Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Workshop on Materials Engineering and Computer Sciences (IWMECS 2018)

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Development and Design of A New Kind Of Grinding Equipment for Production of Hardware

Zhanfeng Zhao
This paper analyzes a new kind of grinding equipment for production of hardware, including External working table, first working board, second working board, grinding motor, control motor and rotary motor. The center of the workbench has a dust collecting port . soleplates are installed on both sides...
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Research on the design strategy of a fast packing box

Zhiliang Xia
This design scheme is a fast packing box? including external cylinder, laminate, spring, inner tube and lock ring. The inner tube is installed inside the outer cylinder and The hook is installed in the groove of the guide slot. It has the characteristics of convenient disassembly and easy to use and...
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Research on Preparation Technology of Silicide Thermoelectric Material and Its Thermoelectric Transport Properties

Shiyun Zhou
Thermoelectric material is a kind of carrier material which will be able to use in the conversion of new functional electrical and thermal energy. It has the advantages of light weight, long life, small size, clean, environmental protection and many other advantages, which has been popularized in the...
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Study on Preparation of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fibers

Wei Li, Haiyan Hu
Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers are widely used in all walks of life because of their excellent properties and have attracted the attention of many experts and scholars at home and abroad. Research and preparation of domestic UHMWPE fiber has been for decades, although great...
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Research on Agricultural Ecological Factors Information Technology based on Internet +

Hongwei Zhu
In the "Internet +" agriculture era, with the help of emerging information technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing and big data, the entire industrial chain of agricultural production and business activities has been optimized and upgraded. This has become the direction of agricultural reform....
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A New Detection Method of Network APT Based on Big Data Analysis

Min Li
APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) is a persistent and complex network attack pointing to clear targets. The concept became one of the hot topics in the information security industry after Google admitted to severe hacker attacks in 2010. Big data analysis provides a good data base for APT detection. This...
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Research on Architecture Design and Safety Analysis of Avionics Architecture Databus Network for Commercial Aircraft

Yiqing Quan
The commercial aircraft is designed to be larger and lighter for transporting more passengers or cargo. As a result, avionics systems shall be highly integrated and efficient avionics architecture. The author will provide an Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) architecture with Avionics Full-Duplex Switched...
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Current Research Situation and Prospect for Thermoplastic Molding Technology of AZ Series Magnesium Alloys

Fang Qian
In this paper, the research status of AZ31 magnesium alloys at home and abroad is reviewed, and the influence of the main alloy elements on the microstructure and properties of AZ31 magnesium alloys is discussed. In this paper, the grain refinement of AZ31 magnesium alloy and the research status of plastic...
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Optimization of Network Signal Timing Based on Dynamic Traffic Guidance

Yanlong Chu
Under the condition of dynamic traffic guidance, the path selection behavior of divers would results in the new road network traffic condition, and then the influence of traffic flow on network signal timing optimization must be taken into account in the process of matching. This paper presented the...
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Research on the Implementation of "Point-to-point" Rural Veterinary Clinic under Accurate Poverty Alleviation

Qi Yu
Since the 18th CPC National Congress, remarkable achievements have been made in helping the poor and tackling hardships, and the gap between the rich and the poor has been further narrowed, thanks to the proposal of precise poverty alleviation policies. At the 19th CPC National Congress, socialism with...
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Deformation Prediction of Soft Foundation in Airport Based on Grey Time Series Combined Model

Jianbo Zheng
With the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry, more and more large aircrafts appear in the civil aviation industry, which puts forward new requirements for the construction of airport runway. Especially in the eastern coastal areas of China, where the soft clay layer is widely distributed,...
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Research on Internet of Things Elevator Fault Detection and Automatic Alarm System Based on Android

Juanjuan Li
In recent years, the domestic elevator installation continues to expand and the increasing number of aging elevators led to frequent elevator failures, and now a large number of aging elevators did not reach the design life is still in the front line, and this part of the elevator generally lack of elevator...
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A Study on the Application of Internet of Things in Intelligent Security System

