Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Disaster Risk Analysis and Management in Chinese Littoral Regions (DRAMCLR 2019)

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An Approach to Improve Diffusion Coefficient of Geospatial Information Model

Chongfu Huang
This paper proposes an approach to improve the diffusion coefficient of the geospatial information diffusion model. The diffusion coefficient calculated by the average distance formula is appropriately amplified to become the initial diffusion coefficient. Employing a search method, we take two test...
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Risk Analysis of Earthquake Disasters in Shandong and Coastal Areas and Its Preliminary strategies

Sen Qiao, Zengping Wen, Changlong Li, Qing Wu, Zongchao Li, Tiefei Li
Shandong and its coastal areas are located in the eastern part of the North China tectonic region, and their strong seismic activities are uneven. There have been devastating earthquakes such as the Tanlu earthquake, the Bohai earthquake, and the Heze earthquake in history. With the development of the...
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Research on Coupling and Coordinating Development of Big Data Industry and Ecological Civilization in Guizhou

Xia Feng, Mu Zhang
In order to promote the coordinated development of Guizhou's big data industry and the construction of ecological civilization, this paper combines qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis. First, it creatively introduces the search engine data-Baidu index into the evaluation system, and establishes...
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Risk Assessment of Chestnut Drought Disaster in qixian county

Xiaojuan Chen, Ting Li, Jing Zhang, Jun Wei
Based on daily precipitation of Qianxi and six surrounding counties from 1984 to 2015, we estimate the risk of drought in Qianxi county during a series of return periods by probability distribution. So does the chestnut-drought risk by distribution of chestnut and relative risk grade. It is concluded...
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Risk Entropy Model of Public Security Video Surveillance System

Wei Dou, Hongzhou Zhang, Xingtao Zhao, Zhiguo Du, Peiyue Li
From the point of view of the demand of public security application for video information application, this paper compares the characteristics of traditional video surveillance system with that of urban public security video surveillance system, analyses the factors affecting the effectiveness evaluation...
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Preliminary Study on Basin Amplification Effect for Vertical Incidence of Two Kinds SH Pulse Waves

Xueliang Chen, Jianlong Wang, Mengtan Gao
Study of basin effect has important reference significance for future urban the planning of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. The amplification effects of three ideal simple basin models, “square” shape, “inverted convex” shape and “curved” shape, were studied by using the finite element...
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The Harmonious Development of Big Data Industry and Financial Agglomeration in Guizhou

Lujing Pang, Mu Zhang
In order to promote the coordinated development of big data industry and financial agglomeration, according to the characteristics of big data industry and financial agglomeration in Guizhou at this stage, the paper first understands the relevant literature of big data industry and financial agglomeration....
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Research on Risk Sharing of Creative Industrial Park by Recycling Old Industrial Buildings

Qian Wu, Jiayu Li, Xiaoyan Ding, Li Wang, Na Li
Compared with ordinary buildings, Old industrial buildings have short construction period; Lack of policies, regulations and technical standards. In order to ensure the successful implementation of the old industrial building recycling project, all participants must share the project risks reasonably....
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The Harmonious Development of Ecological Civilization Construction and Financial Agglomeration in Guizhou

Xiao-nan Huang, Mu Zhang
Based on the panel data of nine cities in Guizhou Province from 2013 to 2017, this paper constructs the evaluation index system of the coupling system of ecological civilization construction and financial agglomeration evaluation, and uses grey relational projection method and hesitant fuzzy language...
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Probability distribution of wind speeds in the coast of Hebei

Lili Shen, Linxue Long, Ming Yang, Yongqing Han, Xiaoliang Yang, Hongming Guo
Based on the wind data from 1981 to 2017 of seven national stations along the coast of Hebei Province, the distribution of annual maximum wind and the extreme wind of each station were established by using the Generalized Extreme Value distribution model, and the corresponding wind speeds for different...
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Financial Early-Warning Analysis of Big Data Industry Enterprises Based on Factor Analysis and Logistic Model

XiaoFei Luana, HongMei Zhang
On the basis of systematic research on financial early-warning research at home and abroad, this paper selects Chinese big data listed companies as research samples, constructs financial early-warning model of electronic information listed companies with Logistic regression method comprehensively, and...
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Improvement measures of questionnaire design for risk communication in Internet of intelligences

