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Smart Home Wireless Power Control Design Based On Internet of Things

XinYi Qi, Mindan Bai
In view of the current intelligence lives in complex structure, such as the high cost of weakness, use of switch power supply and single chip design a wireless intelligent household system. It will control instructions through wireless remote control by way of the wireless controller sent to the module,...
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Design and Realization of Electronics Password Security Locks

Caijie Luo, Mindan Bai
We give a detailed description of the design of a double 8-digit digitalization encrypted loek in the second part ofthe thesis The curl consists ofthree parts:keyboard interface module, control module and aisplay module The keyboard interface module includes the liming circuit,signal scan and read circuit,tremble...
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The design of the geological image automatic identification system

Cheng Du, Biao Leng
With the development of highway in our country, geological structure of the artificial analysis method, will waste a lot of time, manpower, financial and material resources. Although the digital image processing is applied to the analysis of geological structure in the initial stage, but can greatly...
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The realization of the geological image 3d reconstruction

Cheng Du, Biao Leng
Computer vision theory, the 3d object reconstruction is always a very important research subject. Most humans are attained through the visual perception of information, but in the real world, people think it is 3d information, how to better performance, the 3d information, to be one of the hot topics...
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Al3+ Impacting on Eu3+ - Host Energy Transfer and Calculation of Eu3+ 5D0 Quantum Efficiency

Fa-bin Cao, Lu-hong Wei, Zhao-jin Wu
With 2 mol% Al3+ ions and 8 mol% Eu3+ ions co-doping,nano-size[K0.8Y0.63Eu3+0.08Al0.02][Mo0.2W0.8O4] phosphor was synthesized by the sol-gel method. Through XRD, DTA-TG, SEM and photoluminescent analysis, its morphology, crystal structure and luminescent property were discussed and it is found that one...
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Risk Evaluation of Recovery Efficiency Based On Orthogonal Experiment and Monte Carlo Method

Yalong Zhang, Jin Pang, Hong Liu, Dewei Gao
The parameters (such as the permeability and the porosity, etc) that affect the recovery efficiency of oil reservoir have the uncertainties within a certain range, which will bring certain risks to the evaluation on recovery efficiency of the numerical simulation program. According to the analysis of...
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Parallel Optimization computing in Universal Combinatorial Coding

Tingting Gao, Jun Lu
Universal combinatorial coding derives from the combination principle and its core is ordinal calculation. The solution of ordinal is a process of computing permutation and combination values. But permutation and combination computing is very time-consuming. As a result, adopting optimized methods or...
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Reconstructing the Acoustic Pressure Field Based on Oblate Spheroidal Coordinates

Ruiliang Yang, Xiaojing Zhang
A new acoustic reconstructing method based on oblate spheroidal coordinates is proposed and deduced in this paper. The acoustic pressures of whole acoustic field are expressed by the product of the coefficients and the conventional interpolate polynomial. Once the coefficients are specified by the pressures...
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Research on Physiological Adjustments of Textile Workers

Ruiliang Yang, Zilong Xu
To investigate the physiological adjustments of textile workers exposed to high temperature environment, 10 workers with years of work experience and 12 students with rarely entering into workshop were chose to a hospital for blood test and nerve conduction velocity measurements. The blood test was to...
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Study on Mixed Packing of Flotation Column

Min Zhang, Jiahua Shen, Shaojian Ma, Dongyun Liu
Packing in a flotation column is one way to increase separation efficiency and effective descending flotation-column height. In this paper, the two packing mode of filling packing and sieve packing is described. Based on sieve-plate packing, a high-efficiency mixed packing mode consisting of screen-plate...
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Research on Harmonic Characteristic of Converter

Binbin Zhong, Yan Li, Wei Chen, Yongfang Zhang, Baolin Hu
Power electronic Converter is an electrical components connecting AC / DC networks. It is important to study the AC / DC sides harmonic characteristics. Based on the improved switching function which is processed with multiple states, the paper gets the modulation waveform, which is modulated by the...
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Optimization for the Online Assessment of Real-time Switch Resistance in Switching Stations

Jiankun Liu, Jing Bu, Qun Li, Jing Chen, Lifang Wang, Minghui Yin
It’s important to access the status change of switchgear in switching station for condition maintenance. With regard to the online assessment for the resistance of switches in the switching station with 3/2 connection mode, linear equations can be established on the basis of real-time current measurements....
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Research on Online Assessment of Switch Resistance Based on Real-time Current Measurement

