Proceedings of the 6th Annual International Conference on Management Research (AICMaR 2019)

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Jakarta Islamic Index Performance Analysis, Before, During and After the 2008 Global Crisis Using Sharpe, Treynor, and Jensen Index

Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Meita Pragiwani, Aldi Bahtiar
The stages of the investment decision process include five stages of decision, which is the determination of investment objectives; investment policy determination; selection of portfolio strategy; asset selection; measurement and evaluation of portfolio performance. This study aims is to find out (1)...
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Companies Financial Performance as a Signal for Investor in Predicting Stock Price, with Macroeconomics Variable as Control Variable

Pristina Hermastuti Setianingrum, Doddi Prastuti
The purpose of this research is to measure and to analyze the impact of financial ratios to companies’ stock price, while using macroeconomics variable as control variable. The financial ratios used in this research are: price earnings ratio, price to book value, net profit margin and return on equity....
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Determinants of Firm Value: Evidence in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Dian Surya Sampurna, Erni Romawati
This study seeks to examine the determinants of firm value of listed manufacturing companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) during a five-year period. The factors namely institutional ownership, firm size, profitability, leverage, and investment opportunity set. The sample was determined based on...
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Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Accounting Performance on Sustainable Business

Rahmawati Rahmawati, Salju Salju, Dileep Kumar Mohanachandran
Corporate social responsibility disclosure is part of the service of accounting performance linked to social, economic, environmental dimensions of company program which can play a keen role in developing stakeholders (Society, government, stockholders) trust as well as image of the company. Nevertheless,...
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Tracer Study of Alumni Profiles and STEI Contribution to the Competence of Graduates at the Workplace (Case Study STEI Alumni Class of 2012)

Muhammad Ramaditya, Syahrul Effendi
The purpose of this research is to know the Tracer Study of the alumni profile and STEIs contribution to the competence of its graduates in the world of work (case study on the 2012 Batch of alumni). This study uses sampling from the data obtained by distributing questionnaires to 2012 alumni for the...
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Evaluation of Small Trade Extension Programs

Diah Pranitasari, Lilik Trianah
This study evaluates the counseling program of small traders in Pisangan Timur, Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, using the Kirkpatrick method, namely from the four level aspects, namely the reaction level, learning level, behavior level, and behavior level, and result level. This research uses quantitative...
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Factors Affecting the Intention to Establish Innovative Business Based on Local Resources in Young Generation on North Sulawesi

Christoffel Kojo, Christoffel M. O. Mintardjo, Djeini Maradesa, Wensy F. I. Rompas
The problem in North Sulawesi is the lack of innovation and creativity of the younger generation, especially in establishing business and creating innovative and creative products and services. The importance of this problem is because young people who can set up a business and create innovative products...
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Study of Factors Affecting Domestic Tourism Purchase in SMEs Food and Beverage Based in Manado City

Imelda W. J. Ogi, Joy E. Tulung, Mirah H. Rogi, Christoffel M. O. Mintardjo
Manado City is a city located in Northern Sulawesi Province. With a multicultural background, this area is very rich with a variety culinary delights. Seafood products combined with traditionally prepared archipelago spices are the main culinary offerings of the city of Manado. The grilled fish culinary...
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Factors that Influence Tourist Buying Interest in Manado City Traditional SMEs

Imelda W. J. Ogi, Merinda H. Ch. Pandowo, Rita N. Taroreh
Small businesses in Manado are on of the pillars in supporting economic growth in this area. SMEs also support the development of innovation in supporting the tourism industry in this city. Problems faced by SMEs in Manado include how SMEs in Manado, especially traditional SMEs, in predicting consumer...
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The Effect of Understanding and Application of Accounting Information System on SMEs Culinary Performance in Manado City

Victorina Z. Tirajoh, Yunita Mandagie, Meily Y. B. Kalalo
The purpose of this study is to determine the understanding application of accounting information systems that influences the performance of culinary SMEs in the city of Manado. There are several research questions which are: does the application of accounting information systems affect the performance...
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Analysis of SMEs in the Ciputat Traditional Market in Islamic Business Ethics Perspective

Ari Wibowo, Adi Mansah
The market is one of the places where buying and selling transactions occur between traders and consumers as well as between traders and other traders, which are often referred to as shopping centers, traditional markets, plazas and other designations. Deviant behavior is often found in traditional markets....
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Unusual Phenomena of the Risk-Return Relationship in Indonesia Sharia Stocks Market

Muhammad Anhar, Faris Faruqi
This study aims to prove the existence of an unusual phenomenon in the short-term investment market of Sharia stocks in Indonesia in 2018. The usual phenomenon that is in accordance with the axiom “Risk and Return Trade-off” is “High risk - high return, low risk - low return”, both for total risk, systematic...
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Unusual Phenomena of the Profit-Return Relationship in Indonesia Sharia Stocks Market

