Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering

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Expansion of Hat Product Design with Storage Idea

Yingxing Bian
Popular design status of clothing products makes current clothing sales market lack excitement. Through analyzing the influence and feasibility of storage idea on clothing accessory design, this paper aims to propose remodeling design of hat products with storage idea, seek skillful design technique,...
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Soliloquy - Subjective Intent Expression in Painting

JinHua Cheng
People often soliloquize unconsciously, while such unconscious speech reflects people’s inner word truly and also the dialogue between oneself and his soul – self-ask, self-answer, self-affirm, self-suspect, self-console and self-inspect before communication with the outer world. It is required to fully...
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“American Dream” Evolution in American Western Films

Shanshan Du
American western films mainly include two important expression modes: western film and gangster film. The development and evolution of the two modes manifest the changes in mainstream ideology of American society and social value under historical background to some extent. This paper systematically studies...
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Study on Balance Theory in Vocal Music Piano Accompaniment

Rong Fu
Vocal music piano accompaniment plays an increasingly high role in modern music performance and receives generation attention of all sectors of society. Vocal music piano accompaniment art should be devoted to pursuing balance of various relations. Hence, higher requirements are proposed for the essence...
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Thought on German Classical Aesthetics and German Industrial Design Idea under Aesthetics View

Fu Xu
Germany classical aesthetics was created by Kant. Driven by Hegel, idealistic aesthetics formed. Prior to Marxism, certain-scale aesthetic ideology which developed to systematization had formed. Hegel’s aesthetics is also the ideological source of Marxist aesthetics. Ideology formed on this basis has...
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Analysis on the Reasonable Application of Fine Arts in the Process of Art Appreciation

Yuan Liu
With the development of the reform of quality-oriented education, art teaching is becoming more and more popular among the students and teachers. This is because art teaching could not only improve the comprehensive quality of the learner, but also could cultivate their aesthetics for appreciation. How...
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An analysis on the Status of Harbin Summer Music Concert in Chinese Modern Music History

Yong Lu
Harbin Summer Music Concert, Shanghai Spring Music Concert and Yangcheng Music Flower Fair are three main music festivals in China. Harbin Summer Music Concert began in Aug, 1961. Until now it has been held for 31 times. It not only makes great influence on the domestic music field, but also becomes...
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Brief Discussion on Micro-film Creation Art

JingHua Lv, Huaidong Zhao
With rapid development of culture and art cause, film industry is developing at an alarming rate. To adapt development trend of film industry and creation art change in new media era, micro-film emerges in the crack of television films and advertisements and exists. Continuous leapfrog development of...
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Study and Analysis on Xiao Gang’s Parallel Prose

HuaLin Mou
Xiao Gang’s parallel prose is reserved in various kinds of literature; however, in the spreading process, there exist two problems which need to be urgently solved, that is, one is omission, and the other is wrong determination on author’s name or divergence in determination of author’s name. As for...
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Tax Innovation under Low-carbon Economy System

Xiaoyan Shao
In order to ensure that Chinese economy develops toward the mainstream direction of low-carbon economy, we can exert government-leading function to realize the adjustment of tax revenue on economic development. On the basis of the current situation of Chinese economic development and low-carbon economic...
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Research on Marxist Outlook of Nature and Environmental Construction of New Socialist Countryside in Hainan

Hong Suo
With Chinese economic development in recent years, ecological problems seem to be more severe and even influence the normal work and life of human beings. Under this situation, Marxist outlook of nature arouses the attention of people again. It is a subject treating the relationship between human beings...
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Research on Interactivity of Design of Environmental Ceramic Art

YiLing Tang
On the basis of a specific analysis on the concept of design of environmental ceramic art, the author makes an in-depth analysis on component elements of interactivity of environmental ceramic design as well as interactive relationship among various elements. Moreover, the author also discusses relevant...
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Research on Domestic and Overseas Development Trend of Chinese Language and Literature

