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Hyeyun Ku, Bobur Sobirov, Dyah Sugandini, Mochammad Tanzil Multazam
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Tax Knowledge, Not Motivation, Determines Compliance: Study of Women-Owned Batik SMEs

Indra Kusumawardhani, Afni Sirait, Sri Luna Murdianingrum
This study focuses on the individual predispositions of women entrepreneurs in the weaving and batik sector and their impact on business management. The research also examines the influence of tax regulations and tax knowledge on taxpayer compliance, specifically in relation to the Harmonization of Tax...
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Breaking the Raw Material Bottleneck: How SWARA-ARAS Method Streamlined Production for PT. Adi Satria Abadi

Tri Wahyuningsih, Agus Ristono, Ahmad Muhsin, Puji Handayani Kasih, Juine Rosalina
This study aimed to solve the raw material management problem faced by PT. Adi Satria Abadi, a company that produces sheep and goat pikel. Although the company could meet its raw material needs from various suppliers, the quality of the raw materials did not always match the criteria. This resulted in...
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Decentralization Promotes Sustainable Solar Energy: Case Study in Indonesia’s Remote Hamlets

Nikolaus Loy, Iva Rachmawati, Meike Lusye Karolus
This article aims to investigate the role of decentralization in promoting the sustainability of renewable energy, specifically solar power, at the local level in Indonesia. The study uses a case study approach by examining four traditional hamlets in Ngada Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, where solar power...
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Breaking Down Consumer Preferences: What Drives the Millennial Generation’s Choices in Batik Clothing?

Eny Endah Pujiastuti, Humam Santosa Utomo, Suratna, Sigit Haryono
This study aimed to identify the key attributes that influence millennial consumers’ preferences in selecting batik clothing. The study was conducted in Sleman, Yogyakarta, and involved 100 respondents between the ages of 18–25. The research was conducted in three stages, including focus group discussions...
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Accounting for Community Welfare: Uncovering the Limitations of BUMDes Governance in Indonesia

Sriyono, Adi Soeprapto, Simon Pulung Nugroho
This study examines the governance of BUMDes (village-owned enterprises) in Indonesia and its impact on community welfare. The study uses content analysis and descriptive qualitative methods to analyze data obtained from focus group discussions and village and BUMDes documents. The results reveal that...
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Uncovering Coal Price Volatility: Comparing Parameter Estimation Approaches for Mean Reversion Modeling

Muhammad Adam Gana, Eko Wicaksono, Shofa Rijalul Haq, Aldin Ardian
This scientific article examines the modeling of coal price volatility using a mean reversion model (MRM) and compares the performance of different parameter estimation approaches. The aim of the study is to identify which parameter estimation approach is best suited for modeling the volatility of coal...
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Green Practices Boost Organizational Commitment in Farmer Groups

Arief Subyantoro, Khoirul Hikmah, Dwi Aulia Puspitaningrum, Rifqi Syarif Nasrulloh
This study investigates how “Green Recruitment & Selection” and “Green Training” affect the organizational commitment of farmer groups, which are expected to drive economic activities for rural communities. The research employs multiple regression analysis and uses simple random sampling to collect...
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Prioritizing IT Services for Organizational Development: A Strategic Approach

Dian Indri Purnamasari, Asep Saepudin, Riza Prapascatama Agusdin, Vynska Amalia Permadi
This research focuses on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library V3 (ITIL V3) and its Service Strategy stage, specifically on the IT Service Portfolio. The main aim is to establish the organization’s strategic plans for information technology and systems through four key processes: strategy...
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Social Media Branding: Driving Economic Growth in Singapore’s Creative City Movement

Prayudi, Kartika Ayu Ardhanariswari, Ninik Probosari, Dias Regian Pingkan
This study examines the use of social media to brand Singapore as a creative city of design, which is capable of promoting regional economic growth and fostering an exciting urban environment. Using qualitative research, this study accurately describes the facts and characteristics of Singapore‘s efforts...
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Digital Marketing and Innovation Boost Marketing Performance in Small Food Processing Enterprises