Jiankun Liu, Jing Bu, Qian Zhou, Chenggen Wang, Yang Hou, Minghui Yin
The evaluation of switch resistance has aroused widespread concern.To assess the resistance of switchgear in switching substations which use 3/2 wiring, online assessment method based on real-time current measurements is proposed in this paper. The method use Kirchhoff’s law to establish the mathematical...
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Modelling and controller design of planar inverted pendulum system

Yaning Yang, Peichang Wang, Tao Zhang
The inverted pendulum is a classical control problem, which is an absolutely unstable system with the characteristics of higher-order, unstable, multivariable, nonlinear and strong coupling. There can be varieties of methods to be applied to control inverted pendulum system, such as PID control, optimal...
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Comparison and Analysis of CAPM and BAPM Models

Xinke Ju
By means of theoretical and empirical analysis, the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and behavior asset pricing model (BAPM) were evaluated. The time series regression and cross-sectional regression were established with the empirical data from Shenzhen and Shanghai stock markets in the last two years....
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A Reliability Analysis to Runway Incursion based on Improved CREAM

Yang Gao, Ziqi Bian
Human factor is one of the most important reasons causing runway incursion event happened. On the basis of statistics analyzing the existing research about runway incursion human factor causes, this paper builds a key human factor influencing runway incursion and proposes a process of controllers and...
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TOU optimization model of Microgrid based on Demand Side Re-sponse and Economical Operation

Xiaohong Lv, Qian Li, Bin Wang, Min Zhang, Dejian Wang, Wenzhong Cao
This paper studies the user response characteristic to the time of use price, and establishes the user load response characteristic curve to the time of use price on the basis of consumer psychology. Based on the optimal operation model, the paper analyses the effect of demand side. The paper establishes...
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Multi-objective Optimized Capacity Configuration Model of Isolated Microgrid Considering Life of Stored Energy

Min Zhang, Lin Zhang, Bin Wang, Yi Feng, Laihong Xiong, Wenzhong Cao
The optimal capacity combination model of an isolated microgrid is established, which considers the pollution emissions, the punishment of renewable energy waste, the effect of charge and discharge process of lead-acid battery to its lifetime and reliability, the total cost and punishment of renewable...
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Design and Implementation of Excel-based Charts with Optional Data Source in Analyzing Mineral Resources Data

Xianrui Deng, Fanglin Xia, Yanhong Shang, Yubin Liu, Ruiqing Du
In Mineral resource economics, a large amount of data stored in Excel files usually need to be calculated and transferred to various charts for analyzing. Excel VBA provides a fast and easy way to carry out the calculating works and to create various kinds of charts. This paper illustrates how to create...
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Discussions on References and Returning References in C++ Programming Language

Jingqin Mu, Xiaohui Li, Haiyang Jiang, Jun Zhang, Ruiqing Du
References are widely used in C++ programming language. A reference is a value that enables a program to indirectly access a particular data item in the computer’s memory or in some other storage device. References are difficult for programmers to understand and to master. The purpose of this paper is...
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The Research on Microstructure and Properties of WQ960 Welded Joints under Longitudinal Magnetic field

Hailong Lu, Lixiang Wang, Yunhai Su
The WQ960 steel is high strength steel, which is widely used. The WQ960 high strength steel was welded by gas metal arc welding under longitudinal magnetic field. The tensile strength, impact properties and microstructure were tested by tensile test, impact test and metallograghy test, which were under...
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A uniform scale model for impact factors of Chinese and English journals based on expert experience and data fusion

Wei Liu, Ruifeng Shi
Although existing studies have covered journal impact factor from many aspects, how to set up a uniform scale model for impact factors of Chinese and English journals is still a problem to be solved and receives more attention in recent years: since current methods such as data classification and statistical...
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Academic Influence Evaluation Model for Research Institutes Based on Science Network Method: A Case Study

Wei Liu, Ruifeng Shi
Academic influence evaluation is an important task in the research institution’s evaluation, ranking and resources allocation. A science network method based academic influence evaluation model is proposed in this paper, which focus on building up a comprehensive model with consideration of the papers,...
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Attitude Stabilization of a Quadrotor Helicopter Using Brushless Motors

Xiaorong Wang, Suoli Guo, Mengxuan Guo, Lining Tan
Control system design of quadrotor helicopters with accurate actuator modeling is an important practical design problem that many previous works did not consider. In particular, most actuators of such vehicles are brushless motors, which are hardly controlled without accurate dynamical models. In order...
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Research and Design on On-line Monitoring of Mechanical Properties of High Voltage Circuit Breaker

Jiajia Song, Jinbo Zhang, Bin Chen, Zhengyong Xiong
The statistics of International Meeting shows that most circuit breaker faults comes from mechanical side, so it is of great significance to do research on mechanical fault diagnosis. The implementation of circuit breaker mechanical properties on-line monitoring is an inevitable trend of the development...
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Research of Data Possession Provability Proving on Cloud Computing

