Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Education and Management (COEMA 2019)

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Efforts to Improve the Integrity of the Principal with the Moral Debate Model

Ibrahim Bafadal, Juharyanto, Ahmad Nurabadi
Integrity is the quality of honesty and moral principles in a person that is carried out consistently in his life as a whole. Integrity is the personality of someone who acts consistently and intact, both in words and deeds, following values and code of ethics. Efforts to strengthen the dedication and...
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The Leadership of Pancasila in Education: Foundation for Strengthening Student Characters in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Hasan Argadinata, Imam Gunawan
The industrial revolution is currently entering an increasingly advanced era with the support of internet use and digitalization. The 4.0 industrial revolution that is currently developing changes the records of all fields, including the world of education. The incessant flow of information that occurs...
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State of Religious Beliefs and Observance of Five Pillars of Islam Among the Muslim School Heads of the Department of Education (DepEd)

Ali K. Dilangalen, Emraida K. Dilangalen
Generally, the study was conducted to determine the level of knowledge of internalizing the Muslim school heads on the six articles of faith and the state of religious observance on the five pillars of Islam. It explored the influence of the socio-demographic and economic profiles and selected factors...
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The Role and Function of Teachers in Improving Effective Learning in Classes

Quma Irah Larasati, Anggraeni Cahyaningtyas, Asfi Mangzila, Anjar Agus Firawati, Siti Munirotul Yuanita, Indra Lesmana
This study aims to describe the role and function of teachers in enhancing effective learning, inhibiting factors and solutions to teacher barriers in carrying out the roles and functions of teachers at the Elementary School of Santa Maria 2 Malang (SDK Santa Maria 2 Malang). This study used a descriptive...
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The Optimization of Library Services in the Elementary School

Asfi Mangzila, Anjar Agus Firawati, Anggraeni Cahyaningtyas, Quma Irah Larasati, Siti Munirotul Yuanita
The purpose of this system development is to restore and optimize the functionality of library services. The development method is a method of developing research. System development activities include book inventory; codification and labelling of books; book preparation; library space setup; and reward...
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The Implementation of Quality Management Integrated in Improving the Quality of Learning in the Classroom

Indra Lesmana, Mustiningsih
This study aims to: (1) clarify the application of Total Quality Management (TQM) in improving the quality of teaching in the classroom; (2) assisting teachers in determining innovative learning; and (3) increasing the activeness of students with innovative learning. The method used in this research...
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The Cooperation of Senior High School with the Business and Industry Sector

Anggraeni Cahyaningtyas, Anjar Agus Firawati, Asfi Mangzila, Quma Irah Larasati, Siti Munirotul Yuanita
Senior High School 8 Malang educational institutions in carrying out agreed-upon tasks, functions, and goals certainly cannot be separated from problems that must be resolved by an educational institution. Senior High School 8 Malang cooperates with other relevant institutions, related to the input,...
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Strategic Planning of Education in Total Quality Management State Vocational

Siti Munirotul Yuanita, Anjar Agus Firawati, Anggraeni Cahyaningtyas, Asfi Mangzila, Quma Irah Larasati
Research on educational strategic planning carried out at Vocational High School 4 Malang (SMKN 4 Malang) aims to find out how the education strategic planning, formulation of the school's vision and mission for Total Quality Management (TQM), who are the parties involved, what the tools are used for...
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Integrated Quality Management Implementation Through Benchmarking

Anjar Agus Firawati, Asfi Mangzila, Anggraeni Cahyaningtyas, Quma Irah Larasati, Siti Munirotul Yuanita
This research aims to determine the implementation of integrated quality management in an educational institution. The collection of data is done by searching for a literature study that corresponds to the discussion to be conducted. The results of the research indicate some aspects that need to be considered...
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Tips for Principal in Managing One Roof School (SATAP) in Underdeveloped Area

Bagus Rachmad Saputra, Maulana Amirul Adha, Nova Syafira Ariyanti, Imam Gunawan
This study aims to describe: (1) the principal’s tips on managing Satap schools in distantly areas; and (2) the results achieved by Satap schools in efforts to improve the quality of single schools in distantly areas carried out by principals. This study uses a qualitative research approach with a multi-site...
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Vark Questionnaire Online Platform as a Spearhead for the Effectiveness of Styles and Methods of Teaching Teachers

