Proceedings of the 1st World Conference on Social and Humanities Research (W-SHARE 2021)

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The Relationship of Achievement Motivation with Teacher Performance in the Implementation Teaching and Learning Process in Senior High Schools

Andi Padalia, Andi Nurochmah
The research aims to determine: 1) Find out the description of teacher achievement motivation, 2) find out teacher performance in the teaching and learning process implementation; 3) Find out the relationship between achievement motivation and teacher performance in the implementation teaching-learning...
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The Elementary Education Assessment and Learning Integrated 21st Century-Computational Thinking Skills in Mathematics: Global Design Stage

Hisyam Ihsan, Fajar Arwadi, Sutamrin Sutamrin
This research aims to obtain the assessment models/designs and learning at the basic level of education integrated with computational thinking in web-based mathematics lessons/computers. The method used is design-based research to gain insight into computational thinking and encourage computational thinking...
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Value of Education in Malabot Tumpe in Batui Indigenous People of Banggai Regency

Karmila P. Lamadang, Mamat Supriatna
This study’s purpose is to analyze analytically the educational value contained in Malabot Tumpe (the ceremony of sending the first maleo eggs in the dry season), from the Matindok kingdom of the Batui tribe Banggai Regency to the Banggai tribal kingdom in the Banggai Regency. Banggai Laut, Central Sulawesi...
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Tontila Dance in Saluan Tribe of Luwuk Banggai Regency of Central Sulawesi

Heriyati Yatim, Andi Padalia, Jamilah Jamilah
This research aims to find out: (1) how the background of the birth of Tontila Dance in the Saluan tribe in Luwuk Banggai Regency. (2) how to form the presentation of the Tontila dance to the Saluan tribe in Luwuk Banggai Regency. Concepts and theories about the background and form of dance presentation...
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Integration of Metal Materials and Semarang Batik Motifs into the Design of Tableware

Elliati Djakaria, Dewi Isma Aryani
Technological progress goes hand in hand with the development of human civilization. One of the results of human civilization is tableware, namely coasters. This article will describe the design of coasters with the Semarang Batik motifs application, namely Warak Ngendog, as a result of acculturation...
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Application of a Scientific Approach to Improve Students’ Creativity in Recycling Waste

Hikmawati Usman, Khaerunnisa Khaerunnisa, Andika Selasri
Cognitively competent children are not only able to think critically but also creatively. Student thinking abilities influence students’ ability to solve problems in learning. This study describes students’ creativity in recycling waste in subjects’ students. The research was conducted at an Elementary...
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Eco-pesantren Implementation Strategy Supports the Environmental Behavior of Islamic Boarding School Students in South Sulawesi

Moh. Ahsan S. Mandra, Rusli Ismail
Pesantren is a typical educational institution in Indonesia with a boarding school method that teaches in-depth Islamic knowledge. The purpose of the study was to determine the strategy for implementing the eco-pesantren program in South Sulawesi. The research method uses a quantitative approach with...
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Spatial Experience Through Virtual Tour During Pandemic Covid-19 as A Cultural Resilience: Case Study - Pecinan Village, Jamblang, Cirebon, Indonesia

Tessa Eka Darmayanti, Krismanto Kusbiantoro, Cindrawaty Lesmana, Roi Milyardi, Irena Vanessa Gunawan, Amanda Muliati, Ferlina Sugata
The article was formed from the virtual tour during the pandemic of COVID-19. The activity is part of a collaboration lecture between two universities based in Bandung, Indonesia, and Guanxi, China. The pandemic truly pushed several offline activities into online activities, including tours to historical...
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The Faculty Awareness on Plagiarism Issue

Uswatun Hasanah, Andi Harpeni Dewantara
The issue of plagiarism is increasingly widespread along with technological developments. The ease of accessing digital information forces academics to be more attentive to the issue of plagiarism. Related to the issue, this study explores the awareness of academics on the act of plagiarism. This study...
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Resident’s Satisfaction Level on the Quality of the Row House and the Environment

