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Frost Filtering Algorithm of SAR Images with Adaptive Windowing and Adaptive Tuning Factor

Zhihua Zhang, Zengguo Sun
A Frost filtering algorithm of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images with adaptive windowing and adaptive tuning factor is proposed to resolve the problem that the traditional Frost filtering algorithm cannot balance speckle suppression and edge preservation effectively. The tuning factor and the window...
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A novel clustering-based anonymization approach for graph to achieve Privacy Preservation in Social Network

Huowen Jiang
Serious privacy concern rises with the prosperity of social network applications. To prevent the privacy of vertices or edges associated with entities in a social network from getting re-identified through background information or queries,a novel clustering-based approach is proposed to anonymize vertices...
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A Medical Services Middleware System for BAN

Ruijie Lu, Bi Zeng
In the age of big data, there is an important research to storage, monitors and analyze the scale of bodies’ signs with the wireless body area network. A medical service middleware system for the purpose of the remote medical monitoring is presented in this paper. According to the wireless body area...
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Design and Implementation of Machine-electron Subsystem Emulator Controlling Software

Zhixian Zhang, Shaoyi Li, Nan Jiang
Virtual instrument technology is a connection of general computer and functional hardware module. It is defined completely according to the needs of the user to achieve and extend the functions of the traditional instrument. This paper describes an emulator of machine-electron subsystem based on LabVIEW....
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A continuum model in traffic flow considering the jerk effect

Huaqing Liu, Caihong Ye, Hongxia Ge, Chenyan Yu
Based on the optimal velocity model, a new continuum model considering the jerk term is mentioned in this paper. Then, the critical condition for the steady traffic flow is deduced. Near the neutral stability line, nonlinear analysis is taken to derive the KdV-Burgers equation for describing the traffic...
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Study on Computer Model Algorithm of Laying Strategy in Garment Layout Technology

Li-na Cui
The key problem of garment layout is laying as much garment patterns as possible in the certain 2D fabric, making sure the fabric’s using rate high enough as far as possible. This study takes mathematical analysis and computer algorithms research to garment layout strategy problem whose target is computer...
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Study on the Control of Anti-lock Brake System based on Finite State Machine

Bing-lin Li, Mao-song Wan
The vehicle braking process and working principle of Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) are analyzed. According to the nonlinear ABS brake model and time-varying characteristics, a more accurate ABS hydraulic numerical model is established. Combined with Matlab software, a single wheel vehicle ABS dynamics...
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Accounting Informationization Hierarchical Data Safety and Prevention Based on Cloud Computing Environment

Hao Qin, Shihong Zhang
To solve the problem of accounting informationization hierarchical data security, this paper, starting from the basic architecture and data distribution of cloud computing environment , will analyze the accounting data security of the cloud, pipes, and the client, construct accounting informationization...
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A Malware Behavior Analysis Method based on Coupling Degree

Gang Guo, Sheng-jun Wei
Aiming at the malware obfuscation technique, a new software behavior analysis method is proposed in the paper. The instruction coupling degree is calculated through mapping and associating the code analysis and log analysis to judge whether the instructions belong to the same behavior and then obtain...
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Study on Building and Applying Technology of Multi-level Data Warehouse

Lihua Song, Ying Zhan, Yebai Li
Based on multi-database management systems application, we use multi-level data warehouses. This paper proposes an incremental method to update the data set of result and summarizes the two transmission strategies. Verify that the data-driven policy through experimental simulation platform environment...
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Discussion of the Automatic Migration Scheme of Oracle Database

Mingli Wu, Xueya Jiao, Yebai Li
As migration technique for table spaces of enterprise database is required in multi-user inventory management systems, in this paper we investigate automatic migration technique when database performance is found declined by our monitoring system. Two methods are discussed, timing automatic migration...
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The Algorithm Study about the Information Dissemination Probability in Micro-blog Community

Bo Wang, Yuwang Zhang, Li Shao
According to the reality of information dissemination in micro-blog community, the information dissemination probability is divided into two part: initial information dissemination probability and specific time information dissemination probability, As consideration of their impacts, algorithm of information...
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Design of intelligent robot visual detection system

Qi Li, Xiaohong Cheng
Industrial robot technology represents the highest achievement of mechanical and electrical integration, is one of mankind's greatest achievements in twentieth Century. Industrial robot although only nearly forty years of history, but because of its unique adaptability and anthropomorphic, become an...
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Research on software defect predict model based on JCUDA_BP algorithm

