Proceedings of the 2nd Yogyakarta International Seminar on Health, Physical Education, and Sport Science (YISHPESS 2018) and 1st Conference on Interdisciplinary Approach in Sports (CoIS 2018)

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The Association between Body Mass Index (BMI), Leg Power, Speed, and Cardiorespiratory Fitness (CRF) among Adolescents

Dzihan Khilmi Ayu Firdausi, Muhammad Eka Mardyansyah Simbolon
The aim of this research is to examine the relationship between the Body Mass Index, leg power, speed, and cardiorespiratory fitness among adolescents living in Bangka Belitung Islands. 105 adolescents with an average age of 18 years were randomly selected from senior high school graduates. These adolescents...
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The Correlation between Body Mass Index, Abdominal Circumference, and Hip Circumference on Cardiorespiratory Endurance using the Rockport Method

Prijo Sudibjo, Cerika Rismayanthi, Krisnanda Dwi Apriyanto
Obesity or being overweight is a factor in health that greatly lowers one's confidence. A lot of prevailing causes of death has been linked to obesity. The Body mass index (BMI), abdominal circumference, and hip circumference are anthropometric indicators commonly used to measure fat tissues in the body....
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Reduction of LDL Cholesterol through MICT and HIIT in Rats

Yanuar Dhuma Ardhiyanto, Mr Widiyanto, Samsul Mu'arif
The reduction of obesity is possible through the use of exercise. It can also be used as a treatment in improving health status. Obese people have higher levels of Low-density lipoprotein/LDL cholesterol, which has the probability of leading to risk of degenerative diseases such as hypertension, stroke...
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The Effects of Health Educational Lessons using Learning Activities that Make Students Apply The Knowledge

Hideaki Tanimoto
The Japanese Education Ministry guidelines were revised in 2008 with an emphasis to elevate the thinking levels, judgment capacity and an expressive faculty. This will be passed down by the next guidelines revised in 2017. As in any health education, handling the Content of the Education Ministry guidelines...
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The Effect of Sport and Circulo Massage on the Improvement of Work Productivity of the Physically Disabled

Sumarjo, Agus Kristiyanto, Endang Sutisna Sulaeman, Noer Rahma
The research intends to determine the difference of sport massage and circulo massage based on the direction of distal and proximal massage of people with physical disability in influencing their performance productivity which consists of motivation, knowledge, skill and attitude. The discussion will...
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Smartphone: Social Attitude and Healthy Lifestyle

Erwin Setyo Kriswanto, Indah Prasetyawati Tri P.S., Ranintya Meikahani, Fredericus Suharjana
Concerns about social attitudes and healthy life behavior problems due to the increasing use of mobile phones are growing. Excessive use of mobile phones can affect the quality of health literature and social attitudes of people. Therefore, this study is to determine the effect of smartphones on social...
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The Potentials of Spring Water in Brintik Indonesia as the Stroke Therapy Medium

Anita Puspa Ningrum, B.M. Wara Kushartanti
Umbul Brintik (Brintik Spring Water), located at Central Java Indonesia has a therapy pool mainly for sick people. There’s this long age myth about the existence of a big tree near the pool said or believed to have magical effects for heal sick people. This has attracted many people to the pool. However,...
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The Role of Physical Exercise for Menopausal Women

Ni Luh Kadek Alit Arsani, I Ketut Sudiana
Menopause is a phase in a woman's life and many women are anxious and afraid of this phase. . according to a report from Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) in 2013, the number of women aged 50 and above increased drastically from , 19.5 million in 2010, to an extimated 39.5 million by the year 2030. With such...
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The Learning Model of Handball Basic Movement Skills through Simple Games

Rofiqul Umam, Hari Amirullah Rachman
Movement skill is one of the basic skills that must be acquired by every child to grow up and it is developed through physical activities. The importance of developing the materials of physical education is focused on the students of Primary School at low grades where their basic skills could be improved....
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Developing Playing Activity Models in Physical Education towards Improving Multilateral Abilities among Elementary School Students

Ilham Eryk Pratitis Robinson, Sri Winarni
The purpose of this study is to develop a model of playing activity in Physical Education learning that can be used to improve multilateral abilities in elementary schools' students. This model of playing activity can be used as a teaching guide while learning and teaching sports in elementary schools....
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Developing Basketball Using TGfU Approach in Elementary Schools

Muhammad Nasihul Waffak, Pamuji Sukoco
Researcher have realized that physical education teachers in elementary schools still make use of the conventional learning technique. For instance, the technique used in learning basketball remains the same as it still follows the usual standards and behaviour. However, this research study aims to develop...
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The Design of Sports Club of Pencak Silat in Elementary School

