Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Applied Social Science Research

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Procedural Similarity and Its Effect on Transfer

Huda Saifaddin
Analogical problem solving involves transferring information from a particular domain (i.e., the analogue or source) to another (i.e., the target). The success of any transfer process depends on the modality of representation (verbal or pictorial) and the level of abstraction or similarity shared between...
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A Comparative Study on Multi-goals of Farm Hotel Operators between China and Australia

Xiuhong Wang
Different social backgrounds and developmental stages in tourism industry resulted in disparities in multi-goals of farm hotel operators between China and Australia. The multi-goals of farm hotel operators were analyzed from such aspects as start-up goals, formal business goals and family-related goals....
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A Study on Students’ Integrative Motivation for College English Learning in Chinese Universities

Dongmei Wang
In foreign language learning and teaching, learner's motivation is a focus and discussed by many researchers from various perspectives. College students' English learning motivation is one of those many research subjects. It has great influence on the frequency of using learning strategies, the acceptance...
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Discussion on the Graduate Cultivation Mode of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Full-time Professional Degree

Huaqiang Zhang, Hongbo Shi, Hannan Fang
According to the requirement of classification cultivation mode and the features of cultivating the applied professional degree for graduate students, an innovative and entrepreneurial full-time professional degree cultivation mode is discussed from the aspects of training objectives, training program...
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Cultural Interpretation of the Pursuit of Happyness

Junhong Ren
The pursuit of happyness, adapted from a true story, tells how Chris Gardner grows from a salesperson to a successful stock broker and finally starts his own business. This movie well illustrates the American Dream and gives insights into American characters, from which western outlooks on life and values...
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Automated Education: Tendency for Scientific Approaches Convergence

Victor Uglev, Dmitry Sukhinin
In this paper we discussing the possibility of the complex use of advances in area of pedagogic, psychology, neuroscience and informatics for the creation of teaching and learned systems of new generation. It is shown that the theoretical basis of automated education people (educational systems and program-mathematical...
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The Influence of Romanticism on Eugene O’Neill’s Ecological Awareness

Guoping An
With the popularity of ecocriticism, Eugene O’Neill’s ecological awareness has become a new target for many researchers. O’Neill inherited much nutrition from traditional Western philosophy, especially romanticism, which provides an access for O’Neill to observe nature and contemplate the relationship...
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The Effect of Employee Behavior on Customer Participation——A Model Construction

Yufei Zhao
Because customer participation is inevitable, so customer participation can be influenced by enterprise, customer itself and the service employee. According to the service encounter theory, social interaction theory and “Stimulus-Organism-Response” model, service employee behavior will have an impact...
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A Study on Experience of Parents and Teachers for the Transition from Elementary to Middle School of Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Weon Hee Lee, Seung-chul Kwak, Shi Min
The purpose of this study is to provide an efficient transition program for parents and teachers of students with autism spectrum disorders who are in the transition process from elementary to middle school and to suggest the necessity of parent-teacher partnership. To achieve this, data analysis according...
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The Caucasus as an Eternal Frontier

Anna Romanova, Topchiev Mikhail, Liudmila Baeva
Based on the example of the analysis of social and cultural processes the article shows epistemic opportunities of the frontier theory proposed by F.J. Turner and received further development in foreign and Russian researches. The authors of the article assess current state of the frontier theory and...
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Research on Process of Inter-organizational Synergistic Knowledge Creation

Xiao Meng, Qingpu Zhang
The inter-organizational scientific collaboration aimed at knowledge creation involves variety of scientific institutions. The process of synergistic knowledge creation can be viewed as a mode of creating knowledge along with developing partner relationships of synergies. This process which consists...
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Analysis and Examination of Relationship among Entrepreneurial Orientation, Organizational Learning and Firm Performance——Take Pharmaceutical Enterprises for Example

Wenchao Liu, Xin Xin, Zhenhua Zhang
Market characteristics such as "many, small, scattered, chaotic" and others are very obvious with China's pharmaceutical enterprises. In order to change the status quo, pharmaceutical enterprises have to be with the entrepreneurial orientation and to insist on organizational learning. Based on the pharmaceutical...
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Heterotopic Encounters: Meeting the Stranger on Frontiers

Sergey Yakushenkov, Olesia Yakushenkova
The Frontier of the Low Volga region has a special history that differs it from similar Frontier in Russia or for example in USA. The conquest of the Astrakhan Khanate by Muscovy changed geopolitical situation in the region but brought no changes to interethnic and gender relations. Constant migration...
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The Study on Estimating the Scale of Local Government Debt in China

Ying Han, Jianhua Shi, Yadong Yan, Xingnan Wu
Whether at home or abroad, local debts play an important role in easing the contradiction between supply and demand of funds, and promoting local economic development and other aspects. The measure of the appropriate local debts scale is the basis to control local debts risks, and it is an important...
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Empirical Research of the Relationship among Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Business Performance in Banking Sector——Illustrated by Bank of Chin

