Proceedings of the International Conference of Communication Science Research (ICCSR 2018)

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ANTV Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Review to Enhance Corporate Images in 2015 - 2017

Arbi Cristional Lokananta
This journal aims to find out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in ANTV, including in which category of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of ANTV, and what factors can improve ANTV image. The research method used is qualitative approach and descriptive explorative method...
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Efforts to Improve Indonesian Language Learning Outcomes Using 4-D Model

Chandra Anugerah Putra
This research is aimed to (1) find out the students’ learning activity in languages Indonesia using learning model 4-D on the students of class IV Primary School 5 Panarung Palangka Raya in academic year 2016/2017, and to (2) improvement of learning outcomes of languages Indonesia using learning model...
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Family communication in the granting of sexual education for adolescents with mental retardation

Hanny Hafiar, Aat Ruchiat Nugraha, Yanti Setianti, Trie Damayanti
The majority of Indonesian society still considers sex education is taboo, so the discussion about this being a rare topic discussed in the family. This can lead to a lack of understanding of the concept of sexuality in the minds of children, especially adolescents with mentally disabled who began to...
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Impact of Overseas Migration of Male children on the Health of Left behind Parents : A study of selected cities of Pakistan & Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Asia Ashfaq, Muhammad Saud, Rachmah Ida
The present study aimed at analyzing the impact of the international migration of adult male children on the health of left behind parents. It basically tried to find out its impact on physical health and emotional state of the migrants’ parents. Quantitative methodology was deployed and researcher administered...
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Information System for Culinary Product Selection Using Clustering K-Means and Weighted Product Method

Anindya Khrisna Wardhani, Catur Edi Widodo, Jatmiko Endro Suseno
Typical foods are foods that have characteristics that cannot be found in other areas. The number of restaurants that sell typical food made consumers confused in choosing where to buy foods. This study aims to build information systems to provide culinary product recommendations based on the criteria...
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Mass Media and Community’s Communication Sovereignty

Petrus Ana Andung, Aloysius Liliweri, Dian Wardiana Sjuchro, Purwanti Hadisiwi
Communities who live in the border areas of Indonesia (Napan Village, Timor Tengah Utara District, East Nusa Tenggara Province) and Bobometo Village, Timor Leste (District Oecusse) consume television in a very unique way. Although they are Timor Lestean, people in Bobometo watch Indonesian television....
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Trust and Purchasing Intention in E-Commerce: Lazada Indonesia

Irda Agustin Kustiwi, Isnalita Isnalita
The development of e-commerce has increased quite sharply. Evidenced from customer who likes online transaction than offline payments. Lazada Indonesia as a potential e-commerce company with 21.2 million visitors a month lead, has its own phenomenon to be investigated more deeply. This is related to...
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Representation of Media Literacy of Health Communication Dimensions in Indonesia

Kinkin Yuliaty Subarsa Putri, Vera Wijayanti Sutjipto, S Bekti Isyanto
Health in Indonesia is not so good move. One factor is the lack of information and socialization of health programs to the community. This study looks from previous research states that information has been submitted to the community in the media below the line. But the public literacy is not so good....
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Coverage of the ‘Perppu Ormas’ Issue by the Government vs Mainstream Online Media: Defending or Attacking the Pancasila?

Fajri Matahati Muhammadin, Nuruddin Al-Akbar
10th of July 2017, the President of the Republic of Indonesia issued a Government Regulation In Lieu of Law No. 2 of 2017 (known as ‘Perppu Ormas’) to revise the Law No. 17 of 2013 concerning Societal Organization (known as ‘UU Ormas’), and finally legalized by the House of Representatives as a revised...
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Indonesian English Teachers’ Language Attitude towards the English Language

Jepri Ali Saiful, Pratomo Widodo
Language attitude study has proved vital to unveil the acceptance of indigenous people towards foreign language (FL). Unfortunately, empirical grounds exist to show that limited attentions scrutinize the FL attitude of Indonesian English teachers towards the English language. Ergo there has been a lack...
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Corpus Based Analysis of Swearing Speech of ‘Ngapak Tegalan’ Language in Tegal Movies

Puspa Fortuna Zulfa, Pratomo Widodo
The Ngapak Tegalan language is deemed as a unique language in Indonesia. The Ngapak Tegalan language has special prosody, dialect (gruff) and various vocabularies (from the mild, moderate, and rude to the offensive). By the gruff prosody and dialect identically, the used dictions become as if swearing...
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Tipping points on transport and behaviour: Examining Bus Rapid Transit system in Jakarta, Indonesia

Mega Primatama
This paper will examine the relationship between the human behaviour and its role in people's transport behaviour, using the case studies of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Jakarta, Indonesia. It departs from the idea that the human behaviour can be altered by certain triggers. In transport perspective,...
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Journalist Independence as the Supervisor of 2018 Regional Election in Central Java

