Proceedings of the 2023 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Internet and Digital Economy (ICAID 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

K. Hemachandran, Raja Sarath Kumar Boddu, Waseem Alhasan
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Digital Economy Enabling High-Quality Manufacturing Development: Evidence from Chinese Provincial Data

Rong Xu, Huixian Yao
Shifting growth drivers and optimizing the economic structure is the only way to achieve high-quality development of China’s manufacturing sector. The digital economy can effectively improve the level of innovation and the efficiency of resource allocation, which is theoretically beneficial to enabling...
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The Lexicon Construction and Quantitative Research of Digital Economy Policy Texts

Ye Li, Ziqiang Shen, Cunyang Zhang, Linfang Zhao
At present, China’s digital economy policy documents have a large number, rich topics and an increasingly large system. Traditional content analysis methodss have been difficult to achieve a large number of policy text mining and quantitative research. In this paper, we build a professional lexicon of...
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Measurement and Evaluation of Provincial Digital Economy Development Efficiency

Jianhua Zhang, Mitian Ma
In this paper, an evaluation index system of digital economy is constructed from the perspective of input-output, and the entropy weight TOPSIS method is used to comprehensively calculate the development level of digital economy in China’s provinces from 2015 to 2019. On this basis, BCC-DEA model and...
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How Digital Transformation of Enterprises Can Improve Labor Productivity: Evidence from Chinese-Listed Companies

Xuan Zhang
This paper examines the impact of digital transformation on labor productivity as firms drive digital transformation through the adoption of digital information technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data, as well as the intermediate mechanisms and heterogeneity of this...
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Design of Adaptive Defense System for Marketing Information Management Based on Blockchain Technology

Lin Liu
With the advent of Internet and information era, enterprises are facing more and more opportunities and challenges. In the fierce market competition environment, how to use advanced science and technology to improve their core competitiveness is a question that every enterprise needs to think about....
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Comparative Study of LSTM and Transformer for A-Share Stock Price Prediction

Zhuoran Lin
Forecasting stock prices in capital markets holds great significance for the economic development and social stability of a country, necessitating a robust predictive model. This study presents a comprehensive comparison between Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) and Transformer neural network architectures...
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Can Digital Inclusive Finance Improve Business Export Resilience?

Yurou Liu
Export resilience is an important foundation for firms’ trade growth and sustainable development, and a strong support for maintaining the global competitiveness of manufacturing industries. This paper explores the intrinsic relationship among digital inclusive finance (DIF), level of financing constraints,...
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Research on Active Firefighting Robot Navigation Based on the Improved AUKF Algorithm

Hubin Du, Qiuyu Li, Tanglong Chen, Yongtao Liu, Hengyuan Zhang, Ziqian Guan
It is difficult for autonomous mobile robots to rely on a single positioning method to obtain accurate pose information in complex indoor environments, so the real-time pose of the robot is generally obtained through multi-source fusion positioning during navigation. However, in the fusion localization...
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Analysis and Research on Big Data Storage Technology Based on Machine Learning

Xin Li
With the advent of the Internet era, the scale and application areas of the Internet are constantly developing, and the Internet has gradually been widely used in people’s daily life, economy, military, science and technology, education and other related fields, and its basic and global position and...
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k-Surrounding Neighbors: Incorporating Serendipity in Collaborative Recommendations

Huidi Lu
Social recommender systems have become ubiquitous in our online environment, but there are growing concerns that they narrow our horizons and polarize our opinions. This paper proposes a new recommendation algorithm, k-Surrounding Neighbors, based on the theory of weak ties, to increase the diversity...
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Data Generation and Latent Space Based Feature Transfer Using ED-VAEGAN, an Improved Encoder and Decoder Loss VAEGAN Network

Jiatong Li
To combine the advantages of VAEs and GANs to generate both diverse and high-quality samples, this paper proposes ED-VAEGAN which improves encoder and decoder loss of traditional feature-wise VAEGAN [4]. More precisely, a reconstruction score term is added to encoder loss function, which accelerates...
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Digital Investment Risk Evaluation Model of Power Grid Enterprises Based on FAHP-AOA-LSSVM

