Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

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Research on the Investment Value and Regulation of Bitcoin

Yan Li
Bitcoin is considered a cryptocurrency and a digital currency, the two most notable characteristics are decentralization and anonymity. Bitcoin has a variety of properties. It could play not only the currency function but also have certain commodity property. To some extent, it can also be seen as an...
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Which One is the Best Safe Haven During the Special Time, Bitcoin or Gold?

Juncheng Luo
The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019 has had a huge impact on the global economy while also threatening people’s lives and property. In this context, investment means and ideas have also undergone great changes, such as a shift from riskier investments to more prudent ones. Traditional investment means such...
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Sustainable Development of Rural Settlements from the Perspective of World Heritage: A Case Study of Fujian Tulou

Junwen Zhou
Fujian Tulou has a long history and profound cultural deposits. In 2008, the 32nd Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Assembly included it in the World Heritage List. This paper briefly summarizes the architectural structure and ecological environment of Fujian Tulou, and compares the architectural...
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Digital Platform Business Systems Reshaping the Business World

Anna Cui
In a traditional market, having multiple prices on the same good or service is common because of geographical barriers, information asymmetry, transportation costs, and other limitations. However, platform-type companies have the potential to break these barriers by connecting numerous consumers and...
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Development of the Emerging Shoe Market and Its Problems

Hongyu Liu
Now, with the development of economy, people’s living standards and yearning for a better life to promote the development of various emerging cultures, these developments with the current trend of vigorous development as a hotbed of rapid development. Among them, trend culture is one of the most worshipped...
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Analysis of the Risk and Control of the Micro-credit Companies

Taking Ant Finance as an Example

Yating Li
Nowadays, many microfinance companies are booming, but they not only bring convenience to people, but also bring many risks. Taking ant financial as an example, this paper analyzes the credit risk and points out the improvement suggestions of the supervisor, which is conducive to the supervisor to better...
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The Success of Luxury Goods Branding in China: A Case Study of Gucci

Huatong Lai, Zijun Xian
The luxury products businesses have been flourishing in China in the past few decades. Gucci, one of the most prominent leaders of luxury brands, is taken as the focal case of this study. Specifically, in this paper, some core branding strategies implemented by Gucci are reviewed and discussed. Aside...
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A Business Analysis for the Taier Company Based on STP Model and Market Forecasting

Yihan Ma, Luran Pu, Gaorui Wang
Taier pickled cabbage fish is one of its main brands, and the market size and volume is large. The number of pickled cabbage fish stores in China is as high as 35,000. The industry profits are high, and the competition among enterprises in the track is fierce. We choose one of the top enterprises “Taier...
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Research and Analysis of Asset Pricing Model Based on the Empirical Test of Stock Price

Junyao Chen, Yupu Wu, Yuan Xu
The core of stock pricing is stock valuation. Although there are many assumptions of the stock pricing model in practical application, which require investors to have enough experience and more professional knowledge, the operation is difficult. Still, the pricing model provides the real intrinsic reference...
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Based on SWOT Analysis to Explore the Marketing Strategy of Sexy Tea’s Inconvenience

Yiwen Fu, Xinghao Li, Xusheng Liu
With the rapid growth of Chinese society, different Milk Tea brands started to emerge and join the competitive market. Among them, Sexy Tea, with its unique marketing strategy and the idea of hunger marketing, has gradually become a landmark for Changsha, China. Yet, it brings inconvenience to customers...
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Research on Investment Portfolio Mechanism in the Context of COVID-19

Linjing Yang
Portfolio theory provides an important conceptual foundation and a comprehensive set of analysis systems for portfolio creation and analysis, and it has a significant impact on modern investment management practice. The rationality of portfolio theory on decentralized investing is a critical theoretical...
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Strategy from the Perspective of Supply Chain

Fanchen Meng, Yanqiao Jin, Xinyu Miao, Ruhua Pan
Promotion is more common in the fashion product sales. In this paper, the authors built a customer supply chain model of both myopic and strategic consumers with the two period of sales, and then seek to deduce a centralized decision-making and decentralized decision-making model consisting of two kinds...
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Thoughts on Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Grass-roots Financial Management Under the New Situation