Alkomari Alkomari
Journalist independence is doubtful when entering the political year like 2018 Election. Along with this situation Press Council affirms the role of press to ensure the press independence and to fulfill the right of people to obtain quality and fair information. This research focuses on the journalist...
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Implementation of Digital Literacy Through E-learning in Learning Process at Pesantren University

Rila Setyaningsih, Abdullah Abdullah, Edy Prihantoro, Hustinawaty Hustinawaty
The purpose of this research is to know the digital literacy implementation model through the utilization of e-learning in the learning process at a pesantren (boarding school) university. The method used in this research is qualitative. Data collection was done through observation and interviews with...
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E-Government-based Bureaucratic Reform in Public Service

Yusriadi Yusriadi, Abdul Sahid, Indriati Amrullah, Abdul Azis, Anne Abdul Rachman
Program Electronic Government aims to realize excellent service through increasing the scope of licensing service by bureaucracy of regency / city government in Indonesia. This study aims to analyse and explain the implementation of electronic government from the aspect of public service and its implication...
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An Integrated Information System for Selection of Areas Tourist Sites Using Clustering and Electre Methods

Arlieza Anindyaputri, Jatmiko Endro Suseno, Catur Edi Widodo
Tourism is currently being vigorous in various circles. The community really this idea of sharing info through social media with upload tourism objects of photos which are the creations. As for the constraints of society in search of tourism objects in a town in visit in terms of the distance , the existing...
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Ethical consideration in the reportage of sexual abuse of children: A review of selected Nigerian newspapers

Ben-Collins Emeka Ndinojuo
Ethical considerations are important for journalists when reporting about the sexual abuse of children. The codes of ethics of society of professional journalists and Nigeria Press Council both recognize the need for ethics when reporting abuse stories due to the sensitive nature of the subject in relation...
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Communication and Occupational Health Training Programs for Traditional Market Traders in Karanganyar

Haris Setyawan, Isna Qodrijati, Tutug Bolet Atmojo, Seviana Rinawati
Karanganyar is one of the developing districts in central Java, in both the economic and health sectors. One of the economic and health developments that deserve special attention in Karanganyar is the number of traditional markets that have not implemented the concept of health and good sanitation....
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The power of new media Bestnine Instagram in creating a popular culture for creative industry workers: The study of the popular Instagram Bestnine application among the Illustrators

Florens Debora Patricia
Bestnine Instagram is one of the most popular New Media today. The Enchantment of Bestnine is not only interesting among the elite, but has also spread to industrial workers such as; musicians, artists, illustrators and animators. According to a survey by the American Paw Research Center, the level of...
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Developing Interactive E-Book as a Learning Resource for Seventh-Grade Junior High School Students

Aufal Hadaya, Sunardi Sunardi, Asrowi Asrowi
The learning process in the 21st century is required to utilize technology. One trend of learning in the digital age is the use of an interactive e-book as a learning resource. This study aims to determine the advisability of an interactive e-book on history matter for a seventh-grade student as a learning...
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Development of the Predict Observe Explain (POE)-based on Thematic Teaching Materials for IV Grade Students of Elementary School

Amalia Puspha Rini, Nunuk Suryani, Siti Sutarmi Fadhilah
The Learning process cannot be separated from the use of teaching materials that play important roles in achieving the competencies that must be achieved by the learners. The purpose of this research is to identify the importance of the development of thematic teaching materials based on the Predict...
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The Development of Pocketbook as an Accounting Teaching Material

Naomi Fahma, Nunuk Suryani, Akhmad Arif Musadad
Teaching materials are important for education implementation in schools. A teacher is required to create innovative and creative teaching materials that suit students’ needs, so that the learning process becomes interesting and fun. This study is aimed at developing an eligible teaching material in...
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Consumer Protection of the Standardised Clause E-Commerce Agreement on the Retail Shopping Site

Firzalia Heidrysbang, Sakina Amani, Hamidah Hamidah, Afnan Fani
The standard agreement is a written agreement in which the form and contents have been determined, containing the standard conditions made by one party in advance in the form. Standard agreements containing standardised clauses need to be considered by consumers and business doer in carrying out their...
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The Influence of Subjective Norms and Perceived Behavioural Control Intent to use Electronic Parking

Indriati Rochmah Darmayanti, Noorlaelie Soewarno, Isnalita Isnalita
The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of subjective norms and perceived behavioural control on the intention to use electronic parking with electronic money. The analysis in this study used multiple linear regression analysis with 43 respondents. The findings indicate that: (1) subjective...
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Online Shop Customers’ Behaviour: E-Service Quality, Attitude and Actual Use

