Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Conference on Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Information Science (EEEIS 2016)

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Room temperature ultrahigh pressure extraction in big beautiful crape myrtle leaf 2-α hydroxyursolic acid

Xia Qin, Xiao-Yan Ren, Hong Li
On the basis of single factor experiment, orthogonal test method for 2-α hydroxy for optimizing the extraction technology of ursolic acid, choose L9 (34) orthogonal experiment was carried out to 2-α hydroxy yield of ursolic acid as index, at room temperature (25 øC) under ultra-high pressure, holding...
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An Approximate Deep Hole Algorithm Based on Dual HKZ-Bases of Lattices

Wen-Wen Wang, Ke-Wei Lv
We present a deterministic algorithm in time on input a dual HKZ-basis of a lattice of rank n to nd a point whose distance from at least , where is an integer, , is the input size, and is covering radius of . This provides a method to approximately nd a deep hole. Furthermore, we study the relation between...
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Optimization of the Bay Resources in Substations Based on Hierarchical Model

Wen-Fei Liu, Jun He, Cheng-Gang Shi, Hai-Tao Pan, Tao Chen, Chong Pan, Yi Jiang, Yun-Ting Song, Yin-Shun Wang
The increasing access requirements of distribution network in urban centers and the limited bay resources in power grid have formed a great contradiction. Ac-cordingly, the bay resource optimization method based on hierarchical model is proposed in this paper. Outer planning selects attributive substations...
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Comparison of Typical Hydro Governor Models for the Study of Power System Frequency Characteristics

Ya-Wei Du, Qing Wang, Chang-Ming Jiang, Ya-Zhou Luo, Yue-Qiao Li, Peng Zi, Yun-Ting Song
In this paper, the model of hydro governor used in power system stability calculation is analyzed. According to the traditional model and the characteristics of the dead zone of the modern digital electro - hydraulic model, the effect of the dead zone on the frequency modulation effect is studied. The...
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SFFT based ISAR Imaging

Yu-Zhou Gong, Hong Tao
Basing on the characteristics of radar signal and the algorithms' applicability and performance of different algorithms, this paper selects scientifically the most suitable option for radar imaging among these four sparse fast Fourier transform (SFFT) algorithms: SFFTv1,SFFTv2, SFFTv3 and PS; Evaluates...
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On the innovation and application of texture synthesis technique in image processing

Jing Lu, Ming-Tao Sun
Texture synthesis skill is widely used in fields of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Image Processing and so on. It can efficiently avoid noticeable seams between texture patches and minimize the stretch and distortion of the pattern when tiling a texture on surfaces.This paper focuses on two problems...
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Design and simulation of AC-DC constant current source with high power factor

Hong-Li Cheng, Kuo-Jun Fan, Jian-Nan Wang
The design of high reliability, high efficiency, high power factor and low cost is the development trend of the current switching power supply. Traditional switching power supply, input current of rectifier filter circuit, which contains a large number of harmonics, will cause the power utilization efficiency...
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Low-temperature sausage measurement method based on machine vision

Ming-Xiu Lin, Feng Pan
The adaptive contour extraction of low-temperature sausage image is achieved by the predictive edge detection algorithm according to the human eye's visual characteristics, and the fitting compensation skeleton extraction algorithm is used to extract the skeleton information, and the accurate length...
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Experimental analysis of the artificial contamination flashover characteristics of long insulator strings in 500 kV transmission lines

Yong-Kun Zhu, Guang Sun, Shu-Yong Gao, Wen-Jiang Shi, Da-Peng Xu, Ming-Xing Yu, Xian-Feng Jiang
The flashover voltage of short string insulator is different from long string insulator, and big error could be occurred when using flashover voltages of short string insulators to reckon the ones of long string insulators. In order to reduce this deviation, under the conditions of different equivalent...
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A novel contour extraction algorithm based on dynamic programming in sausage visual inspection system

Liang Gao, Shuai Chen, Yue Ma
In order to overcome the influence of black region or complicated texture and extract a smooth contour, this paper provides a novel contour extraction algorithm based on twice dynamic programming. The final contour is extracted by a weighted average of the two contours, and control points optimization...
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A bitrate clustering recognition algorithm for wireless video transmission

Wen-Juan Shi
The wireless video transmission process, due to the complexity and variability of wireless communication channels, requires the bitrates to be adjusted to match the dynamic wireless channel. An analysis of the video frame quality could be used as an important basis to adjust the wireless video bitrates....
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Spectrum reconstruction for Chang'e-1 imaging interferometer data using modified periodogram method

Feng Zhu, Jia-Hang Liu, Xin Ren, Tie-Qiao Chen, Jia Liu
Imaging Interferometer (IIM) aboard on Chang'e-1 is a Fourier transform imaging spectroscopy. Spectrum reconstruction which converts raw interferometric data to spectral data is crucial to the signal-to-noise (SNR) property and spectral consistency, thus influences the usability of IIM data. Three modified...
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The application prospect analysis of C2F mode in clothing e-commerce