Zhengze Lu, Jianghua Huang, Feng Tian
Grass roots financial management is the terminal of fund implementation and the top priority of grass-roots security work. The quality and efficiency of its management is directly related to the use efficiency of grass-roots funds, and is bound to affect the quality of grass-roots construction. Starting...
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Catholic Sponsorship of Art in Baroque Period and Its Enlightenment to Modern Art Investors

Take Pope Urban VIII and His Family and Close Friends

Fengwu Lin
Art sponsorship plays an essential role in the development of art. Based on the research on the field of religious art sponsorship in the Baroque period, and referring to the art sponsorship of Pope Urban VIII and his family and friends, this paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of this form...
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Evaluating the Accuracy of Net Present Value and Initial Rate of Return Investment Rules

Zhen Wang
The purpose of this paper is to compare the accuracy of two investment decision-making methods, Net present value (NPV) and Internal rate of return (IRR), using four different hypothetical investigations, and to briefly assess the limitations of the NPV method. The use of the IRR rule results in incorrect...
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Comparison of the Applicability of Markowitz Model and Index Model Under 5 Real-World Constraints for Diverse Investors

Ke Qu, Yi Tian, Jingying Xu, Jiefu Zhang
A notable trend observed within our research is that, despite the variations in actual values, both models have agreed on the stocks that are given the most extreme weights, either positive or negative. While the rest of the stocks, whose weights are closer than 0 and are used for nuanced balancing to...
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Forecast on S&P 500 Index Based on HAR-RV Model

With VIX and Day-of-the-Week Effect

Qiannan Xiong
The S&P 500 is an essential indicator for the U.S. and even the global stock markets. Meanwhile, the HAR-RV model is a new testing model, so predicting the realized volatility of S&P is significant to analyze using the HAR-RV model. This article will use the HAR-RV model to predict the S&P...
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Research on the Internal Management Communication of Enterprises Based on Wanda Film

Bowen Sun
Since the reform and opening up, my country’s private enterprises have developed rapidly and their number has increased sharply. With the rise of private enterprises, the brain drain has become an urgent problem to be solved. Among the different causes of this problem, communication problems are one...
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Company Comparison: General Motor Corporation VS Geely Auto

Zijian Ding, Baocheng Duan, Shuo Fang, Mengyang Wang
Car industries are growing in size in recent years, more new entrants are entering this market seeking for profit. However, only a few firms succeed. This paper, we determine the reasons for the success of the two companies--General Motors Corporation (GM) and Geely Auto. We firstly analysed the business...
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The Flawed Borders of the Middle East

Xunheng Wu
In this paper, I will be seeking to introduce the history and the reasons of how and why the flawed border of the Middle East was created after World War I. After World War I, Britain and France as two major ally powers who had defeated Ottoman attempts to divide up the Ottoman post-war territories....
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Analysis on the Development of Civil Aviation Under the Background of Epidemic

Ruizhe Hu
Civil aviation, refers to the use of various types of aircraft in the air all live except for defense, police and customs activities of the National Aeronautics move, the civil aviation industry in recent years, the rapid development of China, for example 2019 Civil Aviation aircraft registered in the...
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A Review on the Relationship Between Portfolio Concentration and Fund Manager Performance

Xinyao Liu, Bixue Tang
In the process of economic operation, along with the cyclical changes, the various industries in the market also show a different development state. Therefore, in investment activities, the choice of industry is particularly important. When investing in the fund, whether the fund manager can choose the...
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Research on the Development Model of China’s Live Stream Economy

Zihan Yang
Live stream economy has sprung up in China in recent years, especially after COVID-19. Different from other e-commerce models, live stream economy has the advantages of high efficiency, real-time, cost-effective. Therefore, in order to better understand this economy model, we analyse it from macroeconomics...
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Analysis on Open Account in China from the Perspective of Prisoners’ Dilemma

Jingxing Gao
Open account is a common behavior in international trade. There are such cases that exporters suffered great loss when importers suddenly disappear even they had successful corporation previously. To avoid loss, consigner should stop corporation when he thinks his partner could not afford to fulfill...
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Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of Taobao under the Background of the Era of Internet

Miaolin Gong
The advent of the Internet era has given rise to a large number of online sales platforms. In this paper, the author analyzed the marketing approach of Taobao, a company owned by Alibaba (especially during shopping festivals), in the Internet era through SWOT analysis. According to the analysis result,...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on the International Education Market in China