Amalia Hasta Insani, Noorlaelie Soewarno, Isnalita Isnalita
Online Shop has become inseparable in the life of consumer behaviour of Indonesia, in using application of Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak and This is known to increase the real consumption growth of Indonesian society. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of e-service quality...
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Net-attack 2.0: Digital Post-Truth and its Regulatory Challenges in Indonesia

Vience Mutiara Rumata, Ashwin Sasongko Sastrosubroto
Post Truth has been a global phenomenon. It emerged in the heightening political situation particularly during the 2016 US Presidential election and Brexit. It also echoed during the 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial election where hoaxes, misleading information and hate speeches were massively produced and...
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Development of Motion Graphic Animation Video in Elementary School

Eko Wahyu Pricahyo, Muhammad Akhyar, Suharno Suharno
This study aims to develop a learning media product in the form of a motion graphics animated video for elementary school students in Sukoharjo. This research uses the Research and Development (R&D) research type. The media development model used is the ASSURE development model. Research subjects involved...
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Determinant Factors of Using E-Election in Indonesia

Sari Ratih Nur Istiqomah, Noorlaelie Soewarno, Isnalita Isnalita
An Election is one of the implementations of democracy in Indonesia. However, the implementation of the election is coloured by fraud, which results in the election of less qualified parties. The purpose of this article is to determine the determinants of citizen use in the context of applying electronic...
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Viral Message in the World of Cyber Marketing and Public Relations

Pijar Suciati, Mareta Maulidiyanti
Since the development of the Internet (Interconnection Networking) aspects of space and time as if it was not a barrier to communication. In addition to offering the ease of sharing information, the Internet (virtual world) also offers various advantages, such as, the absence of hierarchy (one to many,...
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The Online Islamic Media Journalism in Indonesia: The Trend Analysis of Political News

Ali Nurdin
The development of information technology through the internet network has led online media to be fast, efficient, and practical in informing the news to the public. There are online Islamic media that exist to spread facts and political opinions. The purpose of this study is to explain and describe...
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Modeling the Communications of Dayak Meratus Ethnic in Producing Forest Myths in Hulu Sungai Tengah and Balangan District

Fahrianoor Fahrianoor, Susanne Dida, Edwin Rizal, Herlina Agustin
Dayak Meratus ethnic interacts with forests in their daily life to create a distinctive culture. This distinctive culture is forest itself, in which the community life relies on forests. The forest is classified into three parts based on customary agreements. They are managed forest, customary forests...
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Government innovation: The challenges and the best practice of smart city in Indonesia

Haidar Fikri, Didik G Suharto, Rino Ardhian Nugroho
Nowadays, the concept of city building by putting forward the smart city is mostly discussed by the Indonesian government. The discussion and ideas are from the assessment of government on the idea capability in building smart city to solve the problems in the city such as traffic jam, safety, and garbage....
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Discourse of Islam on the Online Forum: Discourse Analysis of Users’ Postings in Subforum News and Politics Kaskus

Yudha Wirawanda, Rino Andreas, Khairul Syafuddin
Kaskus is one of the largest forums in Indonesia. One of the subforums in Kaskus is news and politics. Many ideological discourses are contesting in this subforum. One interesting topic in this subforum is a discourse about Islam. Various users construct Islam differently from one another and construct...
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Engagement and the spread of fake news: Personality Trait as moderator

Gumgum Gumelar, Zarina Akbar, Erik Erik
The speed of news is no longer limited. Distance and time limits do not become an obstacle in the rate of news spread. Even though the access to the information, nowadays is more accessible and fast, but there are also many another adverse offer, such as spreading rumors and fake news. Individual engagement...
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Maintaining Reputation through Media Relations: A Qualitative Analysis in Local Government of Madiun City

Desti Erma Susanti, Andre Rahmanto
Public relations practitioners are the “bridges” between government and society who have a responsibility to communicate information to the society more quickly, precisely and accurately. Public relations practitioners, as a source of information in the processing and delivering the information, provide...
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Empowering Pamekasan to Become a Child-Friendly Regency through Interpersonal Communication

Umi Supraptiningsih, Ahmad Ghufran Ferdiant, Eerie Hariyanto, Eka Susylawati, Arif Wahyudi
This paper discusses about the plan and implementation of one of Indonesian Government duties for giving facilities neither physically nor mentally for the sake of the manifestation of the protection and growth development of children. Pamekasan as one of regencies in Madura has developed a Child-Friendly...
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Developing Powtoon-Based Video Learning Media for Five Grade Students of Elementary School

Yanuari Dwi Puspitarini, Muhammad Akhyar, Djono Djono
The role of the media cannot be separated from the learning process. Along with the development of science and technology, teachers can use it in the learning process. The development of powtoon-based video learning media in social studies subjects is motivated by the lack of instructional media used...
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Arena of Islamic Identity Battles in Films by Nurman Hakim