Humam Santosa Utomo, Hendro Widjanarko, Susanta, Suratna
When consumers rely on online product information, digital marketing becomes increasingly necessary. Businesses must strengthen their digital marketing capabilities. This study seeks to investigate and explain the impact of digital marketing capability and innovation capability on the marketing performance...
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Association of Audit Committee Accounting and Finance Expertise with Earnings Quality

Marita, Sri Astuti, Indah Kartika Sandhi
This study aimed to investigate the relationship between audit committee accounting and finance expertise and earnings quality, with a focus on examining the impact of complexity and industry on this relationship. The study utilized multiple linear regression and control variables, such as the amount...
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Super Smart SMEs: How Emotional Intelligence Drives Entrepreneurial Success in Sleman

Marita, Sri Astuti, Rifki Indra Perwira, Sabihaini
This study aimed to identify and analyze the entrepreneurial skills of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sleman, particularly in dealing with the Super Smart Society 5.0 era. The study used an instrument developed by the WEF in 2019 to evaluate ten skill criteria. Data from 70 respondents...
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The Cost of Carbon: How Emissions and Energy Consumption Impede Indonesia’s Economic Growth

Sri Rahayu Budi Hastuti, Didit Welly Udjianto, Asih Sriwinarti, Rias Wenerda
This article aims to analyze the impact of carbon emissions, energy consumption, the financial sector, and economic openness on economic growth in Indonesia from 1990 to 2019. The study uses regression analysis to examine the relationship between these variables and economic growth. The results suggest...
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Fintech: Unlocking the Potential of MSMEs in Indonesia’s Digital Era

Sri Kussujaniyatun, Sujatmika, Dwi Harilaksana
This article aims to investigate the role of financial technology (Fintech) in increasing the number of cooperative members in the digital era. The study is conducted using descriptive qualitative research, where secondary data from various sources such as books, websites, social media, and government...
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Transforming Stone and Marble Waste into High-Value Handicrafts: Boosting Economic Growth in Lemahdadi, Indonesia

Sujatmika Harsa Pawignya, Emmy Nurhariat, Anis Siti Hartati
This study aims to boost the economy and promote development in the Lemahdadi region of Bantul, Indonesia by utilizing local wisdom to enhance the competitiveness of the creative industry, particularly in producing high-value handicrafts using stone and marble waste. The high demand for these products...
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Cutting Costs and Improving Image: Optimal Packaging Carton Inventory Control for Hospital Equipment Industry

Laila Nafisah, Puryani, Apriani Soepardi, Mochammad Chaeron
The Indonesian hospital equipment industry, PT MAK, has the potential to contribute to the health sector and national economy. One of the strategies to achieve this is ensuring availability of products that customers want. However, the lack of packaging cartons often results in physical damage to products...
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Weaving Collaboratively for Competitiveness: Revitalizing Sumbawa’s Weaving Industry

Ninik Probosari, Andi Kusmayadi, Ari Wijayani, Kartika Ayu Ardhanariswari, Ilham Ramadan Pandu Setia Negara Siregar, Ari Okta Viyani
This study focuses on developing the weaving industry in Sumbawa Regency using the One Village, One Product (OVOP) approach. The aim is to identify and address the weaknesses in the association of weaving craftsmen, the people’s weaving trade system, production facilities and infrastructure, and capital...
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Are Young Investors Leading the Herd? A Study on How Age Impacts Herding Behavior During Economic Crises

Rini Dwi Astuti, Sri Isworo Ediningsih, Akhmad Syari’udin, C. Ambar Pujiharjanto
This study aimed to investigate how different characteristics of investors, such as their gender, generation, and proportion of income invested in stocks, affect their decision-making and herding behavior during an economic crisis. Using an Ordered Logit Model, the study found that these factors do indeed...
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Unleashing Innovation: The Power of Knowledge Management for Business Model Transformation in SMEs