Shan Chun, Lei Dong, Changzhen Hu, Liang Zhang, Jingfeng Xue
For the long time computation and the poor learning effect in application of BP algorithm in software defect predict model, an improved BP algorithm is presented in this paper. The improved algorithm combines the JCUDA technology and the BP algorithm, by learning the sample decomposition, multithreading...
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Design and implementation of an automated testing tool for GUI based on SWTBot

Shan Chun, Zequn Yu, Yifei Jin, Rui Ma, Jingfeng Xue
The born of GUI is a milestone in the development of software. It is very popular and welcomed by the consumers because of its friendly user interface and easy straightforward operation. Meanwhile it brings new challenges for the automation software testing technology. This paper begin to discuss with...
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Research on Parallelized Stream Data Micro Clustering Algorithm

Ke Ma, Lingjuan Li, Yimu Ji, Shengmei Luo, Tao Wen
Analysis and mining of stream data is a hot research topic in recent years. In order to improve the clustering efficiency, based on MapReduce, this paper proposes a Parallelized Stream Data Micro Clustering Algorithm PSDMC for the micro-clustering phase of CluStream algorithm. PSDMC algorithm uses a...
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Degree of Freedom Multi-axle Vehicle Steering Characteristic Analysis

M. Yang
Steering system stability of multi-axle vehicle mainly depends on the system's center of gravity position and the tire cornering stiffness parameters of the bridge. Zero side-slip Angle proportional control strategy is used, after many bridge steering system under arbitrary speed can guarantee system...
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Development of Mobile and Computer Website Integrated College Content Management System

Zhidan Yang, Chunpeng Li, Simeng Chen
The current number of mobile Internet users has far exceeded the number of PC Internet users. The construction of college mobile website is behind the PC website. An innovative idea which integrates mobile website and computer website into one system was proposed. Content management technology is used...
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Comparison of Several Hyperspectral Image Fusion Methods for Visualization

Hongwen Lin, Anqing Zhang, Shaoqing Yang
Hyperspectral image visualization is an important research aspect in hyperspectral image fusion. This paper compared four typically used hyperspectral image visualization methods: method based on bilateral filter, method based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA), method based on independent component...
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Research and Application of Intelligent Remote Anti-electricity-stealing Monitoring System

Shengli Xie, Xiaodong Zhang, Bo Liu, Bo Ning, Lizong Wang
In view of the line loss control and the anti-electricity-stealing requirements faced by electric power companies, the design of the intelligent anti-electricity-stealing remote monitoring system has been proposed. The real-time monitoring of primary side of line current, the current of junction box...
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Effect on Stress and Strain of Surrounding Soil by Excavation of Foundation Pit

Shimin Zhang, Yulin He, Xinquan Wang, Miaomiao Sun
It took the project Rainbow Boulevard (Workers Road ~ City Center Road) of Xiaoshan District as the study background and object. Through the monitoring of horizontal displacement of deep soil and the analysis of supporting axial force of steel rebar in different stages of excavation, the rules of stress-strain...
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Network Traffic IMF Selection Method Based on EMD

Xiuli Du, Yasheng Sun, Shaoming Qiu
Empirical mode decomposition is an advanced time-frequency analysis method, but it will produce a few invalid components in the process of decomposition. For this problem, the paper proposes a nonlinear correlation coefficient method that is based on the average mutual information. The method can get...
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Study on Optimization of Pathological Voice Features

Xiaojun Zhang, Yating Shao, Baoyin Sun, Zhi Tao
This paper proposes a method to optimize Pathological Voice Features based on classification and experimental design. Firstly, all voice parameters of features are classified, then pick the right amount of each class of representative and typical parameters based on the principle of mathematical statistics....
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Power Quality Real-time Monitoring System Based on WSNs

Yongjun Yu, Naifeng Liang, Yingjie Zhang, Zhongyou Luo, Ke Du
With the development of industrial and information technology, the power users increasingly demand better power quality. Therefore, the power department needs to monitor power quality in real time, and timely take appropriate measures to adjust the power quality. To overcome the shortcomings of wired...
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Research of File Backup Method Based on Double Cache and Minifilter Driver

Shaoming Qiu, Guobin Tang, Yunming Wang
Aiming at the shortage of the low efficiency of file backup, large amount of data, highly occupancy rate network resource, Put forward a file backup method based on double cache and mini-filter driver. Method uses Cache Manager creates two caches in kernel model, at the same time combined with real-time...
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A Method of Collecting Data With Times Tamp in Internet

