Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Management, Education, Information and Control (MEICI 2016)

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Establishment and Practice of Training Program for Undergraduate Talents of Agricultural Industry

Lijia Xu, Zhiliang Kang
Aiming at training inter-disciplinary agricultural engineering talents with sound theoretical basis and strong practical capacity and focusing on fostering students' consciousness of innovation, engineering capacity and pioneering capacity, we integrated reform of talent training program with requirements...
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Cluster Analysis of Smurf Type of Denial of Service Attack

Jigang Zheng, Jingmei Zhang
Smurf denial of service attacks in the more common types of attacks,extracts the KDDCUP data set of denial of service the Smurf attack types,using the Weka to the attribute characteristic and cluster analysis,according to the similarity of attributes divided into 4 classes,and analyses the characteristics...
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On the Cultivation of College Students' English Self-regulated Learning Ability

Zhen Zhou
As the teaching concept of "student-centered" is widely advocated, it has attracted great attention in the educational field. But at present, the self-regulated learning awareness and ability of college students is very weak, which should call our great attention. In order to change the situation, the...
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Addressing English Writing Problems for College Students through Integrated Approaches

Xiu Zeng
Writing is an extremely important means of communication in the modern world, either in the traditional form or through e-mail. However, English writing has long been viewed as a challenge to most Chinese college students because of their weak language foundation, limited expanse of ideas and less targeted...
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Study on the Construction of the Discipline Construction Theory System of the Local Philology in University Library

Jingmei Zhang
The discipline construction of the Local Philology in university library is a long-term systematic project,and its theoretical system can be constructed from three aspects of macro,meso and micro levels.The macro level of the Local Philology discipline construction includes: determining the subject construction...
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An Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm and Its Application

Mantao Wang, Haitao Tang, Jong Mu, Peng Wei
To overcome the standard AFSA's slow convergence speed and limited optimizing accuracy problem, an improved AFSA is presented in this paper. For this improved algorithm, parameters dynamic mechanism is introduced to improve the accuracy. Besides, iterative adaptive mechanism and local algorithm were...
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Analysis of Pragmatic Failure in College English Teaching

Dongmei Sheng
The aim of this study is to search for the best teaching method to improve the college students' ability in their intercultural communication. This paper presents an analysis of the emphasis on countermeasures in college English teaching and examines the mistakes of college students' writing. The result...
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Cultivation of College Students' English Communication Competence

Dongmei Sheng
The aim of this study is to promote students' communication competence. It is thought to be the essential task in foreign language teaching. This paper presents communicative strategic competence training focusing on implicit training and most communication strategies. The writer describes the advantage...
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Course Based on Information Platforms and IMS Group Course Assistant and Flip of Task-Driven Teaching Mode Research

Qiang Huang, Jie Zhang, Bo Liu, Juanjuan Xu
For today's information age, a variety of information platform, a variety of large data. Increasing demand not only for the quality of talent and increasing demand for the information systems and data analysis. On University talent training of quality see, annual graduated of many computer professional...
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On Reform of Large Data Environments Computer Course--- in Case Study Data Structure Course

Jie Zhang, Qiang Huang, Jing Zhang
Big data is more and more profound influence on the society as a whole, has gradually penetrated into all aspects of education. The transformation of teaching thinking under the era of big data , flip classroom, MOOC and micro courses are profoundly changing the traditional education mode. Positive research...
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From the "Collaborative" Perspective of Agricultural Colleges Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Chao Wang, Junzheng Wang
Collaborative Fusion and determination of innovation are the keys of development to innovation and entrepreneurship education .In the national economy and social development thirteenth five year plan of the new situation, the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, especially...
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Research of Ecological Platform Construction of Integrative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice "Sunflower" Pattern in Higher Agricultural Colleges

Junzheng Wang, Guixue Hu
The new policy The general office of the state council about the construction of entrepreneurship among the innovative demonstration base of the implementation opinions promulgated the list of 28 first demonstrative base, including four universities, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,...
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How to Design Lead Text of Systematic Course of Working Process-Take "Power Electronic Technology" Curriculum for Example