Sha Li, Hong-Zhong Shan
Background and definition of C2F model were clarified in this paper firstly. The strengths of C2F model applied in clothing e-commence were derived from contrastive analysis, The restraining factors of carrying out clothing e-commence C2F model in the current market environments were also analyzed. Based...
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A contour extraction algorithm based on wavelet transform and dynamic contour compensation

Bao-Yan Mu, Shuai Chen, Yue Ma
Contour extraction process is often disturbed by complex backgrounds or foregrounds in the machine vision system. A new contour extraction algorithm is proposed based on wavelet transform and dynamic contour compensation. The wavelet transform method is used to extract the edge of image, and the dynamic...
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The Study of Water Capacitance for Single Electric Cable in Precision Measurement

Jian-Kun Tu, Hai-Ma Yang, Bin Jiang, Jin Liu
A high precision water capacitance measuring system is designed by using a water capacitive sensor, which carries on non-contact measurement in a single electric cable in water. System's fundamental and electric data processing methods have been illustrated through the analysis of object's features....
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Analysis of Automobile Load Signal Based on AR Model

Hong-Feng Wei
The AR model was used to extract the simulation of the automobile load signal in this article. By the proper sample data, the feature vector of different automobile load signal can achieve the requirements of load determination with parameter model method. Experimental results showed that the feature...
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The research of export enterprises implement the model of cross-border E-commerce strategy selection

Bing Li, Hong-Zhong Shan
Cross-border E-commerce is becoming an important way of Chinese foreign trade enterprises to expand the international market. This paper aims to guide foreign trade enterprises from the traditional "offline trade" to "online transactions" cross-border e-business model changes and then to help enterprises...
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Application of Dynamic Resistance Measurement in the Contact Ablation Assessment of High Voltage SF6 Circuit Breaker

Jing-Gang Yang, Ya-Kui Liu, Shan Gao, Ke Zhao, Hong-Tao Li, Guo-Gang Zhang
High voltage circuit breakers are most important protective device in power system. The contact ablation may cause the failure of circuit breaker and endangers the safety of the power system. Dynamic resistance measurement (DRM) is considered to be an effective assessment technique for contact ablation...
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Design of miniaturized dual-mode microstrip bandpass filter based on a novel fractal resonator

Hong-Shu Lu, Tao Xie, Jing-Jian Huang, Nai-Chang Yuan
In this letter, a fractal structure used for the miniaturized design of microstrip bandpass filter (BPF) is presented. A new resonator called Greek cross fractal resonator (GCFR) in this paper was constructed by combining the proposed fractal structure with a traditional dual-mode meandered loop resonator....
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Deceptive jamming method for countering ISAR based on electromagnetic scattering property

Ning Tai, Chao Wang, Nai-Chang Yuan, Li-Guo Liu, Long Xiong
A frequency domain deceptive jamming method is proposed against ISAR based on the electromagnetic property. The RCS of a 3-D vessel model is computed to build up the target template. The template is used to modulate the intercepted radar signal in frequency domain. Containing the electromagnetic scattering...
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A kind of vehicle millimeter wave SAR system

Kai-Bo Cui, Chen Xi, Jing-Jian Huang, Nai-Chang Yuan
The airborne and spaceborne SAR system are not universal access to a large area due to its higher cost and harsh demand conditions. This paper presents a vehicle millimeter wave SAR system. According to the features and application needs of the platform, this system uses range migration algorithm (RMA)....
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Electricity detection system based on power line carrier communication

Xin-Yu Yang, Lin Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Qi-Shuang Ma
In order to reduce communication invest, the electricity detection system based on power line communication (PLC) was studied in this paper. At first, the research status of PLC technology and application prospects was expounded. Then, the overall design of the system and modules was introduced. Next,...
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Comparison and analysis of temperature rise characteristic of cable under the tunnel and pipe

Hong-Lei Li, Zhen-Peng Zhang, Shao-Xin Meng, Song-Hua Liu, Shu-Lian Xie
In order to analyze the difference between temperature rise and the current carrying capacity of cable lines in pipe and tunnel, this paper first analyzes the temperature rise under the laying condition of tunnel and pipe and the calculation method of load flow, and applied the same test current on a...
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Design and Implementation of the LwIP in Embedded System

Man-Qing Hu, Geng-Xin Liu, Xiao-He Liu, Yi-Fei Jian
This paper realizes TCP/IP communication basing on EMAC of TMS320DM642 as the design platform. This paper analyzes the operation principle of the modules and the structure of light-weight TCP/IP protocol stack. Through the transplantation of LwIP in TMS320DM642, we realize the basic functionality of...
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Research on application of logistics information service platform based on mobile terminal