Xuebing She
With the development of the Internet .this article introduces a method of time window,that can be used to collect as much legit data as possible via creating new time windows inserting data into the time windows and destroying time windows. The number of time windows maintained depends on practical applications....
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An improved Shuffled frog leaping Algorithm and its application

Guiying Mai, Yueguang Li
This paper proposes a shuffled frog leaping algorithm based on population diversity feedback. The algorithm is used to solve the Permutation flow shop scheduling problem, the results show that the improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm has reliable convergence, high convergence rate and solution precision.
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A high precision collaborative vision measurement of gear chamfering profile

Congling Zhou, Zengpu Xu, Chunming Cai, Yongqiang Wang
In order to achieve higher measurement precision of the surface profile on chamfering gears in auto gearbox, this paper proposed a collaborative visual surface profile measurement system, researched image processing and measurement path planning algorithm in the system. The measuring process includes:...
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Vision/Odometer Autonomous Navigation Based on RatSLAM for Land Vehicles

Xiaofeng He, Lilian Zhang, Junxiang Lian, Xiaoping Hu
This paper discusses the design of computer vision and odometer integrated autonomous navigation algorithm based on RatSLAM system for land vehicles. The research aims at testing the effectiveness of a vision/odometer bio-inspired navigation approach for land vehicle applications. Images and odometer...
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A novel plant growth simulation algorithm and its application

Jun Lu, Yueguang Li
This paper proposes a novel plant growth simulation algorithm. Through the optimization experimental of testing on the standard function, the results show that the novel plant growth simulation algorithm has reliable convergence, high convergence rate and solution precision.
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Using reciprocity theorem to analyze R-2R network DACs

Rongke Ye, Yonglu Wang, Rongbin Hu
Reciprocity theorem is proposed to design and analyze R-2R based DAC, which can make the complicated design and analysis of R-2R based DACs simple. The detail of how to use reciprocity theorem in the design and analysis of R-2R based DAC is given. The 14-bit DAC designed by Reciprocity Theorem has performances...
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Development of Short-term Traffic Volume Prediction Models for Adaptive Traffic Control

Yiming Bie, Menglin Yang, Yulong Pei
This paper aims at establishing an accurate short-term traffic volume prediction method by introducing calculations and characteristics of triple moving average method, single exponential smoothing method, and double exponential smoothing method. Based on field data collected from intersections in Fuzhou,...
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Application of local community detecting Algorithm in citation network

Weijiang Wu, Dan Xue, Guohe Li
Citation network is a complex network composed of literature and literature citation relationships. To such a large-scale network, it is difficult to detect the global community. On the other hand, there are more concerned with the situations local information than global information. Based on DBLP citation...
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Multi-target tracking algorithm by corner feature for video stream

Zhaoxia Fu
In the field of computer vision research, moving target tracking of sequence images is not well solved, and is an old, important and challenging task. Fast and accurate completion of moving target tracking is very an important and difficult problem. In a dynamic environment, moving target tracking is...
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Image segmentation and target tracking based on meanshift algorithm

Rong Chen
The kernel function is proposed for the analysis of meanshift algorithm,the research of meanshift algorithm mainly analyses the two common characteristics of meanshift algorithms based on kernel function histogram and probability distribution.Image segmentation based on meanshift is proposed for the...
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Speech Detection and Noise Compression Based on Singularity

Haitao Luo
Frequencies of traffic noise are near to or even the same as speech signal. It is hard to filter noise from speech. Wavelet packet decomposition coefficient reveals singularity of signal. Constructed a wavelet according to Daubechies' method, and derived a wavelet packet from the constructed scaling...
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The application of automation control system in Jiaxian’s constant pressure of water-saving irrigation

Yingying Zhang, Chunjing Yang
The implementation of efficient water-saving demonstration projects, on the basis of constant pressure sprinkler irrigation project, by increasing the automation control system, constructing a set of the whole network in constant pressure sprinkler irrigation district, implement automatic regulation...
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An Improvement of DBSCAN Algorithm to Obstacles Detection for Stop&Go

Wanglong Cheng, Jian Wu
Obstacles detection is one of key technologies to realize Stop&Go cruise control. This paper presents an improved DBSCAN(Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Application with Noise) clustering algorithm for obstacles detection, which based on two-dimensional laser radar. The algorithm by improving the...
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The Improved Apriori Algorithm was Applied in the System of Elective Courses in Colleges and Universities and Analysis of Carbon Emissions