Bin Wang
The objective of this paper is to introduce how to design lead text of systematic course of working process. It takes "Power Electronic Technology" curriculum for example to introduce basis, method and method of the designed lead text and gives the lead text about the dimming lamp circuit based on systematic...
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Research on the Literature Methods of Guopu's Shanhai Jing Note

Shuyan Yi, Hongli Xu
In order to prove the contents that Shanhai Jing recorded is real credibility, Guopu widely used the methods of cited the ancient books. Inÿtheÿcourse ofÿShanhai Jing's research, the scholars mainly focused on the following three aspects: first, the scholars counted the total number of the ancient books...
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Study on PLC Teaching Reform Oriented by Cultivation of Practice Abilities & Innovative Awareness

Zhiliang Kang, Peng Huang
In-depth analysis and study were carried out to PLC (programmable logic controller) teaching reform and a great deal of teaching reform practices were also performed in the principle of "research as reforming and practicing". Promoting the teaching reform of "three modules" under the guiding thought...
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Construction of Humanities Curriculum System in Fire Colleges and Universities at the View of Human Science

Hongbo Zhou
The realistic fire pattern requires fire officers in actual combat to have high professional ability, in addition more to embody rich humanistic quality in the occupation. Based on the reality of humanism deficiency and situation urgency in the process of modern command officer training, it is necessary...
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Cogitate Marketization Development of Promoting Community Service

Yingxia Liu
To implement the community service market need do a good job in strategic planning, basing on the government's service function design market development ideas, to Construct of market development model. The pattern of community service marketization should at least include: The marketization of service...
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The Multiple Optimizations for the Physical Fitness Test Data of Campus Based on Repast

Lei Li
The physical fitness test plays an important role to testify the health level of the campus in our country. These test data is analyzed firstly to guide the training scheme making, which is one of effective approaches to enhance the level of the physical fitness of campus. In this paper, the corresponding...
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The Strategy of Fighting for the Telecommunications Fraud with I Iternational Police Cooperation

AiJiao Liu
The international criminal police cooperation in the activities of investigation involves each link of the criminal investigation with the features that the telecommunications fraud is getting increasingly harmful, in which the scattered transnational crime dominated by individual or small group is just...
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Research on Subdivision Algorithm of Linear Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave and MATLAB Simulation Analysis

Shu Li, Yifan Wu
The principle of linear frequency modulated continuous wave and the characteristic of a special zigzag linear frequency modulated continuous wave are described in this paper, as well as ranging with linear frequency modulated continuous wave in radar application. Two algorithms of improving ranging accuracy...

RETRACTION: Olf: Self-Learning, Probabilistic Technology

Caocao Xu, Qiming Yang
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...

RETRACTION: A Methodology for the Simulation of Scheme

Caocao Xu, Qiming Yang
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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Research on the Application of an Improved Encryption Algorithm in WSN

Dahui Hu, Zhiguo Du
Public key cryptography in wireless sensor networks key management exist problems of slow speed and large energy consumption calculation, will be a kind of improved RSA public key algorithm is applied which, in ensuring the effectiveness of while reducing computational complexity. In the new algorithm,...
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A Novel Image Semantic Understanding and Feature Extraction Algorithm

Xinxin Xie, Wenzhun Huang
In this paper, we propose a novel image semantic understanding and the feature extraction algorithm. Image stitching algorithm based on feature is extracted from the image of basic certain characteristics as matching primitives, usually in the form of general dot, line, area, or some special structures,...
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Performance Evaluation of Engineering Teachers Universities Based AHP Method

Xingfeng Liu, Shuai Liu, Tiansong Zhou
As an important part of human resource management, performance evaluation of engineering teachers is an important influent factor of the successful implementation of the "Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers"(PETOE), which is the "Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan"(2010-2020)...
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Political Differences and the Chinese Foreign Direct Investment Risk---Empirical Test from Some Countries along "the Belt and Road"