Syamfitriani Asnur, Muhammad Ardi, Moh. Ahsan S. Mandra
Row houses have developed in Indonesia since the 1970s. This increase in houses is according to the dynamics of population growth in urban areas. The row house is a building that is not stacked with a floor area of not more than 70m2, which is built on land with an area of 54-100m2 plots. This study...
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Application of the Antenatal Education Model on Improving Cadres’ Capacity on Health Services

Dian Meiliani Yulis, Muhammad Yahya, Moh. Ahsan S. Mandra
Antenatal education is a form of education for health cadres equipped in the service of pregnant women at the Community Health Center. The obstacles faced in several cities in Indonesia are limited knowledge, service standards, and attitudes in providing services. This study is an experiment on the application...
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Examining Farmers’ Intention Towards Conservation Cocoa Farm in Bone Regency by Using Theory of Planned Behavior

Awaluddin Awaluddin, Bakhrani A. Rauf, Faizal Amir
Cocoa is one of Indonesia’s critical agricultural commodities cultivated by an estimated one million farmers involved and is an economic force in rural areas. This study investigates smallholder farmers’ intention towards conservation activities on their cocoa farms. Conservation agriculture is an agroecological...
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The Traditional Market Function Based on Sustainable Development

Syahril Idris, Ramli Umar, Mithen Lullulangi, Nurlita Pertiwi
The traditional market is one of the community facilities in meeting daily needs, which have decreased due to the growth of the modern market. The decline in traditional markets is due to cloudy market conditions, poor spatial planning, limited air circulation, and lighting. This article reveals three...
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Community Motivation in Using Public Transportation in Makassar City, Indonesia

Jasman Launtu, Bakhrani A. Rauf, M. Ichsan Ali
Public transportation is a facility provided by the government to fulfill community mobilization needs. However, what happened in Makassar is the low level of public interest in using public transportation. The purpose of this study is to identify people’s motivation to use public transportation. Qualitative...
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Community Knowledge About the Functions of Coral Reefs in Barrang Caddi Island, Spermonde Islands

Fachrie Rezka Ayyub, Muhammad Ardi, Faizal Amir, Fatma Fatma
The level of community knowledge about coral reefs in Barrang Caddi Island Spermonde Islands is very diverse. The applied fisheries control policies and regulations are even considered obstacles for the community in utilizing marine resources, especially coral reef resources. This study aims to reveal...
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Promoting Plagiarism Prevention through Workshop on Scientific Paper Writing

Suarlin Suarlin, Andi Anto Patak, Eyo Itam Eyo, Samuel Akpan Bassey, Wijdan Rajh Hamzah Al-Kraity, Duratul Ain Binti Tholibon, Afzal Sayed Munna, Taha Shabbir, Rudi Salam
This study aims to promote plagiarism prevention through a workshop on scientific paper writing. This study applied a qualitative method with reflective notes techniques. The study results found that a workshop on scientific paper writing and plagiarism prevention is needed for students today. Some participants...
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The Dynamic Concept of Bugis House: Wasaubola Transformation

Andi Abidah, Ully Irma Maulina Hanafia, Fauzi Rahmanullah, Bakhrani A. Rauf, Andi Yusdi Dwiasta
Bugis house changes due to adaptations made by residents to meet current needs, slowly the original pattern of Bugis house gradually changed from the past until now. This research will trace the shape of Bugis house changes in three areas in the Soppeng Regency. Data on the phenomenon in the field, namely...
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Validating Perceived ICT Literacy Scale for Senior High School

Rendi Indiwara, Edi Istiyono, Widihastuti Widihastuti
This study aims to develop and validate high school students’ perceived ICT literacy scale. The sample used was 156 students randomly from 7 Katingan, Central Kalimantan schools. The instrument consists of 18 items with three aspects: perceived information literacy, computer literacy, and internet literacy....
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Beyond Academic Dishonesty: Investigating the Higher Students’ Knowledge and Experience Committing Plagiarism