Linrui Hu, Yuze Zhang
COVID -19 pandemic has an extreme effect on the international education and Chinese students’ studying abroad plan. Under this circumstance, this study aims at researching the present situation of the international education market and the changing choice of Chinese international students under the impact...
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Research on Future Business Strategy Reform of Gaming Console Brands

Ziyuan Cui, Jinghua Jiang, Yusen Zhu
The global games industry has undergone many important and far-reaching changes in the past few decades. In 1979, Atari’s first home gaming console came out, and now consoles, personal computers, mobile smartphones or virtual reality, and other gaming platforms have achieved vigorous development in the...
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The Research on the Impact of Covid-19 on U.S. Resource Stock Market

Jiatong Sun, Bijia Yang, Dongping Yu, Lingfeng Zhang
2020 is a challenging year for humans because the whole world was under attack of COVID-19, which is considered the most transmissible virus throughout human history. This pandemic has caused an unprecedented negative impact on people’s lives and the world’s economy. In addition, the impact of the pandemic...
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Potential Arbitrage Analysis

Based on the Fed’s Reduction on the SMCCF and the Future Monetary Policy

Zihui Chen, Keyang Li, Minlan Tang
This article represents an analysis of the Fed’s recent reduction on Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility(SMCCF) and the future monetary policies on The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). And we try to explore potential arbitrage opportunities according to the impact of these policies. Based...
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship “Regenerate” A Fashion Entrepreneur Has a Flair for Fighting Poverty

Zuer Wang, Ziou Dong
This Work, titled ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship -- Regenerate’, describes the start-up of an eco-friendly clothing brand, ‘Regenerate’, its future direction and suggestions. Paper identifies the suitable business partners for the brand by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses and different business...
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Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Financing Efficiency of SMEs

Based on the Empirical Study of 60 Shandong SMEs Listed on the SME Board

Yafei Zhang
Small and medium-sized enterprises are important parts of the national economy, but the problem of “financing difficulties” greatly restricts their. This article summarizes the financing status of SMEs and influencing factors, combined with the 2017-2020 data of 60 small and medium-sized enterprises...
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Challenges for Huawei to Go Global Under the Trade Disputes

Ziyang Peng, Sihan Zhang
For the development history of Huawei, there are many reasons why it has developed from a small enterprise to its current scale, why Huawei can become the world’s leading communications company in a short period. In recent years, facing the targeting problems and challenges from the United States, why...
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Analysis on the Influence of Inflation on Financial Markets and Institutions in China

Xin Tang
Impacts of inflation on financial markets and institutions in China will be discussed in this article, focusing on the stock markets and commercial banks. Since many scholars have studied how financial development affects inflation, the author chose to carry out reverse research. After comparing the...
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Luxury Brands Culture and Marketing: How Does Chanel Stay popular

Sun Peishan, Wang Yufei
With the rapid development of the world economy, people’s living standard has gotten a general improvement, which is reflected in the increase of personal disposable income. Therefore, people will consume more that lead to the growth of average consumption power. More people are willing and able to buy...
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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Online Educational Quality in USC’s School of Engineering and School of Cinematic Art

Jiling Zhang
This research paper demonstrates the results of a questionnaire containing a series of questions, conducted at the University of Southern California, on the educational quality via online forms during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research was conducted with students from the School of Engineering and the...
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Analysis of Financial Risks in the Process of Enterprise M&A-Taking Alibaba M&A Process as an Example

Weizheng Fang, Boting Tao, Jixian Zhang, Linshan Zhao
With the rapid development of modern enterprises in Internet, more and more enterprises begun to buy other smaller businesses to help the development of their industries. Such action can bring benefit to these enterprises in some way. In this paper, we study the history of Alibaba and analyze Alibaba’s...
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The Comparison and Contrast Between the Protectionism and Free Trade in England

Hanya Guan, Pengjun Qian
International trade is a set of actions that aim to exchange capital, goods, and services between foreign countries across their international borders. International trade policy is a policy related to trading across national boundaries aiming to protect the best interests of their citizens and companies....
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The Research of Tesco’s Current Investment Portfolio and Some Recommendations

