Proceedings of the IX International Scientific and Practical Conference “Current Problems of Social and Labour Relations" (ISPC-CPSLR 2021)

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Innovations and Tourism Sector’s Development in Lankaran Economic District of Azerbaijan in Pandemic Conditions

Samira Huseyn qizi Abasova
Tourism innovations are helping to increase the range of services offered. In the context of the pandemic, innovations have appeared - virtual tours of museums, scenic natural places, hunting and fishing places, gastronomic cuisine of certain cities, etc. The Lankaran economic region of Azerbaijan is...
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State and Legal Regulation of the Flow of Media Information about Coronavirus Infection COVID-19

Nailya Akhmetyanova, Iuliia Saitbattalova, Ekaterina Poliakova
The article examines the quality of informing the population by the mass media about the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) based on the publications of online and print publications of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The purpose is to determine their role in forming ideas about the ongoing processes...
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The Impact of Labor resources on the Economic Development of the Regions of the Volga Federal District

Nadezhda Ananyeva, Maria Rybkina
There are various strategies developed by scientists to form criteria that contribute to stabilising the Russian economy and its growth. A strategy aimed at socio-economic transformation is used to increase the economy’s growth rate. Despite this, there is a differentiation of the industrial sector and...
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Improvement of the Organisational Mechanism of Land Resource Potential Management

Irina Artamonova, Anatoly Chirukhin
This article aims to substantiate and search for ways to improve the organisational mechanism of land resource potential management. The land resource potential acts as the basis for achieving the declared by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 717 dated July 14, 2012 “On the State...
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“Decent Human Life” as a Category of Constitutional Law

Natalja Averyanova, Ekaterina Toguzaeva, Natalia Tyumeneva, Svetlana Yakusheva
The article is devoted to analysing the content of such a category of constitutional law as “a decent human life”. It is determined that its legal institutionalisation is the result of the evolutionary development of Russia and other states that have taken as a basis the recognition of a person, his...
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Digital Transformation of the Agro-industrial Complex in Russia: Necessity and Features

Irina Baturina, Tatiana Bukhtiyarova, Irina Artamonova
This study aims to substantiate the necessity and study the specifics of the digitalisation of the agro-industrial complex. In modern conditions of organisation and management, the potential for economic growth is contained in the latest digital technologies, which contributes to increasing the accuracy...
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A Model for the Development of the Key Competence of Specialists of a Network Self-learning University

Belova Elena, Volegzhanina Irina, Tayurskiy Anatoly
Modern challenges and increasing requirements for the effectiveness of higher education organisations actualise the search for new solutions. The authors see such a solution in developing the key competence of specialists of the innovative network self-learning university. The research aims at theoretical...
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Psychological Assessment of Corporate Culture as a Factor of Occupational Safety

Vasiliy Belov, Evgenia Bojko, Irina Gayvoronskaya, Anatoliy Maklakov, Irina Kunitsyna, Irina Sidorova
The article gives the psychological assessment of corporate culture concept being perspective to ensure occupational safety and reduce the occupational risk in the construction companies. It is shown that the components of the corporate culture for Russian small and medium construction companies concern...
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The Efficiency of Grain Exports as a Factor in Increasing the Stability of the Domestic Market of Agricultural Products

Maksim Besshaposhnyy, Nikolay Platonovskiy
The article discusses the issues of improving the efficiency of grain exports in foreign markets, taking into account both the volume of grain production by domestic agricultural producers and in the context of market conditions on world trading platforms. The approaches to the formation of the scientific...
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Meaningful characteristics of students life strategies

Marianna Gorbatova, Marina Bilan
The dynamics of changes in recent decades have led to the transformation of society’s value system, the breaking of social stereotypes, and, consequently, the complication of the socialisation processes of young people and building their life strategy. The purpose of the study is to describe the meaningful...
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The Organisation of Comprehensive Remote Support of Pre-school Children with Speech Disorders