Xinyi Lan, Xinping Wu, Qiuzhe Ma, Wenqing Liu, Jinchao Li
The digital transformation of the economy represents the general trend. In order to effectively control the investment risk of grid digitization projects and adopt risk-coping strategies with foresight, construct an investment risk evaluation model for grid digitization projects by optimizing the kernel...
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Research on Machine Learning Driven Stock Selection Strategy

Keran Wang
As a representative technique of artificial intelligence, machine learning could explore the relationship between stock market anomalies and excess returns, and hence develop investment strategies with high performance. This paper provides a comparative analysis of machine learning algorithm applications...
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An Identification Method for High Voltage Power Grid Insulator Based on Mobilenet-SSD Network

Xu Tan, Fan Yang, Yan Li, Jinqiao Du, Yong Yi, Jie Tian, Zijun Liu
The identification of power equipment using visible image and deep learning methods has become widespread in the power industry. However, current deep learning algorithms often face issues related to large model parameters and high hardware requirements, making it difficult to integrate them into mobile...
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Insights into the Correlation Between Digital Marketing Effectiveness and the 5A Crowd Assets Model

Jialing He, Boyue Zhang
This paper examines the importance of crowd assets for the brand in the environment of changing FMCG consumer behavior and media. Based on the scientific analysis methodology for crowd assets of 5A model, this paper investigates the correlation and relevance of demographic behavior and consumer purchase...
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A Credit Card Default Prediction Method Based on CatBoost

Yikai Zhao
This paper presents a study on the prediction of credit card user default using the CatBoost model. The dataset used in this study is a credit card dataset from a financial institution. The dataset contains information about the credit card users such as their age, gender, credit limit, and payment history....
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Prediction of Shanghai Composite Index Based on Macroeconomic Indicators and Artificial Intelligence Method

Heng Lyu, Muqing Zhu, Hao Lin, Hanzhen Huang, Huiying Fang, Zili Chen
The stock market can be defined as a market that, on the one hand, facilitates companies that need financing and, on the other hand, provides opportunities for investors who need to invest. By predicting the rise and fall of stock indices, it can bring guidance to individuals and companies when to enter...
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Research on the Development Level of Digital Economy Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Jing Tang, Muzi Han
A reasonable review of the development stages of the digital economy is of great significance to the coordinated development of the digital economy. This research establishes an evaluation index system for the development level of digital economy in Anhui Province, calculates the index weight by the...
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Factors Influencing Customer Addictive Purchase Behaviours of Toy Blind Boxes

Wenluo Duan
This article will examine which factors influence consumer behaviour when they buy toy blind boxes in the digital age. Data collection of both the observation group and control group are extracted through the questionnaire, and qualitative analysis such as Cluster analysis and the Chi-square test is...
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Digital Economy, Green Technology Innovation and Carbon Reduction Effect

Beiqing Cui, Yuhan Liu, Jian Wu
In this paper, a measurement system of digital economy and green technology innovation is constructed, baseline regression model and intermediary effect model are established to analyze the impacts between them. The empirical analysis is conducted by using data from 2008 to 2021 to explore the mechanism...
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Identifying Economic Factors of Local Government Transparency: Based on Apriori and LSTM-Attention

Mingle Zhou, Ran Wang, Delong Han, Min Li
This study examines the impact of economic factors on local government transparency and proposes a prediction framework called AP-LSTM, which uses feature extraction and Apriori to select highly correlated economic factors as input for the LSTM-Attention network. The proposed method is validated using...
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A Study on the Development Path and Promotion Measures of E-CNY

Yufei Huang, Wenxu Qiu, Wenjun Yang, Yuhang Hou, Chunzan Peng
With the development of information science and technology, the digital economy has given the era a new direction. In 2014, the People’s Bank of China issued the first legal digital currency, the e-CNY. With the cumulative number of e-CNY transactions of about 264 million and the number of merchant stores...
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Digital Economy Helps Rural Revitalization

A Study on the Development of New Rural E-Commerce in Zhangzhou City

Dandan Peng, Guofei Lin, Weijing Zhao
This thesis focuses on exploring the impact of digital economy on the development of new rural e-commerce, based on the data of indicators of rural e-commerce development in Zhangzhou from 2017–2022, and analyzing and predicting the impact of digital economy on the incremental development of new rural...
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Research on the Relationship Between Logistics Digitalization and Industrial Integration Development Under the Background of Normalization of Epidemic Prevention