Rundong Wang, Chongfu Huang
Risk communication refers to people exchange risk information and management opinions, which is an important part to effectively improve risk management. As a platform for risk communication, the questionnaire survey in Internet of intelligences should have the function of comprehensively sharing risk...
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Statistical Analysis of Background Data in Internet of Intelligences

Wen Tian, Chongfu Huang
The online computing module supported by geospatial information diffusion technology can obtain complete disaster data through incomplete background data in the early stage of disasters, thus making up the disaster data blank and supporting accurate rescue. Among them, with the advent of the Internet...
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Research on public opinion risk control of "one belt and one road"

Wenjun Zou, Yuexin Lan, Yixue Xia, Mo Liu, Peng Zhang
In this paper, Hierarchical Holographic Modeling is adopted for risk modeling. Based on the case study of china-related public opinions in countries along the "One Belt And One Road" line, risk factors related to china-related public opinions in countries along the "One Belt And One Road" line are analyzed...
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Risk Analysis and Management of Coastal Zone, Estuary and Offshore Ecological Environment

Qiang Li
China is a marine country,there are convenient sea passages and abundant marine resources. Make the coastal areas become densely populated, urban concentrated, and industrially dense, Gathering heavy pollution industries such as nuclear power, electronics, medicine, heavy chemicals and metallurgy. the...
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Analysis on the Vulnerability of Natural Disasters in Coastal Cities and Assessment of the Construction of Flexible Cities

Kaiyuan Wang, MaoNing He
With the expansion of urban population and economic development, the hidden dangers of disasters are increasing, and the disaster factors are constantly expanding and intensifying. Especially in coastal cities, because of the interaction between climate and land and sea, coastal cities are both pregnant...
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Safety Risk Prediction and Early Warning Model and System Design of Chemical Enterprises Based on GIS and Internet of Things

Di Li, Jianzhong Sun
In order to predict the safety risks of chemical enterprises in real time, a GIS-based risk prediction and warning system for chemical enterprises was developed. The system uses GIS geographic information platform combined with Internet of Things data acquisition equipment to collect and process dangerous...
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Analysis of the Problems and Countermeasures Faced by Chemical Industry Parks

MaoNing He, Kaiyuan Wang
With the acceleration of the pace of global economic integration and the recent development of the number, quality and scale of domestic chemical parks, domestic new chemical projects have shown a trend of gathering and development in various chemical parks, but with Jiangsu Xiangshui Chemical Park “...
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Enlightenment of Safety Life Cycle Theory In Risk Management of Chemical Industry Park

Xinjie Xu
The construction of chemical industry park is the overall trend of the development of domestic and international chemical industry in recent years, and it is an important mode for modern chemical industry to develop circular economy and promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure.This...
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Characteristics and Cause Analysis of Local Rainstorms When Subtropical High Moving North

Yuhong Wang, Jiangbo Li, Yuhui Duan
Using conventional meteorological observation data, automatic weather station data, radar data and Final Operational Global Analysis (FNL) data, and focusing on the local rainstorms of Hebei province in the process of subtropical high moving north on 20-22 July 2017, the meso-scale characteristics and...
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Using Game Theory Approach for Assessment of Risk and Police Patrols Scheduling

Kuang Wu Cheng, Chih-Chun Hou
This study proposes a two-step game theory model framework for the purpose of scheduling police patrol shifts. In the first step, the three important factors of interaction between criminals and police are modeled as a zero-sum non-cooperative game, and the risk value of each patrol area is obtained...
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Impact of Upper Tropical Cyclone on West Bank of Bohai Sea

Zhiming Yu, Siyao Wang
Based on the data of FY-2E infrared cloud image, radar, micaps3.1, island observation station, large buoy, and numerical weather forecasting products, effects of tropical storm Damrey on Tangshan were analyzed, forecast and disaster cause of tropical storm Damrey were also analyzed. The results show...
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The Damage Index Characteristics Research of Ms6.5 in Hualian County, Taiwan in 2018

Zongchao Li, Xueliang Chen, Qing Wu, Changlong Li
On February 4, 2018, a Ms6.5 occurred in Hualien County in Taiwan Province. The source depth was 10 km. This earthquake killed 17 people and injured 285 people. The earthquake also caused huge property losses. Most of the casualties of the earthquake were caused by the collapse and damage of the buildings....
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Study on the Relationship Between Sedimentary Characteristics of Shallow Soil Layer and Shear Wave Velocity in Qingdao

