Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2021)

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On Li Dazhao’s Critical Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Culture

Yu Zhou
Li Dazhao, an outstanding representative of early Marxists, based on the traditional Chinese culture, actively explored and applied the position, viewpoint and method of Marxism, forming a representative traditional cultural view. In the process of criticizing and inheriting, respecting and interpreting...
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Going on Without Hope—Lu Xun’s Perception and Struggle to Nihility in Wild Grass

Yuxuan Liu
Wild Grass was born in the period of political turmoil and Lu Xun’s family misfortune. The recurring word “nihility” in the book makes people speculate about its deep meaning. In fact, through the “nihility”, mental state of Lu Xun can also be glimpsed. Based on the background of the birth of Wild Grass,...
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Analysis on the Relationship Coordination Between Wildlife Protection and Sustainability

Minjin Chen
Since reform and opening-up, individuals and government paid more and more attention on the significance of protecting wildlife and sustainable development. Facing with severe problems brought by environment and ecology, human beings start to reflect their attitudes and behaviors towards animals and...
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Analysis on the Causes and Solutions of Teenagers’ Excessive and Impulse Consumption

Ruohan Qin
Impulse consumption refers to the unplanned and unconscious purchase behavior of customers under the impetus of external factors. At the same time, it will also cause excessive consumption to a certain extent, which is not compatible with national conditions and the level of economic development. Thus,...
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The Influence of Food Culture in Chinese and Japanese Movies

Zekai Chen
As the old saying goes “Hunger breeds discontentment”, appetite and sexual desire are indispensable and can be controlled rationally, which will last a whole lifetime. In this article, in the contrast between China and Japan’s family films, through food, table, time and city as a symbolic memory unit...
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Analysis on Chinese Compulsory Education Classroom Structure from the Perspective of ESD Strategy

Sihan Hua
As influences of a global scale touch aspect of everyday life, the UN come up with the Project on Education for Sustainable Development, which plays an instructive role in the structural adjustment of Chinese compulsory education classroom. In this article, both the validity and unsuited part of the...
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Comparison and Contrast of Piaget and Vygotsky’s Theories

Yu-Chia Huang
Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are the two most influential developmental psychologists. Their contributions to the field of developmental psychology, though different, are still similarly remarkable and unique. In spite of such resemblances, there exists a crucial, and generally unnoticed, the difference...
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A Study on the Improvement of Collective Management System of Copyright in the Digital Era

Chenyi Zhao
With the development of digital technology and the Internet, large-scale digitization has brought fundamental changes in the way of acquisition, utility and dissemination of works. In order to solve the dilemmas such as unbalanced interests of all parties in the copyright collective management system...
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Anti-intellectual Policies, the Weak President, and the Establishment: Assessment of the Effects of Trump-style Populism (2016-2020)

Ming Mo
The approaching the American Presidential Election in 2020 has attracted attention and discussion about Trump and Trump-style populism, which has been spreading in the U.S. since 2016. This paper focuses on the quantitative analysis of specific indicators to evaluate the effects of Trump-style populism...
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Can Increasing Cash Dividend Paid Improve Firm Value? Evidence from Chinese A-share Tourism Listed Firms

Cash dividend distribution policy is an important part of listed firms’ financing management, which affects the firm value. This paper takes the data of tourism firms in Chinese A-share market from 2015 to 2019 to empirically explore the impact of the cash dividend paid on the firm value. The study finds...
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Public Field and Self-Existence: The Integration and Deviation of Young People in Small Towns Under the New Cultural Business

Zhou Fan, Mengke Luo
Through oral history interviews with 10 young people in small towns, the public field theory is used to study the cultural and social integration of young people in small towns in developed commercial cities under the new cultural business conditions. The study found that the social integration of young...
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Analysis on the Comparison Between Chinese and Western Classroom Teaching

Yuan He
Education is the foundation of a hundred years’ plan. Due to the different historical and cultural traditions and social backgrounds, Chinese and Western education have huge differences in concepts, thinking patterns, teaching methods and ways of communicating with parents, etc. As the most fundamental...
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Exploration and Practice of Cooperative Education Mode of “Production, Learning, Research and Innovation” in Higher Vocational Colleges