Athalla Nauval Bhayangkara, Dandy Bayu Firdaus, Tanti Minawati Pratiwi
This article was created to provide recommendation for a teacher as the key to transfer the knowledge, to determine the appropriate teaching style and learning method to apply to a class that is generally per class have different learning styles or typologies of learning. Vark Questionnaire Online is...
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The Model of University Autonomy in Indonesia

Asep Sunandar, Ali Imron
University autonomy is a strategic effort taken to realize professional service of universities. This research aimed to describe the implementation process of university autonomy and to find the model of autonomy implementation. The researchers utilized qualitative approach in the form of a case study...
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Parents Communication Pattern for Schools in the Management of Students with Special Needs

Maulana Amirul Adha, Nova Syafira Ariyanti, Darmaji Darmaji, Asep Sunandar
This research aims to describe: (1) the school’s strategy in communicating the management of students with special needs; and (2) interest parents in the management of students with special needs. This study used a qualitative approach, with a case study research plan. This research place in SD Plus...
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Implementation of Long-Life Education in Indonesian Medical Education

Vina Ariesta Dewi, Ali Imron, Achmad Supriyanto, Ahmad Suriansyah, Aslamiah Aslamiah
Education is a process of transforming knowledge, values and skills, inside and outside of school that lasts for life, from generation to generation. Education brings hope to everyone to achieve their goals and achieve a better quality of life. The importance of the meaning of education for one’s life...
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Model Design of Adaptive Learning Analytics Management System (ALAMS) Using AID Model

Ence Surahman, Dedi Kuswandi, Agus Wedi, Zahid Zufar At Thaariq, Risma Chulashotud Diana
The development of online learning in Indonesian tertiary institutions has made significant progress in the past decade. All colleges are competing to develop online learning services. However, most learning services are presented with the same model, which is to uniform all students. The developer views...
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Supervision of Teachers and Leadership of the School Head in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution

Supadi, Evita Soraya, Ahmad Rifqy Ash-Siddqy, Dimas Kurnia Robby, Desi Erfan
This exposition article aims to identify the principal of senior high school’s performance in the 4.0 industrial revolution era using questionnaire and deep interview method. So, this research uses a mixed method, namely with quantitative and qualitative approaches. We have conducted questionnaire to...
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Implementation of Situational Leadership in Educational Organizations

Maisyaroh, Ali Imron, Burhanuddin, Juharyanto, Rachmat Satria, Indah Puspitaningtyas
The writing of this article aims to find out situational leadership in educational organizations. The writing of this article uses a literature study approach by examining theories that relevant to the principal’s leadership with a situational leadership model (contingency). Based on the studies conducted...
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The Application of Informal Supervision to Improve the Quality of Learning in Laboratory Schools

Ahmad Nurabadi, Sucipto, Imam Gunawan, Yuyik Lulita Sari
Principals and teachers need to know what is really happening in the classroom in their school area. The principal and teacher must be well acquainted with all their students, guardians of students, and the community around the school. The purpose of this study is to create a model of learning supervision...
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Open Information Structure Approach to Learning Support and Management with Kit-build Concept Map

Yusuke Hayashi
Concept maps are a useful tool that encourages learners to explain their knowledge and understanding. From an educational perspective, the concept maps created by learners are a promising product for verifying student understanding. However, the diagnosis of conceptual maps created by learners remains...
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Internalisation of Character Values in Learning at Institution of English Course

Djum Djum Noor Benty, Yuyik Lulita Sari, Ahmad Nurabadi
The purpose of this study was to describe internalization of character values. This study used a qualitative approach. Data was collected by observation, interview, and documentation studies. The results of the study were: (1) support they have in internalizing character values namely warning statement...
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Lecturer Development Competency Management in Improving the Quality of Education and Teaching