Ying Zhou, Pancheng Li
The early Internet of things is a logistics network based on wireless sensor technology, but the connotation of the Internet of things has changed greatly with the continuous development of technology and application. The perfect combination of the Internet of things technology and the intelligent security...
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Research on Innovative Financing System of Small and Micro Businesses Based on Big Data Rating

Xiaomeng Liu, Changxin Xu
We can make use of the internet financing platform to carry out credit rating based on big data technology to provide financing services for small and micro enterprises, which has become an important form of internet finance. This paper analyzes the advantages, theoretical basis and implementation process...
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Controllable Preparation and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles

Zonghui Yi, Jiangping Cao
Nano silver materials were prepared by using PVP as dispersant and hydrazine hydrate as reducing agent under the protection of inert gas. Nano silver materials with different particle sizes and morphologies were obtained by controlling the concentration of AgNO3. Different shapes and sizes of silver...
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Application of Digital Surveying and Mapping Technology in Engineering Surveying

Yuansheng Dai
with the development of science and technology of our country, the digital industry has been widely used in various fields, and achieved good results, and in the engineering survey in this field, the digital mapping technology has made outstanding contributions, it is one of the effective means of engineering...
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Research on the Application of Automatic Control System in Mechanical Engineering

Kaihong Xie
With the continuous innovation and development of science and technology in our country, the automation control system has gradually infiltrated into various industries in the society. The automation control system plays a very important role in the modern mechanical engineering. In this paper, the mechanical...
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Study on the Preparation of 3D Braided Carbon Fiber Reinforced Magnesium Matrix Composites

Ping Zhang, Weinan Deng
The pressure impregnation method is adopted to prepare the three-dimensional braided carbon fiber reinforced magnesium matrix composite under the protection of inert gas. The microstructure of the interface between the surface of carbon fiber and the composite was analyzed by SEM and XRD. The results...
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Study on Data Mining Platform based on Cloud Computing and Its Key Techniques

Li Li
With the continuous development of science and technology in our country, the Internet has become an indispensable part in people's life. The cloud computing with Internet as the core has also been widely used in social production. Due to its high efficiency, large capacity and dynamic processing, cloud...
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Planning and Research of Integrated Test System for Rail Transit

Yiping Lian
In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy and the deepening of economic restructuring, a more convenient, safer and less consumption mode of transportation has become an inevitable trend of social transportation development. Because of its all-weather, pollution-free and small area,...
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An Unsupervised Neural Network Algorithm SOMO for Continuous Optimization Problems

Anzhi Qi
The application of self-organizing neural network in customer classification is discussed. The concept of customer classification, index selection, classification method selection and SOM (Self Organization Map) clustering method are discussed, and a customer classification method based on SOM , Namely,...
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Research on Timing Optimization of Regional Traffic Signals based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

Anzhi Qi
Aiming at the problem that the signal timing schemes of the current intersections are isolated from each other and the optimization of the regional traffic control can not be effectively achieved, an optimal timing model for multi-intersection signal control schemes is proposed. The paper analyzes the...
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Neural Network Optimization Algorithm Model Combining L1 / 2 Regularization and Extreme Learning Machine

Anzhi Qi
Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) is a fast learning algorithm that uses random mechanism to reduce parameter setting and selection, thereby greatly improving learning speed and ensuring generalization ability. Unlike traditional learning methods, ELM The variables are no longer iterative but randomly generated,...
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Application of Cloud Computing Technology on Computer Secure Storage

You Zhou, Yu Tang
In the big data era, how to effectively store, analyze and effectively use massive data information? This is the current need of our social and economic development. The cloud computing technology has changed the traditional host era, which has more superb computing power, analysis capabilities and storage...
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Analysis on the Distributed Computer Software Bus Architecture