Jiaying Ren
The aim of this research is to make some recommendation to the investment portfolio identifying the return and risk of Tesco. The methods used are financial statement analysis, comparison of return models, risk assessment criteria and ways to plan portfolio adjustments. This paper studies Tesco’s current...
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The Impact of Corporate Cash Holding on Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China

Yundi Gao, Zihan Li
We develop the panel regression model to examine the effect of corporate cash holding on stock price crash risk with data of Chinese listed firms during 2007 to 2018. Based on our results, the corporate cash holding is positively associated with future stock price crash risk. This robustness of results...
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Analysis of Management Strategy of MXBC

Jiayue Tang
Milk tea is a kind of tea beverage which originated in Taiwan Province and has been popular since 1990s. It combines the fragrance of tea and the sweetness of milk, and has become one of the choices of people’s daily drinks. Nowadays, with the increase of milk tea shops, the competitive of milk tea market...
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Adolescent Obesity: Case Study of McDonald’s Happy Meal

Yuxuan Guo, Xiang Lan, Haoyu Shi, Yizhen Song
Adolescent obesity has been deemed a prominent public health problem in the 21st century, and the over-consumption of fast food is considered one of the essential causes. In this situation, the Happy Meal strategy put forward by McDonald’s has also been accused of luring children to consume those unhealthy...
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The Progress of Digital Currency Electronic Payment

Xinyu Liu, Fan Lu, Wanlu Shan, Jiayuan Zhang
Developed and issued by the People’s Bank of China, the Digital Currency Electronic Payment has the same legal status as the physical RMB. This essay will describe the basic information, development, and advantages of the DCEP and the challenges and risks that may be encountered in the development, distribution,...
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Analysis of Innovation Opportunities for AirTag

Qibing Li
Innovation not only refers to the innovation of products and technologies, it can also be various types of innovations such as new strategies and new services. Although Apple products have already occupied some of their competitive advantages, if there are no innovative products, it will still lead to...
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The Effectiveness of RMB Internationalization

Shengting Hou, Lu Huang, Xiaoduo Zhang
Due to the 2008 economic crisis, the global economic and monetary system requires new blood. Hence the emergence of alternative currencies is inevitable. Based on this situation, this paper will analyze how Macroeconomic policy would influence Renminbi (RMB) being internationalization. In order to explore...
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The Effects of the Paris Agreement on Stock Markets: Evidence from Clean Energy Stocks

Jianing Kuang, Ruochen Zhou, Diandian Shi, Zhengyang Cai
The threats presented by climate change have led to an increasing number of international environmental treaties. In this paper, the effects of the 2016 Paris Agreement on investment behaviors are specifically investigated. By applying the event study methodology, a market model based on S&P Broad...
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The Influence of Digital Technology in the Digital Marketing

Ziqi Zhu
Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, digital technology has been widely used. Many people use kinds of digital platforms, like Amazon, YouTube and Zoom. These digital platforms provide different functions, like online shopping, watching videos, and online meeting. At the same...
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Business Analysis in Modeling of Financial Risk

Dirun Zhang, Xiangyi Shan, Siqi Li
The bank’s main source of profit is loans, the money lent out by charging interest to make a profit, but with great risk of not being able to recover. In economic globalization, especially in the context of financial internationalization, loan risk control is always an important research topic for banks....
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Research on the Influence of Investor Experience and Investment Strategy on Investment Return

Jitao Hu, Longying Hu
With the public’s response to “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and the gradual regulation of the financial market, venture capital industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, which not only stimulates economic growth, but also promotes technological progress. However, there are still...
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Influencer Marketing and Traditional Marketing in China: How Does Influencer Marketing in the Leisure Food Industry Affect Purchase Intention

Xiaoyu Guo, Weiyue Li, Hongrui Hu, Lisi He, Shengjie Li
In the past few years, due to the popularization of intelligent technology and the impact of fragmented media on information dissemination, emerging influencer marketing has gradually replaced the traditional marketing model and occupied a dominant position in the market. The aim of this study is to...
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Analysis of U.S. Economic Under the Covid-19 Epidemic

Cong Lei (Dexter)
The Covid-19 has affected millions of people and the U.S. economy. In this article, the author demonstrated how Covid-19 affected people’s mental health, caused lack of open restaurants, unemployment, and fewer international students coming to the U.S. It also decreased the workload trades and average...
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Research on the Application of Cloud Computing in the Future Market in China

