Proceedings of the International Seminar on Language, Education, and Culture (ISoLEC 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Maria Hidayati, Dewi Kartika, Utami Widiati, Suharyadi, Anik Nunuk Wulyani, Yazid Basthomi
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Protection of the Qur’an Against the Disposal of Infants on Covid-19 Era

A Case Study on YouTube Channel

Abdul Basid
This research has examined the Qur’an’s protection against new born disposal in the modern age of COVID-19 studies by looking at instances on YouTube channel. Then, it explained the comments and responses of netizens to those videos in the period of COVID-19, which was written by the thought...
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Development of Chinese Digital Teaching Material for the 11th Grade Topic 家庭 [Jiātíng] Based on Flipbook

Aiga Ventivani, Lukluk Ul M., Octi Rjeky Mardasari, Dyna Mellania
The purpose of this research is to develop digital Chinese language teaching material for the 11th grade, topic 家庭 [Jiātíng]. This research is Research and Development (R&D) method using the DDD-E development model. The supporting instrument used in this study was a questionnaire. The questionnaire...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of Naming Children Sex Offender in Indonesia

Antok Risaldi, Anang Santoso, Moch. Syahri
The purpose of this study is to describe the form of naming of the perpetrator himself and the victim through critical discourse analysis. Critical discourse analysis is used to dismantle certain powers implicit in the use of language. The practice of the power of the evildoer is obtained through discourse,...
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Designing Animated Film Book of Karmaphala to Build Awareness of Illegal Logging

Arif Sutrisno
Public awareness of the dangers of illegal logging needs to be re-invigorated, given the increasingly severe environmental damage. Animated films can be an effective and interesting educational media to overcome the problems regarding the survival of community which is endangered by the environmental...
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Building Bridges Across Borders and Digital Divides?

Possibilities and Limits of Digital Formats in the Context of University Cooperation

Daniel H. Rellstab
Digital technologies have been integrated into foreign language learning classrooms for a long time [1]. Yet during the global pandemic, when borders were closed and traveling had become all but impossible, international exchange formats experienced an “unprecedented phase of digitalization” [2, p. 21]....
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Portraying Indonesian EFL Teachers’ Perceptions and Teaching Practices on Intercultural Communicative Competence

Deisyi Batunan, Siusana Kweldju, Anik Nunuk Wulyani
Fostering Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) in the EFL milieu has attracted considerable worldwide scholars’ interest. Despite the myriads of literature on ICC in the EFL settings, integrating ICC into EFL instruction is still underexplored in the Indonesian context, especially in the eastern...
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Mahogany Wood as Natural Dyes for Textile Colouring: Experiment at Home Industry Batik Wonorejo Village Singosari Malang Regency

Denik Rini, Ike Ratnawati, Agnisa Wisesa, Lisa Sidyawati
Batik is one of the Indonesian cultures that has been recognized worldwide. UNESCO has recognized that batik is a non-material culture native to Indonesia. Since this recognition, the love for batik has spread among the people of Indonesia. Many people use batik as their daily clothing textile. Batik...
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Binnendifferenzierung in German Language Learning: A Challenge for Teachers

Dewi Kartika Ardiyani, Edy Hidayat, Primardiana Hermilia Wijayati, Rofi’ah
This is a literature study about the term Binnendifferenzierung in Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF) or German as Foreign Language (GFL) class. Binnendifferenzierung (aka. internal differentiation) is a methodic-didactic concept, in which teachers have to consider the heterogeneity of learners. Every learner...
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Awareness Education by Paulo Freire in the Novel Laskar Pelangi and Negeri 5 Menara

Dewi Pusposari
This research is based on the ongoing issues with education in Indonesia. These problems have inspired Indonesian novelists to address the issue of education in their works. The novels are: (1) Laskar Pelangi, and (2) Negeri 5 Menara. This type of research is descriptive qualitative research. Research...
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Probing Design Researchers: Understanding Ph.D. Student’s Routine

Dimas Rifqi Novica, Eduarda Loureiro
This study presents a ludic approach to understand design researchers’ routine and its relevance in providing insights about their research. We place design researchers as users to comprehend their daily activities while doing their research. In this project, design researchers consist of students from...
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Werthertracht: Literature, Fashion, and Youth Resistance in the Late 18th Century Germany

Dudy Syafruddin, Octi Rjeky Mardasari, Rania F. Amirah, Muhammad S. Alfaraby
Fashion often represents the identity and resistance of a group. Meanwhile, identity and resistance often become themes in literary works. One of the literary works that show the search for identity and resistance of young people at the end of the 18th century in Germany is Die Leiden des Jungen Werthers...
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Improving Students’ Reading Ability in Elementary Schools Through the Reading Clinic Program