Jingfeng Zhao, Dandan Song
Objective: The purpose of this paper is to point out that there is a certain risk for China when investing to the countries along the Belt and Road, and mainly examined the impact of the political differences from investment object countries on China's foreign direct investment risk. Method: first, this...
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Evaluation of the Status of the Power Structure Based on SO2 Emissions Responsibility

Yantao Wang, Suiliang Liu, Xiaomei Liu
In recent years, increasing and significant emissions of SO2 is a major contributor to acid rain pollution, the reasons are manifold. Wherein, SO2 generated during the thermal power accounts for a large part. This paper selects China's total power generation, thermal power generation and emissions of...
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CT Imaging Anatomy and Application in the Head and Neck

Shaoyin Duan, Simin Lin, Feng Ye
By comparing the R-VR, This paper will evaluate the SFOF-VR imaging applied in the head and neck. Based on the original scanning data, SFOF-VR and R-VR were performed on 35 subjects (including the normal, with variations and/or lesions) from the head-neck CTA examination. Comparisons were made between...
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Government Management Mechanism and Innovation Path in the Perspective of Low Carbon Economy

Xiaoyan Liu
The effects of environmental variables, government management and improve the efficiency of the need to the development of low carbon economy idea into the government management system, through the improvement of management strategy, provide urgently needed products and services for the society. Taking...
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Research Survey and Research on the Traditional Historical Architecture in Dongcheng District of Beijing

Menglin Xu
Dongcheng District keeps the largest number of historic buildings, the most widely distributed and best-preserved, most feature-rich region buildings in Beijing. The existing historic buildings in Dongcheng District are an important carrier of historical and cultural in the capital, which is also the...
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A DMS-based Design for the Informatization of Tourism in Leshan

Zhen Li
In recent years, tourism has been playing a more and more important role in Leshan's economy as it continues to thrive. Therefore, how to informatize tourism is a challenge but also an opportunity for Leshan to develop its local tourism. This paper is to propose a DMS-based design for the informatization...
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Educational Reform of University Mathematics

Yuping Qin, Shuang Zhang, Yihe Liu
University mathematics plays an important role in improving undergraduates' mathematical quality, comprehensive quality and innovative awareness and ability. The cramming education phenomenon prevails in university mathematics teaching and educational thought lags; the teaching methods is outmoded, short...
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Teaching Mode Reform Summary of Electronic Technology Application Major

Jiangming Kuang, Jianping Zhang
In this study, By analyzing the existing secondary vocational education teaching mode, we find quite a few inadaptable points according to the vocational education characteristics of engineering majors. For this reason, we focus on the target of training the engineering skilled talents better, to develop...
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Entrepreneurship and Employment Adaptability Concept Teaching

Tianyi Qu, Kui Chen
At present, although our country gives priority to college graduates with supporting policies, it has not solved the problems of graduate employment and entrepreneurship. This paper analyzes these problems of graduate entrepreneurship, employment and vocational adaptability; and offers suggestions and...
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Research on the Sustainable Utilization of Archives Information Resources in Colleges and Universities

Liying Cui, Haiyan Zhou
The development and utilization of archives information resources in Colleges and universities is an important part of the development of higher education. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the development and utilization of the archives information resources, according to the characteristics...
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Research into Knowledge Service Chain at Colleges and Universities

Haiyan Wang, Xiwu Shao, Yidan Shao
Ability to acquire and effectively utilize knowledge has already become one of the core elements for organizations to achieve success, and knowledge service is playing an important role in contemporary information society. Thus, to deeply analyze knowledge service chain at colleges and universities,...
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Research on College English Blended Learning Mode under the "Internet+" Environment

Dehua Guan, Jie Tan
This paper explores the blended learning mode of college English with the "Internet+" environment as background. Blended Learning reduces the cost of learning, which is convenient for the interaction and communication between teachers and students. In this paper, we discuss the technology and strategy...
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Economic Benefits of Urban Wastes in Urban Landscape

Yijie Liu, Xiaoxia Pan
In China, the annual emissions of urban wastes is over 105 million ton, and usually most of those huge amount of wastes are storage in an open area. Thus those wastes not only influence the city landscape but also cause contamination of water and soil, which will threat urban residents' health and city...
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New Exploration on Bilingual Teaching of Numerical Control

