Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Economics, Management, Law and Education (EMLE 2019)

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Study on Ontological Contours of Future Economic Theory

Alexey Antonov, Andrey Orekhov
The pluralism or monism of economic reality seldom becomes subject of a philosophical reflection. Meanwhile, world crisis of 2008–2009 and correction of mistakes after it made problems of an economic mainstream obvious. Not only the methods applied by the dominating economic theory but also its ontological...
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Recommendations About Improvement of Application of Customs Procedure of Customs Transit in the Russian Federation When Transporting Goods by the Motor Transport

Olga A. Dmitrieva, Elena N. Rudakova, Dmitry E. Morkovkin, Alexey V. Gubin, Alla V. Pavlova, Anton E. Polyakov
In the conditions of the development of a market economy, customs regulation is a state instrument for carrying out foreign economic activity, on whose work depends the development of priority areas of the economy and entrepreneurship, including small and medium-sized businesses. Transport service represents...
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Economic Efficiency Estimation of Region Industrial Complex Functioning in the Context of Subject Economic Interests’ Harmonization of Regional Industrial Policy

Dmitry E. Morkovkin
In this article is developed by the author of the method and algorithm of evaluation of efficiency of functioning of industrial complex of the region, tested on the official statistics data on the organizational-economic situation of the industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Proposed modified...
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Dynamics of Road Infrastructure Support of Russian Regions’ Economic Subsystems

Anna Yu. Kosobutskaya, Mikhail. N. Bakhtin
The article is devoted to the study of road infrastructure service parameters of economic subsystems in Russian regions. The maintained subsystems are the followings: mining, manufacturing, agriculture, investment, construction, trade, value added (gross regional product), population. Taking into consideration...
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Small Business Risks — Entrepreneurs’ Assessments

Yuri. I. Treschevsky, Elena V. Nikishkina, Nikita A Klimov, Pavel D Nikulnikov
The article is devoted to the study of small enterprises’ risks in Russia. The surveyed enterprises incorporated at Voronezh region. However, the territorial scope of their activities is diversified; they have business relations with a wide range of domestic enterprises. This allows us to consider the...
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Prospects for the Development of Digital Economy in the Region: Study on the Example of the Voronezh Region

Irina Bejnar, Olga Myasnyankina, Tatiana Narolina, Marina Samogorodskaya
The upcoming digital transformation of the Russian economy requires the subjects of the Russian Federation to create comprehensive conditions for the widespread introduction of information and communication technologies in order to ensure effective interaction of the economic, social and cultural spheres....
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Digital Use in Assessment of Economic and Social Systems Economic Security

Alexey Molchan, Murat Tleptserukov, Anna Vandysheva
The paper considers the issues and problems of the digitation in the field of analysis and evaluation of the economic security of the region in modern conditions of the Russian economy. The basic concepts and categories of economic security of the region are defined. Methodological approaches to the...
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Improvement of Production Process on the Basis of Application of Principles of Lean Production at the Machine-Building Enterprise

Svetlana Chinazirova, Alexander Mokrushin, Angela Pshizova, Kaplan Tamov
The article discusses the basic methods and principles of lean production as a modern management, based on the desire to eliminate all types of losses. The purpose, principles, tools and systems of lean production are defined. The article assesses the effectiveness of the introduction of lean production...
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Strategic Priorities of Development of Agro–industrial Complex of the Problem Region of Russia

Alexander Alexandrovich Mokrushin, Aslan Alievich Tamov, Saida Aslanovna Khatukay, Bella Ibragimovna Khutyz
The article reveals the aspects of strategic priorities of socio-economic development of the agro-industrial complex substantiation in the problem (budget-deficit) region. Territorial and sectoral features of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Adygea, belonging to the group of problem regions...
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Study on the Possibility of Applying the Tax Policy of the Russian Federation to Influence the Dynamics of the Exchange Rate

Alexander Ishkhanov, Elena Linkevich
The article examines the Russian experience in the field of currency regulation and the instruments that affect the exchange rate of the Russian ruble in crisis conditions. It is justified that the dynamics of the Russian ruble exchange rate depends primarily on the influence of four factors: the state...
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Portfolio Research Based on Neural Network and Multi-Objective Programming

Rongjie Jian, Tingting Ni
In financial investment, risk and benefit coexist. How to balance the benefits and risks and find the optimal investment portfolio is a key issue to be considered by investors. In this research, BP neural network is used to predict the future return on equity (ROE) of asset; a multi-objective programming...
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Exploration on the Application of Blockchain Audit

Chang Cheng, Qunjia Huang
With the rise of Bitcoin, the blockchain technology as its core technology has received wide attention from all walks of life. Blockchain technology demonstrates its potential for audit applications by virtue of decentralization, transparency, and data tampering. This paper starts from the characteristics...
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Opportunities of the Digital Economy for Achieving Competitive Advantage of Firms

