muh. Tamar, Triani Arfah
This research aims to know the effect of Basic Human Values (self-enhancement/Self-transcendence and Openness to Change/Conservation value dimensions) on Attitude Toward Gratification in Psychology students of Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas). The subjects of this research consist of 92 Psychology Unhas...