Haiyu Li, Lei Wang, Wenhuan Niu, Xiaoyan Yang, Guangzhen Xu
Deepening the integration of Industry and education is an urgent requirement to push forward the supply-side structural reform of human resources. In this paper, the production training base, Vocational Education Group and other integration platform as the main research object, explore higher vocational...
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Translation Skills of Sichuan Cuisine in the Context of Globe Business

Du Weihua, Hu Zhongli
Chinese food has its own historical heritage, and Overseas Chinese miss it, and foreigners are more and more accepting of Chinese food. Sichuan cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines in China. At present, there are some good researches on the translation of the names of Sichuan cuisine. This paper...
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Intimate Partner Violence in China

Lutong Xin, Yu Han
Intimate partner violence has always existed in the society. Due to the unequal gender structure, the weak social public awareness, the imperfect law, and the low punishment for the perpetrators, intimate partner violence has not been well solved. From the perspective of sociology, this paper proposes...
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EU-China-Africa Trilateral Development Cooperation: A Global Governance Perspective

Xiaoying Dong, Chenghong Jiang
Global issues are becoming increasingly severe, and the role of international aid as a public product in global governance is becoming increasingly apparent. Based on the real needs of global governance, this study explores the significance and future directions of China and the EU cooperation in Africa....
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The Relevance Between Identity and Behavior

A Study of Cross-border Ethnic Groups in China

Wei Yao
Based on the basic theory of the concept of identity, the externalization of “self-consciousness” in the enlightenment identity into value evaluation and the guiding significance of value evaluation to practical behavior, this paper takes two Kazakh transboundary ethnic settlements in H and X counties...
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Research on the Setting of Key Topic Selections

Jinglei Nie
Thematic publishing projects mainly focus on a series of publishing activities, including topic selection planning, editing and publishing, publishing and marketing activities, focusing on various aspects of the party and the country’s political life, economic development, cultural prosperity, spiritual...
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Geneva School and Its Critical Theory

Aimeng Song*
The “Geneva School” in this article refers to the history of literary criticism. It began to rise in the 1960s and 1970s, and then spread to Europe. It was once prosperous. The group represented by George Bligh has some kind of relationship with Geneva. A school of literary criticism composed of relational...
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Female Perspective but Patriarchy Implication: The Illusory Sexual Subjectivity of Female Protagonist in Chipozi zhuan

Hoi Yan CHU
Chipozi zhuan (Biography of a foolish woman) is an erotic novel in Ming dynasty, of which the female first person narrator makes it unique and eye-catching. Many studies have discussed this novel concerning its author’s identity, delivery as well as images of sex and gender. Regarding the issue of female...
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Research on Visual Design Elements of Emotional Healing—Take the Visual Cure of Jimi’s Illustration as an Example

Xiaokang Lei
Design is the art of solving problems, so design should create a way to solve psychological problems for people in society. In modern society, people have different psychological emotions every day. Design aims to provide better life for the people, so we should consider emotional needs in all aspects....
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Research on Value Orientation and Consciousness Reconstruction in the Era of Intellectual Media

Ziqi Ge
The relationship between artificial intelligence technology and media is getting closer and closer. Although the intelligent information recommendation algorithm in the intelligent media era has greatly improved the coverage and arrival rate of information dissemination, the algorithm service based on...
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Ekphrasis Makes Still Artifacts Speak: Taking “If National Treasure Can Talk” as Example

Fen Liu
Answering the call of Chinese culture policy of “Telling Chinese stories well”, CCTV documentary “If a National Treasure Can Talk” has successfully produced a model of telling stories well. This study holds that, it is the use of “Ekphrasis”, an ancient term of “descriptive discourse that can bring things...
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A Comparative Analysis of Generic Structure Features in the News on Hong Kong National Security Law Between Chinese and American Newspapers

The Case of People’s Daily and The Washington Times

Peng Zhuo
At present, few scholars have made a comparative study on the news discourse of Hong Kong National Security Law between Chinese and American newspapers, and few scholars have systematically revealed the generic structure features of such discourse. In view of this, this study selects 20 pieces of news...
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On the Influence of Online Teaching on Educational Equity

Yiqi Lyu
With the development of electronic information technology, online teaching has gradually come into people’s view, whose popularity has been unwittingly promoted by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. As this teaching form becomes more and more popular, some new problems also arise. Research shows that online...
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Exploration and Practice of the Organic Integration Mode of Ideological and Political Education and College English Teaching in the New Era