Andi Harpeni Dewantara, Uswatun Hasanah
The issue regarding plagiarism, a kind of academic dishonesty act, continue to be a worldwide concern. This study then examines the higher students’ knowledge and experience of committing plagiarism. This study adopted descriptive quantitative research using the survey method—the collection data stage...
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User Perception of Convenience and Visual Quality of Classroom Lectures in Makassar City

Muhammad Awaluddin Hamdy, Syam Fitriani Asnur
The classroom environment needs to be well organized to allow active interaction between students and lecturers. The purpose of this study was to determine the comfort and visual quality of lecture classrooms based on user perceptions with the factors that form visual quality and the principles of visibility,...
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Computer Self-Efficacy, Task Value, Digital Literacy, Online Learning Perceptions on Indonesian University Students’ Learning Satisfaction

Gumgum Gumelar, Martadi Martadi, Irma Rosalinda, Lupi Yudhaningrum, Warju Warju
This study examines the relationships of student learning satisfaction with computer self-efficacy, task value, digital literacy, and online learning perception on university students in Indonesia. In this context, a structural equation model is proposed by considering studies in the literature. The...
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The Conflict of Exclusivity Against People’s Desire to Exercise in Sports Facilities at the University

Muh. Adnan Hudain, Jumadi Jumadi, Andi Agustang, Hezron Alhim Dos Santos
The focus in this study is the social phenomenon of people using campus facilities for sports activities, Limitations on using campus facilities with rules for their use is limited to students, Conflicts in the community feel limited in using campus facilities which they need in sports activities. The...
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The Overview of Needs Analysis for Development Learning Model Based on Digital in Vocational Education

Mukhlisin Mukhlisin, Hamsu Abdul Gani, Purnamawati Purnamawati
A learning model can exist defined as a theoretical frame that describes an organized process for organizing learning exploits to achieve certain education designs and serves as an attendant for learning developers. The aim of this research was to describe the condition of the need for the development...
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The Influence of Workload and Work Stress on the Performance of Legislators at the Sorong Regency Regional House of Representatives Office

Risma Niswaty, Agnes Tumanan, Sitti Hardiyanti Arhas, Rifdan Rifdan, Haedar Akib
The research used is the type of quantitative study that seeks to know and analyze the effect of workload and work stress on the performance of legislators at the Sorong Regency Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) office. The population in this study were all members of the Regional House of Representatives...
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Women’s Independence in Strengthening the Economy in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Yuliani Yuliani
The proclivity to address primary and secondary wants goes hand in hand with the rising level of demand. However, initiatives to generate more money have generally failed to satisfy society’s expectations. The cash collected by Makassar city inhabitants has primarily been used to cover basic needs. A...
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The Application of the Concept Walkability in The City of Makassar In Terms of Behavioral Aspects

Rohana Rohana, Muhammad Ardi, Muh. Ichsan Ali, Hamkah Hamkah
Presenting an environmentally friendly pedestrian path within the framework of the walkability concept is not easy to implement. Especially in Makassar City where the increase population and community mobility is quite high and has resulted in the emergence of various socio-economic and environmental...
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Mother’s Behavior in Controlling Stunting in Makassar City

B Muslimin, Lahming Lahming, Hasmyati Hasmyati
The problem of malnutrition (Stunting) today is due to inadequate consumption. Furthermore, ecological issues are caused by insufficient food and specific nutrients and are also influenced by poverty. The limited social and economic level affects this. The potential for stunting is quite enormous because...
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Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting (RRWH) for Schools: Scenario Water Resources Development in Yunior High School

Sultan Rasyid, Muhammad Ardi, Mithen Lullulangi, Nurlita Pertiwi
Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting (RRWH) is the most popular alternative water source in many urban, suburban, and rural areas. It has received renewed attention as a source of abundant water, water-saving and conservation, and sustainable development. The city of Biak Numfor-Papua Numfor – Papua is facing...
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Counseling Design for Students with Disabilities at Brawijaya University Malang

