Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Medicine

615 authors
Gao, Zhuoqin
Effect of CEO Power on Executive Pay-Performance Sensitivity: A literature Review
Ge, Yinglong
The Practice of Project-driven Teaching Mode of the Flipped Classroom: In the Design and Application of Database as an Example
Gong, Yuan
Research on Education Reform of Improving Occupation Quality of College Students
Gu, Mangmang
Construction of a Collaborative Platform for Innovation Teaching Based on SNS
Gu, Wenlin
Impacts of Ownership Structure on R&D Investment in GEM companies
Gu, Xufeng
Moral Demands of Outdoor Sports in China from the Perspective of Ethics
Guo, Chuanfu
Research on Vessel Formation Emergency Operation Scheme Optimization based on Fuzzy Decision Theory
Guo, Dan
A Fusion of ECG Signal Identification Method
Guo, Haiyan
Paper Materials in Fashion Design Creative Applications
Guo, Haiyan
About the fashion show music
Guo, Jiansheng
Preparation of a Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Material for Highly Efficient Degradation of Methyl Orange
Guo, Kailin
Study on the Changes of Aster Tataricus Main Chemical Compositions Before and After Honey-Roasting
Guo, Yanhui
A Method of Malicous Application Detection
Guo, Yanhui
Study on Simulated ZMW Attack
Guo, Yinsai
Design for Simulation System of the Aviation Autopilot
Guo, Yinsai
Reliability Analysis for Structure of Airborne Air Conditioner
Han, Xiaori
How to Reform Experiment Courses of Soil and Fertilizer Science
Han, Xiaori
Teaching Experience in Courses of Soil and Fertilizer Science for Horticultural Science Major
Hao, Xianfeng
Domestic Problems and Countermeasures of College Teachers Scientific Research Evaluation System
Hao, Xianfeng
Analysis on Innovation Incentive Policy in China
He, Bolin
Brief Discussion on Students’ Creative Thinking Ability Cultivation in the “Fundamentals of Engineering Materials and the Machinery Manufacturing” Teaching Class
He, Bolin
Bilingual Teaching Exploration and Practice of Engineering Materials and Fundamental of Mechanical Manufacture for the Context of Excellent Engineers
He, Hong
Research of Requirements Selection Method on Trustworthy Constraints
He, Jing
An Economic Analysis of Fog and Haze
He, Jing
Causes And Prevention of Haze
He, Shuangnan
A University’s Perspectives on International Partnership Management
He, Tao
Study on the Marketing Ability Training of Higher Professional Personnel based on SAKT Mode
He, Xudong
Application of Red Envelopes –New Weapon of WeChat Payment
He, Xudong
On Cultivation of non-English Majors’ Autonomous English Learning Capacity
He, Zhile
Orientation Research of Network Security Management in China
Hou, Tisheng
The Compensation Payment Form and Art of Elderly Human Resources in Small And Medium-Sized Energy Enterprises
Hou, Yu
Baduangong Exercise Provides New Insights into Neck Type of Cervical Spondylosis
Hou, Zongyi
Existence and Uniqueness of Almost Periodic Solution for A Class of Nonlinear Delay Integro-differential Equation
Hu, Guo
The Manufacture and Nutritional Analysis of the Nelumbonucifera Jam With Material properties
Hu, Jianfeng
The Five Neural Pathways of Memory
Hu, Jianfeng
Thoughts on 3D Printing
Hu, Jianfeng
Driver Detecting System based on Brain-Computer Interface
Hu, Jianfeng
Design of Intelligent Transportation System based on Hadoop
Hu, Jianfeng
An Android-Based Driver Drowsiness Monitoring System
Hu, Jianfeng
A Framework for Controlling Electric Car Via Brain-Computer Interfaces
Hu, Jianfeng
The Design of the Virtual Driving Experiment Platform based on EEG
Hu, Mingcheng
The Revelation of British Medical Image Engineering and Technology Education
Hu, Na
Implications of Output Hypothesis in College English Translation Course
Hu, Qingqing
Synthesis and Anticancer Activity Of One Novel Thiopyrano[4,3-D]Pyrimidine Derivative Bearing A Indole-hydrazone
Hu, Shangqin
The Manufacture and Nutritional Analysis of the Nelumbonucifera Jam With Material properties
Hua, Zhouyan
Analysis and Implementation of TV-command Computer System
Huang, Daoli
Orientation Research of Network Security Management in China
Huang, Haochen
Research on the Theory of Action Learning
Huang, Lin
Analysis and Research on Sustainable Growth of Environmental Resources Management
Huang, Quanzhou
Research on Risk Analysis and Management in the Software Development Process
Huang, Shuli
Research on Innovation Ability of General Undergraduate Education
Huang, Wenzhun