Zhou-jie Du, De-zhi Han, Kun Bi, Lei Shi
With the rapid development of cloud computing, more and more data to be stored in the cloud storage servers. Cloud storage as a new type of storage services, with high scalability, high reliability, low cost, can be accessed anytime and anywhere features, provides a new model for mass data storage management....
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Effects and Analysis of Floating raft vibration isolator parameters on the performance of vibration isolation

Yunpeng Ma, Kang Lin, Yongqiang Yang, Peng Lou
Floating raft vibration isolator (FRVI) is widely used in ship system. This study investigated effects of FRVI parameters on the overall performance of vibration isolation. Mechanical model of FRVI was established. Using the theory of admittance transmission power flow was deduced. The influence of FRVI...
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Research on Evaluation System for Ship’s Integrated Sailing Performance

Shuzheng Sun, Huilong Ren, Jialong Jiao, Jide Li
The integrated sailing performance is important to the ship design and manufacture. However, it is very hard to be evaluated objectively and reasonably. In this paper the evaluation system of integrated sailing performance of ship’s was built which included seakeeping performance, wave loads, speed and...
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A Disturbance Observer Based Attitude Controller for Quadrotor Helicopters

Mengxuan Guo, Suoli Guo, Xiaorong Wang, Linning Tan
This paper deals with the design of a robust attitude controller for a quadrotor helicopter subject to external disturbances. In order to attenuate these time varying and non-vanishing disturbances, we propose the use of a proportional integral observer to estimate and compensate for the disturbances....
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Preparation of RTV Antiflashover Coating with High-Hydrophobic Surface

Yueju Zhao, Jianhui Wang, Jilin Teng, Guogang Wang, Peng Wu
A new room temperature vulcanized silicon rubber (RTV) antiflashover coating with high hydrophobic surface was prepared industrialized with organic/inorganic hybrid technology by using hydroxyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane, nano and micro silica with deferent diameter range, silane coupling agent...
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A Comparative Study of Work Safety Standardization and Civil Aviation Safety Management System

Ruishan Sun, Qiong Zhao, Junjie Liu, Wenshan Song
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires enterprises to implement Safety Management System (SMS), and the state has compulsory requirement for Work Safety Standardization at the same time. To improve the efficiency of safety management of enterprises, considering Basic norms for work...
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Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Vacuum Test Platform for Spacecrafts Docking

Yanhe Zhu, Yu Zhang, Jie Zhao
Spacecraft docking technology play an important role in the aerospace technology. Due to the spacecraft with variable attitude, so the docking process is complex and variable. Therefore, a comprehensive and systematic study of the spacecraft docking process is very necessary. This paper proposed the...
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State Fusion Estimation Based on Asynchronous Multirate Multisensor

Xiongjie Li, Paizhong Zhang
On theory of multisensor state fusion estimation, more research is a single rate synchronization problem, however, it is the multirate asynchronous problem often encountered in practice. Therefore, research on the state fusion estimation of asynchronous multirate multisensor have more practice application...
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Design of RFID Production Line Visual Monitoring System

ZhongFu Liu, Xia Wang, YaNing Yang
Considering the current problems of low real-time performance for data acquisition and poor monitoring capacity in the production line monitoring system, this paper introduces a production line visual monitoring system, this system introduces the radio frequency identification technology (RFID) into...
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Research on The Multi-target Recognition of Millimeter Wave LFMCW Automotive Anti-Collision Radar

Shuang Zhao, Yunqing Liu
For linear frequency modulated continuous wave automotive collision avoidance radar system, it has advantages of not existing the blind area, high detection sensitivity, not easy to be interfered and low operating voltage. It becomes the focus of research in recent years. In practice, we often meet the...
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Model and Bang-bang control for electromagnetic suspension system

Yaning Yang, Peichang Wang
In this paper, a class of electromagnetic suspension system was investigated. Firstly, according to the Newtonian mechanics principle the forced state of the system was analyzed. The differential equation and the transfer function of the controlled system were deduced based on the system's law of electromagnetic...
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ANN Optimized by ICSA Used in Fault Diagnostics

Zhenguo Chen, Xiaoju Wang, Liqin Tian
Fault diagnostics is to distinguish the current state of the equipment is in normal or abnormal. It can be seen as a problem of multi-class classification. To improve the performance of classification, this paper presents a novel method for fault diagnosis. In this method, we synthetically applied immune...
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Design and Realization of Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator

Linsuo Zeng, Feng Chen
According to the engineering requirement of power distribution network reactive power compensation, the paper presents a software and hardware design method of the STATCOM based on DSP. In order to stabilize the PCC voltage around a prescribed value in the direct current control mode, the three-level...
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Research on viscous hydrodynamic calculation and motion prediction of hybrid-monohull

Shuzheng Sun, Xiaodong Zhao, Jide Li
Hybrid-monohull is a kind of high performance ship which has perfect seakeeping performance and equivalent resistance in calm water of round bilge ships, and it’s most feature is the built-up longitudinal-stabilizing appendage fixed on the bottom of bow. In this paper the hydro-coefficients of bow where...
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Design of Mining Personnel Positioning System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

ZhongFu Liu, GuiYing Han, Xia Wang
Underground mining is hazardous due to variable conditions in production so accidents occur frequently. The present monitoring system can no longer ensure its safety. Applying Wireless Sensor Network as monitoring system can improve monitoring efficiency and prevent mining accidents. Based on research...
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Research on The Chirp Signal Echo Processing Based on DDS

Shuang Zhao, Yunqing Liu
For the advantage of high range resolution and low power, the radar usually use the linear frequency modulated continuous waveform. With the development of electronic technology, the operating bandwidth of radar is also growing. In broad bandwidth, to realize the linear modulated waveform using VCO is...

RETRACTION: Simulating Forward-Error Correction Using Reliable Archetypes

Lina Lu, Xu Zhang, Yi Lin
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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A new mathod for coupled best proimity point theorems in partially ordered metric spaces

Sumei Ai, Yongfu Su
Several problems can be changed as equations of the form Tx = x, where T is a given self-mapping defined on a subset of a metric space, a normed linear space, a topological vector space or some suitable space. However, if T is a non-self mapping from A to B, then the aforementioned equation does not...
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Review for Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2012, 2012:74 (By Madjid Eshaghi Gordji )”

Shunli Jin, Yongfu Su
In this paper we point out the following two points. Firstly, the result of Madjid Eshaghi Gordji [ Madjid Eshaghi Gordji, Maryam Ramezani1, Yeol Je Cho and Saeideh Pirbavafa, A generalization of Geraghty's theorem in partially ordered metric spaces and applications to ordinary differential equations,...
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The Self-centering, Power-driven and External-clamping Device Based on Self-locking Worm And Worm Gear and Crank-Connecting Rod Drive

Chunfeng Xia, Qiu Du, Mingdi Wang, Kangmin Zhong
The working principle of a self-centering, power-driven and external-clamping device is induced. The device is based on self-locking worm and worm wheel and slot-and-crank drive. Its mechanical properties and calculation formula is also given out. After the device being driven by gear motor, output torque...
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The Internal-Gripping Device of the Manipulator Based on Worm And Worm Gear and Crank-Connecting Rod Drive

Chunfeng Xia, Qiu Du, Mingdi Wang, Kangmin Zhong
The working principle of an internal-gripping device of the manipulator based on worm and worm gear and crank-connecting rod drive is introduced. Its mechanical properties and calculation formula is also given out. After the device being driven by gear motor, output torque rotates the worm first and...
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Improved RANSAC Algorithm in Infusion Stabilization

Jinpeng Wu, Huagang Shao
With the popularity of the Internet of Things technology applications in various fields and the continuous improvement of technical level, the intelligence level of China's medical equipment industry is also growing. For example, the infusion monitoring system in the application of intravenous fluids....
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Design and Implementation of Jess based on Intelligent Diagnosis System Paper

Fan Zhang, Zheng Luo, XiKun Wu
This paper introduces how to achieve a Jess-based intelligent diagnosis system of local ventilation in the mine field, analyzes how to add rules engine Jess into the development of intelligent diagnosis system, at the same time, it leads the theory of statistics into the inference engine to achieve the...
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The Influence of Pop-up Advertising on Consumer Purchasing Behavior

Le Wang, Flora Ampiah, Lei Xu, Xiaoshu Wang
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedln, and Youtube have attracted substantial number of users, many of whom spend several hours daily on these platforms. These platforms have therefore become fertile grounds for marketers/advertisers to target different types of customers....
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Magnetocaloric effect and critical behavior of Ni7Cu3 alloys

Jimei Niu, Zhigang Zheng, Jiliang Zhang
The Ni7Cu3 alloy was prepared by arc-melting. The magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of alloys had been investigated. The Ni7Cu3 alloy was formed in a single phase with Cubic Ni-type crystal structure. The sample undergoes a second order magnetic phase transition from ferromagnetic (FM) to paramagnetic...
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Gerber-Shiu Function in the Compound Poisson Risk Model perturbed by diffusion under a Barrier Strategy