Wei She, Huijuan Xie
Apriori algorithm is one of classical algorithms in data mining, can mine frequent item sets what the association rules needed. A classic application is shopping analysis in the supermarket, such as "beer" and "diaper". Aiming at the system of professional elective courses in the colleges and universities,...
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Clustering Algorithm Combining CPSO with K-Means

Chunqin Gu, Qian Tao
A clustering algorithm combining particle swarm optimization (CPSO) with K-Means (KM-CPSO) is proposed, which features better search efficiency than K-Means, PSO and CPSO. The K-Means algorithms cannot guarantee convergence to global optima and suffer in local optimal cluster center because they are...
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The Research on Obstacle Crossing Ability of Tracked Wheel Vehicle

YouShan Hou, Yu Cao, Ning Zhao, HaoLong Jin
The Tracked wheel vehicles which have the similarity with wheeled vehicle in nature are derived from wheeled vehicle, but tracked wheel vehicles greatly improves the vehicles’ obstacle crossing ability. This paper establishes the mathematics model of the tracked wheel vehicles, the simulation model is...
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Corrosion Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Rebar HPB235

Ying Wang
The corrosion behavior of rebar HPB235 in 1.5 wt.% NaCl solution was studied, and the mechanical properties before and after corrosion were tested. The results showed that, with the increase of corrosion time from 240h to 720h, the corrosion rate of rebar HPB235 increases and the corrosion becomes heavier....
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Software Design for Dynamic Reactive Compensation System

Wenqiang Wang, Youxin Yuan, Jing Chen, Xuesong Zhou
The nonlinear and impact loads in the power network consume large amounts of reactive power. And the amount of the reactive power compensation is different in a state of work. The traditional reactive power compensator is difficult to meet the needs of the reactive power compensation. Therefore, a method...
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The design of ceramic roller kiln pulse combustion controller

Wenliang Xie, Jing Chen, Youxin Yuan, Baoping Mao
The ceramic industry is one of Chinese symbolic industries. From ancient times, the ceramic industry has been the project focused and researched by the government. Because of the small temperature difference, energy-saving, high-level automation and so on, ceramic roller kiln has been widely used in...
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Design of the Monitoring Interface of Combustion Control System for Small-size Circulation Fluidized Bed Boiler

Liwen Chen, Youxin Yuan, Jing Chen
The combustion control system for small-size circulation fluidized bed boiler is a three-tier distributed control system. The system consists of host computer, master station and slave station. Master station synergizes slave station to complete control tasks, and sends process variables to host computer....
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Hardware Design of Combustion Control System for Small-size Circulation Fluidized Bed Boiler

Jun Liu, Jing Chen, Youxin Yuan, Zhuo Chen
Traditional old boiler is energy-intensive and highly polluted. Circulation fluidized bed boiler (CFBB) is characterized by environment-friendly, high efficiency and energy-saving. Hardware of Combustion control system for small-size circulation fluidized bed boiler is presented in this paper to transform...
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Detection of Sangeang Api Volcanic Ash Cloud Based on VBICA-SVM method

Jiangshan Dong, Chengfan Li, Jingyuan Yin, Junjuan Zhao, Dan Xue
Volcanic ash cloud can threaten the safety of aviation transportation. The current detection of the volcanic ash cloud mainly depends on the remote sensing images. Independent component analysis (ICA) and support vector machine (SVM) have very strong complementary to each other in the volcanic ash cloud...
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Blind Source Separation for Remote Sensing Images based on the Improved ICA Algorithm

Di Shen, Chengfan Li, Jingyuan Yin, Junjuan Zhao, Dan Xue
In consideration of some problems including the independence and invariance of components, no noise assumption and the uncertainty of the final solution as well as the inconsistency of the features of remote sensing data in traditional independent component analysis (ICA) model, we put forward a blind...
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Simulation on Trajectory for the Increasing Quality of Cable Throwing in the Air

Jianhua Wu, Runqing Qiu, Xin Zhao
The cable is indispensable appliance when ship berth alongside. With the increasing of ship's tonnage, the distance of ship berth is also increasing. The distance and approaches of seaman cable-throwing have failed to meet the demand, so designing appliances of cable throwing is necessary. To solve this...
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Study on Vibration of Hypoid gear with backlash

Dequan Jin, Huibin Li, Huichao Gao
The hypoid gear pair is a main part of driving axle and it is one of the main sources of vibration and noise in the automobile transmission. Study on mechanisms of vibration and noise of the hypoid gear pair, and investigating on reducing its vibration and noise are of great significance. Firstly, a...
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Organization Modeling of Maintenance Information Based on Event Driven

