Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET 2019)

613 authors
Zikra, Zikra
The Influence Factors of Self-Acceptance Women Convict: Preliminary Research from Counseling Perspective
Zikri, Ahmad
Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Improving Critical Thinking in the Era of National Development
Zoya Febrina Sumampow, Zoya
Indonesian University Management in 21st Century (Issues And Challenges)
Zuardi, Zuardi
Learning Make A Match Using Prezi in Elementary School in Industry 4.0
Zuardi, Zuardi
The Effect of Cooperative Models of Pair Share Think on the PKN Learning Outcomes of Basic V Vocational School Students
Zuhdi, Ulhaq
English Language Communication in PGSD Through the TPR Method
Zulfianti Rosyida Zahro, Zulfianti
Role of Peers in Case of Self Suicide Peer Counseling: Youth Self Awareness to Suicide Cases
Zuliarni, Zuliarni
The Effect of Using A Blog as Reporting Media of Weekly Reading in Blended Learning Environment
Zulminiati, Zulminiati
Stimulation of Hearing Sensors for Toddler Children through Stuffed Stories in Early Childhood Education
Zulmiyetri, Zulmiyetri
The Implementation of Training Model to Improve Professional Competence of Teachers in Inclusive Education
Zulmiyetri, Zulmiyetri
Character Education for the 21st Century in Developing the Careers of Children Special Needs in Vocational Inclusive School
Zulmiyetri, Zulmiyetri
Analysis of the Needs of Parents Who Have Cerebral Palsy Children Reviewed from the Family Counseling
Zuwirna, Zuwirna
Implementing E-Assessment for Formative Test in Introduction of Education Course: Students’ Voice