Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Social Sciences and Economic Development (ICSSED 2022)

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Correction to “Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Social Sciences and Economic Development (ICSSED 2022)”

The publisher regrets that the volume number was wrongly allocated during the production process. The issue has been corrected with correct volume number (Current Volume Number - 652; Correct Volume Number - 215). The publisher would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. DOI of original article:...
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Peer-Review Statements

Jidong Bi, Wu Qi, Bo Qu, Ziqiang Zeng, Jian Zhang
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The Application of Markowitz Model and Index Model on Portfolio Optimization

Jiyao Sun
With the progress of the global economy and science and technology, as well as the development of stock portfolio theory, sophisticated investors are considering return and risk management as their priority. In this article, we analyze different stocks from 10 renowned companies, representing the risk-free...
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Strategy Analysis of the COVID-19’s Influence on Apple

Yifan Zhao, Zhekai Zhang
Apple is one of the world’s largest technology companies, which specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling personal computers, servers, peripherals, computer software, online services and personal digital auxiliary devices. Since January 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak has been spreading around...
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Development and Application of Quantum Communication Technology from Economic Perspective

Rundian Zhang
From the earliest research and study of quantum communication to application and achievement. In recent years, with the continuous development of quantum communication, quantum secure direct communication became an important branch of quantum communication. Quantum secure direct communication uses distinct...
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The Research on the Countermeasures to Improve the Core Competitiveness of China’s International Logistics Enterprises

Gaiping Zhang, Yanan Wang, Na Dong, Shuzhen Feng
Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid growth of economic development, China has become the world’s largest logistics market. China’s port scale, freight turnover, express delivery scale and other important indicators rank first in the world. However, compared with developed countries, China’s...
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Comparative Analysis on the Expansion Models of Traditional Villages under the Background of Han Multi-folk Groups in Huizhou

Ying Lai, Xingxing Yang
Huizhou, located at the east of the Pearl River Delta, is the only one intersection of the three largest Han multi-folk groups of Guangdong Province. Owning to the different historical culture sources and the different ways of choosing environment in Huizhou, village expansion models are unique. Though...
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Civil Compensation for Misrepresentation of Securities and Countermeasures for Companies

Yi Luo
In recent years, the securities market has become more and more active, and the number of false statements in the securities market has increased. In addition, investors’ awareness of rights protection has risen, resulting in a growing number of civil compensation cases, and the compensation risks that...
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Study on Individual Differences and Preferred Behaviors of High School Students’ Clothing

A Case Study of the Comparison between Chinese and Canadian

Shujia Tong, Bohan Yang, Hanya Zhang
Three high school students living in different places absorb a variety of different cultures, which enlightens us about what individual differences lead to differences in high school students and some preferences and behaviors about clothing styles. Previous research has primarily compared consumers...
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Blockchain and Accounting Fraud Prevention: A Case Study on Luckin Coffee

Tianhao Chen
Based on the case analysis of recent accounting scandal of Luckin Coffee, the paper studies whether and how the blockchain technology would help to prevent and detect accounting fraud, using the fraud triangle model. I find that the three characteristics of the blockchain technology would help to break...
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Research on Evaluation Method of Recruitment Channel Effectiveness

Yue Li
The popularity of social software on the Internet makes recruitment channels more and more abundant. The research on the effectiveness of recruitment and the effectiveness of recruitment channels in existing literature originated earlier, and there are many theoretical researches. However, due to the...

RETRACTION: The Study on the development of Rural Digital Inclusive Finance in China

Liping Zhu
This article ( This article has been retracted because of accidental simultaneous submission. The author agrees with this retraction.
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Segment Bull Market Under Covid-19 Pandemic

Jingyi Liu, Dahong Wang, Yixuan Zhu
The COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted the global economy in multiple ways. This research explores the impact of the pandemic on the stock market by focusing on the segment bull market. Firstly, the factors that motivate the emergence of a segment bull market are discussed. Then, this research analyzes...
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Analyze the Protection of Personal Data in the Big Data Environment from the Perspective of the Enterprise

Yuhao Li, Xinzhu Yan
In the era of big data, with the advancement of information technology and the popularization of mobile intelligent terminals, the amount of data generated and captured by human society has exploded. This article studies the current situation of personal privacy and other data leakage in China and its...
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Research on Community Governance of Old Neighborhoods based on Smart City Construction