Ika Fitria, Ulifa Rahma, Ziadatul Hikmiah, Tommy Hari Firmanda, Rahmat Fahri Naim
Universitas Brawijaya is one of the universities committed to creating an inclusive education environment. Since 2012, through CDSS (Center for Disability Studies and Services), UB has admitted students with disabilities through the affirmative admission program, namely SPDI (Selection for Persons with...
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Behind the Pandemic: Analysis of the Role of Child Protection Institutions

Siti Hani Puspita, Dadang Sundawa
The story of the outbreak is so gripping that the whole world’s population wades through a pandemic storm in uncertainty. Nevertheless, the “behind the scenes” story of the pandemic is no less heartbreaking. The government’s policy to break the chain of viruses with large-scale social restrictions is,...
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Informal Education in the Process of Making Pinisi Boats

Andi Yurni Ulfa, Andi Sumrah A. Pananrangi, Yuli Artati, Halijah Halijah, Firman Firman
This study aims to determine informal education in making the Pinisi Boat. This type of research is qualitative research with an ethnographic approach in a case study. The source of data in this research is Mr. Syarifuddin, a Panritalopi. The research instrument is the researcher himself, who is the...
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Bibliometric Analysis and Visualization Articles on Presidential Election in Social Media Indexed in Scopus by Indonesian Authors

Rossi Maunofa Widayat, Achmad Nurmandi, Yeni Rosilawati, Haedar Natshir, M. Syamsurrijal, Tawakkal Baharuddin
This study investigates the status of documents regarding the presidential election in social media in Scopus indexed journals by Indonesian authors. The data is taken from the Scopus database. Articles searched in June with Indonesian author’s restrictions. VOSviewer analyzes keynwords from 63 Scopus...
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Design Development for Interactive Learning Media of Gorontalo Traditional Children’s Games

Mukhlisulfatih Latief, Moh. Syafri Tuloli, Edi Setiawan
Gorontalo has approximately 21 types of traditional children’s games that are rarely found in today’s children’s games. As we know, most traditional games usually contain educational values such as ethical, moral, and cultural values of the community. Besides that, the traditional game keeps the body...
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University Students’ Exchange Perceive of Kampus Merdeka Curriculum

Nofvia De Vega, Sahril Nur
The study aimed to discover students perceive of Merdeka Belajar Curriculum. The data can be helpful in government and policymakers and as evaluation from the host university. Additionally, it can be used to determine the overall controlling students’ exchange program. Using a survey approach, the researcher...
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Survival Mode of Peer-to-Peer Accommodation in Pandemic: Personal Branding Strategy of Airbnb Host

Riza Khusniah, Endang Siti Astuti, Wilopo Wilopo
The outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted the tourism market, including the hospitality industry. Airbnb, one of the peer-to-peer accommodations, were affected. Numerous Airbnb hosts have chosen to quit their properties. In contrast, scant hosts decide to be active in the pandemic period. This...
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Critical Discourse Analysis Online News “PPKM Darurat Jawa-Bali Diterapkan 3-20 Juli, Apa Bedanya dengan PPKM Mikro dan PSBB” Using Teun A. van Dijk Model

Suryaningtyas Budi Astuti, Tadkiroatun Musfiroh
This study aims to describe the text dimensions of Teun A. van Dijk’s model in online news text discourse published on with the title “PPKM Darurat Jawa-Bali Diterapkan 3-20 Juli, Apa Bedanya dengan PPKM Mikro dan PSBB” on July 1, 2021”. Data collection methods and techniques are documentation...
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An User Experience Analysis of UNG E-Learning Using User Experience Questionnaire Tool

Manda Rohandi
The user experience measurement can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of an application. One of the tools used to measure the user experience of an application is the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ). UEQ can provide feedback to developers on the Attractiveness, Efficiency, Perspicuity, Dependability,...
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Project-Based Language Learning with Online Community of Practice from a CALL Perspective

Sahril Nur, Ismail Anas, Muh. Safar Nur
The current disruption in formal school education due to the COVID-19 pandemic calls for innovative strategies in Technology-Enhanced Language Teaching (TELT). This article presents several technological and pedagogical considerations in conducting Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) through Online...
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Effectiveness of Action Bible Game Board Media to Introduce Bible Characters to Children