Jianmin Zhao, Xianglong Ni
Organization modeling plays an important role in maintenance support information management and data mining. In this paper, the necessity of unitized modeling for maintenance support information is analyzed, and an organization modeling method of maintenance support information is presented based on...
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Design of Patient Animal Heat Wireless Monitoring System Based on Zigbee

Lili Ma
This design scheme for the wireless automatic monitoring network in health care system is proposed, and the software design of the coordinator node and sensor nodes, the network on how to use the ZigBee network technology and CC2520 RF chip design combined with wireless sensor networks have a certain...
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The Design of Android System Based on Instant Communication Software

Yuxiang Mu
In this paper, taking Android system as the operating platform, the design of a high quality can be text voice and video communication real-time communication software,in connection with the network conditions, can achieve instant communication between all users of Android system. This design can achieve...
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Dynamic Modeling and Simulation Analysis for Stratospheric Airship

Yi Zhang, Longbin Liu
A complete six-degree-of-freedom dynamic model is addressed for a stratospheric airship. Particular characteristics of the stratospheric airship are introduced. Besides, the airship’s equations of motion are constructed by including the factors about buoyancy, aerodynamic force, and added mass. Based...
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The Application of Personalized Search Based on SoftMan Architecture

Qingzhen Wang, Kang Lu
Along with the digital television popularization, television channels and programs have been becoming more substantial. Thus, this paper proposes an intelligent solution for the problem of searching TV programs when children are watching TV. After that, this paper designs search software for children...
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The disturbance signal detection method of power quality based on MEEEMD

Xiaohong Hao, Tingting Xue, Caixia Liu, Xiping Pei
To solve the problem adding white noise cannot be completely neutralized and it is not complete of Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition(MEEMD) the paper propose that combine improvement of EEMD and Hilbert transform to detect power quality disturbance. First ,decompose power quality disturbance signals...
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Cryptanalysis of Biswas's Multi-party Keys Scheme Based on the Diffie-Hellman Technique

Hsieh-Tsen Pan, Jia-Rong Sun, Min-Shiang Hwang
Biswas proposed two protocols based on the two-party Diffie-Hellman technique: (1) key agreement with multiple two-party keys and (2) a contributory group key exchange protocol. Then, Tseng and Wu pointed out that the second protocol has a security weakness and proposed a new protocol to remedy the weakness....
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Research on Combine Harvester Positioning algorithm and Aided-navigation System

Jin Chen, Guangjing Yang, Kai Xu, Yangyang Cai
According to the error of the data processing algorithm applied in the GPS positioning system which is applied in agricultural machinery especially in combine harvester, the application of ARM processor is used as the data processing module and the geographical positioning information is collected by...
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Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm Research Based Optimal Iterative Learning Control

Xiaohong Hao, Hua Wang, Zhuoyue Li, Qun Gu
To solve the problems of nonlinear and input constraints in the iterative learning control system, using real-coded shuffled frog leaping algorithm to solve optimization problem1 in iterative learning control, .A shuffled frog leaping algorithm(SFLA) based optimal iterative learning control is proposed....
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Development and evaluation of a DNA detection Kit on Identification of Agkistrodon Authenticity Based on Bioinformatics

Linlin Ma, Wenjing Yu, Wei Chu, Xiaohan Li, Mingcheng Li
We designed and evaluated a kind of Agkistrodon DNA detection kit. Bioinformatics was used to investigate the characteristics of cytochrome b (cyt b ) gene in Agkistrodon. A series of primers were designed, and sequencing and blasting in conjunction with PCR technology were applied. Its’ indexes including...
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Short-term Prediction of Building Energy Consumption Based on GALM Neural Network

Bocheng Zhong, Kuo Lu, Dinghao Lv, Jing Luo, Xuan Fang
In order to improve the conventional method of predicting building energy consumption using artificial neural networks (ANN), we proposed a novel neural network model to forecast building energy consumption. The model optimized the neural network based on genetic algorithm and Levenberg- Marquardt algorithm...
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Adaptive Replacement Policy with Double Stacks for High Performance

Hongliang Yang
LRU policy showed the good performance and has been used widely in modern computer, however, the accesses mode of the application is not all preferences of LRU algorithm, there were some drawbacks. In the paper, by researching the existed policy about LRU, we propose an adaptive policy base on the LRU,...
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An improved adaptive policy Based on Recency and Frequecy

Hongliang Yang
Cache replacement policy is one of the caching techniques, including the recency based algorithms and the freqency based algorithms etc. Although combining the recency and frequency, the LRFU algorithm could not dynamically adjust itself to adapt to the practical circumstance. This paper proposes an...
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Image information acquisition and transmission system Based on DSP

