Proceedings of the 62nd International Conference of Machine Design Departments (ICMD 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Michal Petrů, Petr Lepšík, Ladislav Ševčík, Pavel Srb
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICMD2022 during 13th to 15th September 2022 in Harrachov. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description...
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A three-dimensional crack under complex loading conditions

Reza Jalayer, Majid R. Ayatollahi, Behnam Saboori
In this paper, finite element (FE) analysis is performed for the asymmetric four-point bend specimen under mixed mode fracture loading conditions. This test configuration can be used in studies of mixed mode I/II and mixed mode I/II/III crack problems. In order to study mixed-mode I/II loading, two alternatives...
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Decrease in The Roughness of The Shaft Surface During Application of The Clamping Sleeve

Lukáš Hruzík, Květoslav Kaláb, Jiří Struž
The article deals with the change in the roughness of the shaft surface after several tightening of the clamping sleeve. The roughness of the surface has a major influence on the magnitude of the coefficient of shear friction. The coefficient of shear friction is one of the main parameters for a clamping...
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Analysis of output oil yield and energy utilization of bulk pumpkin seeds under constant loading

Emir Asyraf Agus, Je Zen Cheong, Nor Hafiy Adli Razali, Abraham Kabutey, David Herák, Idris Bin Ismail
The present study examined a repeated pressing of bulk pumpkin seeds heated at temperatures of 40, 60 and 80 ℃ for 1 hour and compressed under an axial loading at a maximum load of 200 kN and speed of 5 mm/min. The sample temperature of 23 ℃ served as the control. The pressing vessel of diameter 60 mm...
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BLDC motor analysis in software ANSYS Electronics

Jakub Eichler, Tomáš Zvolský
The BLDC motor design is currently greatly simplified by the use of FEM software. This article deals with the possibilities of realizing such a design in the ansys electronics software.
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Resolving a Problem with Cleaning of Tools by the 3I method – a Case Study

Vladimir Sojka, Petr Lepsik
This paper shows a case study of the 3I (Innovation by Increasing Ideality) method to resolve a production-related problem with cleaning distance rings. These rings are used to hold the gap between saw blades during the process of cutting hard crystals. The problem is that sediments are created on the...
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Application and Explanation of General Geometrical Tolerances According to ISO 22081

Karel Petr
This article is based on new general geometrical tolerances and general size tolerances according to ISO 22081 from year 2021 used in ISO GPS standards. This standard canceled and replaced ISO 2768-2 from year 1989. The main changes are rules for application of general geometrical specification and general...
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Interpretation of New Rules for Using of General Geometric and Dimensional Specifications in Drawings According to International Standard

Bronček Jozef, Drbúl Mário, Konstantová Viera, Daniel Čuchor
This paper presents the interpretation of new rules of general product specification (GPS) according to International Standard EN ISO 22081. Standard EN ISO 22081 sets out rules for the definition and interpretation of general geometric specifications and general dimensional specifications (Article 5.12...
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Vibration Analysis of Multifunctional Laminated Glass Composite Panel

Reza Moezzi, Jindrich Cyrus, Jan Koci
This paper aims to investigate on laminated glass composite panel (LGCP) including at least one viscoelastic interlayer which can resolve several design problems. LGCP can be offered to increase strength stiffness characteristics of the panel or sound damping proficiencies. In this study, first the laminated...
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Cracking in the Modular Belt for Spiral Conveyors in real operation

Josef Vašata, Ladislav Ševčík
This work deals with an investigation of recurrent cracking of the spiral modular conveyor belt over an extended period. The modular belt has been in operation for at least 2 years and is now showing wear that must be solved immediately due to a possible crash of the entire line and stopping of operations....
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Mathematical Model of Technical System in SimScape

Jozef Jenis, Jozef Ondriga, Patrik Kováčik, Matúš Čuchor, František Brumerčík, Slavomír Hrček
The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the use of MATLAB and Simulink SimScape functions and toolboxes to model and evaluate key properties of an engineering system. In this case, it was a parcel delivery drone. The drone is assembled from four electric motors, propellers, a battery, four structural-bearing...
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Model simulation of reconstructed fiber yarns

Josef Vosáhlo
These abstract deals with fiber yarn model simulation, a technique used to optimize realistic simulations associated with the fiber manufacturing process. Filament yarn is produced using a complex process that involves spinning the fibers into a single thick and continuous strip called yarn. The objective...
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Model reconstruction of fiber yarn from CT images