Natalia Borisova, Tatyana Zakharova, Larisa Pepik
The article is devoted to the issues of assisting children with speech disorders in current conditions, considering the emerging social and epidemiological risks. The authors consider the problem of organising and improving the effectiveness of comprehensive support for children of this category. The...
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The Innovative Basis of the Growing Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Lesya Bozhko
The growth of the organisation, expressed in revenue and the number of staff increase, has a positive effect on the socio-economic indicators of the country. The firm’s innovative activity as a factor of intensive growth in current conditions is beyond doubt but requires additional analysis to ensure...
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Theoretical Aspects of Fitness Trainer Training

Sergey Serper, Oleg Buranok
The article is devoted to such a complex issue as the theoretical and methodological basis for training a future trainer-teacher. The topic of approaches to this problem in modern pedagogy, primarily in the framework of higher education, is considered. In addition, contradictions in contemporary higher...
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Pedagogical Education Modernisation in the University Context

Larisa Bykasova, Svetlana Garmash, Vladimir Podberezny, Valentina Panova, Yelena Pershonkova
From the essential approach position, the article examines the modern educational organisation formation and functioning as a scientific, educational, training, socio-cultural object that meets the needs of a society; the domestic pedagogical education development priorities and directions are determined;...
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Modern Education: Immersive Discourse

Larisa Bykasova, Mikhail Kravchenko, Elena Kamenskaya, Margarita Krevsoun, Irina Samoilova
From the essential approach position, the article examines the modern educational organization formation and functioning as a scientific, educational, training, socio-cultural object that meets the needs of a society; the domestic pedagogical education development priorities and directions are determined;...
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Transformation of the Father’s Role in the Domestic Parenting System

Raisa Ekhaeva, Nasrudi Yarychev
The father’s role in the upbringing of children differs among different peoples and is transformed depending on the epoch: its social and economic structure. A historical digression allows us to understand the trends of such a transformation, based on which we try to understand the present better and...
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The Origin and Formation of Quasi-judicial Institutions of Social Control as Elements of Civil Society

Alla Fakurdinova, Olga Kopylova, Svetlana Medvedeva, Bella Tskhovrebova
The article is devoted to analysing the chronological periodisation of the origin and formation of elements of quasi-judicial justice in the history of the Russian state and covers the time from the early feudal forms of ancient Russian statehood to the beginning of the 20th century. The quasi-judicial...
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Classification of the hypothesis testing reliability criteria in socio-economic research

Elena Galkina
The article presents a methodology for assessing the acceptability of a hypothesis tested by a researcher based on statistical criteria applicable to the study results. The generally accepted criteria of reliability and power obtained by studying combinations of quantities of results recognised as true...
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Digital Transformation of Education: Comparative Analysis of Students and Their Parents’ Survey Results

Irina Gerlakh, Ambartsum Galustov, Marina Egizaryants, Irina Tvelova
The article presents the study results to identify problems arising in parental support of children’s educational activities in the context of digital transformation of education, attended by 7336 students of urban educational organisations and 7626 parents from 7 regions of the Russian Federation. The...
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Analysis of Factors Motivating to Learn a Foreign Language in Additional Education Courses

Natalya Podporina, Anna Kuklina, Lyudmila Gerasimova
Additional education provides expanding career opportunities and a variety of professional prospects. The professional retraining program “Translator in the field of professional communication” developed and implemented at the Siberian State University of Science and Technology named after Academician...
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Socio-economic Features of the Formation of Migration Processes in the North Caucasus

Shamil Gimbatov
The paper analyses the effectiveness of interregional migration in the North Caucasus Federal District regions. The main trends and conditions in which migration processes are formed in the region and the main structural and socio-economic conditions that shape the direction and dynamics of population...
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HR Project Management

Viktoria Goroshenko, Inna Kondaurova, Viktoria Zhilchenkova, Olga Shtager
The concept and essence of the project approach in management are described and the expediency of its application in HR management using the method of control questions. The essence of the method is to answer pre-defined questions, the results of which may lead to the conclusion of whether a project...
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Technologization of the Teachers Coping behavior formation as management and staff training means