Lin Tian
At first, the author makes an analysis on domestic and overseas development trend of Chinese language and literature. Based on historical background for construction of Chinese language and literature, the author also discusses principal issues and reasons for cultivation of applied talents in Chinese...
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On Rural Legal Needs and Service Mode

Haixia Wang
Now, under the background of more and more pressing legal needs in our country, the poor status of legal services makes the rights and interests of rural residents have not been well maintained, and therefore explicit rural legal needs and reasonable and standardized implementation of the rural legal...
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Research on Male Dan in Chinese Peking Opera and Castrato in Italian Opera

QunYing Wang
Chinese Peking opera and Italian opera are ancient musical art forms in the East and West, and the reason why they are long-standing is that they have extensive and profound cultural heritage and the deep historical heritage, more importantly; they both have a special form of artistic expression. Either...
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On Aesthetics Principle of Urban Landscape Design

Ruoyao Wang
At present, there are some problems of landscape design, such as a number of cultural destruction, loss of characteristics of the urban landscape, blind pursuit of luxury landscape design, unawareness of the importance of the urban landscape, some xenocentric landscape design, making the modern city...
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Study on vocal music and Chinese traditional literature

Shan Wang, Yang Li
Chinese traditional literature and vocal music are gems in China’s cultural treasure, and they are also inextricably linked each other. China's traditional literature has a complete knowledge system. Combining it with vocal music, it can achieve icing on the cake, complementary artistic effect. With...
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Tourism Product Development and Research of Nuo Culture in Jiangxi

YuanYuan Xiu
Jiangxi is a major province to have the relics of Nuo culture, and the research and development on the abundant Nuo culture not only have good economic benefits, but also have good cultural benefits and social benefits. In this paper, it collects the related data about the tourism in Jiangxi and the...
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The Study on the Spectrum Composition Technique of Gérard Grisey

Yanhua Yuan, Kun Liu
Spectral music is a composition technique with the help of instrument to analyze the keynote and overtone of music sound. In this field, Gérard Grisey could be regarded as a very talented man. It was said that he was able to identify 11 overtones of one sound without any help of instrument, which made...
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ErHu Concerto in Eighties

Jindi Zhang
Modern music in twenties century is directly impacted by impressionism style thus Debussy is universally acknowledged as the initiative person of modern music in twenties century. The new conception absorbing oriental elements is soon accepted by China that everything is waiting to be taken up in eighties,...
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Erhu Concerto in 1990s

Jindi Zhang
After 1980s, the west modern music flood into China, producing a shock to Chinese music industry and resulted in very profound impact on the development of national music. In the late 1990s, the impact of pop music also had a great impact on erhu music creation and the music creation in the later period...
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Cultural Strategy in the C-E Translation of Tourist Materials

Shuang Yao, Shanglian Zhang
This paper analyzes both the cultural strategy in the C-E translation of tourist materials and the differences between Chinese and Western cultures as reflected in such materials. The paper starts with the functions of tourist materials, makes a cultural analysis of tourist materials, and presents three...
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A Brief Study on Sustainable Development of Interior Design and Decoration

Yaodong Li
With the rapid development of the national economy, people place higher requirements on living standards and home environment, in which, the interior design plays a very important role. It becomes an important part in the construction industry currently. The decoration work is essential for interior...
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Analysis on the Application of National Elements in the Modern Art Design

YiLing Tang
Five thousand years’ cultural inheritance accumulated the special “national elements” of China. Our country’s “national elements” are used widely into many fields of modern art designs of both Eastern and Western countries. It shows China’s special cultural connotation and history. In this paper, the...
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Light-and-Space Integrated Interior Visual Environmental Design

Jia Guo
Light is the soul of spatial buildings, which has been proved by buildings at all times and in all over the world. On the stage of history, light plays an important role in artistic buildings, to which high attention is paid. From the perspective of science, the ray of light can be reflected on a solid...
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The Termination Regime in CISG