Take the Z community in Jinan as an Example

Meng Yan Cui
With the development of big data and cloud computing, social governance is now moving in the direction of using new generation information technology to improve social governance and build “smart cities”. The construction mode of smart city is gradually entering the public eye as an innovative way of...
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Analysing on External Environment and Industrial Competition of High-tech Companies

Using Tesla as an example

Junyu Shu
As the impact of the global energy crisis deepens, traditional oil resources are exhausted, and the harm caused by air pollution and rising global temperatures is increasingly severe, the government and automobile enterprises generally believe that energy saving and emission reduction is the future technology...
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How Can Public Opinion Affect Education and Its Needs

Haiyue Yang
Faced with ever-increasing rivalry, today’s society engages in involuntary competition in every sphere, including education, which deviates from initial demand and increases the difficulty of filtering elite. Part of the reason is that people are affected by surroundings which reflect anxiety of current...
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How COVID19 Affected the Compensation Plan of Tesla, Lyft, and DoorDash and Incentivized Different Industries

Yingke Chen, Ziming Long, Shitao Sun
The balance of a wage decrease as a result of world economic regression and incentives to promote worker’s productivity has become a major problem most companies are faced with, especially during the epidemic seeping through 2020. This essay starts with analyzing the compensation plan of three companies...
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Research on the Coupling Relationship between New Urbanization and Environmental Quality in China

Hailin Mu, Rongkang Yao, Nan Li, Rong Guo, Yixuan Han
Rapid urban expansion brings social and economic changes, such as increased urban populations and higher standards of living, as well as environmental issues, such as declining air quality and reduced biodiversity. Urbanization is not only the root cause of environmental problems, but also a way to solve...
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Analyze the Marketing Strategies of New-tea Drinks Industry by the SWOT and PEST Tools-Take Nayuki as an Example

Di Lu
The innovation from the product to the whole pattern of the tea industry appears in the beverage market. The result of this transformation was to create an emerging industry called the new tea drinks industry. The new-tea industry is burgeoning so that there are few pieces of researches on it, has vacancies...
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Study on the Legal Issue of Workers’ Rights Protection: From the Perspective of International Human Rights Law

Yelu Xia, Jiacheng Zhou
The economic globalization of labor protection has caused the change of labor rights in international trade, some irresponsible international investment has brought harm to the rights and interests of international labor, and some workers all over the world are subject to different degrees of infringement...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Tesla Pricing Strategy

Yi Zhou
In recent years, the new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly and has achieved world-renowned development achievements. As one of the important companies in the new energy automobile industry, Tesla has been increasing its car sales year by year since entering the domestic market, and its...
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The Successful Strategy of Kweichow Moutai in the Chinese Market

Meisheng Chen, Ziyao Yu
The current Chinese alcohol market has been paid more and more attention because of the growing youth population and surging disposable incomes. Kweichow Moutai is one of the most powerful Baijiu brands in China, which occurs in more than 60% of China’s Baijiu market. Exploring and evaluating the factors...
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Analysis on the Intergovernmental Dynamics during the Formation of China’s Mega-region using Social Preference Theory

Peiying Zhao, Yiyang Cheng
This paper introduces social preference theory into the research of horizontal intergovernmental relationship in Mega-region in order to better reveal the micro motivations of local governments in forming the intergovernmental relationship during regional integration process. Through model construction,...
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Research on Investment Decisions of Open-ended Funds Based on Decision Tree, RF and LGBM during COVID-19

Ruihua Zhou
Since the onset of COVID-19, global economic development has not been as good as it used to be, so more and more people are looking to earn more money by investing besides working. The open-ended fund has a broad market. In addition, open-ended funds have many options. It is appropriate for all types...
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The United States Stock Market Trend Based on Interest Rate Decisions Under Covid-19

Xingqi Quan
Interest rate policy is the core policy of the Federal Reserve for macroeconomic adjustment. The Federal Reserve’s adjustment of interest rates often fully reflects the stock market as an economic barometer. Through the interest rate transmission mechanism, stock prices have risen rapidly during the...
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Comparison between Chinese and American Practices in Food Banking System