Yunhui Li
we must clearly understand that we should always regard moral education as the fundamental task, adhere to the party’s educational policy, and focus on the fundamental issues of what kind of people to cultivate, how to cultivate people, and for whom to cultivate people. English course is similar to ideological...
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Application of Scaffolding Instruction to Picture Talk Course for Chinese Beginners

Speaking is thought of as one of the most indispensable skills for Chinese beginners. Therefore, oral practice plays an essential role in the Chinese language learning. However, the present situation is so far from satisfaction that Picture Talk course is introduced to supplement and enforce oral training....
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Research on Influencing Factors of Local Epidemic Prevention and Control Policy Making:

Based on the Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis of 46 Cities Aiming at Chengdu’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Policies

Yuzhu Chen
In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, local cases of COVID-19 have broken out on a small scale in certain cities in China. A local epidemic broke out in Chengdu on December 7, 2020, and many places were upgraded to medium-risk areas. For people from Chengdu, epidemic...
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Research on Talent Training Mode of Port, Waterway and Coastal Engineering Based on Engineering Education Professional Certification

Chao Wan, Feng Jin, Hong Wang
Professional evaluation and certification is an important means to ensure the quality of higher education in the world, China’s engineering education quality assurance system has been internationally recognized. With the continuous advancement of engineering education professional certification, in order...
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Analysis on the Current Situation of Financing of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Sichuan Province Under the New Development Pattern of “Dual Circulation”

Qianjin Li, Zongguang Wang
As the most dynamic economic entities in China, small and medium-sized enterprises have played an important role in promoting high-quality economic development. In 2020, the Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State Council held a meeting and pointed out that the government should adhere...
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Research on the Significance and Path of Building a Government Ruled by Law Under the Background of Big Data

Weitao Yu
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the construction of a government under the rule of law, as an important part of the modernization of national governance capabilities and governance system, is an important part of deepening the “two centenary” goals and realizing the...
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Disposition and Practice of Bi-culture Input in Teaching Integrated Course of New College English

Ling He, Xiaobo Zhang
The western culture has been attached much importance in textbook-compiling whereas Chinese culture as well as the comparison between Chinese and western culture has been neglected to some extent in college English teaching for a long time. As one of the most popular textbooks, the Integrated Course...
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Modern Technical Education in Northeast China and its Influence on the Industrial Development of China Since 1932

Wentao Zhao
This article concludes the industrial development of China since the puppet Manchurian period and the influence of technical education within this development. Japanese imperialism gradually established various colonial schools at all levels by formulating a series of colonial educational policies, and...
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Analysis on the Characteristics of Travel Vlog Video and Its Impact on Users’ Travel Intention

Yingying Chen, Zhaojuan Guo, Qiuyue Pan
Travel Vlog video has become an important channel for tourists to obtain tourism information, which affects the behaviour intention of the viewers. By using empirical analysis, this paper summarizes the video characteristics of travel Vlog videos and explores how these characteristics affect users’ behavioural...
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American Dream as a Key Factor of Social Mobility in the USA

Natalya D. Parshina, Petr V. Menshikov, Anastasia V. Shobotenko, Zhongyuan Li
The authors of the article present the results of the research which was undertaken from year 2005 to 2020 among the American citizens. The aim of the survey was to define the main American aspirations which build up the essence of the American dream, to study the transformations of the key values and...
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Study on the Influence of Effective Investment on the Optimization and Adjustment of Industrial Structure

Taking Jiangsu Province as an example

Jingyan Huang, Xinghao He, Huajin Wang, Jiaming Li, Zixian Ding
It is of great significance to study the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure in Jiangsu Province, a major economic province in China. Based on the mechanism analysis of industrial structure optimization and adjustment, this paper constructs the evaluation system of the development level...
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A Study of Urban Emotional TV Drama from the Perspective of “Simulacra”—Based on the TV series “ ALL IS WELL”

Yuhao Chen
From the perspective of Jean Baudrillard’s simulacra theory, this paper investigates the setting and function of the dramatic characters, dramatic conflicts and other simulacra in the urban Emotional TV play “ALL IE WELL”, analyzes its ideological guidance to the audience, guides the audience to complete...
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Analysis on the Development of Global Philanthropy