Xin Xin, Wen-chao Liu, Hong-li Bao
Competition is increasing in Chinese banking industry and gaining more customer satisfaction has become the focus of competition. Through empirical research, we found: CS has positive effect on customer loyalty in Chinese banking industry; CS has positive effect on bank’s business performance and some...
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On the Income Mobility of Rural and Urban Residents in China: 1988~2008

Feng Luo
This paper analyzes the characters of income mobility for both urban and rural residents in China from 1988 to 2008. As a whole, the trend in income mobility is rising for urban residents, but falling for rural residents. For high and low income groups, urban residents’ immobility ratio is falling, but...
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A Study of Constructing Energy-saving Colleges and Universitie

Yi Yang, Yao Cai, Dongya Peng
To build saving and pro-environment’s campus, the current situation of energy consumption and the main problems affecting the energy consumption in colleges and universities were analyzed according to the survey results. The primary problems include inefficient way to propagandize energy saving, lack...
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Study on the Function of Government in the Innovation and Development Process for SMEs in China

Shuo Liu
The government plays an important role in the innovation and development process of SMEs in china. Intuitively, government agencies have an important impact on innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which through direct subsidies, tax incentives, financial support, business incubator,...
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The Audience Strategy and Marketing of Modern Commercial Movies: Taking “Tiny Times” as Example

Jing Li, Chih-Chung Chen
"Tiny times" is a commercial movie released in Chinese mainland in 2013. Although the film has some shortcomings, it got a huge success at the box office. The biggest reason for the success of the movie is audience strategy. From the packaging to the content to the plot, the film are struggling to meet...
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A Study on Translation Quality of C-E Scientific Texts Cohesive Devices in Machine Translatio

Lin Zu, Zebing Yang
Studies on Machine Translation have developed rapidly and been put into practicality since 1980s. A great number of machine translation products have already made achievements in commercializing. Nevertheless, difficulties in analyzing complex and ambiguous sentences still have no effective methods so...
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The Contrastive Study and Translation Strategies on Conceptual Metaphor in Chinese and English Political Discourses

Lin Zu, Xiaokun Zhai
This thesis is intended to make a contrastive analysis with regard to the use of metaphors the public speeches at foreign university made by the American politicians and by the Chinese politicians with the guidance of Layoff’s conceptual metaphor theory so as to find out the similarities and differences...
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Computer-Based Multimedia Application in Education

Lei Sun
The use of Multimedia in teaching is of great significance and necessity and it has its own utilizing principle, yet not every teacher knows it, nor can they use them well. And the traditional teaching leaves little opportunity for nonprofessionals such as students to participate in curriculum planning....
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Research on the Illogical Phenomena Existing in English Language

Chi Zhang
Beginning with the relationship between human languages and human thoughts, this paper expounds firstly on the logicality of human thoughts and human languages. Since human thoughts share common logic characteristics and, human languages reflect those thoughts, languages usually have some common logic...
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Development and Evaluation of A Mechanical Extractor for Date Palm Fruit Juic

Sunday Reagan Ogblechi, Moses Toye Ige
A two-in-one machine (a pulverizer and screw press) was developed to digest a steam-treated date palm fruit (Phoenix dactylifera l.) and a screw press specially developed for extraction of juice which could further be processed into date syrup, date jam, binding ingredients for snacks, etc. The prototype...
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Lottery as Tool for Financing of Sport – Comparison of European Countries

Marek Pavlík, Filip Hruza
A significant portion of public budgets in Europe is spent on sport subsidies. Lottery and gambling represent opportunity of how to increase these limited financial resources. There are many methods of how to support sport from lottery profit. We noticed many different methods from direct tax transfer...
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Influence of TOEIC on Teachers and Students at Tertiary Level

Mei-Ling Chen, Li-Mei Hung
This study examined the washack of the TOEIC on English teaching and learning in Taiwan. Three hundred and twenty- six college students and fifty teachers from a university of technology participated in the study. A survey was used to gather both quantitative and qualitative data. The findings indicated...
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Modified Reinforcement Learning Infrastructure

Jyrki Suomala, Ville Suomala
The reinforcement learning (RL) model has been very successful in behavioural sciences, artificial intelligence and neuro- science. Despite its fruitfulness in many simple situations, the RL model does not always cope well with real life situations involving a large space of possible world states or...
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Practical Exploration in Application Ability Training of Database Technology for College Students

Zhen Zhu, Fan-zhi Zeng
With increasing popularity of computer application and constant extension of database application fields, In order to train application skills of database technology and improve their information consumption ability for college students, this paper establishes different training system of database application...
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Application Appraisal of Government Micro-blogging on Citizens: An Empirical Study of Western China

Zezhao Liu, Q. Zhang, Chang Sheng Fan
This paper aims to identify application impacts with the emerging government micro-blog of various social functions. Some countries claimed that the developing of micro-blog was driven mainly by the innovative demand in the society especially of the youths online net-users. However, this claim requires...
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Practice Model Based on Social Science Research Sociological Construction