Yizhe Yang
Food banks are non-profitable institutions that help fight against starvation and social inequalities. As food banks thrive around the globe, especially in America, the Chinese food banking system is still primitive and faulty. Sharing economy is a genre of reallocation of resources, and secondary allocation...
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The Impact of Health Consciousness on Organic Lipstick Market

Yi Huang, Ruoting Meng, Jing Tan
Consumers’ concerns for their health have developed dramatically over the last few years due to the global pandemic. The previous publication showed their increasing interest in natural products. This article’s chief purpose was to examine the marketing mix elements of organic lipstick in America on...
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Research on Development Countermeasures of Textile and Garment Trade in Shaanxi Province under the Background of Shaanxi Free Trade Zone Construction

Ruirui Li, Mei LI, Gaoyue Liang
Under the one background of “one belt, one road” development, in order to conform to the economic development situation, we will promote our foreign trade. Our government has accelerated the implementation of the regional Development strategy. Shaanxi garment and textile enterprises are China’s traditional...
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Application of Existing Rules of International law in Cyberspace

Han Li, Junhao Zhang
Since the birth of the Internet in the last century, it has promoted the rapid development of all walks of life. The network has penetrated into all aspects of human survival and development, including machinery manufacturing, banking, communication industry, even the government’s public system and national...
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Analysis on the Economic Effects and Challenges of Entrepreneurship during Covid-19

Shuaitao Tan
Small businesses possess a crucial role in the economy and face severe challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. As small business entrepreneurs represent a vital force in stimulating the local economic recovery, this article explores the economic and social role of entrepreneurship and the existential...
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Exploration and Application of Director Salary Incentive Compensation System in Enterprise Management Development

Xueying Deng, Zhengxiong Lin, Chenhao Zhan
A reasonable director compensation system in large enterprises is indispensable to the successful development of enterprises. Effective director compensation is directly related to the success or failure of corporate governance. Based on data sampling analysis, this paper constructs the relationship...
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How Will Great Power Competition Between the US and China Alter the Structure of International Law on Key Issues?

Jiatong Zhang, Haichuan Sun, Shiqi Wen, Dongze Li, Ruilin Ye
With the rise of China, China has begun to play a more important role on the world stage, and the resulting competition between China and the United States has also become a worldwide concern. This article discusses the four directions of the US-China Trade War, the South China Sea issue, the Taiwan...
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A Review of the Impact of the COVID-19 Epidemic on the Industrial Supply Chain

Jingyao Chen, Zixiang Huang, Hanshu Shao, Jiacheng Yang, Amy Zhang
The outbreak of the novel coronary pneumonia outbreak at the end of 2019 caused a huge impact on the world economy. This paper focuses on the impact of the outbreak on the industrial supply chain, analysing the impact of the outbreak on its supply chain from three aspects: agriculture, manufacturing,...
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Research on the Objection to the Jurisdiction of International Commercial Arbitration

Wei Wang
The jurisdiction of international commercial arbitration is the prerequisite of international commercial arbitration procedure and the foundation and condition for the smooth proceeding of arbitration procedure. The determination of arbitration jurisdiction is of great significance to the smooth proceeding...
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Application of Machine Learning in Option Pricing: A Review

Wenda Li
Options occupy a certain position in the derivatives market. Researchers, speculators, and other traders all hope to get a reasonable price for each option. There are only limited options that we can get an accurate solution to the price, and most options we need to get the price numerically. The classical...
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The Trend in the Development of China as a Market that Cross-border Electronic Commerce in the Mist of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yuxi Cheng
As the pandemic progressed, many factories in China and worldwide closed, having a severe economic impact. In China, cross-border e-commerce began in the 90s and has been prosperous in the recent ten years. Whether the pandemic will affect e-commerce? What is the effect will be? This paper will discuss...
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Research on Social Media Marketing Strategy of the Milk Tea Industry

Xiling Jiang, Yufei Xie
This paper analyses the current situation of social media marketing channels in the milk tea industry through a case study and points out that milk tea brands’ social media marketing strategies are not systematic and reasonable. Besides, brands ignore the interaction with consumers when promoting on...
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Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on the GBR Ecotourism

