Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Sustainable development of environment after Covid-19" (SDEC 2021)

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The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Stimulated Modernization of the Urboecodiagnostics

V. V. Chernaya, B. I. Kochurov, O. V. Bakovetckaya, E. I. Mishnina, R. M. Voronin
The aims of our researches is to identify priority directions of the world’s cities emerging from the post-Covid crisis based on an assessment of the Russian cities environment quality before the COVID-19 pandemic. The analysis of the Russian cities ecological sustainability by the beginning of the pandemic...
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Digital Logistics as Institution for Improving Coordination of Flow Processes in Transport and Logistics System of the Smart City

Gleb Savin, Victor Katochkov, Valeria Grishina
In today’s world, in the context of digitalization, resources are diverted from traditional economic mechanisms, while information and communication technologies give impetus to new development institutions, which ensure transition to a new technological mode of economic development in the situation...
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Availability of Medicines for the Population as a Determinant of the Sustainable Development of the National Health System

Svetlana Begicheva, Elena Kalabina
The purpose of the study was to analyse the availability of medicines for the population on the example of the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in 2011 and 2019 to assess the assortment, financial and logistical availability of medicines as a determinant of the sustainable development of the national...
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Evaluation of Spatial Imbalances in the Largest City: Ekaterinburg as a Case Study

Arina Suvorova
Inequality is a major obstacle to implementation of the concept of sustainable development. The study is devoted to consideration of one of the aspects of this important problem – inter-territorial imbalances, which can reduce the efficiency of using the potential of individual territories and the entire...
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The Paradigm of “Responsible Consumption”: Myth or Reality in Modern Conditions

Aleksandr Kiselev, Marina Ugryumova, Marina Mayorova, Aleksandr Sazonov, Anna Savicheva
Currently, researchers talk a lot about the possible paradigm of consumption development in relation to modern conditions, when in the pursuit of profits, the development of consumption leads to an unjustifiably high use of resources without the necessary replenishment. Wherein, most often, waste recycling...
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Opportunities and Limitations of Strategic Planning for the Sustainable Development of the Spatial Infrastructure System of the Electric Power Industry During the Pandemic

Elena Shishkina, Nadezhda Surnina
The authors conducted a study of the strategic planning for the sustainable development of the spatial infrastructure system of the electric power industry during the coronavirus pandemic. There were analyzed the texts of socio-economic development strategies of the subjects of the Russian Federation...
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Telemedicine Services Contribution to the Sustainable Social Development

Alyona Fechina, Elena Dvoryadkina, Felix Badaev
During the research the authors identified the main directions for achieving sustainable development in healthcare. The purpose of the work is to study the telemedicine services contribution to the sustainable social development. A man determined that telemedicine services contributed to the coverage...
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Lifelong Education for Sustainable Environmental Development: Employees’ Safety Culture in Oil and Gas Industry

Natalia Verbitskaya, Ola Alashoor
In our study, we look at safety culture as an area of continuing education and employee development using the oil and gas industry as an example. It has been analyzed what constitutes a safety culture, which today has a large number of interpretations and definitions, in particular we will be interested...
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School and Bachelor Students in the Digital Landscape: Securing Continuity

Irina A. Stikhina
The article considers the problematic area of distance education at different educational levels. The continuity as a relevant condition for successful individual educational route is one of the factors that should be analysed while discussing education for sustainability. Providing the continuity between...
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Designing Educational Events in an Online Format

Marina Nikolaeva, Nelly Shramko, Anastasiya Pesha
Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and sustainable development of the education system are an important part of the sustainable development strategy. Universities whose activities are aimed at training specialists are an important subject of the transmission of knowledge in the field of sustainable...
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Ecological and Geomorphological Analysis of Ecosystems in The Mountainous Part of The Chechen Republic

Rustam Gakaev, Tumisha Bachaeva, Malkan Dudaeva
The high lithological and morphological diversity of the Chechen Republic is the basis for geoconservation activities. Conservation of geomorphological heritage is usually included in general nature conservation and should therefore be analyzed in an appropriate context. Assessment of the ecological...
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Landscape and Geomorphological Conditions for The Development of Landslides on The Territory of The Chechen Republic

Rustam Gakaev, Tumisha Bachaeva, Zina Aydamirova
Landslides pose a long-term threat to people and their property and damage the environment in general. Therefore, much effort has been made to assess the risk of landslides and propose mitigation methods based on key characteristics of the landslides, including range and extent, volume, trigger mechanism,...
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Sustainable Development of Universities Based on Their Intellectual Capital