Leiping Jia, Yong Wu, Xiaoling Ma, Xiaoli Guo
People who work in the field of actuarial science pay more and more attention to the risk model with dividend strategy, it has become one of the hot topics in the current actuarial science research. In this paper, we want to study the Gerber-Shiu expected discounted penalty function due to oscillation...
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The research of ruin problem in Levy processes

Xiaoling Ma, Yong Wu, Leiping Jia, Long Han
Levy process, as one of the hot issues in the modern ruin theory, attracts more and more scholars in recent years. In particular, the risk model in this paper, as the promotion of the classical model, is different from the classical Cramer-Lundberg risk model. According to the definition of the expected...
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Research on Domain Driven Design Based Domain Platform Architecture

Qinghu Wang, Jin Chen, Hu Wen, Lisha Liu, Jie Lian, Mingyu Bai, Shicheng Qiao, Zhili Pei
There are two major drawbacks in traditional software development process, to follow the database as the core of the software development pattern, it is difficult to achieve a high degree of flexibility of the system and meet the changing requirements of reconstruction. And domain software with complex...
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The Value Foundation of Exchange Rate

Shuli Song
The theory of international value is the deepening development and application of Marx’s theory of labor value, and also the basis for revealing the exploitative relationship of international capitalism in the world economic globalization. But so far the major challenges that have been faced by Marx’s...
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The Competitiveness of China’s Honey in Target International Markets Compared with Argentina

Haiying Song, Helen Jensen
Honey is a significant product in China’s production, consumption, and export. Determining the competitiveness of China’s honey in international markets is important for understanding honey’s relative position in China’s agriculture and the development for its agribusiness firms. The objective of this...
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Hybrid self-organizing migrating algorithm based on estimation of distribution

Zhiyi Lin, Li juan Wang
A new hybrid self-organizing migrating algorithm based on estimation of distribution (HSOMA) is proposed to resolve the defect of premature convergence in the self-organizing migrating algorithm (SOMA) and improve the search ability of SOMA. In order to make full use of the statistical information on...
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A SmartWatch-based Password Input Extension for Android

Bohao Gao, Qing Mu, Quanxin Zhang, Yuanzhang Li, Yu'an Tan
In recent years, there are many companies competing for innovation in the field of wearable smart devices. In this paper, we present a secure password input extension of smart watch that has not been implemented on any other smart watches yet. A SmartWatch extension module is designed and runs on both...
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Numerical Analysis on Orebodies Failure under Shear Loading

Long Wang, Tianhui Ma, Wendong Zhang
Orebodies in shear often fail catastrophically. In this paper, the failure process of pillar in shear was studied numerically by the self-developed 2D Rock Failure Process Analysis code (abbreviated as RFPA2D). This work is focused on the appropriate pillar size for safe and economic extraction from...
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Research on the Permeability of 3D Full Five-directional Braided Preforms

Zhenguo Liu, Jiajun Ou, Jixuan Ya, Qiang Lin
Based on the micro-structure of the 3D full five-directional braided composites inner unit cell model and the dual-scale characteristics of braided preform porosity, this paper established a model for calculating the permeability of 3D full five-directional braided preforms. By applying periodic boundary...
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The Design and Realization of Digital Exhibition of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures

Yan Jiang, Manchen Han
With the development of virtual reality technology and internet shock, in order to be inherited, Yangjiabu New year pictures, as a traditional culture, need to be preserved, protected, developed and innovated with times. This paper realized the digital exhibition of Yangjiabu New Year pictures which...
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Effect of Aeolian Sand on Skid Resistant of Asphalt Pavements with Different Gradations

Yong Wang, Huaxin Chen, Dongliang Kuang, Hua Ouyang, Zhijun Ni
Effect of aeolian sand on the skid resistant of AC-13 and SMA-13 asphalt pavements was investigated by characterization of skid resistance value and structural depth of the asphalt mixture before and after acceleration wearing. The results indicates that the when the aeolian sand cover is inferior to...
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Fractal dimension of well logging curves associated with the texture of volcanic rocks

Dan Mou, Zhu-wen Wang
Fractal dimension is usually an effective approach that used to describe the nonregular geometry objects in the nature and nonlinear systems. We investigate the fractal characteristics of well logging curves acquired from Liaohe oil field, China. To calculate the fractal dimension of well logging curves,...
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Electrical Field Analysis and Optimizing of High Voltage Bushing Based on Maxwell

Linsuo Zeng, Lei Zhao
In this paper, it was mainly discussed the electrical field analysis of the high voltage outlet in the insulation structure, which was a part of the transformers manufacture. Firstly, the electrical field of 500kV transformers-outlet devices inside the enclosure was modeled in Maxwell electrostatics...
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Modal Analysis of Car Ceiling Based on NVH Characteristics