Yi Wang
This report attempts to draw a comprehensive and provocative picture of the current world philanthropy trends, from personal donations to community charities and structured institutional donations, and to put diversity back at the heart of philanthropy. Then, according to the current situation and prospects...
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Bridging the “Digital Divide”: The Elderly Should Not Be Excluded from the Digital Society

Ziwei Li, Lixia Liang
With the rapid development of modern society and Internet technology, the elderly, as a relatively vulnerable group, still have some obvious deficiencies in the process of accessing and using the Internet. There is an invisible gap between the elderly and the young in the rapid development of the development....
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The Impact of Power Reconstruction in the Era of Big Data

Jiancheng Li, Jingjing Du
The important role of data resources in the production of power has realized the reconstruction of the power relationship between the government, market and social organizations in the era of big data. This power reconstruction can be explained from three aspects: At the macro level, it is manifested...
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The Influence of Materials and Techniques on Art Studios in the Early Renaissance

Bingqing Wei
During the Renaissance, the progress of painting materials and techniques simplified the steps of artists’ creation. Which improved the efficiency of creation and inspired artists’ creative inspiration. It also made learning and practice more convenient and made the division of labor and cooperation...
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Research on Empirical Evidence for Individualization of Gender Roles across Generations in China

Shuying Huang
This study aims to understand the trends in perceptions, preferences, and choices of gender roles among Chinese women born in different generations during the process of modernization and westernization. Individualization theory predicts that as industrialization progresses, traditional moral and social...
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On the Community and the Development of the Individual in the Community in Dessa Rose from the Perspective of Paratextual-textual Narrative

Jiana Liu
From the perspective of Paratextual-textual narrative, the three main chapters in Dessa Rose written by Shirley Ann Williams establish two kinds of communities, and explore the relationship between the community and the individual. In The Darky, through the common experience and resonance of the black...
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Creative Industry: Cultural Production or Cultural Control?

A Critical Policy Analysis of UK Creative Industries Policy Documents

Shuao Lin
Since the British government issued the first creative industries mapping document in 1998, the creative industry has gradually become one of the pillars of the British economy from an emerging industry. This industry is succeeding in turning art and culture into commodities. The successful development...
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When What’s Unspoken Speaks Volumes---On the Historical Cognition and Ideological Value of “Fujian Incident”

Jiyang He, Chenhan Li
Fujian incident, as an important part of the surging people’s Liberation Movement in the 20th century, played a significant positive role in inspiring the pulse of the times and promoting the development of the cause of the red revolution at that time, although the final success or failure was on the...
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Empirical Analysis of Consumer Price Index of Jinan Based on ARIMA Model

Xingxiang Qi
This paper selects the CPI data of Jinan City from 2011 to 2020 as the sample, and establishes ARIMA (11, 1, 12) consumer price index model for empirical analysis. The results show that the model is accurate. The CPI data in 2020 is predicted, and the predicted value is very close to the real value....
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On the Stylistic Features of Massachusetts Constitution

Qingya Hu
This paper mainly studies the stylistic features of Massachusetts Constitution. Besides, it will start with the linguistic differences between the Constitutions of Massachusetts and U.S.A., further exploring the enlightenment from the stylistic features of Massachusetts Constitution for the translation...
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The Role of the Senate in the Downfall of Republican Rome

Qinyu Zhu
This paper aims to trace the role played by the Senate throughout the republican era, specifically over how it contributed to the downfall of the Republic. The downfall of the Roman Republic was caused by the majority of the Senate, died-hard Optimates, who drove the political procedures towards crisis,...
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The Gender Construction of the Scythian People Under the Influence of the Transcontinental Trading Networks Approached from Interdisciplinary Methodology

Ruijie Yao
The silk road is a grandiose conceptual idea, and the silk road has consisted of numerous civilizations with different production modes. The interactive commercial relationship between nomadic pastoralists and the agrarian society had strengthened and conjoined the Eurasian transcontinental trading networks’...
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Big Data Text Mining Techniques in Journalism and Communication

Yuxin Miao
With the rapid development of big data, data mining, artificial intelligence and other information technologies, text mining technology is increasingly widely applied in the field of humanities and social sciences. This paper firstly studies the value of data in news communication and the significance...
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An Empirical Study of Undergraduates’ Relationship Between Positive Personality and Psychological Well-being