XiaoHua Liu
The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods(CISG) was designed to solve the international commercial disputes of sale of goods.Obligations and remedies are provided for both parties according to this statute.The termination regime is a vital part in contract theory...
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Research on Sustainable Development Mode of Contemporary Neo-Chinese Landscape

Zhe Zou
By using systemic method, this paper devotes to render basic principles and methods of establishing sustainable development mode of “neo-Chinese landscape”, including recovering and rebuilding ecological pattern on basis of regional natural environment, excavating and replacing traditional cultural symbols...
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Application of Chinese Traditional Culture in Dance Sports Creation

Jun Yu
Dance sport has been spread in China for more than thirty years, promoting the development of China's diversified art. Nowadays, in order to attract more people to participate in the dance sports in China, some experts and scholars advocate dance sports highlight Chinese characteristics and development,...
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Research on Development of Traditional Arts and Crafts Based on Tourism Perspective

Qiang Yi
The phenomenon of using the traditional arts and crafts to develop the tourism industry is becoming more and more popular, which is conducive to the protection and heritage of the traditional arts and crafts a certain extent. Aiming at the existing problems in the development of the traditional arts...
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Research on Cultivation of Humanistic Quality of Medical Students

Shidi Wen, Yi Zhang
Currently, the teachers and students in medical universities attach importance to the professional learning, while ignoring the humanistic education. This paper gives the concept of humanistic quality, expounds the three parts of humanistic quality education of medical students, and finally gives the...
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Research on Inheritance and Development Trend of Chinese National Folk Dance

Hui Liu
As an important carrier of national culture, Chinese folk dance gets much attention and affirmation in social circles. This paper expounds the concept of folk dance, points out the ways and laws of the national folk dance inheritance, and then analyzes its development trend based on current situation...
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The Problems and Solutions in Intensive Reading Course Teaching

Liping Yin
As a comprehensive core course, Intensive Reading plays a decisive role in the final outcome of English teaching for English majors at a College level. This paper analyses the existing problems, limitations, and possible solutions for improving Intensive Reading teaching of this course based on the author’s...
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Research on Integrated Marketing Communication in the Mobile Internet Environment

Yu Cao
The mobile internet has rapidly developed into one of the most eye-catching phenomenon of the global field of information and communication in recent years. This paper gives the concept of mobile internet and integrated marketing communication, and then provides three suggestions to the development of...
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Research on Cultivation of Ability of Writing Compositions in Business Russian

Binbin Chen
Business Russian is a kind of Russian language for international trade and international marketing. Therefore, the business Russian has formed its own stylistic features, namely, diction appropriation, accuracy, paying attention to courtesy, clear meaning and simplicity. In view of this, the business...
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Significance, Principles and Methods of Cultural-input in the Teaching Process of Russian

Binbin Chen
Language is the most important tool for human communication, is a means for human beings to form and express ideas, is the most basic information carrier of the human society, and is the symbol system of the combination of sound and meaning of the social convention. Culture refers to the behavior and...
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Study on Chinese Freehand Figure Painting Development Context and Aesthetic Qualities

Rong Ju, Zhaoyang Shao
Chinese freehand figure painting is an important part of the impressionistic landscapes, an important subcommittee besides bird freehand Chinese painting freehand painting. Figure Drawing formed through a long process of historical development, freehand figure painting also focused on the object by the...
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Research on the Significance and Necessity of Conducting Professional Sketch Course on Freehand Figure Painting Education

Rong Ju, Zhaoyang Shao
Sketch is the foundation of every painting language, it is one of the important basic skills impressionistic portraits. Today Chinese painting freehand figures show there is stiff modeling language to convey the confusion, showing the contents of a series of questions out of touch with life, etc., but...
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Practice and Inheritance Situation of Engraving in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei University Art Education