Yonglin Huang, Yoshiyuki Kimura, Zhaohui Han
Today marine ecotourism is a style of ecotourism including recreational activities that involve travel away from one’s place of residence and which have as their host or focus the marine environment [1][2]. Among marine ecotourism, Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is one of the most famous marine ecotourism...
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Emerging Challenges and Reforms Facing the International Court of Justice in Dispute Resolution - Jurisdiction and Arbitrability

Hao De, Yongqi Lin, Peiwen Xiao
The International Court of Justice (ICJ), as the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, has long been of significant relevance in the resolution of international disputes and the maintenance of world peace. Nonetheless, the application of the ICJ is not promising since its establishment, and...
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Can Entrepreneurial Team Heterogeneity Promote Innovation Performance: The Moderating Effects of Strategic Consensus and Team Cohesion

Jingwen Fu
As the main body of entrepreneurship in modern economic society, the entrepreneurial teams play an extremely important role in the development of entrepreneurial enterprises, technological innovation and economic prosperity. In this research, data were collected through the questionnaire survey from...
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Analysis of the Balance of Interests of the Government, Real Estate Developers and Urban Villages in the Context of Urban Renewal in China -- Take Shenzhen and Chongqing Cities as Examples

Take Shenzhen and Chongqing Cities as Examples

Diqiu Bai
Since China’s reform and opening-up in 1978, the rapid improvement of the national economy has also accelerated urban development. With high welfare and high living standards of large cities attracting many people to move in, rising housing demand has promoted the price of commercial housing, increased...
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Research on the Food Supply Chain and Its Resiliency: Lessons from COVID-19

Zixin Xu
Supply chain resilience plays an important role in risk management. It can affect the performance of companies greatly, especially during a disruption. The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a great impact on the world. In the food industry, this pandemic can disrupt the supply chain...
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Analysis on the Trend and Development of Future Short-Video Industry

Jiajun Shen
Since 2016, the short video industry is growing rapidly due to the widespread of high-speed internet and smartphones. The major Internet companies have successively laid out the short video industry. The number of short video applications is growing explosively with a large increase of users. Since 2018,...
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Research Methods on Business Performance Management

Yang Gu, Xinyi Luo
Business performance management entails systematic use of information and analytical methods for measurement of performance in thebusiness environment. Some traditional problems, such as lack of holistic view of the organization and theabsence of causality, are still in their infancy in influencing business...
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Analysis of Tesla’s Pricing Strategy in the Chinese Market

Zhongyi Chen, Xinyu Li, Xueyi Zhi
As an emerging electric car brand, Tesla Motors is developing at a phenomenal pace, and its success model is worthy of deep consideration. By collecting the pricing of different models of Tesla in different periods, this study analyzes the process of Tesla from skimming pricing to penetration pricing...
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The Impact of Oil Prices on the Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China: Empirical Study of Different Vehicle Models

Chen Gong
This paper analyses the effect of Brent crude oil price on the sales of new energy vehicles based on the data of new energy vehicles (divided into pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles) in China from March 2016 to February 2021. This paper finds that there is a significant positive correlation...
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Does Higher Education Lead to Fewer Children? Evidence from China

Hui Yu, Xiwen Zhao
This paper investigates the relationship of parental education on fertility using the Fixed-Effects model through a national dataset-CFPS (China Family Panel Studies). The fixed-effect estimation can control the time effects and the province-specific effects, therefore allow us to avoid potential omitted...
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The Impacts of Customer Perceived Value on Impulse Purchase Intention: Evidence from China

Yue Wang
With the rise and development of live streaming, consumer behaviour under the mode of live streaming shopping has become a hot topic. In the complex and diverse consumer behaviour, it is witnessed that the phenomenon of impulsive purchase becoming more and more common. In this paper, the impacts of customer...
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Health Determinants and Gender Heterogeneity of Elderly Population in Healthy China

Analysis Based on CLHLS Survey Data

Jinyi Xie
The healthy China strategy puts the health of the elderly population on an important strategic position. Based on CLHLS2018 data, this paper analyzes the health status of the elderly population in China and the existing gender differences, and further uses the ordered-Probit model for regression to study...
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The Efficacy of Leadership on Success of a Startup

Alex Zhao, Yuanwu Ren
The purpose of the research is to analyze how self-leadership, transformational leadership, and transactional leadership apply to startups, and how they make a startup successful. This research defines the three different types of leadership and discusses the influence of impact of founders and leadership...
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The World Temperature Changes Related to Atmospheric Concentrations in the 21st Century Based on Machine Learning

Zixian Gong
Since the 21st century, the industry has developed rapidly, and emissions of various greenhouse gases have reached new highs. Global warming has also led to more natural disasters. Choosing a suitable model to analyze the influence of several gas concentrations in the atmosphere on the overall temperature...
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Knowledge Brings People Confidence – Is This a Pseudo Proposition?

