Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Mathematics Education and Innovation (ISMEI 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Farida Nurhasanah, Russasmita Sri Padmi
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Ethnomathematics: Concept of Proportion in the Process of Making Special Blitar Pecel Sauce

Nuril Huda, Arini Qurota A’yun, Marhayati
This study aimed to explore and describe the concept of comparative mathematics in making pecel sauce Blitar. The research method used is an ethnographic method with a qualitative approach. The research subjects are Tlogo Village, Blitar Regency residents, who produce and distribute Blitar's signature...
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Exploring Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Noticing of Students’ Thinking on Probability

Yosep Dwi Kristanto, Margaretha Madha Melissa
Noticing is one of the essential skills for preservice mathematics teachers. Therefore, it is vital to develop these skills so that students are ready to face their future work environment, especially in implementing mathematics learning that promotes mathematical thinking. This study aims to analyze...
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Ethnomathematics: The Early Determining Model of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr in Hila Maluku

Fahruh Juhaevah
The concept of mathematics comes from the phenomena that exist in the environment, and it has become an essential part of formal education. However, mathematics is still taught in an abstract and rigid language that is disconnected from real-life contexts, particularly those related to society and culture....
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Utilization of Technology Enhanced, Research-Based Instruction, Assessment and Development (TRIAD) Scale-Up Model in the Teaching of Senior High School Mathematics

Jaydeen L. Lopez
Mathematics is a motivational gateway to success which moves the society inexorably into its modern notion. This study determined the utilization of TRIAD Scale-Up Model in the teaching of senior high school mathematics as well as the problems met in using the model. The descriptive method of research...
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Statistical Literacy: Students’ Performance in Solving Numeracy-Based Statistic Questions

Agus Setio
Literacy is essential in preparing for 21st-century life and the big data era. At the very least, people need the ability to process, analyse, read, and use the data they collected to make decisions. This ability is known as statistical literacy. The level of students’ statistical literacy needs to be...
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The Development of Teaching Materials Based on Theory Didactical Situation and Technology in Facing the Era of Society 5.0

Aneu Pebrianti, Suhendra, Eyus Sudihartinih
Social literacy and humanitarian literacy characterize society 5.0 as an effort to optimize technology to solve social problems. According to this perspective, technology is not a machine but an integral part of life in solving problems. This research aimed to optimize the role of technology in the learning...
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Developing Module of Statistics: Preliminary Research for the Second Year of Aerospace Engineering University Students

R. A. Funny, F. K. Rahmawati, M. A. Ghofur
Statistics for undergraduate students deal with a variety of issues depending on their major. Although basic statistics should still be mastered, the student need to learn more about their majoring field. While only a few modules or even books were created specifically to meet this demand. As a result,...
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Investigating Elementary School Teachers’ Challenges and Needs in Implementing STEM Education: The Case of Nusa Tenggara Barat Indonesia

Fita Sukiyani
Elementary school teachers in Indonesia, especially in Nusa Tenggara Barat have implemented STEM in their classroom. Unfortunately, not all of them succeed. Therefore, this study is to identify elementary school teachers’ challenges and needs in implementing STEM education. The study used quantitative...
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Increasing Clean Water Crisis Awareness by Integrating Mathematics, Environmental Education, and Islamic Value

Anisa Wilujeng
Water is fundamental for human needs. Getting clean water is a right for all people, yet 1.1 billion people around the world have no access to water. This situation is getting worse because of water pollution and the climate crisis. On the other hand, some people with clean water access do not realize...
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Mathematics and ICT Integrative Learning to Develop Students’ Numeracy Skills in Elementary School

Puti Siswandari
Since the information being shared on social media is presented in the form of numbers, symbols, tables, and diagrams, certain abilities are required to comprehend the data. Understanding numbers and diagrams is a component of numeracy skills that has allow students understanding and creating new information...
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Improvement of Mathematical Literacy with Differentiation Learning Model

Hendra Nugraha
Mathematics is not only a matter of students being able to count and be able to complete the tasks given by the teacher. Teachers must equip students to be able to use mathematics as a good tool for understanding, reasoning, communication, connection, and representation, to solve contextual problems...
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Mathematics Distance Learning with the Utilization of WhatsApp and YouTube Application for Vocational High School Students

Muhammad Ari Subhi, Usep Kosasih
Learning loss is one of the challenges during the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic in teaching and learning. The teacher must carry out distance learning according to the conditions of the students. This study used WhatsApp and YouTube to produce a mathematics distance learning design. The developed...
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Desmos as a Bridge in Learning Functions in Indonesia Secondary Level: A Literature Review

Dini Asri Kusnia Dewi, Nur Robiah Nofikusumawati Peni
The use of technology in the pandemic era requires teachers to look for various learning alternatives that are applied so that learning objectives are still achieved. However, learning mathematics online makes it more challenging to comprehend the material because it appears to be more abstract. One...
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Designing Social Arithmetic Learning Media Using Smart Apps Creator (SAC)

Mohammad Rifqi Romdhoni, Eka Nurmala Sari Agustina, Nurina Ayuningtyas
Based on the results of interviews conducted by researchers with a mathematics teacher at a junior high school in Sidoarjo, it was found that students still had difficulty understanding the topic of social arithmetic, especially discounts. Students often misunderstand the concept of discount. One of...
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Improving Mathematics Learning Through Contextual Teaching and Learning Models Using the Math City Map App

Andi Navianto
This study aims to improve student learning results at SMP Negeri 3 Pule through the Contextual Teaching and Learning model using the Math City Map app. This research is Classroom Action Research. The data collected are the results of student tests and observations of student activities. Contextual Teaching...
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Interactive Learning Materials During Synchronous Class Sessions: Positive Effect on Students’ Performance in Mathematics

Queenie Pearl E. Domasig
One of the impacts of COVID19 in the education sector is its movement to use online platform. Adjustments in the new learning and teaching environment are done and the search for appropriate learning materials and learning assessments on the online platform are continuous. There has been challenges when...
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A Glimpse of Mathematics Cambridge Curriculum (IGCSE and A/AS Level) Implementation in Indonesian Secondary Schools

Muhammad Taqiyuddin, Nurul Aisyah
To transform education, one may adopt an existing well-established curriculum. This paper aims to delve into the implementation of IGCSE and A/AS Level curricula in the Indonesian secondary school system. We followed a qualitative descriptive approach in conducting our study. Various curriculum designs...
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Problem-Posing Minimum Competency Assessment to Promote Numeracy Skills of Elementary Preservice School Teachers

Nurina Ayuningtyas
Nowadays, literacy and numeracy are the main ability in the 21st century. The Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology has been conducting National Assessments since 2021. Numeracy assessment result is very low. Two out of three students have not reached minimum numeracy skills....
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The Indian Vedic Computational System: An Alternative Ways for Nurturing Students’ Brain in Handling Mathematical Operations

Rita Desfitri
In this age of calculators, the need for teaching computational standard procedures is often debated. However, instruction in four basic operations should provide students with understanding skill on computation. For students to perform computation successfully and meaningfully, their sensitivity to...
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After School Closure: How Indonesian Senior High School Responded to Students’ Learning Loss

Faliqul Jannah Firdausi, Muhammad Taqiyuddin
This study examined the phenomenon of learning loss that occurs due to school closures during the COVID-19 situation. Some previous studies have predicted severe learning loss due to this pandemic. This research reveals the evidence of learning loss in high school and how schools anticipate it so that...