Rong Ju, Zhaoyang Shao
With the reform and development of education, arts curriculum gradually increase, people pay more and more attention to art. Graphic art is an art with great importance, is a foundation course to develop artistic talents, where engraving occupied a large proportion of fine arts curriculum. The art of...
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A Study of Applied Technique-Oriented Foreign Language Professionals Cultivation Mode —Taking Translation Course in Wuhan University of Engineering Science as the Case

Zhe Cai, Guanghua Feng
With the boom of China Economy, the requirement of talent cultivation has entered a brand new era. in 2013, China Ministry of Education brought forward the applied technique-oriented professional cultivation policy for education. Afterwards, a large number of colleges and universities, especially independent...
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The Application of "Internet plus Old Town Protection" in Old Town of Lijiang

Liping He, Ying Dong, Xueguang He, Bupei Li
Old Town of Lijiang is a famous historical and cultural city with higher comprehensive values. It incardinates the local history, culture and national customs and reflects the natural features of social progress at that time. It is the crystallization of human civilization. Meanwhile, Old Town of Lijiang...
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Micro Class Application and Exploration in Japanese Teaching

Yingxian Jin
Based on the brief micro lesson concepts and characteristics, analyzes the Japanese language teaching, said a few problems that exist, and describes some of the disadvantages of the current classroom teaching in the current, concise and pointed out that the concept of micro-class characteristics, combined...
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Flipped Classroom Theories of Japanese Teaching

Yixing Li
Flipped classroom is through knowledge transfer and within the knowledge of the reverse arrangement, we changed the traditional role of teaching teachers and students to use classroom time and were re-planning, the realization of the traditional teaching model innovation. In the flipped classroom for...
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Applications Strategy Language Lab in Foreign Language Teaching Reform

Jun Zhang
Students nowadays more and more attention of foreign languages training colleges and universities, has been through the whole process of modern foreign language teaching. Using the language laboratory can effectively improve the quality of foreign language teaching, it has become the consensus of Western...
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Study on the Development of County Finance in Shaanxi Province

Kairui Liu, Zhe Li
County economy is an important part of the national economy. The county financial development has important practical significance to the regional economic and social development. Shaanxi Province is located in the northwestern part of China, being in a certain gap compared with the developed areas....
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The Innovation Research of Public Management Model Based on Big Data

Jin Tian
As a kind of important resources and modern technology, big data provides new paths for local government social management innovation, and creates new opportunities. This paper firstly describes the concept of big data, and then points out the advantages of big data in public management, finally gives...
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Analysis of Tickets,Please from the Perspective of Female Stylistic

Xiaoying Cai, Wei Cao
The short story describes women's violent revenge on a dandy who jilts them after seducing them. Apparently, women are more powerful in position than men in this story, but as a matter of fact, the author tries not to highlight wome's position in a male-dominated world, instead he mocks and scorns women...
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Research on Application of Mini-course in Police Education and Training

Fuchao Li
Effective police education and training can help to ease the shortage of police and achieve the goal of "no growth in the police force but improvement". However, due to various limitations and congenital deficiencies, the current public security education and training is facing some problems. The author...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Network Construction of Private Hospital

Shuchen Liu
Network construction does not constitute a difficulty in public hospitals in China. But it is a headache for the civilian -run hospitals. Compared with the governmental hospital, the civilian-run hospital is in a disadvantageous position in finance, technology and talents. Due to the comprehen-sive disadvantages,...
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Research on Construction of Female Image and Female Consciousness by Television Media

Jinyi Luo
This paper uses the content analysis method and analyzes the age, occupation, education level and role image of female guests invited by"Luyuyouyue"from 2010 to 2014. From the perspectives of gender ratio, age distribution, education level, professional image and on-camera reasons, this paper presents...
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Body Hair : A Cultural Politics Approach

Jia Mao
Hair, as one of the most obvious character of biology, has been divided in two categories: the hair on the top of your hair and body hair includes mustache, armpit hair and the hair covers on your leg or chest. Generally, when mass communities talk about the hair on the head, the contexts are always...
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A Double-text Dialogue—From the Novel of Picking Mulberries to theTelevision Drama of Picking Mulberries: Wife and Children