Dongfang Hu, Minlu He
The current course of numerical control technology and equipment is advocated using bilingual teaching mode. From the training requirements of talents and based on the basic connotation of bilingual teaching, this paper puts forward "the professional English vocabulary as starting point, the English...
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Antecedent Influence Factor Analysis on the Application of Cloud-computing-based Human Resource Management System

Chao Qin, Jun Chen
With gradual deepening of cloud computing application in enterprise informatization construction, the human resources management system will also enter the cloud era. However, for the popularization and application of cloud-computing-based human resource management system, there are still many obstacles...
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The Influence of "Brexit" on Sino-British Bilateral Trade

Dejun Yu, Feilin Luo
This paper first gives an overview of "Britain exiting from the EU" and current situation of Sino-British bilateral trade, then discusses the impact of "Brexit" on Sino-British bilateral trade and puts forward some specific countermeasures.
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Explore into the Cultural Value of National Traditional Sports

Dingming Wang
China has been through five thousand years' development therefore, it has diverse national culture, customs and sports culture. However, the nation's sports culture is being ignored in the course of development. This paper firstly introduces relevant concepts of national traditional sports and then carries...
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O2O Model of Higher Mathematics Teaching in Local Colleges

Jianping Huang
The classroom teaching quality of higher mathematics directly influences the study of College Students' professional courses. Under the background of the highly developed information age of the Internet, In this paper, a new model of higher mathematics teaching is proposed---O2O model. Through the online...
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Analysis of the Geological Characteristics of Horizontal Well Fracturing Channeling in Honghe Oilfield

Jianming Guo, Yan Dang, Gang Wang, Yanxia Li
In fractured reservoir, the inter-well formation of horizontal wells is likely to channel during hydraulic fracturing job, which results in higher moisture content and production drawdown sharply. Aim at the actual fracturing channeling condition of Honghe oilfield, the distribution characteristics of...
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The Cultivation Mode Exploration of Extracurricular "4+4+4" Professional Interests on the Basis of WeChat Platform------Taking the Example of the Specialty of Editing and Publishing

Liya Yao
According to present conditions of students majoring in Editing and Publishing with common issues of low professional interests,based on the result of empirical investigation, it constructs cultivating the extracurricular supplementary teaching platforms on the basis of WeChat's "4+4+4" professional...
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Research on Promoting Teacher Profession Enhancement Based on Five Disciplines

Weifeng Zhao
Profession enhancement of college teachers is not only their value pursuit but also the kernel of college educational reform and construction. However, though it has been emphasized a lot, there are still some problems. Thus, this paper analyzes that enhancing college teachers with five disciplines based...
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Analysis on the Current Situation of Poor College Students Financing System

Aichen Liu
At present, the poor students in Colleges and universities in our country get more and more attention and care and will exist in a short time for a variety of reasons. This article mainly carries on the analysis through to the current university student poverty situation and the current aid system and...
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Experimental Research on Hydrophilic Property of Stainless Steel Bionic Non-smoothed Surface

Yan Li, Guangrui Shang
The laser precision machining was performed on the surface of the formed spherical non-smooth lattice, leads to an increase in material surface hydrophilic tendency. The influence of ball crown height and interval on wettability has been studied. The results show that the ball crown lattices have been...
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Improvement of the Gaussian Mixture Model Based on EmguCV Motion Target Detection Design

Qingyu Guo, Zheng Zhang
Introduces a kind of video moving object detection based on mixture Gaussian model design, mainly combined with frame difference method and the Gaussian mixture model, then use K-means clustering algorithm, for complex scenarios different update rate is realized by using different background region,...
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Research on the Development of SMEs in Jilin Province under the Great Trend

Shiyan Bai, Junshu Zhang, Hongwei Su
In 2015, China's SMEs will once again face serious challenges, and the situation is not optimistic. In this context, this paper, based on the two key constraints to China's economic development for energy and food, analyzes the current situation and the problems existed in the SMEs of Jilin province,...
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On Constructivist Teaching Strategy of Landscape Architecture Design