Abdul Ghofar, M. Irhas Effendi, Suwardi, Windy Anindya Pamuji
The purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of a firm’s external and internal knowledge management capabilities on its ability to innovate its business model. The study examines whether these effects depend on the firm’s orientation to risk-taking. The research involved an analysis of a...
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Revitalizing Traditional Markets: The Power of Digital Branding

Didit Welly Udjianto, Hani Subagio, Hari Prapcoyo, Ilyasin Aditya Rahman
This article discusses the importance of traditional market branding management for maintaining sustainability, with a focus on Niten Market as a successful example. The goal of traditional market branding management is to increase awareness, expand buyer loyalty, attract new buyers, and enhance competitiveness....
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Shared Responsibility System Fails: Group Loans Have Higher Credit Risk in Microfinance Institutions

Akhmad Syari’udin, Rini Dwi Astuti, Sri Dwi Ari Ambarwati, Dyah Ayu Irawati, Thala Nugra Muharam
This study aimed to examine the credit risk in microfinance institutions in Gunungkidul Regency, considering both internal and external factors that may affect the repayment ability of borrowers. The study used the Ordered Logit Model analysis to investigate the relationship between credit risk and loan...
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Ownership and Size Drive Integrated Reporting in Indonesian Listed Companies

Zuhrohtun, Indah Kartika Sandhi, Gita Astyka Rahmanda
This research aims to identify the factors that influence integrated reporting in mining and manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2018 to 2020. The study focuses on the impact of Good Corporate Governance and company characteristics on integrated reporting, using institutional...
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Organizational Management Key to Green Coal Mining: Policy Analysis

Asep Saepudin, Iva Rachmawati, Joko Soesilo, Hestutomo R. Kuncoro, Yuseptia Angretnowati, Heru Heryadi
This article discusses the potential of applying green sector practices in the coal mining industry and analyzes the effectiveness of government policies in promoting the green industry. The study utilizes a qualitative research method to analyze various government policies and identifies organizational...
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From Offline to Online: Changes in Vegetable Purchases During COVID-19 in Indonesia

Keny Rahmawati, Puji Handayani Kasih, Arika Bagus Perdana
This study aimed to investigate changes in people’s preferences for online grocery shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. The study used a descriptive method, including a questionnaire distributed to people living in the Jakarta area (Jabodetabek) and secondary data analysis. The results...
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Minimizing Metal Casting Defects: Insights from Six Sigma Implementation

Yasmina Amalia, Fitri Ayu Mardhatila, Anita Rivera Wulandari, Rahmad Kristiardi
The aim of this study is to reduce the number of defects in the metal casting finishing process through the implementation of the Six Sigma method. The study identifies various defects such as pouring metal, mold material, porosity, and shrinkage defects, and provides recommendations to minimize them....
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The Hidden Value of Green Open Spaces: IDR 10 Trillion Worth of Environmental Services in Sleman District, Indonesia

Dian Hudawan Santoso, Jamzani Sodik, Yuli Dwi Astanti, Wildan Rizky Isnaini
This scientific article aims to demonstrate that conventional Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) does not accurately reflect the level of welfare in a region, as it fails to account for natural resource depletion and degradation. To address this issue, the concept of green GRDP is introduced, which...
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Trading Robots: Effective but Limited in Replacing Human Traders for Short-Term Investors

Sri Utami Ady, Mustika Winedar, Ilya Farida, Dicken Okta Sandra Susena, Fany Meyranda Putri
This study aimed to explore how stock investors have responded to the adoption of trading robots in the capital market, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, and to investigate the efficacy of these robots in trading. A qualitative phenomenological approach was used to investigate investor behavior...
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Optimizing Omnichannel Retail in Indonesia: The Strong Mediating Role of Best Customer Experience Strategy