Josef Vosáhlo
The Image analysis of fibers is a key technique in the field of materials research and industrial engineering. The purpose of this work is to present a solution for fiber image analysis using MATLAB, a high-performance software environment for numerical computations and data visualization. This work...
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Mathematical analysis of propeller flight simulation

Jakub Fiačan, Slavomír Hrček, František Brumerčík, Jozef Ondriga, Ján Steininger, Pavol Michal, Zdenko Šavrnoch
The thesis focuses on the analysis and calculation of the aerodynamic lift force of the propeller that is applied to the drone. The unmanned aerial vehicle, a drone, can be remotely controlled or capable of autonomous flight using pre-programmed flight plans or more complex dynamic autonomous systems....
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Modelling the Winding of Composite Frames for the Automotive Industry

Jaroslav Mlýnek, Roman Knobloch
Composite materials are increasingly replacing conventional materials (e.g. steel, sheet metal, wood) in automotive production. Composite frames are also playing an important role in the development of new cars, SUVs and trucks. Composite frames are mainly used as reinforcements for chassis, cabs, doors,...
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Numerical analysis of the velocity of abrasive particles in an abrasive blasting device

Josef Vosahlo, Pavel Srb
The article deals with by using numerical analysis of abrasive particle velocity in blast technology. Blasting technology is an important industrial process that allows the application of materials to surfaces using high pressure or air velocity. The velocity of abrasive particles is a key parameter...
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Investigation of Washer Influence on Bolt Connections in Non-Ferrous and Non-Metal Constructions

Radka Jírová, Lubomír Pešík, Josef Vosáhlo
Modern design of production and transport machines is currently characterised by a wide range of non-ferrous and non-metal materials. Typical reasons are demands on cost and weight. Further reasons are requirements on physical properties, e.g. thermal and electrical non-conductivity, the ability to dump...
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Force Analysis of Bevel Gears in Milling Head Drive and Design of Bearings

Vojtěch Dynybyl, Eva Kubec Krónerová, František Starý
Currently, manufacturers of production machines are trying to cover a wide spectrum of requirements of industrial companies focused on machining technologies. The universal use of modern production machines is achieved with the help of various types of accessories. Milling heads can also be included...
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Calculation of Coordinates of an Internal Gearing Fillet Manufactured by a Pinion-type Shaper Cutter with Rounded Tip

Miloš Němček
The solution is made for the pinion-type shaper cutter with several parameters (AMC, tip rounding, helix angle, etc.). Normally, for the production of internal teeth, a shaper wheel with a so-called “sharp tips” is used. This means that the tool tip curves are ρa0 = 0. When using rounded tool tips for...
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The emission impact of the innovative grate shape in the fireplace stove and comparison with the car

Josef Hykl
The study aims to research the emission impact of innovative grate shape in the fireplace stove. According to environmental compliance, decisions from these results and the subsequent development of the grate and the combustion chamber are the key for all activities. The second part of the research compares...
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LiDAR Localization in Rugged Environment

Ekaterina Nyrobtseva, Josef Černohorský, Nestor Arana-Arexolaleiba
Accurate localization in industrial robotics is one of the crucial attributes. One of the most popular localization approaches in robotics is localization with LiDAR. However, when a robot enters a rough environment with smoke, dust or fog, the LiDAR sensor may provide inaccurate measurements. This paper...
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Effect of Blade Pitch Angle on a 2-Bladed Horizontal Axis Tidal Current Turbine Performance

Ramin Alipour, Roozbeh Alipour, Farhad Fardian, Seyed Saeid Rahimian Koloor, Reza Moezzi
Horizontal axis tidal current turbine (HATCT) is one of the strongest devices to generate electricity using the hydraulic flow. These devices need to act under an optimum blade pitch angle to prevent power losses. In the present work, the blade element momentum theory (BEM) was used to initial design...
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Spiral Conveyor Commissioning

Josef Vašata, Ladislav Ševčík
Spiral conveyor is theme, that is not fully described in the literature. Based on this fact this work is dealing with commissioning of spiral conveyor and describing the most common mistakes causing serious damages. Commissioning of spiral conveyor will be set by theoretical calculation, measurement...
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Design of traction battery for autonomous vehicle

Lukas Krcmar, Pavel Jandura, Martina Ryvolova
Traction electric vehicles are on a certain rise today. Traction battery systems for these electric drives are related to this. Each specific application requires its own approach to the design of a good battery system. Existing technologies have their positives and negatives, which need to be minimized....
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Concept of autonomous vehicle control and data acquisition