Pavel Novgorodov
The article offers a new perspective on the sustainable development of universities considering the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic. Methodological aspects of cost assessment of the university intellectual capital as an alternative approach to the assessment of university activities are studied....
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Solar System Architecture

Valentin Nikitovich Tkachev
The anthropic point of view has always been leading in understanding the universe, terrestrial and cosmic, in attempts to integrate cosmic phenomena with everyday experience, multiplying the impressions of the observed, but unattainable objects and Universe events by coefficients of greatness. Earthly...
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On the Issue of National Projects of the Russian Federation in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Pavel Letov, Natalya Istomina, Nadezhda Goncharova
The essence of this article is to analyze the role of national projects of the Russian Federation in the process of achieving the UN sustainable development goals. The achievements of the Russian Federation in the process of implementing national projects, solving problems formed within the framework...
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Economic Capacity as an Indicator of Sustainable Socioeconomic Efficiency of a Business Entity

Marina Astakhova, Irina Ignatova
The modern global economy is developing in line with socialization and sustainable development. The operation of business entities in such an economic environment poses the challenge of finding the best tools for assessing their efficiency because of the inadequacy of traditional assessment tools for...
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Indicators of Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Dmitry Zavyalov, Yury Saginov, Nadezhda Zavyalova, Olga Saginova
The purpose of this paper is to develop a system of indicators for assessing the effectiveness of entrepreneurial ecosystems based on platform solutions. These indicators can further be used as a mechanism for tracking the ongoing transformations in business environment. Scientific publications, normative...
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Attracting and Pushing Factors in International Migration Exchange Between Russia and the Post-Soviet Countries Within the Framework of the Concept of Sustainable Development

Marina Zhukova, Lidiya Manukovskaya, Larisa Kharyanova, Yulia Lobanova
The authors consider the importance of migration in ensuring the country’s sustainable development. The influence of migration on the average annual population of the Russian Federation is studied. The article deals with the migration exchange between Russia and the post-Soviet countries: Armenia, Kazakhstan,...
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The Approaches to the Development of Regional Frameworks of Sustainable Development Indices and Indicators

Tat’yana N. Dudina, Ol’ga S. Tarasova, Svetlana D. Nadezhdina, Aleksandr A. Shaposhnikov
The active growth of the world’s population has led to the emergence and aggravation of the issues of human-nature interaction. Resulting from more than thirty year long discussions at different levels, the term sustainable development had been introduced by the international scientific community, and...
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Analysis and Development of the Mechanism of Investment Potential of the Tourist Network in a Pandemic

O. T. Ergunova, Almaza Luis Molina, P. V. Bochkov, E. A. Blinova
Transformation of the mechanism for increasing the investment potential of the territories of Russia in the context of the COVID-2019 pandemic repeatedly strengthens the importance of an active policy in the field of forming the concept of promoting territories in general and in particular in the interregional...
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The Importance of Corporate Social Sustainability in the Anti-Crisis Management of a Hotel Business

Irina Ovchinnikova, Elena Davydova, Tatiana Volovik, Irina Vashliaeva
The relevance of the study is due to the need to formulate anti-crisis measures in the context of the coronavirus crisis and the development of a new technological stage of Industry 4.0. The analysis of the main trends in corporate sustainability and the results of the research carried out ( research...
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Assessment of Social Capital in the Work with Suppliers: A Case of a Tourist Organization

Svetlana Orekhova, Vera Zarutskaya
The article is devoted to the development of an original methodology for measuring the social capital of an organization with suppliers. The methodological basis of the study is a combination of the theory of social capital and the network approach. The research methods are structural and economic analysis...
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The Program of Formation of Emotional Stability of Personnel in the Hospitality Industry

Ekaterina Vezetiu, Ekaterina Vovk, Natalia Gorbunova, Lyudmila Bura, Yana Zalevskaya
The topic of emotional stability forms a topical theoretical and practical problem. It becomes the subject of the study of psychophysiology, pedagogy, philosophy and social sciences, both domestic and world experts are engaged in it, therefore, the problem can be considered interdisciplinary. Special...
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Overview of the Current State and Problems of Accommodation Facilities Development in the Regions of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation

Galina V. Astratova, Irina G. Pavlenko, Marina M. Kireeva, Anna P. Vostrova, Igor A. Bukreev
The article presents the results of a study of the current state and problems of accommodation facilities development, i.e. objects of the tourist industry, including a building and its structures and parts, in which one or more equipped living rooms (premises) intended for accommodation and temporary...
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Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Staffing Socio-Cultural Service and Tourism