Muhammad Anhar, Faris Faruqi
This study aims to prove the existence of an unusual phenomenon in the short-term investment market of Sharia stocks in Indonesia in 2018. The usual phenomenon that is in accordance with the fundamental analysis of stock investment is “High profit - high return, low profit - low return”. Does this phenomenon...
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The Effect of Financial Ratios on the Possibility of Financial Distress in Selected Manufacturing Companies Which Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Rudolf Lumbantobing
This study purposed to confirm the influence of financial ratios toward the possibility of financial distress in the listed manufacturing companies in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Using a selected sample consist of 30 emitens with 90 units of analysis, the relationship between financial ratios and financial...
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Study of Conventional Bank Health in Indonesia from 2012 to 2017

Yusnita Octafilia, Evelyn Wijaya
Health bank level method that had been changed three times, from CAMEL, CAMELS to RGEC is Bank Indonesia’s strategy in order to protect banking sector which is susceptive to economy crisis. It is attractive because RGEC method is just implemented in Indonesia’s banking sector and it known from international...
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The Analysis Feasibility Study on the Financial Aspects of Islamic Perspective

Hamdi Agustin, Azwirman Azwirman
The purpose of this study is to calculate the feasibility of investing in the financial aspects by using an Islamic perspective namely Hamdi’s Method. Hamdi’s Method uses the calculations of gold value method (GVM) and gold index (GI) which is a substitute for calculations in conventional concept, namely...
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Quality Management System and Environmental Management System: What is Its Role in Manufacturing Industry

Sri Sarjana, Joko Rizkie Widokarti
Management standards are internationally recognized and have been widely used by various manufacturing industries in industrial estate, which are environmental management systems and quality management systems. There is guarantee of product quality and existence of environmental performance guarantees...
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Analysis of Influence of Intellectual Capital and Capital Adequacy Ratio on Bank Performance in Indonesia

Sri Indrastuti, Hamdi Agustin, Amries Rusli Tanjung
The purporse of this research to analyze the influence of intellectual capital and capital adequacy ratio on financial performance in banking companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (ISX). The sample of this research is determined by purposive sampling method based on the criteria of banking...
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Factors Affecting Work-Life Balance in Technology Era

Husain Nurisman, Dian Surya Sampurna
Work-Life Balance began to develop in the twentieth century, especially in women who have difficulty balancing family responsibility and work duties. With the end of the 21st century, this problem is not limited to women but occurs to men and their partners, who work and have difficulty fulfilling both...
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The Influence of Role Conflict and Role Overload to Job Satisfaction

Rutinaias Haholongan, Dedi Kusdinar
Human resources are considered as an important source of development for the company, for the best use of human resources is not neglected to provide knowledge, skills and abilities that are controlled by employees with roles assigned to the organization. This study aims to explain whether the variable...
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The Quality of Human Resources, Motivation and Leadership on the Performance of the Forensic Checker in the Peslabfor Bareskrim Indonesia Police

Meita Pragiwani, Dewi Arni, Mohammad Benny Alexandri
This study aims to analyze the performance of the forensic examiner in the Puslabfor Bareskrim Indonesia Police (POLRI) by looking at the factors of quality of human resources, motivation and leadership partially or simultaneously and the variables that have a large influence in this study. The methodology...
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Effect of Career Development, Work Discipline and Work Environment to Job Satisfaction

Joko Bagio Santoso, Yusuf Sidik
Career development of human resources in every organization become really important in increasing employee job satisfaction and organization performance in the future. Organization should endeavor to develop the level of job satisfaction by paying attention to their employee career. A supportive work...
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The Impact of Cross Cultural Competence on Employee Performance Mediated by Global Mindset in Overseas Construction Projects (Lessons from a Large Construction Company in Indonesia)

Ahmad Amiriansjah Pabittei, Risa Bhinekawati
The international construction industry is one of the most strategic sector driving the global economy. To make construction industry organizations, groups and project teams more efficient and effective, it is imperative to understand the role that culture plays within them. Hence, this study aims to...
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The Influence of Leadership Communications Mediated by Feeling Valued and Involved, on Employee Engagement: (A Case Study of PT Sanggar Sarana Baja Change Management)

Antonius Hery Wibowo, Risa Bhinekawati
Change is inevitable in any business organizations to grow sustainably and build competitive advantage. Reluctance to change will adversely affect the organizations in competition. PT Sanggar Sarana Baja, a company established in 1977, realized the necessity of change. In the last five years, the Company...
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The Impact of Work-Balance on Employee Performance Mediated by Employee Loyalty (Lessons from Female Employees Working in International Environment in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia)