Jaroslav Hlava, Jindřich Cýrus, Daniel Kajzr, Jan Kočí
A concept of an autonomous electric vehicle with human/object following capability and obstacle avoidance is proposed in this paper. The vehicle considered is a four-wheel vehicle with rear-wheel drive and front-wheel steering. This vehicle uses ultra-wideband technology for human/object detection and...
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Development of the Modular DC Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Lukáš Hubka, Petr Školník, Jiří Kubín
This paper is focused on a newly developed DC charging station that allows the change of configuration to the requirements of recharged vehicles. The first part of the paper discusses the main pros and cons of different types of charging stations with a combination of different types of EVs like BEVs,...
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Electronic pourer

Jiří Rejnart, Ladislav Ševčík
This article informs us about new design of electronic pourer. Pourer is using for dosing demanded volume of liquid for many purposes. At the same time shows us physical solution by new experimental methods. There is also introduce in builds form of technical view in 3D. Another we set the basic equation...
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Frequency Regulation of the Clamping Plate in Dynamical Tests

Radka Jírová, Lubomír Pešík
Clamping plates used for fixing testing facilities or tested specimens during the dynamical test are in industrial practice suspended by pneumatic, steel or rubber spring. Those suspension systems cannot enable efficient change of natural frequencies during various operating conditions of the testing...
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Study on composite material structure profile design in electric vehicle application

Aleef Shah Fanil Shah, Muhamad Fauzi Abd Rased
Regulations to reduce carbon emission from vehicles become main attention in automobiles industries and this has led to substantial development of electric vehicle (EV). One of the challenge in EV is the power consumption resulted by the body mass. Body structure for EV is not only needs to be strong,...
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An innovative solution to optimize ultrasound diagnostics by introducing a portable ultrasound device to the European medical market

Olga Paraska, Andriy Gorban, Oleh Dynnyk
The article presents the peculiarities of the use of a successful Ukrainian startup HandyUsound in medical practice. HandyUsound is an innovative ultrasound complex, which, according to its characteristics (portability, lightweight, a possibility of autonomous power supply, intuitive touch control, newest...
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Interpretation of Biomimetic Principles in the Construction Design Process of Small and Light Electric Vehicles

Igor Gajdáč, Viera Konstantová, Štefan Medvecký, Tomáš Gajdošík
This article deals with the biomimetic approach in the construction design process of small and light electric vehicles (EVs) suitable for transporting people and small cargo over short distances in small cities (small cities under 100 thousand people). The efficiency of electric vehicles depends on...
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The differences in geometry modifications methods after topological optimization

Jiri Struz, Lukas Hruzik
The presented article compares two types of software in terms of the post-processing of topological optimization. For this analysis, a test sample was selected and subjected to topological optimization concerning weight reduction while ensuring maximum rigidity. Subsequently, the sample was processed...
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Composite Frame Of The Electric Car Body With Inserts M8_5 BN 4575

Ladislav Ševčík
The frame of the electric car is assembled from two parts. The lower part, made of welded pipes, carrying all aggregates. It supports the upper part of the frame made of composite profiles in 16 places. The rectangular system of composite beams fills an area measuring 4x2m. The beams are interconnected...
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Sandwich structured carbon fiber composites with enhanced EMI shielding performance

Shi Hu, Dan Wang, Josef Vecernik, Dana Kremenakova, Jiri Militky, Michal Petrů
The development of EMI shielding material has been increased due to the increased market request, especially on the electrical car industry. This paper introduced one new designed carbon fiber composites, the composites with sufficient thermal conductivity and enhanced electromagnetic shielding can be...
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Approximate functions for geometric constants of the rectangular cross-section in torsion

Oldřich Dajbych, Abraham Kabutey, David Herák, Aleš Sedláček
Simple approximate functions of constants used for stress and deformation calculations of a straight bar with rectangular cross-section under torsion with sufficient precision were derived. The maximal error of these functions is around 1.4%, but mostly less. Functions are intended for practical or algorithmic...
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Concept design of a power plant using algae biofuels

Petr Buzek
The article deals conceptual design of a power plant using algae biofuels. Traditional energy sources, dominated by fossil fuels, persist despite growing renewable energy trends like solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal power. However, the emergence of algae-based biofuels offers a promising new...
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A Review: Thermoplastic Composites In Aerospace Applications

Akshat Tegginamath, Michal Petru
The requirements of the aerospace, automotive, maritime, defence industries, have to the research and development of various composites and of these composites produced to meet the growing demands are thermoplastic composites. The thermoplastic composites are preferred in the aviation industry as they...
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Review: Composites Used In Aircrafts