Xiaoyan Zang
The film and TV adaptation of the famous novel has become a popular trend.However, a good novel may be adapted to a bad film or television drama. The TV series of Picking Mulberries: Wife and Children adapted from Ye Guangcen's novel Picking Mulberriesseems to be fragmented and chaotic. Based on the...
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Research on the Fiscal Treatment Effects of Debt Financing in Retail Industry

Jing Wang
The retail industry in our country relies on current debt excessively for a long time, and the bank loan is its main financing channels at all time. At the same time, the bond financing is highlighted. Some financing way are main financing ways for retail industry in our country. For example, issuing...
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Study on Tactics, Karate Athletes in China

Yadong Ren
Like the taekwondo, sanshou and other sport events, karate kumite movement also belongs to the fighting antagonistic item. We summarize the technical and tactical use of the outstanding karate kumite athletes in our country to get the characteristics of the technical and tactical application in the athletes’...
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Research on the Development of B&B Industry on Jiaochang Wei of Shen Zhen Dapeng New District

PeiJing Fu, Wentao Yan
In recent years, bed and breakfast industry(B&B) development has become a hot domestic rural industry transformation, but it is not mature in its development status, multi-constrained and there are many problems. Among them, Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula Jiaochang Wei B&B is a leader in the development,...
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Construction of Water Environment Carrying Capacity Evaluation Model in Erhai River Basin

Wei-Hong Liu, Cheng-Gui Zhang, Peng-Fei Gao, Heng Liu, Yan-Qiu Song, Bi-Sheng Huang, Jian-Fang Yang
With the acceleration of urbanization and increasing energy consumption in China, the intensity of pollution emission the pollution load is increasing significantly. In many rivers, the main pollutant load is much more than the environmental capacity of the water, resulting in the destruction of the...
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Psychological Problems and Intervention of College Students under New Media

Jie Jian
Under the new media era, personal consciousness of college students gets enhanced, and their thought tends to be diverse. Besides, communication, sharing and expression habits also become different as before. If college students can not correctly understand and treat new media, it is quite easy for them...
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Empirical Study on Green Design Transformation of the Old Industrial Buildings

Junmei Li
With the development of China’s social and economic, as well as in a high speed urbanization and rapid city stages of development, the construction industry have become an important pillar industry in China, and the existence of the old building intensive, through green design standards in order to achieve...
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Study on the Correlation between Stock Market and Macro Economy in China

Shengjun Li, Xiumin Zhao
In order to characterize the correlation between stock market and the macro-economy in China, the study used 20 years data from 1995 to 2014 to analyze, by means of Johansen cointegration method and Granger causality test to verify whether there is departure between China's stock market and economic...
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Study on Value Characteristics of Traditional Village and Its Protection Strategy

Chengxin Zhang
As is known to all, the protection and utilization of ancient villages are involved in very wide range of problems and those problems are very complicated. In this paper, we firstly elaborate the basic characteristics and value composition of traditional villages, including scientific value, architectural...
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Research on the Development of Teaching Academic Ability of English Teachers in Local Universities

Yun Zhou
The value of teaching academy of teachers in universities lies in expanding the academic scope, encouraging teachers to have a rational understanding of teaching activities in universities, making teachers do reflection and researches about the teaching, enriching teachers theoretical basis of teaching....
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Construction of Risks Prevention Mechanism of Architectural Engineering Project

Yupeng Yang
Because of large investment, long construction period, complex technology, numerous participation and many unpredictable factors in engineering, so construction project is a career which has high risks. Firstly, we establish an engineering project risk evaluation system, and then establish the construction...
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The Study on Outsider disadvantage and Its Future Prospects

Jinxue Gong
Foreign companies are always subject to local businesses more disadvantages and obstacles than the host country, many foreign scholars have expanded this research, but there are relatively little research in this area in our country. This paper summarizes the definitions, antecedents, consequences, elaborate...
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Research on Music Education Teaching Methods Based on Virtualization Reality Technology