Peng Fu
The Ryff Psychological Well-Being Scale and the 24 Personality Traits Test were administered to 172 college students through the Internet using a completely random sample, and the results were analyzed and processed using SPSS 19.0. The purpose was to investigate the relationship between the dimensions...
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Piano Works of Franz Joseph Haydn

Analytical Views in Style and Structure

MingChih Hsieh
Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) in one of the most influential musical composers in the eighteenth century Classical period. His is also considered the historically transitional figure between late Baroque and Classical, or the forerunner of the Classical period. His is a prolific composer who wrote tremendous...
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International Law Thinking on Data Security In TikTok Incident

Haokun Niu, Jiahui Hong
National data security is playing an increasingly important role in the development of a country. Nowadays, it’s universally acknowledged that cooperation should be strengthened in the international arena to safeguard international data sovereignty security. Transnational applications will inevitably...
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Development of Construction Technology of Customs Buildings in Canton in Modern Times

Ruirui Huang, Qionglin liu
The development of modern customs buildings in Guangdong accounts for an important part of the modernization of Chinese architecture. Due to the deep impacts of Western culture, the modern customs buildings in Canton reveal features of cultural exchanges between the West and China in the modern development....
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A Study of the “The System of Military Titles “in the Early Han Dynasty

Meihwa Zhou, Minhwa Zhou
A macroscopic study of The System of Military Titles must see the important value of The System of Military Titles formed in the process of implementation. Liu Bang made use of The System of Military Titles to resolve two major crises in a row and finally stabilized the political situation. Since then,...
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Analysis of the Relationship Between New Stock Issue and Price Determination and Information Efficiency

Haoyuan Wang, Wangui Sun
Based on the understanding of new shares, the price is determined and the relationship between the efficiency, according to the presented between the multi-level and multi-dimensional characteristics, build a has the internal logic relations, can be intuitive show the theoretical framework of influence...
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Research on the Application of Goal Teaching Method in Applied Undergraduate Teaching

wen Huang
Application-oriented colleges and universities take “application-oriented talents” as their training goal, Guided by solving practical problems on site, Cultivate students’ practical ability and practical ability to solve problems.In this paper, the application of target teaching method in application-oriented...
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The Logic and Path to Tell a Good Traditional Culture Story in the New Cultural and Creative Era

Wenkun Wei, Kejin Liu
New cultural creation is a systematic development thinking: it promotes the mutual empowerment of cultural value and industrial value through wider subject connection, so as to achieve more efficient digital cultural production and IP construction. In the face of the changes in the principal contradictions...
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A Multimodal Approach to Translation Quality Assessment of Interlingual Subtitling: Theoretical Reflections

Zhen Hu
Featuring prominently in audiovisual products, translated subtitles have even become omnipresent in everyday life. The buoyancy of the demand has triggered in industry and academia a relentless pursuit of a well-founded translation quality assessment model for pre-recorded interlingual subtitling. Thus...
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The Exploring on the Current Situation and Ways of University History Education in the Era of New Media

Jieming Du, Yuyang Pan, Ruixuan Hu
The history of a university is a precious historical and cultural resource, and it is necessary and feasible to apply it to education activities, which is conducive to improving teachers and students’ awareness of the school, and motivating teachers and students to strive for innovation. In the era of...
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The Hysteric Yell from Women:

A Comparative Study of The Yellow Wall Paper and Carrie

Lihua Lv, Min Zhou
Today, there are many researches focus on feminism, this paper from a new perspective, hysteria, to connect perspective of female literature in the past and the contemporary feminist literature, to look through the feminism history by comparation and give new inspiration to the development of women in...
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Redemption the Sin of Existence: The Reality and Reason in the Artistic Conception of Absurdity

DongXia Guan
The drama Waiting for Godot expresses the embarrassing situation of human exsistance caused by the shattering of Westerners’faith on human rationality and the feelings of helplessness, absurdity, and confusion derived from it. Compared with the traditional western drama, it is obvious that Waiting for...
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Realization Paths and Analyzing of Research Feedback Teaching in local Universities

Zhiguo Sun, Li Zhang
It has always been considered that paying equal attention to teaching and scientific research is the basic characteristics of the modern university. The function of research feedback teaching is increasingly prominent. This article is based on the condition of local universities. It analyses the connotation...
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Analysis on ‘Role’ Transformation of English Teachers in Chinese Higher Vocational Colleges from Traditional Classroom to Flipped Classroom under SMCR Model

Ziqi Li
The emergence of flipped classroom has made a huge impact on traditional teaching model in China, transforming the classroom from teacher-directed to students-directed. It is particularly important to introduce English flipped classroom into Chinese higher vocational colleges and explore the English...
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How Do Non-core Companies in Emerging Industries Stand Out?