Mr Suratmin, Adnyana Putra, I Putu Darmayasa
The specific objectives of this development research are (1) to design an elementary school sports club, and (2) to manage the establishment of a pencak silat in an elementary school. This research makes use of the research and development design along with procedure and product trial. Data were collected...
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Analysis Implementation Learning Adapted Physical Education in State High School

Pasca Tri Kaloka, Sugeng Purwanto, Yuyun Ari Wibowo
Implementation of adaptive curriculum in Yogyakarta High School is less optimal; this can be seen from the teacher's preparation especially in the curriculum of adaptive learning, teacher's seriousness, the readiness for facilities and infrastructure in the school, the enthusiasm of students, and the...
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Elementary School Physical Education and Sport in Integrated Curriculum

Banu Setyo Adi
This article explores the curriculum of Physical Education and Sport (PES) teachers in Indonesian. The 2013 Curriculum is entirely different from the 2006 curriculum. The basic difference is the are learning model and their achievements. In the 2013 curriculum, the teachers used integrated method at...
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Intervention Model of Perceptual Motor Development in Preschool Children Movement Development

Hari Amirullah Rachman, Mr Yudanto, Mr Sujarwo, Mr Sudardiyono
This study aims to improve preschool children movement development by producing an intervention model of perceptual motor development. Steps to be followed in this developmental research include: (1) Introduction study, (2) Planning, (3) Improving the first product, (4) The first trial, (5) Revision...
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Instructional Model of Self-defense Lesson in Physical Education: A systematic Review

Nur Rohmah Muktiani, Erlina Listyarini, Mr Saryono, Soni Nopembri
Martial art (self-defense learning) is a unique discipline in physical education which requires a separate approach and instructional model in order to be beneficial to the student and serve the purpose of physical education. Hence, this study aims to analyze various research results related to the use...
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Students, Teachers, and Parents: Urgency Implementation of Water Activity in Physical Education

Suci Cahyati, Wawan S. Suherman
Indonesia as a country has most of its territory covered with water. This places the country at a high risk of getting involved in water accidents. Drowning is one of the most dangerous water accident and it can easily lead to death. This research aims to provide relevant information about water safety...
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Phenomenological Study of Experience and Meaning on K-13 Implementation by Elementary Physical Education Teacher Purworejo Regency

Muhamad Sigid, Caly Setiawan
The aim of the research was to discover the experience and meaning of the implementation of curriculum 2013 especially for physical education teachers of primary school. This research made use of phenomenological method through the use of observation, interview, and documentation. The data was analyzed...
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Gobak Sodor Games and Cardiovascular Endurance of Elementary School Children

Bayu Insanistyo, Dian Pujianto
The interest of children in game technology as well as the development of technology is increasing more than physical games. Therefore, the level of fitness of a child is low. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of traditional gobak sodor game on cardiovascular endurance of elementary school...
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The Implementation of Learning Big Ball Game in High School

Nurhadi Santoso, Mr Suhadi, Sri Mawarti, Riky Dwihandaka
There is strong influence of the ability of physical education teachers, curriculum, sports facilities and infrastructure, as well as the conditions of students in the implementation of learning big ball games. If there is any constraint on one or more of these four factors, it will affect the successful...
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Analysis for the Development of a Physical Education Learning Model for Children with Special Needs

Ms Sumaryanti, Mr Margono, Bernadeta Suhartini, Mr Dapan
Despite the implementation of the newest curriculum recommended by the government, physical education (PE) teachers at special schools still encounter difficulties in the effective and efficient management of the instructional process. This is due to the students' heterogeneity and their low level of...
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The Implementation of 2013 Curriculum in Elementary Schools

Ahmad Syarif, Mr Tomoliyus, B. M. Wara Kushartanti
This study is aimed at describing the implementation of the 2013 curriculum in elementary schools in Sleman district of Yogyakarta. The research type is field research with qualitative approach. With a research subject on physical education teacher, sport, and health the research objects are the first...
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Students' Participation in Physical Education Learning Through Modification of Equipment

Merryko Wahyu Juanna, Hari Amirulah Rachman
Physical education learning through the application of modification of equipment further underlines the level of creativity of teachers as well as the activeness of students. The modification approach is another way of teaching physical education. The purpose of this study was to increase the participation...
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Goenrich Basic Technique Model with Playing Approach for a Beginner Tennis Player

Mr Nurkadri
This study was conducted to develop a basic technique model with playing approch for a beginner tennis player, It adopted model development by Borg & Gall through four stages: 1) identification and requirement analysis 2) design development and draft model 3) test phase (trial and expert review) 4) model...
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The Difference in Physical Fitness Levels of Indonesian Male and Female Junior High School Students