Wen-Dong Zhao, Fen-Fen Li, You-Dong Zhang
This paper analyzes the problems existing in the small and medium logistics enterprises, and points out that the small and medium logistics enterprises should reduce the logistics cost effectively through the cooperation, mutual aid and informatization in the development of the logistics enterprises....
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A real-time interactive stereo display platform for 3D medical images

Bing Chen, Xiao-Jian Zhang, Wang-Lin Ke, Lu-lu Xie, Jun-Hai Wen
In recent years, three-dimensional display technology has developed rapidly, and its applications in medical, scientific research and games are very attractive. The research and development of magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), computed tomography(CT), ultrasonography(US) and other medical imaging equipment...
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Viable system model of transnational corporation organizational management based on human-electron analogy

Kun Shi
Transnational corporations are faced with the organizational management problem in the Internet age because of the complicated economic globalization. Viable system model is introduced to solve the problem as it provides the structure to survive in complex ecological environment and shall make the different...
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Face illumination processing using nonlinear dynamic range adjustment and gradientfaces

Zhi-Jun Yang, Xiang-Fei Nie, He Xue, Wen-Yi Xiong
In this paper, a novel illumination processing approach based on nonlinear dynamic range adjustment and gradientfaces is discussed. Firstly, the grayscale of face image is adjusted by nonlinear dynamic range adjustment using hyperbolic sine function in logarithm domain. After finishing the adjustment,...
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Automatic Passenger Counting System for Bus Based on RGB-D Video

Feng Li, Fu-Wei Yang, Hai-Wei Liang, Wen-Ming Yang
Counting the number of passengers getting in/out of a bus in each station is a challenging task in smart bus field. To solve the problem, this paper presents a method of automatic people counting for a bus based on a RGB-D video, a zenithal camera in the bus door capturing the passengers flow is set,...
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Ionosphere-grid-aided fast acquisition algorithm of a satellite FFH telemetry signal

Xiao Chen, Li-Yi He, Wei-Zhi Li, Shuai Yu
Coherent Fast Frequency Hopping (FFH) spread spectrum signals effectively improve the ability to fend off forwarding jamming and interception of a satellite anti jamming communication system. However the acquisition of FFH signal is influenced by the frequency-selective ionosphere delays. The global...
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Estimation method of unbalanced power grid voltage in PWM Rectifier control system

Wen-Shao Bu, Pei-Pei Dong
To achieve the self-sensing detection of unbalanced power grid voltage, control system under the unbalanced power grid conditions are analyzed. Then the positive and negative sequence virtual flux of power grid is separated; then an estimation algorithm of unbalanced power grid voltage is presented by...
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A Novel Vector-Scalar Architecture for Mobile Baseband Processing

Si-Lei Shen
The fast development of wireless communication protocols brings in big challenges for designing mobile baseband processor. In this paper, we propose a novel multi-core vector-scalar architecture with heuristic instruction set that can achieve high performance processing with budgeted power consumption...
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The terminal HVDC model and DC voltage slope control strategy based on MMC

Si-Si Shi, Xin-Yan Zhang, Bo-Wen Liu, Guan-Qi Zhang
In order to study the MTDC model and control strategy based on modular multilevel converter, Firstly, according to the working principle of MMC, The mathematical model in the DQ coordinate system of the multi-terminal direct current based on voltage source converter is deduced. Secondly, according to...
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Image identification based on ARMA model

Ya-Qiong Yan, Cai-Cheng Shi, Zhi-Yi He
An image identification method based on ARMA model is introduced in this paper. Firstly, build the ARMA model for the most common image of a certain kind and then make predictions for the image to be distinguished line by line, and calculate the high order statistics of the residuals at the same time....
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An ECCM Scheme for Multi-False Targets Jamming Based on Orthogonal Diversity

Wen-Dong Chen, Ya-Qiong Yan, Zhi-Yi He
According to the initial value sensitivity of chaos-based frequency modulation signals and Doppler-delay coupling characteristic of chirp signals, two kinds of orthogonal pulse diversity signals are proposed for suppressing multi-false targets jamming produced by DRFM repeat jammer in this work. With...
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Expression recognition of "quiet beauty"

Li-Na Li, Zhi-De Li, Qing-Min Liao, Wen-Ming Yang
Expression is a non-linguistic communication means to express inner feelings of human; the basic expressions such as anger, hate, fear, sorrow, joy and surprise are studied in depth in the research field, but there are relatively fewer literatures on quantitative research of microexpression. In the Paper,...
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Study on the Effects of Defects on the AC Corona Characteristics of Stranded Conductors

Kai He, Xing-Liang Jiang, Zhen-Yu Li
Defects can come into being on the surface of stranded conductors, which will affect the corona onset voltage (COV) of conductors. To unveil the regularities of defects' impacts on the COVs, a series of AC corona tests of different defective conductors were carried out in a corona cage. Relationships...
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Anomaly detection of online monitoring data of power equipment based on association rules and clustering algorithm