Ali Imron, Vina Ariesta Dewi, Ahmad Sonhadji, Ahmad Suriansyah, Aslamiah
The development of increasingly rapid science and technology and increasingly complex conditions of human life and the flow of globalization are challenges to the world of education, especially education in universities High. Talking about education at college, then one topic that is immediately float...
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Teacher Awareness of Multiculturalism in Curriculum Management and Instructional Development in Senior High School

Yohanes Kadek Ariana, Ali Imron, Ulfatin Ulfatin, Maisyaroh
Teacher awareness about multiculturalism in curriculum and instructional management has not been widely studied, although it is very much needed in pluralistic societies such as in Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of teacher awareness about multicultural in curriculum and...
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Kaizen: Quality Improvement Innovation Higher Education in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Achmad Supriyanto, Rochmawati, Djum Djum Noor Benty
The digitally global era of the 4.0 industrial revolution is the key in the quality of educational institutions, in this context Higher Education (PT). The concept of quality education that addresses the delivery of services and products is an important part of the process and is sustainable in a sustainable...
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Implementation of Curriculum in Multicultural Communities of BIPA Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia

Febby Aryani Asfianti Dewi, Mustiningsih, Lalu Habiburrahman
The application of the curriculum in the teaching and learning process is important in an education system. Therefore the curriculum is a tool to achieve the target of the education system, the curriculum is also used as a tool to achieve educational goals and can also be used as a guide in organizing...
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Determining the IT-Based Islamic School Strategy (Case Study in Junior High School Plus Al Kautsar Malang, Indonesia)

Imron Arifin, Darmaji, Nur Amaliyah Hanum
The writing of this article aims to find out: (1) school profile; (2) vision and mission; (3) work program; (4) SWOT analysis; (5) strategy determination; (6) determination strategy; and (7) development program the Junior High School Plus Al Kautsar Malang. This article uses qualitative research methods...
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Role of the Head of School in Conflict Management in the Industrial 4.0 Revolution

Karimatul Fitriana Dewi, Bagus Rachmad Saputra, Mustiningsih
The role of the Principal as a leader in the school as a decision maker in school management will be faced with conditions and problems where the Principal must make the best decisions in the framework of school management to be effective and efficient. Competition between individuals as a component...
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Implementation of Curriculum Components at Primary School (SDN) Ketawanggede Malang, Indonesia

Lely Mifthachul Khasanah, Mustiningsih, Hiyasintus Ile Wulogening
This research is qualitative research that aims to determine the implementation of curriculum components at (Primary School) SDN Ketawanggede Malang, along with obstacles and problem solving. Research focuses on curriculum components related to implementation, constraints, and problem solving. Researchers...
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The Needs for Developing Clinical Supervision Model for Headmaster of Primary School in Gowa, Indonesia

M. Bachtiar, Wahira, Andi Nurochmah
The main of this research was to developing clinical supervision model at headmaster of primary school in Gowa district. By developing clinical supervision model, the headmaster can get more benefits, they were in mastery competency, improving their abilities of understanding. This research was availabled...
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The Implementation of Curriculum 2013 at Primary School of Kauman 1 Malang, Indonesia

Mustiningsih, Andisah Choirotun Nisa, Indah Nurhayati
Curriculum as teaching-learning guideline can not be a permanent guidelines because it needs to follow the development of technologies and science. In Indonesia’s education history, the curriculum has changed several times since 1945. The latest changes are from curriculum 2006 to curriculum 2013. This...
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Quality Culture Leadership in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Nurul Ulfatin, Ahmad Yusuf Sobri, Adhe Kusuma Pertiwi, Sheila Fransisca Fortunata
Leadership is the heart of the success of a school, the head must be able to embed values in improving the quality of services to the users of the school services in the era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution today. Research aims to know the leadership of the school principal in developing quality cultures...
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Case Study of Implementation 2013 Curriculum in Elementary School Kauman 1 Malang, Indonesia

Raditya Eka Oktarina, Rifqi Ilma Fararisti, Mustiningsih
This study aims to compare the 2013 curriculum with KTSP as the previous curriculum at SDN Kauman 1 Malang and to examine the problems related to the implementation of 2013 curriculum implemented at the School. The method used in this study is a qualitative descriptive method with case study approach...
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Curriculum as a System and Influence on Curriculum Renewal at Primary School (SDN) Bareng 03 Malang, Indonesia