Aprida Agung Priambadha, Fitria Dwi Andriyani, Mr Dapan, Desi Ardiyani
The limited number of studies which investigates the differences in physical fitness levels between male and female students in Indonesia forms the background of this study. The objective of this study is to investigate the difference in physical fitness levels of male and female students in SMPN 3 Depok...
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The Effectiveness of Task Assessment Standard (TASk) in the Teaching and Learning Process of Physical and Health Education Teachers

Mohd Izwan Shahril, Norkhalid Salimin, Shaharudin Abdul Aziz, Mr Saryono
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of Task Assessment Standard (TASk) in the teaching and learning process of Physical and Health Education teachers. Task Assessment Standard (TASk) was constructed based on the Physical and Health Education Content Standard Document (2017)....
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Physical Education Teachers' Knowledge and Practice of Educational Assessment Based on Gender: A Survey

Azali Rahmat, Othman Lebar, Siti Eshah Mokshin, Jamal Nordin Yunus, Napisah Kepol, Mohd Uzi Dollah, Azliza Mohammad, Razmawaty Mohamad, Laily Fazlin Khairil, Salzuriawani Ridzwan
This study was aimed towards investigating Physical Education teachers' assessment practices and competency during planning and implementing the assessment for the Physical Education subject. [1]Assessment Literacy Standards were used as a guide for the construction of items in the survey questionnaire...
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Bowling Modification to Increase the Basic Movement of Throwing in the Learning of Physical Education

Ms Kartini, Eddy Purnomo
Innovative learning is one of the numerous ways that can be used in increasing students' interest and enthusiasm to participate in teaching and learning activities. The use of different methods, models, approaches or special modifications according to the needs of learners can serve as a means of helping...
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The Influence of Visual Media on the Footwork in Badminton

Mr Abdillah, Ms Lismadiana
This research is aimed at studying the influence of visual media on badminton footwork of the learner Class VIII Junior High School Negeri 2 Mempawah Hilir, Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of visual media on learning badminton. The research method used in the experiment...
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The Development of Athletic Games Model to Develop Character in Fourth-Grade Students

Dita Ayuning Tyas, Ria Lumintuarso
The aim of physical education is not only to develop the physical domain, but also to engage in moral acts. The development of Physical Education of Sport and Health (PJOK) learning model is one of the efforts geared towards helping the limited facilities and infrastructures of learning PJOK in school...
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Engaging the Community in Project SKIP to Promote Early Years Physical Literacy in Indonesia

Jacqueline D. Goodway, Ruri Famelia, Yung-Ju Chen
Global increases in childhood overweight and obesity and decreases in physical activity warrant evidenced-based approaches to addressing this health concern. These concerns are compounded by the fact that many young children start life with significant delays in critical fundamental motor skills (FMS)...
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Physical Education is the Basic Foundation to Build High Performance Athlete

Rajesh Kumar
School health and physical education programs, for kindergarten through high school, and local youth sports programs, need to implement a long-term athletic development to have a basic foundation of Physical Education to build High Performance Athlete. Physical Education Plays the main role in the Identification...
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Validity and Reliability of the Holistic Assessment Standard (SPH) Based on the Invasion Game Category in Physical Education

Mohamad Asmadi Bin Samdin, Mohd Izwan Bin Shahril, Norkhalid Bin Salimin
Assessment acts as a role in enhancing students learning, improving the effectiveness of teachers teaching technique and able to provide reliable sources pertaining to what is being learnt, taught or achieved in a teaching and learning process (Malaysian Examinations Board, 2012). Therefore, it is essential...
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Nation Character Building through Physical Education: Lesson Learnes from 2013 Indonesian National Curriculum

Wawan Sundawan Suherman
the 2013 curriculum has fostered the integration of character building into the process of education, as character building is an essential part of the process. In this regard, there are five main virtues to develop including religiosity, independence, nationalism, communal culture or gotong royong,...
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Spiritual Development through Elementary Physical Education Classes

Soni Nopembri, Ahmad Rithaudin, Mr Saryono, Yoshio Sugiyama
today, spiritual development through physical education is an unthinkable way to strengthen a harmonious society capable of contributing to the nation's character. Hence, this study aims to examine the effect of three types of physical education programs on children’s religiosity and spirituality. For...
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Developing Affective Instrument Based on Performance in Extracurricular Swimming

Rahma Afdhilla Nasution, Pamuji Sukoco
This research aims to formulate an affective construct of social values for students who took part in extracurricular swimming in primary school, arrange the indicator instrument of the affective aspect based on performance during extracurricular swimming at primary school, and develop an instrument...
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Effects of Training Methods and Power on Shooting Accuracy in Football