Cindy Octavianus, I Putu Ayub Darmawan, Maria Lidya Wenas, Mikha Agus Widiyanto
This study aims to determine the Action Bible Game Board media’s effectiveness in introducing Old Testament Bible characters to children aged 9 – 12 years old at the Pentecostal Church in Indonesia (GPdI) Ungaran and Indonesian Bethel Church (GBI) Kana Ungaran. The author uses experimental quantitative...
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Intrapersonal Peacefulness in Indonesian Adolescents

Nurfitriany Fakhri, Sahril Buchori
The study aims to provide an overview of intrapersonal peacefulness owned by adolescents in Indonesia. A total of, 1552 adolescents (boys = 983, girls = 569) were respondents in this study, with the adolescent age range according to the definition of the Indonesian Health Department, which is 12 to 25...
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Factors Influencing the Determination of The Position of Passengers at The Airport Departure Terminal Sultan Hasanuddin Makassar

Fatmawati Sabur, Muhammad Yahya, Purnamawati Purnamawati, Mulyadi Nur, Ucok Ucok
The challenges that often occur at the departure terminal are flight service users who pay less attention to the estimated travel time, conditions on the way to the airport (congested), parking locations that are far from the departure terminal, the antigen validation process, which takes more time,...
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Improving Learning Outcomes Embedded System (ES) Using Learning Media Based IoT at Polytechnic

Nurhayati Nurhayati, Husain Syam, Muhammad Yahya
Internet-based learning media is one of the learning resources that students can use as a substitute for textbooks. This study aimed to determine the impact of using learning media-based IoT on improving learning outcomes of the Embedded System (ES). This research uses an experimental method at the Ujung...
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The Validity of the PONTA Learning Model Base on Blended Learning in Vocational High Schools

Tasri Ponta, Hamsu Abdul Gani, Abdul Muis Mappalotteng
This study aims to determine the validity of the PONTA learning model based on Blended Learning in Vocational High Schools developed. The syntax of the PONTA learning model consists of: (1) Preparation; (2) Observations; (3) Negotiation; (4) Transfers; (5) Apply. The type of research is research and...
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The Portrait of Learning “Forced” Online in Indonesian Vocational Higher Education: Policy Recommendations

Irmawati Irmawati, Ismail Anas, Faridah Amansyah, Andi Musdariah
This article presents the portrait of learning “forced” online in Indonesian Vocational Higher Education (VHE). It offers policy recommendations on dealing with online course content delivery in the vocational education context. It reports an exploratory case study that showcases the lecturers’ and students’...
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Analysis of Family Behavior, Community Environment, Motivation to Return Drug Users

Muhammad Azwar, Bakhrani A. Rauf, Ahmad Rifqi Asrib
Drug usage affects practically everyone, from school-aged children to working-age adults. Drugs contain chemical ingredients that can create behavioral and psychological changes in users and damage the user’s mind while also causing metabolic abnormalities in the body, resulting in discomfort. Drug addicts...
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Behavior Water Users in Urban Communities with Integrated Behavioral Model (IBM) Approach

Ronny Ronny, Bun Yamin Bandjuka
The need for clean water is increasing, especially in urban areas; there are still residents using piped clean water, the rest using groundwater sources, but not all water sources are adequately protected so that they are potentially contaminated. This study aims to analyze using clean water in urban...
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The Effectiveness of Picture Word Inductive Learning Model in Improving Literacy Ability in Early Childhood

Kartika Fajriani, Syamsul Bachri Thalib, Darman Manda
Learning literacy for early childhood is very important. It aims to improve reading and understand a word and even a text from an early age. Therefore, various learning models are significant to support students’ literacy skills at an early age. To discover the need for an appropriate learning model...
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Implementation of Local Wisdom in Physical Education of Senior High School in Bantaeng, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Nurhikmah, Husain Syam, Abdul Saman
The scientific approach to physical education in senior high school increases students’ knowledge and attitudes. Therefore, the development of the learning model adopts learning resources that contain moral values and improve students’ cognitive and psychomotor abilities. Researchers explore the potential...
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Kinesthetic Learning Development Methods to Train Fine Motors for Early Childhood