Tatiana Gudina, Valentina Ponikarova, Irina Bukina
An inclusive approach to teaching people with disabilities and/or disabilities is now considered one of the main strategic paradigms of modern education. In this regard, the question arises about the importance of professional training of pedagogical personnel implementing the inclusive practice, considering...
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Behavioral Characteristics of Social Giftedness

Alla Gudzovskaya, Marina Myshkina
Social giftedness is understood as a person’s ability to establish mature, constructive relationships with other people and groups, characterised by stable prosocial behavior. The search for factors affecting the behavioral characteristics of schoolchildren, reflecting their social giftedness, was the...
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Remote Teaching a Foreign Language to Students of Conventional Specialities of the Russian University of Transport during the World Lockdown Because of COVID-19 Spread

Yulia Guro-Frolova, Ekaterina Sedova, Veronika Novik
The problem of remote teaching of technical university students of conventional specialities a foreign language is considered. Confident proficiency in a foreign language is one of the conditions for obtaining a promising job in the future. The article compares the productivity of remote learning technologies...
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The role of diasporas and social media in student migration

Aleksandr A. Gusakov
The article analyses the role of ethnic diasporas and digital social media in student migration. A survey of students from 18 countries who study at RUDN University was conducted. This university is the most international in the Russian Federation because students from more than 160 countries learn there....
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Comparative analysis of trends in the export of higher education in Russia and Poland

Aleksandr A. Gusakov, Vita Jukneviciene
The article analyses the main trends in the development of higher education exports in Russia and Poland. For this purpose, data from the official statistics of both countries, OECD, have been collected and analysed. A list of countries from which the flow of students to both countries is increasing...
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Problems of Personality Socialization: Changing the Value Priorities of Modern Youth

Svetlana Akutina, Irina Begantsova, Natalia Guseva, Tamara Shchelina
The article deals with the problem of changing the value priorities of young men in the conditions of modern social reality. The concept of value orientations of personality is considered as a complex system and process that absorbs and reflects almost all contradictions and changes in the holistic picture...
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Compliance of the Goals of Modern Family Policy with the Development Processes of the Modern Family

Natalya Ignatyeva, Natalya Bukhalova
The article analyses the legislation of the Russian Federation and several developed countries in the field of marital and family relations, as well as the goals and directions of the development of the social institution of the family within the framework of strategies and concepts approved by the state....
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Factors of Agricultural Cooperation Development

Vladimir Egorov, Andrey Inshakov
The article is devoted to the conceptual aspects of the development of agricultural cooperation. The authors have analysed subjective and objective prerequisites for the growth of cooperative associations of small rural producers. The article argues that objective factors determining the genesis of agricultural...
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Career Guidance Potential of Botanical Gardens Educational Programs (in the Context of the Sustainable Development Concept Implementation)

Anastasia Ishchenko, Elena Mitina
The educational activity of botanical gardens is one of the most promising areas of their development – it is in demand among representatives of various age and social groups; however, its motivational target, content and organisational aspects require qualitative modernisation. This work aims to determine...
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Methodological and Subject Competencies of Social Studies Teachers Manifested in the Conditions of Education Digital Transformation

Viktoriya Khlopkova, Evgeniy Golodov, Inna Kopchenko, Olga Spirina
The article presents the results of a study to identify the formation of methodological and subject competencies of social studies teachers in the context of digital transformation of education, which was attended by 634 teachers working in specialised classes from 7 regions of the Russian Federation....
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Creation of Logical Models for Conducting Forensic Linguistic Expertise

Elizaveta Kobets, Arsenii Tretiakov, Natalia Gorlushkina
The work is devoted to defining and selecting the main criteria, parameters, and features to create logical models. This is necessary for the subsequent preparation of the object model and rules for the developer, which are implemented based on a logical model, for the subsequent creation of a software...
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Diagnosis of Labor Relations and Human Capital Through the Prism of HR Branding