Lilik Indayani, Misti Hariasih, Ayu Lucy Larassaty, Dhea Ariesta Putri, Usmanova Zumrad Islamovna
This study aims to determine the role of consumer behavior in purchasing fashion clothes in Indonesia at omnichannel retail based on the best consumer experience strategy. Explanatory quantitative research on 310 omnichannel retail consumers with various fashion brands. Questionnaires were distributed...
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Unlocking the Potential of Instagram Marketing: Boosting New Student Acceptance in Higher Education

Totok Wahyu Abadi, Usmanova Zumrad Islamovna
The study aimed to investigate the impact of marketing and Instagram communication on the acceptance of prospective new students at Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo for the academic year 2021. The research method used was quantitative with a sample of 338 new students who were randomly selected using...
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Revolutionizing Master’s Thesis Success: A Scientific Paper Mentoring Model

Budi Widayanto, Nanik Dara Senjawati, Wulandari Dwi Etika Rini, Heni Handri Utami
This research aims to develop a mentoring model and optimize the use of an E-Clinic Research System to help students overcome obstacles in compiling their scientific papers for their master’s thesis. The study uses a quantitative approach and action research with three main stages: planning, implementation,...
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Digital Political Education Falls Short: Improving Content for Early Voters

Susilastuti Dwi Nugrahajati, Adi Soeprapto, Nikolaus Loy
This research explores the use of social media platforms as a means of political education for early voters. The aim is to identify the form and content of digital media platforms that can raise awareness and promote citizenry. The research methodology is qualitative, using Participatory Action Research...
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Boosting Speaking Skills: Using Duolingo in English Language Instruction

Yelsa Dearestiani, Abdul Rohman, Widi Syahtia Pane
This study investigated how Duolingo can help students speak better. This study focused on 31 eighth-graders at SMP Negeri 35 Samarinda in 2022. The study used Classroom Action Research (CAR) and quantitative data analysis. The mean speaking score was calculated from pre- and post-test quantifiable data....
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Excel in Critical and Creative Thinking in Object-Oriented Programming

Fitria Nur Hasanah, Rahmania Sri Untari, Shofiyah Al Idrus, Akhmedova Mehrinigor Bahodirovna
The aim of this qualitative research study was to analyze the higher order thinking skills (HOTS) of students enrolled in object-oriented programming courses. The study involved five third-semester students, who were evaluated based on their performance in a test consisting of descriptive questions and...
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Unleashing Students’ Creativity Through Science Lift the Flap Book

Ruli Astuti, Nur Maslikhatun Nisak, Siti Rohmah, Rizki Yuriandani Rochmania, Mokhichekhra Yakubovna Ruzieva
The purpose of this study to examine the effectiveness of Science Lift the Flap Book in increasing students’ creative thinking skills. The quantitative method was used in this study with one group pretest-posttest design. The sample of this study consisted of 26 students from class III MI Maarif Pagerwojo....
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Branding Matters: Private Islamic Schools Struggle to Attract Students Under Educational Zoning

Budi Haryanto, Eni Fariyatul Fahyuni, Mashhura Toirxonovna Alimova
This article discusses a study that aims to explore the branding of private Islamic schools and its impact during the implementation of educational zoning. Educational zoning is a government policy aimed at providing equal educational opportunities for students. School branding is the image of an institution...
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Validating an Academic Procrastination Scale Through Rasch Analysis

Lely Ika Mariyati, Hazim Hazim, Puput Eka Wati Handoko, Juraev Khusniddin Oltinboyevich
The aim of this study was to analyze the validity and reliability of an academic procrastination scale using the Rasch Model and Winstep software. A questionnaire was administered to 503 students at a public high school in Mojokerto, Indonesia. The results indicated that the scale has good validity and...
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Addressing the Academic Credentials Gap: East Java's Policy for Madrasah Diniyah Teachers

Najih Anwar, Farikh Marzuqi Ammar, Mehriniso Rakhmatova
This article aims to explore the history and goals of the East Java province government's policies towards the growth of Madrasah Diniyah, which are Islamic educational institutions managed by the Ministry of Religion. The study utilized a qualitative inquiry approach through a case study methodology...
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COVID-19 and EFL Teaching: Adapting Technological and Pedagogical Competencies in Indonesia

Yuli Astutik, Akhtim Wahyuni, Endang Rahayu Mastuti, Vidya Mandarani, Jalilova Lola Jalilovna
This study investigated the experiences of 21 English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers in Indonesia who teach English to young students, before, during, and after the COVID-19 outbreak. The study aimed to explore how the pandemic affected their teaching methods and how they adapted to the changes...
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Fartlek vs Plyometric: Which Exercise Boosts Body Immunity More?