Melisa Melayansari, Risa Bhinekawati
The roles of women have been more recognized as vital within organizations or companies. Companies that have more women in managerial positions have been able to handle risks more effectively; to do better in managing relationship with customers, employees, shareholders and local communities. However,...
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Identification of the Phillips Curve Trade-Off Phenomenon in Indonesia, Using the Generalized Method of Moments Approach

Ginanjar Syamsuar, Sumitro Sumitro
This study aims to identify the existence of the phenomena of the Phillips Indonesia curve trade-off in the period 1970 – 2018 using the analytical approach modelling Generalized Method of Moments (GMM). With respect to secondary data for 49 years (quarterly data), namely the variable inflation rate,...
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Analysing the Decoy Effect on Online Product Purchasing Preference: An Experimental Study

Intan Sherlin, Ferry Siswadhi, Elex Sarmigi
Why would one want to buy expensive popcorn at the cinema, while they could get the same with much lower price in supermarket? Economically speaking, it is a rip off. However, there is an effective psychological technique called the decoy effect that could affect our economical thinking in a way that...
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Digital Platform Utilization for Indonesian Marine Products Marketing: A Study Case on Aruna Indonesia

Adrie Frans Assa, Gidion Putra Adirinekso
Marine products is one of main contributors to maritime economy in Indonesia, but marine product industries’ contribution to the GDP and coastal community welfare in Indonesia are considered low. Aruna Indonesia is a start-up that links fishermen as individual and cooperatives with the end buyers through...
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Potential Partnership of Community-Based Management in Supporting the Utilization of Sustainable Resources in Indonesian Coastal Tourism

Saiqa Ilham Akbar, Anisa Nurpita
The application of community-based management (CBM) in managing coastal tourism in Indonesia is still limited to providing short-term benefits, especially for local communities and does not guarantee the sustainability of resources at large. On the other hand, most CBM partnership in Indonesia are still...
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Factors that Affect Tourist to Visit Kalibiru Tourist Village

Nurul Komara Fajrin, Dipa Mulia
The purpose of the study is to investigate the important factors that affect the decision of the tourist to visit the touristic area i.e. “Kalibiru Tourist Village” which is located in Yogyakarta Province – Indonesia. It is important because number of visitors of that area is declining from time to time....
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Implementation of Five C’s Marketing Analysis at the Alia Sport Indonesia Entrepreneurship Start-Up

Teddy Siswanto, Wawan Kurniawan, Ratna Shofiati, Hartini Hartini, Rahman Nur Hidayat
Starting as a Futsal sports athlete, Rahman, a Trisakti University student, founded a business making T-shirts with the Alia brand. The production process of making shirts based on orders is done at his Bekasi area. Problems encountered are related to financial management and sales that are not yet stable....
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Differentiation Services and Customer Value that Affects Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty PT. Samudra Jaya Sakti

Yusuf Suhardi, Zulkarnaini Zulkarnaini, Anisa Nanda Novita, Arya Darmawan
Research aims to determine the influence of service differentiation and customer value to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty services of freight forwarding at PT. Samudra Jaya Sakti. Independent variables differentiation services and customer values that affect the analysis of dependent variables...
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Influence Service Quality, Brand Image, Location to Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty (Case Study on Motorcycle Repair Shop Sahabat Motor-Cibinong Customer)

Lina Noersanti, Try Akbar Prasetyo
The purpose of this research was to know whether the quality of service, brand image, location will affect the satisfaction and make customers loyal. Research method used path analysis method with smartPLS application version 3.2.8. The type of data used is primary data. With the spread of quesioner...
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Does Inflation Respond to Interest Rates Changes?

Rama Chandra, Sumitro Sumitro
This study aims to analyse the response of inflation to changes in interest rates in Indonesia, thus analysing the inter-relations between the two variables. The analysis uses the Granger Causality Test and Impulse Response Function approach to monthly time series data for the period January 2014 to...
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Effect of Service Quality, Product Quality, and Price on Consumer Satisfaction and Its Impact on Customer Loyalty at Bekasi Branch Superindo Supermarket

Imelda Aprileny, Nelli Novyarni
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of service quality, product quality and price on customer satisfaction and its impact on customer loyalty. The research is now conducted at the SuperIndo Supermarket Bekasi Branch. The strategy used in this study is to use an associative / correlational...
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Analysis of Indonesia Exports to ASEAN Countries and Their Effect on Economic Growth in the MEA Era

Debby Ch. Rotinsulu, Jacline I. Sumual, Robby Joan Kumaat
Foreign trade is one important aspect in the economy of each country. At present there is no country that does not have relations with foreign parties. The economy of each country is practically open and intertwined with the international world. A country’s exports play an important role in promoting...
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Does Indonesia’s Economic Growth Reduce Unemployment?

