Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Innovations in Economic Management and Social Science (IEMSS 2017)

453 authors
Zhang, Xuqi
Research on the Role of Agricultural Informatization in Rural Economic Development
Zhang, Cheng
Effective Use of PBL Mode in College English Translation Teaching
Zhang, Xu
Research on College Information Technology Curriculum Teaching Reform Based on Depth Learning
Zhang, Chunfeng
The Quality Evaluation System Research Of Applied Undergraduate Colleges And Universities Practice Teaching Under The Background Of Transformation Development
Zhang, Chengjie
Applications and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode Based on Cloud Platform in Higher Vocational Colleges
Zhang, Xiujuan
Analysis of Difficulties in Enterprise Income Tax Final Settlement
Zhang, Yaoyao
Risk Evaluation System of Utility Tunnel PPP Project Research Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
Zhang, Wuyu
Optimization of the Passenger Throughput at an Airport Security Checkpoint Based on Queuing Theory
Zhang, Yi
Discourse Innovation of Ideological and Political Education under the View of Culture
Zhang, Yaqi
An efficacy evaluation of the cognitive intervention services for the aging seniors
Zhang, Dan
Research on Art Education and Cultivation of College Students' Innovative Ability
Zhang, Erxin
The Research On The Preferences Of Public Building Owners For Energy Saving Incentive Policy Instruments
Zhang, San
A Primary Study on Linkage Mechanism Between Financial Risks and Fiscal Risks
Zhang, Guangbin
Credit Risk and Bank Credit Behavior under the New Normal Economy
Zhang, Boyi
Analysis of a Low-Carbon Development Model in the Context of China's Economic Policy
Zhang, GuangLi
Quality of life among the elderly in suburban Hanoi, Vietnam: Needs assessment and socio-economic factors affecting the elderly care
Zhang, Quanming
Audit Current Situation Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Electric Power Construction Project
Zhang, Yuandong
Cooperation between universities and primary & secondary schools --Investigation on Teachers' Participation
Zhang, Jiahua
The Research of Enterprise Reverse Logistics Outsourcing Risk and Countermeasures
Zhang, Yingjie
Research on the construction of teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges-- A case study of 2004-2013 in Shaanxi Province
Zhang, Rui
Research on Japanese Teaching in the Perspective of Contrastive Linguistic
Zhang, Mingxia
Research on College Students' Social Mentality and Debugging Mechanism based on Network Public Opinion
Zhang, Yuan
Study on the Effects of Long-Term Aerobic Exercise Combined with Resistance Training on Cardiac Function, Exercise Tolerance and Quality of Life in Patients with Myocardial Ischemia caused by Coronary Artery Disease
Zhang, HongWei
Technical Progress and Development Trend of Electric Vehicles
Zhang, Beidi
Research of University Librarian's Job Burnout and Its Adjustment
Zhang, Tianhui
A Study on the Drama Communication in the Post Stage Period
Zhang, Tianhui
Inheritance and Teaching Research of Folk Music in Contemporary Education
Zhang, Rui
Research on Enterprise Brand Innovation based on Strategic Marketing
Zhang, Shubing
Application of Outward Bound in Traditional Sports Teaching of Minority in China
Zhang, Yan
College English Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Applied Linguistics
Zhang, Weimin
Research on the Development Trend of Arts Education and the Countermeasure of Art Course Construction
Zhao, Yao
The Roles of Interlocutor in Second Language Acquisition
Zhao, Yao
An Analysis on the Semantic Difference of the Restrictive and Non-restrictive Attributive Clause
Zhao, Li
Research on Mass Sports Culture and Mass Sports Development in Yan'an
Zhao, Li
The tort and legislative regulation of standard terms in shopping online between undergraduates
Zhao, Li
Feasibility Study on Yan'an 's Characteristic Marathon "Running Long March"
Zhao, Rongbin
The Effects of Learners' Cognitive Styles and Article Structure Diagram on English Reading
Zhao, Chao
Research on the Final Evaluation Model of the Teaching Effect of English Education Teachers in Huhhot Vocational College
Zhen, Wenxing
The tort and legislative regulation of standard terms in shopping online between undergraduates
Zheng, WenJian
Brand Value Co-creation and Brand Performance
Zhou, Jiawen
Analysis of Academic Social Platform Based on Collaborative Innovation Mechanism
Zhou, Fang
Human Resources Management Research of Enterprise Strategy under the Perspective of Life Cycle
Zhou, Yuan
An Analysis of Self-assessment Model of College Students -- Based on the Innovation Perspective of Independent Academy Student Evaluation System
Zhou, GuangHan
Research on the Application of Village Regulations and Folk Conventions in Social Governance of Rural Areas
Zhou, Yang
Review on the Modern portfolio theory and optimization model
Zhou, Hong
Byatt's "possession" of the Victorian cultural reconstruction and reality contrast
Zhou, Hong
The Victorian Complex in Byatt 's Novel Creation
Zhou, Xuanjie
On the Integration Development of Sports Industry and Cultural Industry
Zhu, Xu
Innovation Analysis on the Enterprise Marketing Mode in the Background of New Media
Zhuoma, Angweng
The Comparison between Tibetan Intangible Cultural Heritage Tibetan Opera and French Mime
Zou, ManLi
Exploration on the Reform and Innovation of the Training Modes for Applied Technical Talents in Transitional Colleges and Universities
Zou, WeiWei
Development and Practice of "Work - style" Vocational English Curriculum in Higher Vocational Education
Zou, Jinhong
Research on the Present Situation of Agricultural Machinery Automation and Its Propulsion Model