Elena Alexandrova, Marina Poddubnaya, Ksenia Shalenaya, Sofia Savvidi
The present article studies the opportunities and constraints of the digital economy, that have a significant impact on how modern firms attain and sustain competitive advantage. Economic agents that manage to use digitalization of business to their best advantage get access to the most innovative methods...
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Analysis of the Effect of China’s Educational Fiscal Expenditure on Poverty Reduction Based on FGT Index*

Qian Li
The role of poverty suppression in education is receiving increasing attention. According to the 1995-2017 China Rural Income Grouping Data, this paper uses the World Bank Povcalnet online poverty measurement tool to measure China’s 1995-2017 FGT index including poverty breadth, poverty depth, and poverty...
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Research on Miller’s Market Defense Theory and Its Enlightenment*

Junfeng Xu
David Miller, a professor on sociology and political science theory in Nuffield College in Oxford and the representative figure of contemporary market socialism, who is against the prevailing refuted criticism on “market” and constructed the famous Market Defense Theory. Namely, market can provides many...
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Economic Identity of Different Generations of Russians*

Victoria Mukha, Elena Klochko, Olga Brizhak, Daria Vakhrameeva
The article is devoted to the study of economic identity of different age groups of Russians. The authors presented a theoretical analysis of the category of “economic identity”, described the characteristics of the structure and content of this socio-psychological phenomenon. The cognitive component,...
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IPO — The Pattern of Hierarchy with a Variety of Alternatives upon Criteria

Igor V. Shevchenko, Svetlana. N. Tretyakova, Natalya N Avedisyan, Natalya V. Khubutiya
A book is dedicated to the discussion about the ways to find solutions for the questions and closely related questions of IPO’s strategy as the pattern of hierarchy with a variety of alternatives upon criteria. Fundamentally, this book consists of a systematic introducing to the theory of relative value...
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Urban Agglomerations as Centers of Regional Economic Development*

Konstantin Getmantsev, Tatyana Myasnikova, Evgeniya Atamas, Kristina Silchenko
The present article studies the issues of evaluating the potential of large urban agglomerations for attracting financial and investment resources into the regional economic system. By the example of the Krasnodar urban agglomeration, the authors study the place and role of agglomerations in modern regional...
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Research on Marx’s Income Distribution Theory: a Literature Review

Xing He
The issue of income distribution is an important part of Marxist political economy. In recent years, with the continuous emergence of problems in the field of income distribution in China, the research on Marx’s income distribution theory has gradually increased. Based on the integration of data, this...
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Structural Industry Modernization as a Factor of Innovative Development of a Region’s Economy*

Eva Frizovna Khandamova, Mikhail Borisovich Shchepakin, Aleksandr Vasilyevich Rodin, Viktor Anatolyevich Gubin
The article highlights the factors that may affect structural modernization of the industrial production sphere. Its economic substance and managerial identity are revealed. A conceptual model of managing functioning and development of a region’s industrial complex in the way of the “restructuring” factor...
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Research on the Influence of Chinese Fiscal Decentralization on Regional Economy Against the Tax Distribution System

Ruijing Xuan, Yuqin Zhang, Xuekun Li
Since the reform and opening up, fiscal decentralization reform is an important part of China’s economic transformation, and is closely related to market-oriented reform. Under the tax distribution system, the reform and improvement of fiscal decentralization system has great theoretical and practical...
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Investigation and Research on the Financial Literacy of Rural Residents in Wuling Mountainous Area Against the Background of Rural Revitalization*

Zhengwang Li, Kai Wang
Based on the field research of the financial literacy and financial needs of rural residents in Wuling mountainous area, this paper understands the basic situation, financial awareness, financial knowledge, financial behavior, financial skills and Internet resources of rural residents, and understands...
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The Model of the Virtual Relations Infrastructure of Socioeconomic Systems and Information Technologies of the Regional Agro–industrial Complex*

Vladimir Novikov, Elena Klochko, Rustem Shichiyakh, Julia Galitskaya
The virtual form of operation in socio-economic systems of the agro-industrial complex is becoming a promising trend in the Russian economy. Virtualization of socio-economic systems in the agro-industrial sector necessitates studying the infrastructure and tools of this business organization form. By...
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The Empirical Study of Shareholding Structure and Firm Performance in China

Liling Yang, Pocheng Ko
Three research hypotheses are proposed for the relationship between enterprise performance and ownership structure by measuring enterprise performance with economic value added. The empirical results show that hypothesis 1 is supported; the ratio of state shares is negatively correlated with corporate...
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Islamic Banking in the Global Financial System: Current Situation and Global Environment