Yu-Xiang Cai, Li-Jun Cai, Zhou Lu
With the continuous research and development of smart grid and energy Internet, as well as the rapid construction of power transmission and transformation equipment in various places, the amount of data collected from the equipment is also increasing. To dig out the effective information must be to ensure...
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An improved low power Viterbi decoder in System-on-Chips

Rong Gao, Li-Xing Tang, Shan Cao
The (2,1,7) convolutional codes have become the standard encoding method of satellite communication system. Based on an optimized structure, a low power (2,1,7) Viterbi decoder with trace-back length of 32 is presented in this paper. New structure of add-compare-select(ACS) unit is exploited to reduce...
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A phase difference detection method implementation based on DFT in multi-band SAR system

Qiang Liu, Xue-Ying Cai, Ming Xu, Shan Cao
In order to satisfy the requirement of image registration in multi-band SAR system, a controlling unit with real time phase difference detection was implemented using in this paper. The phase difference detection was based on the DFT method combined with undersampling technique. This paper also provides...
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Design and simulation research of micro-source inverter comprehensive test device in microgrid

Zhong-Lin Zhang, Tao Wang, Hong Bai, Bao-Guo Li, Kai Zhao, Yu Zhang
Design scheme of comprehensive testing device is given to test the performance of on-grid operation and off-grid operation of micro source inverter in micro-grid. In order to realize zero steady-state error tracking of analog signal, parallel composite control strategy of PI and repetitive control is...
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Research on control strategy based on multi-mode switching of photovoltaic grid connected inverter

Zhong-Lin Zhang, Tao Wang, Hong Bai, Bao-Guo Li, Tao Cong, Xi Li
Aim at making the grid connected inverter controlled in a targeted manner; a control strategy based on multi-mode switching is presented in this paper. Combined with operation status of PV grid connected system, the operation of grid connected inverter can be divided into the following four kinds of...
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Finger Vein and Finger Dorsal Texture Recognition Joint Optimization based on Sparse Representation

Jun Li, Hai-Wei Liang, Wen-Ming Yang
We introduce the sparse binary pattern (SBP),which is a feature extract method combined SRC with LBP.SBP is robust to illumination. In the paper, we put forward improvement in two directions: multi-value pattern and weighted pattern. Drawing lessons Finger Vein and Finger Dorsal Texture on LTP, we propose...
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Study on VFTO of XiMeng UHV substation 1000kV GIS substation

Xiu-Cheng Su, Bo-Han Liu, Li Bo, Guo-Zeng Yan, Xiang-Ping Ni, Zhen-Tao Liu
This paper presents the VFTO calculation and analyzing results of XiMeng UHV pilot project in China. The result shows that the maximum voltage amplitude of VFTO in GIS is 1981kV, so that the pre-insert switching on off resistance is not necessary to installed on disconnector. In this case , it will reduce...
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Study On Islanding Detection Methods for Distributed System

Bo-Han Liu, Li Bo, Guo-Zeng Yan, Xiang-Ping Ni, Zhen-Tao Liu
Islanding in power system can be intentional or unintentional. In the past most of the methods were developed for the phenomenon of unintentional islanding. Recently as the distributed generator (DG) sources are able to control voltage and frequency in the islanded part, the phenomenon of unintentional...
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A research of high conversion efficiency power supply

Xiao-Jun Chen, Yi-Lin Jin, Xiao-Ping Zhang, Xu-Dong Song, Ying-Song Deng
The development of smart grid is more and more rely on the improvement of online monitoring device, and the development of power supply technology is the key to improve the level of online monitoring. In this paper, a design of a high conversion efficiency inductive power supply is proposed. A low-loss...
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Research on the circulating current suppression strategy of parallel operation of multiple cophase supply devices

Jing-Hua Zhou, Qiang Song, Xing-Yang Han, Yi-Kun Pan
At present, the traction supply system of electrified railways has adopted phase rotation power supply technique, the power supply mode results in electrical phase-splitting of the contact line, which reduces the capacity and safety of electric locomotive. By ensuring the output voltage strict accordance...
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The measurement of overhead conductor's sag with DLT method

Fang Ye, Meng Tian, Xing Zhang, Zhi-Yong Gan, Xin He, Zhang-Qi Wang
The overhead conductor sag calculation is put forward combined with image analysis technology based on DLT theory in this paper. Moreover, the simulation experiment is carried on and the measurement error is also analyzed. The attentions needed in practical operation are also provided. The result shows...
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Domain adaptation of web data extraction based on bootstrapping method