Liyuan Li, Yonggang Xu
Based on ConstructivistÿTeachingÿTheory, the paper puts forward three teaching strategies in the course of Landscape Architecture Design. Firstly, problem-solving-oriented teaching is helpful for students to investigate and research. Secondly, repositioning of teacher's role in class is good for students...
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Architecting Reconfigurable Applications for Sensor Networks: an Active Rule-based Approach

Biao Dong, Jinhui Chen
This paper presented an approach for modeling and implementing the architecture of sensor networks reconfigurable applications using an active rule-based model. Considering the adaptability and flexibility of sensor networks applications, the active rule-based model was defined based on a service resource...
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An Complex Network Model of Student Cultivation Quality Evaluation Base on Critique Each Other

Qingyu Zou, Dejun Liu, Huida Duan, Liyun Xing
The student cultivation quality evaluation is playing a more and more important role, as an important means of teaching quality supervision. In essence, the problem can be regarded as a multiple attribute decision making problem, which includes both qualitative and quantitative attributes. The characteristics...
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Learning the Computing Quality Statistics Method of the Sequence Reads

Henghua Shi, Xin Xu
There are many bioinformatics analysis method to compute the quality statistics of sequence reads. With the application of next-generation sequencing technology, bioinformatics analysis method for sequences have developed rapidly. The sequence quality statistics has become an important part of bioinformatics...
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Learning the Comparing and Converting Method of Sequence Phred Quality Score

Henghua Shi, Weiyu Li, Xin Xu
The Phred quality score can measure the sequence quality, and quality scores are normally stored together with the nucleotide sequence in the widely accepted FASTQ format. For sequence raw reads with various FASTQ formats, the range of scores will depend on the technology and the base caller used. With...
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An Analysis of Grammatical Metaphor of Oscar-Winning Film Titles

Z'henghua Tan, Yiting Wu
Grammatical Metaphor is an incongruent expression in realization of meaning on lexical and grammatical level, of which the main form is nominalization. It is divided into ideational metaphor and interpersonal metaphor. By analysis of the titles of thirty American Oscar-winning films, it can be found...
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Analysis of Haze Phenomenon and Control Measures From the Perspective of Environmental Carrying Capacity

Yongjiu Yuan, Peisheng Yan
Without the use of energy, the development of society will stop. When we use energy, there will be emissions and the emissions will pollute the environment. Environmental management become more important under the current worse environment. This paper attempts to analyze the relationship between the...
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A Reflection and Optimization of the Cooperative Instruction Mode between University Libraries and Departments from the Perspective of Innovative Education

Xiaohong Qin, Jingfeng Zhao
The key to solve the problem of the emergence of distortion and deviation that docks the universities talents and the needs of social reality lies in the mode of innovative personnel training. This paper reflects the teaching mode issues of colleges and traditional library, and on this basis, so as to...
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Research on the Liability of School Sports Injury Accident under the Comparative

Fangqing Yu, Huixiong Hao
For students, the school will often take part in some sports events, this time if there is an injury accident, how to identify the responsibility? To solve this problem, this paper through the contrast in the last five years and five years before the injury accident in school physical education return...
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Cloud Model Design in News Media Convergence Era

Xiao Yu
This paper is to promote the traditional media and new media convergence, analysis of the current broadcast TV , radio , television network news cloud and television cooperation, discusses the development promote cloud computing media convergence technology for future research news cloud model, and cloud...
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Application Value of 64 Slice Spiral CT Coronary Artery Imaging in the Diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease

Taoping Zhou, Zhengrong Liang, Xingzhao Yao, Guanghui Li, Hong Ren
Objective to analyze the value of 64 slice spiral CT coronary angiography in patients with coronary heart disease. Methods,102 patients with coronary heart disease received in our hospital from March 2016 to July 2016 were selected for coronary angiography and selective coronary angiography, and the...
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Research and Analysis on the Development of Regional Teachers' Information Literacy