Take Douyin in the Field of Mobile Short Video as an Example

Ping Liu
The development of emerging technologies and the promotion of emerging industries are important measures for my country to stand in the new era, implement new development concepts, build a new development pattern, achieve high-quality development, and improve international competitiveness. The rapid...
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Researching Chinese-English Geological Translation Strategies in China Based on the Translational Writing Framework

Yanhong Pan
This research paper is a study in China of the Chinese-English translation of geological articles, especially the reports of geological exploration projects, by exploring their theoretical basis. It also aims to suggest the adoption of the translational writing mode for better rendering of such articles....
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How Is Smart Pension Possible from the Perspective of Population Aging

Jingyi Sun, Weifeng Li
Under the background of aging population, the problem of providing for the aged in China has become a key issue that must be paid attention to at present. With the drawbacks of traditional old-age care increasingly exposed and the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence, smart pension...
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La Fleur du Mal Sprouting from Modernity

An Analysis on the Image of Joker

Chengkun Jin, Jujie Wang, Min Zhou
The movie Joker has racked up positive reviews at international film festivals and sparked some controversy about its messaging. From the perspective of modernity, this paper explores the relationship between the society where the protagonist of the film, Arthur lives in, and his criminal path. Although...
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Study on Resilience Community Building in Public Health Emergencies

Jing Zuo
The outbreak of new crown pneumonia in 2020 has had a serious impact on economic growth, life and health, social development and so on. Community, as the grass-roots front-line battlefield of “anti-epidemic”, has a key role in epidemic prevention and control. Based on the idea of toughness, this paper...
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Sociological Analysis of Big Data “Deceive an Acquaintance” Phenomenon in the Internet Era

Jingyu Chu
In the Internet era, the application technology of big data is widespread. However, in recent years, the phenomenon of “Deceive an acquaintance” of big data frequently occurs, which has a negative impact on the society. This paper analyzes and summarizes the concept, logic and existing problems of big...
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Analysis of the Employee Stock Ownership Policy in State-controlled Mixed-ownership Enterprises

Han Wang, Qi Chen, Tong Gao
Employee stock ownership is the main way for state-controlled mixed-ownership enterprises to carry out medium and long-term incentives. The mixed-ownership corporate governance model provides convenient conditions for diversified shareholders to hold shares, and also lays a good foundation for the development...
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The Impact of Individualization of China on the Married Women’s Family Status

A study Based on the Comparison Between the Urban and Rural Areas in China

Hyonok Pak
This article investigates the question of how the individualization process promotes the married women’s family status in both urban and rural areas of China. Based on the individualization theories and framework identified by Beck and Yan Yunxiang, conducting quantitative research method and the factors...
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A Study on the Relationship Between “Costal Defense” and “Sea Ban” in Ming Dynasty

Minghao Chen
Due to the age of discovery, the awakening of commercial consciousness and the southward shift of commercial center, economy and culture of the southern coastal areas of Ming Dynasty developed rapidly. The Ming Dynasty devoted much energy and resources to this area. When exploring the potential, it was...
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Construction of National Defense Patent Value Evaluation Index System

Wenbo Zhu, Guojie Zhang, Zhigang Zhang
Based on factors that affect the value of national defense patents, this paper constructs a national defense patent value evaluation index system consisting of six root indexes including military indexes, legal indexes, economic indexes, technical indexes, risk indexes and social indexes, as well as...
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Pandemic Forces Digital Forum For Classical Music Education

The Challenges and Benefits of Online Teaching

Quei-lih Chen
The emergence of the novel Corona-virus, known to us all as “Covid-19,” has completely changed the world as we know it. It caused a screeching halt of everything familiar and routine, of our personal and professional lives. Specifically, for the classical music students whose development of their skills...
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Review of Government Performance Management in the Big Data Era: Practice, Issues and Prospects