Jianguo Ren, Duo Li
Sociology of science content and the development process demonstrate the characteristics of the times the sociology of science. Through the study of college students' social practice model, combined with the characteristics of the sociology of science, social practice of the discipline construction model...
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Policing Photography Technology in China

Wei Kang
Policing photography generalized, documentary photography refers to all the activities associated with police work. The narrow sense refers specifically refers to the police law enforcement activities in a variety of documentary photography. Policing photography originated in the era of black and white...
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The Cultivation of Cultural Engineers in University of Technology

Xiaofeng Jia
Globalization is creating a rapidly increasing demand for engineers in our society who have a solid understanding of both expertise and culture. Understanding culture, cultivating cultural awareness and cultural creativity and recognizing the need to effectively apply these needs to practice are becoming...
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The Application of WebQuest in English Teaching

Jia Suo
There are great similarities between WebQuest and the output-driven hypothesis in the following aspects: the theme, the objective, the procedure and the evaluation. Therefore they can be integrated in a perfect way. WebQuest offers a convenient platform for the implement of the output-driven hypothesis.
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Challenges & Opportunities of MOOCS in Japanese Educatio

Kun Xu
Since 2012, the growth of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) has stirred excitement and controversy in higher education. Vast start-up capital for MOOC providers like Coursera, edX, and Udacity has led to speculation that MOOCs may drastically alter higher education. However, Whether Udacity and edX...
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Analysis of the Applications of Design Semiotics in Sanitary Product Designs

Aihong Wang, Neng Su
By utilizing the tools of design semiotics, this paper studies the symbol system of sanitary products and aims to provide a deeper understanding of the modern sanitary products. Specifically, with the notions of signified and signifier from modern design semiotics, we obtain an all-around analysis of...
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Adjustment Rationality of Water Price from Consumer Perception Perspective

Bing Bai, Zhiqiong Guo, Zhiping Duan, Lan Zhang
The water price changes affect not only the daily life of residents, but also the national economy and the people’s livelihood. This paper focuses on adopting the quasi-experiment design to collect research for analyzing the adjustment rationality of water price from consumer perception perspective in...
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Research on the Financial Strategy of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China

Haihua Gu, Bing Bai, Zhiqiong Guo
Nowadays, more and more enterprises begin to take the financial management as one of the core management of an enterprise, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises in China. They play an increasing role in the process of economic development and reform. In the face of new market development...
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Habitus and Cultural Capital in Educational Field: Research on the Educational Situation of Rural-to-urban Migrant Workers’ Children in Xiamen City

Haoyuan Xiang
This article, using Pierre Bourdieu’s Cultural Capital Theory, through the investigation of the rural-to-urban migrant workers’ children who are studying in junior high school, in Xiamen city of Fujian province, aims at summarizing and analyzing their current education condition by quantitative analysis....
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The Construction of Political Theory Courses and the Marx Doctrine Study on the Problem of the Popularization of China Era

Qinggui Huang
The construction of political theory course is suitable for the characteristics of higher vocational education, must take the Marx doctrine Chinese, popularization, modernization as the angle of view, the understanding of Marx's Chinese and popularization, the age, the scientific connotation, necessity,...
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Countermeasures of the Reform and Innovation of Xi’an Peihua College

Fengxiang Jiang
Xi’an Peihua College’s evaluation ended in 2013, which should continue to seize this important opportunity, to concise school characteristics and advantages, to find out problems and deficiencies and improve its conception and construction. To promote the professional construction as the core, and take...
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Reflection on the “Excellent Engineers Training Plan” Practical Teaching Establishment of Material Forming and Control Engineering Specialty

Ranfeng Qiu, Fuxiao Chen, Keke Zhang, Junqing Guo
According to the requirements of outstanding engineers plans, it is becoming more and more important of practice teaching in the undergraduate course teaching. The paper analyzed the problem in the practice teaching of existing training mode, discussed how to construct the practice teaching system, speed...
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Stage of Regional Emerging Industries of Strategic Choice Model and Its Application

Yong-Chun Ao, Xia Jin
Strategic emerging industry is the key to seize the commanding heights of the economy and promote the change, the pattern of regional economic development. To develop must make a choice. Only the right choice can promote the development. However, the choice of regional strategic emerging industries is...
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Exploration in Construction Quality Evaluation Model for Chinese Universities High Level Sports Teams——and Application Analysis of "Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method"

Junfang Wei
With the the advent of the high-tech era in the new century, "the main cause of sports", that are association with human life, health and survival, are beyond all dispute into the hall of "the modern science and technology" and become essential material and spiritual wealth for people all over the world....
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Analysis on the Problems in Teachers’ Salary in University and College and the Strategy to Encourage the Teachers

Chunmei Zhang
Internal income distribution in university and college embody the market competition principle of "more pay for more work". Though this spirit inspire enthusiasm of university teacher, it makes the growing income gap between teachers more. The main reasons are the emphasis on salary, the evaluation guide...