Enik Chairul Umah, Hariyanto
This research provides a solution for the first graders of elementary school who cannot read yet; due to government regulations regarding the admission of new elementary school students, the ability to read is not a requirement to be accepted as a new student at school. This research uses a qualitative...
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Mapping an EFL Teacher’s Technology Integration and Challenges in Online Teaching to a Student with Special Need

Fitriatul Masitoh, Faizatul Istiqomah
In the twenty-first century, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is seen as a vital component of education. Recent studies have examined the use of technology in online English instruction and learning. Despite the pandemic, few of these studies addressed the extent to which EFL teachers integrate...
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The Application of Student-Centered Learning (SCL) Strategies in the Balaghah Course at Universitas Negeri Malang

Hanik Mahliatussikah, Ibnu Samsul Huda, Nur Anisah Ridwan
Learning strategy is the organization of course content, delivery of material, and management of learning activities using various learning resources used by teachers to support the creation of an effective and efficient learning process. Student-Centered Learning (SCL) is believed to improve the learning...
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Foreign Speakers’ Indonesian Language Errors on YouTube Social Media

Helmi Muzaki
YouTube is one of the most popular social media. Many people share videos on YouTube, one of which is foreign speech. However, some foreign speakers sometimes make errors when they made Indonesian videos. Indonesian language errors made by foreign speakers are natural but should not be allowed. This...
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Application of the Constructivist Model (CM) on Interactions and Learning Initiative Factors for Improvement Results in Learning

Herri Akhmad Bukhori, S. Sunarti, Tiksno Widyatmoko, Djoko Sarjono
Using concept map-based handouts, this study aims to establish whether there are interactions and disparities in the reading and writing learning outcomes across groups of students with high and low levels of initiative. A 2 × 2 factorial True Experimental research design was employed. Students from...
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The Potential of Using Critical Incident Technique to Improve Design Research: A Compilation Study

Ima Kusumawati Hidayat, Efecan Serin, Rogério Ribeiro
Critical Incident Technique (CIT) is a research approach in which the research subject was asked to remember and explain a period when a specific behavior, activity, or occurrence influenced (either positively or negatively) a specified outcome. For the incident to be critical, the event should have...
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Emotions of Students of German Department of Universitas Negeri Malang While Taking Online Lecture Grundfertigkeiten Deutsch

Iwa Sobara
This study discusses the emotions experienced by students who have to take online lectures for the Grundfertigkeiten Deutsch (Basic German Skills) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Emotions are important because they can decrease or increase students’ learning motivation. Therefore, educators among adult...
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Geopolitics and Language Planning

Challenges in a Post-pandemic World

Júlio Reis Jatobá
In this article, we discuss some of the main policies of the People’s Republic of China that guide the teaching of foreign languages in China. The documents used in our review are laws, guidelines, national teaching standards and academic publications that relate directly and indirectly to the promotion...
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Representation of Ageism and Gen-Z Exploitation Issues in E-commerce Advertising Design in Indonesia

Joni Agung Sudarmanto, Adzrool Idzwan bin Ismail
The Internet of Thing discourse and the emergence of digital natives are forcing significant behavioural changes, especially with Gen-Z discourse as the primary commodity in this era. The rise of Gen-Z visualization as an e-commerce advertising design model in Indonesia is not only to introduce services...
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Developing 汉语的语义学 [Hanyǔ de yǔyì xué] of Chinese Semantics Digital Module

Karina Fefi Laksana Sakti, Amira Eza Febrian Putri, Octi Rjeky Mardasari, Sunarti, Muhamad Rajali, Arya Bima
The difficulty that is experienced by most Chinese language teachers is to determine which Chinese language textbooks are suitable to be applied to Indonesian learners. In Indonesia, most of the Chinese books, including the Chinese Semantic textbooks, are still in full Chinese or English. Learning Chinese...
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The Change and Innovation in Pancasila Education in Post Reform Era (2003 to 2022)

Lestanta Budiman, Sauptika Kancana, Hastangka
This paper will discuss the change and innovation in Pancasila education especially in at higher education. Pancasila Education in Indonesia has become a national identity and deep concern for the Indonesian Government to deliver the knowledge and values of Indonesian identity. During the post- reformation...
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Wordwall Interactive Media Training: Optimization of Digital-Based Learning Media for German Teachers in Besuki Region

Lilis Afifah, Sri Prameswari Indriwardhani
As learning facilitators, teachers need to be introduced to a wide variety of learning media that can support the learning process to be more attractive, covering German teachers in the Besuki area. In fact, there were situations related to the lack of German vocabulary owned by students that need to...
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Development of Educational Game “语法戏[Yǔfǎ Xì] as an Optimization of Grammar Learning

M. Lukluk Ul, Aiga Ventivani, Octi Rjeky Mardasari, Putery Ekireginata
Mastering grammar is crucial to support language skills, including learning Chinese. Lack of mastery of Chinese grammar can hinder learning four language skills at once. One of the media that can help learn grammar is educational game media. The purpose of this research is to develop an educational game...
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How Flashcard Games Improve Critical Thinking Skills on History of Islamic Culture Material?