Si Sun
With the development of the schools information construction, there are the continued implementations of virtualization technology in a variety of business applications, which can integrate and deploy these resources, and improve equipment utilization. In this paper, we analyze the problems existed in...
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Study on Animal Environmental Welfare in the Intensive Livestock and Poultry Farms

Guiqin Li, Yanhong Geng, Hongmei Pang
Under the conditions of intensive breeding, animal environmental welfare are not guaranteed, which will affect animals’ health and the quality of animal products. Therefore, to effectively ensure the quality and safety of animal products, we should improve environmental welfare from microbial aerosols,...
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Visualization of China's Rural Research by Cite Space

Wensheng Chen, Shuisheng Fan, Jingui Zheng
Based on the theory of Mapping Knowledge, this paper adopts Citespace software with an intention of analyzing hot issues and frontier in a visual way, representative scholars, research institutions, published journals, and other aspects of the classical literature from the Chinese Social Sciences Citation...
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Strategies for Improving the Quality of Teacher Education in Local Undergraduate Normal University

Xiaodong Ding
With the popularization of higher education in China, a number of new local undergraduate normal universities are established. Therefore, teacher education has become the focus of these universities. However, the running foundation of these new established normal universities is relatively weak. Improving...
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Computer Multimedia Technology Application in Physical Education

Jian Xiong
Computer technology is contemporary education technology an important content to physical education major as the main Physical Education Department in the reform and development, must be closely combined with the development of computer technology today, and strive to high-tech computer technology used...
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Discussion on Blended Learning for Computer Basic Course on Moodle Platform

Juan Guo
Blended learning is E-learning and traditional classroom learning from the product integration to separate, is the "E-learning" transcendence and upgrading. Blended learning can play both teacher guidance, inspiration, leading, monitoring of the teaching process, but also fully embodies the student body...
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The Research on the Courses Learning Platform’s Design and Implementation of Computer Fundamentals Based On Moodle and LAMP Technology

Lifang Lu
The computer fundamental courses mainly aimed at the training of basic computer knowledge and technology for the entrants in the university. For the lack of interrelated courses’ learning platform, the courses teaching method remains still in the traditional face-to-face form. In order to meet the teaching...
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The perspective of the Anthropology of music of Gannan xingguo

Miao Huang
Tiao Xi ritual in XingGuo of GanNan areas is a ceremonial for blessing, disaster escaping, monster subduing, exorcism and home protecting, which has a certain influence in the southern region of JiangXi. This paper mainly explores the melody, rhythm and beat of XingGuo TiaoXi ritual from the point of...
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The software engineering curriculum development based on working process oriented systematic curriculum system

Shi Yang
On the basis of software engineering specialty in higher vocational colleges, combining with the ideas of the working process oriented curriculum system construction, the systematic curriculum system design of systematic software engineering based on the working process and construction strategy is studied....
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The Construction of the Teaching Model for PE under the Horizon of Sunshine Sports Movement

Min Li
University sports culture is a kind of unique social cultural phenomenon which has a profound connotation, and it is an important part of university culture. Through the method of literature material, logic analysis and other analysis, the construction of university sports culture under the background...
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Early Warning and Control Of Tourism Crisis

Zhaoting Tong
To effectively deal with all kinds of tourism crisis of network public opinion, repair and maintenance the damaged image of the government, enterprises and individuals, the method of the network public opinion monitoring and warning is necessary. Using the ticket fee events of the ancient city phoenix’s...
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Study on the Comprehensive Testing and Evaluation Technology of Ecological Garden Greenhouse State

Xiangcai Zhu, Yuncai Luan
In this paper, we study the ecological status of comprehensive testing and evaluation technology of horticultural greenhouse, realize the horticultural greenhouse ecological status of anomaly detection, by using the methods of Dixon and Grubbs greenhouse state data processing; The state matching, radial...
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Polytechnic University "Undergraduate+ Skills "Research on The Personnel Training Mode