Weigang Guo, Zhu Yang
With the development of the mobile Internet, Big data and other new information technology, the application of information technology in education is more and more extensive. The quality of teachers' information literacy directly affects the effect of the implementation of education information. In this...
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An Empirical Study of the Relationships between Different Types of Innovation and Firm Performance

Shouyu Chen
Divided into different types of innovation's influence on firm performance can be further understanding of the relationships between innovation and firm performance. By building a theoretical model of the relationship between different types of innovation and enterprise performance, collecting the survey...
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A New Scheme for Multisensor Image Matching

Hailong Wang, Shuqin Zhang
A new iteration scheme for infrared and visible image matching is presented in this paper. The goal is to derive a new method for highly accurate matching of multisensor images. The existing matching algorithms based on image pyramid decomposition have been popular as they have advantages of low computational...
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A Study of Flipped Classroom's Influence on Classroom Environment of College English Reading, Writing and Translating

Xian Xie, Qinghua Fang
This study used quantitative and qualitative methods to explore the characteristics of flipped classroom's influence on classroom environment of College English Reading, Writing and Translating, and to summarize and reflect on the teaching characteristics of College English Reading, Writing and Translating....
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Ball Mill Automatic Control System Design Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Li Ai, Yan Xiong
For ball mill grinding process random interference by many factors, processes complex mechanism, there was a big inertia and lag, conventional PID control effect was poor, the particle swarm optimization neural network approach was introduced into the mill control system, it had strong robustness, can...
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Analysis of the Employment Ability Cultivation Path of Students Major in Editing and Publishing in Local Universities

Wei Yu
In terms of the background that the current local universities are transforming to the universities of applied technology, students major in editing and publishing are faced with more complicated opportunities and challenges in the employment. This paper analyzes the current situation of the employment...
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Research and Design of Logistics Monitoring System

Jie Huang
In view of the logistics tracking and monitoring, Zigbee technology, RFID technology, GPRS technology and GPS technology are combined in the system. Considering the actual demand of the logistics monitoring system, a logistics monitoring system is designed. In this paper, the principle and design of...
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Metaphor and Translation Strategies in News English

Hongjuan Li
As a figure of speech, metaphor is more vivid and flexible than simile, so metaphor can better express the theme in news English and enhance readers' cognition, rendering great help in creating characteristic news release with intense infection. In translating metaphors in news English, in order to retain...
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Mutual Capacitive Calculation for Touch Panel Design

Jiumming Lin, Mungwei Lin, Chenghung Lin
This paper took four kinds of circuit layouts for mutual capacitive touch panel design, such as diamond, metal mesh, strip, and strip-style semi-ladder tree. One could see the electrodes overlapping area for the patterns of mesh and strip is the largest, but its percentage change of mutual capacitance...
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Tentative Analysis on the Effective Application of Incentive Mechanism in College Human Resource Management

Shufeng Ni
As important components of college education resources, the human resource play a critical role in the education quality, running efficiency and reform of the personnel system. To carry out incentive management mechanism on faculties and excellent talent is effective, which can also help to solve some...
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Reflection on the Social Security System Reform for College Teachers

Shufeng Ni
At present, the social security system of China is being reformed and improved while the reform for college teachers has been highlighted. This paper summarizes the social security reform for college teachers and also analyzes its current condition, explores into the necessity to perfect it and studies...
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The Signal Detection Model of AM-EAS Based on Optimized SVM with Improved AFSA

Yanan Geng
In order to improve the detection rate of AM-EAS system, The paper puts forward an new signal detection model (IAFSA-SVM) combined with the Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm (IAFSA) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) .the paper analyzed the advantage and defect of AFSA, and proposed the improved...
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Generating Idempotents of Quintic Residue Codes over the Binary Field

Xuedong Dong
It is well known that to construct the generating polynomials of higher power residue codes over finite fields is difficult. This paper gives explicit expressions of generating idempotents of quintic residue codes over the binary field. Using the result obtained, one can construct the generating polynomials...
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An Analysis on the Selective Translation of Li Sao by David Hinton from the Perspective of Translation Intersubjectivity