Wei Lu, Jia Yao, Xiangdong Liu, Ping Han, Wanjiang Wu, Yongfeng Miao
In order to research the basic vibration characteristics of automobile, thus enhance the NVH characteristics for the improvement the comfort of occupants. The finite element model of car ceiling has been established and the modal analysis technology has been used , the effect of structural parameters...
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NVH Characteristics Analysis of Car Tire Structure

Wei Lu, Jia Yao, Lili Ma, Zhen Chen, Dashuai Zhou, Chuang Liu
Using the finite element modal analysis technology, Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) characteristics of car tires were analyzed. Through the establishment of finite element model of tire structure, the modal analysis and harmonic response analysis have been carried. From the the modal analysis results...
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Reverse Forming Parts of Characteristics Analysis and Optimization

Shigang Wang, Yanwei Dong, Fengjuan Wang, Guanxiong Wu
The non-contact 3D surface measurement theory and CAD technology integration, the reverse engineering means can be three-dimensional entity model accurately obtain irregular products. Application of reverse engineering method to establish CAD model and suitable to finite element analysis, the shape and...
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Acquire 3D Print Three-dimensional Data Field and Filling Optimization 2D Contour Lines

Shigang Wang, Yue Han, Fengjuan Wang, Fansong Meng
With the development of rapid prototyping technology and computer technology, the rapid molding technology and the computer technology is more and more close. Based on the model of 3D data field capture, then according to the software conversion of STL format entity triangulation of 3D data and stratification,...
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Teaching Exploration and Practice of FPGA Course

Guohai Xiong, Xinyun Liu, Sheng Yang
The FPGA technology becomes an electronic engineering gradually, which controls the field where technology is often use. In order to satisfy the requirement of employment, a lot of colleges and universities has provided FPGA course. But due to the different professions of each school, employment directions...
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Research on Multiparameters relation of Hyperlens

Junxian Ma, Xiaopeng Li, Qiulin Xiong, Wenjing Guo
Optimization of hyperlens structure and composition of materials is a key problem for its application in biological imaging and nanometer lithography. This paper systematically optimizes and analyzes overall structure of the curved multilayer hyperlens. The influences of structure parameters, such as...
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Transmission Characteristics Analysis Of a Directional Coupler Based on Hybrid SNIMS Plasmonic Waveguide

Li Zhang, Qiulin Xiong, Xiaopeng Li, Man Zhang
We numerically simulate a directional coupler based on hybrid SNIMS (semiconductor-nanowire-insulator-metal strip) plasmonic waveguide using COMSOL. The distributions of electromagnetic field and longitudinal energy flux density when only fundamental mode propagates in waveguides are analyzed. The dependences...
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A New Type of Control Method for Variable Pitch Wind Turbine

Tai Li, Heyun Lin, Li Zhao, Xiaoyan Hou, Zhiyu Zhu, Hai-Jian Liu
When the wind speed is above the rated value, the traditional control strategy is variable pitch control, and the control method is PI control. However, variable pitch wind turbines have strong nonlinear characteristics due to the natural wind which random changes with time and space. For the pitch angle...
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Neural Network Control Methods of Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Tai Li, Xiaoyan Hou, Li Zhao, Qixiang Wang, Dianfei Xie, Hai-Jian Liu
Wind energy has become one of the most widely deployed sources of sustainable energy, using larger wind turbines to convert kinetic energy into electricity has significantly increased, however, the wind turbines control technology is still lagging behind and needs to be improved. The advanced control...
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Grounding Grids Corrosion Diagnosis Based on A Block Dividing Approach

Yunfeng Ni, Li Xu, Shuqi Wang
To benefit the corrosion diagnosis, the concepts of blocks and their prototypes, uncertain-branch groups and their prototypes, projection of blocks and part of touchable nodes are defined. A new approach of grounding grids corrosion diagnosis by blocks is putting forward. According to the desired corrosion...
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Software Trusty Analysis Based on Tiant Trace with Non-interference

Shu Chen, Junmin Ye, Minkai Chen, Fan Zhang
we proposed a novel approach for software trust analysis, in order to solve the problems in auto testing that, the test process is lack of guidance, further more, with high performance cost. The main idea of this approach is based on taint data tracing by taint tracing started from outside of software...
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An Example-based Human Body Modeling Method for Virtual Try-On System

Yan Jiang, Kai Ma
A new framework for modeling human body according to the specified measurement dimensions is presented. Users are assisted in automatically generating a virtual model through modifying the standard one by controlling the parameters provided. Our approach consists of four major parts. First, 3D scanner...
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Study on Consumers' Satisfaction Degree and Influencing Factors of Online Shopping for Agricultural Products