Yan Zhou
Take the example of educational philosophy of vocational education on talent training in colleges and universities on the basis of experience and the implementation of "undergraduate + Skills "training program further highlights the students ' professional quality, vocational skills, practical skills,...
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Incorporation of Product Approach and Process Approach in English Writing Instruction

Jian Guan
In this paper, the author first makes a brief review of writing instruction development. Then she introduces the two kinds of writing instruction approaches: product approach and process approach. In Chapter Two, the author makes a detailed comparison of these two approaches based on data and information...
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Theme-Rheme Theory and the Textual Coherence of College Students’ English Writing

Jian Guan
Studies on theme and rheme were sparked off from the concept of theme and rheme proposed by Mathesius in the year of 1939. Since then, many linguists, particularly those from the Prague School, have done many studies in such a field. In 1970, Danes a Czechoslovak linguist among them made analysis of...
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Study on the Countermeasures of Promoting Technological Innovation Capability of Local Cultural Industry

Bin Xue, Wei Li, Hongyan Song
Technological innovation capability is a key component for the rapid development of the cultural industry, as well as a critical guarantee for the prosperity of it. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary to get to know the influencing factors of technological innovation capability and propose the according...
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Study on Optimizing the Value Chain of Tourism Electronic Commerce

Wei Li, Bin Xue, Hongyan Song
With the development of the tourism electronic commerceat top speed and its situation in economy and trade it has been presented gradually. The developed country has to pay attention to the newly developing international market of tourism electronic commerce. It can improve international competitive...
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Research on the Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage from the Network Perspective

Hongyan Song, Bin Xue, Wei Li
The cultural industry in China has made great progress these years. The seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session and eighteenth meeting provides a perfect opportunity for the development of China's cultural industry. In the process of developing cultural industry, it is crucial to pay attention to...
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The Development of the Overseas-study Policy from the Foundation of the PRC to Now

Chuntao Zhou
Overseas-study talents are the important component of national talents. Overseas-study policy is the important component of public policy. National overseas-study policy affects the talent construction of our country. From the foundation of the PRC to now overseas-study policy of our country has changed...
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The Patriotism Education under the Perspective of Globalization

Chuntao Zhou
Globalization is an important feature of the world today. With the further development of globalization, countries and between countries, between area and area, area and the area of contact between the increasingly close, no country in the world and regions can be detached from the world and independent...
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Research on Urban Landscape Design based on Spatial Color

Tongwen Qiu
Use the different response and understanding of the passers-by treating the colors and the regulating role of colors in the environment of urban road green land landscape to make the research thoroughly on the color collocation of the road green land landscape. The author makes every effort to achieve...
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Study on Agricultural Modernization Based on the Perspective of WSR-Taking Jiangsu Province as an example

Yucheng Han
Many cities of Jiangsu Province have been involved in agricultural modernization demonstration area. It is of great importance to analyze it’s level of agricultural modernization. However the design of index system of agricultural modernization still did not reflect concrete connotation of generalized...
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Study on the Use of Micro-Films in Libraries: A case study of the Rewarded project of “Falling in Love with the Library”

Gaofang Tang
As a new form of mass media and approach to make videos micro films proceed the old one of DV be-cause it helps advertizing and popularizing the resources and services of the libraries. Based on the project “Falling in Love with Library” conducted by Tsinghua University Library which was awarded first...
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Business Building Energy Simulation and Energy Saving Design

Zhuangwei Huang
According to the requirement of continuing to increase the proportion of the tertiary industry in the overall urban planning as well as the adjustment of industrial structure, office buildings, apartments, hotels, exhibition centers, large venues and other large commercial buildings will increase greatly...
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Cost Control Application Research of Value Engineering in the Design Phase of Construction Project

Ning Li
At abroad, the construction industry is the main area applying value engineering. In China, apart from industry business, the construction industry is the most important area involving the application of value engineering. But a study made by Guangdong construction industry shows that many enterprise...
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Metaphor in Action in Political Discourse