Tiefei Li, Hongshan Lu, Xueliang Chen, Zongchao Li
Based on the histogram and shear wave velocity data of 449 boreholes in the Jiaozhou Bay area of Qingdao, the empirical relationship between soil depth and shear wave velocity is calculated. The empirical relationship and sedimentary environment characteristics are analyzed. In connection with the soil...
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Summary of research on disaster prevention of mid-story isolation buildings caused by long period ground motion disasters

Yafei Zhang, Tingshun Dong, Sitong Fang, Jie Zhao, Yufeng Ning, Jibing Zhao
This paper summarizes the definition and characteristics of long-period ground motion and the research results of long-period ground motion monitoring in the region where earthquakes occur, summarizes the research status of disaster prevention of mid-story isolated buildings under long-period earthquake...
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Research on Adaptive Hidden Danger Identification Characteristic of Intelligent Power System

Sanqiang Chen, Ke Wu, Jiangmiao Zhu
The principle,adaptive hidden danger identification characteristic and features of an intelligent power system are introduced in this paper. The types and distributions of common hidden dangers in electrical circuits are analyzed from a systematic perspective based on the monitoring data, which can provide...
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Landing China Typhoon Extreme Analysis and Catastrophe Risk Management Research

Kaicheng Xing, Yuanyuan Jing, Guihong Ma
This paper analyzes the impact of typhoon and direct economic losses on coastal areas of China. In combination with the current situation of typhoon catastrophe management, and the typhoon catastrophe insurance burden on typhoon losses, there is a huge gap compared with international social insurance...
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Comparative Study of Land Wind and Sea Wind in Qinhuangdao Based on Large Data Analysis

Chengyu Yan, Guohua Zhang, Zhizheng Mao, Haoye Liu, Yang Li
Using the mobile weather station wind data installed on the "Prince" cruise ship on Qinhuangdao from August 2 to 10, 2016, the wind speed(sea wind) on the cruise ship route was obtained using the true wind observation algorithm. A comparative analysis of the meteorological observation station(near-shore...
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The Characteristics of Climate Change in Latest 60 Years and Extreme Severe Weather in latest 10 Years in Qinhuangdao

Liling Ju, Hongming Guo, Yun Xia, Zhizheng Mao
Based on the meteorological data in Qinhuangdao in latest 60 years and major mereorological disaster data in latest 10 years, the characteristics of climate change and occurrence of extreme severe weather in Qinhuangdao were analyzed using mathematical statistical method. To provide a climate basis for...
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Research on Credit Risk Assessment of Listed Companies in Electronic Information Industry Based on Logistic Regression

JinYue Liu, HongMei Zhang
Electronic information industry is the hottest industry in the contemporary economy. With the continuous development of the industry, some problems in the supply chain appear gradually. In order to expand the scale of sales, electronic information industry often produces a large number of credit sales,...
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Research on Financial Early Warning of Big Data Enterprises Based on Logistic Regression and BP Neural Network

HongMei Zhang, Jian He
Based on the difference between big data enterprises and traditional enterprises, this paper first constructs two single financial risk early warning models: logistic regression model and BP neural network model, then introduces default probability of logistic regression model output into BP neural network...
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Analysis of Weather Characteristics and Decision Service of Typical Rainstorm and Flood in Hebei Province

Sulian Duan, Yuchao Qi, Qinghai Zhao
This paper analyzes and contrasts the four major torrential rain and flood weather backgrounds,rainfall conditions and characteristics,disaster situation and forecast service conditions of“63.8”、“96.8”、 “7.21”and“7.19”in Hebei Province.The results show that:The torrential rains concentrated in the period...
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Risk assessment of Typhoons and storm surges disasters of Qinhuangdao

Suli Sun, Wanlei Zhang, Zhizheng Mao, Chenyu Zhang
Through the statistical analysis of meteorological and oceanographic data of Qinhuangdao in the past 70 years, we found that there is about one typhoon landing in Qinhuangdao in about every 2-3 years, which induces heavy rain, strong wind and even storm surge. Typhoons that landed in the Bohai Bay in...
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Analysis of typhoon disaster chain and risk management in northward typhoon effecting Hebei

Hua Jing, Huifang Hu, Xiaolei Chen, Qiqi Hou
Based on northward typhoon effecting Hebei data during1949-2018,key areas were Defining . The climatic features and impacts of typhoons entering the key areas were discussed. The results show that most of northward typhoon effecting Hebei occurred from late July to early August.The northward typhoon...
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The Characteristic of temporal and spatial patterns of Torrential rains in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area in Recent 36 years

