Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Innovations in Economic Management and Social Science (IEMSS 2017)

453 authors
Huang, Yinpin
On the application of case teaching method in Business English Teaching
Huang, Baiping
Research and Construction of Spoken English Graded Corpus for College English Majors
Huang, Baiping
Research on the Combination of Corpus Resources and Micro Teaching Mode in Oral English Teaching for College English Majors
Huang, Rui
A Perdition Study on the Guangdong Province GDP Based on BP Neural Network
Huang, Juan
Love and Fortune Balance in Marriage------view of marriage in Pride and Prejudice
Huang, Baiping
The Innovation and Practice of English and American Literature Teaching Model in We-Media Environment
Huang, Yuntian
On the Integration Development of Sports Industry and Cultural Industry
Huo, Zhuoxiang
Analysis of Economic Growth Trend under the background of Stagflation and Warning to Chinese Current Economic Situation
Ji, Xiaoyun
Study on Versions and Circulation of Lu Shan Ji Written by Shunyu Chen
Ji, Chaoxin
Study on Profiting Model of Auto Finance Companies-Taking SAIC-GMAC as an Example
Ji, Ying
Research on New Methods of College Students' Ideological and Political Education in the Context of Marxism in China
Jia, Xianmin
Research on Low Carbon Evolution Path of Large Coal Enterprises
Jian, Zhenghao
Research and Practice of Mechanical Engineering Training Platform Facing the Applied Talents Cultivation
Jiang, Zhengzhi
On Traditional Cultural Spirits in Chen Yan's Novel Zhuan Tai
Jiang, Wei
The Professional Ability Evaluation Indicators and The Building of Evaluation System for Chinese Tennis Coaches
Jin, Jin
Study on Land Resources and Land Law Related System
Jin, Yongcan
Internationalization Paths of Chinese Local Colleges and Universities——A Case Study of Yanbian University
Jin, Xiangrong
Study On Tea Culture Industry Clustered Development In Fujian Province
Jin, Hui
Practical Exploration of Undergraduate Talents Training Program Based on STEMA Innovative Model
Ke, Yuhang
The Adjustments of the Maternity Insurance System in Consequence of Two-Child Policy in China
Kou, Junjia
Challenges and Countermeasures of College English Teaching from the Perspective of Curriculum Theory
Lai, Kangsheng
Goodness and Love: Murdoch's Exploration in "The Sea, the Sea"
Lai, Kangsheng
The Subjectivity of the Translator under the Influence of Two Cultures
Lai, Jun
Investigation on the Present Situation of Bai Nationality Pottery Thought in Fengyi town Jingtian Village- A Case Study of Young People
Le, Shiqing
A Study on the Current Situation and Development Countermeasures of Traditional Sports Training of Minority in China
Lei, Ming
Study on the Tax Burden of Small and Micro-Enterprises
Li, Yang
The Inspiration of Transformation——The Creation and Aesthetic Appreciation of Ice Engraving
Li, Yajuan
The Application of Interactive Teaching Mode in the Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities
Li, Cong
"Internet plus" era of audit risk and prevention strategy
Li, Jun
Enlightenments of Female Roles Singing in Jingzhou Huagu Opera to the National Vocal Music Teaching
Li, Chenyang
Study on the interacted influence of aesthetic conception of folk and scholar classes on art of the Song dynasty
Li, Hua
Investigation on the current situation of college students' aesthetic values under the background of popular culture
Li, Jiao
Research on Narrative Time in Natsume Soseki's The Gate -- From the Perspective of Social Ethics
Li, Meiyue
Ideological Education Plays An Important Role In The Construction Of Campus Culture
Li, Lidao
The Predicaments of Independent College P.E Teachers and the Countermeasure
Li, Yang
Monk-painter—Dan Dang's Different Kinds of Aesthetic Feelings to Landscape Painting
Li, Guang-shuai
Research on Mass Sports Culture and Mass Sports Development in Yan'an
Li, YiLing
The theory and practice of flipped classroom based on spoken English
Li, Lianjie
A Primary Study on Linkage Mechanism Between Financial Risks and Fiscal Risks
Li, Sisi
A Primary Study on Linkage Mechanism Between Financial Risks and Fiscal Risks
Li, Zeyu
Review on the Modern portfolio theory and optimization model
Li, Siyi
Time Series Analysis: An application of ARIMA model in stock price forecasting
Li, Guohao
A novel improved fuzzy support vector machine based stock price trend forecast model
Li, Guang-shuai
Feasibility Study on Yan'an 's Characteristic Marathon "Running Long March"
Li, Yan
SWOT Analysis of Boarding School Junior High Education in Ethnic Minority Regions
Li, Chunxiao
A View on the Piano Music Culture from the Musical Form and Cultural Thoughts of the Chinese and Foreign Piano Works
Li, Jian
Evaluation of Regional Economic Disparities in Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei Region based on Factor Analysis
Li, Bin
A Perdition Study on the Guangdong Province GDP Based on BP Neural Network
Li, Na
The Research of Enterprise Reverse Logistics Outsourcing Risk and Countermeasures