A.V. Mitrofanova, T.V. Kudryashova, V.A. Khilsher, L.V. Grosheva, V.Yu. Nikolaicheva
The article presents the results of a study of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on staffing in the sphere of social and cultural services and tourism, identifies the problem of a decrease in the quality of service for tourists due to the introduction of quarantine measures and the departure of qualified...
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World Practice of State Support of the Tourism Sector in Foreign Countries in the Context of COVID-19

Stanislau Arlou
The problems of tourism sector development in different countries during the coronavirus pandemic are considered in this article. The purpose of this study is to examine government support measures in this sector in the context of COVID-19. In the pre-pandemic period the tourism industry was one of the...
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Analysis of the Current State of Ecotourism in Murmansk Region

Yu. A. Kireeva, A. L. Zolkin, E. P. Panova, S. V. Shamina, V. M. Kalyakina
The origins of ecological tourism in Russia date back to the end of the 19th century, when amateur nature tours began to be organized. Small groups of tourists organized amateur tours. The development of ecotourism was greatly influenced by the appearance of national parks in Russia in the second half...
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Sustainable Approaches to the Destination Management: The Performance Assessment Aspects

Elena Dedusenko
This paper analyses the destination management performance in the sustainability field. Many countries have been discussing the opportunities of implementing the sustainability principles, standards and methodological approaches to the sustainable destination management. The paper focuses on sustainability...
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The Role of Social Communications in Private Medical Clinic Brand Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Natalia Izakova, Tatyana Solosichenco, Ivan Vozmilov, Olga Popova
Assessing the effectiveness of branding is an important task for business, as it allows you to identify the key tools for increasing the company’s competitiveness in the market. In times of social distance and limited contacts, the role of social communications for the interaction of a brand with its...
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Effectiveness of the SMM Communications Strategy of the Educational Center “Beauty Events”

Anastasia Vozmilova, Ivan Vozmilov
Social media are becoming one of the most important tools for promoting businesses. The scientific problem of the research lies in the fact that there are specific peculiarities in developing an SMM communications strategy in the field of business education in the beauty industry. The authors set the...
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Social Mechanisms of Influence on the Sociocultural Practices of Migrants

E. V. Chumak, D. N. Yadransky
The article deals with the issue of sociocultural distance arising between migrants and the sociocultural the environment of the host city. It has been found that at the present there is a negative tendency connected with incorporation of migrants from the urban environment into ethnic communities where...
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Communicative Reading: Modification of Foreign Language Teaching for Sustainable Development of Education

Irina Pirozhkova
The paper discusses a variant of transformation of language education in Russian universities. To make graduates more competitive on the labour market, it is necessary to follow the principles of competence-based approach and to develop communicative competence, which is the basic in the program of foreign...
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Transformation of Power Relations in the “Generated Risk” Society

Svetlana Vasilievna Dimitrova, Larisa Mukhamedovna Ashnokova, Agababa Aydin Ogly Dadashev, Lyudmila Evgenievna Pak
The analysis of contradictory trends in the development of the modern world is presented in two aspects: “generated risk” as a result of high-tech, goal-oriented actions and democratic methods of influence, leading to the ubiquity of power relations. The presentation of the effectiveness of actions as...
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Some Issues of Securing SDG 11 in the Legislation on Cultural and Ecological Tourism

Vitali Maksimeniuk, Roza Timakova
This article discusses one of the aspects of sustainable development – the sustainable development of tourism in accordance with SDG 11, Task 11.4., aimed at intensifying efforts to protect and preserve the world cultural and natural heritage. The study of this phenomenon was carried out using the analysis...
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Legal Remedies of Legalization (Money Laundering) Proceeded by Crime

Oksana Trocenko, Irina Soshnikova
The problem of money laundering has become one of the acute problems in recent years, both at the domestic and international levels. The article examines the generating factors, analyzes the national and international experience in combating money laundering, the authors propose a set of measures to...
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Modern Foreign Experience of Antimonopoly Regulation of Digital Companies and Internet Platforms

Valery Istomin
The paper considers peculiarities of competition in modern digital markets, characterizes digital platforms as important elements of currently developing economic and social ties, and also examines the antimonopoly regulation of the activities of large digital companies in the United States and the European...
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Constitutional Modernization as a Necessary Condition for the Sustainable Development of the Russian Federation