Yusi Li, Qinghua Gong, Junxiang Zhang, Zhao Guo, Bowen Liu
Under the background of global warming, extreme weather phenomena occur frequently,and the number of natural disasters increases slowly.Rainstorm disaster is a common natural disaster,which has a significant impact on nature and society.Based on the daily rainfall data of 13 meteorological observation...
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Multi-source analysis of severe convection weather induced by a supercell storm in Hengshui

Hao Song, Yuting Zhang
The severe convection weather induced by a supercell storm in Hengshui from north to south on June 13th, 2018 was analyzed by using the meteorological data from MICAPS, the data of the microwave radiometer from Hengshui Meteorological Bureau, the data of wind-profiling radar in Jizhou District of Hengshui,...
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Analysis on the Disaster Caused by Qiongshan Earthquake in 1605

Jiu-chang Hu, Hui Zhang, Xiao-ling Xie, hui-lin Wang
The 7.5 magnitude great earthquake occurred in Qiongshan of Hainan Province ,on July 13, 1605. it didn’t only destroy a large number of houses, but also caused a large area of land subsidence in the Dongzhaigang area where the epicenter was located, however, it didn’t completely sink to the bottom...
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Spatial-temporal Variation of climate comfort in Qinhuangdao in the past 53 years

Jing Xu, Xianmei Lu, Zhigang Liu, Jinmei Song
Based on meteorological data in the past 53 years (1966-2018), this paper analyzes the climate comfort changes in Qinhuangdao by using the method of climate comfort evaluation and trend analysis. The results show that the climate comfort changes in the northern mountainous area of Qinhuangdao, the central...
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Study on the Time Series Features of Earthquake and Tsunami Deaths

Haoyu Wu, Xinyan Wu, Yao Lu, Hongwei Li
In this paper, 18 earthquake cases from 1996 to 2017 and four earthquakes cases that caused tsunami and killed more than 2,000 people since 2000 were selected in China. Statistics on the death statistics of earthquakes in were collected. The logistic function was used to fit the data of earthquake...
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Business Exploration in Meteorological Disaster Risk Management Based on Big Data

Xiaolei Chen
Based on the needs of supporting business in meteorological disaster risk management, this article firstly analyze the characteristics of big data and the connotation of meteorological big data, and clarifies the concept of the big data for meteorological disaster defense, which are composed of five...
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Quality Evaluation of Natural Ecological Environment in Linyi City based on RS

Kewei Ma, Yanru Meng, Jiahong Wen
The ecological factors of Linyi City were extracted, using remote sensing and DEM data, and normalized to generate quality evaluation maps of natural ecological environment based on an integrated index method. The results show that the excellent, good, medium and poor classes of Linyi City's natural...
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Overview and Genesis Analysis of the Intense Tropical Cyclone IDAI in the South-West Indian Ocean

Saisai Liu, Dandan Yu, Yija Hu, Xudong Peng
In this paper, the NCEP reanalysis data and the sea surface temperature data are used to diagnose the development process of the intense tropical cyclone “IDAI” generated in the South- West Indian Ocean. The results show that the presence of the high pressure ridge in the northeast and the weak high...
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Impact Mechanism and Risk Assessment of Climate Change on Coastal Economic Development

Feng Wang, Qiang Long, Xinyue Mi, Yue Liu, Ren Zhang
Global climate change characterized by temperature rising has become an indisputable fact, which has become a common problem and a major challenge of the whole world today. Coastal areas are the most significant, most responsive, and most uncertain and diverse regions affected by global climate change....
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Study on Seismicity and Secondary Disaster Countermeasures of Offshore Earthquake of China

Changlong Li
According to statistics, there have been about 420 earthquakes with M6 or higher in China's coastal and offshore areas since the record, including 63 earthquakes with M7 or higher and 3 earthquakes of M8 and above, showing high major earthquake seismicity. At the same time, due to the economic growth...
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Research on Fire Risk Safety Evaluation of Tank Farm based on Improved Fuzzy AHP Method

Qilei Wang, Benli Li, Xifeng Kang, Fang Zhang, Chunlei Jia, Xiaoming Zhang
From the fire safety point of view, the impact factors and evaluation index of fire safety in tank farm are important to fire safety and fire rescue system. The tank farm fire risk assessment system was structured by multi coupling relationship of fire safety was integrated used and improved fuzzy AHP...