Yuankun Du, Qingli Niu
This paper mainly puts forward an experiental method about video data collection, coding compression and data communication based on DSP technology. It is mainly about the video coding method of the Tms320vc5402 chip software and the design and application of its peripheral hardware system.
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Design of Vehicle Antenna Servo Tracking System Controller

Qiang Fan, Yu Wang
Mobile satellite communication system is required to maintain stable satellite communications in the vehicle movement. Because of the different road conditions, all kinds of postures information of satellite antenna has the characteristics which are complex and fast changing. This paper presents an azimuth...
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Study of the key problem of geo-information integration and sharing platform

Qingfeng Zhao, Linshan Ma
The article discusses based on metadata and web services geological information integration and sharing service platform architecture. Studies the key problems encountered in the process of platform architecture and the main solution. Article mainly study in the field of information resources as the...
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Study on the Portable Oil-Water Interface Detector

Zejie Wang, Jin Chen, Xuelei Wang, Ya Xu, Qiao Li
In order to detect the accurate oil-water interface in the oil storage tank in real time, the paper designed a portable oil-water interface detector. It adopts the oil-water detection method based on the near-infrared absorption spectrum theory to determine the exact oil-water interface cut-off point...
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Vibration and Modal Analysis of Small Induction Motor

Yan Li, Jianmin Du, Jiakuan Xia
The vibration and noise of the motor is a significant factor to evaluate the quality of the motor and the modal analysis is one of the main approaches to study the structural dynamic characteristics of motor. The motor will be in the resonance state when the excitation frequency of the harmonic electromagnetic...
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The Implementation and Application of A Self-help Guide System of Large Images

Huabing Zhang, Genyuan Zhang, Jun Huang, Xiaohua Li, Shengping Xia
In this paper, we use the Conquering Demons Mutiny murals which is the two-dimensional large images exhibited in the 254th grotto of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes as the experimental objects, and we have designed and implemented a self-help guide system of large images in handheld device based on image retrieval.Users...
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Parameter Design of ISAR Real-time Imaging System

Rui Wang, Yanyun Chen, Yi Jiang, Youfang Zhang, Ruijuan Zhao
The article mainly designs the basic parameter of ISAR real-time imaging system, meantime analyses the basic property index of real-time imaging. then, it will obtain favorable high resolution ratio ISAR image through post imaging processing.
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Moving target detection algorithm: Improved-Vibe

Yuntao Dou, Zhenghua Liu, Le Chang, Jianping Huang
Vibealgorithm initializes the background model very quickly by using the first frame.However, when the target has been in the first frame, the ghostwill be produced with the initialization.And the original Vibe algorithm has no special inhibition about it.In addition, the shadow of the moving target...
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Improved RRT_Connect Algorithm for UAV Route Planning

Ke Xie, Zheng-Hua Liu, Nuan Wen
In the research of route planning, better balance between planning time and route quality should be achieved to reduce UAVs cost. This article is based on basic RRT (Rapidly-exploring Random Trees) and proposes an improved RRT_Connect algorithm which improves the way generating new node of the tree,...
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The Novel Channel Estimation Algorithm Relying on ELM

Qingfeng DING
An Extreme Learning Machine (ELM)-based novel channel estimation algorithm is proposed for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication system with multi-path propagation characteristics. In addition, a low-pass filter is utilized to filter the noise components which are separated...
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Research on 3D Wireless Sensor Networks Energy Saving Routing Algorithm

Zhanguo Li, Jianxi Wang, Xingwei Wang
In this paper, the energy saving 3D wireless sensor networks Iterative Split Clustering Energy Angle Routing (ISC-EAR) algorithm will be proposed and also discuss the design and calculation process in theory. The simulating calculation under different topology, compared with the baseline algorithm the...
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Research Overview of Big Data

Naili Liu
Big data are affecting our work, life, even economy and the development of the society. The Big Data era has already come. This paper first sketches the basic concepts of big data, typical 4”V” characteristics as well as related application fields. Next, the paper summarizes the processing technologies...
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A novel r-circulant block Jacket transform with fast algorithms

Guibo Liu, Qi Li, Dayong Luo, Ying Guo, Moonho Lee
Jacket transform inspired by the well-known Hadamard transform, has been attracting more and more attentions due to its orthogonality, simpleness of its inversion and fast algorithms. It has also been applied to signal processing, image compression, mobile communication, quantum coding, and so on. In...
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User Motion Prediction in Mobile Multimedia Application