Veronika Meshcheryagina, Alexander Savoskin, Mariia Zadorina
The article is devoted to the impact of changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the sustainable development of the country by updating the system of public power. The methodological basis of the research is general scientific (analysis, synthesis, deduction and induction, abstraction,...
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Legal Regulation of the Use of Digital Technologies in The Agricultural Economy

Kheda Mutazova, Zhanati Salgirieva
Digital technologies, including the Internet, mobile technologies and devices, data analytics, artificial intelligence, digital services and applications, are changing agriculture and the food system. And also must have a solid legal basis. Examples abound at different stages of the agri-food value chain:...
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Sustainability Issues in Russian Housing Quality: Policy Implementations

Natalia Vlasova, Nikolai Smirnyagin
The article is devoted to assessing the role of housing and communal services while ensuring the socio-economic sustainability of the development of society. The work defines the position of the housing and communal services sector in the social sphere, analyzes the state support of the population in...
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Covid Behavior as an Indicator of Political Loyalty

Ibragimov Radiy Nazibovich
The two years of the COVID-19 pandemic provided ample material for the analysis of social behavior and its various tactics in a pandemic crisis. Given the role of the state in organizing protective measures, these tactics can be understood as direct or indirect reactions of different categories of the...
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Sustainable Development Policy on the Example of Foreign Leaders

Aybika Imranovna Beksultanova, Patimat Gadzhievna Isaeva, Zukhra Omarshaevna Magomedova
Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the sustainable development agenda has come into focus from a new angle. Issues of inequalities as well as themes of transparency, of effective engagement of different stakeholders to overcome common global challenges, on the other hand, have become increasingly relevant....
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Assessment of the Results of the Implementation of Strategic Network Management

Maksim Kocheryan, Andrey Plakhin, Irina Vashlyaeva, Stanislava Fagina
The article is devoted to the assessment of the effects of the introduction of strategic network management on the example of physical culture and sports activities of universities in the Sverdlovsk region. The article provides an overview of theoretical approaches to assessing the effects of the introduction...
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Model for Forecasting the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Region

Erik Avanesian
The article simulates indicators of the level of development of the small and medium-sized enterprises using the Sverdlovsk region as an example. It is shown that the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is a key factor in the economic development of the region, which determines the importance...
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Factors of Increasing Sustainability of State Sports Organizations from the Perspective of Systemic Approach

S. G. Pyankova, D. P. Arkalov
The paper discusses the sphere of physical education and sports as a systemic object. On the basis of the general theory of systems, sports organizations models that provide sports training so as to form competitive athletes in one or three sports are presented. The conditions ensuring a stable functioning...
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Digital Marketing of Social Networks as a Factor for Sustainable Business Development During the Covid-19 Pandemic

O. I. Popova, N. M. Gagarina, T. B. Minina, A. A. Holodilov
This article deals with the transformation of digital marketing tools used by social networks Instagram and VKontakte to support business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital marketing today focuses on interacting with customers and business partners in the Internet environment and is a set of marketing...
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Interconnection of Concepts of Social Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development at the Current Stage of Economy

Aleksey Mikryukov, Tatyana Chilimova, Anna Serebrennikova, Irina Sofronova
At the present stage of development of society and economy, there is a clear trend of reorientation of business entities as a whole to obtaining a stable financial result by implementing the concept of sustainable development and the concept of corporate social responsibility, the question about clarifying...
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Effectiveness of Monetary Policy is an Important Factor in the Sustainability of a Modern Economy

Natalia Iosifovna Kiriyakova, Gaukhar Keniskhanovna Kalieva
This article considers the issue of the effectiveness of the monetary policy of the Bank of Russia in the context of the economy digitalization. The issue of the degree of participation of the Central Bank in regulating the economy becomes controversial with emergence of cryptocurrencies, which, according...
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Scenario Model of the Movement of Bank Capital Between Institutional Sectors in the Sverdlovsk Region

Ilya Naumov
The paper presents a projected model and forecast scenarios for the movement of bank capital between institutional sectors in the Sverdlovsk region. These sectors, according to the System of National Accounts, include financial corporations (banks, insurance organizations, pension funds and investment...
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Social Prospects of Post-Sports Adaptation in the Neo-Industrial Economy

Petr Ryskin, Stanislava Fagina, Natalia Shuraleva
The relevance of the research lies in the need to determine the prospects for post-sports adaptation from the standpoint of public institutions and the formulation of recommendations that take into account the peculiarities of post-sports adaptation in the neo-industrial economy. From the point of view...
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Food Provision and the Axiology of Healthy Eating in the Context of Sustainable Socio-Economic Development