Rifda Sofi Illiyin, Rizki Fidayati, Imron Arifin
The preparation of this paper aims to understand and analyze curriculum system theory and curriculum renewal at the level of the elementary school education unit and aims to study the discovery of problems related to the curriculum system implemented in the School and be linked to the theory used to...
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Diagnosis Effectiveness of Teaching Physical Education Curriculum 2013 for Sport and Health

Saputro, Pramono, Nurhasan, Suroto
This research was conducted with the aim to understanding problems and needs of teachers PJOK through need assessment (analysis of needs). This study was to determine the effectiveness of learning PJOK for Curriculum 2013. This study used quantitative and qualitative research design. Quantitative research...
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The Role of Curriculum: Conservative, Critical and Evaluative, and Creative

Shella Es Shabarina, Wajihatul Aniqoh, Mustiningsih
Curriculum is guidelines for the implementation of learning process. It is compiled by the government. Curriculum has changed and developed from time to time. This research is aim to know the role of curriculum in conservative, critical and evaluative, dan creative ways in school. This research used...
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The Role of the Curriculum in Teaching Tolerance among Students

Syifa Masna Raisalah, Mustiningsih, Muh Adib Ahsan
This study aims to understand and analyze multicultural curriculum theory in education, examine the discovery of problems related to teaching and field practice, and evaluate classroom teaching. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative with the Principal of Primary School (SDN) Blimbing...
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Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Globalization on National Education Policy

Teguh Triwiyanto, Suyanto, Lantip Diat Prasojo
The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of globalization on national education policies. The type of research used is meta-analysis. The analysis technique is done using a quantitative approach. The analysis used in this study is comparing the difference in scores of the variables studied,...
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Role of Educational Institutions in Countering Radicalization / Violent Extremism of the Youth in Southeast Asia

Zainal Dimaukom Kulidtod
Terrorism, whatever the underlying reason, is immorality. the impact of acts of terrorism is always negative, both on the socio-cultural life of the community, the unity of a nation, and the integrity of the state. there are many nations that have collapsed or been ruined due to acts of terrorism. educational...
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Development of Adaptive Sports Models in Improving Motor Ability and Embedding Cultural Values in Children with Special Needs

Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Dimas Arif Dewantoro
Adaptive physical education is education that provides opportunities for students with special needs to be able to actualize physical activities through activities that are directed and planned in the learning program. Development research is a method for producing certain products or perfecting existing...
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RRETRACTED: Key Factors that Could Influence Tertiary Students’ Overall Satisfaction of Their Educational Experience: What University Leaders and Administrators Should Consider

Francisco Ben
This article has been retracted: please see the Atlantis Press Policy on Article Retraction and Withdrawal ( This article has been retracted at the request of the author. Zeger Karssen Publishing Director Atlantis Press
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Visionary Leadership in Total Quality Management: Efforts to Improve the Quality of Education in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Dedi Prestiadi, Wildan Zulkarnain, Raden Bambang Sumarsono
The principal as an educational leader is an important aspect in moving all available resources in educational institutions to be able to take advantage of technological developments in the industrial revolution era 4.0. Visionary leadership is one of the leadership models that can be carried out by...
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Implementation of Transformational Leadership Style in Improving the Quality of Institutions

Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Erika Mei Budiarti
One of the biggest problems faced by educational institutions is a crisis of trust in society because the quality of these institutions is included in the low category. The role of the principal in this case must be in accordance with the duties, authority, and overall responsibility. The purpose of...
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Analysis of Increasing the Three Pillars of Higher Education Development in Human Resources Behavior