Vladimir Novikov, Elena Britikova, Elena Yarushkina, Lydia Kovalenko
It happens with ever-increasing frequency that the modern world financial system, based on the theories and practices by Western economists, malfunctions and results in global crises. In this regard, the USA and European economists themselves doubt this system’s universality and applicability to all...
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Business Algorithm for the Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Technologies in the Activity of Agro–industrial Enterprises of the Region

Elena Klochko, Vladimir Novikov, Maria Rybyantseva, Lydia Kovalenko
The present research is aimed at making provisions on introducing a business algorithm for lean manufacturing technologies implementation into the activity of agro-industrial enterprises of the region. Affected by sanctions, agro-industrial enterprises choose new development thrusts, performant methods...
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“Green” Financing for National Sustainable Development*

Evgeniya Atamas, Maria Bitarova, Elena Belyaeva, Veronika Panaseykina
The system of green financing for purposes of sustainable development is considered in this article. The system of green financing is being developed across two scales, which are financial market and environmental performance in all of its aspects, including manufacturing process management and rendering...
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The Spatial Effects of Trade and OFDI of China in “the Belt and Road” Regions*

Ao Lei, Yixiang Tian
The authors use the Moran’s I index to test the univariate spatial correlation of trade and investment from china in “the Belt and Road” areas and construct spatial lag panel models for export, import and investment in two weighted matrices: geo-distance and economic disparities to analyze the spatial...
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Innovative Mechanisms of Investing in the Development of the Regional Knowledge Economy*

Konstantin Getmantsev, Vladimir Ermolenko, Darya Lanskaya, Boris Pedanov
The article discusses the ways of solving the ongoing scientific and practical problem associated with purposeful financing of a strategizing process conductive to the development of “smart” economy based on designing, by means of financial engineering, of financial infrastructure, new financial institutions,...
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The Problems of Defining the Development Directions for the Territories Comprising a Large Urban Agglomeration*

Konstantin Getmantsev, Tatyana Myasnikova, Vera Otarova, Yuri I. Treschevsky
The article studies the issues of evaluating the economic role of individual territories comprising a large urban agglomeration. By the example of the Krasnodar urban agglomeration and its constituent entity — the Dinskoy District, the authors attempt to identify the processes, threats and opportunities...
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Study on the Mechanism of Action for Influence Factors on the Growth of Chinese New Energy Enterprises*

Jian Yuan, Yuxing An
The development of new energy industry will be a long-term process, during which the growth of new energy enterprises will play a crucial role in the future development of new energy industry. From the perspective of economics and management, the author discusses the growth drivers of new energy enterprises,...
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Review of Research on Sharing Economy: Based on CiteSpace Visual Literature Analysis

Zhuolin Cao
Recently, the development of sharing economy had a significant impact on human life and national economy. This paper took 480 literatures in the CNKI database from 2013- 2019 with themes or topics related to the sharing economy, analyzed the hot issues and evolution path of China’s sharing economy by...
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Developing Innovation Activity of Industrial Enterprises Against the Background of Digitalization of the World Economy

Olga Nikulina, Liudmila Ponomarenko, Anastasia Perova, Vladimir Pokul
The article discloses the main directions for developing innovation activity of industrial enterprises under the conditions of digitalization of the world economy. It has proven to be necessary to elaborate effective mechanisms for managing innovation activity of industrial enterprises in making the...
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Green Economy as a Direction of Sustainable Development of Coastal Areas*

Evgeniya Arumova, Elena Belyaeva, Maria Bitarova, Veronika Panaseykina
The article is devoted to the mainstream trends of green market development as a direction of sustainable development of coastal areas. The goals and principles of the policy of green economy in coastal territories are defined. The key tools for the transition of coastal areas to a green economy are...
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Digital Economy: Human Capital, Technology, Communications*

Vladimir Novikov, Elena Klochko, Olga Brizhak, Olesya Digtyar
The formation of an appropriate institutional environment is an important precondition for the effective development of main spheres of human activities in the digital economy. Personnel and education play a key role in promoting the development of the digital economy. It is obvious that land, labor...
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The Study of Leverage Ratio on the Operation Efficiency of PPP Project Enterprises in China: Analysis Based on DEA-Tobit Model

Junzi Wang, Yongkang Lin
In recent years, the PPP mode as a new model of guiding the social capital and the government, its use and development is more and more brought to the attention of the countries. However, due to the impact of many national leveraged policies since the subprime crisis in 2008, the operation and development...
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Reflections on the “Reform” and Policies of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: An Field Investigation on Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Analysis of New Year Greetings

Haofan Fang
This article focuses on North Korea’s reform and opening up. The international community is almost “one-sided” thinking that North Korea is unwilling to reform and open up in order to maintain its own regime. However, according to the author’s inspection and viewpoint, North Korea is not without “reform.”...
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Financial Support for Economic Development Efficiency Research — Based on 13 Cities in Jiangsu Province