Linzheng Ruan
In recent years, cloud computing is becoming more and more important. So, this thesis is about analyzing the future market of cloud computing in China in the future. And the main Research object is the market of cloud computing in China. All the data are acquired online. And after the analysis, cloud...
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The Impact of Cash Holding on Stock Price Crash Risk

Zhuxin Chen
This paper develops a fixed-effect model to examine the effect of cash holding on stock price crash risk with data of Chinese listed firms from 2007 to 2018. The results indicate that corporate cash holding is positively related to stock price crash risk. Based on this consequence, it is proved that...
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Exposure Therapy for Phobia Treatment

Ruiqi Guo
Exposure therapy is used to curb various phobias and boost a healthy mental state of uoa person. The objective of this research study was to analyze how exposure therapy helps to overcome phobia. From the research study, it was found that exposure therapy involves any treatment that motivates the external...
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The Analysis of Brand Co-branding Strategy

A Case research on LV& Supreme

Wenxi Jia, Huining Ran
The luxury goods market has reached a saturation point, and the internal competitions are fiercer than ever. Like Louis Vuitton (LV) and Supreme, some grand brands decided to collaborate to increase their competence to a higher level together. We adopted an empirical case study procedure in this research....
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Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on Middle and Small-sized Enterprises

Hangcheng Meng
At a time when economies are growing and increasingly interconnected, the sudden outbreak and spread of COVID-19 at the end of 2019 disrupted the domestic and international economic balance and had a profound impact on social order and macroeconomy. The interruption of the global supply chain has greatly...
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Analysis on Financial Statements of Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd.

Zhanyuan Guo
The stock of Kweichow Moutai, as one of the representative of China’s value investment stocks, rose nearly 60 times in the 19 years since its listing in 2001, its operating income increased from RMB 162 million in 2001 to RMB 88.9 billion in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 25%, and its net...
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Analysis of FamilyMart Convenience Store

Wenbo Du
There are a total of 1445 FamilyMart outlets; the number is overwhelming compared to the number of others convenience stores; thus, this paper attempts to analyze the reasons for the success of FamilyMart and provide more suggestions for improvement. This paper would also include a real example to illustrate...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture Industry in U.S Stock Market

Yuhan Jin
Under the impact of the global outbreak of COVID-19, macroeconomic fluctuations have different degrees of effects on various industries. The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused another negative impact on the already weak global economy. This paper analyzes the changes of American...
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Analysis of the Potential Risks of Winning the Bid at a Low Price in Construction Project Management

Chenxi Luo
In the international world, winning biding at a low price in construction industry is a normal bidding mode under FIDIC contract conditions. This method is also promoted and widely used in the Chinese market. Under this contract condition, the principal of consistent use of honest and trustworthy lowest...
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The Influence of Social Environment on Victoria’s Secret Advertising

Jiaxin Liang
In the era of big data, the social environment is developing every day, and without exception company social environment will issue corresponding advertisements in response to different social policies to increase the influence of publicity. Grier and Deshpande’s article mention the theory of group identity....
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The Effect of Corporate Cash Holding on Idiosyncratic Risk: Evidence from China

Yueting Cai, Yunran Liu, Xinyi Li
We examine the effect of corporate cash holding on idiosyncratic risk. We find that corporate cash holding in China is positively associated with idiosyncratic risk. The association is robust to several robustness checks, including adopting an alternative method, fixed-effects model, and the inclusion...
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Research on Accounting Information System Based Big Data

Menghan Li
Nowadays, society is gradually entering the era of big data, which can help people make correct judgments and help enterprises manage rationally. The concept of big data has been gaining increasing attention in recent years, and the application of big data technology in a wide range of industries is...
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Pricing Strategy Research of Chinese Video Website Platform in Internet Era

Yiran Wang
The network video platform has gradually occupied a large share in the field of television media. However, as a hot field in the Internet era, academic research on online video platforms is relatively scarce. Based on the characteristics of online video platforms, this paper studies the pricing strategies...
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The Investment Value and the Current Regulation of Cryptocurrencies Market Under the Confusion