Yue Li, Zhiguang Zhang
This paper focuses on the significance of logistics digitalization and industry integration under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention, proposes a model of the current logistics digitalization and industry integration, and then takes an example to analyze the coupling and coordination...
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Digital Economy, Technological Innovation and Urban-Rural Integration

Long Yin, Zitong Guo
The in-depth development and all-round expansion of digital economy has promoted China’s economic development and accelerated the process of urban-rural integration. This article selects panel data from 30 provinces in China from 2013 to 2020, establishes valuation index systems to measure the level...
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Evaluation of Power Grid Enterprises’ Digital Projects Investment Effect Based on AHP-Entropy and SVM Method

Hao Wang, Qiuzhe Ma, Xinping Wu, Jianhong Pan, Jie Yu, Xinyi Lan
In order to accurately evaluate the digital project of power grid enterprises, and the characteristics of existing research, a new combined evaluation model organically combines hierarchical analysis, entropy, radar map and support vector machine. First combine the empowerment, then integrate the decision...
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Research and Analysis of Data Modeling in Financial Management Based on the Context of Artificial Intelligence Technology

Chuanan Su
By building a supply chain finance platform based on the Internet, informatizing and networking the financial chain business and realizing network-based supply chain business management with the help of information technology, it can greatly promote the efficiency of supply chain-related business management....
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An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Digital Economy on Enterprise Technological Innovation

Ping Han, Shouqian Yu
The inter-provincial panel data of China from 2015 to 2019 is used as the data source of this paper. Firstly, a comprehensive evaluation index system of digital economy is established, then the comprehensive development level of digital economy is calculated by entropy method. Secondly, this paper empirically...
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Markowitz-Based Portfolio Research

Yuyang Lin, Guoxi Su, Jingrui Pan, Pengtao Zhang
Stock investment, as an investment behavior, faces various situations of unknown uncertainty, therefore, it is very important to reduce the unsystematic risk of stocks and eliminate uncertainty by various means and technical methods for investing in stocks. In this paper, we will use python and the data...
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Application of Portfolio Price Forecasting Based on ARIMA-GARCH Model

Jiayu Wang
Gold and bitcoins as a typical liquid asset, gold and bitcoin as two types of investment options are favored by many investors in the market, but how to make a portfolio investment, the biggest return in the limited principal conditions, is a matter many investors are concerned about. Based on the historical...
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Information Security Detection and Analysis Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technology

Xiuzhuo Wei, Rui Ma, Lei Mu, Huinan Zhao
Under the background of big data and cloud computing, computer network security is facing new security threats, and big data also provides a big data foundation for the application of artificial intelligence technology in computer network security detection system. This paper studies the application...
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Research on Economic Trading System Based on Artificial Intelligent

Nachuan Guo, Jiewei Guan
Contemporary, economic trading system has been greatly enhanced by utilizing digital economic transactions technique. However, existing trading platforms require workers to dispose numerous transaction data and operate the trading behaviour in benefit-maximum time point, which need experienced traders...
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Pre-training Extractive Question-Answer Prompts for Few-Shot Chinese Text Classification

Gaojian Ding, Shuang Zheng, Quanmin Wang
In recent years, pre-training models (PLMs) have made impressive progress, and prompt learning has made few-shot learning achievable. However, traditional prompt learning methods often require manual template design, or performance may be unstable due to the limited data in few-shot tasks. To address...
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SSDC-GAN: Same Size Densely Connected GAN for Dehazing Network

Juan Wang, Chang Ding, Yonggang Ye, Minghu Wu, Zetao Zhang, Sheng Wang, Hao Yang, Ye Cao
Haze weather negatively impacts the quality of external image collection and requires prompt resolution. However, most current deep learning image dehazing models struggle with restoring detail and color accuracy in real-world hazy images, hindering their practical application for high-quality image...
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Research on the Path of Synergistic Development of the Sports Industry in Guanzhong Region

Kun Dong
The stability and coordination of the regional sports industry can promote the rapid development of the economy. To study the current situation of the coordination development of the sports industry in the urban agglomeration in the Guanzhong region, this paper constructs an even and coordinated evaluation...
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Research on the Construction of Convergence Media Based on Big Data Technology