Dwi Windu Suryono, Agustian Burda, Rama Chandra
This study is aimed at examining the existence of Okun’s law, the negative relationship between economic growth and unemployment using First Difference Model to secondary data on real Gross Domestic Product and the open unemployment rate of Indonesia during the period 1986 – 2018. Okun’s law exist in...
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Price Perception, Risk, Quality of Information, and It’s Effect on Online Purchase Decisions (Case Study on Millennials in DKI Jakarta)

Asep Saefurahman, Subekti Singgih Hadi
This study aims to examine whether the perception of price, risk and quality of information influence the decision to make purchases online, this study was conducted by distributing questionnaires to millennials in DKI Jakarta where the sample was determined based on non-probability sampling techniques...
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Analysis of Income Inequality and Its Effect on Poverty Through Economic Growth (Case of Talaud Islands District)

Robby J. Kumaat, Debby Ch. Rotinsulu, Vekie A. Rumate
Economic growth is a continuous process of increasing output per capita in the long run. Economic growth is one indicator of development success, the main source of which is improving people’s living standards. Therefore the higher economic growth is usually the higher the welfare of the community. The...
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Effect of Quality of Logistics Services and Consumer Safety on Purchasing Decisions in Bhinneka E-Commerce

Kus Tri Dianavera, Toto Aminoto
This study aims to prove whether the quality of logistics services and consumer safety influence purchasing decisions on E-Commerce Bhinneka. The research method used is a quantitative method. Data obtained by distributing questionnaires to residents in Jatisari, Bekasi City. The sampling method used...
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Risk Management of Social Media Using in Higher Education

Erna Lovita, Gatot Prabantoro
The use of social media in university is inseparable from social media. This research discusses the importance of organizations that take reactive risk to manage social media, because of financial problems for managing funds needed to overcome problems related to the organization. This research focuses...
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The Role of the Just in Time Method in Cost Efficiency in the Provision of Raw Materials in PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor Division Die Casting

Agustian Burda, Farmansjah Maliki
As a system of continuous improvement Just In Time (JIT) concentrates on eliminating the vanity and variability that gives rise to that vanity. Variability is “any deviation from the optimal process that delivers the perfect product on time at all times. Inventory saves variability, the more variability...
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The Effect of Moral Intensity, Ethical Decision Making, Professional Commitment, and Anticipatory Socialization on Whistleblowing Intention

Dina Nurdianawati, Riani Rachmawati
The focus of this study is to examine the relationship between individual perceptions related to moral intensity over an ethical situation mediated by ethical decision making towards whistleblowing intention and to examine the relationship between professional commitment and anticipatory socialization...
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The Role of Transformational Leadership and Workplace Spirituality on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Evidence from Indonesian Customs and Excise

Rudiyana Rudiyana, Fanny Martdianty
The success of an organization extremely depends on the behaviour of all employees which can be influenced by leadership factor and spiritual condition in the workplace. This study examines the underlying mechanism and explanatory condition of the correlation between the transformational leadership and...
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Social Value, Economic Justice Practices and Social Performance

Cicilia Erna Susilawati, Elisabeth Supriharyanti, Nekhasius Agus Sunarjanto
The purpose of this study is to investigate whether social value is developed in social business organizations to improve economic justice practices and improve social performance. This study also examines the mediation of economic justice practices in improving the social performance of social entrepreneurship....
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Cash Compensation, Corporate Governance, Ownership, and Dividend Policy on Banking Performance

Tafdil Husni, Rida Rahim, Riyadi Aprayuda
This study analyzes the behavior of cash compensation, corporate governance, dividend policy and the performance of the Banking Industry in Indonesia. This study uses 33 go-public banks that are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with 165 observations in 2014-2018. The analytical method uses Panel...
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Effect of Service Quality and Satisfaction Level on Consumer Loyalty of MRT Trains (Case Study in Ciputat Area)

Djoko Hananto, Sampor Ali
Research aiming for knowing influence quality service and level satisfaction in a manner partial or simulant to loyalty consumer, sample in research this is all consumer who use service the train MRT in Ciputat, sample taken with use purposive sampling technique are required. Criteria sample is consumer...
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Increasing the Rural Economy of Village Owned Enterprises BUMDes Antajaya Bogor

Sri Widyastuti, Sri Ambarwati
This article aims to map the potential of the Antajaya region in planning with the establishment of BUMDes in the region and how to strengthen its role in the rural economy. The research method used is qualitative, this study shows that the village of Antajaya in the future will become a rural economic...
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Identification of Market Operator and Marketing Channels in Fish Landing Center (A Case Study Lhok Pawoh Fish Landing Center)

Asbahrul Amri, Bakruddin Anhar, Muhammad Ramaditya
Marine and fisheries sectors are the important sector in Aceh Province where most of Acehnese depended on this sector for their livelihood. As the result, the existing big potential market on this sector need to be studied in order to know how the market being organize, especially fish that landed in...