Sadaruddin Sadaruddin, Intisari Intisari, Hajerah Hajerah, Nur Alim Amri, Mariyani Mariyani
Implementing activities in early childhood learning exemplary motor Integrated early childhood education programs is not optimal. The purpose of this study was (1) to describe the methods of learning and fine motor skills as development needs in early childhood education programs, (2) to describe the...
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Study of Aircraft Movement, Passenger and Goods in The Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mulyadi Nur, Fatmawati Sabur, Muhammad Yahya, Darlan Sidik
The movement of passengers and goods using the air transportation mode during the COVID-19 pandemic has had a decreasing impact with Restrictions on Community Activities in Eastern Indonesia, especially Makassar, which can be seen from the number of aircraft, passengers, baggage, and cargo movements....
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The Improvement Competence of Vocational High School Students Through Cooperative Learning in Accounting Practicum Subjects

Eni Hartati, Syamsul Bachri, Mustafa Mustafa
Skill competence is the main requirement for achieving vocational high school learning objectives. As one of the subjects, accounting practicum has severe difficulties because of the various topics and the skill requirements for completing accounting calculations. This study describes the effectiveness...
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Built Environment Mamasa Traditional Architecture

Mithen Lullulangi, Bakhrani A. Rauf
This study aims to find out what is included in the built environment of Mamasa Traditional architecture. This type of research is qualitative research. The research site in Mamasa Regency includes traditional villages around the city of Mamasa, and several traditional villages that are still intact...
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Analysis of Module Needs and Blended Learning-Based Videos to Enhance Students’ Creative Thinking Skills

Mutmainnah Mutmainnah, Arismunandar Arismunandar, Anshari Anshari
To realize 21st-century skills, particularly students’ creative thinking skills in the mathematics education statistics program at the University of Muhammadiyah Makassar, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. Creative efforts from lecturers are also required, one of which is developing learning...
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Application of Synectic Models in the Learning Process: A Systematic Literature Review

Salwa Rufaida, Husain Syam, Sulaiman Samad
Synectic is a learning model that can lead students to hone higher-order thinking skills. The implementation of the Synectic learning model is identical to analogy and metaphoric thinking. The application of Synoptics is a student-centered learning model. The development of thinking skills in the learning...
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Development of Environmental-Based Contextual Learning Models to Increase Student Creativity at the High School Level

Nurmiati Nurmiati, Arismunandar Arismunandar, Bakhrani A. Rauf
The purpose of this study was to develop an environment-based contextual learning model in biology lessons. This is expected to improve learning outcomes in biology lessons at the high school level. If in the previous learning methods, learning was centered on the teacher, then this environment-based...
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Online Learning Methods for Learning Dance at School

Selfiana Saenal, Syakhruni Syakhruni, Muh. Kurniawan Adi Kusuma Wiharja
The art of dance is a combination of expression learning, where each student not only learns about a movement, but also the philosophy of motion and expression displayed in the dance. The details of movement and expression in a dance must really be conveyed so that the message of the dance appears and...
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Increasing Student Creativity in Drawings of Makassar Culture Through the Development of the Google Sites Application

Sitti Suryani, Arifin Ahmad, Muhammad Yahya
Education is a space to grow and develop the attitude and mindset of students where every student has a variety of intellectual and creative intelligence backgrounds. Either by birth or the environment or external factors that influence. The growing technology provides the most fabulous possible space...
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The Ability of Deaf Students to Pronounce Words at The Cendrawasih Special School in Makassar City