Qiru Zi
Big data technology, as one of the representative new technologies in the era of science and technology, is widely used in various fields. This paper focuses on the application of big data technology in the construction of convergence media, explains the main advantages of big data technology in detail,...
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Interactive Management System for College Students’ Health Based on Mobile Devices

Xiaoqian Liu
In order to meet the large demand of college students in mental health management, an interactive management system for college students’ mental health based on mobile devices is proposed. The system is developed based on Android platform, and realizes data interaction and information management through...
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Research on Legal Supervision System for Economic Based on Big Data

Yiwen Zhou
Recently, the utilization of big data for disposing the economic transactions has widely developed and achieve enormous benefits for all users. However, existing economic platforms are more concentrated on the effectiveness response and transaction amount, which ignores the legal and regulation issue...
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The Role of Internet Information Technology in Economic Development

Based on the Threshold Test of Scientific and Technological Capabilities of 85 Economies

Shuguang Liu, Fan Yu
The application and popularization of Internet information technology has influenced the development and reform of all walks of life. Based on the panel data of 85 economies from 2004 to 2019, this paper constructs a two-way fixed effect model and a panel threshold model to empirically test the role...
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Research on Risk Identification of New Retail Supply Chain in the Context of Internet

Based on Machine Learning Algorithm

Yuhua Li, Xiao Kong
With the development of the Internet, the overall growth rate of China's traditional retail industry has shown a downward trend, most of the physical stores are experiencing operational difficulties. After the new retail model was proposed, some traditional retail industries gradually tried digital...
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Application of Data Mining Technology in Personalized Curriculum Recommendation of Vocational Education Learning Platform

Zhongying Yang
In order to solve the problem of personalized learning, a kind of data mining technology is proposed as a recommended application in the personalized curriculum of the vocational education learning platform. This paper uses data mining technology and learning analysis technology to build relevant models...
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Explanations for Graph Neural Networks via Layer Analysis

Qinfeng Li, Xinrui Kang, Wenyuan Li, Dong Liang
Like many deep learning models, graph neural networks (GNNs) are regarded as black boxes and lack interpretability. Therefore, it is difficult for GNNs to be fully trusted by humans to be applied to various life scenarios. Based on this problem, we propose a new interpretability method called LAExplainer,...
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Financial Innovation of Smart Pension Based on Blockchain Technology

Yanling Li, Shenghui Guo
It is an objective need to actively respond to the aging population by embedding blockchain-based information technology and intelligent technology into the smart financial service system. It is an objective need to actively respond to the aging population by using blockchain-based information technology...
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Research and Analysis of Blockchain Algorithms Based on Big Data Edge Computing

Leixin Deng
With the development of artificial intelligence, big data, IoT and other technologies, more and more data is generated and collected through traditional sensing devices or smart mobile devices. In order to improve the transmission efficiency and availability of data, the original data often needs to...
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Materials Packing Integration Platform Based on Spatial Planning Algorithm

Huiting Sun, Lijie Cui, Jiafu Wang, Jun Wang, Chenbo Ding, Enze Zhang, Jingxian Zhang
In view of the modern logistics transportation in the number of materials, miscellaneous types of the situation, the integrated material packing optimization platform of “front-end scanning data--algorithm optimization scheme--terminal output results” is proposed, which the spatial planning algorithm...
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Multi-level Logistics Network Node Siting Model Based on K-Means

Jie Liu, Shuang Tian, Qingqing Wang, Chenguang Zhang, Min Ning, Changlong Li
Artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role in global logistics and supply chain management. AI enables real-time optimization for routes and minimizes wastage while increasing delivery efficiency. Companies can leverage AI in logistics to optimize resources and be more efficient. Currently, the node...
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Research for MSMEs Credit Strategy Based on RFM Model

Guan Li, Jianming Chen, Xinxin Huang
The small size of MSMEs and the lack of collateralizable assets make it difficult for banks to reliably classify the credit ratings of MSMEs. This paper constructs an RFM model to accurately classify the credit rating of MSMEs, extracts the behavioural characteristics of enterprises, and uses the K-means...
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Research on the Construction of Competency System of Intelligent Financial Personnel Under Digital Economy