Dong-Lan Liu, Xin Liu, Lei Ma, Hao Yu, Yong Zhao, Guo-Dong Lv
With the fast development of electric power enterprise information, special structured storage and management system is becoming more and more important. As a uniform interface for multitude of data sources, the efficiency to extract unstructured and semi-structured data existing in webpage is a key...
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MFCC combined with sparse coding for sound event classification under different noise environments

Jia-Min Mao, Yun-Peng Wu, Li-Yang Liu, Wei-Feng Li
In recent years, the most popular method for sound event classification can be classified into two types: 1) Extract MFCC or PLP, then train classifier for classification; 2) Convert sound into spectrogram, then use the method of image classification. However, the two methods have not achieved satisfied...
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The design of a high-temperature MEMS pressure sensor with integrated temperature compensation and signal-conditioning circuits

Zong Yao, Wang-Wang Li, Di-Ya Zhang, Lei Qi, Bin Zhang, Cheng Lei, Xin Li, Ting Liang, Ji-Jun Xiong
A high-temperature MEMS pressure sensor with integrated temperature compensation and signal-conditioning circuits is reported in this work. The paper introduces the design and fabrication of the sensor, including the pressure-sensitive chip, the temperature compensation method, the signal-conditioning...
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Robust speech recognition by selecting mel-filter banks

Yun-Peng Wu, Jia-Min Mao, Wei-Feng Li
Mel-filterbank energies is a key feature that is widely employed in automatic speech recognition(ASR) system. It arises from a sub-band spectrum typically. But when the noise exists in the background, Mel-filterbank energies can not be easy to estimated accurately. In this paper, the fact that the trajectories...
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A study on new customer satisfaction index model of smart grid

Ze-San Liu, Zhuo Yu, Ai-Qiang Dong
The smart grid has been being built by State Grid Corporation, Inevitably, which must have a profound impact on customers. Based on the famous Fornell ECSI model, a new index model called SGCSI has been established according to the characteristics of the smart grid, which created a new index evaluation...
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Research on fault feature extraction method of abnormal noise of diesel engine based on wavelet energy spectrum

Bin Zhou, Hui-Juan Feng, Shi-Jiu Jin
A data acquisition system has been designed to capture the vibration signal for the engines. A test has been carried out for the vibration signal acquisition of piston knock and piston pin knock of 5.9L Cummins 6BT diesel engine. The test data has been processed by continuous wavelet transform. The scale-energy...
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The study of a new development method which integrates CO2 huff and puff with factory fracturing in tight oil reservoirs

Li-Jun Lin, Zheng-Ming Yang, Xue-Yan Wang, Ying He, Yun-Yun Wei
The result becomes worse and worse with the increase of multicycle huff and puff. In order to stabilize the oilfield production in tight oil reservoirs, this study proposes a new development method which integrates CO2 huff and puff with factory fracturing technology. Based on the advanced seepage mechanics...
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Study on the design of high thermal efficiency gas stove based on waste heat recovery

Jian-Feng Wu, Xiao-Yun Fu, Yi-Hao Zhu, Han-Xiao Zhou
A new design of high thermal efficiency gas stove which can effectively utilize waste heat of the stove has been proposed by directing at the low thermal efficiency problem of existing open combustion-type gas stoves. Based on practical product investigation, technical methods including introduction...
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Research on error sources analysis of six-axis force sensor

Gui-Cong Wang, Ying-Jun Li, Shu Huang, Yang Sun, Yong Li
Piezoelectric six-axis force sensor is a dynamic force measurement form by using piezoelectric quartz. Piezoelectric effect theory and application fundamental research have been the core issue of the piezoelectric disciplinary research. Piezoelectric six-axis force sensors generally require multiple...
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Study on the coordinated control of the bed temperature and the main steam pressure in the circulating fluidized bed boiler

Peng-Yuan Zhou, Pu Han
The bed temperature and the main steam pressure of the circulating fluidized bed boiler have the characteristics of nonlinearity, time variation and multi variable coupling, conventional control method is difficult to achieve the desired control effect. Therefore, based on the above problems, this paper...
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Application of the state observer in optimal control system

Hao Xu, Ze Dong
In today's industry, optimal control system which has reliable, stable performance and good man-machine interface is widely used. And state observer can solve the problem of the state reconstruction of the controlled system and create the condition for realizing state feedback. In this paper, the application...
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Development and control of a shifting performance test bench equipped with ac servo drive shifting manipulator

Yong Luo, Yu-feng Cao, Xue Zhao, Ling-Yu Feng
Shifting performance of Manual Transmission is very important for users and manufactures of Manual Transmission. Traditionally, shifting performances were tested on test bench equipped with pneumatic shift manipulator, which was low efficiency, low control accuracy and noisy. In order to improve test...
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Optimization of main steam temperature control system based on improved electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm

Gui-Quan Xiong, Xiao-Yan Wang, Dong-Feng Wang
In this paper, according to a thoughtful study of electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm, proposing a method of parameters optimization for PID controller based on the improved electromagnetism- like mechanism algorithm. Aiming at these problems that the initial population in the original algorithm...
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Configurations and singularity of hybrid mechanism

Jian-Guo Luo, Mao-Yan He
Methods to analysis the DOF(degree of freedom) and singularity of pure serial and pure parallel manipulator, which cannot be used to the hybrid manipulator directly, three type of practical topological units and one type of virtual topological unit adopted, Synthesis method of topological dimensionality...
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Sensitivity analysis of input parameters of hybrid manipulator

Jian-Guo Luo, Mao-Yan He
Exclusive solution can be found with the presupposition of the kinematical platform of Cartesian serial-parallel manipulator maintain the special shape, practical example carried out on the sensitivity of six input kinematical parameters to output spindle's position and pose, different importance of...
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Moving capability of mechanism based on topological graph theory

Jian-Guo Luo, Mao-Yan He
Based on the analysis of current developing state of graph theory, define the description of spacial moving capability of common couples and translation base and rotation base of mechanism, based on the new description method in topological graph theory. DOF(degree of freedom) of hybrid mechanism analyzed...
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Improved grey-correlation mode for analyzing influence of landslide factors at slope stability

Hua Fan, Hua-Shu Yang, Jun Yang, Wei Dong
Conventional grey theory has flaws for analysing landslide factors, so grey-correlation was improved by multianalysis, in order to availably analyse sensitivity of landslide factors on slope stability. Then worst factor would be found out for slope stability, and engineering reinforcement would have...
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A discrete tracking-differentiator design for active vibration control in maglev systems

Zhi-Zhou Zhang, Yun-De Xie
A second-order linear differentiator with small phase-delay and amplitude attenuation based on a fast synthesis function is presented for active vibration control in maglev systems. The discrete linear structure of the differentiator is given and its tracking and filtering ability is analyzed in time...
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Design and implementation of automatic test system based on network

Yong Xie, Zhen-Yu Wang, Si-Fang Liu, Li-Li Xia
Based on the analysis of the interface relationship of each type of equipment, a set of automatic test system is developed by the unified interface. Four modules are designed for this purpose: I/O module, A/D module, protocol conversion module and microwave network module. The software of the host computer...
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The flow characteristics of two loop tubesin junction at ends

Yu-Chao Song
Aiming at the flow characteristics of tubes, this work analyzed the different cases of inner flow in loop tubeby CFD, and the cases were determined according to the different radius of tube section. The CFD analysis results show that with the increase of radius, the highest velocity at mixing point decreases...
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The influence of wall roughness on tunnel ventilation friction

Yun-Xiao Xin, Ya-Qiong Wang, Yi-Kai Wu
To study the effect of surface roughness on the ventilation tunnel wall friction coefficient, the fluent software model was used by changing the height and distance of the tunnel roughness elements and cross-sectional diameter to observe the influence of these control factors in tunnel ventilation. The...
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Influence on TSPR's flight envelope by turbocharger

Shi-Chang Liu, Jiang Li, Xu-Zhao Yang, Yang Liu, Kai Liu
In this article, the influence on the flight envelope of turbocharged solid propellant ramjet (TSPR) by turbocharger was studied by TSPR's performance prediction program. By those studies, some conclusions were obtained as follows: (1) to increase the compressor's pressure ratio could only expand the...
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Aerial targets threat evaluation method

Lei Wang, Zheng-Guo Liu, Wei Wang
Starting with the systematic analysis of aerial target threat assessment problem of warship aerial defence combat, thoroughly studied the essential procedure of aerial target threat assessment under the system-combat condition of synthesis shipborne electronic war weapon, ship-to-air missile and aerial...
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Design of intelligent vehicle control system based on machine visual

Ai-Juan Li, Wan-Zhong Zhao, Si-Ming Fang, Gang Xu, Hui-Jun Wang
In order to improve the control system's accuracy and adaptability of the intelligent vehicle, this paper designs the control system of the smart intelligent car. In this paper, a control system of the smart intelligent car is designed, the control system including hardware system and software system....
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Study on the relationship between the gray value of the image in the vicinity of the weld pool and the instantaneous voltage in CO2 welding

Xiao-Gang Liu, Tian-Yuan Liu, Shi Huang
Since the region near the CO2 welding of short circuiting transfer process of weld pool of light intensity changes, seriously affect the real-time and reliability of weld seam feature extraction, the application and development of CO2 welding seam tracking technology based on vision has been severely...
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Research on a new wire feeder with automatic braking feature

De-Min Wang, Jian Zhang, Rong-Shuai Liu
Aiming at the shortcomings of the existing wire feeders, in this paper we design a new wire feeder which adopts pneumatic brake and new design of shafting to achieve the function of prompt braking which could significantly improve the security and reduce the labor intensity of workers. We also simulated...
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Development of multi-function CNC system for teaching based on virtual prototype technology