Leixin Shen
This paper analyses Hinton's selective translation of Li Sao in the light of translation intersubjectivity paradigm. This paper adopts qualitative and descriptive method by analyzing David Hinton's translation of Li Sao from the aspects of the translator and the author, the translator and the text, the...
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Research on Schooling Characteristics of Local Higher Colleges and Universities under the Strategic Background of Strong Province in Higher Education

Chengjun Shen
This article mainly expounds the strategy of strong province in higher education under the new situation and local higher colleges how to highlight the schooling characteristics under this situation and explores the scientist schooling path of local colleges and universities servicing regional economic...
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Current Status of Implementing Pension Insurance System for Urban and Rural Residents and Solutions

Shufeng Ni
In the past, there was rich labor market in China, so the product cost was relatively low with huge advantages in the international market, and China's economy developed rapidly. But in recent years, China's labor market is gradually narrowing, it boils down to is because of the severe aging in our country....
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Analysis of Current Status of Human Resource Management and Development at Colleges and Universities and Researches into Countermeasures

Shufeng Ni
Many colleges and universities in China have relatively backward international status, but many of them have a long history and develop slowly because there are many problems in their human resources management and development, which has restricted the development of colleges and universities. Colleges...
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Review of Algorithms for Data Mining

Huanchen Bai, Xiaojun Liu
Data mining also known as Knowledge Discovery in Databases. This Paper is divided main data mining method into three types: classification, clustering and association rule mining, and gives each method typical algorithm to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of its application scenarios.
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Summary of Data Storage Technology in Cloud Storage Service

Chunxia Tu, Zhongbing Yuan
This paper discusses the security and reliability of cloud storage service demand and the cloud storage service of provable data possession and recovery plan special requirements. Review can prove data holdings and recovery technology in the domestic and foreign research status, so as to identify the...
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Research on the Innovation of Teaching Management System in Colleges and Universities for Training Applied Talents

Yuzhen Wang, Rengui Zhao, Chundi Zhao
The research on the innovation of teaching management system in Colleges and universities can effectively promote the improvement of teaching management system. For the cultivation of Applied Talents in Colleges and universities, it is still in its infancy, so it is necessary to innovate the teaching...
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Study on the Position and Function of Functions in Mathematics

Zhifeng Yu
Function is a kind of important method to solve the problem in mathematical analysis. The essence of function method is a kind of mathematical thinking method to solve the problem by using function knowledge to construct the function equation for problem solution based on the analysis and understanding...
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Study on Honesty and the Development of Real Estate

Xiaojiao Yin
Since the reform and opening up, China's real estate industry has changed rapidly and vigorously that promotes the development of national economy and improve people's living standard, and real estate industry becomes a new economic growth point and national economic pillar industry in our country. But...
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Management and Regulation of Basketball Training Process

Yang Zhang
Basketball game is the main content of competitive basketball sport. Both the selection of athletes, the training for years, the service management and the sports scientific research are to make the athletes can complete the game successfully and make outstanding achievement. China's basketball regional...
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Construction Method of the New Thermal Insulation Material Foam Concrete

Liqin Ai
With the continuous expansion of application of the concrete structure materials in construction engineering, different types, different properties of concrete materials also have been developed in application, in which foam concrete is the the more representative. Foam concrete is stirred with cement...
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Teaching Reform and Practice for the Course of "Signal and System"

Zhiliang Kang, Lijia Xu
With reform of teaching of Signal and System as the starting point, it mainly discussed the following four aspects: The first is optimization of the theoretical teaching content; the second is exploration and practice of new teaching methods and measures; the third is reform of the experiment and practice...
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The Analysis of English Humor from the Perspective of Pragmatic Principle

Zhen Zhou
Humor is a ubiquitous, highly rooted and largely meaningful aspect of human experience, an ordinary communicative way in human's daily life and it is an indispensable phenomenon in every language and culture, which can facilitate social interactions and can enrich and beautify human's life. The article...
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The Application of Campus Wireless Network Based CRS in Large Teaching Classes