Svetlana Kochina, Elena Shchetinina
The purpose of the article is to describe the principles of a new integrative methodological approach to the analysis of labor relations and corporate human capital (HC), an approach that would consider the multidimensionality of this category, namely, its relationship with social, marketing, economic...
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Development of Creative Thinking as an Essential Competence of a Modern Person

Diana Kolesnikova, Natalia Bekk, Marika Taybe
Modern dynamic life poses extraordinary tasks for each member of society, for which it is necessary to show a creative approach. Creativity is an essential quality for students of the twenty-first century. Currently, there is a substantial scientific, innovative leap in the world; people are increasingly...
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Teacher’s Image of a Higher Educational Institution of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia during Distance Learning

Lyubov Fortova, Анна Yudina, Svetlana Komissarova
The successful activity of educational organisations operating in a new digital reality largely depends on adaptability to new realities and the speed of organising the educational process using the “digital”. The digital environment completely changes the activities of a higher school teacher, who,...
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The Collective Activity of Schoolchildren in Cooperation Groups as a Step Towards Social Interaction

Elena Kotova, Elena Saveleva, Elena Lineva, Alesya Leontieva
To understand the essence of learning in cooperation and effectively use it in the educational process, the teacher must take into account the fact that the application of this pedagogical technology requires a particular preparation stage, at which the teacher needs to master the methodology of forming...
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Demographic Situation in the Buryatia and Kalmykia

Ekaterina Kovanova, Sayan Alekseyev, Nogan Badmaeva
The subject of the study is demographic processes in the Mongolian-speaking regions of Russia. Modern demographic processes in the country’s regions strongly depend on the socio-economic development of territories, which in turn have significant territorial differentiation. The analysis of demographic...
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Reproductive Behavior of Modern Rural Youth

Kovanova Ekaterina, Alekseyev Sayan
The article presents the results of a study of the reproductive behavior of rural youth on the example of the Republic of Kalmykia. In recent years, there has been a decrease in the fertility rate among the rural population in the republic. The research method is conducting in-depth semi-formalised interviews...
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Types of Career Guidance Work and Prospects for Its Development in a Non-linguistic University

Natalia Krupnova, Elena Baronova, Karine Vlasova, Olga Volgina
This article is devoted to the peculiarities of career guidance work carried out by a pedagogical university. The article defines the concept of career guidance work and summarises the experience of its implementation at the Faculty of History and Philology of the Arzamas branch of the NNSU. The authors...
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Adaptation Strategies Through a New Identity: A Comparative Analysis of Two Generations of Chechen Migrants in Belgium

Lida Kurbanova, Hanifa Nalgieva, Laila Ismailova, Zara Umarova
The study analyses the structure of the formation of identification strategies, social, cultural, religious attitudes of two generations of Chechen migrants: those who arrived in the country as adults and their children, who grew up in migration conditions. The analysis is based on comparing the results...
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The Importance of Fixing the Poverty Threshold for the Formation of a Sustainable Economy

Alla Leonidova, Maria Ozerova, Anastasia Sharopatova
Implementing the concept of sustainable development in practice requires an adequate definition of the boundary (threshold) of poverty. Poverty is a twofold phenomenon, on the one hand, it is the result of the current wage system; on the other hand, it is the basis for the formation of the labour force...
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Formation of a Civic Identity System in School Education and Popular Culture (Using the Example of the USA)

Yaroslav Levin, Alexander Buranok
The article is devoted to such a complex issue as the development of ideas about civic identity. The topic of approaches to this ideological construction in the 20th century USA, primarily within the framework of school education, is considered. In addition, the review examines the reflection of the...
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Features of Labor Behavior of Graduates of Postgraduate Studies in Russia