Tian-Cheng Huang, Bin Jiao, Chun Sha, Gui-Cheng Wang
This paper presents a new Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system which can be applied to teaching demonstration. The overall design features of the CNC system are systematically expounded and the application of virtual prototype in the development of multi-function system is introduced, which comes...
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Educational data mining for decision-making: a framework based on student development theory

Xiao-Feng Lei, Ming Yang, Yi Cai
Applying Educational Data Mining (EDM) for decision making is an emerging interdisciplinary research field. From the view of student development, this paper presents a framework for educational decision making, which can explore some laws and characteristics in student development to improve educational...
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The Analysis and Design of Online Examination System Based on B/S

Guo-Quan Weng, Xin-Hua Zheng, Yu-Bin Zhang
Nowadays, with the university expansion and the increase of students' number, traditional written examination model is still adopted by universities, colleges and social organizations. There exist many problems in written examinations, such as complex exam procedures and prone errors. With the rapid...
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One Oriented-Web Performance Test Scheme Based on PerformanceRunner

Yue-Hua Ding, Ri-Hua Xiang
The web application performance testing is gaining wide attention due to popularization of Web application rapidly. To improve performance test efficiency, this paper chose domestic performance test tool PerformanceRunner to study, and presented one oriented-web performance test scheme based on PerformanceRunner....
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A single stage based on ARM PFCLED drive power control method

Hong-Li Cheng, Jian-Nan Wang
The traditional power factor correction (PFC) LED drive power due to its input rectifier circuit for nonlinear circuits, can bring a large number of high frequency current to power grid harmonic, the rectifier bridge after large capacitor filter will reduce the conduction Angle of input voltage, reducing...
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Visualization platform design of failure outage risk assessment based on GIS

Peng Liu, Wan-Xing Sheng, Guang-Xian Lv, Xian-Guo Kang, Wei Meng, Zi-Jin Li
With the development of science and technology, a large amount of intermediate data is generated by computer needed to process by visualization technology, in order to achieve computer-aided analysis, reproduction of the objective. Modern data visualization refers to translate the data into the graphics...
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The application of Galois fields operation with chaos mapping in digital image encryption

Bing Liu, Qiang Chen
A new digital image encryption method is proposed by introducing a chaos mapping combining matrix operations on Galois fields. The original image is mapped into two matrices by using chaos mapping, and then the original image matrix is processed sequentially with the two matrices over a Galois field...
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A trusted routing algorithm based on D-S evidence theory combined with physical layer security

Lin Ma, Chong Tan, Jun Pan, Kai Yu
With the rapid development of the communication technology, the traditional routing algorithms which only consider functional QoS metrics are difficult to meet the needs of applications. In this paper, we propose a trusted routing algorithm to overcome this problem. First, we propose a trust evaluation...
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Design and implementation of constrained predictive control simplified algorithm based on particle swarm optimization

Kai-Chen Wang, Ping Ma
In order to achieve the purpose of reducing the calculation quantity and improving the computation speed of predictive control, an aggregation algorithm was proposed to design the predictive control simplified algorithm. At the same time, consider the actuators' outputs with restrictions in industrial,...
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A liquid level control system based on LabVIEW and MATLAB hybrid programming

Zhen Li, Ping Ma, Wei Liang
This control system is designed for process control experiment platform, which combines the advantages of LabVIEW and MATLAB , avoid the shortcomings of the two. Double tank water level control is the object of the system, using PCI data acquisition card to collect the data and send control signals,...
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An Efficient Approximation Algorithm for Traffic Engineering in Software Defined Networks

Gang Wang, Gang Feng, Shuang Qin, Mu Yan, Yan-Tao Guo
In this paper, we focus on the efficient algorithm for solving the multi-commodity flow problems involved in TE and develop an improved approximation algorithm (i-FPTAS) based on the Fully Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme (FPTAS), with aim of greatly improving computational efficiency without compromising...
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Planar array pattern null steering by controlling the side elements

Zhong-Hui Zhao, Hui-Ling Zhao, Yong-Chao Xu
In this article, a new planar array nulling approach which only adjusts the phase of the side elements was proposed. In this approach, pattern nulling problem was modeled as a constraint problem and solved by -self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm. Simulation results show that the proposed method...
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A study on the combination of singular cancellation and AIM

Ming-Xuan Zheng, Hui-Ling Zhao, Zhong-hui Zhao
Near-singularity and far-filed storage in impedance matrix were two difficulties in MoM. In this paper, some simple methods, based on the Duffy transformation, were effectively used in dealing with the near-singularity. For the far part, AIM(Adaptive Integration Method) was used to reduce not only the...
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A complex neural network algorithm for computing the largest sum of real part and imaginary part of eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenvector of a real normal matrix