Li, Qing
Some Thoughts on Strengthening Supply-side Reform of Sports Industry
Li, Qinghan
Some Thoughts on Strengthening Supply-side Reform of Sports Industry
Li, Qing
On the Combination of Sports Spirit and Socialist Core Values
Li, Peng
Effects of Business Knowledge on Competences of Business English Teachers in Local Universities and Colleges ——Taking Yunnan Province as an Example
Li, Yue
Research on Teenagers' Tourism and Quality Education
Li, XiaoChang
Practice and Exploration of Science and Technology Innovative Activities and Innovation Education of Science and Engineering Students in Universities
Li, QiaoWei
A Study on the Drama Communication in the Post Stage Period
Li, QiaoWei
Inheritance and Teaching Research of Folk Music in Contemporary Education
Li, Zhangzhu
An Applied Research on the Stratified Teaching Model in Basketball Teaching
Li, Xiaoyan
Research on the Application of Project Management Theory in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Projects
Lian, Zhihua
Brand Value Co-creation and Brand Performance
Lian, Zhihua
Skill Variety, Family-friendly and Task Performance: The Moderation of Market Orientation
Liang, HongLi
Preliminary Exploration to Knowledge System of Standard Science
Liao, Zhaoyu
The influence of Adlai silk on the cultural value of Xinjiang
Lin, Shuyu
Analysis on Traditional Beauty of Korean Folk Costumes
Liu, Xiaoyao
Research on Capital Structure Optimization and Capital Operation
Liu, Yakun
A Development Area of surplus reserve production ratio influence factors
Liu, Shuai
Research on the Inheritance Function of Wushu Culture in the Construction of School Wushu Education System
Liu, Shuai
Research on the Application of TRIMP Method in the Training of Martial arts Athletes
Liu, Dehua
The Existing Questions and Strategies Analysis of the New Times College English Teaching
Liu, Xiaofeng
Cross Boundary Phenomenon Analysis: Printmaking Artists' Creation of Oil Paintings
Liu, Chang
An Analysis on the Semantic Difference of the Restrictive and Non-restrictive Attributive Clause
Liu, Shuai
The Analysis of Training Idea of Adolescent Wushu based on the New Rule of Competitive Wushu Routine
Liu, Yue
Research on Mass Sports Culture and Mass Sports Development in Yan'an
Liu, Na
Research On Several Basic Problems in Low Carbon Travel in China
Liu, Ting
Research On Several Basic Problems in Low Carbon Travel in China
Liu, Xiaodong
The tort and legislative regulation of standard terms in shopping online between undergraduates
Liu, BiChuan
Martial arts teaching present situation and countermeasure research in colleges and universities
Liu, AiChen
On Promoting the New Professional Farmers Cultivation by Local Agricultural Colleges and Universities
Liu, Lina
Research on university students' entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurship education
Liu, Yue
Feasibility Study on Yan'an 's Characteristic Marathon "Running Long March"
Liu, Hefang
Discussion on the Characteristics and Heritage Protection of Bai People's Bawangbian in Dali
Liu, Huijuan
Study on the Application of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in College English Teaching Practice
Liu, Jialong
Cooperation between universities and primary & secondary schools --Investigation on Teachers' Participation
Liu, Zijun
Decision analysis of retirement age based on individual income equitable
Liu, Yinfeng
Discussion on the Online Fusion of Fresh Agricultural Products in the Internet age
Liu, Cui
Oriented by Communication Skill Cultivation—Research on Application of Standardized Family Members to Pediatrics Practical Teaching
Liu, Hong
Analysis on the Current Situation of Tourism English Major in Universities and the Application of ETP Training Mode
Liu, Biao
Reflections on the Performance Evaluation of Expenditure in Colleges and Universities
Liu, Biao
The Problems and Countermeasures of Financial Management in Colleges and Universities
Liu, Haotian
Financing Mode Analysis of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises based on Supply Chain Finance
Liu, Xun
The Impact of Cross-Border E-Commerce on the Problems of Chinese Economy New Norms
Liu, Lang
Integration of Mathematical Modeling Thought in Probability Statistics Teaching
Liu, Lang
Application of PBL Teaching Method in the Teaching of Medical Advanced Mathematics
Liu, Xiansheng
Research on Innovation of Market Adaptability of Small and Micro Enterprises
Liu, Hong
Cultural Vacancy in Cultural Tourism English Translation and Its Countermeasures
Liu, ShanGuo
Research on the Non - intelligence Factors of Football Training in Colleges and universities
Liu, ShanGuo
Study on Medical Treatment of Injury in Football
Long, Zhihe
Bootstrap LM-lag test for spatial dependence in panel data models
Luo, Dongshan
Reforms in General English Teaching in Vocational Higher Education Based on the Student Diversity ---Take Solely-enrolled Students for Example
Luo, Yuyan
Comprehensive and Integrated Management Mode for Western Tourist Attractions Based on Low-carbon Eco-tourism