Aleksandr Litvinyuk, Larisa Kartashova, Pavel Zhuravlev, Lyudmila Ivanova-Shvets
A scientific study results comparing the basic scales of the MMPI test of young professionals focused on working in the academic field with the average scales of successful scientists and university teachers are presented. The methodological basis of the study was the methodology based on the standard...
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The Main “Features” of Admission to Graduate School in Modern Russia

Aleksandr Litvinyuk, Liliya Babynina, Evgeniya Shubenkova, Elena Karpenko
Postgraduate studies’ effectiveness has had a pronounced downward trend in the last decade. The share of graduate students defending their dissertation on time has decreased to 12%. In our opinion, the reason is a decrease in the level of social prestige of both an academic degree and, in general, the...
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Improving the Economic Literacy of Entrepreneurs with Technical Competencies

Magomed Magomedov, Ol’ga Karabanova, Elena Aleksejcheva, Elena Kulomzina
Technological entrepreneurship is one of the most critical research areas in the modern economy due to the significant contribution of rapidly growing companies to the economic growth of the country and regions of the world. Identifying factors affecting the success and effectiveness of startups will...
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Professional Competence as an Essential Characteristic of a University Student’s Personality

Olga Makarova, Margarita Kovardakova, Anastasia Shabanova
The social demand of modern society requires graduates from universities with a certain level of qualifications. Such a level implies both educational background and the development of personal qualities necessary for the performance of professional activities and the adaptation to the changing conditions...
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Communicative Properties of the Manager’s Personality and Managerial Decision-making

Natalya Matyash, Tatyana Pavlova, Ekaterina Chukhacheva
The article is devoted to studying the relationship between the communicative properties of the manager personality and managerial decision-making styles. This problem is essential and relevant since the communicative properties of the manager’s personality are rarely considered when making managerial...
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The Influence of the Reflexive Position on the Regulation of the Students’ Emotional Sphere

Natalya Matyash, Tatyana Pavlova, Svetlana Komarova, Olga Golenkova
Modern psychological studies of the problem of reflection show its variety and importance. The emotional sphere of an individual also does not lose its significance for psychological research, mediating human behaviour. The article considers the conducted research of the influence of the reflexive position...
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The Institution of Self-employment as a Factor of Small Business Development in Russia

Irina Molodan, Ludmila Ivanchenko
In the context of the spread of self-employment as an alternative to employment, the state faces the task of institutionalising self-employed activities. The creation of norms and rules that ensure its legalisation allows employees to use all the advantages of official employment, including small businesses,...
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Features of Professional Well-being in a Situation of Uncertainty

Tatyana Moroz, Tatyana Kuchina, Alexander Shchepot’ev
The paper proposes to consider the issue of the professional well-being of future specialists in the world of uncertainty at the intersection of scientific areas - psychology and economics. It is quite difficult for a young person to be professionally successful; it is difficult to realise his potential...
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Labor market of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Transformation Stages and Current State

Gulshat Mussayeva, Nina Vishnevskaya
Relevance of the research topic. New economic challenges pose severe problems in the field of employment: the world’s economies face such acute problems as growing unemployment and declining employment due to the COVID-19 epidemic. According to the ILO, the economic and labor crisis caused by the pandemic...
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Digital Ecosystems in the Socio-anthropological Dimension

Tatiana Naumova
The characteristic of the new social structure known as the concept of Society 5.0 in the context of total digitalisation of all spheres of social life is given. The consonance of the Society model 5.0. to the ideas of transhumanism in the views on the formation of the posthuman as a person of the coming...
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Research on the impact of human capital on the lean production implementation

Viktor Orekhov, Sergey Golovchanov, Anzor Karanashev
The study is devoted to the actual problem of using new resources for human capital growth, particularly the implementation of Lean. The study aims to identify the dependence of the implementation results at Russian enterprises on the level of human capital development and other factors. The subject...
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Analysis of the Possibilities of Protecting Human Capital in the Context of the Covid-19 Epidemic