Muh. Bahruddin, Eriyanto Eriyanto
This study aims at disclosing the practices of Islam in Indonesia framed in the films by Nurman Hakim, among them are 3 Doa 3 Cinta (3 Prayers 3 Love) (2008), Khalifah (2011), and Bid'ah Cinta (2017). These three films portray the religious reality of Islamic society in post-reform Indonesia. The permeation...
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Hoax and its Mechanism in Indonesia

Ni Putu Suci Meinarni, Ida Bagus Ary Indra Iswara
Hoax is one of the issue had been arise in the digital world. It is cause serious matter even though it was only (maybe) a joke at the beginning. For some people who see the potential of creating the hoax, there are certain motives such as political affiliation, ideology and the economic factors. In...
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Classroom Interaction Features in EFL: What happens if Obstruction is More Excessive than Construction?

Binti Aisiah Daning Sumari, Teguh Setiawan
This study established qualitative design in attempt to reveal impact exceed of obstruction features than construction which occurred in EFL classroom in Indonesia. This present study involved an English teacher and thirty five students. She taught three times lesson meeting, each of lesson carried out...
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An Analysis of Sustainable Tourism Development Collaboration: Case: Tourist Puppets Village of Kepuhsari, Wonogiri District

Bramasta Reynaldi
This study aims to describe the form of collaboration of each element in the development of the village of Wayang Village tourism in the social, economic and cultural dimension. This research uses ethnography method approach to find the essence of a cultural pattern and complexity problems of a group...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of Translation Techniques on Text of Webtoon

Dyan Pratiwi Kusumaningtyas, Teguh Setiawan
The translation quality results will look natural if the translation able to produce in accordance with the target language (TL). But in order to achieve this, the translator is able to adapt to the social and cultural context of the source language (SL). In this article reveals the translations used...
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The Audience Habit of Media Consumption in The Transition of Digitalization Broadcasting in Central Java

Made Dwi Adnjani, Mubarok Mubarok
Indonesia already has a digital TV migration roadmap based on studies and consultations with broadcasters. The Government has established DVB-T technology as a standard of free terrestrial digital television broadcasting through Ministerial Regulation of Kominfo No: 07 / P / M.KOMINFO / 3/2007. If the...
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Instagram Effects as Social Media toward Adolescence and Young Adult Users: Uses and Gratification Approach

Fachri Mirza Muhammad
The development of the web 2.0 and new trends in the social media leads to the changes of human communication and human motivation to use social media. The Uses and Gratification Theory, which emerged in the 1940s, is a mass communications theory which sees a mass audience as an active user who seeks...
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Media Role in the Civic Engagement Patterning of Indonesian Civil Society

Dewi Kartika Sari, Nur Aji Wibowo
The phenomenon of crowdfunding now becomes an interesting experience because of its success in raising a huge amount of funds from civil society to overcome the social issues. In fact, the aid flows voluntarily even with no driven force. Some cases are free Umroh facility as well as grant money for a...
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Corruption And Discourse Renewal in the Ministry of Agriculture: A Study of Crisis Communications

Astri Wibawanti Putri, Andre N Rahmanto
The organizational ability to learn from the crisis and explore the opportunities that still exist is a positive step that can improve the credibility of the organization in the eyes of stakeholders and the community. This study attempts to use a new approach in assessing crisis communications conducted...
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The Analysis of Grammatical Shifts in Harry Potter “The Chamber of Secrets” Novel: A comparative Translational Study

Januari Rizki Pratama Rusman, Pratomo Widodo
The development of communication in this global era leads the improvement of the languages in the world. Then, language as the main tool of the communication holds a very important role in the human life. As the demand of global interaction, language becomes the most important thing that should be mastered....
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Identities of Creativity and Humor on Instagram Style Mimi Peri Rapunchelle

Briant Nor Pradhuka
This article discusses, creative and humor identities of Mimi Peri Rapunchelle in Instagram, bring pros and cons. The method used is literature review by collecting data from several international journals, national journals, books, interviews and documentation. The research found, identities of Mimi...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of the Bombing Attack News: An Analysis of Teun A. van Dijk’s Model

Nurul Aini, Pratomo Widodo
This paper revealed that the text can be separable from the context. The text bring the certain goals that has created with certain intent. To this end, the opinion rubric in the Jakarta Post was delivered to analyze it. By using CDA approaches as a methodology and Van Dijk’s model to analyze the text....
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Languange Shift and Language Maintenance of Local Languages toward Indonesian

Umi Farisiyah, Zamzani Zamzani
This study was aimed to investigate the tendency of daily language use by Indonesians and the preference of the use of local languages or Indonesian in everyday life. This is to know whether there is language shift and maintenance of local languages toward Indonesian. The participants were 201 respondents...