Fang Liu
With the development of computer technology and software applications, it has gradually become an important tool in our daily life and in the development and production of various factories. At present, there are still some problems in software development and application. Software development The way...
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Study on the Application of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Rongrong Wang
As a sensor with excellent performance, many kinds of sensors, such as uniform fiber Bragg grating and chirped fiber Bragg grating, have more applications. Through the principle of fiber Bragg grating internal writing, interference side writing, phase template writing and other manufacturing techniques,...
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The Application of Building BIM Information Modeling in Large Domestic Projects

Wenke Qin
With the rapid development of the computer industry information has become a new trend. Building information modeling (BIM), the latest expression of information technology in the construction industry, is revolutionizing the construction industry. In the increasingly complex situation of modern architecture,...
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Research on Driver's Speed Control Behavior at Urban Signalized Intersection

Dong Wang
The non-mixed characteristics of the intersection directly lead to it become the bottleneck of road traffic, becoming a high-speed road accident. When crossing the intersection of the highway, the driver must be able to screen the key information and control the vehicle speed rationally to effectively...
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Synthesis of Graphene Supported Nanocatalyst and Its Electrocatalytic Performance for Methanol Oxidation

Xinhua Lu
The improved Hummers method was used to prepare the graphene oxide. Then, using the precursor as the carrier and the triblock copolymer P123 as the reductant, the protective agent and the morphology control agent, the liquid phase co-reduction method and the continuous reduction method were respectively...
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Research on Sulfide Biological Extraction Technology

Rui Wei
In recent years, various kinds of desulphurization technologies for the biological oxidation of sulfide to elemental sulfur at home and abroad are introduced. The factors that affect the biological oxidation of sulfide to elemental sulfur are summarized, including the ratio of oxygen to sulfur, dissolved...
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The Application Research of Genetic Algorithm

Jumei Zhang
Genetic algorithm is now an optimization method widely used in geophysical prospecting. This paper summarizes the basic principle and method of genetic algorithm and its developing direction. It analyzes the implement process of the method, and introduces the genetic process, the current situation and...
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Technology and Application of Large Data Analysis Based on Cloud Computing

Zhongyan Liu, Lizhe Zhang
With the rapid development of modern technology, massive data have been generated, such as micro-blog's message, video data, cell phone terminal, commodity label and so on, which generate a lot of data. Human beings enter the era of big data explosion, that is, the era of big data. The big data age is...
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The Tension Control System Research of Printing Machine Based On the Movement Theory

Shengjiang Chen, Chunfeng Zhang
Based on the theory of movement printing machine tension control way and principle is analyzed, and combining with the actual production of equipment failure, according to the principle of tension system fault screening and maintenance so as to solve practical problems. On the basis of movement s theory,...
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Rural Logistics Demand Forecast Based on Gray Neural Network Model

Zhengyi Yang
As an important part of rural economy, rural logistics plays an important role in people's daily life. In order to reflect the changing rule of rural logistics demand more accurately and comprehensively, it is necessary to introduce a scientific prediction model, that is, a gray neural network model....
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Application of Geographic Information Technology in Natural Disaster Emergency Management System

Fei Liu
This paper analyzes the characteristics of emergency management system of natural disasters and the content of management work, and on this basis, discusses the important role of geographic information technology in natural disasters emergency management system. Practice has proved that geographic information...
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Optimization of Electrical Control System for Mechatronics Integrated Assembly Equipment

Yuelin Xu
China's machinery manufacturing industry is the rapid development of science and technology, especially with the continuous improvement, has realized the automation of assembly, through the integration of the integrated assembly device to control, optimization of the electrical control system, greatly...
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Design and Implementation of Computer Network Vulnerability Assessment System

Mian Wang, Zhiqin Fan
In the field of computer security, especially in the field of network security, it is very important to assess the vulnerability of computer system. Connection on the network computer system in the presence of vulnerabilities may let elsewhere on the network malicious attackers invade inside the computer...
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Research on Real-time Intrusion Detection Technology Based on Data Mining