Jinhong Huang, Wei Xu, Hua Wei, Hui Wan
Shopping for agricultural products on line becomes a new form of consumer’s consumption in China. Consumers’ satisfaction degree of online shopping for agricultural products directly affects the development of e-commerce of agricultural products. Centering on online agricultural products, referring to...
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Synchronization Analysis of General Complex Dynamical Networks with Couplings Delays and Delays in the Dynamical Nodes

Haiyi Sun, Ning Li, Zhongtang Chen, Jinbao Wang
In this paper, we first introduce a more general model of complex dynamical networks with coupling delays and delays in the dynamical nodes than before. Then we further study the synchronization analysis of the complex dynamical networks with coupling delays and delays in the dynamical nodes. Via the...
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Degradation of Organic Dyes over Polymeric Photocatalyst C3N3S3

Junyao Yin, Huanyan Xu
Objective: Due to the good visible-light response and strong electron transfer ability, the polymeric semiconductor C3N3S3 was developed as an inspired photocatalyst for the degradation of organic dyes. Methods: Trithiocyanuric acid was used as the raw material for the synthesis of C3N3S3 by hydrolytic...
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Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange over BiOClxBr1-x (0 x 1) Solid Solutions

Qu Tan, Huanyan Xu
Objective: Due to possessing the layered structure and tunable band gap, Bismuth oxyhalide BiOX (X = Cl, Br, I) has been regarded as a novel photocatalyst with excellent photocatalytic activity for the degradation of organic pollutants. Methods: In this study, BiOClxBr1-x (0 x 1) solid solution photocatalytic...
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Bioinformatics Study on Relationship of Hyperlipidemia and Phospholipids Based on Cytoscape Software

Zhongfeng Shi, Yifan Feng, Wen Rui, Jiao Guo
Objective Phospholipids are one of important factors in Hyperlipidemia development. To discover relationship of Hyperlipidemia and phospholipids, we carried out this study. Methods: We carried on the bioinformatics study on the relationship by Cytoscape software with Agilent Literature Search and ClusterONE...
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Design and research of double-position automatic bagging machine based on PLC and HMI

Xiaoguang Li, Gang Hu, Fei Zhong
In order to solve the inefficiencies, labor-intensive, inconsistent quality and other shortcomings in traditional package bag artificial production, a prototype of double-position automatic bagging machine based on Omron PLC and HMI was developed by the authors.Considering both industrial site requirements...
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3 DOF upper limb rehabilitation robot-assisted training system

Jianwei Qin, Chengqiu Li, Ze Chen, Jinjie Jia
Hemiplegia is the most common performance of stroke. In order to assist the recovery of upper limb hemiplegia patients, the author developed a 3-DOF upper limb rehabilitation robot system based on the technology of Virtual Reality. The system can help patients to complete the shoulder movements of abduction/adduction,...
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Simulation and Application on Storm Flood in Dongguan City Based on SWMM

Weilin Liao, Xiaowen Zhou, Changhong Wang, Zhaoli Wang
For today’s increasingly serious problem of urban rainstorm waterlogging, a rainstorm and flood model is established based on SWMM, which selects Guancheng District, Dongguan City, as a relatively closed region. Under the simulation of the design storm return period P=1a, we compared the simulation results...
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Uncertainty Analysis and Application of Construction Diversion Tunnel Discharge Capacity

Changhong Wang, Zhaoli Wang
For the construction of the diversion tunnel discharge capacity problem, the difference of the starting point between the theory of uncertainty and the traditional deterministic theory is analyzed. The discharge capacity is affected by a comprehensive variety of factors, including the cross section area,...
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Research On The Practical Teaching Reform Of Information Management And Information System

Jingxiu Xu, Yuanpeng Xu
In Huanggang City ,informatization construction is strengthened step by step nowadays, whether in state-owned enterprises, institutions such as the administrative department for Industry and commerce at various levels, various private enterprises, financial, securities, or the public service industries...
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Design and Development of Evaluation System for Marine Economy based on Grey Prediction Model

Qianjin Tan, Qiancheng Zhao, Zenyu Cai
According to the need of the provincial evaluation capacity of the marine economy in this paper, we design the evaluation system for the marine economic based on JAVA as the development language and Oracle 11g as the database. It introduces the division of the system architecture and function module...
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A Novel Text Location Algorithm in Complex Color Images