Rian Desta Sintoko, Mr Suharjana
This research compared the effect of fixed target training and change target training on shooting accuracy in football. 24 school athletes aged 13-15 years old participated in this study and they were grouped into 4 groups through the use of ordinal pairing technique. Each group was trained using fixed...
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Motion-and-Song-Based Warm-Up Model for Children with Visual Impairment

Hendrik Kusworo, Sri Winarni
the aim of this research is to develop a warm-up model that can teach students with visual impairment the motion of warm-up using the media by giving examples via CDs and guide books to teachers in special schools. To achieve this objective, the research was conducted using the Research and Development,...
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Exercise Box Jump to Increase the Strength of Long Passes and Shots

Fadli Suardhana Eka Putra, Hari Amirullah Rachman
the purpose of this research was to evaluate the training with the box jump method in improving the soaring kick for high school students in Indonesia, especially in the East Kalimantan province. This research was an experimental study of one group with a pretest-posttest design. The research population...
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Identification of the Obstacle Factors for 2013 Curriculum Implementation of Public Junior High Schools in Sleman District

Bobitya Adrina, Wawan S. Suherman
the background of the problem of this research is the 2013 curriculum which has not been fully implemented evenly in Junior High School in district Sleman 2017. This study aims to identify factors that have obstacles in the implementation of the 2013 Curriculum in State Junior High Schools in Sleman...
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The Influence of Ball Modification on Sepak Takraw Service Learning Outcome

Khairun Nizam, F.X. Sugiyanto
this study is aimed at determining the effect of takraw ball modification on the learning outcomes of sepak takraw service. This is used in learning physical education of sports and health in schools in Pontianak City. The research method used is experimental method with true experimental design. The...
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Reliability of Futsal Skill Test for High School Players

Agus Susworo Dwi Marhaendro
Some futsal championships have been held for high schools. FST can be used as a good test to judge the quality of futsal playing skill for high school players. Examining the reliability of the Futsal Skill Test (FST) for high school players is the aim of this research. The volunteers for this study are...
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Students Reasoning Achievement Using Games Performance Assessment Instrument in Physical Education

Norkhalid Salimin, Abdul Razak Noruzzaman, Mohd Izwan Shahril, Md Amin Md Taff, Syed Kamaruzaman Syed Ali
This study was designed to assess students reasoning achievement based on net and wall category, using Games Performance Assessment Instrument (GPAI) in Physical Education. The design used in this study was Quasi experimental design which consist of 240 form II students in the district of Hilir Perak,...
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Differences of Influence of Playing Playdough and Puzzles on Fine Motor Skills and Logical-Mathematical Intelligence in Early Childhood

Panggung Sutapa, Yudik Prasetyo, Fatkhurahman Arjuna, Hadwi Prihatanta
Playing at a tender age is part of life as playing could be a means of education. The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of playdough games and puzzles on fine motor skills and logical-mathematical intelligence in early childhood. The specimen in this study were children of Tunas Melati...
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Changes in Children Behavior with Music Yoga Motion Exercise

Nurmala Dewi, Ms Sumaryanti
This study is aimed at revealing: (1) Theoretic information on the influence of yoga exercises with guided music in behavior changes of children tunalaras. (2) Contributions to the development of science, especially the field of children with special needs, especially the child tunalaras to promote good...
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The Athletics Literacy through Need Assessment Software in contribution to the Physical Education and Health Learning Process

Muhammad Imam Rahmatullah, Yustinus Sukarmin
This research is aimed at: (1) Increasing the learners’ knowledge on the importance of athletics literacy. (2) Propelling the teachers towards giving the learning materials of Physical Education and Health to the learners.(3) Aiding the sustenance of the practices of School Literacy Movement, proposed...
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Developing a Model of Character Education of 5t-Based Pencak Silat

Prabowo Hadi Saputro, Mr Siswantoyo
This research aims to develop a model of character education of 5T-based pencak Silat that can be used by athletes and coaches of pencak silat. The method used in this research was research and development. This steps were adapted from Sugiono’s research step which was adapted into 10 steps. The small...
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The Effect of Plyometrics Training and Strengths on Power Skills and Agility of Male Player in Extracurricular Volleyball

Wiga Nurlatifa Romadhoni, Djoko Pekik Irianto
The aim of this research is to reveal: (1) the effect of plyometrics repeated tuck jump and plyometrics standing long jump with hurdle hop training on power skills and agility, (2) the effect of plyometrics repeated tuck jump and plyometric standing long jump with hurdle hop training on the ability of...
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The Capabilities of Sports Education Teachers in Making Character Oriented Lesson Plans and Learning Practices

Mr Dimyati, Mr Komarudin, Ermawan Susanto, Joko Purwanto
This study is aimed at revealing the ability of Physical Education teachers to prepare the lesson plan and practice of learning (RPP) using character-oriented, teacher-related beliefs. Character education and construction prototype is an effective model of physical education applied to form the character...
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Whole Part or Mini Games, which one is the most effective training method to improve forearm passing ability in volleyball?