Ziqi Ai, Zeyu Yao
With the rapid development of contemporary technology, people are not only satisfied with the economic benefits brought by the traditional financial industry. In 2009, a currency incorporating blockchain Bitcoin was born, thus kicking off the cryptocurrency trend. In this paper, the historical development...
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Analysis of the Development Prospect of AI Companies in China

Take AI Four Little Dragons for Example

Kuan Lu, Chuhang Jin
With the rise and wide application of artificial intelligence, China has also seen the emergence of the four AI Four Little Dragons -- SenseTime, Megvii, Yuncong, and Yitu. According to the development comparison of the four artificial intelligence companies, this study analyzes the business model, technology...
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Examining the Impact of Advanced Digital Economy on Employment in China Under COVID-19

Tianyu Cao
This paper investigates the impact of advanced digital technology on employment in China under specific Covid-19 period. By reviewing and summarizing previous relevant papers, we have drawn an conclusion that the rapid digital progress in China demonstrates significant contribution to transformation...
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Analysis on Promoting Employment of College Graduates Under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jiarui Li, Xixi Lin, Ziyu Liu
Full employment of college graduates is an ideal condition for a country’s stability and progress. The impact of COVID-19 in 2021 has put forward new requirements for stabilizing the employment of college graduates in China. Under such circumstances, this paper investigates the current status and the...
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Investment Portfolio Establishment Based on Index Model Linked with Different Constraints

Shaoyu Ding, Heming Ma, Shiyue Zhang
After Markowitz Model was invented, people continue to find series of problems about implementing the model to real world and Index model was introduced to solve these problems. In this paper, we use index model to form minimum variance portfolios and maximum Sharpe portfolios for series of stocks and...
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Research on Brand Remodeling and Marketing Strategy Optimization of Chinese Domestic Cosmetics in Post-pandemic Era

Lening Dong, Hanfei Liu, Yi Tao
The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically attacked the Chinese cosmetics industry, impeding its development by reducing consumption, which is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed as cosmetics have already become daily necessities for many people. Such a lag phase has negatively influenced many people...
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Analysis of Tesla’s Marketing Strategy in China

Xiaofei Du, Bingcan Li
Tesla, an automobile company which started its pure electric vehicle business at an early time, has made a lot of efforts since it officially entered China market in 2014. In this paper we investigated the strategy of Tesla’s development and marketing based on case study. Through the study of Tesla’s...
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The Influence of Female Consumer Psychology on the Experience-based Economy

Taking Chinese women as an example

Ruoyao Li
With the rise of women’s status and their essential status in economic development, women’s consumer psychology has become one of the vital factors influencing the development of the new experience economy. Respecting women’s needs and catering to women’s consumer psychology has become crucial links...
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The Effectiveness Factor on Brand Strategy

A Case Study on Taobao’s Brand Perception for Generation Z

Junqi Han, Xin Wang, Zihan Zhu
Taobao is a promise of platform, a representative of e-commerce, a famous brand that offers a place for merchants and customers to sell and buy. It is Taobao that has opened up a new era of e-commerce and brought it into people’s vision. Therefore, it is important to learn about how Taobao opened up...
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Evidences and Explanations for the Momentum Effect in the World: A Literature Review

Yueqing Li, Xianzi Wang, Zhensheng Zeng
Momentum effect is a common phenomenon in stock markets. This study reviews a few literatures to investigate the evidences of momentum effect and its rational explanations in the stock markets worldwide. Based on our analysis, evidences for momentum effect are summarized and categorized. It is concluded...
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The Application of Business Analytics in the Era of Big Data

Tianhuiqi Chen, Bowen Gu, Zhenxin Jin
With the advent of the big data era, data-based business analytics is more and more widely used in all industries, in which banking with the loan business is one of the most important businesses. In order to conduct more intelligent risk control, banks often build prediction models based on loan records...
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Sports Companies’ and Leagues’ Data Utilization to Alleviate the Negative Influences Caused by the Pandemic

Tianqin Xia
The sports industry has been severely hit by the pandemic. Games are postponed, and fans are not allowed to enter the stadium or arena. In such a serious situation, sports companies’ and sports leagues’ revenues shrink a lot, and they are keen on restoring and sustaining their business. In order to help...
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Analysis of the Contribution of the Development of Learning and Effectiveness Paradigm” to Multinational Corporations