Yang Jiang, Jianhua Li
In this paper, a Connected Component-based Stroke Width Transform algorithm (CCSWT) is proposed, and it is combined with sparse representation and conditional random field (CRF) algorithm to locate texts in color images. Firstly, a color quantization algorithm is carried out to convert a color image...
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Research on Modern Chinese Multi-category Words Part of Speech Tagging Based on Hidden Markov Model

Zhendong Song
In recent years, computer systems are widely used in the modern Chinese part of speech tagging. Modern Chinese part of speech tagging is a basic subject in the natural language processing. It is widely used in machine translation, natural language understanding, establishing of the Chinese corpus, information...
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Research on Financial System Safety Performance under the Basis of Data Mining Environment

Shanwen Zhu, Jun Han, Yawei Hu
The daily business operation of financial industry makes the abundant data collected by information system piling and expanding, which results in the existed relations and regulations in date can’t be identified in time that makes many valuable information hiding inside but being ignored or omitted....
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Development of Automatic Detection System of Miniature Voltage Electromagnetic Relay

Shaoke Chen, Jiangbo Peng, Qihang Xu
With the Electromagnetic relay development, the detection technology of relay is more advanced. At the same time, users are also increasingly high requirements on... quality, performance and reliability of relay. This requires very precise relay detection, in order to ensure the quality and reliability...
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Study on the Performance of Laser Cladding Ni/TiC on the Surface of Mold Steel

Shaoke Chen, Chuanqiang Li, Danying He
Mold failure usually starts from the surface. The mold life expectancy can be effectively extended by improving the surface properties and performance of the mold. Laser cladding technology is a new type of materials processing and surface modification technology. Because the advantages of cladding surface...
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Dynamic modeling and analyses of mechanical transmission systems on a test platform

Hong Lu, Talal Elsir, Jiawen Zheng, Gang Wang
To investigate the backlash phenomenon vibration and noise of a gear transmission system, we compared the performance of two difference types of mechanical transmission performance system: worm gears reducer (DYNABOX) and planetary gear reducer (APEX). We analyzed two kinds of models and harmonic response...
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Effects of the Mould Specific Heat on the Cooling Process of the Fused Zirconia-Alumina-Silica Material

Ruoyang Liu, Yifei Liu, Yiming Yin, Yue Chu, Luoyuan Li
In order to optimize the production process of the fused zirconia-alumina-silica material(AZS), the simulation was conducted by using the Anycasting software to study effects of the mould specific heat of SiO2 material on the system solidification time, solidification fraction, temperature gradient and...
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The Empirical Study on Factors Influencing Consumer Trust in Online Trading

Jinhong Huang, Hui Wan, Wei Xu, Hua Wei
In China e-commerce is developing rapidly, but the lack of trust becomes the main obstacle to consumer intention in online trading. This paper summarized seven factors affecting the online trading trust level firstly, and made some scientific hypotheses. Then it examined the influence of seven factors...
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Multimodality Medical Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Multi-iteration

Yin Dai, Huanzhen Wang, Kun Yao, Xuan Wang
Currently, the efficiency of medical image fusion algorithms at pixel level is not very high and the algorithm is limited in the traditional one. Directing at the limitations, this paper put forward the improved algorithm and the multi-layer image fusion algorithm creatively, aiming at improving the...
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New Discrete Cosine Transformation Algorithm in Image Retrieval

Yin Dai, Xiaowen Chen, Yuyi Wang, Yunlong Zheng
To improve the efficacy of traditional medical image retrieval, this paper presents a new medical algorithm that uses discreet cosine transformation innovatively. This paper chose 42 pictures from upper torso CT images obtained from patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in Shengjing Hospital to serve...
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Design on Full-Hydraulic Drive System of Corn Combine Harvester

Fuxiang Xie
In order to study the corn combine harvester hydraulic drive system, the hydraulic system was designed, which mainly consists of two valve blocks, eight branch circuits and other components, mainly for cutting device, snapping roll device, raking and conveying device, Transverse transport device, husker...
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Design and Simulation on Automatic Door System of Factory Workshop

Fuxiang Xie
In order to study the automatic door systems of factory workshop, and attain low cost and high reliability requirements, the automatic door systems was designed in the factory workshop, door size was determined, material selected and accessories on door was designed. The system was consisted of the main...
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Strong Law of Large Numbers For -Mixing Sequences

Wenquan Yang
In this paper, necessary conditions for strong law of large numbers for -mixing sequences are obtained, which require low mixing speed.
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On the Equivalence of Limit Distributions of a Sum and of a Maximum Sum of ~- mixing Random Variabless

Wenquan Yang
We prove the equivalence of the limit distributions of an appropriately centered and normalized sum and the maximum sum of - mixing random variables which have finite variances. The result is an extension of a result of Kruglov (1999).