Yixin Xue, Tong Jia, Chuan Sun
This paper aims at building an intelligent financial personnel training system that matches the requirements of digital economy and enterprise transformation and upgrading, and uses Delphi method and hierarchical method to build an enterprise intelligent financial personnel competency model, which includes...
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Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Traditional Commercial Economic Center Bar Based on Geographic Big Data: A Case Study of Nanning, Guangxi

Peixi Xie
With the continuous improvement of the economic and social level in our country, the current economic development has shifted from high-speed growth to high-quality development, under the new social and economic conditions, there have been privatized and commercialization of public space in the cities,...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence Generated Content on the Development of New Digital Economy in Metaverse

Ying Zhao, Lu Li, Hui Jia, Shuyan Wu
The metaverse is a new industry for the development of the digital economy and is in urgent need of technological innovation breakthroughs to promote a new round of development. AIGC technology, represented by ChatGPT, is permeable, diffuse and disruptive, and provides a new content supply paradigm for...
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Analysis of Metaverse Development in the Context of Digital Economy

Lu Li, Hui Jia
As a new type of economy, digital economy deeply combines digital technology and the real economy, taking digital technology as the core driving force. It can accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries and the birth of new industries. Under the catalyst of digital economy, metaverse will usher...
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Optimization of Intelligent Shopping Guide System of New Retail Fresh Supermarket Based on TAM Model: A Case Study in China Under COVID-19

Yonglin Dai, Wenjun Xv, Yimin Wang, Jia Liu, Anthony Kong
New retail fresh supermarket is an emerging supermarket service model in recent years, consumer behaviour is its focused problem. Affected by the COVID-19, panic buying of fresh food has become common, food waste and consumer dissatisfaction increased. In addition, many design deficiencies also influence...
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Research on Optimization of Personalized Dynamic Recommendation System of Knowledge Label Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Yiming Niu, Wenyong Du, Zhenying Tang
With the development of Internet, the appearance of knowledge label technology brings new opportunities for personalized recommendation. Knowledge tag connects users with resources, describes the characteristics of resources and reflects users’ interests and preferences, which brings a vital data source...
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Exploration on the Application Path of VR Technology in Modern Ceramic Product Design

Jie Hu, Fangzhigang Gao
Firstly, this paper analyzes the concept of VR technology and its application status in ceramic products, and then deeply analyzes the application advantages of VR technology in ceramic product design, including detailed discussion and planning on the repeatability of ceramic product design, breaking...
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Digital Economy Platform Construction and Operation Driven by Big Data

Wen-yan Guo
Digital economy is an industry of information production, circulation, consumption and value innovation by means of interconnection, which has become a significant trend of economic development in the 21st century. Based on digital technology, digital economy platform is an open online platform built...
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Analysis of the Factors Influencing Consumers’ Purchase Behavior by Recommendation Platform

Take Casual Snacks as an Example

Heda Zhang, Junjie Cheng, Yachun Cai, Xiangyue Jiao, Chen Zhang, Yixuan Li
In the Internet era, the “recommendation economy” has emerged. The purpose of this paper is tantamount to reveal the influence of various types of influences on consumers’ purchase behavior in recommendation platform. This study constructs a model of three major categories of influences on consumers’...
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Financial Crisis Prediction Based on GWO-SVM

Sampling from the Chinese Environmental Protection Industry

Jian Ke, Shiqian Yu
Financial Crisis Prediction (FCP) is an important initiative to prevent the outbreak of financial crisis in enterprises, which is significant to the safe operation and economic stability of enterprises. To improve the prediction accuracy of the occurrence of corporate financial crisis, a financial crisis...
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Research on Financial Distress Prediction Models of Chinese Listed Companies in Pharmaceutical Manufactures Based on Machine Learning

Jian Ke, Qiqi Wang
The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, as a strategic emerging industry based on technology support, has received more and more investors’ attention, especially after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. However, its industry characteristics, such as a long R&D cycle, sizeable upfront investment,...
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Application of LSTM and Attention Mechanism for Stock Price Prediction and Analysis

Yingbing Li, Xue Zhang, Xueyan Zhu
The relationship between stock prices and economic development is well-established, and the study of stock price prediction methods is crucial for gaining insights into the economy. This research aims to enhance the accuracy of stock price prediction by leveraging a combination of convolutional neural...