R. Agung Purwandono Saleh, Sumintarsih, Tri Saptono
The aim of this study was to compare the effects of Fartlek and Plyometric exercises on increasing body immunity and to investigate the differences in immunity between high and low BMI groups. Additionally, the study aimed to explore the effects of different types of exercises for each BMI group and...
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Establishing Pusdalops PB: A Solution to Disaster Risk Communication in Karo Regency, Indonesia

Puji Lestari, Eko Teguh Paripurno, Juspri Nadeak, Esti Julistanti, Gandar Mahojwala, Vanissa Zera Ardiyanti
This study aimed to address the problem of disaster risk communication in Karo Regency by establishing an effective system for managing disaster risk information in the Centers for Disaster Management Operations (Pusdalops PB). The study utilized qualitative methods, including Focus Group Discussions...
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Mass Media Takes the Lead as Opinion Leaders on Twitter During Early Days of COVID-19 Pandemic

Khuswatun Hasanah, Yuseptia Angretnowati, Retno Hendariningrum
This article discusses the role of mass media in leading public opinion on Twitter during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study used a content analysis approach with the Social Network Analysis (SNA) method to identify the top opinion leaders on Twitter. The result shows that six of the...
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Unveiling the Secrets of Pura Mangkunegaran’s Communication Practices: A Pathway to Cultural Preservation

Basuki Agus Suparno, Sika Nur Indah, Khuswatun Hasanah
This study aims to investigate the communication practices within Pura Mangkunegaran, a palace that has been central to Javanese culture for over 260 years. The study examines how the palace has adapted to changes and constraints, and how communication practices have been used to preserve and develop...
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Empowering Women in Social Forestry: Indonesia’s Contribution to the Climate Accords

Hikmatul Akbar, Melaty Anggraini, Reza Primayanti
This article examines Indonesia’s role in supporting the goals of the Glasgow Climate Accords through women’s empowerment in social forestry programs. By analyzing previous research and using the theories of ecofeminism and green politics, the study assesses whether social forestry can aid in reducing...
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Twitter Users Oppose Repatriation of Former Islamic State Members from Indonesia

Hestutomo Restu Kuncoro, Dyah Lupita Sari, Iva Rachmawati
This study analyzed the public discourse on Twitter surrounding the repatriation of over a thousand Indonesian individuals who were previously associated with Islamic State and are now living in camps in Syria. Through sentiment analysis, network analysis, and text-mining, this research measured the...
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Jakarta’s Dynamic Response to COVID-19: A Model for Effective Pandemic Policy

Suswandari, Prima Gusti Yant, Siti Zulaih, Roslain, Eka Nana Susanti
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on public health, with Jakarta being the most affected area in Indonesia. To combat the spread of the virus, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has implemented innovative policies aimed at eradicating transmission, providing treatment and recovery...
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Instagram’s Role in Promoting Clean and Healthy Living During COVID-19: Weak Correlation Found

Muhammad Edy Susilo, Prayudi, Endah Wahyurini
This study aimed to investigate the relationship between exposure to the Instagram account @satgasperubahanperilaku and changes in people’s lifestyles in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 100 respondents were given a questionnaire, and their responses were analyzed using multiple correlation...
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Revitalizing Disaster Communication: Improving Regional Management Websites for Effective Information Sharing