Mochammad Rizal Ramadhan, M. Iqbal Najib Fahmi, Samudra Mutiara Hasanah, Abd Aziz bin Rekan
The material history of Islamic culture, especially the history of Muslim scientists, is something that a student should know. The history of Muslim scientists has now been taught at various levels of education, including in junior high school. So far, the study of the history of Muslim scientists has...
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Aparaja Revitalization: Lio Ethnic Oral Tradition

Maria Yulita C. Age
Oral traditions, as discourses told or passed down from generation to generation, include oral and written, all of which are passed on orally. Aparaja is a form of oral tradition of the Lio ethnic community that needs revival. Aparaja is part of oral tradition in the form of traditional questions in...
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The RADEC Model to Teach Intercultural Communicative Competence

Mirjam Anugerahwati
Nowadays, with the advance of technologies, teaching-learning activities are more and more geared towards student-centered modes. Students are expected to actively engage in the teaching-learning activities by finding most of the materials and doing the tasks in their own time, using their own devices....
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Developing Arabic Textbooks

What and How?

Moh. Ainin
Arabic textbooks are one of the main pillars in a learning process. Having such a vital role, Arabic textbooks are very important and strategic to improve the quality of learning both in terms of process and learning outcome. Similar to a multi-media room, textbooks are both the hardware and software....
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Designing Advanced-Level Arabic Mass Media Teaching Material: A Project-Based Learning Approach

Muhammad Lukman Arifianto, Iqbal Fathi Izzudin, Zulfa Azalia Mujahidah
In the Arabic language teaching curriculum in higher education, Arabic mass media are usually used as part of the material objects in advanced-language learning skills. However, there is a lack of the supporting teaching materials in Arabic for mass media learning developed by experts, especially with...
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Establishing Sustainable Assessment for Meaningful Learning of EFL in Trenggalek Vocational High Schools

Teachers’ Perspectives

Nafila Ulfa Rizqiana, Herri Akhmad Bukhori, Primardiana Hermilia Wijayati
EFL teachers in vocational schools tend to face a common problem when teaching in class, including assessing their students’ learning. In recent years, assessing EFL in vocational schools has mainly been in the form of summative assessment. Vocational students tend to lack motivation in learning EFL,...
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Has the Covid-19 Pandemic Brought Our Students Closer to be Autonomous Learners?

A Post-pandemic Analysis in Higher Education

N. L. P. Dian Sawitri
This research explores how the shift in the teaching and learning processes during the pandemic has affected the way students manage their learning for the past couple of years. When the world came to a halt due to the virus, education came to a staggering situation where everything is shifted to online....
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Arabic in the Eid Greetings in Indonesian Muslim

Linguistic Error Analysis

Nur Faizin, Abdul Basid
In celebrating Eid al-Fitr, Indonesians use greetings in very diverse forms. Several studies have shown that Indonesian Muslims often use Arabic to convey holiday greetings, both in words, phrases, clauses, and even sentences. This research is helpful in providing a linguistic picture regarding the use...
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Natural Coloring Batik and Artistic Eco-Friendly-Based Eco-Print Development to Support Temas Kampong of Batu as Batik Tourism Center

Ponimin, Ike Ratnawati, Agnisa Maulani Wisesa
Temas village people’s professions as natural-colored batik crafters and Ecoprint in cloth production have been through in the last five years. However, with the development of Batu city as a tourism area, this batik center is not taking many roles to support tourism development. From the observation,...
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Multimodal Perspective in BIPA Textbook

Element of Textbook and Teacher’s Responses

Roekhan, Kusubakti Andajani, Ahsani Maulidina, Bambang Prastio, Sainee Tamphu, Dedy Setyawan
The presence of illustrations in second language textbooks has long been known to provide many benefits for improving students’ understanding. A theory to examine text and visuals contained in textbooks is Multimodal Discourse Analysis (MDA). However, MDA research in Indonesian for Foreign Speakers textbooks...
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Effectiveness of Think Pair Share (TPS) and Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Improving Student Ability: A Comparative Study