Akshat Tegginamath, Michal Petru
Since the first aircrafts were produced one of the main objectives of the aircrafts manufacturers was to keep the wight of the aircraft down without compromising the structural integrity and strength of the aircraft. This led to the utilization of fabrics for the skin of the aircrafts in the years of...
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Preparation of synthetic data to be used as inputs for neural network using CAD system

Jozef Ondriga, Jozef Jenis, Jakub Fiacan, Slavomir Hrcek, Michal Lukac
The aim of the work was to create input data for the neural network. A neural network is a series of algorithms that endeavors to recognize underlying relationships in a set of data through a process that mimics the way the human brain operates. In this sense, neural networks refer to systems of neurons,...
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Control unit of the autonomous electric platform

Petr Bílek, Ondřej Mach, Pavel Jandura
The functional model was made for development and implementation of the vehicle control unit of the autonomous electric platform. The unit operates 12V appliances and excels especially in advanced internal diagnostics. The board includes smart high side switches. It has several isolated CAN buses, through...
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Li-ion Battery Cell Aging Observation based on Impedance Spectroscopy

Miroslav Novák
The lithium battery’s state of health is an essential index for characterization. It is crucial, for example, to estimate the range of an electric car. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is a relatively simple diagnostic tool for insight into the cell’s internal processes. Impedance spectra can be...
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Automated processing of Experimental data and reports using Free Software

Eliška Cézová
This article describes how computers and free software tools can be used to process experimental data and prepare corresponding reports and protocols. The Python and LATEX are presented here as an example of suitable freely available open source software. They are a viable option offering numerous advantages...
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Influence of Fly Ash Fillers on Impact Resistance of Epoxy Matrices

Mohanapriya Venkataraman, Jiří Militký, Vijay Baheti, Alžběta Samková, Jana Novotná, Michal Petrů
In the first part of this work the impact of different materials is discussed. Relations for Charpy type tests are shown. Main part is devoted to enhance impact properties of epoxy matrix by Fly Ash. For their mechanical activation the high frequency ball milling is used.
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Experimental Investigation of Machinability of the Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Epoxy/Polymer Composite

Martina Ryvolová
The use of FRP in technical applications - aerospace, automotive and industrial components - demands their high-quality processing. Namely process drilling, cutting, and machining. Tools properties (material, geometry), process parameters (speed, RPM, feed), and hole/cutting edge quality are typically...
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Measurement of Transfer Function during Multi-axis Loading

Ales Lufinka
The properties of car seats that determine seating comfort are defined by the transfer function in the direction of the Z axis (vertical direction) in the classical approach. This function describes the damping properties of the seat depending on the excitation frequency in the vertical direction. However,...
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Evaluation of tribological properties of thin coatings formed by solid lubricants

Matúš Čuchor, Jozef Bronček, Marián Dzimko, Jozef Jenis, Michal Lukáč
The article deals with the evaluation of tribological properties of thin coatings formed by solid lubricants. The aim is to obtain and compare data obtained in experiment. The monitored parameter is the coefficient of friction, which is evaluated on three types of samples. The samples are made of bearing...
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Testing of Axleboxes for Railway Vehicles on the TBRB 01 Test Bench in Accordance with EN 12 082

Ján Šteininger, Slavomír Hrček, Igor Gajdáč, Peter Spišák, Jakub Fiačan
The TBRB 01 (Testing Bench for Railway Bearings) is designed for testing axleboxes in accordance with EN 12082:2017+A1:2021 Railway applications- Axleboxes- Performance Testing. The subject of the test is a structural group consisting of a housing body, rolling bearings, in this case, cylindrical roller...
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Thermochromic and electrical properties of silica/DEA-CuCl4 sensory composite

Hana Křížová, Michal Krejčík, Marcela Škodová, Zuzana Hrubošová
A flat tape composed of several hundreds of silica filaments was used as a carrier for the thermochromic dye bis (diethylammonium) tetrachloridocuprate (II) (DEA-CuCl4) and coated with a methyl silicate resin. The thermal transition of the created composite was around 42 ℃ and its surface color change...
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Investigation of temperature change for two flexible pneumatic elements dynamically loaded

Jozef Krajňák, Lucia Žuľová, Matúš Kačír
Pneumatic flexible elements are used in pneumatic shaft couplings. These flexible elements are connected in different ways, and they are pressurized with a certain pressure. The article examines temperature changes of two connected elastic elements. It also describes measuring devices, and it examines...
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Vibration assessment of ski lift gearbox

Elias Tomeh, Martin Mazač
The main goal of this article is to describe a ski cableway gearbox condition assessment process. The cableway is a typical sample of a machine with carefully monitored technical condition for safe operation. The article describes all steps of the process including vibrodiagnostics and optical assessment...