Linyue Zhang
This paper aims to fully epitomize the development of the learning-and-effectiveness paradigm, from two other diversity management ways: the discrimination-and-fairness paradigm and the access-and-legitimacy paradigm. The Learning-and-effectiveness paradigm embraces the assimilation and differentiation...
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How Cognitive Biases Make Innovation Difficult in Markets for Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Luxin Zhang
Biases affects our judgments and decisions everywhere, because in our daily life, no matter where you are, what kind of occupation you are doing, every decision we make is more or less interfered by cognitive biases, which even determines the outcome of things. In addition, with the development of the...
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Duration Strategy for Bond Investment Based on an Empirical Study

Junming Nie, Zhihao Wu, Shiyao Wang, Ye Chen
The duration is also known as the Macaulay duration. It takes the cash flow occurring in the future time to fold the present value according to the current rate of return, and then multiplies each present value by the number of years from the time when the cash flow occurs, and then sums it up. The duration...
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Research on the Impact of RMB Internationalization on China’s Trade Competitiveness

An Empirical Analysis Based on the VAR Model

Fangxu Dong
With the continuous development of China’s foreign trade level and the improvement of the RMB’s international status, the use of RMB in international transactions and settlements has become more frequent, and the level of RMB internationalization has achieved a historic breakthrough. The Chinese government...
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The Spillover Effects of U.S. Monetary Policy on Global Economy

Siyuan Geng, Chenxiao Lu, Qianyi Zhang
This paper uses VAR model and select total assets of Federal Reserve, CPI, total manufacturing/industrial production, REER (real broad effective exchange rate adjusted by relative consumer prices), net exports and 3-month interbank rate as indicators to measure the impact of the US monetary policy on...
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Luxury During the Epidemic: The Rise of the Chinese Market

Zongyu Li
The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has caused a huge economic blow to the world, as various industries have stalled without any preparation. The same goes for the luxury industry, which has suffered a significant loss from stagnant tourism, retails, and marketing activities. Hence, by analyzing the...
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Equalization of Basic Public Services and Social Trust

Analysis of Multiple Intermediary Effects

Lina Wang, Xuanyu Hu, Hengyuan Zhao
Promoting the equalization of basic public services is an important way to increase social security and improve people’s livelihood for China. Based of measuring the level of equalization of basic public services in China, this paper conducts the empirical validation to test the impact of equalization...
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Investigation for Smartfood’s Market Ability Based on Regression Analysis

Runshi Li, Tzuying Shen, Tzuyun Ting
Product Development at Smartfood is considering adding a new low-carbohydrate food product labeled K-Pack to their product line. Hence, the company needs to estimate the product’s profit potential and choose the best marketing strategy. In order to investigate the different factors’ impact on sales,...
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Strategies for the Service Industry to Effectively Overcome the Crisis: Meituan’s Specific Practices During COVID-19

Yuhan Gong, Haoying Li, Jianfeng Liu, Dang Weng
Here we describe that all companies are experiencing a crisis during COVID-19. The four authors found that five strategies are feasible by investigating the measures of other companies. Using the analysis of research companies, four of these strategies can help the food delivery industry to tide over...
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An Analysis of the Tsingtao Beer Merger

Bowei Zhang
Merger and acquisition are important ways for enterprises to achieve faster development and occupy a solid position in the market. Therefore, for their own effective operation, many enterprises adopt the development strategy of mergers and acquisitions. In the period of integration and development of...
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The Review for the Development of IRR’s Implication

Linxue Zhang
In the past 70 years, IRR has been plucked from obscurity to turn into the optimum choice in evaluating the value of an investment for corporations. Although we cannot deny its popularity, it has many problems that cannot be ignored. Among them, the serious one is its reinvestment assumption. MIRR makes...
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The Use of Information and Communication Technology in Educational Management in the 21st Century for Higher Education Trend in China

Shuwu Li, Libao Luo
According to official figures, China’s GDP has increased every year since 2010. As China’s national strength grows, its influence in the world grows. The economic growth of developed countries cannot be separated from the improvement of information and communication technology (ICT). As a developing...
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Compositional Stochastic Model Checking Probabilistic Automata via Assume-guarantee Reasoning