Lin Xu
More and more metaphors are employed in different patterns of discourses, especially in political discourses. Politics is inseparable with metaphors. This thesis makes an analysis of the functions of metaphors in political discourses from three aspects, namely, the stylistic function, the cognitive function...
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Research on Application of Digital Platform Based on Community Network Marketing

Li Zhou
The digital platform based on community network marketing is a special network marketing platform. It is the business platform which uses the community or residence community as service unit, depends on MAN or private network of bandwidth, and as integrating consumption as operation concept to meet the...
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Research on CA Model of Viral Marketing Diffusion Simulation

Li Zhou
As a new marketing model, viral marketing has attracted the attention of academic circles and industrial circles. Viral marketing was applied in Europe and America early, and the application achievement is very evident. But it the application in China is late. With rapid development of internet, the...
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Research on the Method of the Information Management of Engineering Project Construction process Quality Based on the Mobile Phone APP

Pengming Jiang, Jing Zhang, Shuan Yu, Xian Cui
In this paper, in the environment of the construction quality of the project management action is being undertaken and the environment "Internet +" action plan, construction quality from the current situation, analyzes problems of quality of the project at this stage, based on the fact of that the quality...
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Study on Fusion Development of General Education and Specialized Course Education in Universities

Pin Lv
How to properly handle the relationship between general education and specialized course education, and then promote fusion development of them, is a key issue for comprehensive implementation of quality education and cultivating high quality talents. Fusion development of general education and specialized...
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Study on the Driving Factors of Economic Growth in Shanxi Province

Li Li, Dongyang Pan, Chunyan Si
At present, the macroeconomic situation in Shanxi province is complicated and the economy downtown pressure is increasing. Based on this background, this paper investigates the relationships between the industrial structure effect and economic growth, demand driving effect and economic growth, endowments...
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Evaluation of detection efficiency on radar network

Yujuan Cui, Hao Cha
In order to evaluation on efficiency of radar network detection, the evaluation index system on efficiency of radar network detection was established on the basis of construction principles. Considering the key and difficult in analytic hierarchy process, judgment matrix which satisfies the consistency...
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Domestic Market Segmentation and Expansion of China's Export Trade

Jing Ma
The inverse relationship between the domestic market segmentation and between marginal cost and the fixed costs of the introduction of Melitz model, to build an open economy model. Article proves the domestic market segmentation lead to different production technology of choice for companies to enter...
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Research on Plane Advertisement Design based on Color Semantic and Perceptual Graphic Elements

Liping Zhou
Graphic element is one of the most important visual languages in advertising design, and it is the main carrier of emotion and content in emotional advertising. Color is one of the three important elements in the design of print ads, which plays an important role in print advertising. In order to study...
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Research on the Window Display Design of the Modern Brand Clothing

Liping Zhou
Based on the clothing industry diversification, virtualization, digital development characteristics and clothing electronic commerce development needs, this paper proposed a personalized fitting system based on 3D human body, the window display system can release the latest clothes, users can input the...
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The Application of Modern Educational Technology in College Chinese Teaching

Xiaonan Yu
With the progress of science and technology, many-advanced educational technology has integrated into the school's teaching activities and real life. In recent years, the use of modern technology such as multimedia and network has been widely used in Chinese language teaching, which has changed the traditional...
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The software Photoshop clothing teaching mode under the network environment

Fengqin Chen
This paper mainly describes the characteristics of blended learning teaching mode based on network platform. And it states that the author combined Photoshop course teaching with blended learning teaching mode. It is application –oriented. And it can improve students’ autonomous learning ability and...
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Fine arts foundation course teaching thinking Under the digital media technology

Youwei Li
With the time goes on, information technology develops rapidly and also has become a essential part of our life. As the era transforms, education reform and development has been imperative too. Multimedia teaching methods could enrich the teaching patterns for basic fine art, and the application of Digital...