Zhenghao Ju
This is a period where the pandemic caused by the virus COVID-19 has prevailed globally, and online learning has become a necessity to most students, not just an option. However, it has been noticed by many people that the effectiveness of this form of education is inconsistent. There are numerous friends...
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The Influencial Factors of Destination Image on Generation Z’s Travel Intention

Keke Xiong
In China, the evolution of web 2.0 technology has converted the traditional social media system, the Travel Vlogs phenomenon is widespread. Contemporarily, storytelling Travel Vlogs is one of the most popular and common Vlogs forms utilized by varouis of industries from different domains, dramatically...
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Research on the Impact of Changes in Accounting Standards on Classified Transfer Earnings Management

From the Perspective of Accounting Profit and Non-Recurring Gains and Losses

Huang Siyuan, Hu Jiahao, Min Jie
In 2017, Ministry of Finance added The Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises No. 42 - non-current assets held for sale, disposal group and termination of operation, and revised The Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises No. 16 - government subsidies. The new standard has changed the position...
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Behavioral Economics: Mental Accounting among Teenagers

Muqing Chen
Mental accounting refers to the fact that people tend to code, categorize and evaluate activities when making decisions. While adults often use mental accounting as an effective decision-making tool, teenagers are still undergoing the process of cognitive development, and thus demonstrate different ways...
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The Impact of Differential Cash Dividend Policy on Corporate Cash Dividends - An Analysis Based on Corporate Life Cycle

Qu Mengyu
At present, China’s capital market is developing rapidly, and the dividend policy issued by the SFC has also undergone a series of changes, but the mandatory and semi-compulsory dividend policy introduced in the previous period has great limitations and the implementation effect has been subject to many...
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The Strategy for Huawei Going Global

Huawei’s Initial Market Strategy for Entering the European Market

Haoyu Lin
At the beginning of the 21st century, the world is moving toward technology and globalization. Chinese enterprises began to step into the international market under policy encouragement. Among them, Huawei, as an electronic communication company, was the first to make a move This paper analyzed how Huawei...
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Analysis of China’s New Energy Vehicle Market Competitive Strategy: Taking Tesla and NIO as Examples

Jinpeng Liu, Shiyun Zhou
In recent years, new energy vehicles have begun to emerge in China, with a range of brands such as Tesla and NIO competing in the Chinese market. Gradually, Tesla has moved far beyond the domestic new energy vehicle brand and became the leading brand in the Chinese market. This article compares the 4P...
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The Best Strategy for Chinese Airlines to Achieve Optimal Allocation of Resources

Analysis of Name Your Own Price strategy

Qing Ye
Nowadays, the number of people’s trips has been significantly reduced due to the impact of the epidemic. As one of the most important means for people to travel, airlines suffer more and more losses. The purpose of this study was to explore whether domestic airlines in China using the Name Your Own Price...
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Research on Current Situation of Luxury Consumption in China under Epidemic Situation -- based on the SCP Analysis Paradigm

Jingyu Shang
China’s luxury consumption has been undergoing an explosive development in the past decades and is now one of the indicators that demonstrate China’s economic power and cultural influence on other countries. However, this extensive expansion of luxury products in China also creates significant problems,...
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The Discussion of Disposition Effect in Behavioral Economics

Niantong Yao
The disposition effect is a popular topic in behavioral economics. Many kinds of research indicate investors generally have the irrational behavior of selling the winner earlier than the loser in investment. This paper is a literary review of prospect theory and mental accounting to analyze the reasons...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Disneyland