Yudi Pratama, Djoko Pekik Irianto
The purpose of this research was to figure out the difference of influence between whole part practice method and mini game practice method against the forearm passing ability in volleyball. 32 junior high school students who participated were selected at random and division of groups used Ordinal Pairing...
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The Effect of Exercise Methods and Coordination towards Students' Extracurricular Basketball Skills

Muhammad Syaifullah Irwan, Ms Lismadiana
The purpose of this study was to determine: (1) the differences of influence between part training methods and whole training methods on improving basketball skills, (2) the differences in influence between high and low eye-hand coordination on basketball skills, and (3) interactions between training...
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Learning Activity to Develop Physical Literacy in Kindergarten

Uray Gustian, Eka Supriatna, Edi Purnomo
The study aims at creating a series of learning activities for kindergarten in an effort to stimulate the development of physical literacy. The research was conducted using a research and development method involving three experts, 125 children, and ten teachers using questionnaires, observation sheets,...
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Development of Authentic Assessment Model of Learning Outcomes in Field Tennis Courses

Mr Guntur, Mr Sridadi, Mr Ngatman, Danang Pujo Broto
to assess the practicum lecturing process, especially field tennis course, an accurate, reliable, objective, and relevant with the field tennis characteristics assessment instrument for student is required. The purpose of this research is to develop the authentic assessment model (performance-based assessment)...
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Evaluation of the 2013 Curriculum Implemented by Physical Education Teachers

Budi Setiadi, Mr Soegiyanto, Setiyo Rahayu, Hari Setijono
The 2013 curriculum implies the need for a learning process guided by scientific or scientific approaches. Students are more active in constructing their knowledge and skills. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the implementation of the 2013 Curriculum in Senior High Schools in Lampung Province,...
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Badminton Game Empowerment: A Symbol of Leadership in the University Student Association

Amat Komari, AM Bandi Utama, Agus Susworo Dwi Marhaendro, Raden Sunardianta
This study entitled “Badminton game empowerment: a symbol of leadership in the student association of FIK UNY” generally proposes the idea of lecturers in this era being expected to teach in a different manner from their predecessors. Since we are in a new era, lecturers’ ability to use current materials...
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The Construction of Inclusion and Inclusive Teaching by Physical Education Teachers

Caly Setiawan, Muhammad Hamid Anwar, Fathan Nurcahyo
the purpose of this research was to understand teachers’ experience in teaching inclusive physical education and to develop a theoretical model about how they include students with disability. This qualitative study used grounded theory involving 20 physical education specialists who taught in inclusive...
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A Systematic Review of Teaching Swimming Based on Constructivist Approach

Mr Subagyo, Moch. Slamet, Nur Sita Utami, Hedi Ardiyanto
The constructivist approach to swimming learning is still doubtful. On the other hand, constructivist provides many opportunities for students to find the right way of learning. This study aims to determine the implementation of constructivist approaches in swimming learning. The research subjects were...
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Using the Context, Input, Process, and Product Evaluation Model (CIPP) to Evaluate Elementary School Teacher-Learner Program of Physical Education in Yogyakarta City

Agus Sumhendartin Suryobroto, Tri Ani Hastuti, Herka Maya Jatmika
Teacher-learner program is national program which had been launched as a n effort to improve teachers’ professional standard. Interestingly, the program has not been fully evaluated particularly in primary schools. The goal of this research which was carried out in ten selected public elementary school...
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Perception of Physical Education Teachers on the Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum 2013

Ermawan Susanto, Pamuji Sukoco
The implementation of K2013 has not gone as foresighted by the government. This research makes use of survey research mode in the form of field study. Interviews, observations and questioners obtained data. Data was collected in Sleman Regency from three primary schools namely: SD Muhammadiyah Balecatur,...
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A Comparative Study of Effect of Interval and Continuous Training toward Oxidative Stress Level, Antioxidant Enzyme Capacity, and Resistance of Erythrocyte Membrane

Moch. Yunus, Endang Sri Wahjuni, Nurul Riyad Fadhli
This study examined the effects of interval and continuous trainings on decrease in the oxidative stress level, increase in the antioxidant enzyme capacity and increase in the resistance of erythrocyte membrane. The research was done randomly in group pretest and post-test design of 40 students in Sport...
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Evaluation Program for Special Class of Sport in Senior High School Level

Ridho Gata Wijaya, Mr Nurhasan, Edy Mintarto
The aim of this paper is to make a proper analysis on the evaluation of the special class sports program at the Yogyakarta senior high school level. The objective of this study consisted of 5 schools in four different districts. The data collection was done using a mixed method that included 149 respondents...
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Strategy of Sport Industry Development as Supporting Tourism in DIY