Yaocheng Zhuang, Lingjie Meng
Based on the Dea-Bcc method, based on the relevant data of 13 prefecture-level cities in Jiangsu Province from 2010 to 2017, this paper quantifies the efficiency of financial support for economic development and analyzes it according to the calculation results. The results show that there are differences...
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Research on Economic Forecast of High-Tech Park Based on Combination Model: Taking the Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone as an Example*

Xiaofeng Wu, Da Li, Yanan Jin, Yaotong Chen
In recent years, the domestic high-tech park economy has achieved rapid development. The park economic forecast is the basis for formulating macroeconomic policies and improving risk management capabilities. The traditional time series forecasting model is more and more difficult in the increasingly...
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Research on Total Factor Productivity of High-Tech Parks Based on the Perspective of Technology Field: Taking the Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone as an Example*

Yaotong Chen, Xiaofeng Wu, Zhi Zeng, Hua Guo
In order to clarify the economic growth dynamics of high-tech parks and the method of improving total factor productivity, this paper adds dummy variables to the stochastic frontier model method to consider the difference of total factor productivity among different economies, and combines clustering...
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Regime-Switching Foreign Exchange Rate Exposures of the Asian Emerging Markets

Chunhuang Liao
The purpose of this study is to improve the traditional linear measuring framework of market-level foreign exchange rate exposure by considering the long-run cointegration relationship with error correction and panel smooth transition function to show the short-run nonlinear regime-switching feature...
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Research on the Accounting Treatment for Different Types of Company Stock Investments and Their Related Performances Under the Accounting Standards in China

Yu Liu, Yunlong Qu, Minghong Sun, Yadan Zhao
An increasing number of corporations are investing in the stock market nowadays. Prior studies focused on discussing either long-term equity investment or the invested stocks on which the investor company does not have significant influences. Corporations may invest in an individual stock directly or...
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Construction of Credit Risk Evaluation System for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Based on Principal Component Analysis and Logistic Model

Qiguang An, Yuyang Zhao
With the fast development of the domestic financial sector, the financing of SMEs has become the significant part of domestic credit, but due to the SMEs’ stabilization of funds, technology and other aspects, SMEs are facing financial difficulties or loan default problems. This paper presents the financial...
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Research on the Development of Private Economy from the Perspective of Taxation: Taking Chongqing as an Example

Tingli Pan
From the perspective of taxation, this paper observes the trend of the development of Chongqing’s private economy, analyzes the current situation of the development and expansion of private economy, the continuous optimization of industrial structure, and the significant enhancement of social benefits,...
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Study on the Intention of Personalized Group Travel

Chuting Liu, Bingxia Guo, Xinhong Xie, Delphine Ya-Chu Chan
With the rapid development of “single economy” in China, and the continuous expansion of customized tourism market, this study explores the impact of personalized services, group services, tourism safety, and tourists’ word-of-mouth on consumers’ personalized group tourism willingness from the perspective...
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Impact of the Electronic Payment Environment of the Importing Country on China’s Export Trade: Based on Panel Data of the Five ASEAN Countries

Mingjun Wang
The Internet economy has brought prosperity to cross-border e-commerce, and the cross-border electronic payment industry has also developed along the way, improving the efficiency of cross-border trade. This paper uses the panel data of five ASEAN countries from 1999 to 2017 to empirically test the promotion...
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Research on Promoting the Development of China’s Cultural Products Trade Against the Background of Trade War

Jing Gao
In recent years, the economic and trade frictions between the United States and China have been escalating, and the recent fierce economic and trade frictions have been upgraded to the “trade war”. Faced with the arrival of the “trade war” between China and the United States, it can really put forward...
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Civil-Military Integration and Technical Innovation of Private Listed Companies

Renfang Liu, Xianping Zhou, Guyue Xiang
Civil-military integration policy has been raised to a national strategy. The Four Military Qualification Certificates are used to measure the level of civil-military integration. Using the data of listed firms from 2001 to 2018 based on difference-in-difference method, we find that civil-military integration...
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An Empirical Study on R&D Investment and Financial Performance of Listed Companies in Liaoning Equipment Manufacturing Industry*

Kaiming Tan, Shihong Wei
Technological progress is the core of corporate economic growth, and R&D investment activities are the basis of technological innovation. In the context of the country’s implementation of the innovation-driven strategy, the company’s innovation input performance has become a research hotspot. This paper...
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Enlightenment of NHS: Thoughts on the Optimization of China’s Health Resource Allocation Structure

Ying Huang, Yan Wang
Health resource distribution structure should agree with the health care demands of common people, as allocating most resource to primary care institutions. However, China’s healthcare resource layout is Inverted Triangle, with less resource to primary care institutions, more to hospitals, and it affects...