Zhiqin Fan, Mian Wang
As the development of computer network, especially the Interact techniques, network is playing more and more important roles in our daily life as well as work.With nodes of the vast network, more and more sensitive information is being stored and manipulated online, the computer network is more vulnerable...
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Research Progress of Wireless Sensor Network Router Protocol

Zhijun Shuai, Ting Liu
This paper reviewed some recent novel theories and algorithms of geographic routing for wireless sensor networks, and described the taxonomy. And discussed several typical next2hop node policies, p resented the disadvantages of them. More speci2fically, captured the local minimum problem and gave the...
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Self-Positioning System and Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

Ting Liu, Zhijun Shuai
Wireless Sensor Networks, a novel technology about acquiring and processing information, have been proposed for a multitude of diverse applications. The problem of self-localization, that is, determining where a given node is physically or relatively located in the networks, is a challenging one, and...
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Research on Feed Motion Control Based on Fuzzy PID Short Arc Milling

Yunhui Yang
This paper mainly introduces the feed motion control method based on fuzzy PID short arc milling. The new short arc machining technology has great advantages in dealing with high hardness, high toughness and super strength material, but the control method still needs to be improved. The adaptive control...
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Application of Network Simulation in Evaluation of Network Performance Index

Qiqiang Luo, Xiaoqin Yin
Through the network simulation software to build a virtual network platform in the computer, to simulate the real network environment, network technology development personnel can not only for network communication, network equipment, agreement on this platform, the design and research of network application,...
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Design and Implementation of Scene Roaming System Based on VR

Saihua Xu, Xiaohong Yin, Fangsen Xie
The biggest characteristic of VR virtual roaming is that the object being roamed exists objectively, but the form of roaming is virtual in a different place. At the same time, the making of roaming object is the real data based on object. Virtual reality technology is appeared at the end of twentieth...
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Research and Application of Large Data Query Technology Based on NoSQL Database

Xiaoqin Yin, Qiqiang Luo
NoSQL database breaks the traditional relational model, stores data in a free way, provides a new access interface, and overcomes the shortcomings of traditional RDBMS. NoSQL database can be deployed on cheap hardware, supporting distributed storage, and transparently extending nodes. This paper analyzes...
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Research on Intelligent Agriculture Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

Zhuang Miao
Using the combination of Zig Bee technology and 3G communication technology, different agricultural bases and related equipment are combined to form a wireless sensor network system, and then the sensor parameters of different agricultural bases are collected to control the conditions of different agricultural...
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Evaluation Model of College Students Aerobics Athlete Selection Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

Cong Ding
In order to improve the talent identification level of college students aerobic athletes. With the help of Fuzzy Transformation Theory, this paper establishes the model of selecting college aerobics athletes by neural networks. From determining the indexes of the selected team members, solving the comprehensive...
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UAV Ad Hoc Network System Design

Yongjian Luo, Xugang Liu, Ruifeng Yu, Jin Meng, Ran Li
According to the special application of UAV network and its requirement of flexible and dynamic networking, this paper proposes a UAV network structure design based on ad hoc network. This structure provides a whole connected networking for UAV network, including the design of key technologies such as...
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Research of Performance Management System Based on Web Services

Baohua Chen
With the speeding up of the trend of performance management informatization promotes the established strategy oriented performance evaluation system is put forward. This paper proposes a method, which is by the Web service technology, develop performance management integration, promotion and management...
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Research on Algorithm for Fast Image Inpainting Based on Exemplars

Shengfeng Zhu
An exemplars-based two-step image inpainting algorithm is presented. Firstly, the input image is inpainted synchronically with its coarse version via the patch-GST-based inpainting priority and best-match patches based on the weighted SSD. This inpainted image is plausible except some artifacts in the...
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Low Temperature Automatic Drainage Device for Water Tank of Diesel Agricultural Vehicle

Zhenqi Su, Yang Xu
With the mechanization increasing, the use of diesel-type agricultural vehicles is more and more common. Because of the high price of antifreeze, farmers prefer the groundwater which is easy to access, in order to prevent the freezing damage of the water tank under the low temperature environment, a...