Zhenqi Wu
The development of digital governance in the era of big data provides opportunities for government performance management, promotes the rise and development of government performance management in the data era, and also attracts more and more attention from scholars. This paper systematically combs the...
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A Research on Anders-streben in The Secret History of the Mongols

Suojun Zhang
With the help of the genre, the significance of the sign is more definite and the interpretation of the sign is much clearer. As a kind of indicative sign, the genre can guide the way to understand signs. If a sign text shows the pursuit of another genre, that is Anders-streben. The ancient Mongolian...
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Harmony and Conflict of Intergenerational Relations in Rural “NEET” Families

Shouming Li, Lixia Liang
The phenomenon of “NEET” in rural areas has attracted more and more attention from social. “NEET” has an important impact on intergenerational relations in families. Based on the case interviews of two types of “NEET” families in H village, the cohesion and support of family relations, the rational choice...
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Analysis on the Countermeasures of Cultivating College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability in the “Internet +” Era

Haoyue Ren
Driven by the Internet, such as big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, which are rapidly promoting Chinese economy is moving forward. College students are a vigorous generation. They are more receptive to new things. The “Internet +” era requires...
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Analysis of Chinese Rural Health Insurance System

Yan Su
This paper investigates the early origin of Chinese health insurance and factors of starting the appearance of NCMS (New Rural Cooperative Scheme). It also expects to find the problems of present NCMS and discusses the measures which can be taken to tackle them. Those main topics are concluded after...
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Research on the Legal Issues of Personal Information Protection Under the Background of Normal Epidemic Prevention

Take the Application of Face Recognition Technology for Example

Wan-yang ZHOU
Facial recognition technology, known as “body code”, is the latest application of biometric recognition. In the process of epidemic prevention and control, China’s digital anti epidemic effect is remarkable. Scientific and technological means represented by face recognition technology can effectively...
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On the Necessity of Integrating Excellent Traditional Culture Guided by Marxism with Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Jing Yin
This paper briefly introduces the application of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the teaching of Ideological and political course in Colleges and universities and the problems existing in the teaching of Ideological and political course in Colleges and universities, analyzes the necessity of...
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A Contrastive Research on the Definitions and Categories of Chinese and English Idioms

You Wang
Chinese and English belong to Sino-Tibetan language family and Indo-European language family respectively. There are according differences between the idioms of the two languages. The definition and classification of Chinese and English idioms have always been the focus of debate in academic circles....
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Behind Written Records: Rethinking the Features of Xia from the Shiji and the Hanshu

Hengxuan Wang
The Shiji史記(“Records of the Grand Historian”) and Hanshu漢書(“History of the Former Han”) have been used as the main sources of the concept of Xia俠(“knight-errant”) in the pre-Qin and Western Han dynasties. However, these historical records may have certain emphases that may lead readers to have a partial...
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Media, Political Movement, and Ideology: Queer Theory in The United States

Fanqing Wu
Amidst the long-existing oppression against queer community, LGBTQ+ movement has gained substantial social awareness and legislative rights since the late 20th century. The inspiration for this research comes from the underlying contrast between the rising reception of queer community and opposition...
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Correlation Between Orthostatic Hypotension, Cognition, and Balance Control Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease with the Level of Vitamin D

Tingjia Shi
Parkinson’s Disease is a nowadays common disease in the daily life. Many people with this disease often display the motor and non-motor symptoms. Existing research suggested that some symptoms related to the level of vitamin D concentration. However, whether there is a relationship between them still...
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Phonetic Attraction and Homonymic Collision in Language Contact

jung-min Li
“Phonetic Attraction” and “Homonymic Collision” are important “internal factors” that interfere with the linearity of lexical change. These “non-linear change” may have a much greater impact on language changes than “linear change.” This paper will take the two words “sister”(Muē) and “congee”(muê) in...
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Strategies of Promotion Copywriting of Female Product Brand Under the Development of Feminist

Taking the Unsuccessful Advertisement of PurCotton as an Example

Tong Liu
The author’s research paper is based on an unsuccessful advertisement of PurCotton, which was a video that was offensive and disrespectful to women. From this advertisement, we can see that although feminism developed for a long time until now, but there are still lots of companies releasing advertisements...
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The Correlation Between Social Systems and Epidemic Control in Modern China