Research on the Electricity and Information Technology Class Specialized Course Curriculum Reform for Universities
Huang, Wenzhun
A Novel Time-Delay Estimation Methodology Based on Spread Spectrum Communications
Huang, Xu
A University’s Perspectives on International Partnership Management
Huang, Xueling
Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic 13N-NH3 PET Images in Brain Tumors
Huang, Zhihua
DC_18GHz Wideband SPDT Switch
Ji, Feng
Using Grounded Theory Approach for Exploring Factors Affecting the Ineffectiveness of Positive Word-of-Mouth
Ji, Lanfen
The Application Research of CAI in the Information Courses Teaching-Taking Qinghai Normal University as a Case Study
Ji, Zhenyan
Improved Teaching Model for Software Architecture Course
Jia, Jinlun
Research on the Contemporary Value of Yanan Sports Practice Spirit
Jia, Jinlun
Inheriting and Developing the Yanan Sports Practice Spirit Based on Internet Perspective
Jiang, Jiawen
Lipase-Catalyzed Synthesis of S-Naproxenal oleins
Jiang, Manman
MOOC and the Organizational Reform of Chinese Higher Education
Jiang, Ningchuan
Study on the Marketing Ability Training of Higher Professional Personnel based on SAKT Mode
Jiang, Tongzheng
A Model to Predict the Propagation of Ebola
Jiang, Tongzheng
A Drug Delivery System in Controling the Spread of the Disease
Jiang, Yongmin
The Big Data Development Direction of Modern Counting Computerization
Jin, Nanshun
The Comparison of Behavior Patterns between Chinese and South Korean Employees Based on Cultural Dimensions
Jin, Ruixin
Properties of SH-SAWs in Layered Piezomagnetic/Piezoelectric Structures Covered in a Microbeam Array
Jin, Xiaojun
Research on a Parallel Robot for Tea Flushes Plucking
Ju, Su
Exploration and Practice of New Talent Training Model on Military and Local Cooperation
Ju, Xinke
Overview on Inequality Aversion and Credit Fulfillment
Kang, Ligui
A Novel Quantitative Evaluation Approach Based on Neutrality Theory
Ke, Jinchuan
Participants Mixed Strategy in Logistics Finance based on Game Theory
Kuai, Jicai
PDCA Cycle and Six Thinking Hats in the Teaching Reform of Modern Machining Technology
Lei, Peng
The Efficiency Promotion of the Key Techniques in Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet Steel Alloying Process
Li, Daqing
Depth Research of Emergency Logistics Management Information Systems
Li, Fangli
Suspension Performance Analysis and Experiment Optimization Based on K&C Experiment
Li, Feng
Microwave-Assisted Efficient Synthesis of Dialkylated Ureas from Ureas
Li, Hongying
Active Control Based on Finite Element Analysis
Li, Jiguang
Carbon Source and Sink Analysis of Rhizosphere Micro-ecosystem of Calamagrostis Angustifolia in Xiaoxing’anling in Northeast China
Li, Jing
Study on the Factors Influencing the PE Ratio of Baogang Group
Li, Jun
CFD Simulation of Flame Manikin Test for Fire Proof Garment during Flash Fire Exposures and Cooling Phase
Li, Lei
The Construction of Innovative "Optical Fiber and Cable" Teaching Team
Li, Liande
Analysis of the Science Development of the PST - CCE in Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities
Li, Lihong
Reflections on the College Education of Credit Market Knowledge
Li, Linna
Exploration of ways in Ideological and Political Education in University and Research on Entrepreneurship Education
Li, Nan
Research on a Parallel Robot for Tea Flushes Plucking
Li, Qi
A Method of Malicous Application Detection
Li, Qi
Study on Simulated ZMW Attack
Li, Qi
Research on Defense Model of Cascading Failures in Complex Information System Networks
Li, Qiang
The Realistic Difficulties and Countermeasures of Implementation of the "Little Village Official" Policy
Li, Qiang
An Analysis of the Public Product Attribute: the Higher Education for the Disabled
Li, Qingman
Innovation Research on Business Technology Standards: In the Industrial Clusters Environment
Li, Sheng
Study on the Financial Integrationafter the Merger and Acquisition
Li, Shirong
Inheriting and Developing the Yanan Sports Practice Spirit Based on Internet Perspective
Li, Wanzhong
Protective Effect of Rutin Against High Glucose-induced Oxidative Damage in PC12 Cells
Li, Wei
Coping Strategies of Newcomers Quick Departure in the Early Entry: Expectation and Organization Support’s Effect——on Perspective of Organizational Socialization
Li, Weidong
The Analysis of the Factors of English Translation Strategy
Li, Weifang
The Study on the Problems and Solutions of Training Engineering Talent in the Process of New-type Industrialization in China