Dmitrii Stozhko, Olga Ergunova
In modern conditions, there is an increase in macroeconomic instability, uncertainty and risks in almost all spheres of the national economy. in the field of food production and food supply also. Arrangement of healthy nutrition and food supply for the population is an integral part of a broader food...
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Assessment of Agricultural Lands in Maryanovsky District of Omsk Region for Purposes of Land Mortgage Lending

Yu. S. Yusova, T.A. Filippova, S.A. Fedotenko, E.V. Kotsur
The provided article examines the category of agricultural land and highlights the advantages and significant restrictions in case of collateralized mortgage lending through use of this category of land as collateral. Separate stages of the assessment of agricultural land for use as collateral have been...
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Relationships Between Risk Tolerance, Financial Sustainability and Economic Resilience in the Context of Industrial Competition

Tatyana Orlova, Aleksandr Timoshin
The purpose of this paper is to consider the relationships between risk tolerance, financial sustainability and economic resilience. The work also considers the impact of these relationships on the competitiveness of industrial enterprises. The relevance of this study is the fact that at present there...
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Eco-Technological Innovation of «Two Highs» Companies Under the Low-Carbon Economy Based on the Perspective of Game Theory

Zhenlian Tang, Razumovskiy Denis, Elena Razumovskaia
Economic-oriented scientific and technological innovation must consider ecological principles to achieve sustainable economic development in the ecological sense. As the two most commonly used emission reduction systems to promote low-carbon development, carbon trading and carbon tax have their advantages...
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Assessment of Economic Efficiency by Life Cycle Stages

Anton Vladimirovich Chepulyanis, Irina Evgenievna Vlasova
The article presents the theoretical and organizational and methodological aspects of the analysis of economic efficiency at the tactical and strategic levels. On the basis of the literature review, the main directions of the interpretation of the definition of “economic efficiency” are highlighted,...
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Approximate Methods for Solving Differential Equations for Continuous Models of a Sustainable Economy

Tatyana Gorskaya, Anis Galimyanov
The article provides an overview of the economic situations of different countries related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and reveals some conclusions for the economies of the countries. An overview of some economic models based on the application of ordinary differential equations, linear and...
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Medical, Economic Issues in Combating the Pandemic Caused by Sars-Cov-2 Coronavirus in the Russian Federation

G. R. Bayramgulova, A. B. Zulkarnaev, S. M. Muzafarov, G. A. Yagafarova, F.G. Aminev
According to history, pandemics and epidemics accompanied the humanity. The human community overcame the epidemics of typhoid, cholera, smallpox, plague, poliomyelitis. The listed diseases have gone down in history as infections affected by mankind. These successful victories were achieved thanks to...
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Green, Social Bonds in the Context of the Pandemic

Aybika Imranovna Beksultanova, Paizat Alievna Ibragimova, Dzhamilja Salikhovna Sarkarova
Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the sustainable development agenda has come into focus from a new angle. Issues of inequalities as well as themes of transparency, of effective engagement of different stakeholders to overcome common global challenges, on the other hand, have become increasingly relevant....
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State Policy for Sustainable Development of Entrepreneurship in Russia: Minimizing Risks and Removing Barriers

V.A. Mordovets, O.D. Ugolnikova, D.V. Kruglov, E.F. Shchipanov, O.V. Averyanova
The economic crisis caused by numerous restrictions amid the emerging coronavirus infection COVID-19 has forced governments around the world to take unprecedented measures to support the economy, entrepreneurship and business in general. Currently, the main economic actors are small and medium-sized...
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Creative Accounting Detection Methods: Foreign Experience

Yana Ustinova, Chander Mohan Gupta, Alexandr Shaposhnikov
The article is devoted to the consideration of methods for identifying creative accounting that provide the ability for users of statements to assess the ability to rely on financial statements as an information basis for making economic decisions. At the same time, the initial assumptions for the use...
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Sustainable Development Goals for National Economy’s Development in 2030: China’s Experience

Denis A. Borisov, Evgenii V. Savkovich, Gennady G. Lyaskin
Chinese growing power leads to several overall achievements that could be counted as remarkable for its economy. The first step forward Agenda 2030 was mentioned in Chinese leader’s Xi Jinping Eradication of Extreme Poverty. China’s Practices report. But in some cases it was closely connected with the...
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Reduction of Income Inequality as a Condition for Sustainable Development of Russia

Vladimir Chernov
One of the important obstacles to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is income inequality, which determines the relevance of the topic. The subject of the study is the fundamental basis of commodity-money circulation in the relations of distribution of financial resources and tax policy. According...