Hang Tan, Li-Ping Wan, Rong Ye, Xue-Song Liang, Zhao-Yao Wu
In this study, we proposed a novel complex neural network algorithm, which extends the neural networks based approaches that can asymptotically compute the largest modulus of eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenvector to the case of directly computing the largest sum of real part and imaginary part...
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Crowd flow forecast based on SOM neural network in application of energy-saving lighting

Jun-Feng Xu, Li-Xin Ma
Generally the common lights-control is set in the mode of preset time control, which cannot be adjusted and would not meet the requirements of fine and smart control, so the plug-in of Artificial intelligence algorithms can make a big change of common made. SOM (self-organizing feature map network) is...
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Jamming method based on dynamical convolution against ISAR

Zhong-Gan Bai, Xing-Song Deng, Wen-Jun Xu, Kun Shu
A new active jamming method based on dynamical convolution against Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) is set up in this paper. The traditional scatter jammer is non-cooperative with the dispenser's gesture, which makes ISAR easy to identify it. The new jamming strategy improves it in two steps....
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Unmanned Ground Vehicle Positioning System by GPS/Dead-Reckoning/IMU Sensor Fusion

Meng Zhang, Ke Liu, Chen Li
Real-time positioning system is critical for control and navigation of unmanned ground vehicles. In this paper, we present a low-cost integrated GPS/DR/IMU positioning solution. A two-level adaptive Kalman Filter based algorithm is introduced to fuse sensor signals. Experimental results demonstrate a...
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Proof of Theorems on Multisource Information Theory and Implementation in Wireless Relay Network proceedings

Geng Zhang, Jie Shen, Ou Wang, Lei Lv
In this paper, three theorems on multisource information theory are introduced, then analysis and proof of them are given. Source coding with SI and joint source coding problem can be used in wireless MAC channel, while source coding with one or two helpers can be used in wireless BC channel. Finally...
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Network Optimization for Distributed Memory File System on High Performance Computers

Chun-Jia Wu, Guang-Ming Liu, Xin Liu
On high performance computers, each compute node's demand for memory may be different. Building a distributed file system in idle memory can improve the memory utilization of the whole system. When memory takes place of disk, the Socket-based communication becomes the main bottleneck. As most of current...
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Improved localization algorithm with FDOA measurements

Ya-Xiao Niu, Shan-Wei Shi, Chun-Dong Qi, Zhi-Jie Zheng
Localization with FDOA measurements is an important passive location method. Traditional solution to nonlinear equations is Newton's iterative method. However, this method may encounter convergence problems. This paper proposes an algorithm that can find initial estimates by dividing target area into...
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A novel complex neural network model for computing the largest real part of eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenvector of a real matrix

Rong Ye, Hang Tan, Xue-Song Liang, Ping-Li Wan
A novel complex neural network modelwasproposed, which can be used to compute the largestreal part of eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenvector of a general real matrixin this work. Because of the smart regulatory factorof the model, the largest real part also can be extracted in the case of all...
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A zero velocity intervals detection algorithm based on sensor fusion for indoor navigation systems

Ming Ma, Qian Song, Yang-Huan Li, Zhi-Min Zhou
The Zero-velocity Update (ZUPT)-aided Extended Kalman Filter(EKF) algorithm is commonly deployed to resolve trajectories of pedestrians. To use the ZUPT, it is necessary to detect zero velocity intervals reliably. Existing zero velocity intervals detection algorithms cannot provides good performance...
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Dynamic inversion control of UAV using ANN

Gong-Cai Xin, Wei-Lun Chen
The paper proposes a method to design ANN dynamic inversion controller through online ANN compensating inversion error. It mainly aims at evident shortage of dynamic inversion controller of UAV. A single hidden layer ANN structure is constructed and the stability of the whole closed loop system is proved....
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Model of neutral network sliding design by large envelope flight control law

Wei-Lun Chen, Gong-Cai Xin
In this paper, the neural network sliding mode control design method is studied for the large enveloping flight control law of the model with very different flight parameters. The neural network theory is used to approximate the nonlinear system and eliminate the errors brought by the approximate inversion,...
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Path-following control of remotely operated vehicle based on improved hybrid fuzzy PID control

Lei Zhang, Jia-Wang Chen, Yu-Xia Sun, Shuai Hao
A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is essentially an underwater mobile robot that is controlled and powered by an operator outside of the robot working environment. The issue of 2D path-following control of ROV was studied. Based on single-input fuzzy controller expressed in analytical form, an improved...
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A Method of Continuous Nonlinear Gamma Correction

Xue-Wen Zhang, Hao-Dong Shen, Xiao-Long Xu, Zhuo Zhang
Uneven illumination in image acquisition process often have a serious impact on image processing. For the deficiency of traditional adaptive Gamma correction in the process of light correction, we present a method of continuous nonlinear Gamma correction. The proposed method has effective compensation...