Genyuan Zhang
The paper describes an approach to user motion in mobile multimedia based primarily on features. The increasing number of mobile display is based on HTML5 web standard. The openness of this standard makes it easier to extract some additional features, such as animation, video, sound and other components....
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Design of equipment training simulation system based on virtual reality technology

Lei Qiu, Xiao Zhou, Rongyue Xie, Bo He
For weapon and equipment operation training, we designed an equipment simulation system based on virtual reality technology. By multi-layer model display design, the database links, data display and simulation system design, we realized the equipment simulation system’s equipment operation and tool use,...
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Application of Descending Method in Probing Reasons of the Fuse Misfire

Ye Yuan, Haiyan Zhang, Yi Tao, Yong Ji
In this paper, a fault tree was built for the issue of fuse misfire, which was significant for personal reliability. Herein, the misfire of a certain fuse was regarded as a fault mode. Therefore, a fault tree for the fuse misfire was successfully built. And the descending method was utilized to solve...
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Association Rules Mining Algorithm based on Matrix

Lei Ma
Association rules mining is an important model in data mining. The classic Apriori algorithm for Association rules need scan database many times and generate a great deal of candidate itemsets. This paper proposes a new algorithm for mining association rules based on matrix. The algorithm scans database...
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Cryptanalysis of Dynamic Identity Based on a Remote User Authentication Scheme for a Multi-server Environment

Chung-Huei Ling, Wan-Yu Chao, Shih-Ming Chen, Min-Shiang Hwang
It’s an important research issue in a remote user authentication scheme for a multi-server environment. Recently, Li et al. proposed a scheme to remedy Lee et al.’s scheme to avoid the forgery attack, server spoofing attack and changing password easily. However, we find that Li et al.’s scheme is insecure...
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Research on the simulation evaluation platform for the Ordnance soldier’s professional skill appraisal

Rongyue Xie, Zhiyong Cheng, Xiangjun Xu, Zhongtao Zhu, Lei Qiu, Xiao Zhou
Based on the current situation that the ordnance soldiers are lacking a complete set of professional skill appraisal assessment data, the present on the guarantee difficulty for live-fire training, a new simulation assessment platform was designed and realized in this paper, which included the theory...
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A New Scheme for UAV TT&C and Information Transmission System

Yongchuan Wang, Xijun Gao, Yongke Li, Qingmin Tian
The paper assume a new scheme for UAV TT&C and information transmission system, according to the function and performance requirement of UAV TT&C and information transmission system and the characteristic of ground-air wireless channel of UAV system, and combing with the key technologies of wireless...
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Equipment body feeling maintenance teaching system Research Based on Kinect

Fushuan Wu, Jianren Wang, Chen Mei, Yiguang Xiong
Based on the virtual maintenance teaching and motion-sensing technology, studied the introduction of the feeling device Kinect, operation substitute design, Maintenance of posture position etc. under the Unity3D development environment. Practical application proved that body feeling maintenance teaching...
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Image Retrieval Based on HSV Feature and Edge Direction Feature

Yanxue Dong
With the development of multimedia and Internet technology, content-based image retrieval (CBIR) systems have been widely used. However, how to automatically detect and target images in an image database still remains challenging. Since the HSV color space is more benefiting with human visual perception...
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A Sound Masking Signal Generation Method Based on Chinese Pronunciation Characteristics

Xiaofeng Ma, Peng Zhang, Qiuyun Hao, Xiaoxia Chen, Yanhong Fan, Jingsai Jiang, Ye Li
Sound masking is a technique to protect the speech privacy of confidential talks in a room. Most of the existing masking signals sometimes become noise sources, and result in a negative impact on the people in the room. This paper proposes a new method for generating masking signals. The synthesis of...
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Robot reinforcement learning accuracy-based learning classifier systems with Fuzzy Policy Gradient descent(XCS-FPGRL)

Jie Shao, Jingru Yu
This paper presented a novel approach XCS-FPGRL to research on robot reinforcement learning. XCS-FPGRL combines covering operator and genetic algorithm. The systems is responsible for adjusting precision and reducing search space according to some reward obtained from the environment, acts as an innovation...
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A New Sensor Signal Processing Technology of Multi-phase PMSM Rotor Position Detection

Shuang Yu, Yan Li, Jiakuan Xia, Haochi Jiang
This paper proposes a new sensor signal processing technology to detect rotor position in permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). This technology uses an incremental photoelectric encoder and some hardware circuit. It is easy to achieve, and it is not only apply to the traditional three-phase PMSM,...
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Research on the double slanted cantilevers of a micro structure based on Materials Mechanics