Ahmad Nasrulloh, Mr Sumaryanto, Sigit Nugroho, Mr Sumarjo
Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) has very high chances between sport industry and tourism. There are many sports events held in DIY, both in national and international level. On the other hand, DIY has very rapid development in tourism sector. Therefore, the researchers intend to conduct research aiming...
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Roles of Parenting Aquatic Athletes Through Mediators Achievment Motivation

F.X. Sugiyanto, Agus Supriyanto, Nur Indah Pangastuti
The purpose of this study is to examine the role of parenting model to the performance of athletes through the mediator of achievement motivation. The hypothesis of this research is the theoretical model used to measure the performance of an athlete through achievement motivation mediator with empirical...
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Martial art of Dayak Central Kalimantan (a Study of history, philosophy, and Techniques of Traditional Martial Arts)

Eko Hernando, Mr Siswantoyo
This study aims to explore how the history of traditional Dayak martial arts in Central Kalimantan, the philosophy contained therein, and the techniques of martial arts in Dayak Central Kalimantan. The research applied a qualitative research with historical research method. The Data sources in the study...
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Evaluation of Student Selection Test Model of Sports-Specific Class

Tri Hadi Karyono, Abdul Alim
The objective of this study was to evaluate the students' selection test model implementation of Sports-Specific Class (Kelas Khusus Olahraga-KKO) of Junior and Senior High School in Yogyakarta. Survey research method was used in this study. The respondents of this study were administrators (superintendent...
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Positive Mental Health and its Association with Posture: With Reference to School Children

Ghansham K Dhokrat
Mental health which has been viewed as positive aspect of health is one of the related concepts to quality of life. Various psychologists have also understood mental health in its positive perspectives. This model has considered major positive components of mental health, which are self-acceptance, ego-strength,...
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Comparative Study on Mental Health among Badminton Players and Table Tennis Players of the Kalaburagi District in India

Mr Jange
mental health can be defined as a state of well-being that makes every individual realizes his or her own potential to cope with the normal stress of life, so as to work productively and fruitfully to make contribution to the community. The purpose of this study is to examine the mental health level...
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Effective Counseling Methods to Overcome the Psychological Factor of a Sportsperson

C. Veerender
performance in sorts is not just a physiology and biochemical by-product, but psychological factors also play a crucial role in outcome goal of a player. However, every player has a certain stress level that is needed to optimize his or her performance in a game, and that depends on factors such as past...
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The Picture of Teaching Physical Education and Sports in Primary School in Burundi Country

Japhet Ndayisenga, Wara Kushartanti
Physical Education and Sports is one of the subjects taught in schools. The discipline relies on sports and artistic physical activities for support. It is essential in such areas as health, cognitive, intellectual, social, physiological and psychological. The purpose of this study was to show the current...
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Psychology Preparation of Athletes in Malaysia: It Looks Impressive, but They Have No Real Value in Reality

Shaharudin Abd. Aziz, Mohd. Izwan Shahril, Zulkifli Mamat
The purpose of this document was to assess and investigate the knowledge of trainers and team officials regarding the psychological preparation of athletes in Malaysia, including the role of sports psychology personnel and the problem they face. The study used the document analysis approach. Sixty-two...
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The History of Pencak Silat Goes to the World in the Period of 1980-2000

Firdhana Wahyu Putra, Mr Siswantoyo
This research aims to reveal the history of the international development of martial arts in the period 1980-2000. This study uses qualitative methods with a historical research approach. Sources of data in this study using primary and secondary data sources. Primary data sources were obtained from interviews...
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Analysis of Interpersonal Communication in Sports

Ika Novitaria M, Ari Subarkah
Human life is characterized by the dynamics of communication. The process of communication depends on the success rate in achievement of communication goals, that is, the extent to which a communicant conveys a message to communicators in order to get the same meaning. Effective communication can occur...
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Chronological Changes During 10-Day Intermittent Fasting with Low Energy Intake on High Intensity Aerobic Performance and Lipid Constituents

Ashril Yusof, Mohamed Nashrudin Naharudin
Athletes generally undertaken intermittent fasting via reducing their daily caloric intake for certain period of time. However, such practice may impair high intensity exercise performance mainly due to disturbances in fuel availability. Meanwhile, if such practice was continuous, body will make changes...
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Evaluation of Aeromodelling Coaching System

Liesda Oktoviani Nugraha, Wara Kushartanti
The aim of this research was to carry out an evaluation of Federation Aero Sport Indonesian Aerospace coaching program to understand the effectiveness and efficiency of the process and system of coach aeromodelling training in preventing athletes' injury according to coaching and sport physiology. This...
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Games to Introduce Basic Motion of Martial Arts