Haochen Zhang
COVID-19 is a very infectious disease and it can hurt people very badly. In this situation, people dare not have too much contact with others or even go out to work. As a result, people work fewer hours and put less effort into their jobs, which means they get paid less. People have to spend money on...
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Analysis of the Correlation between Bank of China Credit and Real Estate Prices

Jingyan Lin
This paper mainly analyses the credit factors that affect China’s real estate price. Firstly, it introduces the significance of the research. Secondly, four indicators are selected from the total amount of domestic real estate loans, real estate company’s loans, the proportion of real estate investment...
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Analysis of the Development of the Dairy Industry During COVID-19

Yuchen Duan, Qihui Lai, Siqi Li, Zeyang Liu, Chuantong Yang
The outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019 has brought a huge impact on the development of the world economy, and this paper reviews and summarizes the existing research results from three aspects: producers, manufacturers, and retailers, respectively, focusing on the impact of the epidemic on the dairy...
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Capital Turnover of Chinese Enterprises with Other Countries

Yi Sun
This paper analyzes the overall foreign trade situation of China and the trade situation of the United States and Japan, two of China’s largest trading partners, and then predicts the challenges faced by China’s foreign trade and China’s future trade countermeasures. The paper introduces China’s foreign...
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The Effect of PPP Model on Local Government Debt

Jiaxuan Shi
The Private-Public-Partnership (PPPs) is a novel method of financing for the provision of infrastucture and public services. It is also expected to alleviate local government debt burden, which has become a pravelent issue around the world. However, the PPP model can cause divergent effects on local...
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The Mode of Labor Export in Poor Areas and Its Enlightenment: Case Study on the Labor Export from Liangshan to Foshan in Mainland China

YuFan Hu
The export of labor services still exists in economically backward regions around the world, and it is necessary to rethink existing labor export issues and policies. Existing studies rarely focus on the export of labor services from poor areas to specific cities or regions, and there is a lack of empirical...
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The Recommendations for Chinese Companies Projecting to Listing Overseas

Songhui Li
This paper summarizes the experience of Chinese companies overseas listing and examines the risks faced by Chinese companies. As Sino-U.S. relation has strained from 2018, the risks faced by the companies has become complicated. Therefore, the paper offers some recommendations for the companies that...
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Game Spirit in The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Yumeng Sun
The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a popular children’s picture book written by Beatrix Potter, which is an appropriate text for investigating about game spirit. This paper studies the manifestation of the game spirit in the text of The Tale of Peter Rabbit through stylistics of fiction as a research perspective...
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“Progress” and “Return”: The Origins of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Thought

Sheng Fang
The winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Isaac Bashevis Singer, is a peculiar American Jewish writer. He was accredited as the misfit of the misfits under the combined influences of the three conflicting Eastern European Jewish religious sects of his time. These three sects are Hasidic represented...
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The Impact of the Legitimacy of Livestream Shopping on Consumers’ Willingness to Buy

Zihao Liu
In China, in recent years, mobile live video streaming has become an important form of entertainment for people to digest fragmented time. And livestream shopping, developed by the short video platform, has gradually become popular. As a new product sales model that combines live streaming and online...
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Effect and Influencing Factors of Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry

Yuling Xiao
Digital transformation is an inevitable trend of the continuous development of the manufacturing industry. Digitalization has a great impact on digital innovation, precision marketing, and digital decision-making of the manufacturing industry. There is still huge room for development in the digital transformation...
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Research on Rural Revitalization in Marxist Contradiction Theory

XinRui Wan
This paper takes the rural revitalization strategy proposed in the 19th Party Congress report as the background, adopts a combination of text and graphics, offline research and online questionnaires, briefly describes the study of rural revitalization in the context of Marxist contradiction theory, analyzes...
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The Impact of Fintech on SMEs Financing

Yueyang Wang
Small and micro enterprises are an important part of China’s national economy. However, financing is difficult and expensive for small and micro enterprises in the process of operation, which limits the possibility of development. Relevant research focuses on how the emergence of fintech in recent years...
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Analysis Framework of Grassroots Social Governance from the Perspective of “Fengqiao Experience”

Mengsheng Cai
Under the background of the new era, “Fengqiao Experience” is full of new vitality and vitality, which promotes the in-depth development of grassroots social governance. Based on the perspective of “Fengqiao Experience”, this paper discusses three dimensions: “Fengqiao Experience” is the concentrated...
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The Effect of Government Policies on Cryptocurrency Market