Viktor Orekhov, Oleg Rukodaynyy, Dmitry Kicha, Denuts Moroga
The work is devoted to the urgent problem of protecting human capital (HC) in the context of an epidemic threat. The study aims to analyse the possibilities of activating the use of vaccination to protect the HC of Russia in the conditions of the Covid-19 epidemic. The subject of the study is a system...
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Self-employment as a Form of Realisation of the Right to Freely Chosen Employment: Problems of Legal Regulation

Elena Orlova, Konstantin Krylov, Tamara Soshnikova
The article is devoted to studying the problems of legal regulation of self-employment as a form of realising the right to freely chosen employment. It is noted that recent changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation have provoked positive trends in the “withdrawal of the self-employed from...
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Social Projects in the Activities of Commercial Enterprises and Organizations: Implementation Features

Svetlana Osadchaya
The paper points to the actualisation of the issues of social responsibility of enterprises and organizations operating in the context of the development of a socially-oriented economy and the use of social design in this regard as a tool for the implementation of social goals and programs in the context...
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Entrepreneurship of Private Subsidiary Farms in the Development of the Region’s Rural Areas

Yulia Pavlova
This article examines the essence of entrepreneurship of private subsidiary farms. Such methods as theoretical, general philosophical analysis (system method, synthesis), statistical method were used for the study. To summarise the conclusions on the topic of the study, the works of foreign and domestic...
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The Influence of Digital Transformations on the Processes of Personal Identification in the Conditions of Social Systems Functioning

Anna Petrakova, Tatyana Martseva, Nadezhda Artemenko, Yadviga Nebylova
The article deals with the specifics of person identification processes in the conditions of social systems functioning. The author notes that identification is a social action, the purpose of which is to establish the identity between a person and individual qualities of objects of the social environment....
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Educational Tourism as an Engine in Learning Foreign Languages

Oksana Poletaeva, Narkiza Moroz, Oksana Lazareva
The article explores educational tourism and identifies its role in learning foreign languages. The authors look into the language policy of universities through the academic mobility of students and teachers. Based on the research subject, the authors analyse relevant literature and use the empiric...
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Analysis of Structural Shifts in Employment Among Crimean Youth

Elena Polishchuk, Natalia Stakhno, Olga Pochupailo
The application of the structural shifts method allowed the study to assess the key indicator of the labor market - youth employment. The process of assessing changes in the number of employed youth on the example of the Republic of Crimea was carried out in relation to the national level (assessing...
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The Main Psycholinguistic Problems of International Students in the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom

Inna Rubakova, Alina Vasko
In the modern world, intercultural and international education is becoming more and more in demand. The number of exchange programs for students from different countries is growing every year; opportunities are opening up to receive education abroad and gain experience in intercultural communication....
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Socialising Opportunities for Orphans of the Regional Educational Space

Nadezhda Shaidenko, Svetlana Kipurova, Ellada Shelispanskaya
The first stage of the study of socialising opportunities for orphans of the regional educational space is the study of factors and conditions for improving the effectiveness of socialisation of orphans and children left without parental care. The article contains the results of this theoretical study...
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The Role of Student Subjectivity in Successful Professional Self-determination

Svetlana Khrebina, Lyubov Voronkina, Rimma Zvereva, Margarita Shapovalova
The article reveals the psychological aspects of the development of students’ subjectivity as a condition for successful professional self-determination in studying at a university. The content of the concept of the subjectivity of a student’s personality as a quality that allows to effectively and...
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Psychological Features of the Pregnant Women Attitude to Motherhood in a Difficult Life Situation (COVID-19 Pandemic)

Margarita Shapovalova, Svetlana Niculina, Elena Serdyukova
The article reveals the psychological aspects of pregnant women’s attitude to motherhood and their psychological support during pregnancy. The conditions for the formation of an optimal attitude of a woman to her pregnancy due to its influence on the quality of her living, mastering the maternal role,...
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Developing personnel’s new professional competencies in the context of the digital economy

Evgeny Shcherbik, Tatyana Patrakhina, Aset Tagirova, Tatyana Galynchik
Digital transformation is becoming more and more relevant globally. There has been a comprehensive study on various aspects of the digital economy and its impact on the socio-economic sphere. This sphere is also emphasised as a priority at the local level, taking into account regions’ disproportionate...
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Russian Maritime Education Should Be! What to Be?