Yisong Tan
Under the environment of globalization, the international construction projects are implemented more and more frequently and the risks the international construction companies may take are various as the Chinese “One Belt, one Road” strategy expands more deeply. Therefore, this study aims to analyze...
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Better or Not? Research on the Influence of Covid-19 on U.S. Financial Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Zeyang Guo
Influenced by the “black swan incident” Covid-19, huge changes have occurred in the global financial market. Based on Kenneth. French-Data Library, this paper uses multiple linear regression to analyze the statistical data of the U.S. stock financial industry before and during Covid-19, which is used...
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Analysis on Business Analytics in Risk Management

Yulun Ding
Data and business analytics have become very powerful and important tools in present business environments. Organizations have become very dependent on data produced in the market to carry out their operations in very competitive markets successfully. The most predominant use of these data sets has included...
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The performances of Financial Models During COVID-19: Evidence from CAPM and Fama-French Five Factors Model

Yaxuan Liu, Dingding Xu
The ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic impact the operation of society, from home isolation to the shutdown of factories, bringing great uncertainty to the financial market. This article uses the information retrieval method to review the performance of the CAPM model and the Fama-French five factors model...
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The Impact Factors of Protectionism on China

A Case Study of Huawei

Yingjie Dan, Xuanni Feng, Yuto Ichimura, Chantel Liang, Haoxuan Yuan
The U.S. and China are both competing in several fields for chasing the world’s top chair. This paper will demonstrate the protectionism impact utilized by the U.S. on China and Huawei based on case study approach. To be specific, the study made a review on protectionism theory based on U.S.’s policy....
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Feasibility Study of Bitcoin Hedging the U.S. Stock Market

Shiyun He, Yingjie Sheng, Ziyang Zang
Hedge strategies are used with different terms to evaluate whether the co-movement between the U.S. stock market and Bitcoin can be used to optimize the portfolio. As for the representative stock indexes, we construct long-term and short-term hedge portfolios of the S&P 500 and NASDAQ with Bitcoin...
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Analysis of the Reasons for the Excessive Expansion of the Financial Industry——Taking Japan as an Example

Qijia Zhang
This paper focuses on the analysis of the causes of Japan’s bubble economy in the late 20th century, starting from the huge trade gap between the United States and Japan. This famous Black Swan was caused by The rapid development of Japan’s economy, as well as the skyrocketing yen exchange rate caused...
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Accounting Mismatch of Enterprise Assets and Enterprise Liabilities

Ruting Yang
The difference in measurement basis makes companies have serious accounting mismatch problems when accounting for FA (Financial Assets) and Fl (financial liabilities), which leads to the instability of owner’s equity accounts and income statement accounts. Fair value measurement has the same measurement...
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Employee Retention: Take an Insurance Company as an Example

Dongxiao Yue
With the increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, the company’s demand for outstanding employees is also increasing. Because highly capable employees can greatly improve organizational performance, human resource management has become an important part of each company’s competitive advantage....
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Analysis of the Market strategy of Enterprises Based on Fan Economy in China

Taking Fashion Magazines as Example

Shi Manyi
The sales revenue of fashion magazines are growing rapidly even though the market of traditional paper media is declining in the digital age. Research finds out that fashion magazines transformed and reformed its company under the background of media convergence through market strategies based on fan...
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The Strategic Decisions of Short-term Rental Investment Startup Companies in the Context of COVID-19

Ruitong Yang
The world economy was experiencing a considerable slowdown due to the COVID-19 spread. Despite the expected strong recoveries of economies, companies are still at great risks during post COVID-19 time. The key to survival is how they can adjust their corporate strategies with the help of unprecedented...
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The Effect of Wealth Increase on Education and Entertainment Consumption in China

Rui Liu
Entertainment and education consumption partly reflects people’s living standards. In order to study the influencing factors of entertainment and education consumption of Chinese people in the second decade of the 21st century, this paper uses the data from 2010 to 2018 in CFPS and the multiple linear...
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Analysis on the Positive and Negative Effects of Science and Technology

Mengqi Zhang, Xiaoli Zhang, Yi Zhang, Zi Wang, Wenjuan Liu, Hui liu
Science and technology are actually composed of two parts: science and technology, each of which has different connotations. Science, as a theoretical system of knowledge, is gradually obtained and accumulated by mankind in long-term social practice. It brings together the precious achievements of human...