Sulasikin Sahdi Kadir, Mr Siswantoyo
This work aims to produce a modified game aimed at introducing the basic movements of martial arts. This game can be used by teachers and trainers for primary school age children by entering basic movements of pencaksilat. The data analysis techniques used qualitative data obtained from suggestions and...
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Identification of Basic Agility Movement Skills on Soccer Students of KU between 11-13 Years

Wahyu Wibowo Eko Yulianto, Mr Siswantoyo, R. Agung Purwandono Shaleh
Soccer is a very complex sport which encompasses multiple aspects within. Some of which include; physical, technique, strategy, and mental factors. The physical factor is a major factor and one of the vital foundations of sport achievements. However, if the physical factor is good, all other corresponding...
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The Effects of Circuit and Fartlek Exercise Method and Peak Expiratory Flow on Vo2max

Leo Pratama, Wara Kushartanti
Objective: (1) Differences between the effects of circuit and fartlek training method on VO2Max; (2) Differences between the effects of high and low peak expiratory flow on VO2Max; and (3) The interactions between circuit, fartlek exercise methods and peak expiratory flow (high and low) on VO2Max. 2...
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Football Skills: Training Methods and Motor Educability

Yudha Rello Pambudi, Mr Widiyanto
This research compares the influences of drill training and tactical training method on football skills. A total of 32 school athletes, aged 14-15 years participating in this study were grouped into 4 clusters using the ordinal pairing technique. Each of the group was trained using drill training method...
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The Effect of Artistic Gymnastics Talent Scouting Application to Artistic Gymnastic Basic Skills

Endang Rini Sukamti, Sebastianus Pranatahadi
The development of gymnastics athlete performance in Indonesia did not show significant progress over the years. Talent scouting is the important basic in achieving optimal performance. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of Artistic Gymnastics Talent Scouting Application to Artistic Gymnastic...
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The Effect of Various Passing Exercise and Ankle Coordination on the Accuracy of Short Passing in Football

Ega Gian Vembiarto, Ms Lismadiana
Objectives (1) The difference between the various passing training methods and the accuracy of short passing; (2) The difference between ability and height of the foot in terms of the accuracy of short passing; and (3) the interaction method of training and accurate coordination of short passing. 2 x...
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Influence of Training Method and Leg Power on Running Speed

Galih Dewanti, Ria Lumintuarso
The objectives of this study were to find the (1) differences in the influence of repetition of sprint and acceleration sprint training method on running speed; (2) differences in the influence of high and low leg power on running speed; and (3) interaction between training method and leg power on running...
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Training Model of Badminton Footwork for Beginner

Ari Subarkah, Ika Novitaria
Changing points in the sport of badminton also entail the pattern of the game. Badminton is a very fast game, and it requires a footwork that is effective and proper. Therefore, this study aims to develop a model of badminton footwork practice based on shadow exercises. The research approach used is...
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The Contest Validation of Circuit Trainning Design to Improve Biomotor Components in Table Tennis Performance

Mr Tomoliyus, Devi Tirtawirya, Rumpis Agus Sudarko, Hasman Alhafiz Arif, Hary Widodo
Power, agility and endurance are the important biomotor components when evaluating performance in table tennis. The objective of the study is to examine the validation of the contents of the circuit training design with linear loading in the pre-competition period to improve power, endurance, and agility...
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The Combination of Dribbling and Shooting Training Models Based on Speed and Agility in Football

Yulianto Dwi Saputro, Mr Sudarsono, Luthfie Lufthansa
This study used the research and development method to develop a new product which is a dribbling and shooting combination training models in football games with speed and agility base for students at Unibraw 82 Football School of Malang, as this is also the aim of the study. . . The selection of this...
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The Exercise Method and Eye-Foot Coordination in Soccer Playing Skills for 14-15 Years Old Players

Mr Marzuki, Pamuji Sukoco
This study discusses the method of exercise and eye-foot coordination to optimize the achievement of soccer sport by improving the skills of playing football. It is based on the age group 14-15 years. The purpose is to determine the influence differences: between circuit playing method and circuit training...
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The Effect Of Physical Condition on the Artistic Gymnastic Basic Skills

Ratna Budiarti
Physical conditions are considered a very important framework to develop physical techniques. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of physical condition in the development of Artistic Gymnastic Basic Skills. The descriptive qualitative method was applied using the survey method. The sample...
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Coaching Achievements KKO in Senior High School as an Evaluation to Sport Achievements