Yunchen Huo
Bitcoin is now famous by it’s high level of price, but most people are not familiar with what Bitcoin is and why it is so expensive. Before studying different policies made by governments and how policies can affect cryptocurrencies market price, it is necessary to know several things: the characteristics...
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Investigating Attitudes Towards China English Accent among Undergraduate Students in Mainland China

Jingyu Qiao, Huijun Song, Chenxi Xu
The China English (CE) accent, as an accent of English, has been traditionally investigated from an “inner-circle” perspective and compared with standard varieties. Under such a perspective, researchers often reported the negative attitudes and less preferences towards the CE accent. However, the concepts...
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The Relation of Input, Interaction, and Output in SLA

Xiaochen Liu
Since the1980s, Second Language Acquisition (SLA) has become a focal point of researchers in various fields, including behaviorists, psychologists, linguists, and sociolinguists. In SLA, Input Hypothesis, Interaction Hypothesis, and Output Hypothesis are three important theories that focus on the influence...
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Study on the Governance Transformation of Key Rural Revitalization Regions from the Perspective of Common Prosperity

A Case study of Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province

Jing Liang, Yubo Jiang
The historic solution to absolute poverty does not mean the end of anti-poverty governance. Attaching importance to and solving the sustainable development of low-income population is a major issue that needs to be deeply studied to solidly promote common prosperity. Yushu Prefecture of Qinghai Province...
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An Investigation of Cryptocurrencies: Behavior Finance Perspective

Haojun Huang
The cryptocurrency market has ignited heated debates since its large fluctuation during 2013. This project first discusses a brief connection in certain representative cryptocurrency assets, with certain properties raising from the fields of behavior finance. Then I study the link between behaviors in...
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Investigation and Analysis on Training Needs of Preschool Teachers

Liu Xiuqing, Guan Jian, Wu Qingshan, Bi Zhili
Based on the analysis and summary of relevant national policies on teacher training, teachers’ post requirements and teachers’ own development needs, this paper obtains four dimensions of preschool teacher training and teaching ability, academic research, social service and personal development, 19 module...
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Analysis on Covid-19 Vaccinations Mandatory

Jiayi Wu, Yehao Guan
In December 2019, a serious virus called CoronaVirus Disease 2019 began to break out from Hubei Province, China to the entire world and caused more than four million deaths. Two years later in 2021, almost every country in the world still does its utmost to fight the virus and save countless lives. After...
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A Survey on the Employment Status of Young People with ASD in China

Qiyan Guo
In recent years, while Chinese front-line researchers and practitioners have made significant progress in their understanding and support of intervention and education for children with autism between 0 and 16 years of age, the vocational education support they need as adults and the employment difficulties...
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How Does the Economic Policy Uncertainty Affect the Gap Between WCS and WTI?

Feiling Lu
Many studies have shown that the Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) has a significant effect on both West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Western Canada Select (WCS) crude oil prices. This paper estimated the relationship between the EPU in both countries and the gap between WCS and WTI, specifically focusing...
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Stock Price Prediction Based on Machine Learning: A Review

Kwun Fung Ng
Designing the optimal machine learning architecture has been an active area of research. A common application of this tool is on the stock price prediction. Putting this in practice raises concern over many aspects—effectiveness, accuracy, and precision. Even if researchers conclude that there is value...
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A Review of Pre-combustion Carbon Capture Technology

Zexiong Chen
Global warming is one of the most significant challenges that people are facing today. As a result, capturing greenhouse gases especially carbon dioxide becomes a necessary technology for releasing climate change. This paper mainly focuses on introducing three physical solvents and processes, including...
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Analysis on Financial Conditions of Listed Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies Based on F-score Model in the Context of COVID-19

A Case Study of SHIYAO Pharmaceutical Group in China

Jingwen Xin
Against the background of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, it has also been accompanied by a number of policy changes related to medicine. Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is characterized by high investment, high risk and high income, so it is quite necessary for the listed pharmaceutical manufacturing...
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Reflections on Chinese Economic Development in the Post-epidemic Era via Analysis of Argentina’s Debt Crisis and Japanese Bubble Economic Crisis