Nurhaedah Nurhaedah, Khaerunnisa Khaerunnisa
The Ability of the deaf children in pronouncing Indonesian sounds at the School of Hearing Disorder Students Cendrawasih in Makassar. The study aimed to describe the speech sound of the deaf children at the School of Hearing Disorder Cendrawasih in Makassar. Deaf children have a neurophysiological disorder...
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The Needs Analysis of Adabul Muta’allim-Based Character Learning Model to Prevent Students’ Deviant Behavior

M Suardi, Ismail Tolla, Mustafa Mustafa
Defensive efforts can be made to prevent deviant behavior in students, one of which is developing an Adabul Muta’allim-Based character learning model first through this research and conducting an analysis of the model’s needs so that the model design can be developed following the needs of teachers and...
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The Overview of the Needs for Development of Installation Practice Learning Models to Improve Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in Vocational High School

Syamsumarlin Taha, Syamsul Bachri Thalib, Pattaufi Pattaufi
An overview of the needs of the learning model of electrical installation practices to improve occupational safety and health for students needs to be known through the analysis process first. As a result, in creating learning models that meet the needs of both teachers and students. This study’s analytic...
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Community Behavior in the Use of Energy on Inpatient Room Care Hospital in Makassar City

Syamsuddin Mustafa, Hamsu Abdul Gani, Nurlita Pertiwi
Hospital buildings have a more complex electrical energy structure than other ordinary buildings. The most extensive use of electrical energy in hospitals is the inpatient room, which operates throughout the day. This study aimed to determine the community behavior in the use of electrical energy such...
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Efforts to Improve the Performance of Elementary School Teachers

Desi Sijabat, Radode Kristianto Simarmata, Chotiah Febiola Turnip, Aurora Valensia Putri Sirait, Surthyana Sitorus
The behavior or action of the teachers in Elementary schools can be used as a strategy to improve the performance of Elementary school teachers at Pantai Cermin sub-district. This study aims to analyze the influence of work motivation and academic supervision on the teaching performance of Elementary...
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Multimedia Based English Vocabulary Lesson in The Elementary School: A Classroom Action Research (CAR) Approach

Abdul Wahid, Seny Luhriyani, Riny Jefri
English vocabulary mastery in elementary school is considered low, proven by students’ shared understanding of English. Teaching English vocabulary to children is not an easy problem. If taught by force, it can cause children to become bored quickly. For the results of learning English better, the teacher...
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Adaptation Strategy for Village Community Health Protocols in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic Study in Karama Village, Bulukumba Regency

Umar Nain
Learning to strengthen adaptation behavior to Covid-19 must be based on various cluster cultures. The Bulukumba District Government together with the Karama Village Head compiled guidelines to enrich experiences, raise awareness, change behavior, it is not enough to just make recommendations, appeals...
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Capital and Community Welfare of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in a Digital Economy Perspective

Elpisah Elpisah, Muh. Yahya, Muhammad Hasan
This study aims to determine the effect of entrepreneurial capital, financial capital, and intellectual capital on the economic welfare of micro, small and medium enterprises in Makassar City. This study uses a quantitative approach with a sample of 44 micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in Makassar...
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Online Learning Model in Teacher Professional Education Program

Anas Arfandi
Every teacher in Indonesia is required to get a certified educator. To support quality education in Indonesia, where the learning process teaches will be better if managed by professional teachers. Teacher Professional Education Program (TPEP) is implemented with the online learning model. This research...
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Educational Game Development for Improving Student Learning Outcomes in Vocational High School

Fathahillah Fathahillah
This study aims to produce a learning media product Educational Game Media to improve student learning outcomes in Basic Network subjects in Vocational High School (SMK. This study uses Research and Development (R&D) research methods and then developed and tested its effectiveness using the Whole...
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Analysis of Student Morality and Learning Achievement at Universitas Negeri Makassar

Sitti Hardiyanti Arhas, Suprianto Suprianto, Sirajuddin Saleh, Risma Niswaty, Jamaluddin Jamaluddin
Students tend to be a little unstable and quickly effect when there is news of unclear validity. Quickly effect when there is confusing news. Society expects students to become agents of change, capable of making appropriate criticisms of the government. Students often carry out activities that deviate...