Fajar Sriwahyuniati, Risti Nurfadhila
The objective of this research paper is 1) to determine the implementation of performance training for Sports Special Classes (SMA) in Yogyakarta High School level, and 2) to identify the results of High School (KKO) Sports Special Class Achievement (KKO) achievement in Yogyakarta. The descriptive research...
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The Effect of Plyometric Training to Speed of Volleyball Athletes

Mr Mansur, Subagyo Irianto, Faidillah Kurniawan
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of plyometric training (dynamic and static plyometrics training) on the speed of YUSO Sleman athletes. The sample of 18 volleyball athletes divided into two group (dynamic plyometric group and static plyometric group). In addition, speed performance...
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Relationship between Flexibility with Balance in the Elderly Based on Clinical Pathophysiology

Cerika Rismayanthi
The decreased cognitive function is a normal condition experienced by the elderly. Flexibility is an important factor in the development of movement in humans. Muscle flexibility is largely determined by muscle length. When the hamstring muscle is shortened as a result of this process it flexibility...
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The Role of Sports Medicine in Elite Sports

Evert Verhagen
When it concerns performance enhancement a lot of funds and effort are being put in – amongst others – the development of new training methods, training materials, and equipment. All with the aim to make our athletes stronger, faster and better. what is generally neglected is that in order for athletes...
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Long-term effect of marathon to cardiac health – potential myocardial fibrosis

Inarota Laily Mukti, Evert Verhagen, Harald Jorstad
Towards the awareness of healthy living, people are likely to participate in long-distance running activities, for example, the marathon. Though, despite the helpful cardiovascular effect on marathon running, little is known about the negative effect of long-term recurring marathon running to the heart....
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Physical Activity and Mental Health in Young People

Stuart J.H. Biddle
This paper reviews the latest evidence on whether physical activity for children and adolescents is associated with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and cognitive functioning. Results from an updated review of systematic reviews are presented and discussed. It is concluded that physical activity is...
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Linkages of Sports Activities with Spirituality and Religiosity of Community: The Case in Muslim Majority Country

Rakesh Tomar
Sports and physical exercises have historical linkages with Islam. Spirituality and religiosity in Islam goes hand to hand in Islam. Islam advocates strong connection between spiritual well-being of Muslims and sports. In this article, emphasis was laid and an effort was made to find out how spiritual...
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Shooting Drills with Target Changes to Improve the Accuracy of Penalty Kick in Soccer

Arif Hidayat
The objective of this research was to determine the effect of the drill method on penalty kick accuracy in the students of Prabumulih State High School. A quasi-experimental research design was used to obtain data. A non-probability sampling method was used to select 20 participants for this study. The...
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Effect of Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Confidence of Successful Wall Climbing Athletes in South Sumatra

Bayu Hardiyono
This study aims to find out about the influence of four independent variables and dependent variable as well as the extent of the contribution of the athletes of South Sumatra. The method used in this study were (1) the path analysis (path analysis) (2) simple correlation (3) The coefficient of determination....
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The Effect of Moderate Intensity Continuous Training (MICT) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on Erythrocytes, Leukocytes, and Platelets Level

Andryas Yuniarto, Panggung Sutapa
The purpose of this research is to reveal the effects of moderate intensity continuous training (MICT) and high intensity interval training (HIIT) on red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes), and platelets level. This research is an experimental research with random control group...
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The Motion Analysis Technique of Flat Tennis Services

Akhmat Bagus Ajizi, Ria Lumintuarso
The purpose of this research is to know the: (1) engineering the right moves and disappear on a flat service tennis technique, (2) the Anthropometry of the ideal Athlete Tennis field matching using flat tennis court services. This research uses the mix method, which combines qualitative research and...
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An Evaluation of the Implementation of Special Sport Class Program of Junior High Schools in Sleman Regency

Dana Frasetya, Mr Guntur
The special sports class program carried out and implemented by researchers for junior high schools, is still on going with no obstacles recorded so far. The sole objective of this research study is to evaluate the various attributes and quality of the special sports program which includes preparation,...
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Sports Management Implementation of Indonesian Sports Committee in Optimizing Sports Achievement

Andes Permadi, Sugeng Purwanto
This research work aims at examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges associated with the implementation of sport management functions in the Indonesian Sports Committee of Rejang Lebong. This is a descriptive research study which made use of a qualitative approach. Data was obtained...
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Recovery Does Not Prevent Myocardial Damage Due to Overtraining (Biomolecular and Pathobiology Studies)

Made Kurnia Widiastuti Giri, Muchsin Doewes, Ketut Indra Purnomo, Herka Maya Jatmika
Overtraining the body with exercises and without adequate recovery time would lead to various health conditions. The overtraining conditions, usually leads to oxidative stress which damages the body tissue. This study aims to analyze the effect associated with a recovery duration of three and seven days...