Peng Chen, Ling Zou, Yi Tao, Wu Zhang, Yong Li, Guofeng Fang
The double slanted cantilevers are used in some micro-structure designs, which have some unique characters. In this paper, the mathematical model of the double slanted cantilevers with irregular cross-section was investigated based on the theory of material mechanics. The moment of inertia and principal...
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Tip-over stability analysis of orchard vehicle with dynamic simulation method

Weiwei Li, Lintao Tian, Shaohong Zhang, Shumao Wang, Xin Wang
This paper is focused on orchard vehicle rollover and tipping problems in its operation process. Firstly, seven degrees of freedom orchard vehicle ADAMS model is established. And then, it built up a driving stability control algorithm to adjust input speed by real-time pitch angle, roll angle and other...
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Research on robot indoor localization method based on wireless sensor network

Wengpeng Wang, Xin Wang
This paper use RSSI wireless sensor network (WSN) to research robot indoor localization method. Location simulation analysis, which is processed by Matlab software, is used to adapt trilateration centroid localization algorithm (TCLA) and weighted centroid localization algorithm (WCLA). To verify the...
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An improved energy Minimum Connected Dominating Sets Construction Algorithm in MANET

Zifen Yang, Guoqiang Li, Li Liu
In recent years MANET gain a significant attention for the potential application in battlefield, disaster relief, traffic monitoring and environment monitoring. Construction and maintain of virtual backbone, and energy effective routing in mobile ad hoc wireless network come to be the basic and main...
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Research on Structure Parameters and Performance of a Dual-Stator Permanent Magnet Motor

Chaohao Kan, Jing Wang, Wanfu Wang
Double-stator permanent magnet motor (DSPMM), with special structure characteristics, has many excellent performance features. Firstly, this paper researches the structure parameters of the DSPMM, including the air gap length and pole-arc coefficient. According the research, a DSPMM of the same size...
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Research on Unified Authentication Model based on the Kerberos and SAML

Linhua Ding, Jiuru Wang, Xiaojie Wang
Kerberos protocol is a kind of unified authentication scheme for distributed network environment, which focused on validation functions, not provide complete authorization and access control functions. Security assertion markup language (SAML) is an xml-based framework, which is used to exchange information...
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Research on the Tracking Algorithm of Program Level Fine-grained Data based on Cloud Virtual Environment

Zhigang Zhang, Wei Zhang, Juncheng Geng, Hongyi Zhang
The virtual machine in the fine-grained information flow tracking is the basis for realization of transparent cloud platform program level control. The information flow control access to sensitive information in the process, because the authority transfer security level and cannot read or write the non...
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A Rocket Launcher Virtual Training System Design

Yi Cheng, Yuxia Chen, Bin Li, Yanfei Guan, Dimin Wu
The overall design scheme of a rocket launcher is proposed in this paper. Modeling and rendering, model transformation and scene synthesis in scene generation has been studied. And the interactive training processisdeveloped. Moreover, the key technology of system design is illustrated.
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A Maintainability Growth Model of Complicated Weapon System Based on Virene Algorithm

Zhaojun Wu, Xiangqun Lv, Ming An, Dimin Wu
Research on maintainability growth is an important research direction for the improvement in the equipment maintainability. A rational maintainability growth model can be utilized to predict the direction and level of maintainability growth. Moreover, it can provide theoretical and decision support for...
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Improved K-means Clustering Color Segmentation for Road Perception

Lei Zhou, Yanjun Zhang, Danwen Peng, Dimin Wu
A modified road perception algorithm is presented based on the color image clustering segmentation. According to the comparison of color spaces' uniformity and integrity, an improved K-means clustering algorithm is proposed to segment color images in the space LAB. Firstly, the target area contains road...
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An improved EMD method and its application in the characteristic of the gear crack fault analysis

Yunbo Zhu, Benli Wang, Na Fang, Jun Li
For the end effect produced in the decomposition process of empirical mode decomposition (EMD), based on the analysis on the subsistent method of the wave matching, a new improved method of empirical mode decomposition is founded using a new cut off condition during the process of the decomposition....
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LMS&BRLS Interference Suppression for Spread Communications

Xin-Quan Luo
A LMS predictive & Blind RLS code-aided technique for simultaneous suppression of multiple-access interference (MAI) and AR narrow-band interference (NBI) in direct sequence-code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) systems is proposed. This technique is based on combining predictive and code-aided approach,...