Fathurrahman, Abid Muhtarom
Improving the guidance of Higher Education Tridarma is the main factor that must be done by lecturers in all state and private universities. The research used in this study uses a quantitative descriptive approach. Using analysis software Eviews 9 and data in this study the results of questionnaires...
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Instructional Leadership as an Effort to Increase Teacher Professionalism in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Bahtiar Agung Pambudi, Imam Gunawan
The principal has a number of tasks and roles that become his responsibility beyond his ability as a manager, educator administrator, supervisor, motivator, innovator, entrepreneurial developer and leader. Principals are required to be able to have the leadership skills of learning in carrying out the...
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Executive Function Patterns in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Muchamad Irvan
The purpose of this study was to analyze patterns of executive function disorder of children with ASD in several age ranges. Age ranges focus that have been studied are preschool age, school age, and adult age. The analysis was conducted to the executive function literature that examine at a specific...
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Interpersonal Communication Approach to School Head of Teacher Development

Pridianti, Kartika Pricylia Wulandari
This research aims to know the communicative approaches undertaken principals in the development of human resources i.e. educators to improve the quality of learning in schools. The method used is qualitative, by doing observation, interview and documentation recorded sound speaker. Analysis of communicative...
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Implementation of Planning, Assessment, and Award Service Systems in Higher Education

Riska Febrianti, Rusma Indri Octaviani
The main purpose of writing this article is to explain the importance of implementing career planning, assessment and career reward systems in tertiary institutions. This research uses observation technique. Observation techniques used ranging from interviews, problem analysis and documentation. The...
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Teacher’s Personalities, Performances, and Professionalism: A Descriptive Study

Nadya Nanda Sukawati, Coreta, Okky Irwina Savitri, Salsabilla Taftania, Yulia Triana Ratnasari
Teacher is an educator who is required to could change moral and student’s behavior, because teachers position as a public figure which is used as an example for their students. professional teachers must have a good personality, as in principle teachers is a noble profession, a good personality must...
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Development of Human Resources in the Globalization Era

Ricky Herlambang Ahmad Ja’far, Firman Budi Santoso, Risa Oktavianingrum, Nila Octavia Yulindasari
The purpose of this study was to determine the development of human resources in encounter globalization era in the Sub-Department of Civil Service Graha Rector of the State University of Malang. This study uses a qualitative observation method with data sources, namely the head of staffing at the State...
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Development of Electronic Teaching Material with Metacognitive Skill Oriented: Main Material for Blended Learning

Titis Angga Rini, Sa’dun Akbar, Rosyidamayani Twinisari
The learning process in the digital era prerequisites of the need for and importance of the role of electronic teaching materials in blended learning. This study attempts to answer these needs with the aim of developing electronic teaching materials oriented by metacognitive skills. The development of...
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Validity and Reliability of Character Education Internalization Instruments

Sultoni, Imam Gunawan, Dika Novita Sari
Character education is now a topic that is often discussed in seminar forums. But there is not yet a standard instrument in measuring the internalization of character education. This study aims to measure the validity and reliability of character education. The instrument used to measure internalization...
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Validity and Reliability of Questionnaire Problematics Leadership Beginner School Principals

Ahmad Yusuf Sobri, Ibrahim Bafadal, Ahmad Nurabadi, Imam Gunawan
Beginner school principals have their own challenges when entering new schools that they lead. Not infrequently problems arise that must be resolved by novice school principals, so that school organizations continue to move forward. These problems must be identified in such a way that the headmaster...
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Investigation of Principal Leadership Based on Pesantren: Descriptive Study about Implementation of Human Resources Empowerment Models Based on Soft System Methodology

Imam Gunawan, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Raden Bambang Sumarsono
A quality school can certainly be led by a school principal with good and professional leadership. The headmaster’s leadership will affect all aspects of the administration of education in the school. Therefore, there needs to be an ongoing effort to empower and strengthen the principal’s leadership....
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Training on the Implementation of Cooperative Learning Models as an Effort to Improve Teacher’s Performance

Raden Bambang Sumarsono, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Imam Gunawan, Mutya Alfarina, Muhammad Romady, Nova Syafira Ariyanti, Erika Mei Budiarti
This community service program focuses on training the application of cooperative learning models, assuming that the cooperative learning model is a learning model that is operationally easy to implement and has a variety of variations. The variation in question is good in terms of methods, techniques,...