Mantao Wang, Xuliang Duan, Jong Mu, Qiang Huang
Due to various objective reasons, large teaching classes are very common in college education and seriously affect the teaching quality. In order to improve the teaching quality of large teaching classes, we introduced the CRS system which is based on campus wireless network to improve teaching interaction....
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Analysis of Syntactic Errors in College English Writing

Dongmei Sheng
The aim of this study is to search for the best teaching method to help the college students in their writing. This paper presents an analysis of the distribution of syntactic errors in college students' composition, which are incomplete sentence structure, improper use of conjunctions, errors of coordinate...
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The Cultivation of Cultural Connotation in College English Teaching about the Sun Also Rises

Dongmei Sheng
The aim of this study is to cultivating students' ability to use language and improving the cultural quality .This paper presents the educational function of College English teaching and puts forward to change the current situation of colleges by firming teachers' literature beliefs, focusing on improving...
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Relying on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform", Strengthen the Construction of Public Research Universities Peoples Entrepreneurial Innovation Base

Junzheng Wang, Guixue Hu
This paper focus on how to rely on the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship platform" from under the background of economic new normal colleges and universities, innovation base construction of expounds main problems existing in the base construction of the necessity and importance and base construction,...
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Teaching Research and Practice of the Power & Electronic Course

Peng Huang, Zhiliang Kang
In order to realize "deep integration" of the information technology and the education, achieve the reform of "students-centered" teaching paradigm, and further explore new teaching modes, our school carried out the teaching reform of flipped classroom by utilizing the self-constructed SPOC resources...
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Main Characteristics and Preventive Measures of Dust Explosion

Zhengyang An
In recent years, due to the increasing demand for dust, the risk of dust explosion is greatly increased. Dust explosion caused a large number of casualties and huge economic losses. This paper mainly introduces the conditions, main characteristics and influencing factors of dust explosion, and puts forward...
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The Features of the Statistic Counting Model for Its Application to Estimate the Probability

BaiYun Yang
The statistic method is widely used to analyze the statistic features hiding behind the various data. Some famous algorithms such as Ls, LMS are based on the statistic models. Actually on the basis of the description length theory, the statistic model can be considered as the judgment system which should...
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Mathematical model of Tissue Characteristics in human-Body Communication

Yuping Qin, Shuang Zhang, Yihe Liu
In this study, electric parameters of human tissues are used to build the simplified numerical solution model of the research object with the software COMSOL Multiphysics. During modeling, potential distribution of electric signal in two models are analyzed on the basis of isotropy and anisotropy of...

RETRACTION: Comparing 128 Bit Architectures and Web Services

Caocao Xu, Qiming Yang
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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Research on the New Image De-noising Methodology Based on Neural Network and HMM-Hidden Markov Models

Wenzhun Huang, Xinxin Xie
In this paper, we conduct research on the new image de-noising methodology based on the neural network and HMM-hidden Markov models. HMM is a double stochastic process, one of which is a Markov chain, this is basic random process as it describes the state of the shift and another random process description...
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Cluster Analysis of the Competency of Engineering Teachers

Xingfeng Liu, Tiansong Zhou
On the basis of introduction of cluster analysis, analytic hierarchy process (AHP for abbreviation) is applied to evaluate the competency of engineering teachers in W university. Then cluster analysis is made by the use of statistical software SPSS19 .0 to evaluate the sample engineering teachers from...
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Silk Road Economic Belt: The Analysis about Performance of Spillovers and Innovation of China's Multinational Corporations

Jingfeng Zhao, Yan Xian
Under the current background of the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the steady development of Chinese "Go Global" strategy, it is imperative to research the relationship between technology spillover and innovation ability of multinational companies. Based on the analysis of 2005-2014...
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Research on the Relationship between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth

Yantao Wang, Xiaomei Liu, Suiliang Liu
Based on the research of many scholars on the relationship between electricity and economy , from the industrial structure, the electricity elasticity coefficient and electricity consumption of three different perspectives on this to make a review, from two aspects of the national and regional expansion...