Jiayi Chen
This article tries to explore the correlation between social systems and epidemic prevention and control, taking Shanghai and Nanjing in the Republic of China period as example. On the one hand, the epidemic outbreak and the need of its prevention and control is the drive to changes and improvements...
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Analysis of Theme Evolution in the Novel Don Quijote de la Mancha

Additional Comment on Cervantes’ Creative Intention

The theme in the novel Don Quijote de la Mancha has always been conflicting for a long history. Referring the view of Manuel, the reason for the divergence lies in Cervantes’s division of conscious creation and unconscious creation. The former clearly shows opposition and ridicule knight novels in his...
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Study on Pursuing the Criticalness of the Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities

Haiyan Yu
The theme of facilitating positive energy has always been involved in the ideological and political theory course for a long time, while there is little criticism of wrong thoughts and views. However, it is necessary and imperative to adhere to the criticalness of the ideological and political theory...
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Survivor in Chinese Modern Transitions in the Twentieth Century

From the First Peking Opera Film to Modern Play

Jingyuan Yu
In this paper, the author analyzes the change of the Peking Opera during Chinese modern transition in the twentieth century, comparing Peking Opera as the survivor during the dramatic transition. This paper especially focuses on the first Peking Opera Film Regrets Of Life And Death and the modern play...
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Pathogenesis of PTSD and Its Indigenous Treatments

Shufan Yang
PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a kind of disease which begins to affect modern people’s lives. Previous researchers mainly focused on how to effectively recognize the symptoms of this disease, while this paper seeks to analyze the different ways to cure PTSD with three parts, including some...
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Integrating Library Resources Based on Textbook and Reference Book System: A Case Study

Gengxin Huang, Liang Shi, Qing Yuan, Hao Zhang
This paper is a case study that introduces the practice of the Library of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST Library) on integrating resources. HUST Library has tried to build a Textbook and Reference Book System (TRBS), which intends to integrate as many related library resources and...
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Zhu Xi’s influence on Song and Yuan calligraphy

Weiwei Qin, Hongwei Si, Yun Chen
This paper provides an in-depth analysis of Zhu Xi’s thought on calligraphy and fully explains the influence of Zhu Xi’s calligraphy on the thoughts and works of calligraphers in the Song and Yuan dynasties. Zhu Xi’s thoughts on calligraphy, such as Fagu, Changli, Daotong, and Yazheng have been shown...
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The Discourse of the Garment from the Cultural Perspective

Fang Xie
This paper analyzes the behavior of the clothing discourse. For this reason, the analysis will start from the perspective of semiotics, explore the visual discourse of clothing, and reveal the unique structure of clothing. The reason why this paper choose to start with semiotics is that it can treat...
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The Digital Labor of “Generation Z”: The Behavior of Contemporary College Students Using Online Media Platforms from the Perspective based on Communication Political Economy

Xinge Liu, Senkang Hu, Aixiu Zhang
“Generation Z” is a generation growing up in the environment of digital media and network. Under the influence of network, they gradually establish their own values and world outlook, and seek for self-identity in the vast world constructed by digital construction. Political economy of communication...
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A Brief Discussion on the Host Country’s Legal Regulation of the Environmental Behavior of Multinational Corporations --Taking China as an Example

Jingruo Guan, Xinpeng Liu
In many host countries, the industrial production of multinational companies has seriously damaged the environment. However, many of the host countries cannot effectively regulate the environmental behavior of multinational companies. This paper uses literature research and comparative research, taking...
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The View of Enterprise Financial Risk from the Perspective of Stakeholders

Hua Yang
This paper holds that the financial risk originates from the uncertainty of guarantee ability caused by the influence of stakeholders on the enterprise’s capital supply or working capital demand; the financial risk is a dependent variable, which has the characteristics of uncertainty, reversibility and...
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View on the Principle and Requirement of Practicing Military Culture Confidence

Yanhui Tian, Fei Liu
Culture is the lifeblood of a nation and the spiritual home of the people. Cultural confidence is a more fundamental, deeper and lasting force for the development of a country or a nation. As an important part of culture, military culture is not only the spiritual treasure of our army, but also the political...