Jingyang Zuo
During 20th century, the whole world has undergone great changes, especially in politics and economics. By now, we are dramatically hit by the Covid-19, which have profound impacts on human health, economic development, etc. This thesis, by a method of literature review, mainly focuses on analyzing Argentina’s...
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Wuhan’s Service Trade under the Background of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Predicaments and Countermeasures

Quanhong Liu, Hongping Wang
The spread of COVID-19 pandemic had a widely impact on the economic development of Wuhan. Due to the mode of supply and delivery, service trade is vulnerable to the pandemic. With the help of information technology, this paper analyses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the development of service...
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Research on Distribution and Evaluation of Barrier Free Facilities in Western Guangdong from the Perspective of Spatial Justice

Hong Fanqi, Zhu Zhaohong, Guo Hao
Barrier free facilities are an embodiment of the concept of “people-oriented”, and a necessary condition to ensure that vulnerable groups such as the disabled participate in social life and share the fruits of economic development. The outline of the 14th five year plan clearly points out that we should...
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Interpersonal Confidence on Epistemic Democracy: Beyond Voting

Juncheng Mu
There is a huge dispute on epistemic populism about whether majorities’ preferences can be treated as general will. Philosophers have different opinions on that, and they focus on the procedure of voting (during the voting), and the outcome of voting (after voting). This paper’s goal is to discuss the...
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E-commerce Platforms under Economics Research Focusing on Price Discrimination (B2C)

Ke Gao
With the rapid development of the Internet, the online shopping behavior of customers is being strengthened, attracting the attention of merchants to the e-commerce platform. It also moves on in accordance with the willingness of consumers to pay to formulate personalized prices corresponding to different...
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Enhancement of Dim Imaging Enlargement using Super-Resolution CNN

Ziwei Li
Dim images are an important branch of various images. Due to the limitations of equipment and technology, it is often impossible to obtain satisfactory results when shooting pictures and videos under night scenes with a limited budget. It is still a blue ocean to increase the resolution of the pictures...
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The Analysis on the Influence of Customer Satisfaction and Promotional Activities on Consumer Loyalty

Qianxi Liu, Yiyang Zhao, Jiahui Zheng
Customer loyalty has always been one of the critical factors for brands to stand out in the field. This study investigates the correlation of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty and seeks the relationship between diverse promotional activities and customer loyalty. The research was conducted in...
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Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find in the UK?

Zehong Di, Weijian Liu, Shen Gao, Hanfeng Zhang
To deal with the question that whether idea production is decreasing return to scale during 1996 to 2017 in the United Kingdom, the writer of the paper derived a formula from Solow Growth Model and Romer Growth Model. The detailed derivation of the main formula is to be explained in the context. By quantifying...
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Research on the Forward Integrated Development Model of Rice and Fish Industry in Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province, China

Zhe Cao
Industrial integration is an important form and development trend of modern agriculture. At present, the integration of agriculture with agricultural product processing industry, rural tourism, catering and other industries has become a typical model for the integrated development of rural primary, secondary...
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A Review on the Effect of Digital Inclusive Finance on Income Disparity

Yiteng Yang
Nowadays, economic development is unbalanced, and income inequality is becoming more and more serious in China. The advancement of Inclusive Finance provides new methods to solve these troubles. This paper sorts out the previous research paper on the effect of Inclusive Financial Development on the income...
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The Impact of Cognitive and Affective Factors on Garbage Sorting—An Analysis Based on Technology Acceptance Model

Ruoyu Zhang, Kedong Liu
Based on the national survey data in China, this study aims to explore the impact of affective attitude, cognitive attitude and moral norms on behavioral intention of garbage sorting based on the theory of TAM, as well as the effect of moral norms. The results indicate that perceived ease of use, affective...
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The Economic Consequences of the Epidemic: Preliminary Forecasts of China’s Economic Response to the Epidemic’s End based on China

Jiaxiang Wang
The article’s main purpose is to explore several implications that the current COVID-19 epidemic may have on the world and economy. Using the Black Death in Europe in the 14th century and the SARS pandemic in 2003 as examples, hypothesize about the disease’s potential consequences. The COVID-19 epidemic...