Puji Lestari, Lita Yulita Fitriyani, Sri Isworo Ediningsih, Hanifah Putri Indrasmara, Priyahita Garmadyuti Suryawijaya
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of public information management on the Sleman Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) website in 2021, as the website received the lowest rating for not uploading news that the community needed. The study used mixed methods research,...
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Unlocking Karate Athlete Performance: The Power of Effective Coaching Communication

Edwi Arief Sociawan, Rudi Wibowo, Ratnawati
This study aimed to develop theoretical understanding of sports coaching communication in the context of physical and mental training of karate athletes, with the goal of improving athlete performance. The study found that coaching communication patterns in karate training are developed both during and...
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Altruistic Actions in COVID-19 Corpses Care: Empathy, Modeling, and More

Hazim Hazim, Ratih Puspita Anggraenni, Akhmedova Mehrinigor Bahodirovna
This article aimed to investigate the determinants of altruistic behavior in a small group of volunteers who chose to handle the corpses of COVID-19 patients during the pandemic. The study used a qualitative, phenomenological approach and conducted in-depth interviews with five subjects who were members...
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Transforming Family Planning to Prevent Child Marriage: Effective Strategies Uncovered

Hendra Sukmana, Jusuf Irianto, Isnaini Rodiyah, Nargiza Mansurova Shamsidinovna
This study aims to analyze the organizational strategy used by the Sidoarjo Regency Government to prevent child marriage, which is still prevalent in Indonesia. The research used a qualitative descriptive approach to examine the strategies that were implemented. The results showed that the government’s...
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Smart Technology Boosts Tourist Satisfaction in Yogyakarta Smart Tourism Destination

Muhammad Irhas Effendi, Sri Dwi Ari Ambarwati, Sri Tuntung Pandangwati
This study aimed to investigate the impact of smart tourism technology and tourist technology readiness on the satisfaction level of visitors to the smart tourism destination in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The sample comprised 200 visitors across five regions in Yogyakarta, and the Smart PLS analysis technique...
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Unlocking Success for Cultural Tourism Villages in Yogyakarta: Insights from Wukirsari Village

Hendro Widjanarko, Humam Santosa Utomo, Suratna
This study aims to identify the factors that affect the success of cultural tourism villages in the Yogyakarta area of Indonesia, using a case study of the village of Wukirsari. The study conducted interviews with stakeholders and identified two key factors: cultural uniqueness and governance. Cultural...
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Sangiran’s Archaeological Tourism: A GIS-Integrated Transport System

Yenni Sri Utami, Nur Heri Cahyana, Revta Fariszy, Basuki Agus Suparno
This study aims to develop an information system for archaeological tourism in Sangiran, Central Java, and to integrate it with a transportation system through Geographic Information System (GIS). The study involves surveying the Sangiran Site area to identify an ideal transportation and communication...
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Social Entrepreneurship Drives Sustainability in Tourist Villages: Evidence from Bantul

A. Y. N. Warsiki, Titik Kusmantini, Anis Siti Hartati, Aris Kusumo Diantoro
This scientific study aimed to examine the impact of social entrepreneurship on social and environmental sustainability in developing tourist villages, and whether government regulations moderated these effects. The study used a quantitative method and collected data from 42 tourist villages in Bantul...
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The Essence and Composition of Regional Tourist Resources: Scientific Theoretical Analysis

Sobirov Bobur Baxtishodovich, Alimova Mashhura Toirkhanovna, Farhod Ahrorov, Alisher Eshtaev
The definitions of “tourism resources” supplied by international and local experts are scientifically and philosophically investigated in the article by categorizing them into distinct ways. The composition of tourist resources was defined based on the study results, and an author’s description of this...
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Revitalizing Bali’s Tourism: The Government’s Role in Driving Innovation and Change After COVID-19

Febby Dt. Bangso, Sundring Pantja Djati, Himawan Brahmantyo, Margaretha Hanita
The aim of this research is to analyze the social change brought about by the top-down approach of the government of Bali in the tourism sector after the COVID-19 pandemic. The study utilizes a qualitative descriptive approach and content analysis of social media posts on Instagram. The analysis observes...