Sofya Stukanova, Irina Stukanova, Alexander Agafonov
The growth of the national economy and the development of the quality of human resources are in a constant and continuous relationship. Professional maritime education as a component of the socio-economic system that forms human capital requires implementing new approaches; relevant educational programs...
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Possibilities of using digital technologies in recruitment

Alfiya Tasmukhanova, Alina Dubinina, Irina Zakharova
The article substantiates the need to introduce digital technologies into the recruitment and hiring system. According to the maturity model stages for attracting talent, which companies must pass to achieve professional maturity in recruitment, now in Russia, there are all prerequisites for using HR...
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Youth Social Deviation in the Process of Reforms in Uzbekistan

Bahromjon Tozhibayev, Saidulla Isokov
The article presents a sociological analysis of the impact of reforms in modern Uzbekistan on the deviant behaviour of young people. Even though economic reforms always have a material reflection, it makes sense to describe the transformation processes of people’s behaviour under the influence of reforms....
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The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices in Financial Organizations on Job Satisfaction

Evgeniy Valishin
Job satisfaction is considered an essential factor in developing a professional’s personality, closely related to work motivation. Job satisfaction is a necessary component of human resources, an indicator of both the current and prospective position of the organization. In modern conditions of functioning...
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The Role of Human Capital in Ensuring the Digital Transformation of Russian Companies

Alina Veshkurova, Nataliya Kopylova, Tatiana Aleksashina, Ekaterina Alyamkina
The article examines the experience of state corporations and companies with state participation in the implementation of digital transformation programs since, historically, they accumulate best practices. The authors show the paramount importance of corporate human capital when launching digital projects....
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Fisheries Education as a Basis for the Formation of the Human Potential of the Fishing Industry of the Republic of Karelia

Anna Volkova
The article presents materials on the state of the fisheries complex of the Republic of Karelia and the peculiarities of personnel training for this industry at Petrozavodsk State University. It was noted that in the process of developing aquaculture and increasing the production of fish products from...
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Psychological Conditions of Professional Self-realisation of Pre-retirement Age People

Vostokova Julia, Dvornikova Irina
The article deals with the problem of psychological support of professional self-realisation of pre-retirement age people. The psychological features of the personality in the pre-retirement age, determining the key changes in professional activity, are analysed. The article presents the results of a...
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Innovations and Investments as a Sources of Economic Growth in Azerbaijan in Pandemic Conditions

Gulshen Zahid qizi Yuzbashiyeva, Samira Huseyn qizi Abasova
This article examines the issues of ensuring economic growth in the economy of Azerbaijan. Authors consider the innovative stages of development for Azerbaijan national economic growth based on modern technologies and attracting investment. Investments for implementing modern innovations in Azerbaijan...
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Trust in Authorities in Regional Society: Experience of Political and Sociological Analysis

Zuriet Zhade, Svetlana Lyausheva, Inna Gaidareva, Azamat Shadzhe
In the article, trust in the authorities is considered as a political and sociological category. The level of public confidence in the regional authorities of the Southern Federal District subjects, the Republic of Adyghe and the Krasnodar Territory, is empirically characterised. Based on the materials...
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Catholic Social Doctrine and Economic Policy in Western Europe

Ksenia Chilkina, Natalia Dorodonova
The social doctrine of the Catholic Church is a system that is open and capable of responding to new socio-economic challenges and ways of overcoming them. The necessary function of the state is to balance the interests of employers and employees and to assist those who are not covered by social security....