S. Sunarti, Herri Akhmad Bukhori, Djoko Sarjono, Tiksno Widyatmoko
This study aims to prove the significance of differences in learning outcomes by applying the TPS learning model to subjects. This research design uses comparative quantitative with a quasi-experimental method (quasi-experimental). The population and sample of this study were all students of Reading...
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Implementation of Drill and Practice Learning Models and Open-Ended Problems to Find Out Interest in Learning

S. Sunarti, Herri Akhmad Bukhori, Djoko Sarjono, Tiksno Widyatmoko
The objectives of this study are to: (1) reveal the average achievement of learning outcomes in Mandarin Reading and Writing class of 2020 at the State University of Malang, (2) revealing the effect of the interaction between learning interest factors with the learning model factors of Drill and Practice...
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Implementation of Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) in Digital Book Development for Growing Liveliness Study

S. Sunarti, Herri Akhmad Bukhori, Djoko Sarjono, Tiksno Widyatmoko, Karina Fefi Laksana Sakti, Amira Eza Febrian Putri
The purpose of this development is to create a digital book on writing and reading Mandarin and observe student learning activities when using the developed book and describe the results of the book validation test for students of the Mandarin language study program at Universitas Negeri Malang. The...
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Understanding Problems that Arise During Video Remote Shooting

Siti Aishah Mohammad Razi
The hit of Covid19 in 2020 prompted educators to be more creative in connecting online teaching and learning sessions. However, not all subjects can be learned through lectures. For video production that requires practical activities, the lecture method is seen as impractical. The students are unable...
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Conversational Maxims Analysis of Students and Lecturers at the Online Thesis Defense of the Economics Department, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Sri Ani Puji Setiawati, Yashinta Farahsani, Chyndy Febrindasari, K. Elpina May Casten
The COVID-19 pandemic has occurred for almost two years and has had a significant impact in various sectors, one of which is the education sector. One of the pandemic impacts is the practice of thesis defense in Economics Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta....
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The Implementation of Adversity Intelligence and Perception (AIP) to Become a Professional Teacher

Tiksno Widyatmoko, S. Sunarti, Herri Akhmad Bukhori, Djoko Sarjono
The purpose of this study is to reveal the relationship and contribution of adversity intelligence (X1) and students’ perceptions of understanding the teaching profession (X2) with self-confidence to become a teacher (Y). This research is an expose facto research with a descriptive correlational research...
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The Implementation of Game Pair Coupon Exchange (PCE) Towards the Results of Learning Reading and Writing Mandarin Course

Tiksno Widyatmoko, S. Sunarti, Herri Akhmad Bukhori, Djoko Sarjono
The problems in the Reading and Writing courses in the Mandarin language study program at the Universitas Negeri Malang are the lack of variety of methods and learning resources provided by lecturers. The opportunity for students to exchange information with other students is still lacking, so does the...
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Portraying University Students’ Digital Literacy Competency in Problem Solving: A Multi-case Study in Higher Education

Untari Gunta Pertiwi, Ruly Darmawan, Evi Azizah Vebriyanti, Amalia Nurhidayati, Linda Mawali
Adaption and resilience are crucial issues during and post-COVID-19 pandemics. A sudden change during COVID-19 pandemic forces individuals to adapt to a catastrophic situation, and technology assists them in coping with the difficulties. For instance, the traditional classroom is shifted to online classes...
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Problems in Learning Essay Writing for English for Specific Purpose Students: A Case Study in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Yashinta Farahsani, Ika Puspita Rini, Patria Handung Jaya
English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is one of the courses taught at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) for several study programs, such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Accounting, Management, and other study programs. One of the goals of the inclusion of...
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Translation Method in Translating Mechanical Engineering Terms from English to Indonesian

Yashinta Farahsani, Margaretha Dharmayanti Harmanto, Hana Nimashita
Translation is very important in today’s world of international communication since it is widely used to communicate knowledge, culture, and other social activities to those who do not understand the source texts. In this process, translation techniques and methods are needed to determine the translation...
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How is BIPA Students’ Perception Towards Learning in the Digital Era? Insights in Preparing Online Learning

Yuni Pratiwi, Kusubakti Andajani, Imam Suyitno, Bambang Prastio, Ahsani Maulidina, Dedy Setyawan
Developments in information and communication technology as well as the Covid-19 pandemic have pushed second language learning in a more modern direction than in recent years. This article aims to discuss foreign students’ perceptions of online learning of Indonesian for Foreign Speakers or Bahasa Indonesia...